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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  July 18, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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faster in realtime in the future should they break out. a lot of news this hour. thank you for being with me on this thursday. i'm harris. "the daily briefing" now. ♪ >> julie: fox news alert. president trump distancing himself from a controversial chant during a rally last night saying he does not condone the send her back chants that broke out in reference to democratic congressman ilhan omar. i'm julie banderas and i'm in for dana perino. and this is the daily briefing. ♪ ♪ here is what the president said about the crowd's reaction to his criticism of omar. listen. >> it was quite a chant. and i felt a little bit badly about it, but i will say this, i did and i started speaking very quickly. it started of up rather fast as you probably noticed. >> so you will tell your supporters never to --
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>> -- i would say that -- i was not happy with it. i disagree with it. but, again, i didn't say that. they did. >> julie: and here is how that all played out last night along with minnesota's lawmaker's response this morning. >> omar has a history of launching vicious anti-semitic -- [chanting send her back] [chanting send her back] >> she talked about the evil israel and it's all about the benjamins. not a good thing to say. >> we tell people that here in the united states, dissent is patriotic. here in the united states disagreement is welcome. debate is welcomed and especially in the people's house, all of our voices are uplifted and heard.
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>> julie: joining me now is a.b. stoddard associate editor and columnist at real clear politics. thank you so much for talking to us. the president disavowing those remarks and the chants that was heard in that north carolina rally. and he said he felt very bad about it. do you feel that he felt that way? >> well, he didn't -- if you look at the tape that you just played, it's a long pause while the chants get quite the amount of oxygen. he did not tamp it down in his words afterwards. and he obviously tweeted this same thing several days before which is where his supporters were getting the chant from. if he does, in the future, stop this right away, turn it off. say, you know, this is wrong. and sort of kill it off so it doesn't become like a "lock her up" thing at her rallies then we will know he meant it. these remarks from him are a direct result of the
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republicans in congress this morning expressing their grave concerns over this to the vice president. saying that this is not something that they can defend and they're worried it's going to define them. they are also trying to get reelected next year. they are worried it will become a permanent chant at his rallies. >> julie: there were concerned about republican's response or lack thereof after his tweet and he made these remarks well before this rally saying that the republicans were not really coming forward and denouncing. they, nnkts in fact stood silent and that could be deadly. congressman republican adam kinzinger did, in fact speak up and he did on twitter. i want to put that on the screen. strong words coming from him. i deeply disagree with the extreme left and disgusted by their tone. i woke up today equally disgusted, chants like send her back are ugly, wrong, and would send chills down the spines of our founding fathers. this ugliness must end, or we risk our great union. your thoughts? >> well, the congressman has
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spoken up in the past, and i think that, you know, he is not alone. there have been a few that have voiced their concern today on the republican side, besides him. but, this is different than -- well, the tweet -- none of this matters if any of them believe that the president is a racist. he is saying things that they can't defend that people perceive to be racist. and that is really something they are concerned is going to continue, and that's why you see congressman kinzinger trying to come down so strongly now. because they are concerned that he is using this as kind of a way to speak to his supporters for next year's campaign, and we're so far away from election day, they fear, that it's only going to grow. >> julie: it's sad it has to come down to politics. because what this should really come down to is human instinct. this country is built on immigrants. unfortunately, millions of them illegal but also millions upon millions of legal immigrants here that
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deserve the right to live freely in this country without being discriminated against. and these words, the concern, is that by hearing the president use words such as, you know, they should go back to their country, when they are legal citizens of this country, then puts a bulls eye on a lot of legal immigrants in this country when they are walking down the street, they may look different than, let's say, the white person standing next to them. that's the sort of hate that needs to stop. i believe both republicans and democrats have to stand up and say "enough is enough." >> julie, you are right. she has already faced so many death threats and this puts her in more physical danger. that's no question. she has said some terrible things. >> julie: no doubt about it? >> she and her friends have definitely not helped their party and they are isolated within their party. there are so many ways for a president of the united states to explain to the country, both his supporters and people who don't support him why their policies aren't good for this nation without this kind of rhetoric. >> julie: there shouldn't be any hate speech whatsoever.
