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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 18, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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their home, a nearby harbor. the ugly, the minnesota state fair forced to pull a sweet treats from the stands. activists started a petition against the donuts because they came with plastic syringes to inject the filling. they said it was too much plastic, too much waste. i'm concerned about the syringes themselves. that's kind of weird. that wraps up this hour. "fox & friends first" righ conts right now. bye-bye. a vote for any democrat in 2020 is a vote for the rise of radical socialism. if they don't love it, tell them to leave it. you must never forget the 2020 election is all about one thing. you. it's about you. rob: it's thursday, july 18t july 18th. the president taking his message straight to the american people, firing up a massive crowd in north carolina and taking on the so-called squad in a very fiery
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fashion. jillian: despite democrats' best effort to flip the switch, a new poll shows more americans are siding with the president. and more troops are heading south as the border chief heads back to the white house. rob: the white house is trying to keep controversy from overshadowing the crisis at the southern border. we told you about chris pratt, targeted for his don't tread on me t-shirt. jillian: there's an update that makes the outrage even worse. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ hey, ya. ♪ hey, ya. ♪ hey, ya. ♪ hey ya., ya. jillian: good morning. you're taking a live look outside midtown manhattan, new
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york city. it's thursday morning. not bad. not a bad way to start the day. rob: it's so hot. my ac is -- jillian: people are always going to explain. i guess you're one of them. rob: my ac has been going nonstop. jillian: you heard it right here. good morning, i'm jillian mele. rob: i'm rob schmitt. president trump firing up a roaring crowd during a campaign rally in greenville, north carolina. jillian: the president blasting the rye rival democratic squadd touting our booming economy. >> a vote for any democrat in 2020 is a vote for the rise of radical socialism and the destruction of the american dream. when you see the four congresswoman, oh, isn't that lovely, omar has a history of launching vicious anti-semetic screams. her colleague, representative
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rarasheed tlaib, she was describing the president, vicious "f" word, that's not somebody that loves our country. representative alexandria ocasio-cortez. so representative ayana pressly refused to condemn antifa. these are bad people. i see sleepy joe, he said they had 115 people show up. that's our first row. pocahontas, 1,024. i said i have more indian blood in me than she has in her, and i have none. bernie sanders, you're not going to pay for anything. i mean, he's desperate now. he missed his time. leaders come in from other countries, all start off by saying mr. president, i'd like to congratulate you on the incredible economy that you've created, the greatest anywhere in the world by far. you must never forget the 2020 election is all about one thing.
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you. it's about you. [ cheering and applause ] jillian: that's just a part of it. the president wasting no time going after what he called the left wing extremists of the democratic party. rob: todd piro is here with how the rivalry with the squad appears to be ramping up. >> reporter: you said just a part. we showed you some of that takedown of the squad in our open. but as you might imagine, it didn't stop there. >> the leading voices of the democrat party are left wing extremists who reject everything our nation stands for. republicans know that america is the greatest force for peace and justice in the history of our world. but these left wing ideologs see our nation as a force of evil, their comments are helping fuel the rise of a dangerous hard
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left. they're telling us how to run it. if they don't love it, tell them to leave it. omar minimized the september 11th attacks on our homeland, saying some people did something. >> send her back! sendesend her back! rob: a new poll shows that 49%% say they are accusing the president of racism for political gain. reaction from the left and those hoping to run against the president in 2020 was forceful. kamala harris tweeting it's vile and cowardly, it's racist and defiles the office of the president. elizabeth warren tweeting in part, this president is desperate, calling out his racism is imperative. the president for his part adding about warren, quote, the
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indians got together and they said we don't want her. rob and gillian, if you thought it was going to add after sunday and earlier this week, you are wrong. rob: we'll keep following it, todd. thank you for the highlight reel. many are accusing trump supporters of being racist after the send her back chants at the rally. somsome say it has nothing to do with ilhan omar's race. >> they're more or less seeing the exact same thing that happened in 2016. i feel like i have deja vu watching this. an entire audience was condemned as being racist. there's no intellectual depth to the analysis. they think every black person is going to wake up and magically vote democrat because of that rant. that's insulting to black
