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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 18, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> and they are off soldiers ride. >> help that wounded warrior project. >> bill: almost out of there. all right. here we go. president trump stepping up the war of words with the so-called squad as he frames his argument against the 2020 democratic candidates. good morning, thursday. rainy day in new york city. a big welcome back to you, heather. >> great to be back. i'm heather childress in for sandra smith. a raucous campaign. >> bill: he is not letting up on the far left democrats in the house as he put a big emphasis on the state of the economy. >> president trump: we have the strongest economy in history,
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the lowest unemployment numbers ever. in a very short period of time if the democrats would give us a few votes we could solve the immigration problem and it would be so good. so good. their party is afflicted with an ideological sickness that protects foreign borders but refuses to protect our own borders. democrats have never been further outside of the mainstream. they are going crazy, folks. bernie is desperate now. i watch him up there. it is a sad situation. but i think they're all sad when you get right down to it. republicans know that america is the greatest force for peace and justice in the history of our world. but these left wing ideologues see our nation as a force of evil. they never have anything good to say. i say hey, if they don't like it let them leave. omar has a history of launching
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vicious, anti-semitic scedes. >> bill: 1 hour 31 minutes. team fox coverage kicking off our day today. reaction from the 2020 democrats. kevin corke is live from the white house and we begin there. hey, kevin, good morning. >> good morning. not only did the president not let up on the comments previously made by the so-called squad, the four democratic congresswoman he drilled down on them and some of their ideologies that the president said were anti-american. it was a raucous rally in the tar heel state. the president said left to their own devices the squad, ocasio-cortez, omar, tlaib and presley who fund america in a way he says who hurt the country. he accused the four of anti-semitism and being pro-open borders. proof, he said, of the dangerous path of the democratic party.
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>> president trump: so these congresswomen, their comments are helping to fuel the rise of a dangerous militant hard left. but that's okay. we'll win this election like nobody has ever seen before. [cheering and applause] >> plenty of applause lines if you watched last night. the president mentioned the house of representatives voted to set aside a resolution to introduce articles of impeachment against him. even many democrats think it's a bad idea. >> president trump: 332-95. think of it. we have the strongest economy in history, the lowest unemployment numbers ever, we've rebuilt the most powerful military and they want to try to impeach. it is a disgrace. a disgrace. so now we have that behind us. >> now we have that behind us. at least for now so says the president. by the way, special olympians
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will pay a special visit to the white house. we're looking forward to that as well as a visit by the prime minister of the netherlands, that and much more throughout the day here including perhaps breaking news later in the afternoon. one can never be sure. i'll be here for you. >> bill: i think we call it a tease in the business. nice to see you from the north lawn. >> president trump taking aim at his 2020 challengers calling out a few candidates by name at last night's rally. >> president trump: sleepy joe is not looking too good. they have a new one who knocked the hell out of biden during a debate. he said i wasn't prepared for that question. that's not a good answer. buttigieg. he is a beauty. he runs a failed city. his city is doing so badly. bernie, let me save you a lot of time and effort. you missed your time. it got taken from you four years ago. >> several women running for
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president slamming his attacks on their female colleagues. peter duesy is live for us in washington how did the 2020 democrats defend their colleagues in the house? >> with strong language of their own, heather. kamala harris tweeted a few minutes after the rally wrapped it's vile, cowardly, xenophobe i can, racist. defiles the office of the president and i won't share it here. it is time to get trump out of office and unite the country. harris seemed to earn as close to a compliment as anybody. the newcomer that caught joe biden offguard at the last debate. elizabeth warren heard an attack. >> president trump: i was driving her crazy. she went out and hired a guy to check the blood. i'm sure he had a lot of fun doing that. he checked her blood. and found out that many, many, many, many, many years ago there could have been somebody
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and he could have been indian. >> warren tweeted this president is desperate calling out his racism, xenophobe and trying to divide us and distract from his own crimes and deeply unpopular agenda of letting the wealthy and well-connected rip off the country. we must do more. none of the four house democrats trump targeted have endorsed a candidate for president last night but it sounds like the so-called squad's fight with trump is about to become part of at least a half dozen stump speeches heather. >> perhaps one of those endorsements will come after the upcoming democratic debates. >> governor steve bullock will slide onto the debate stage taking the spot that eric swalwell held last time. steier who is pledging to spend millions of his own dollars couldn't buy a spot on stage at the end of the month.
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that's even though there are still enough candidates to have two nights worth of debates and the host network cnn will assign spots on the stages with a live draw. >> exciting. thank you so much, peter. >> bill: like the nba draft. for more on this josh holmes, how are you doing? good morning to you. a lot to get to. let's start with last night. what struck you about this. >> one of the more remarkable things about this president is his capability of entirely shifting the political dynamic underneath our feet and framing questions in a way that huge advantages for him across the country. once a quarter he completely disrupts the conversation that we're having, throws the political and media establishment into chaos. when the dust settles what happens is you get a political question where his opponents have to defend the indefensible. the nfl is an example with the
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kneeling during the national anthem. at the end he is in the 70% place with the american people. in this case what we have on thursday which started last sunday is a question that puts him vis-a-vis the squad and unbelievable policies that are so far out of the mainstream of the american political electorate that it is incredibly advantageous and every single 2020 opponent defending it. >> bill: to your point then, here is a clip from last night about the democratic infighting. >> president trump: by the way, i keep hearing how much enthusiasm is in the radical left. i don't think they have enthusiasm. they are just fighting with each other. we have all of the enthusiasm. [cheering and applause] he goes home to mommy and he gets reprimanded and that's the end. sorry, mommy. >> bill: ending nonetheless with the protestor being kicked
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out there. you are right trying to marry the democratic party with the squad and the policies they're pursuing. what do you think about the labels of racism we've heard about in the last 12 hours? >> i think it's an example of the distraction that frankly every single 2020er and the media establishment take the bait on every time he raises these issues. everybody races out in condemnation of president trump and what happens ultimately is his political opponents while nobody is watching end up defending things like let me give you an example. omar just yesterday after every 2020er has embraced the squad introduced a resolution in the house of representatives to support the bds movement. what that is, is a boycott against israel. probably the most anti-semitic thing you will ever see in congress. yet now he has got democrats basically in support of her position which is completely mind blowing. it is something that no
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republican could ever hope for but somehow president trump emerges and this is his reality. >> bill: it just happened yesterday. check out karl rove's piece today. aoc is the gift that keeps on giving. the quote. representative ocasio-cortez is not a serious legislator but unusually shallow poser. she offers slogans from the latest bull sessions, wild utterances that seven enthusiast particular. looks of astonishment from middle america. that's where the president is going with a lot of this. >> absolutely. everybody wants to focus on president trump whether he is telling the truth and the 8 million fact checkers. aoc makes president trump look like abe lincoln. practically nothing that comes out of her mouth has basis in truth. literally stay tuned.
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within an hour we'll get something else on twitter that's totally ridiculous. the president seizing upon that is nothing to his advantage. >> bill: his campaign is watching and waiting for every appearance they make, too, like they did on saturday night. we'll get the next rally first of august about 12 days from now cincinnati, ohio, >> we'll have a big crowd watching no doubt for sure. coming up president trump of course last night bashing the russia investigation before a big crowd in north carolina. the president blaming robert mueller's witch hunt for slowing down his agenda. senator thom tillis was at the rally and joins us up next. plus this. >> bill: these demonstrations turning violent in puerto rico sparking clashes with police and protestors.
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why so many -- >> the border crisis takes center stage on capitol hill on the child separation policy. we're live on the ground at one port of entry ahead. >> president trump: democrats have put the needs of foreign citizens far ahead of our own citizens. nowhere in this world is there anything like what is happening with immigration, how bad it is. ♪ mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ eh, not enough fiber...
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>> heather: welcome back. have you seen this violent protest rocking puerto rico demanding the governor resign. tensions boiling over when crowds burst through a barricade at the governor's mansion? police responding with tear gas and rubber bullets. two people injured, five others arrested. protestors want the governor rossello to step down after a leak of online chats.
6:16 am
the messages appear to show rossello and his advisors mostly cloudying women and victims of hurricane maria. >> bill: can -- >> president trump: can you imagine what it could have been if we didn't have a witch hunt? i will not say that this guy says if we didn't have the [bleep] -- >> bill: that came early in the night. the president ripping the russia matter telling that big crowd in north carolina he could have gotten a lot more done if not for that probe. my next guest was there last night north carolina republican senator thom tillis, member of the judiciary committee. good morning to you. give us a sense in the room in greenville, north carolina. >> there was a lot of energy. i rode with the president in the motorcade from the airport. the streets were lined with supporters. in the venue there was a lot of
6:17 am
great support for president trump and i think the president did a good job of trying to cut through some of the media point and make a case to the american people. >> bill: making the case if not for the russia matter we would be further along now? where would we be? >> i think he is right. my colleagues in the house are really trying to beat a dead horse. the special counsel concluded there was no collusion and no obstruction. if you look at their committee calendars and what they're doing over there, it has nothing to do with productive results for the american people. nothing to do with job creation, nothing to do with lowering the cost of healthcare. everything to do with their fixation on what i do believe the president appropriately calls a witch hunt. they searched for a witch, they didn't find it. move on. >> bill: the michael cowen case has been closed. we'll see documents out of the southern district of -- he was
6:18 am
going to single out these four democrats in the house that he has been going back and forth with for a while and heated up in the last few days. here is ilhan omar and the president going there last night. >> president trump: representative omar blamed the united states for the terrorist attacks on our country. she minimized the september 11th attacks on our homeland saying some people did something. i don't think so. some people did something. >> bill: it was around that same moment she looks down with con sement on the hard working americans saying ignorance in pervasive in many parts of this country. it goes back to the whole deplorable comment. the media seems to be rather focused on the chants in the crowd when they said send her back. you heard that.
