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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 18, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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hard to get the wales to deeper waters. the good news is the rest were helped to safety. thanks for joining us. hope you join us tomorrow. here's shep. >> shepard: breaking word now, word of an american warship in the move on the persian gulf. thousands of marines on board and this comes hours after the iranians said they captured a foreign oil tanker. we're gathering new information and we'll have it in the next 20 minutes. first, hush money to a porn star and a playmate. we know president trump's lawyer michael cohen help arranged the payment. he's in prison for it. president trump says he didn't know. that he had no part in the payments and no knowledge of them until later on. new documents unsealed today in
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court cast extreme doubt on that claim. october 27, 2016, the access hollywood tape became open with the president saying he could grab women by the genitals. when you're a star, they let you do it. the next day, phone calls. the newly released document show donald trump's spoke woman, hope hicks called trump's personal attorney, michael cohen and the president joined in for a call that lasted four minutes. hope hicks is now the vice president of communications for fox corporation. the documents are entitled "illegal campaign contribution scheme." according to the fbi, lawyer cohen exchanged texts and e-mails and a series of calls with stormy daniels' attorney as well as the national inquirer publisher david pecker, candidate trump and hope hicks. and fbi agent noted a belief that some of these communications were about preventing stormy daniels from
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going public. on october 10, cohen drafted the nondisclosure agreement with daniels and later that month cohen wired $130,000 to her attorney. the day after that money transfer, the fbi documents show cohen and trump spoke again. the national inquirer had paid playmate karen mcdougal $150,000 for the rights to her story. they never published it. instead, buried the story in what is called a cash and kill. michael cohen is serving a three-year prison term related to the hush money payments in violation of campaign finance laws. david pecker signed a nonprosecution agreement on behalf of himself and his company in exchange for assistance to the investigators in the case. hicks received a subpoena to testify before congressional committee but did not answer many questions after the white house claims she had absolute immunity. president trump has denied
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stormy daniels and mcdougal's allegations. rick leventhal reporting live from the new york newsroom. rick? >> shepard there were dozens and dozens of pages that had been blacked out like this when the 900 pages of documents were first released in march. today the government gave us the rest providing extensive details on texts, phone calls and e-mails between cohen and all the key players involved in pay-offs to stormy daniels and karen mcdougal. the unredacted documents suggest then candidate trump was involved in at least one of the phone calls with cohen and hicks with the fbi determining cohen received the call from hicks, 16 seconds into the call trump joined the call. the call continued for over four minutes. the documents revealed texts between cohen and hicks discussing reaction to a "wall street journal" article
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revealing the payments four days before the election. cohen says so far i only see six stories getting little or no traction. hicks writes keep praying, it's working. not even cnn talking about it. nobody believe it. even if necessary, i have a statement by storm denying everything. i wouldn't use it now or discuss with him as no one is talking about this or cares. we've reached out to hope hicks personal attorney for reaction. we haven't heard back yet. >> shepard: rick, does it seem that there might be charges related to this? my understanding is this is over. >> seems that way. the materials released today suggested it's unlikely federal prosecutors would file any additional charges in the hush money investigation. investigators seem certain the president was kept informed of the deals and the eventual blow-back. in one section, the documents detail more reaction to the journal article quoting dylan howard who says i think it will
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be okay, pal. i think it will fade into the distance and cohen says, he's pissed. howard says i'm pissed, you're pissed, pecker is pissed, keith is pissed. not much we can do. the fbi says they believe cohen was referring to mr. trump being upset. a short time ago we got a statement from cohen saying -- >> cohen's former attorney lanny davis echoed those remarks arguing the president coordinated a felly involving campaign finance and should be subject to arrest and incarceration and trial. that from lanny davis, shep. >> shepard: rick leventhal live in the new york city newsroom. thank you. one clarification. i reported then that hope hicks, the president's assistant at the
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time is now the vice president of communications for our parent company, fox corporation. her exact title is executive vice president and chief communications officer for fox corporation. i regret the error. at the president's campaign rally last night in north carolina, the crowd adopted his own rhetoric and screamed it out for the world to hear. "send her back, send her back"! the president said essentially the exact same thing over the weekend when he tweeted that four freshmen congress members all women of color should go back to the places from which they came. set aside the fact that three were born in america, one is from the president's own home city and all are u.s. citizens duly elected to the house of representatives. during the rally in greenville, the president once again verbally attacked the group of freshmen lawmakers known as the squad calling them among other things, hate-filled extremists and the crowd ate it up.