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people. we are doing amazing under this economy. it's very clear what the chant meant. it meant if you do not like this country, you don't like america, you are welcome to leave. obviously the president is not looking to deport ilhan omar. at the end of the day, they're going to be upset when trump wins by a larger margin in 2020. rob: the president's next stop is cincinnati on thursday, august 1st, the same day as the next democrat debate. jillian: today, lawmakers are expected to grill acting homeland security chief, kevin mcaleenan, on immigration policies including the separation of migrant children. this comes as the pentagon orders 2100 more troops to fight the border crisis. griff jenkins joins us live from washington with the details. good morning, griff. >> reporter: good morning, gillian. here we go again. what is likely going to be another contentious hearing over the crisis at the border today. a topic that was very much on the president's mind last night in north carolina. >> democrats have put the needs
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of foreign citizens far ahead of our own citizens. the democrats' open border policies deplete our public services, overcrowd our schools and hospitals and bring crime, drugs, and deadly gangs into our community. >> reporter: today, kevin mcaleenan facing off against democrat. alexandria ocasio-cortez, ayana pressly and rashida tlaib sit on the house oversight committee and they testified last week before the same committee over detention facilities. listen. >> there's no need for us to overcrowd and to detain and under-resource. there is no need for us to arrest innocent people and treat them no differently than criminals when they are pursuing their basic human rights. >> reporter: now, mcaleenan who served as the cbp chief
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before heading dhs is calling for a national conversation over the facts of the conditions at the border. he will address congress' failure to provide support and fundinsecurity at detention facilities. 2100 additional troops are being sent to the border. 1,000 will be texas national guard troops of which 250 are in support of ports of entry, 750 will go to detention facilities and 1100 active duty troops will support cbp's ongoing operations. the new total number will be 6600. as for the hearing today, we've had a lot of hearings on the border but this one is likely to be significant because of mcaleenan will be the only witness appearing and he is the one calling loudest for action from congress. jillian: interesting. griff, thank you. we'll continue to follow it. rob: a birmingham, alabama police officer shot multiple times in what's being described as a running gun battle.
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officer collin staff ord is now in stable condition. the unidentified suspect has been shot and killed. police believe 50 to 100 rounds were exchanged in the battle. today is the nine-year veteran's 36th birthday. what a way to celebrate. the shooting comes six months after birmingham sergeant latasha carter was shot and killed. overnight, protesters swarmed the home of an nypd officer one day after the justice department cleared him in the eric garner case. >> we will find you -- [ indiscernible ] rob: officer daniel panalayo is accused of using a choke hold on eric garner back in 2014. garner died of a fatal asthma attack. investigators determined it was that choke hold that caused the asthma attack. the incident helped spark the
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black lives matter movement. jillian: the u.s. is preparing to send 500 troops to saudi arabia as tenses with iran continue to rise. according to cnn they'll be stationed at the prince sultan air base where it will be hard for iranian missiles to target. iran's foreign minister backtracked comments that the country's missile program is negotiable, saying they must manufacture missiles for defensive purposes. republicans slamming the political theater on capitol hill after democrats vote to hold wilbur ross and wil william barr in contempt over adding the citizenship question to the census. trey gowdy said democrats are creating more turmoil than productivity. >> they can't own force their own house rules against their own members. there used to be a stigma to being held in contempt of
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congress, but there ain't no more. jillian: jim jordan adding, quote, democrats are engaged in yet another episode of political theater. it is 12 minutes after the hour. president trump drawing cheers and chants, rallying a crowd of thousands in north carolina. and the leftist media wasting no time slamming both him and the crowd. >> the president standing before the all white crowd, almost all white crowd, basking in the center about a nonwhite member of congress. >> the rallying cry of send her back echoed through a north carolina stadium. jillian: guess what? new poll numbers out show voters really do want to put america first. what does that mean for 2020? our politica plight political pk to debate. rob: and just when you think it was finally gone, baby shark is back. the only time i heard this song was on this show.