6:19 am
what did you think when that happened? >> any time you get into a crowd like that and you have a lot of supporters they'll say what they want to say. we have to go back to something on your prior segment that omar has just proposed yesterday. that is support for sanctions against israel. even worse as she is describing why people should support it, she said it is analogous to the sanctions against nazi germany. i can't think of anything more audacious than that statement about the jewish community in the united states and our great friends and allies in israel. we have to shift the attention back to some of the positions they're taking that are extreme. media here on capitol hill only want to talk about parsing the president's words. i won't answer a question of them unless they come back and talk about the things that actually lit this candle. it's the extreme positions taken by aoc, omar and the so-called gang. >> bill: if that's the case you keep it on policy, right? keep it above being personal.
6:20 am
you're running for reelection. this is your home state and the people in that arena are being characterized as racist. you will face questions about this. to them what do you say, senator? >> i refuse to take that bait. this is about people who want to change america. this is about people who have a socialist vision for the united states. what i'm going to talk about is record low unemployment particularly among minorities and women. i'm going to talk about regulatory burdens being taken off of business. i'll talk about a stronger position with china, nato paying their fair share, and the litany of things that we've accomplished in the time that the president has been in power and republicans have the majority previously in the house and now in the senate. there are a lot of results out there. sooner or later i think the back and forth people will get tired of it. they want to talk about results. when they understand what we've done they'll elect us back in the majority and they'll reelect the president.
6:21 am
>> bill: thom tillis, thank you for your time. >> heather: we have a fox news alert on a new report that iran has seized a foreign oil tanker in the persian gulf. more on what the crew is accused of. >> bill: he pushed to get it passed in the house. now the 9/11 victims compensation is stalled in the senate. jon stewart slamming two individuals in particular. new reaction in a moment as to why. >> there are some things they have no trouble putting on the credit card. somehow when it comes to the 9/11 first responder community the cops, the firefighters, construction workers, the volunteers, the survivors, all of a sudden man, we have to go through this. let them move the way they were born to in new pampers cruisers 360 fit with its ultra stretchy waistband.. and adaptive 360 fit new pampers cruisers 360 fit
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6:25 am
victims compensation fund. that bill would allocate $10 billion for first responders medical expenses and economic losses, the kentucky senator says the spending should be cut elsewhere to pay for it before you take on new debt. here is jon stewart with bret on special report. >> pardon me if i'm not impressed by rand paul's fiscal responsibility virtue signaling. how he stands up at the last minute after 15 years of blood, sweat and tears from the 9/11 community to say that it's all over now, now we'll balance the budget on the backs of the 9/11 first responder community. >> bill: we'll see what happens in the senate. house passed the bill a week ago. senator paul says he is not blocking the bill simply asking for a vote on an amendment to offset the cost of it. >> heather: now other fox news alert. iranian forces seize a foreign
6:26 am
oil tanker accusing its crew of smuggling oil. iran state tv reports there were 12 people on board and it comes just days after an oil tanker from the united arab emirates disappeared near iran. michael anton, spokesman for president trump joins us from washington with more. thank you for joining us. let's start with what president trump had to say about iran last night. listen. >> president trump: i withdrew the united states from the horrible one-sided, disgusting iran nuclear deal and iran is a different country today. >> heather: different country today. do you agree? >> well, certainly we know that their revenues have plummeted because the united states first of all got out of the deal. the deal enabled iran to do business with the rest of the world. something the regime wanted for a long time and the u.s. administration has tightened sanctions that caused their revenue to plummet. they have a more difficult time selling oil, the main source of
6:27 am
revenue for the regime. they're very cash strapped right now. i think that's a partial explanation for why you're seeing reckless behavior. iran is looking for ways to get out of this box they've been put in. >> heather: i wanted to ask you about that. how do you think we should respond, this being just the latest provocation? >> i think we should do what the president has been doing, be careful and pay attention. keep the pressure on, make clear there are lines that iran can't cross but otherwise try to keep tensions as low as possible. i don't think the united states or the world needs or should want a war with iran or conflict in the gulf that could spin out of control. but the goal of con strange the regime's means of spreading terror and chaos is a good goal and effective so far. >> heather: the president played golf the other day, rand paul he was playing golf with. what came out of that, he will become the president's emissary to iran. what do you think about that?
6:28 am
he hasn't always agreed with this administration. >> look, he doesn't always agree with the administration but i think he is aligned with the president on the fundamental goal to keep the iranian regime from getting a nuclear weapon but keep tensions with iran from getting out of control and ending in conflict. the problem that i think we'll have is the iranians have shown no appetite to talk to anyone from the united states. they have held out a stiff arm saying that unless we make a whole bunch of concessions and ease sanctions they don't want anything to do with us. they would rather talk to europeans and others. it is one thing to be named and emissary. the other side has to be willing to sit down. so far they haven't shown a willingness. >> heather: i wanted to ask you about that. in terms of sanctions since you mention in, rand paul has argued that sanctions are quote an act of war. >> look, sanctions are i think i would have to disagree with that. sanctions are something that countries do precisely in order to avoid war. to put pressure on another
6:29 am
regime to express their own displeasure and deny a country a means to spread chaos. you do it when you don't want to go to war but can't do nothing. it's a moderate middle ground policy. >> heather: you don't think it would be something that rand paul would gave on. >> he is not ultimately the decision maker. he may come back president and recommend the lifting of sanctions and it's the president's call. what i've seen, the president doesn't want war with iran but wants to keep the pressure on iran and deny the regime the revenue it uses to spend on terrorism and other things. the senator may make that argument. the president will probably not go for it. >> heather: i apologize for talking over you there. we have to go. thank you so much for your insight. >> bill: all good. 9:30. we're waiting a hearing on the house side on migrants.
6:30 am
three members of the so-called squad on that committee. what will they say as we see the new impact on the asylum ruling. >> the argument is not how much medicare for all will cost. healthcare costs a lot. the argument is compared to what? >> heather: bernie sanders taking aim at his 2020 rivals pushing his medicare for all plan. we dig into this with money man charles payne in the next hour. >> bill: an american city pushing to eliminate words like manhole. >> it's a steel cover. it is a steel cover on the ground covering a hole that goes to the sewer. they come up with these cockamamie things all the time.
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>> bill: 9:33. awaiting testimony on the hill.
6:34 am
acting homeland security secretary at a house hearing on family separations, three members of the so-called squad are on that committee. that hearing comes as the pentagon is sending more than 2,000 national guard troops back to the southern border. william la jeunesse is there at the port entry in san diego, california. william, good morning. let's get it going. hello. >> good morning, bill. tijuana in mexico's sixth largest city and where migrants gather around the world for their shot at the american dream. we have video we shot yesterday as word spread about the new u.s. policy which could strand thousands in the city shelters and thousands more inside the immigration pipeline. they had no idea weeks ago their life would change on tuesday when president trump said the u.s. would deny asylum to anyone who passes through another country but fails to apply for and is denied asylum there. the crowd learns that the u.s.
6:35 am
shut the door. refusing to consider a single case from among 9,000 migrants on a waiting list to plead their case to a u.s. official. >> she is worried they could send them back to her state and also the -- she is concerned -- >> people calling to say what's happening? are we going to have to go back home? it is not safe for us. it makes people panic. >> the immigration crisis is drive primarily by central america but increasingly africans are flying to ecuador and reaching the u.s. and others, the new rule requires those migrants to first apply and be denied asylum in guatemala or mexico. high bar and most will not.
6:36 am
>> there will be people who tried toy evade. what do you do with all these folks? u.s. doesn't want to take responsibility. mexico doesn't really want to take responsibility. it is clear there is a max exodus from central america. >> critics say the rule is cruel, inconsistent with u.s. law and contrary to congressional intent and dangerous for those forced to stay in mexico. supporters say it's a deterrent. an end to frivolous claims who say they're fleeing persecution when in fact they want a better opportunity and higher standard of living. >> if you were coming here and coming here to claim asylum and you were going to claim something that wasn't true, because you really want to come here for a better life, i have sympathy but you were already knowing you were going to scam the system. the scam is ending. >> two hurdles. number one acu filed suit and guatemala and mexico haven't
6:37 am
agreed. secretary pompeo hopes to work that out this week. >> bill: nice to have you back in san diego today. thank you, sir. >> heather: nearly two dozen members of the ms-13 gang charged in a string of california murders over the last two years. prosecutors calling the brutality of the killings medieval. chris swecker headed up the agency's first ms-13 task force. nice to see you again. so in reference to this latest crime not only were there are 22 members of ms-13 involved, 19 of them had entered the country illegally in the last three or four years. does any of this surprise you? >> not a bit. when we first established the national ms-13 task force, we knew that many of their members were moving across the border at will and were illegal. it's part of their crime model. they are a trans national
6:38 am
criminal enterprise in that sense but the lowest rung of the enterprise ladder in terms of evolution. they center their crime model around violence for turf and reputation, that's it. they aren't out there making profits. >> heather: speaking of turf, why do they seem to target their own communities? >> that's insidious. it is easy. they employ extortion schemes against small businesses in their own communities, extort individuals as well. they're into human trafficking in a big way. that's about it. they center their crime model around preying on their own communities. >> heather: let's move on to completely different topic. this is happening coming up a couple hours from now at 11:00 a.m. eastern. federal judge will release these documents in the trump hush money probe. what do you expect to see? >> it's interesting.
6:39 am
i think we'll see some churn of investigation and we'll find out that michael cohen in the end was not a credible witness and there was an intent problem. the intent being a willfulness in making a payment that -- to facilitate a campaign. we see senator edwards precedent where a jury refused to convict under those same conditions. you have to draw a connection between the payment and the campaign itself. if the payment would have been made anyway, then it is not a campaign violation. there were $17 million in settlements paid in congress to cover up for various members across 300 cases. what about those cases? >> heather: do you think this is the end for at least president trump and the trump organization side of it? >> i think so because even the southern district of new york has to go through maine justice for an indictment like this and past the public integrity
6:40 am
section under bill barr. i don't think it will meet their standard for a jury conviction. so there may be smoke here. i'm not trying to defend the conduct. it is not all that uncommon in making payments to preserve your reputation. >> heather: thank you so much, chris. we appreciate your insight and we'll see what comes out of the 11:00 a.m. -- when they release this document. thank you. >> bill: 20 minutes before the hour. a lot of storms hitting the east forcing long delays at baseball games. check it out, this fan used the tarp. you go, guy, slip and slide. he was arrested. oh my gosh. how long was the delay? the game ended at 2:00 a.m. how many were there? >> heather: i don't know why they keep doing things like that. they're always arrested. >> i think it has something to do with the beer.