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these are leaders of our country, okay? they -- we shouldn't be hearing from a congresswoman about israel and benjamins and talking about, you know, anti-semitic topics that are extremely offensive to this country, and our founding fathers just like kinzinger points out, house minority leader kevin mccarthy, alexandria ocasio-,o ver differs regarding the president's remarks. nonetheless, both speaking out loudly, and i want you to listen. >> i didn't say they didn't love their country. they have all the rights in the country. the president did not name the individual. he said if you do not like this country, can you leave. if the president talked about building on this economy, making it stronger. >> i think the president put millions of americans in danger last night. his rhetoric is endangering lots of people. this is not just about threats to individual members of congress, but it is about creating a volatile environment in this country.
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>> julie: i will have your final word on that. >> well, it certainly was volatile. we saw that last night. and if it continues again, it really could incite something, something dangerous. republicans like the minority leader have to continue to protect the president and defend him because anthony scaramucci, who called these tweets in the last few days racist has just been disinvited from a fundraiser by the republican party in florida. so, this is something they fear will affect them politically why they at the same time hope this is the last time they hear that chant. >> julie: a.b. stoddard, thank you. appreciate it? >> thank you. >> julie: jeff jeffrey epstein will have to return to prison as he awaits for trial charged with sexually exploiting, abusing and trafficking dozens of under-aged girls. bryan llenas is in. what was the primary reason epstein was denied bail.
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>> julie, good afternoon, judge richard burman said ultimately that he could not trust that jeffrey epstein would not harm others. he says that he is still a danger to the community. and the thing that he really pointed to was the compelling really the compelling witnesses that spoke at his first hearing. any farmer, as well as courtney wild, these are two accusers accused epstein of trafficking them and sexually abusing them. they both said if you let epstein out he is going to continue sexually assault and abuse girls. they also said that him being out of jail would actually be a deterrent and stop other victims from coming forward. remember, already, a dozen victims have come forward already at least. an attorney for one of these witnesses spoke right after this hearing and he said ultimately that he believes this is going to help more people come out and speak out. take a listen. >> we urge those who may still be wondering should i come forward, should i be a part of this process?
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yes, you should. you can trust the process. you should come forward and help see that justice is done. >> julie, there was also the issue of witness intimidation. there was evidence that epstein prior this his 2008 case had paid $250,000 to two suspected conspirators mentioned in that miami herald investigative piece that came out last fall. they had that record and that obviously seemed to be sufficient for the judge to make his decision that he believed help that stein could potentially intimidate witnesses moving forward if he was allowed to be freed on bail there was also the issue of being an extreme flight risk. remember, julie, they kept talking about how he was an extreme flight risk particularly because this man is worth upwards of $559 million. julie? >> julie: what's epstein's side saying about all of this? >> you know, they didn't have to say -- they didn't say much. they said they're waiting to actually read the 30-page
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plus decision they may appeal. ultimately what they really wanted is they wanted him to be on house arrest in his mansion in new york 77-million-dollar, 27 square foot town house. they were willing to pay any kind of bail. they were willing to agree to any kind of restrictions. but ultimately the judge in this case decided that there was no kind of bail package that would have been adequate enough for him to feel comfortable with epstein being out on bail. julie? >> julie: all right. bryan llenas, thank you very much. meanwhile, key documents in the investigation of president trump's former lawyer, michael cohen, have been released after federal authorities announced their probe into campaign finance violations is over. the investigation focused on payments to two women during the 2016 campaign to keep them quiet about their claims they had affairs with the president in the past. rick leventhal is live with more. hey, rick. >> julie, these newly unredacted documents offer extensive details of the investigation into alleged campaign finance violations by michael cohen in 2016,
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specifically, as you mentioned, those payments made to porn star stormy daniels and karen macdougall designed to keep them from going public about alleged affairs years earlier. show exact times of calls and contents of emails and text messages including an attorney for the women. the publisher in the "national enquirer," then candidate trump and hope hicks, press secretary for the campaign and now executive vice president and chief communications officer for fox corporations. the fbi determining at least some of these communications concerned the need to prevent clifford from going public. and on one occasion, cohen received a call from hicks 16 seconds into the call trump joined the call and the call continued for over four minutes. the documents also reveal texts between cohen and hicks discussing "wall street journal" discussing payments four days before the election. cohen says so far i only see six stories getting little or no traction. hicks writes same, keep