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>> omar has a history of launching vicious anti-semitic screams. [chanting]. >> shepard: "send her back." this afternoon, congress woman omar the target of that chant responded in an interview as did others from the so-called squad. >> we have said this. is racist, we have condemned his racist remarks. i believe he is fascist. this is what this president and his supporters have turned our country that is supposed to be a country where we allow democratic debate and dissent to take place. so this is not about me. this is about us fighting for what this country truly should
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be. >> i think this president -- his rhetoric is endangering lots of people. it's violent rhetoric that puts any one like ilhan and anyone who believes in the rights of all people in danger. that's his responsibility. >> shepard: about two hours ago, the president spoke on the matter. he disavowed the "send her back" chant. he said he tried to squelch it by speaking quickly, which he did not. >> the white house hit the fire line after they started to get blow-back after that rally in greenville last night.
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you can debate how long the president let that chant go on. i put a stop watch on it. it was about 13 seconds and the chant subsided when the president continued on. it was clear that the president had to do some damage control and he did it for members of the special olympics in the oval office earlier today. listen here. >> number 1, i think i did. i started speaking very quickly. it really was -- i disagree with it, by the way. but it's quite a chant. i felt a little bit badly about it. i will say this: i did and i started speaking very quickly. it started up rather fast as you probably know. >> will you tell your supporters -- >> i would say -- i was not happy with it. i disagree with it. but again, i didn't say that. they did. i disagree with it. >> in a press availability with the prime minister of holland a
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short time after that, the president said he was not happy with the chants that he heard but he defended the people in the audience there in greenville, north carolina. at the same time scolded the four congress women. listen here. >> these are people that love our country. i want them to keep loving our country. the congress women, by the way, should be more positive than they are. the congress women have a lot of problems. when you look at the statements they made that were so bad and so horrible to our country, you look at what they said, john, what they said was something that is -- it's hard to believe that they could make statements like that. i could go page over page over page. many, many statements, whether it's about us, whether it's about israel, whether it's about the world trade center and all of the different things that was said, it was a terrible things. >> the president said that if the chants ever start up again at a future campaign rally, he will do his best to stop them. shep? >> shepard: he said he spoke
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quickly. we'll play it again. roll it. >> omar has a history of launching vicious anti-semitic screams. [chanting]. he paused, let them say it seven more times and when they finished, he went again. that's a fact. what are lawmakers saying, john? >> you heard from alexandria ocasio-cortez. you heard from ilhan omar. chuck schumer ripped the president for what he says is trying to divide america along racial lines. listen here. >> his crowd chanting "send her back" about a duly elected congress woman. one of the oldest and racist
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attacks against americans of color. while the president appeals to the worst instincts of people, what was shouted and chanted last night without the stopping them is despicable. eerily familiar to what happens in dictatorships. >> when he was asked about it, the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell avoided the whole controversy over "send her back" or "send them back" instead focusing on the president's strategy to make the four members of the squad representative of the democratic party at large and he thinks that is a winning strategy. listen here. >> the president is on to something. we are having a big debate now and next year about what we want america to be like. do we really think socialism applies here in a time of great prosperity? 50-year low unemployment? that's what the election will be about. >> the president will likely
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continue pursuing. as he found out, it's one that you have to tread carefully with or it can blow up in your face. shep? >> shepard: john roberts live. thank you. some breaking news now. the president scheduled and is doing so to speak as he has delivered a bullet riddled d-day flag which was on one of the first vessels which made it to omaha beach on d-day. that flag was being returned to the united states by someone that bought it. we're going to play the president's comments for you. here's the numbers. tensions are clearly escalating in iran. the president speaks on that matter off the top. here's the president in the white house. he's still speaking. >> before i begin, i want to apprise everyone of an incident in the straits or hormuz today involving u.s.s. boxer and navy
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amphibious assault ships. the boxer took defensive action against an iranian drone, which had closed into a very, very near distance, approximately 1,000 yards, ignoring multiple calls to stand down and was threatening the safety of the ship and the ship's crew. the drone was immediately destroyed. this is the latest of many provocative and hostile actions by iran against vessels operating in international waters. the united states reserves the right to defend our personnel, our facilities and interests and calls upon all nations to condemn iran's attempts to disrupt freedom of navigation and global commerce. i also call on other nations to
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protect their ships as they go through the strait and to work with us in the future. thank you very much. i thought you should know that. i'm honored to be here with the prime minister of the netherlands. fantastic country. incredibly successful country. so many of our dutch friends that have come with mark. i want to thank you all for being with us in the east room of the white house. thank you all for being here. i appreciate it. thank you very much. [applause] thank you to vice president pence and acting secretary of defense, richard spencer for joining us. richard, mike.