6:41 am
2-0 dodgers win the game. if only we had that size of slip and side at the age of 8. >> heather: coming up president trump calling the u.s. economy the envy of the world touting his success ahead of 2020. will that be his ace in the hole? >> bill: a challenger emerging, republican business woman throwing her hat in the ring trying to take down congresswoman ocasio-cortez in her home district. her name is scherie murray. she will lay out her strategy for how she plans to win. stay tuned. >> put out policy like the job-killing green new deal. she went on to kill the amazon deal, aoc has neglected in her limelight bid to focus on the congressional district.
6:42 am
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>> heather: fox news alert for
6:45 am
you. at least 33 people are dead, several more injured following what is being called the most deadly fire in japan in 18 years. the fire breaking out at a popular animation studio in kyoto. a man burst into the studio early this morning shouted you die before spreading some sort of liquid. that set off the flames. that suspect is injured and being treated at a hospital. >> president trump: our economic policy can be summed up in three very beautiful and simple words, jobs, jobs, jobs. we've created 6 million new jobs since election day. if i would have said that nobody would have believed it. >> bill: the big topic last night talking about the economy. bring in linda mcmahon, how are you doing? nice to see you, linda, welcome to our program. >> good to be here. >> bill: you come back any time.
6:46 am
the economy issue will be with us for the next 15 months as we go forward in this campaign. how do you think he made the case last night? you heard the one line, three words, jobs, jobs, jobs. go ahead. >> jobs and small businesses are the backbone of this economy. when i go around the country meeting the small businesses creating these jobs they were thanking the presidents for tax cuts and regulatory roll backs because it works. the evidence is plain. when you can have 6 million more jobs in the short time this has been in office and see the prosperity and economic growth we've had. growth in wages. lowest unemployment. when the president talked to african-americans when he was running and said take a chance on me and look what happened. the lowest unemployment in history for african-americans, for hispanics and for asians and as he said last night he is working on women.
6:47 am
he will get to the record. great to have that economic growth. >> bill: you have to keep it going. it's an economic question but a political question as well. where do you see the head winds today? >> the only head winds i see is if we don't reelect donald trump as the president of the united states. why wouldn't we want to keep this economy going the way that it's going? industry is investing in our country, manufacturing is back. we're hiring more people. the biggest issue we have right now is finding enough qualified workers for the jobs we have to fill. and so businesses are offering apprenticeships and internships to train or retrain workers moving in different directions. the economy has strong underpinning and fooding. >> bill: there will be a vote to the house to raise the minimum wage to $15. at what point could you support that? >> well, bill, a minimum wage
6:48 am
of $15 means different things in different states around the country. i can attest to being on the ground and being in small businesses who would tell me look, a $10 minimum wage would put some of them out of business. a $15 minimum wage would make it impossible for many businesses to even start. $15 minimum wage in new york is clearly different than it would be in iowa. we have the opportunity for states and for markets to adjust to wages. and when you think about it, when you hire a worker, it costs money to acquire that worker, to train them, employers want to keep workers on the job. it is better to keep workers, have them be promoted as they learn more and expand in their business. but they are going to pay the best wages they can. i have found that to be true in almost all businesses that i talked to. >> bill: i know you don't support it. the wages of 1.7 million workers is no small matter. 1.3 million out of poverty, 3.7
6:49 am
-- that's not good. could lose their jobs. >> i've seen small businesses and large businesses, too tell me but especially small businesses as i'll repeat are the backbone of our economy. you will put people out of jobs because the business may not be able to grow, you might not be able to pass on the cost to the customer. so you lay off a worker or you reduce workers' hours. the greatest way to lift people out of poverty is provide them with a job. that's what this president is doing by his policies. >> bill: i know what you said at the outset. reelect the position. 30 seconds left here. the dow is cooking, the s&p at all-time highs. do you ever get the sense that we're running too hot? >> isn't it a nice position to be in? >> bill: i agree. i'm just wondering how you keep that fire lit. go ahead. >> i think you keep the fire
6:50 am
lit by continuing to incentivize business to grow. if you start putting impediments to business to grow, if you go toward socialism instead of capitalism. if you start taking away the things that have made this country so great and why it's so scary to me when i hear some of the policies that are being offered by democrats who are running for congress that we want to go more and more to socialism, free medicare for all. i mean, we just have to look at how impossible that would be for our country. you can either be for this strong economy and continuing to grow or you can just start knocking the khox out from under it because of policy. >> bill: nice to see you again. thank you for your time from washington >> thanks, bill. >> heather: still to come is it political correctness run amuck? why one city wants to call manholes a maintenance hole. you have to hear this.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> heather: you have to hear this one. berkeley, california, will remove all gend erd words from its city code. for example, a manhole will now be called a maintenance hole. the decision came down after a vote in the city council, christina coleman is live in los angeles with more on this. so maintenance hole. >> that's right. gender-inclusive restrooms have become more common and now the city of berkeley is taking a step further by banning gender-specific words in its city code.
6:55 am
tuesday berkeley city council passed a measure to replace more than two dozen commonly used terms. it will switch words like he and she to they and them and in the municipal code. inclusivity. guidance attached to the codes revisions reads in recent years broadening societies awareness of transgender and gender non-conforming identities has brought to light the importance of non-binary gender inclusivity. >> words we use are important. it is not only timely but necessary to make sure that our laws really speak for everyone. >> here is what some of the updated language will be instead of fraternity or sorority. greek collegiate system residents. pregnant employees, no more brothers and sisters, it is sibling now. and the list goes on. instead of manhole as we mentioned you now have a maintenance hole.
6:56 am
critics say the changes go too far. >> it is a steel cover on the ground that's covering a hole that goes to the sewer. they come up with these cockamamie things all the time. >> updating the city code will cost $600 from the general fund. >> heather: unbelievable. thank you so much. what do you think? >> bill: still my sister. president trump taking on the 2020 challenger. saying a vote for democrats is a vote for socialism and we're now in campaign mode. the battle lines are drawn. dr. bill bennett will react coming up live next. not this john smith or this john smith. or any of the other hundreds of john smiths that are humana medicare advantage members. no, it's this john smith, who met with humana to create a personalized care plan. at humana, we have more ways to care for your health,
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>> bill: 10:00 a.m. house oversight committee about to begin a hearing on immigration policy and family separation at the border. acting homeland security secretary is set to testify t. panel includes the so-called squad members. a war of words with the president. watching that hearing as it unfolds in washington president trump blasting four left wing congresswomen at a fiery rally last night in north carolina. 2020 dems taking to twitter to fire back. brand-new hour starts back. i'm bill hemmer in new york. big last night. fallout continues today. how are you doing? >> heather: the back and forth continues. great to be here. i'm here for sandra smith.
7:01 am
the president calls them out one-by-one. did you hear this? >> president trump: omar blamed the united states for the crisis in venezuela. think of that one. and she looks down with contempt on the hard working americans saying that ignorance is pervasive in many parts of this country. but cortez. somebody said that's not her name. they said that's not her name, sir. i said no, no, i don't have time to go with three different names. tlaib used the f word to describe the presidency. that's not somebody that loves our country. these congresswomen, their comments are helping to fuel the rise of a dangerous, militant hard left. tonight i have a suggestion for the hate-filled extremists who are constantly trying to tear our country down. they never have anything good
7:02 am
to say. that's why i say hey, if they don't like it, let them leave. let them leave. [cheering and applause] >> bill: hour 31 on the clock last night. the a-team tom bevan publisher of real clear politics. robert wolf former advisor to president obama and cheryl casone, host of fbn am. welcome back here. >> heather: happy birthday to you. cheryl's birthday today. >> thank you. no place i would rather be. >> bill: right answer. what did you think of last night? >> well, look, trump -- this is what he does. he puts on a show. went through everybody's nicknames and called these women out. the chants send her back rubbed people the wrong way. that's the kind of stuff that i think poses a potential problem for trump. more broadly speaking framing
7:03 am
the election as, you know, a framing between himself and these radical extremist left congresswomen. >> bill: cheney said it's not personal, it's policy. if you keep it in that lane this is where 2020 shapes up. >> let me quote what tim scott said, who is the only african-american senator in the gop. he called it racially offensive. i don't know, maybe i think he spoke truth to power. the african-american congressman from texas in the gop voted to condemn trump's tweets as racist. i thought last night was cringe worthy. i called my mom 85 years old from holocaust survivors. she said can you imagine when
7:04 am
grandpa and grandma came on the boat being yelled at saying go home. >> bill: do you look at the people in that arena as racist? >> i think there are some racist. some get caught up in the moment. it is not good for our country. he is not campaigning. he is the president. you are the president for all americans. we all came from somewhere. i think we're much better than this. >> bill: let me frame it here. the moment that tom was referring to from last night. watch. >> president trump: obviously and importantly omar has a history of launching vicious anti-semitic scedes. [crowd chanting send her back] >> bill: omar said i am where i belong in the people's house and you'll just have to deal. >> we had a guest on the fox
7:05 am
business network made a good point. president trump doesn't look at people or -- as black or white. this isn't about racism. he says you are either my friend or my enemy. that's how president trump thinks. some of these calls and some of these criticism that he is a racist are a little misguided. the other thing is if you want to talk about policy and not talk about personal attacks, what he should be doing is talking about where we're at at the u.s. economy now and jobs. unemployment, manufacturing coming back to this country, the stock market has hit all-new records again. lean on that. i do agree with some of the things you said it is hard to watch some of this, it is. but -- >> bill: robert, back to you, number six. the headline at fox omar boycott. she introduces resolution defending boycott of israel likens it to boycotts of nazi germany. did you call your mom and express your dismay with her?