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praying, it's working. the documents also reveal cohen sent himself drafts of eve males how he would explain the payments if asked. he wrote i knew the allegation to be false, but i'm also a realist who understands that just because something is false doesn't mean that it doesn't create harm and damage. i was not reimbursed any moneys from mr. trump, the trump organization or any third party or the presidential campaign. at no point did i ever advise mr. trump of my communications or actions regarding this agreement. as outlandish and unusual as this may appear, the trumps have been like family to me for over a decade. it's what you do for family. later, under oath, cohen said the president did know about the payments and that cohen was, in fact, reimbursed, julie. >> julie: interesting. very opposite sides of that story. rick leventhal. thank you. >> sure. >> julie: separate case against epstein may reportedly implicate many other prominent people soon. we will explain. and the contentious hearing on capitol hill as the homeland security director defends the government's
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you'll get there. whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar. ensure max protein. ♪ >> julie: bail denied for jeffrey epstein in child trafficking case as concern grows about who else could be endangered or ensnared, even. there could potentially be tons of names that could come in and dragged through the mud on this story, especially giving the wealthy financier's connections. vanity fair reporting this: likely within days, the u.s. court of appeals for the 2nd circuit will release almost 2,000 pages of documents that could reveal sexual abuse by numerous prominent politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister and other
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world leaders according to three judge panel's ruling. talking about watching all the pins fall. epstein down. you knew the judge wouldn't let him out could he could potentially influence witnesses and prevent more women coming forward and, therefore, hampering this case what do you think is going to come of this? there has got to be a lot of skeletons in this closet. >> it's interesting because several years ago -- i'm good friends with the law professor out of the university of utah. he told me was representing some victims in a case that was going to be a monumental case. and at the time i listened, i thought it might be a big case but this is going to be an avalanche. it is going to be devastating to individuals. we will see what these documents ultimately sa but right now there is a loft nervous people. >> julie: epstein was denied
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$77 million bail package. he was willing to pay whatever it takes. he faces up to 45 years in prison for sex trafficking and conspiracy. he had 70,000 in a case, 48 loose diamonds and then a fake austrian passport found in his florida home. so not only he is a danger to society, unlike his lawyers tried to claim he was not. when you have dozens of people who have accused you of rape, essentially and those victims are 14 years old, how much more danger to society can you possibly be? and then let's just talk about the flight risk. he was going to hire private guards to watch him in his 21,000 square foot home? that's going to do it? i mean, this is privilege and wealth, and a judge slapped him down. >> yeah. and it's appropriate. we see that the bail is a big issue in this country. but think about this: of the number of victims out there and the resources he had. the judge has two things he has to look at. is he a flight risk? is he a danger to the
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community? on this -- can you give, whatever assure and that you want to give, all the resources in the world. security guards, all of that bottom line is these allegations are so outrageous that any judge looking at it. can you imagine being the judge looking at this and saying oh, i feel confident that he is not going to do something that's bad or evil or try to protect himself? no, i will look at that their going to be safe. go to trial on this case. let me tell you, they want -- why do they want him out so desperately? it's almost impossible to defend on a case like this, while you are incarcerated. >> julie: yeah. it's also very impossible to defend how anyone could have let him get away with it. i believe that is why alexandria acosta had to step down because under his watch in florida he was allowed to basically serve no time behind bars. 12 or 16 months all of which he spent outside of a jail cell. in this case new york now
11:21 am
needs to sort of make up for the mistakes in the past. there are those in new york though that have also covered his path up until now. i'm wondering how many heads will roll here in new york. >> i have been the u.s. attorney before. i was appointed by president bush. victims of sexual assault are cases that are vital and important. and the most important aspect of it is the victim of the case. and granting them the rights that they are afforded under the victim's rights act. you look at that past case in florida. it not only makes you scratch your head, but it's devastating to think of the impact. now you look at what new york is doing, they are separate jurisdictions, of course, and they have to bring separate cases but they are going to treat it a lot differently in florida
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>> julie: 13 philadelphia
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police officers will be suspended for 30 days with intent to dismiss after a sweeping investigation into racist and offensive social media posts. a watchdog group exposing posts from 300 officers last month. it caused the department to place 72 officers on administrative duty while they were investigated and now the department is taking disciplinary action. >> that is disheartening to know that in 2019, that we still have people with these views, that not only have these views, but would take to social media in a very public space to expound on such views in a way that is absolutely sickening. >> julie: a handful of other officers are being suspended but not dismissed. now the department is focusing on social media posts to make sure that this does not happen again. well, things are getting heated on capitol hill. you could say that again. at the house oversight committee this time this hearing on the trump administration's child separation policy this time. mark meredith is live on capitol hill.