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last month, melania and i traveled to the united kingdom in france -- >> shepard: the president clearly making some news there off the top discussing the situation with the tanker in iran. let's get to our middle east reporter, trey yingst live in the jerusalem newsroom for us tonight. trey? >> shep, a major announcement there from president trump at the white house. today the u.s.s. boxer entered the persian gulf, carrying a crew of 2000 u.s. marines and meant to serve as a deterrent to iranian forces. according to the president, they engaged a drone. the u.s. military is trying to set up a maritime surveillance group to operate in the gulf to prevent attacks by iran or proxies against oil tankers. the pentagon clarified the group is not being considered yet a coalition. for now, the u.s. is taking steps after the iranians announced that they have seized a tanker with 12 crew accused of
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smuggling 220,000 gallons of fuel. >> our mission does not change, to promote security in the region, assure allies and certainly ensure the free flow of commerce throughout the straits. >> these preparations by u.s. forces certainly timely. today the head of iran's revolutionary guard that if any mistakes were made, his forces would go from defense to offense. shep? >> shepard: can you tell us about the tanker seized by iran this week? >> iranian state television made the announcement today saying that a tanker was seized in the persian gulf. they said it was seized on sunday. according to some reports and the presentation that was provided on iranian state television, the vessel failed a smuggling operation because of what the revolutionary guard is calling a smart move by their navy soldiers. the statement did not include evidence to support the claim that it was smuggling iranian oil to foreign ships.
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it's unclear if the iranians were referring to the same ship. this news comes as an iranian oil tanker is being detained by british forces in the mediterranean and raising tensions. this president making news at the white house that already u.s. forces have engaged an iranian drone in the persian gulf. shep? >> shepard: thanks, trey. live in jerusalem. thank you. back to the white house. where the event at hand is happening. he's accepting the flag. it's a 48-star flag that was on the u.s.s. navy boxer ship. it was the only of the three flags to complete its mission. now the flag bought by a man in 2014 is being delivered to the president. it will go to the smithsonian. let's listen.
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>> mr. president, first lady, vice president, 70 years ago on the normandy coast, the allied forces, including thousands of american soldiers started the liberation of europe. beach by beach. street by street. city by city. they recaptured our freedom at a terrible cost. many of those men gave their lives so that today we can list our lives in freedom and peace. we will be forever grateful to them. when we hear the stories of those that survived, we can barely imagine what they must have gone through. landing on those normandy beaches, plowing through the cold water and the thick mud
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while countless grenades exploded and machine guns fired. beth, chaos and terror surrounded them. despite all this, those brave soldiers managed to stand their ground. they advanced beyond the beaches and eventually liberated europe from nazi occupation. country by country. it's impossible to put their courage and sacrifice into words. with this flag, we present to you, mr. president, is a symbol of what can be expressed in words. the first american flag to reach the course of normandy where it was hit by enemy fire like all of those allied soldiers. this flag survived. and it prevailed. thanks to the flag's owner, we
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stand here to hand it back to you. a symbol of the unique bonds between the united states and europe, a bond that stretches across the atlantic. it's also a symbol of the close bond between the u.s. and the netherlands. our countries stand shoulder to shoulder when times are tough. centuries ago, the netherlands was one of the first to support young american republic striving for independence. and in our darkest hour, 75 years ago, thousands of brave american soldiers crossed the atlantic to fight for our freedom. they brought this flag with them. 75 years ago, it arrived on the coast of normandy. today it's coming home. to the land of the free and the hope of the brave.