7:06 am
>> that's more than fair. i am pro-israel. absolutely not for bds. a lot of the things she said have been atrocious and i've been on air saying i can completely disagree with many of his comments but let's not compare a congresswoman of 700,000 people to a president of 350 million. >> bill: mitch mcconnell from fbn and maria bartiromo earlier today. >> we ought to tone the rhetoric down across the country. throwing around words like racism, kind of routinely applying it to almost everything. let's talk about the issues. >> well, yeah, i think that's right. to cheryl's point. trump did talk about the economy but says a couple other things that are more inflammatory and it gets all the news coverage. he frames the election as
7:07 am
socialism versus capitalism and talk about the good things he has done but laid another layer, about patriotism. do you love this country or not? he is drawing out -- love it or leave it. he is drawing out these four members of congress to make them the face of the democratic party. they don't love america. >> i'm with tom on that. socialism is bad and i completely agree. if the president made that the issue he will have a much easier path to victory if he makes it about socialism versus capitalism. >> in terms of the four freshmen congresswomen. you talked about who they represent and that's who they are talking to versus the president who is talking to the whole country. but that changes when they have a press conference and come out and speak before america. >> no question everyone has a bully pulpit in today's country. everyone with social media. the president is the president. he represents the oval office. he represents really the world.
7:08 am
he is the most powerful person in the world and he has to be above the fray. and i know it's a campaign. >> bill: debate stage in 10 days, they will say i don't like that. >> you know i've been on here for a long, long time and i'm more of a moderate. i don't like that we're now debating about race and this and that. we should be debating about policy and legislation. but unfortunately we are. >> what do voters care about? healthcare, immigration. there are other issues. >> wages. >> this whole thing has become such a huge distraction and a nasty, ugly one to both your points. great if we could move on. both sides have to do that. >> bill: you have 15 more months of this whether you like it or not. to all three of you now, karl rove "wall street journal." the headline. aoc is the gift that keeps giving. she now wants to do awaif with the department of homeland
7:09 am
security. for now they're drowning out the democratic presidential candidates as these young representatives became the face of their party they define it with their wackiness. donald trump knows that and he will take full advantage of their gift. >> yes. what he is doing by pushing the envelope here is getting all the democratic presidential candidates to defend these four individuals and by proxy their policies. whoever the nominee is going to be, this helps trump frame the election in his favor in terms of these policies again. think about it in terms of the states that will count and the voters that will count. trump has a unique ability to fire up his base and the democrats but the people aren't paying as much attention in the states that matter. when they look at socialism versus capitalism and talk about patriotism, trump like i said thinks it's a winner for him. >> heather: you mentioned healthcare, cheryl. the president touched on that last night and we have that sound that we can pull up for everyone in reference to bernie
7:10 am
sanders. >> president trump: you know, the guy never passed a bill. he did nothing. he is actually not even a democrat. is he an independent? you missed your time. it got taken from you four years ago, bernie. not doing too well. he is not doing too well but that's okay. you have to hand it to him. he is ranting and raving and going on like a lunatic. >> medicare for all. how many trillion dollars over the next decade? the numbers are astounding. medicare for all -- united healthcare earnings, the big healthcare on the docket on fox business and the ceo has come out and said medicare for all would destroy the healthcare system in this country as we know it. this is a ceo saying it, not a politician. >> i'm not for medicare for all. the idea that some of the candidates are raising the hand to take away private insurance is a gift for president trump.
7:11 am
i thif the idea that some people are raising their hand for open borders, a gift to president trump. believe me, i think the debates should be about the economy and wages and foreign policy. if i was on the debate stage i would go right at that. >> free healthcare for illegals. >> bill: john delaney was the one on stage who said guys, this is nuts. you are taking away healthcare from 170 million americans who are happy with it. >> former vice president biden was strong this week on healthcare and very much not for medicare for all, for extending the public option and for keeping private. >> letting states have more control over healthcare, what's left of it. >> it was a good week for him. >> smart of him to assert himself in center ground. it will happen in a few days in detroit we'll have the debate on healthcare again. they say there aren't going to be raise your hand questions. it will come up. >> bill: thank you tom and
7:12 am
robert and cheryl, happy birthday. we have cake in the greenroom. it's only six hours old. [laughter] still tastes good. >> i'm on it, thank you. >> heather: right now the house oversight committee is holding a hearing on the treatment of detained migrants in u.s. government facilities. kevin mcaleenan will testify. mark meredith is live on capitol hill with more on that. what's going on? >> the house hearing is just getting underway. democrats are expected to grill the acting secretary of homeland security about the conditions migrants are living in after they're caught crossing the border illegally. dhs officials have admitted they're overwhelmed with the number of migrants coming into their facilities but insist the conditions in these facilities are humane. television cameras were allowed to go inside one of the facilities last week in south texas as vice president mike pence led a republican congressional delegation down to the border. the vice president also met
7:13 am
with border agents and praised the work they're doing providing shelter for migrants. >> every family that i spoke to told me they were being well cared for. different than some of the harsh rhetoric we hear from democrats on capitol hill. >> some house democrats say after visiting similar border facilities they saw a much different situation. one familiar face testified before the same committee. >> there is no need for us to do this. there is no need for us to overcrowd and to detain and under resource. there is no need for us to arrest innocent people and treat them no differently than criminals when they're pursuing their basic human rights. >> the hearing is now getting underway. we expect democrats will ask kevin mcaleenan about his past job on border protection and the policy in place regarding separating of migrant children.
7:14 am
democrats are expected to ask about what has happened since then specifically what has been happening with those children separated from their parents. >> heather: we'll see if the three members of the squad have anything to say as well. >> bill: thank you, mark. breaking news. iran admitting to seizing a foreign tanker. tehran accusing 12 crew members of smuggling oil. trey yengst is on the story. >> today the iranians announced they seized a tanker with 12 crew members accusing that crew of trying to smuggle more than 220,000 gallons of fuel. the announcement made on iranian state television saying the seizure took place on sunday. they added the vessel failed its operation because of a smart move because of the guard claiming they were smuggling iranian oil to foreign ships.
7:15 am
it is unclear if the iranians are referring to the uae ship. they have a british ship. it will be released soon and accused of violating e.u. sanctions by trying to deliver oil to syria. sixth tankers were targeted in two separate incidents. according to reports the u.s. military is trying to set up a maritime coalition to operate in the gulf in order to prevent attacks by iran or iranian-backed proxies on oil tankers as the u.s. navy is patrolling the arabian sea and preparing for the possibility of engaging with iranian forces. >> our mission is to have security in the region, assure allies and certainly insure the free flow of commerce throughout the straits. >> this is all in response to u.s. sanctions currently imposed on the iranian regime. many of these actions trying to
7:16 am
send a message to the west and europe still scrambling to try to find a solution to save the iran nuclear deal. iran has broken two key commitments in the agreement this month. >> bill: thanks, trey. >> heather: a wave of anger across puerto rico. why protestors say the governor must resign now. >> bill: president trump arguing a vote for democrats is a vote for socialism. pushing back against renewed accusations of racism. could these lines of attack define the election of 2020? former education secretary dr. bill bennett was watching last night and he is our guest live coming up next. >> president trump: the democrat agenda is anti-worker, anti-jobs, anti-citizen, anti-family, and anti-common sense. know tof you e so many who have served our country honorably. whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan
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for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no.
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i/p úmug< hey! i live on my own now! i've got xfinity, because i like to live life in the fast lane. unlike my parents. you rambling about xfinity again? you're so cute when you get excited... anyways... i've got their app right here, i can troubleshoot. i can schedule a time for them to call me back, it's great! you have our number programmed in? ya i don't even know your phone anymore... excuse me?! what? i don't know your phone number. aw well. he doesn't know our phone number! you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. >> president trump: a vote for any democrat in 2020 is a vote for the rise of radical socialism and the destruction of the american dream. frankly, the destruction of our country. they want to demolish our constitution. weaken our military, eliminate the values that built this magnificent country. >> heather: president trump
7:21 am
last night slamming democrats as socialists. this as the left labels him a racist. the dueling accusations expected to become a very familiar refrain in 2020. just the beginning. let's bring in dr. bill bennett. the former education secretary and host of wise guys on fox nation and fox news contributor. what was your overall take from last night. >> my first question is where do we go from here? we're 15 months away. what is the escalation going to look like if it escalates? we're definitely in campaign mode for 2020. look, i think the president is playing a very good hand. i would prefer him to depersonalize this and talk about policy because i think he keeps the base and expands the base by talking about the policies of these four, the squad as they are called. but also the policies of the leading candidates for the
7:22 am
nomination on the democrat side. meanwhile, by personalizing the stuff that the democrats and a lot of people are upset about creates a certain kind of cognitive dissidents. people are saying what does it mean? why is he saying that? stick to the policy. it is very left and very much clearly defined. very much embraced by those democrats. plus the other thing is his record. he hit his record last night but incomplete. i would tell him to say more. i would tell him to say no one has tried to keep more promises as a president than i have. >> bill: say more, continue with that. what is the -- what's the emphasis? >> the list is, of course, the taxes and the economy tremendous. unemployment numbers for the different groups. defense, he hit that. talk about veterans affairs and what he has done for the veterans, more choice. talk about the right to try drugs that people can do now that they couldn't do before.
7:23 am
talk about the nato funding, how he has built that up. talk about his efforts at the border to get that wall and indeed some success there working with mexico. talk about confronting china after all on its ways of dealing. there is so much to say. he has worked on so many fronts. he has a lot of energy. talk about those things. and again, highlight not just what the squad is saying, but what sanders and warren and harris and to some extent biden are saying about their policies. consider what they are, bill. >> bill: based on that answer he left a lot on the table in your view. >> he could have said more about it. that's what i would urge. these are good things. tom friedman, i don't often quote him but he wrote
7:24 am
yesterday and it got lost after last night's hurricane of words, was he is talking to a lot of democrats who say trump will be reelected. when he asks them why, our candidates are for things like getting rid of private health insurance. they open up their hand. if you jump the border it is not illegal. if you jump the border it is not illegal and we'll give you health benefits. i can't support that. keep underscoring those things. keep your eye on the ball. the main theme and get rid of the personal stuff. i'm with lindsey graham on that. >> heather: he emphasized patriotism last well talking about democrat values. actually what i was referencing is he talked about radical socialism, december -- destruction of the american
7:25 am
dream. the values that built america. >> the patriotism thing works. it was an act of genius to have that july 4th thing. it got democrats in the position of criticizing the july 4th event. criticizing what was going on at the blue angels and the marine hymn and so on. americans respond to that stuff. i was in north carolina for the fourth. you know, there were people celebrating everywhere. they believe in america here. they believe in america. that's a good, strong theme for him. not a qualified belief in america but a real belief in america. again, it's a policy difference. and i think he can make the most of it. >> bill: you start the conversation by throwing a question to us where we go from here? what do the next 15 months look like, do you think? >> well, you know, someone said to me can you get donald trump to stop tweeting? no, i can't. i don't think anybody can.