11:27 am
r. with this story. hey, mark. >> good afternoon, julie. the acting secretary of homeland security told this house committee that simply his border agents are overwhelmed and that right now customs and border protection have some 10,000 migrants in their custody. he says those numbers are high but also down from where they were just a couple of weeks ago. this all coming out at that hearing as you were just talking about at the house committee, taking a look for more details about what's happening at the migrants in custody will you also about the children separated from their parents. take a listen. >> did you commit to this committee today and to congress to have a policy where children will only be removed from their parents if there is a compelling reason toe advance the child's own health and safety? >> we also have compelling reasons for criminal prosecutions that are also a relevant interest as understood by the court and expressed by the executive order. but i would be happy to work with this committee to evaluate our procedures on separation. >> republicans on the committee have been accusing
11:28 am
democrats of ignoring the needs of border patrol and the situation overall on the border. >> >> my democrat colleagues don't give a damn about our national security or the migrants coming here and they prefer to use children as political props. >> i think we need to be careful about the motives of our members. and that goes to both sides. >> democrats on the committee have been pushing back on this all afternoon long. the hearing still underway at this hour. julie? >> and so stepping aside from the border for a moment, i have got to ask you. i understand that there has been bipartisan approval to remove what is known as the cadillac tax. this impacts obamacare, right? >> you are right about that julie. you are right, it's pretty rare for us to see that bipartisan support. this was a tax that was unpopular that was is the to go into effect in a few years. going to be taxing some of the higher cost health insurance plans. as you mentioned, the house voting overwhelmingly to repeal that tax. however, there has been some fear that this was going to create further problems for the government paying for
11:29 am
healthcare because the government was going to be counting on this money. we are talking about nearly $200 billion over a period of 10 years. as we talked about this was an unpopular tax and house lawmakers deciding to pull it back as of the last couple of hours. julie? >> julie: mark meredith, thank you very much. well, it's round 2 for the democrats as they get ready for their second debate. so what will the stage look like this time? crowded, do you think? plus, the 9/11 victims compensation fund has stalled in the senate. jon stewart is slamming senator rand paul for holding it up. and president trump not letting up on his feud with four democrats, but should he stop attacking the so-called squad and focus on his accomplishments instead? >> so why can't we focus on that stuff? okay, you want to label the democratic party and pull them further to the left, so that can you win a 40 state landslide? i love that, but dial back the stuff that gets into the zone where you are going to turn off people that really
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> must be blind and deaf because if he didn't hear what they were saying, then i don't understand. look, this is a game. this is about dividing the country. this is about dividing and raises the issue of ravenel across the country because that's his base. they have come out under the rocks because they have been legitimized now. can you imagine a president in your lifetime democrat or republican who wouldn't be condemning no matter -- mr. president, condemn, outright condemn those folks that come out of those fields. outright condemn the ku klux klan. outright condemn white supremacists. let me hear you say you condemn them. july fiery
11:35 am
rally in north carolina. today he disavowed the send her back chants that broke out among the crowd, insisting he was not happy with it. meanwhile the former white house communications director says the attacks on the squad are not a winning strategy. >> listen. >> wrong thing to say. you can win resoundingly if you tone that down. he should be at 65% approval rating. he has done unbelievable job for the country and he has created an economic miracle. when you are doing that it's just against the interests and the ideals of what we all stand for in america. you are going to turn off the people that you are going to win re-election. >> julie: joining me now white house reporter for politico. i believe that the president tried to sort of dampen down the attacks that people are accusing him of making on the squad by basically saying that he did not condone the chants of send her back, which reminds us very much of the lock her up referring to lock her up
11:36 am
hillary clinton chants take over his rally. do you think this is done and the president will stand up any stronger about chants like that in future rallies. >> that's right, dana. just a moment ago here at the white house the president told reporters he was not happy to hear those chants of "send her back" at his rally last night, nor did he agree with that chant. he even said that he tried to stop it by speaking very quickly afterwards, but if you go back and look at the tape, that's not a great characterization of what exactly happened at his rally last night. now, whether or not this sort of ends the latest episode that has been so controversial here in washington and elsewhere. i think it's a looming question. the president is eager to turn these four progressive congresswomen into a foil that he can run against in 2020. and that's exactly what his campaign wants him to do. they want him to elevate ilhan omar and alexandria ocasio-cortez to the point where they become the face of the democratic party because they think that those types of progressive women are just not palatable
11:37 am
to most americans. but, if the president continues to sort of launch these attacks that are linked to ethnicity or to the countries of origin of these four women, i don't know that this is a strategy that his campaign is necessarily going to back or want him to follow. >> julie: i wonder what the strategy of republicans backing him. republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell not only supports the president he goes as far as saying he believes the president made the right choice by calling these congresswomen out. listen to him. >> i think the president is on to something. we are having a big debate now and next year about what we want america to be like. do we really think socialism applies here at a time of great prosperity, 50 year low unemployment? we ought to tone the rhetoric down across the country, using throwing around words like racism, you know, kind of routinely apply to almost everything.