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back where it belongs. thank you. i would like to introduce our honored to guest to make his remarks. [applause] >> thank you, mr. president. first lady, mr. vice president, excellencies and distinguished guests. it's a rare honor in life, ladies and gentlemen, to be among heros. i've had the privilege when i became the owner of one of the most important american flags in history. the flag that was hoisted on the leading vessel on d day that reached the beaches of normandy. with it i accepted the responsibility for its legacy and its ultimate destination. that's why i feel humble and grateful to have the opportunity to speak a few words here today.
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a speech of five minutes here at the white house, the place where more than 75 years ago the decision was taken to free europe from tyranny, that led to the liberation of my country and the end of world war ii. a war that claimed so many lives, including several members of our family. 870 words to describe the meaning of this flag and the importance of freedom. five minutes to remember the victims of war and to honor the sacrifices made by young american soldiers. when they stormed the beaches of normandy, certain death was waiting for them. they gave us freedom. a legacy anchored in a lasting awareness that our freedom was not free. it came at a price, their lives.
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lives cut short by heroism. we grew up and live in democratic and free societies. that is proof of true greatness. the ability to bend hisry for man kind. that greatness is embodied in this flag a symbol of inclusiveness that unites us with the knowledge that sacrifices were made for all of us. can anyone say thank you in 870 words? no country or person is without challenge, but in the presence of this flag, we know that we are capable to dream, to fight, to overcome and to succeed. my life was one of many challenges, ladies and gentlemen. standing here today was a long shot. thanks to freedom, my dreams fly high. thanks to my uncle and mentor, those dreams became a reality.
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thanks to the opportunity came to me by this country, i was able to achieve the american dream. how can i say thank you in 870 words? i progressed in life to many lessons. one of many is that success is never giving up, that victory is never accepting defeat. meaningful words. they mean the different between life and death. for me, that eventually led to the possibility to secure the flag and become its guardian. there is no great honor to be allowed to carry that responsibility. a responsibility that strengthens the presence of humility in my life. for that, i say thank you. but how can i thank you to someone who is no longer among us, who is not here today? to someone that gave his life
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for our freedom and never came home. what was deprived from his american dream and gave the opportunity to me instead. in 870 words, there are not enough words to honor heros or remember victims of war wherever they rest here in arlington, normandy, the netherlands or any other place. but through that, they connect a special relationship between the netherlands and the united states from occupation to liberation. 870 words, sometimes is just enough to say nothing and reflect upon a symbol of structure and freedom. the flag with smoke and oil, bullet holes and ripped by the wind. for many of you, this is the first time you'll see the flag. for those that gave the lives in normandy, it was the last time. the last piece of america that
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they would ever see again. this flag. greatness will shine on this symbol long after we're all gone. its story told to generations to come. not in 870 words. not in five minutes. but the voice of freedom surrounded by owner and amidst the hope of enduring peace. my role as custodian of the flag will always have been temporary. its legacy, however, will last. 870 words, five minutes, to show my gratitude to a nation that shows the burden in our freedom. a nation that means so much to me. abraham lincoln once said, you cannot escape your responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today. so today, i finish the work assigned to me and retire from an amazing duty. this one inevitable conclusion
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to put the flag in the rightful place, the united states of america. the country from where it left on its mission to free europe 75 years ago. so i'm very grateful to president donald trump, the commander-in-chief is willing to receive this important symbol of freedom and legacy of heros on behalf of the american people. the flag is home. they are home. thank you. [applause] [applause]
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>> i wish i was taller. what a wonderful gift this is. president trump, prime minister rutta, let me begin by thanking you for bringing such an important smith of america ban to the smithsonian. i appreciate all of the work of the ambassadors of the united states and the netherlands to make sure this happen. the smithsonian is greatly indebted to you for the generosity in donating this piece of history. candidly, one -- >> shepard: so the flag back to the smithsonian after the donation there from the gentleman in the netherlands. you may have seen at the top of
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this, the president broke some news. he said the u.s. warship destroyed an iranian drone in the strait of hormuz. the president said it's the latest hostile action by iran. he's calling for other countries to condemn iran's attempt to disrupt commerce in the region. the president says the u.s.s. boxer took defensive action after the drone closed to within 1,000 yards of the warship and ignored multiple calls to stand down. the president said the drone threatened the safety of an american ship and its crew. as you may know, iran shot down a u.s. drone that it said was flying over iran. president trump called off a planned retaliatory air strike at the last minute. let's go to jennifer griffin who is live at the pentagon. jen, do you have more on this? >> well, shep, we're getting details from the pentagon.