7:26 am
i don't think donald trump can stop himself from tweeting. it's part of his nature. he will continue to. a lot of it is fine and good. but i don't know how it escalates from here except the democrats are really now playing one card, which is very dangerous for them. racist, racist, racist. donald trump is an equal opportunity offender. he offends everybody. megyn kelly, jeb bush, rosie o'donnell, maxine waters, you name them he offends them. the racism thing is about to lose its power and its potency because it is so overused. someone says the wrong thing or politically incorrect thing and they're accused of racism. so i think if they continue to play that card and don't offer suggestions and positive alternatives on policy but instead offer these policies which most people, including
7:27 am
most democrats, regard as noxious, they'll be in trouble. play to your strength, mr. president. you've done a lot. you have only spoken about a third or half of what you've done. stick to that. push them on the policy issues. point out what the leading candidates for the democrat nomination stand for and that's a winner. that's a 45-state winner. >> bill: another rally in cincinnati ohio coming up in a few days. thanks for coming back today. 27 past. fox news alert. jeffy epstein is back before a judge today. federal judge expected to decide whether to grant him bail. we're live in the courthouse on that. >> heather: we'll meet the republican challenger stepping up to run against alexandria ocasio-cortez in 2020. her name is scherie murray. she says the narrative on the national level needs to be dialed back and she will join us live to explain what she means up next. >> i do believe that aoc has
7:28 am
neglected in her limelight bid to focus on in the congressional district. patients that i see that complain about dry mouth,
7:29 am
they feel like they have to drink a lot of water. medications seem to be the number one cause for dry mouth. dry mouth can cause increased cavities, bad breath, oral irritation. i like to recommend biotene. biotene has a full array of products that replenishes the moisture in your mouth. biotene definitely works. it makes patients so much happier.
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7:32 am
>> president trump: cortez says illegal immigrants are more american -- can you believe what she is saying? she describes contemporary america, that is you and me, all of us, as garbage. >> bill: president trump taking on alexandria ocasio-cortez during that rally in north carolina last night. new york self-proclaimed democratic socialist could have a fight on her hands in 2020. a republican challenger announcing she is running for the seat. a big challenge. the headliner today scherie murray, congressional candidate, queens new york,
7:33 am
welcome to our program here. good morning. state your case. what is your campaign? >> my campaign is about uniting the fight and why i'm in the race for congress. i would like to build bridges instead of burning them down like our congressional representative that represents the district in queens. >> bill: what bridges have they burned down? >> listen to the rhetoric on the national level. it is disgusting and needs to be dialed back. i think the conversation needs to be focused on policy. >> heather: a lot of it has centered around illegal immigration and you have a very interesting back story. you actually moved to this country when you were 9 from jamaica. >> i am from jamaica born and raised here in the united states of america. i love this country. i know firsthand what it is to work hard. i see my parents work hard up until today. and it is something that i don't take for granted. i think that it's a great opportunity for any immigrant to come to this country and be able to be here in the greatest
7:34 am
nation in the world. >> bill: you mention put the focus on policy. what do you think about the back and forth between the war of words on racism? >> as it relates to policy we saw aoc introduce the job-killing green new deal. then she went on to kill more jobs in new york by killing the amazon deal. so i think it's important to really dial back that type of rhetoric and put more policies out that are going to benefit. >> bill: give us your top three on policy. >> i want to tackle comprehensive immigration reform. infrastructure and education. those would be my three platforms. >> bill: call order. >> those are the issues in the district. >> heather: four other republicans have tossed their hat in the ring as well. what makes you different than them. >> i have a strong record of success. i have been a community leader
7:35 am
for the past 10 years. i've worked across the aisle and engaged elected officials on the opposing side. i have a path to victory that does include a general election campaign. as the time goes on i hope to further engage your viewers, all of america. we've been getting a tremendous amount of support. i want to direct everyone to go to our website scherie learn more about me and put our policy platforms up soon. feel free to donate. we'll need every small donation that we can to take this fight and challenge aoc and win. >> bill: if you win against your republican challengers you will have opposition. sglie want to thank every person who supports our campaign. i haven't taken a single meeting with corporate lobbyists in my term. 100% of my time is focused on you and our future and that's how people power changes our nation.
7:36 am
>> she is rallying today and i believe north carolina she is again away from the district. i want to put the focus back into the district and our numbers as of today, bill, we launched our campaign yesterday, right? and we've garnered over 100,000 followers on twitter and picked up some 10,000 followers on facebook. we've picked up 10,000 followers oh instagram. >> bill: you are just getting rolling. i don't think america understands how deeply blue this district is. >> it is very blue. >> bill: she won with 78.2% of the vote. that is through the roof. how do you compete with that? >> pelosi said you can put a water and put a d next to it and it would win the race. we hope to knock on every day and get out our message. i'm excited for 2020. the district needs the attention. aoc has been on a national limelight campaign and we
7:37 am
really need to dial back the rhetoric on the national level and focus on the issues in the district. >> bill: she has a lot of money. 1.2 million raised so far. she has 1.4 million cash on hand. that's a lot to go up against. >> we just raised 100,000 over our first day. i want to say thank you to all of our small donors out there. we're running a campaign to win. i'm a serious contender and watch out, aoc. >> heather: talking about money, though, and big money. you mentioned amazon and that deal in terms of aoc. what would you do differently and what would you do to increase economic numbers in the district? >> so when i was -- we rallied in southeast quens the elm hurst factory closed 10 acres. we were in support of amazon into queens. i was a proponent for amazon
7:38 am
coming into queens before the deal was struck between the mayor and governor. on education i want to challenge governor cuomo to raise the cap on charter schools and mayor deblasio to raise the cap on charter school because of the success academy charter school network who will see their students be displaced because there are no middle schools currently. that is an issue that's very dear to my heart and i want to get that out today. >> bill: i think this is off the radar as well. it could be important. there are a lot of districts -- there is a heavily populated area, there are some stories coming up that more candidates like aoc are being recruited to primary against democrats in these districts. how significant could that be when you have the mayor who planted his flag on the pile of progressivism at the first debate. he will be in these districts
7:39 am
looking to campaign for them. can they get more into the house and win? >> absolutely not. i'll tell you why, bill. there is a dysfunction here in new york state politics both on the democratic side and under the new leadership of chairman langworthy, the new york stay republican party is retooled and ready to go out and win races. >> bill: we'll see how you do. thank you for your time. >> heather: good luck. >> bill: queens, new york, nice to see you. >> heather: we'll switch to fox news alert now. later this morning a federal judge will decide whether jeffrey ep stone will be released on bail. we're live outside the courthouse. good morning. >> good morning. we should know shortly after 11:30 this morning whether the judge will release jeffrey epstein on bail. the prosecution and epstein's
7:40 am
accusers are urging the judge not to release them on bail calling him a danger to girls and they're also calling him an extreme flight risk. the government is pointing to a passport discovered in a locked safe inside his new york city mansion that has his picture and fake name as evidence he will likely flee the country before his trial. the austrian passport had stamps and listing a saudi residence is from the 1980s. defense says the passport expired 32 years ago and the only reason he had it was to protect himself in case he needed to conceal his jewish faith because hijackings in the middle east were prevalent in the 80s. his lawyers have also refused to release more information about his finances but they promised the judge he will see more if he is granted bail. now epstein's lawyers argued he is being discriminated against because he is worth more than $559 million. meanwhile epstein's conduct during his 13-month stint in a
7:41 am
palm beach jail in 2008 is coming into focus after an accuser's attorney claims epstein was having sex with 18 to 20-year-olds in his office where he spent 12 hours a day six days a week on work release. >> he was having office visitors, some who were flown to him from new york and continuing to engage in similar conduct literally while he was in, quote, unquote, jail. >> the palm beach sheriffs office said the only people that visited him were his attorney and another guest. no family, no friends, nothing like that. when we asked to see visitor logs, they said they had been deleted as a matter of policy because of all the time that's gone by. >> democratic led house voting to repeal obamacare's cadillac tax. it was once considered a critical part of the law. what has changed? >> heather: bernie sanders out pitching his medicare for all
7:42 am
plan. we were talking about that. what he is urging other 2020 candidates to do. money man charles payne joins us live next. >> we must provide a healthcare system that provides quality healthcare to every man, woman, and child in this country. i have fantastic news for veteran homeowners who need money for their family. with our service, veterans like us earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets us borrow up to 100 percent of our home's value, instead of just 80 percent like other loans. at newday usa, that can mean a lot more money, especially if your home has gone up in value. on average, our veterans take out 54,000 dollars. the newday 100 va loan lets you refinance your mortgage,
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7:46 am
>> the argument is not how much medicare for all will cost. it will cost a lot. healthcare costs a lot. the argument is compared to what? and the what is an unsustainable system that will cost huge amounts of money and negatively impact our economy if we do not have the courage to change it. >> heather: bernie sanders making his case for medicare for all. this as is house votes to repeal obamacare's cadillac tax. charles payne the host of making money with charles payne
7:47 am
joins us now. is he right there, that comparing it to what is the question? >> it almost sounded like the costello thing. he didn't really give an answer. except at this point maybe that's how bernie sanders -- it will cost everyone a lot more money but, you know, it is better than whatever we've got because corporations are making money on it. this is more of an anti-corporation, anti-capitalism thing than anything else. i really don't think anyone believes that healthcare outcomes will be better. i don't think anyone believes you will still see your doctor. all those kind of things will be gone. this is strictly in my mind a motion of someone who believes that capitalism is not a good thing and that government should be in charge of certain aspects of our lives, particularly something as important as healthcare. that's why you can never get a solid number and you get these sort of -- >> heather: nearly half of the
7:48 am
democratic field is endorsing medicare for all. >> you're right. this could be their achilles heel and where they differentiate themselves from a joe biden or anything else and buttigieg is saying medicare for those who want it kind of thing. he is watering it down. there is a sense at some point you have to come up with a number that it will cost and justify that cost. i don't know that bernie will ever be able to do that. >> bill: similar note here the cadillac tax is going bye-bye in the house. remember we debated this in 2010 over and over again. everybody said it was so important. no one likes it. a vote of 419-6. how did that fall apart? >> it underscores the challenges for joe biden. just as bernie sanders has explained the medicare for all, others will say hey, you are trying to run obamacare 2.0. one of the key features of it, the cadillac tax, when was the
7:49 am
last time we had a vote of 419-6 on anything? so it presents the issues. this is the am -- >> bill: it shows you the problems with the law. designed to keep healthcare costs down. >> it is going to be very expensive. individual mandate, do you really fine poor people for not having health insurance they can't afford in the first place? it was designed in a very poor manner and hurt people very badly. lawmakers recognize the cadillac tax thing was a punitive action. the goal is to get people to have healthcare insurance. why would you penalize someone for having a good plan? >> seems like they are picking this law apart every year. >> it is being chipped away. it wouldn't be beyond the realm of reason that at some point it would be found unconstitutional. i'm not sure it will be in play.