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the reason why officials in one florida city are blasting this song from a local venue. jillian: rob loves this song. rob: we're coming back. ♪
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the leading voices of the democrat party are left wing extremists who reject everything our nation stands for. these left wing ideologs see our nation as a force of evil. rob: the president using his america first message to fire up a big north carolina crowd in the battle of the progressives versus the president and president trump may have more support than you would think, considering all the news coverage about this little schwa little issue. our political panel is here to debate. thanks for coming on this morning. joe, the president loves this,
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ifight, it would appear. is there good reason for him to embrace it. >> the reality is that democrats who believe that swing voters in pennsylvania and wisconsin are hearing the center back as the only thing will be getting high on their own supply. in america, you're looking at 6 million people who had no jobs under barack obama, who have jobs today, who have w2 forms that are looking higher than they were before. that is the message. you have a four fab four, whater they want to call themselves, who have a message that does not talk about the broad majority of americans. president trump's message is finally starting to get through. rob: do you think this is a good nemesis for the president? he wants to choose somebody pretty for the left to go up against. does he like the public spat? >> i think he absolutely loves
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the public spat. it keeps the attention off the things that really matter that are going on in congress. let me just be clear the rhetoric we're hearing right now is nothing new. i've been hearing it my entire life, to go back to africa, not just african americans, but most minorities have heard this rhetoric. i think we're in trouble in this country because while the economy in certain areas may be doing well, what we have done now is we have eroded humanity in the country. i don't know how far it will go before we hit absolute rock bottom. rob: let me show you a couple polls here. i hear what you're saying. the approval rating for the president, look at that, 50% on tuesday, up 4% just from monday. he's getting better numbers off of this, it woul appear. another one shows that about half the country appears to think his conside critics use rd accuse him of racism for
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political gain and maybe the word is thrown around a little too often. what do you make of that? >> i think his points are increasing because some people are looking at the economy. however, he is talking to a certain base of people that he knows appreciate this conversation. we've seen it when calvin coolidge was talking about america is for americans. we saw it in the 1960s when president nixon was doing the southern strategy along with barry goldwater and strom thurman. we know this language does increase popularity among a certain base of people. he's not speaking to all of the american people. he's speaking to a certain base of people and that is very dangerous. rob: dee and others say the president, a lot of his supporters are using racist rhetoric, how do you respond to that? >> as someone who has heard go back from the time i was 12 years old, i think it's hurtful,
2:20 am
whether myself or grandparents who are italian immigrants. so that's real. what is also real is the fact that right now in america you're looking at presidential candidates taking cues from freshmen congresswomen who are vastly out of step with americans and they're trying to run to impeach and all kinds of other nonsense, where realistically, even 37% of registered democrats say they don't even want impeachment also. so i think if democrats have a theme right now, the theme is we know better than the american people and i think that's really what's going to happen. rob: the president really feels this is a winner. dee, joe, thank you so much for coming on this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having us. rob: we'll be right back. here, it all starts with a simple...
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jillian: hope you're having a good morning so far. welcome back. ilhan omar and ra rashida tlaibe planning a visit to the west bank. they have been accused of anti-semetic views for supporting the bds movement. israeli law allows authorities to deny entry to anyone who supported boycotting the country. rob: alexandria ocasio-cortez's latest republican challenger is accusing the congresswoman of ignoring her own district. she says she is more focused on her fame than actually getting things done. >> she put out policy like the job-killing green new deal. she then went on to kill the amazon deal in new york. i do believe that aoc has neglected in her limelight bid
2:25 am
to focus on the congressional district. rob: she released this campaign video wednesday announcing her run against aoc, the fifth republican to do so. jillian: tesla under fire and responding to fox business after reports the automaker cut corners to meet production goals of its model 3. rob: tracee, what is tesla saying? >> a new report came out from cnbc where some current and former employees of tesla who worked in the open air production tent in fremont, california, said they had to cut corners to meet production goals, also work under extremely harsh conditions. some of those cuts included sending vehicles down the production line even if they were missing parts like nuts or bolts and also using electrical tape to fix cracked things and even just rushing through
2:26 am
certain processes. tesla did respond, they said that the anecdotes reported by cnbc from a few unnamed sources are misleading and do not reflect our manufacturing practices or what it's like to work at tesla. the spokesperson said that all vehicles go through rigorous quality checks before they're sent out. jillian: it appears instagram might be getting hit by the pc police? >> yes, instagram in australia, they have gotten rid of you being able to see how many people like your post. you, yourself you'll be able to see it but it won't be visible to anyone else. these new rules are meant to encourage people to post more by removing that pressure to get all of those likes. instagram said we hope this will remove that fresh you s pressurn focus on sharing things you love. they've done this in other countries but not here in the u.s. we'll see if they try it out
2:27 am
here. jillian: okay. rob: whatever. jillian: it says the new rules are meant to remove people's fears they will seem unpopular if they don't get many likes. rob: kind of like everybody gets a trophy, you know. jillian: participation trophy. thanks, tracee. i'm going to like your post, tracee. >> thank you. rob: okay. all right. 27 minutes after the hour. after anti-i.c.e. protesters swamp the u.s. and mexican -- swap the u.s. and mexican flag, one newspaper in colorado is defending its choice to keep a photo they have of one of the suspects doing this out of the hands of police. jillian: why they say we're not a tool of law enforcement. we're coming right back. motor? nope. not motor?