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but you heard the president just moments ago describing the action taken by the u.s.s. boxer which we reported just a little while ago had passed without event through the strait of hormuz into the persian gulf. here's the president moments ago. >> the boxer took defensive action against an iranian drone which had closed into a very, very near distance, approximately 1,000 yards ignoring multiple calls to stand down and was threatening the safety of the ship and the ship's crew. the drone was immediately destroyed. this is the latest of many provocative and hostile actions from iran against vessels in international waters. the united states reserves the right to defend our personnel, our facilities and interests and
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calls upon all nations to condemn iran's attempts to disrupt freedom of navigation and global commerce. i also call on other nations to protect their ships as they go through the strait and to work with us in the future. >> remember, shepard, the straight of hormuz is a very crowded waterway, very narrow strait where the u.s.s. boxer, the amphibious warship, a navy assault ship that has 2,000 u.s. marines on board had just passed through into the persian gulf through the strait of hormuz. again, we don't have any more details at this time from the pentagon. the president just announcing that that -- the u.s.s. boxer had been -- had fired on the iranian drone and destroyed it because they felt that the crew
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was under threat at the time. >> shepard: jennifer griffin with the new information. i want to turn to michael o'hanlon who specializes in the region. michael, one of the concerns throughout this escalation has been it's a very crowded place. there's a lot of men and weapons in it and there's this risk of an escalation that nobody wants, which appears to be happening. >> right, shepard. except one caveat, i think iran would like a certain amount of escalation or perceived risk of escalation. if we think about the strategies of the two sides, iran is under extreme sanction now by the united states and therefore much of the world. iran doesn't really have a lot of options. they can try to smuggle, they can persuade some european or asian countries to do business with them anyway. as you know, the secondary sanctions forcing countries and companies to choose between doing business with us and our
12:34 pm
banks, doing business with iran, that doesn't leigh much room. so i ran's real hope here is to make the world worry that persian gulf shipping and the oil economy could be at risk and iran has to play this game carefully. if they do too much, they will almost guarantee an american military response, which may not go well for them. if they don't do enough, then they won't really make the oil markets budge and they won't make this card they're trying to play work very well. i think they do want a certain amount of tension, nervousness and occasional violence as the only card they have to play in this crisis. >> shepard: i got they got it today. >> yeah. although, you know, it is -- from what i've seen, movement in oil prices, for every time that they push things up a little, then there's some broader economic reality which even supersedes the importance of the violence which tends to keep prices roughly as they have been. so i might have expected a few months ago that the kind of
12:35 pm
violence we've seen in recent weeks would have driven up the prices more, but maybe it's happening gradually enough that people are sort of acclimating to it. there's enough other trends in the world economy that are keeping oil prices steady that iran hasn't yet found them, magic portion by which it can drive prices up 10 or 20 or $30 a barrel, which is what they'll need to do if they really want to make economic nervousness. >> you know, it's one thing when an adversary shoots down a machine and then you end up shooting down one of their machines. it's another when there's a confluence of events that creates a situation where human beings lose their lives which could change the face of this in historic ways. >> that's absolutely right. but it's interesting that -- you're right to express the nervous necessary, too.