7:50 am
if joe biden isn't the nominee the democrats will come with something else. we know president trump wants to do something different as well. >> bill: thank you, charles. see you at 2:00. charles payne, the money man. anger in the streets of puerto rico. fox news alert. protestors demanding the governor get out. details on these leaked messages that sparked the outrage. they want his resignation and we'll take you there live in a moment coming up. ...when a plan stops being a plan and gets set into motion. today's merrill can help you get there with the people, tools, and personalized advice to help turn your ambitions into action. what would you like the power to do?
7:51 am
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7:54 am
>> there were thousands in the streets overnight. puerto rico, san juan, watch. so these demonstrators demanding the governor resign. the second mass demonstration this week. jeff paul is live in the capital city of san juan to bring us an update. >> after a chaotic night that lasted into the early hours of morning san juan is now in cleanup mode and what we're seeing all over town. graffiti sprayed on the walls and broken windows, tens of thousands of people packed into the streets to try to send a message to the governor they want him to resign. for the most part there weren't many issues and tens of thousands of protestors were very peaceful. that all changed when police
7:55 am
say some of those protestors threw molotov cocktails and fireworks at them. police warned protestors 11 times before firing tear gas and they continued to fire tear gas for several hours. protestors returning with throwing bottles and rocks and we watched a group grab several potted trees to line up a makeshift barricade. when the dust settled 10 arrested and more than a dozen injured. the governor remains insistent he will not resign. we're hearing about overnight 48 guns were stolen from a government building with the message that basically translates resign by bullet or resign by bribe, bill. >> bill: we'll see what happens today in san juan. >> heather: fox news alert.
7:56 am
big news in the now-dropped hush money case against michael cohen. at the top of the hour a judge set to release previously sealed documents in the investigation. so what will they show? we'll have a live report.
7:57 am
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are yoown a home,, and need cash? you should know about the newday va home loan for veterans it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments over $600 a month. call today. and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves. >> bill: the feds announcing their probe into campaign
8:00 am
finance violations is over. i'm bill hemmer live in new york city. how are you doing? >> heather: i'm heather childress in for sandra smith. the investigation centered on pay-outs to two women claiming they had affairs with the president in the past. cohen says that he made those payments at the direction of then candidate trump during the 2016 campaign and as bill said any minute now the key documents in the case will be made public. >> bill: rick leventhal joins us with more trying to figure out what we might learn or not. >> 900 pages of search warrant materials were released earlier this year. heavily redacted. 18 1/2 pages under the heading illegal campaign contribution scheme completely blacked out. now we get to see what we couldn't see before. the documents include cohen's emails, cell phone and bank records. financial loans and those payoffs to two women who claimed affairs with president trump years before he ran for
8:01 am
office. born star stormy daniels and karen mcdougal received six figure pay-outs before the 2016 election. details on how those payments were orchestrated and no longer protected since the government's investigation is over. in the ruling the judge said the campaign finance violations discussed in the materials are a matter of national importance. now that the government's investigation into those violations has concluded it is time that every american has an opportunity to scrutinize the materials. jay second low counsel to president trump released a statement saying we're pleased that the investigation surrounding these ridiculous campaign finance allegations is now closed. we have maintained from the outset the president never engaged in any campaign finance violation. but lanny davis, who represented cohen released a statement asking case closed? why is michael cohen after all his voluntary cooperation and testimony that mr. mueller said was credible and went to core issues and all the information and documents he voluntarily
8:02 am
provided to prosecutors and congress, the only member of the trump company to be prosecuted and in prison. cohen is serving a three-year sentence in new york. we have a team pouring through the pages when they're released and we'll bring you the details when we have them. >> bill: more on the newly-released documents in the cohen matter with john yao joining us 30 minutes from now. >> president trump: our economic policy can be summed up in three very beautiful and simple words, jobs, jobs, jobs. we've created 6 million new jobs since election day. if i would have said that nobody would have believed it. >> bill: president trump touting the economy last night. that was the theme amid the china trade battle with the u.s. time to talk about that with
8:03 am
peter navarro the white house trade advisor who joins us now. welcome back to "america's newsroom." >> always a pleasure, sir. >> bill: can you tell us today whether or not there is progress on the front with beijing? >> i can tell you that ambassador lighthizer has engaged by phone and will be traveling there and the best thing to do now is let ambassador lighthizer do his magic. yesterday the federal reserve came out with the beige book and issued a positive outlook and said inflation was well below that 2% threshold. that will wave the way for hopefully a rate cut at the end of this month. make big-ticket items like autos and housing cheaper for american consumers, and most importantly for me it will actually help our exporters sell their products abroad. that will mean more growth. the day before on tuesday we had very strong above consensus
8:04 am
retail sales. what does that mean, bill? in a few days we'll get the q2 gdp numbers and they will be stronger because of those retail sales. we hit 3.1% in q1 largely on the basis of those tariffs on china and reduction in the trade deficit. then on monday it was a beautiful buy america day at the white house where president trump signed a third in a series of buy american orders which dramatically increases the amount of iron, steel and manufactured products in projects that are financed by taxpayers. so that's going to help our manufacturing sector. by the way, we have not only created six million jobs as president trump says, his administration has also created over half a million manufacturing jobs when the previous administration lost 200,000. so we're hitting on all cylinders. the president is -- it's amazing. >> bill: that's a long list. there is a lot of optimism in
8:05 am
the answer you gave. >> i can keep going, too. >> bill: i'm sure you could. one more comment on the china thing from last night. here is how the president talked about that. >> president trump: china has had -- yesterday it was announced -- the worst year in 27 years. [applause] and we've had the best. and if our opponent ever got into office instead of being up 62%, instead of those 401ks of yours being up you would have had a crash the likes of which we have never seen before. >> bill: the reason i go back to that. we have a long way to go to china. is that the right way to characterize, a long way to go? >> i think what's important is these negotiations need to happen behind closed doors with ambassador lighthizer and his counterparts in beijing. when we came out of argentina
8:06 am
december 1, 2018 and began the last round there was just too much going on in the press. it was basically fake news creating a lot of volatility in the markets that was unnecessary. i think what's important, bill, is to understand two things. one is that the american public as you heard from the applause behind the president are totally united in taking china on to get them to stop stealing intellectual property and forcing tech transfer, dumping fentanyl in our communities and hacking computers. it must stop. lighthizer is the tip of the spear for the president and the president is actively engaged. in the meantime, bill, what i'm looking for are two things to get us over dow 30,000. the fed cutting interest rates at the end of this month. i would love to see 50 basis points and having nancy pelosi put the u.s., mexico, canada
8:07 am
agreement on the floor. it's great for farmers, ranchers, manufacturers and workers. >> bill: you think you get half a point at the end of the month, we go to dow 30,000? >> my forecast. i've said this repeatedly now is that the two things that we need for the next leg up of the trump economy and the stock market is passage of the us, mexico, canada agreement to get us .7 growth points over time. 75,000 jobs in the auto sector, hundreds of thousands of jobs in the manufacturing sector. so that will be an important stimulus for our manufacturing economy. and then cutting rates is important. >> bill: do you think that deal can pass this congress? >> if it goes to the floor of the house of representatives, it will have strong bipartisan support. it will easily pass in the senate. the reason is this is a deal
8:08 am
that transcends partisanship or should because it's a good deal for america, it updates one of the worst deals we ever signed in nafta. it modernizes the old nafta and also -- bill, this is the most important thing for me. they have these things called rules of origin. production, manufacturing must stay in the hemisphere and the u.s. must get its fair share of that manufacturing. there are strong rules including strong protections for the environment, for labor, and for these reasons farmers, ranchers, workers, manufacturers, everybody benefits. a lot of times trade deals pit manufacturing and workers against farmers and ranchers. not in this one. let's hope we can have a strong feeling of bipartisanship on this. members will go back to their districts. i hope people watching this show right now will tell their members whether democrats or
8:09 am
republicans pass the us, mexico, canada agreement for this country. >> bill: talk about the fed cut. if you are pushing for half a point, does that suggest that the head winds are stronger than we've been led to believe? >> no. it suggests this economy has a lot more room to grow than the fed previously thought. inflation came in below 1.5% and the threshold is 2%. what the fed did -- remember this, bill, when you think about lowering by 50. the fed raised by 100 beginning in march of 2018. what that did is led to an 8% increase in the value of the u.s. dollar, which is not a good thing for u.s. exporters. when the dollar goes up in value like that in the response to rising interest rates, that makes it very hard for our exporters to sell their products abroad. so exporters, home buyers, car buyers, investors, all of this
8:10 am
is good. the last thing in 15 seconds, tuesday in the cabinet room meeting scott turner knocked it out of the park talking about ben carson and the opportunity zones that are benefiting our communities. there are over 8,000 of these things around the country. >> bill: he was on the show yesterday. we could go on. i hope you come back. thank you for your time today. peter navarro there in washington >> heather: the most deadly fire in almost 20 years killing at least 33 people in japan. look at these images. dozens of other injured after a man burst into animation studio in kyoto and set it on fire. kitty logan has the latest. >> japanese officials saying everyone has been accounted for. no one missing in that building. police say the fire was started deliberately. they don't know why yet. we hear reports most of those who died were on the top floor
8:11 am
of that three-story building. the arsonist may have started the fire at the main entrance and why people were going to the roof. they were prevented from leaving that building. it is a well-known animation company producing very popular cartoons. staff had apparently received death threats in the past and witnesses say this suspected arsonist shouted die as he entered the building shortly after 10:00 in the morning local time. a 41-year-old man has since been arrested on suspicion of arson and was also injured and in hospital. he sprayed some type of accelerant into the building. it may have been fuel. the suspect is not thought to have any connection at all to the company. meanwhile japanese prime minister has described it as an appalling incident and sent his condolences of the families of those who died and are injured.