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for those who were born to ride, na blend of quality probiotics. and fermented whole food botanicals, expertly curated to naturally support your gut health every day. go with align whole food blend. from the pros in digestive health. getaway deals starting from 15 percent off so their tacos are 15 percent tastier they're scooting 15 percent smoother and their kids love them 15 percent more with getaway deals with at least 15 percent off, you can be a booker at jillian: good morning to you and welcome back. a look at the top headlines this morning. the pentagon is ordering 2100 additional troops to help fight the crisis at our southern border.
2:31 am
they'll back up law enforcement in illegal crossings and help with asylum seekers. rob: the u.s. is preparing to send 500 troops to saudi arabia as tensions with iran reach a boiling point. they'll be stationed at the prince sultan air base, this is all part of the 1,000 u.s. troops headed to the region. jillian: today a random drawing will determine the candidate lineup for round two of the democratic debate. 10 will take the stage on each of the two night debate. it will be held in detroit on july 30th and 31st. rob: we are not a tool of law enforcement, the denver post justifying its cease and desist order to the aurora police department in a new article. jillian: this after the department was forced to blackout a photo of a possible suspect involved in an i.c.e. protest. aishah hasnie is live in the studio with the post offense.
2:32 am
>> the denver post made one thing clear, police must ask permission before using their pictures to solve crimes. this centers around an immigration protest last friday. protesters were pulling down an american flag from an i.c.e. detention facility. they tried to burn it. and then they replaced it with a mexican flag. aurora police tweeted this plea for help, posting pictures of the suspect they're looking for. one photo of a masked man with the american flag actually belongs to the denver post newspaper and the newspaper didn't waste any time, sending a cease and desist letter to police. so police responded by tweeting this blacked out photo instead. now why is this such a big deal for the post? well, the newspaper's editor writes that it's, quote, not a tool of law enforcement and that, quote, the aurora police department's use of our photographies a clear violation of copyright law and the denver post terms of fair use.
2:33 am
now, aurora pd is regretting the way they responded originally, adding that, quote, we will continue to communicate with them on the appropriate use of their materials in times of public interest. and guys, all of this happening as president trump condemns the media's coverage of antifa. >> antifa, these are bad people. they don't get the bad press. the press doesn't want to talk to them. they're very evil. they're hitting people over the head with sticks, and i mean sticks, i mean bats, even. they're whacking people with bats. they're very brave. they always show up with a mask and they're covered. >> by the way, doesn't look like those suspects have been found just yet in aurora. jillian: keep us posted. thank you. rob: today the former girlfriend of potus dulos is expected in court. they are charged with tampering
2:34 am
with evidence. attorneys are asking for access to jennifer's medical records, which may support the theory that jennifer faked her own appearance. he said he received bills for blood work for his wife. he wants to know what was shown in the blood work. jillian: the world's most notorious drug lord could pay for the u.s. border wall. a judge ordered el chapo guzman to spend his life behind bars, plus 30 years. he was ordered to hand over $13 billion of his drug money to the u.s. ted cruz and ben sasse renewing calls to use that cash to build a wall in their bill called the el chapo act. the drug lord said his case was stained. he was convicted of murder and drug trafficking earlier this year. rob: an army court ruling that beau bergdahl got a fair trial. the president has criticized the
2:35 am
former soldier who was captured by the taliban after abandoning his post in afghanistan. >> tired of sergeant bergdahl who is a traitor, a no-good traitor, who should have been executed. rob: bergdahl's attorneys a argued the president's comments and tweets swayed the military trial. in 2017, he pleaded guilty to desertion and misbehavior, resulting in a dishonorable discharge. jillian: a florida city is playing baby shark on repeat to keep homeless people away from a city-owned banquet hall. rob: wow. ♪ baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo. ♪ baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo. ♪ baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo. ♪ baby shark. ♪ mommy shark doo doo doo doo doo doo. rob: that's the weirdest story of the day. west palm beach started playing the children's song three weeks ago in an effort to keep the homeless from sleeping on the outdoor patio.