11:38 am
let's talk about the issues. >> julie: a lot of people would like to talk about the issues but they did get side tracked by remarks some are calling racist. the question now i ask you and what are people saying in washington about letting this go and moving on. is that even possible. >> you know, i spoke to a campaign official yesterday who said that this attack that the president started with his tweets on sunday has become sort of the lever to launch an ideological battle against democrats. it fits perfectly into the narrative that the president and his allies have been trying to push lately, which is that president trump is this, you know, personification of patriotism and nationalism and he is running against these radical progressives. that's exactly what he is trying to tell his audience at these campaign rallies and tell voters in swing states who he will need to capture in order to succeed in his re-election bid. but, i don't think that this is going to get any better, it's probably going to get worse in the next few days because of the way that the
11:39 am
president has just positioned himself previously when he gets into these sort of controversial moments. he doubles down. he triples down. sometimes much to the chagrin of republican allies on capitol hill, and i think that's why you see them, through their language, including leader mcconnell who we just heard from, say that they really want both sides to sort of tone it down. >> julie: to be fair though these four congresswomen have made heinous and ugly remarks as well about this country, about israel, and the list goes on, and they should also be stepping forward and apologizing as well. this is a double-edged sword here and say look, we apologize for our hateful and racist remarks against other people in other countries and we you would like it move forward and, you know, solemn, you know, peace with the president and just souter of move forward, the country is only going to be hurt by this and not helped. isn't that the whole point that we elect congress men and women into congress so that they can actually make a difference? i want to move on now to rand paul and mike lee. there was so much
11:40 am
anticipation about the 9/11 victims' fund and that vote that was badly needed by so many firemen and women who risked their lives and continue to suffer until this day. jon stewart came out blasting rand paul on "special report." i want you to listen to his words and then tell me your reaction. >> it's absolutely outrageous. pardon me if i am not impressed in any way by rand paul's fiscal responsibility virtue signaling. and how he stands up at the last minute after 15 years of blood, sweat, and tears from the 9/11 community to say that it's all over now. now we're going to balance the budget on the backs of the 9/11 first responder community. >> julie: so rand paul tweeted to defend himself not blocking the 9/11 bill. simply asking for a vote on an amendment to offset the cost. jon stewart basically said look, you approved tax cuts that cost this country millions, if not billions of dollars. why not give the men and
11:41 am
women the brave men and women the money they deserve? why do you need to go and find the funds? last answer? >> yeah. i think that's the big question here for rand paul's office and one that they are really going to have to come and give a satisfponseor. because you are right. he did endorse a republican tax bill that added more than a trillion dollars to our deficit and now here he is saying that there is cost analysis or something that he is worried about with this bill. and fiscal irresponsibility there. so i do think you know, there is a number of people on both sides of the aisle unhappy with what transpired here. and much of their anger is going to be focused on rand paul in the coming days. >> julie: cough up the money i say. they need and it deserve it and it's been way too long. we shouldn't even have to have this debate. gabby orr thank you very much. >> thanks, julie. >> julie: speak with kentucky senator rand paul. well, it's time for campaign trail next segment. lineup for next debate is set. elizabeth warren is taking
11:42 am
on private equity firms and indiana republicans are slamming mayor pete. peter doocy is following all of this from washington. hi, peter. >> julie, this might be the last time this cycle the dnc has enough democratic candidates to spread debates out over two nights. it's going to be twice as tough to qualify for the fall stage. but the dnc did just announce they have got 2040 have enough poll support or donor support to make it to detroit at the end of the month. the qualifiers are essentially all the same. swap steve bullock in for eric swalwell. seth moulton didn't make it neither did the billionaire tom steyer. and the stages are not going to look exactly the same. cnn is going to have a live draw tonight. so, anybody hoping for a joe biden v. kamala harris showdown part two might not get it depending on how things shakeout. elizabeth warren has seen a big rise in the polls since her last debate and now she is rolling out a new plan to try and keep it going and
11:43 am