8:12 am
>> bill: 11 past is hour. trump administration issuing new rules on asylum. how does it affect those on the border? we're live on the ground at a major point of entry and we'll talk about that in a moment. >> heather: with all the attention on democrat socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez is she drowning out the democrats running for president? bret baier joins us up next. this is the couple who wanted to get away who used expedia to book the vacation rental which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go. hi, i'm joan lunden. when my mother began forgetting things, we didn't know where to turn for more information.
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>> president trump: we are
8:16 am
going to keep on working. we are going to keep on fighting. and we are going to keep on winning. we are one big, beautiful movement. we're one people, one family, and one glorious nation under god. >> greenville, north carolina, hour 31 last night. signal for the 2020 strategy. touting the economy and going after some on the left. bret baier here to analyze. good morning to you. i want to talk about all this stuff from last night trying to figure out where we're going. i want to bring this to our attention. we're waiting on these documents from the michael cohen case. i don't know what's in them. the prosecution yesterday said they won't pursue the case. you are 0 for 1 on the cohen thing we talked about for two years. and the mueller report comes out and there is no finding of collusion on page 1 of the
8:17 am
mueller report. no you are 0 for 2. those who continue to go after the president and try to find something so far is just not sticking. what is your view of that today, bret? >> in the mueller case there was no charge of conspiracy and no charge of obstruction. but he had 400 plus pages of suggesting congress could act and that's what we'll see come to the floor next week likely on wednesday. i think on the southern district of new york. they said it would pack a powerful punch with indictments. is it possible other indictments could come down the road? yes, i suppose. this particular case as it relates to michael cohen has come to an end without indictments. the judge ordered unredacted versions of the warrant
8:18 am
material that was obtained in the search of michael cohen's office. >> bill: let's go to the rally last night and try to figure out where we are on the campaign. two bits for you here. thom tillis was in the arena last night and running for reelection and give you a sense of the democratic response. first senator tillis. >> there was a lot of energy. i rode with the president in the motorcade from the airport. the streets were lined with supporters. the venue there was a lot of great support for president trump and i think the president did a good job of trying to cut through some of the media and make a case to the american people. >> bill: two sides to every story. here is a tweet from kamala harris. it is vile, cowardly, xenophobic, it is time to get trump out of office and unite the country. what did you think of last night and how did it go?
8:19 am
>> it was classic trump campaign style. it was non-stop. vigorous, 75 plus minutes of at times his kind of stream of consciousness talk. i think that one moment send her home in the chants. that wasn't led from the podium. but it was in the hall. raised a lot of eyebrows definitely. it was added to what has been a lot of back and forth between the president and these four progressive democratic congresswomen. they've said a lot. the president has tweeted and said a lot. now this crowd has said a lot that i think you heard the senate majority leader say the rhetoric needs to be tamped down. >> bill: we also heard from bill bennett last hour he said the president left a lot on the table on what the administration has done.
8:20 am
has he married successfully the four progressives on the left in the house with the rest of the democratic party? >> i think that's the result of this week so far, bill. think about how much time we have taken talking about these four congresswomen. there are four. the house has many, many people. nancy pelosi and her democratic caucus has many, many people. a case she made on 60 minutes saying there are only four votes. now those four votes have an oversized play in the democratic perception or the perception of democrats up on capitol hill after four constant days of coverage. >> bill: they have shown no sign of backing away or backing down. they are in it to win it in the words they would probably use for their issues and policies. last comment. lynn cheney made of point of saying keep it on policy.
8:21 am
it is not personal, we're against their policy. >> it has to break through if the republicans turn it around to their benefit. the president has his own ability to be teflon when i comes to things he says or tweets because of his past. and how he has dealt with things in the past. republican party, though, especially for vulnerable members up for reelection, they desperately want the president to turn to policy quickly. >> bill: nice to see you from washington catch you at 6:00 tonight special report. thank you, bret. >> heather: you started the conversation with this. president trump escalating his feud with the so-called squad at a campaign rally in north carolina. john garamendi weighs in next. >> president trump: i keep hearing how much enthusiasm is in the radical left. i don't think they have enthusiasm. they're just fighting with each other. we have all the enthusiasm.
8:22 am
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>> bill: we're watching these documents now made public. rick leventhal going through them. they relate to the cohen matter. >> there were dozens of pages blocked out before that have been released in full today. much of it is detail on this $130,000 payment that michael cohen made to stormy daniels aka stephanie clifford, her real name. this goes into great detail on times and text messages and emails between cohen and others. one quick section. he exchanged can keith davidson, clifford's attorney.
8:26 am
david becker who publishes the national en choir he, trump and hope hicks who was press secretary, some of these communications had to prevent stormy daniels from going public she had an affair with president trump years before he ran for office. that affair was talked about back in 2011. one of the other interesting points here, bill, is that the documents include an email that michael cohen sent to himself a draft email of what would be his statement about this matter. he wrote despite the fact that both parties had already denied a allegation as mr. trump's long time protector and counsel i matched the offer of $130,000 and keep the story from breaking. he writes to himself, i knew the allegation to be false but i am also a real is who understands just because something is false doesn't mean it doesn't create harm and damage. michael cohen was preparing a
8:27 am
statement that he would then share with the press who was investigating this payment and whether or not stormy daniels or stephanie clifford had this affair with the president. again, a lot of detail here, bill. a lot of times, dates, text messages and email continuing to sift through it. >> bill: thank you, rick. quick work on that rick leventhal in new york. thank you. >> president trump: obviously and importantly omar has a history of launching vicious anti-semitic scedes. [crowd chanting send her back] >> heather: chants erupting at the president's rally as he doubled down on the squad escalating attacks on the liberal congresswoman. let's bring in representative john garamendi. thank you for joining us.
8:28 am
what were your initial thoughts when you heard it happened. >> i was disgusted and frightened for america that the president of the united states would call out four dully elected members of congress and basically all of them minorities and tell them they have to leave the united states. it is reprehensible. dangerous, it has to stop. because it is not just these four people that he is picking up on. he is bullying and he is calling out americans all across this nation who may be muslim, who may be black, who may be immigrants. it has got to stop. it is dangerous. >> heather: he says it's about the issues and policy sglao. that's not true. if he didn't talk about the issues. what he talked about is these women. these women of color, one of whom is an immigrant. her family fled somalia, one of
8:29 am
the most dangerous places in the world and wound up in a refugee camp in kenya and able to immigrate to america and in america she excelled. she went to school. she raised a family. and she was elected. >> heather: some of her rhetoric definitely comes into question where she is talking about -- she refuses to condemn antifa, talking about al qaeda and comparing it to our military. >> you get the actual tape that goes back several years now. that tape she did not. she did not do what the president said she did. the president once again was bending the truth about her actual statement. this woman is a true american. she has suffered. she came to this country and she, like perhaps every other american, sought a better life. her family did. she is pursuing it as a member of congress. it is an american success story. >> heather: on that note should
8:30 am
she not be praising america versus what she seems to be doing? >> she does praise america. i've been in caucuses with this woman and seen her on the floor. she praises america. she thanks -- she is thankful that she has had the opportunity in america. >> heather: when >> she didn't minimize 9/11. she understands what al qaeda is. that's the organization in somalia that put her family and risked and caused her family to flee for safety in america. it is a story of america at its best. an immigrant, young woman. the president is putting her at risk and putting others at risk by doing what he did. it has to stop. >> heather: a lot of people disagree with you on that. >> let them disagree. let's understand what the president did. >> heather: thanks for joining us. >> bill: 11:30 new york time.
8:31 am
a critical hearing in the jeffrey epstein sex trafficking case. will he be released on bail. will he go home in new york city? >> heather: new asylum rules with migrants trying to get into the u.s. we're live at the border next. hi walter.