2:36 am
they say it's a temporary measure and it is working. jillian: carley and i love this song. rob and janice do not. >> awful. terrible. i heard it earlier today on our sister station, fox business, and it's been in my brain ever since. it's awful. jillian: you and i will be sitting together for the next three and-a-half hours and i'm going to be singing it. [ laughter ] why i think i need a gin and tonic. i want to talk about this real quick. the heat will be the big story today. we shouldn't be joking about this. it could be very dangerous, potentially deadly. make sure you take care of the kids and pets and elderly and be inside and hopefully you won't be playing the baby shark song. rob: you can't wear green. now you can't wear red. >> i did match the maps today. rob: did i see 101 in dc. >> it will feel like close to
2:37 am
110 in new york on saturday. really dangerous heat. then it breaks next week. rob was complaining earlier about the heat. rob: break that heat. jillian: doesn't that make you so frustrated when people do that? ♪ doo doo doo doo doo doo. ♪ doo doo doo doo doo doo. ♪ doo doo doo doo doo doo. rob: it's hot. we know it is. janice, thanks so much. jillian: 37 minutes after the hour. actor chris pratt labeled a white supremacist for his don't tread on me t-shirt. we're not kidding. if you thought this was bad, the controversy actually got worse. rob: bernie sanders just had the worst kind of mic drop moment. jillian: ever. >> and today we announce loudly and clearly that -- rob: the internet is filling in the blanks of this one. carley shimkus is here with the words left unsaid. ♪ baby shark doo doo doo doo doo
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him wearing the shirt sparked controversy. his t-shirt came from a nonprofit organization called the brain treatment foundation whose mission is to support
2:42 am
him wearing the shirt sparked controversy. his t-shirt came from a nonprofit organization called the brain treatment foundation whose mission is to support anyone with a traumatic brain injury including military members. this charity is standing by their message. they said this on facebook. we are proud of the american flag and all symbols that represent the freedom brave men and women have shed blood for since the inception of our great country. gillian: he'.>> he's very patrd religious. some people don't like that about him. rob: more madness here. l colorado state university thinks the term america is noninclusive. >> they are telling students and faculty not to use the word
2:43 am
america or americans. here's why. they say the americas encompasses a lot more than the united states when we talk about americans in the united states, we're usually just referring to people. it depicts the united states as the dominant american country. instead, people they say should use u.s. citizens or people from the united states. i'd love to see what social media has to say about this one. they say it doesn't refuse my american dollars. another twitter user says is calcolorado no longer in americ, when did it move. they tell students not to use terms like freshmen and policemen. use police officer and first year students. >> bernie sanders, this is an incredible moment. you can't time this more perfect
2:44 am
than it actually happened. >> today we announced loudly and clearly that -- >> the audio went out right as he said we're going to say this loudly and clearly. so for people who want to know, bernie sanders was going to say we will no longer accept the greed of the pharmaceutical industry. there you have it. finishing bernie sanders' speech for him. rob: it's like out of a movie or something. >> poor guy. well, despite new reports showing u.s. overdose deaths appearing to be falling, newly released numbers show 76 billion opioid pills flooding into the u.s. in the span of six years. is the war on opioids working. rob: jim carol jumping on to explain. let's go to steve doocy before we go to break. >> hi, steve.