try to regulate wall street by preventing big banks from wielding so much influence over the economy. >> the days of having a wall street that just keeps sucking value out of the rest of the economy, the days of having a government that help that are coming to an end. >> the indiana republican party has their eyes elsewhere though on south bend indiana mayor pete buttigieg before he gets home. we hope pete buttigieg can squeeze in a trip to south bend while he big dollar fundraisers to discuss his city's vast issue of residents not even feeling safe in their own neighborhoods to which the buttigieg campaign responded he was literally in south bend, friday, saturday, sunday, monday, and tuesday of this week and he is in indy today. i'm not sure why this press release is relevant. and while buttigieg has slipped in some national
11:44 am
polls, he is still the second quarter fundraising leader and still attracting crowds in the hundreds, which is about as big as anybody on the left. julie? >> julie: all right. peter doocy, thank you so much. so the house just passed the bill to increase the minimum wage. it may end there. we will tell you more. this is the couple who wanted to get away who used expedia to book the vacation rental which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go. expedia. crabfest is back at red lobster with 9 craveable crab creations. like crab lover's dream with crab...crab... and more crab. or for those who want it all... new crabfest surf & turf. grab your crab crew, hurry in or order it to go! are yoown a home,, and need cash? you should know about the newday va home loan for veterans it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value.
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>> julie: so the house just passed a bill to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour. but, there is a loophole, because it doesn't look like the lelingsz will go any furthelegislation will not goan. this is a big step for democrats. one step back, maybe -- you know, one step forward and a few steps back. this is a first time in the decade that the federal minimum wage has actually been raised.
11:49 am
a win for democrats but the bill has almost no chance on the republican controlled senate; is that right? >> they promised this for a long time this was a key campaign promise by democrats. some say it wasn't enough. they were talking about $15 an hour 10 years ago here. this was not a party line vote. the vote was 231 to 199. there were three republicans who voted for this. brian fitzpatrick of pennsylvania, also francis rooney of florida, and chris smith of new jersey, all are moderates and six democratic defectors from swing districts. anthony, kendra horn, joe cunningham, kurt schrader from oregon only non-freshman and sochi small. the question is the united states senate. and what they are trying to do now is put pressure on mitch mcconnell. listen to the house majority leader steny hoyer. >> the house will pass the raised the wage act today as i have said, and i hope the senate, i hope the senate -- i hope the senate will pass
11:50 am
it as well. [applause] >> it's going to be a lot of hope because that's probably never going to come up in the senate in the past hour here. vermont senator bernie sanders has indicated he is sending a letter to mcconnell calling for a vote as soon as possible. and he says if mcconnell will not allow a vote, julie, he should have to explain to the voters of kentucky, where mitch mcconnell is on the ballot in why 7.25 is a good working wage. >> julie: 9/11 compensation fund a lot of controversy whether that money would be extended and senators mike lee and rand paul it's just come in according to reports they have agreed on a deal to advance the 9/11 bill. they get votes on offsets and spending caps. the votes will be on tuesda tuesday. >> behind the scenes they are negotiating the debt ceiling and spending caps deal. they think they are in a pretty good place. they think they have agreed to a set of numbers here. of course, nothing is final until everything is final. they have to try to move
11:51 am
this next week it. would not surprise me that they work out a deal with those members who are still concerned about the deficit, people like lee and paul, that have a vote next week. mitch mcconnell says they are going to pass that 9/11 bill hook or crook and they will probably do that in the next week or two, julie. >> julie: that is very good news. certainly we wouldn't want to see the firemen and women be, you know, i guess punished if you would for the pain and suffering that they have endured for so many years. and they need that money. speaking of money, regarding the $15 wage, the way that this would work, the democratic legislation, it called for a gradual increase to $15. so it's gradual. so it goes from 7.25 an hour over multi-year phase-in period but the cbo is saying maybe can you explain this to us raising the federal minimum wage to $15 could actually boost pay for 17 million people but at the same time also cause potentially 1.3 million people to lose their jobs. it's not all good news if this were to pass. >> that's right. you could have that unemployment rate go up to about 6% or so.