8:32 am
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and get a 60-day money back guarantee. free shipping and free returns. order now and you'll also get our most popular treatment boosting accessories, a $50 dollar value absolutely free. go to right now or call... that's >> bill: michael cohen hush money investigation documents are made public. the feds completed their investigation into the campaign fundraising violations involving the former personal attorney michael cohen who is now behind bars. john yoo former assistant deputy a.g. and professor of law in berkeley, california. how are you doing in the land of no more manhole covers apparently. story we did earlier today. >> maintenance holes now. >> bill: is this case over,
8:35 am
john? >> i think the part that everyone had been putting their eggs in the same basket of is the mueller report doesn't get president trump maybe all this stuff about the payoffs and campaign contributions would. i think that's collapsed now as i think many people predicted at the time because it is not clear under the law that these are campaign contributions at all. to say they were, to say paying off a former alleged girlfriends is a campaign contribution rather than an effort to spare your family embarrassment i think was a real stretch in the law. no court had ever found that. nobody had ever read the law that way. so this -- the end of this part of the investigation up in new york city where you are i think that kind of ends and wraps all of this up. >> bill: interesting. i'm just reading the emails as they come in and paraphrase one. exhibit 1 pages 9-10 says, quote, there is probable cause
8:36 am
to believe that cohen made this payment to stephanie clifford known as stormy daniels for the purpose of influencing the president all election and therefore the payment was an in-kind contribution to the trump campaign. i haven't seen the rest of it, john. is that a violation of the law or have we been interpreting the law incorrectly thus far? >> i think a lot of the critics of president trump have been interpreting the law incorrectly. again, of course if you or i want to give president trump $2,000 for reelection, that's a campaign contribution. what people were stretching is to say assume these payments actually happened. assume they're true. it still depends why you did it. that's why part of the other part of this case is very shaky is it was relying on the testimony and state of mind of michael cohen, who is a now convicted perjureer who is in jail. the problem is the government here was saying he gave that
8:37 am
money to stormy daniels in order to prevent her from speaking to influence the election. it has a completely different innocent explanation which was to prevent president trump from being embarrassed and ruining his family life. >> bill: the judge ordered the release of these documents. some argued by lawyers to keep it quiet. prosecutors didn't want them public. the judge said forget bit. you have the cohen matter case is closed. collusion argument, are you 0 for 2 right now in going after this president? >> i think that's right. actually i think that's why the impeachment vote yesterday was significant because the people who are trying to bring down this fairly elected president were trying to do so by claiming collusion with russia. that didn't work. they are trying to a real stretch on the law trying to attack president trump's pre-campaign activities in order to keep scandals
8:38 am
concealed. that didn't work. what the constitution requires a congress worried about a president who is abusing power to do is to impeach. not to try to misuse the prosecution and criminal justice system for the political ind of getting a president that you just don't like. >> bill: i have more breaking news. don't go anywhere. fox news alert. jeffrey epstein before a judge a moment ago has been denied bail in his request to go home as that case is pending. denied bail on the sex trafficking matter in lower manhattan. does this come as a surprise to you, john, given the wealth that he has? his lawyers said we'll give you the jet, the passports, we'll do a home arrest, we'll wear an ankle bracelet. he will stay behind bars. >> john, we are still on the
8:39 am
air. your reaction to epstein being denied bail, john. >> i'm not surprised. i think if you look at the allegations here, sexual trafficking conspiracy involving dozens of underage women and a guy who has enormous financial resources and important you might notice a few days ago the government said when we searched his house we found a safe with a fake passport and a lot of money. almost by definition is what we call a flight risk and had an escape plan to try to leave the country. those are the people who shouldn't get bail. >> bill: thank you so much for covering all that for us today from berkeley. we'll talk again. >> heather: fox news alert on how the president's new asylum rules are impacting migrants now making their way to the u.s. as we head to the border for a first-hand look.
8:40 am
william la jeunesse is in san diego, california with more near the point of entry. >> some migrants will cross at the port of entry legally and claim asylum. others will jump the fence and be caught and make their claim. video from the south side, tijuana. migrants deciding which option to choose. yesterday thousands learned the u.s. is closing the door denying asylum to anyone who comes here from another country without first applying for and being denied asylum there. >> people have gone through hell to get this far just to find a safe place to create a life, a safe life and a good life for their children and i have the utmost respect for them. >> not just central americans, africans from ecuador and haitians and cubans. they can be denied entry here
8:41 am
if they first don't file for asylum in mexico or guatemala and are denied. we talked to men from east africa saying the u.s. is the only safe country they could find. >> you came through six or seven countries. could you have found safety there? >> okay. i've come through many countries. i can't say for sure six today. >> mexico is just not good. >> we come seek asylum because we don't speak spanish. >> many believe the policy will work but they differ on if it will withstand a court challenge. >> the whole design was to allow people who somehow managed to get here a fair chance not to necessarily get asylum but to make their claim. that is black letter law. >> i think based on the rule of law as we've known it, that this will fly. based on what the asylum system was made for, basically genocide, you are being killed by your government in a country
8:42 am
you're from due to your race, creed, color, whatever, religious affiliation, this will solve that. >> neither guatemala nor mexico has agreed to this. they don't want these migrants stranded there. yet the u.s. feels it has the leverage to push it through. we should find out more when secretary pompeo visits there this week. >> bill: breaking overnight, iran confirming it seized a foreign oil tanker in the strait of hormuz. what we're learning about that in a moment next. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪
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we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. olay ultra moisture body wash gives skin the nourishment it needs and keeps it there longer with lock-in moisture technology. skin is petal smooth. because your best skin starts with olay. >> it does not change. our mission is the same, it does not change. security in the region. assure allies, certainly insure the free flow of commerce throughout the straits. >> heather: the commanding officer patrolling the american
8:46 am
see amid escalating tensions with iran. tehran admits it seized a foreign oil tanker in the strait of hormuz accusing the crew of smuggling oil. john hanna is a senior counselor at the foundation for defense of democracy. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> heather: the latest in a long list of provocations from iran. what should our response be? >> well, the administration has been talking now for several weeks about organizing an international naval flotilla to protect international oil traffic in the gulf. there is a meeting that is supposed to happen on friday at the state department together with the pentagon trying to organize this flotilla with some of our allies and partners internationally. i think all of that effort has to be accelerated and intensified and very quickly the answer needs to be the
8:47 am
international community is not going to allow iran to succeed in trying to put at risk 20% of the global economy's supply of oil. >> heather: the u.s. -- the head of u.s. central command agrees with you. it's an international problem. not a united states problem. does the international community understand that? >> that's the key question, of course. the iranians have been escalating now for several months threatening shipping in the gulf in addition to blowing through several of the constraints in the nuclear deal. and the europeans have yet to actually step up and say enough is enough. rather than just diplomacy and trying to talk the iranians down off of this ledge, we are going to start joining the united states and imposing a real diplomatic and economic and military price on iran.
8:48 am
it's really time for europe to put up or shut up. >> heather: but at the same time rand paul now is going to be the emissary to iran for president trump and as we know his views in terms of the military and war are very different than president trump. >> that's right. absolutely. on the one hand you have to say listen, the president is going every last mile, including authorizing one of his critics of his iran policy to actually reach out to tehran to see whether or not we can get to the negotiating table. on the other hand, at some point in time, this kind of escalation by the iranians, if it's met with mixed signals, if it's met with begging for negotiations through proxies who don't actually agree with your policy, i'm afraid the iranians get the wrong signal. they sense weakness, a lack of
8:49 am
resolve, and they only continue to escalate further. then we're looking at a much larger and more costly conflict potentially. >> heather: well, increasing these incidents have been what's happening with iran so far. thank you very much for joining us. >> heather: thank you. >> bill: have you seen the new app? is there a danger to using it? privacy concerns raised about this. we'll tell you why and where that leads. did you know congress is working to end surprise medical billing? that's when patients are hit with medical bills they thought would be covered by insurance. the problem is big insurance companies want a one-size-fits-all approach that lets them decide what they'll pay doctors for yocare. letting insurance companies decide means it could be harder
8:50 am
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♪ >> bill: all for you. this allows you to see how you will age and look as the opposite sex. now serious concerns about a creator, the app's creator is in russia. tell us first of all how does it work? >> the face app. you take a picture, put it in there, processes it for you and makes you look older, like a different gender, younger. it is fun. it's quirky and a thing you want to share on social media so you can tell your friends, i look like my father or sister. of course i did it. i looked like my father and i looked like oh my god. ladies and gentlemen, bruce larson junior on the right-hand side of your screen and junior there. that doesn't look like what i looked like as a child we should point out.
8:54 am
here is the concern. he will grow up to be trouble. there is the trouble. >> bill: get off my lawn. >> the concern is the r and d for the app is in russia and don't keep anything on our servers, we do the processing, artificial intelligence processing done on their server so it's faster. they take your picture and do the artificial intelligence and put it on your phone and claim they only keep your photos for 48 hours and then they purge the system. the concern going in schumer talked about it and the dnc put out a statement about it warning presidential candidates not to have the app installed on your phone and that's the concern. okay, when you download the app. this is what happens. you download the app and send you notifications when there is updates and new filters, access to your photo library and camera. the three things it needs to function. it doesn't need to send you notifications. it is not asking for anything
8:55 am
out of the ordinary saying we want to know your location. the camera knows your location. there are some security and privacy concerns in this. just simply based on the fact the tha* the developer is from russia. >> it raises questions regarding how and when the companies provides access to the data of u.s. citizens and third parties including potentially foreign governments. my guess is there is probably hundreds of apps that are based all over the world. >> right. we don't know. a lot of applications can come from anywhere someone has a computer and skill set to create an app they can do it anywhere in the world. that's a up side of the internet. >> bill: when you downloaded it. as a tech expert do you have concerns? >> i do have concerns knowing what i know but i don't have concerns knowing what i know. we all should be concerned about privacy. we should all be concerned about our security and all be concerned about what these privacy policies say. but in reality they are so
8:56 am
dense and so complicated none of us will read through any of this stuff. we have to be smart about it. >> bill: do you feel comfortable or not knowing that it is tied to moscow? >> it doesn't bother me. no different than any other app developer. the fact they're saying research and development is in russia but everything else is -- that is anybody's guess what they're doing. if my face starts popping up in advertisements, we know what happens. >> bill: nice to see you. you stay just the way you are. >> i'll try to, bill. >> heather: president trump not backing down in his feud with the squad escalating the war of words with the congresswomen last night. more on that up next. no matter what i wore, i worried someone might see
8:57 am
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9:00 am
behind bars awaiting that child. >> heather: even put up $77 million of mention for collateral. >> bill: we also have the michael cohen documents are going through, let you know if anything is in there that is relevant to what we have today. we have to run. have an awesome thursday. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert. president trump calling out the four liberal democratic congress women known as "the squad." during a fiery campaign rally in north carolina last night. but the crowd's reaction to one part of his speech is generating controversy today. we will get into it. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis. fox news contributor, lisa boothe. host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, kennedy herself. in the center seat, jon summers, former communications director for former senate majority leader harry reid. he's "outnumbered." this will be a spirited hour. good to see you. >> jon:


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