2:45 am
>> rob and jillian, it's not about me. on the other side of those doors is our live studio audience. should we take a look? >> yeah. >> come on. hey, everybody, welcome to "fox & friends." look at all these people who came just to get out of the rain. we've got a big lineup today. jake hudson, the former head of the department of homeland security will be with us. anthony scaramucci, jesse watters, guy benson, plus, the 16th an was wounded warriors project, we'll have live on fox square, so that starts in 15 minutes. go on in, say hello to all those folks
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>> welcome back. turning now to the trump administration war on opioids and the jaw dropping new numbers that show just how hard the epidemic hit the united states in such a short period of time. the report showing 76 billion opioid pills flooding into medicine cabinets between 2006 and 2012. look at that number. it's incredible. taking more than 100,000 lives. but there is hope because it appears the president's policies are working. joining me live to explain how they are tackling the crisis is the director of the office of national drug control policy jim carol. thank you for joining us. such an important topic. we want to start with is this the beginning of,
2:50 am
hopefully, a positive trend, a turning point, per se, in this war? >> absolutely. this president has made this a priority since day one. we are beginning to see results. as you know, the billions of pills that were released without any sort of control or oversight, about what was going on in the last administration has resulted in thousands and thousands of people dying. this president has made it a priority since the beginning. prescription opioids are down 34% under this president. and also, most importantly, we are here to save lives. and that's what was released yesterday is the fact that we are making progress on this. we still have a ways to go. first time in 30 years though we are seeing a dramatic drop in the number of people dying from drug overdose. jillian: let's take a look at the numbers decline in overdose deaths. this starts with 1990 and goes through to 2018. 2017 you will notice there
2:51 am
was 70,237, 2018 a predicted number right now is 68,557. i mean there was a real spike there just a couple years ago. >> and it was. and no one was doing anything about it in the administration at that point in the prior times. and so now we have a president who has made this a priority. and not just for the numbers. we have to remember these are people. these are our neighbors. these are our friends, and these are our family. and we are going to save them under this president. jillian: take a look at the map showing the number of pills districted per person per year. this map, i mean, really indicates how significant this problem has been. what else do you think needs to be done? what else can would he be doing as american citizens today? >> under this president we have come up with a three strong strategy. spreading the message among kids in high school and younger to make sure they
2:52 am
understand the dangers. we have more people going treatn addiction it is imperative. that is the poison coming. in you saw chap. that's how we are going to stop this crisis is securing our country. >> i mean the numbers that are on the screen that are flipping through right now. pharmaceutical companies flooding the market with 76 what you will do you want to see happening from pharmaceutical companies? >> they are being held accountable from what he this did. the spread of misinformation. the thought they could completely overprescribe. they need to be held moms have chronic pain. we need to make sure they have access to painkillers to get through their day. those folks unnecessarily and really they were completely innocent and not understanding the dangers of the pills that were being
2:53 am
prescribed. these pharmaceutical companies are being held responsible and we're going to use the money from these cases to get treatment and prevention and do things we need to do to secure our country and save lives. >> for a long time a lot of people even taking the prescriptions didn't realize the dangers. now why are aware and now this country has been awoken to the dangers and crisis going on. we hope this is certainly a turning point. jim carroll thank you for your time. >> thank you, jillian. >> rob? >> thanks. >> going above and beyond the call of duty. two hero police officers and one life-saving rescue. heart stopping moments caught on camera. heart stopping moments caught on camera. you want to see that a message for democrats who refuse to cob item antifa's handling of the american flag, the not so subtle patriotic reminder republicans just signed, sealed, and delivered. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ love is a battlefield.
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jillian: the republican national committee sending flags to dozens of democratic leaders. the rnc says it's meant to serve as a wake-up call for democrats who refuse to condemn antifa's recent attacks against our flag. rob: i thought you were going to handle this on your own. sorry about that. 73 pages flag code and letter from rnc chairwoman telling fox news. this we want to remind them
2:58 am
you are blessed to live here. many americans are patriotic. they want to see our congressional members stand for our country and stand for our flag. steve: wflagyl jill we asked you if you think sending the american flag is a good idea. >> yes. stand up for america. jillian: reminding the dnc now blessed we are to be americans. rob: no american should ever disrespect our flag. those who do don't deserve to be here. rob: time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. we start with the good. this is a really good one. two california police officers hailed as heroes after they fought to pull a man out of a burning vehicle. >> we're going to have to tase this guy to shock him and get him to let go. that was the only thing that got him to let go of that van. >> unreal. weird story. san jose police posting these photos on facebook. everyone, miraculously walking away with no injuries. jillian: next the bad. the airline klm india will
2:59 am
apologizing for this tweet according to data study by time. the fatality rate for the seats in the middle of the plane is the highest. however the fatality rate for the seats in the front is marginally lesser and is least for the seats in the rear third of the plane. the airline has deleted the post. rob: what were they thinking? finally the ugly, this is hilarious. rogue fan using the tarp on the field during a rain delay slip and slide during what was supposed to be a philly's game against the los angeles dodgers. the fan arrested after security guards finally chased him down it. is kind of a huge slip and slide though. >> a heart-warming moment did come out of the nearly 3 hour rain delay. you have to look at this. two young philly's fans showing brotherly love. one young fan ran after a foul ball. snatched it up gave it to the other boy. watch right here the two hugging it out. this video going viral.
3:00 am
i love. this because everyone just likes to give us a hard time. philly fan and, look, we do love each other. this does exist. >> some of us can be nice. >> have a good day. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] ♪ brian: thank you very much. [cheers and applause]


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