11:52 am
and the idea that you are paying fewer people more money the math doesn't work out. that's the concern especially among folks who are trying to have more full employment. some think having lower wage job that you have the opportunity to move up. gives you encouragement to strive for more. that's the argument to those opposed to increasing the minimum wage. >> julie: chad pergram, thank you for your expertise. always good to see you. >> thank you, likewise. >> julie: microsoft is protect the 2020 election. what the tech firm is doing for free. make sure to check out dana's process i will tell you what with chris stirewalt and whether the field is five-american race as both parties are just providing fan service at this point. and also deign naps vacation plans. ♪ ♪ ♪
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allergic reactions like rash or swelling can happen hours to days after use. common side effects include injection site reactions and constipation. it doesn't matter what each day brings. so long as you can say... "i am here." aim to be there more. talk to your doctor about aimovig.
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that's ensure max protein, with high protein and 1 gram sugar. it's a sit-up, banana! bend at the waist! i'm tryin'! keep it up. you'll get there. whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar. ensure max protein. >> julie: and now a look at other stories for you. it's the daily three. a fire in a japanese animation
11:57 am
studio killed 33. law enforcement said a man in and screamed "you die." microsoft doing its part to protect the 2020 election. the company announcing they will deploy free software to local government. the company hopes they will better protect voter machines from cyber attacks. a second human sized jelly fish is off the coast of england. a witness saying it was about eight feet long, four feet wide. wow! experts believe warmer weather is causing the pray to move close to shore. dangerously hot temperatures impact millions across the country the next few days. temperatures are expected to surge into the triple digits this weekend. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth likes it hot. he has more. >> not really. >> this is too hot. >> it is way too hot. yeah, the central part of the country, 105 in kansas.
11:58 am
82 in atlanta where you think it would be hotter than that. it's cooler. we have a line of storms moving through. with the storms temporarily cooling things down. get ready. this heat that is in the central part of the country has been here for days and we've pushing 100 degrees. heat indices pushing 110. that's all moving to the east. so we're going to have this batch of heat that is really bad here. actual air temperature, 101 in north platte today. actual air temperature for a high in new york, 78 degrees. tomorrow we start to see that move off towards the east. by saturday, we get a little break here. take a look at that. we'll cool down to 77 in north platte. there's a break coming. the next week, things are cooler across the east. i say that to you so you can know you have something to look forward to when you deal with the heat. here's what it feels like this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon across the northern plains.
11:59 am
really hot. you need to stay inside if you can. then take a look what happens. by sunday, temperatures drop down here. really hot still across parts of the east coast. saturday probably the bulls eye of it. placing from new york city to d.c. feels-like temperature of 110 degrees. things cool down next week. we have that to look forward to. julie? >> we always look to have something to look forward to. thanks. a shocking crash caught on camera. check this out. a 64-year-old driver mistakingly hits the gas pedal instead of the brake at a car wash. oh, my gosh. car got wet anyway. sending the car off the embankment in the hackensack river in new jersey. this is the second incident of this kind at this location. try building a wall. a summer afternoon at the beach became a scramble after pilot whales got stranded in the shallows on the georgia coast. dozens of beach goers worked
12:00 pm
hard to get the wales to deeper waters. the good news is the rest were helped to safety. thanks for joining us. hope you join us tomorrow. here's shep. >> shepard: breaking word now, word of an american warship in the move on the persian gulf. thousands of marines on board and this comes hours after the iranians said they captured a foreign oil tanker. we're gathering new information and we'll have it in the next 20 minutes. first, hush money to a porn star and a playmate. we know president trump's lawyer michael cohen help arranged the payment. he's in prison for it. president trump says he didn't know. that he had no part in the payments and no knowledge of them until later on. new documents


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