12:36 pm
so i far iran and their adversaries and the united states have found ways to limit the risks to human beings. this is different from, you know, things we've seen i ran do historically, the bombing of the marine barracks in lebanon in 1983, the explosively foreign penetrator charges that they smuggled into iraq in the u.s.-led stabilization effort. iran has a lot of american blood on its hands. in this particular crisis, iran has been trying to cause damage and to affect the world economy more than it seems to want to cause loss of life. at least so far. that is a very dangerous game to play. you don't know how long their good luck or our good luck will last. >> shepard: michael o'hanlon, thank you. john roberts is back with us from the white house following the president's event. that was a surprise announcement to me at least. did you know it was coming? >> no. that was a real surprise announcement. it fits with what the president
12:37 pm
was saying the result of that global hawk drone being shot down last month about a proportional response. remember, the president was given options to take out iranian missile and radar facilities. the president decided because of the loss of life that would go along with that, he decided not to do it. play this card close to his vest and held off. this was his opportunity tory respond to iran to say you have to stop playing games here. according to the president, that drone came within 1,000 yards of the u.s.s. boxer. the navy amphibious assault ship. presented a threat to the crew according to the president. they took it out. there's been no response from iran thus far. the president made it clear today that iran has taken a number of provocative actions in recent weeks. the shooting down of the global hawk drone, seized the panamanian oil tanker last week and claims it was smuggling oil in addition to everything else that iran has been doing in the
12:38 pm
region. at the same time, iran is holdingthe door cold to the foreign minister to potential talks, but only if the united states lifts sanctions against iran, which isn't about to happen. president trump has said he's open to holding talks with rouhani. he's the only guy that you can talk to, the supreme leader, without precondition but the president is not about to lift any sanctions in order to bring iran to the table. in fact what he wants to do is bring iran to their knees through those sanctions, have them come crawling to the table and work something out. the president says he would like something to work out and encouraged all other countries operating ships in that area to do everything that they need to do to protect the ships against iranian interference. i don't know if this counts as an escalation. this is more probably in the line of a response to what
12:39 pm
happened with the american drone a month ago. the president taking out another unmanned drone, at least the navy. i'm mott sure if it was on orders from the president or if they took action by themselves. now we have a tit for tat drone for drone and we'll see where it goes from here, shep. >> shepard: he absolutely said proportional. by any standards, this would qualified. >> it would. >> shepard: thanks, john. because it's one of those days, there's more breaking news and this one has just happened. we have been covering extensively the fight for 9-11 first responders victim compensation for the tens of thousands of men and women who served at ground zero in the days, hours and weeks, months after the attack and so many of them getting cancer and other diseases. congress had a bill ready to go. two people blocking it. mike lee, the republican from utah, rand paul from kentucky. both blocking this thing. but there is breaking news now, and it's next.
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>> shepard: now the breaking news. lawmakers in the united states senate have just reached a deal to renew the 9-11 victim's compensation fund that helps first responders and their families pay for healthcare for 9-11 related illnesses.
12:44 pm
it was in limbo on capitol hill. the latest set-back happened yesterday after the republican senators rand paul of kentucky and mike lee of utah blocked the vote on passing its unanimously because of how much it would cost. mike lee's office said he wanted to do oversight, make sure there wasn't waste. now we're told the senators have come to an agreement and next hour, so in the 4:00 hour washington time, senator paul will be on this network, rand paul will be the guest of neil cavuto on "your world." that program begins in 16 minutes. a fox urgent from south florida. no water for 24 to 36 hours because of this. that is a warning to folks in an around ft. lauderdale and broward county after a contractor hit a water main. the city put out an order immediately telling everybody to boil their water. that was as of 11:00 a.m., even before the tapping run dry,
12:45 pm
which is happening now in some areas and they expect everyone will run out of water sometime in the next few hours. the cities in broward county are lauderdale-by-the-sea, davey, tamarack, sea ranch lakes and wi willton manor. this will affect tens of thousands in ft. lauderdale itself. no water, no toilets to flush for an estimated 220,000 customers. the florida governor is sending in a couple of water trucks to help. keep in mind temperatures there are quite warm. it's july in south florida, which is all you need to know. a man who spent decades in prison for murdering his wife became a free man. the reason? officials considered him too old to be a threat. this is a man that he's now back behind bars after he killed another woman in the same way.
12:46 pm
jacqui heinrich reporting on the rest of this story. jacqui? >> albert flick had a violent history. he killed his wife and attacked two women. one of them while on probation. eight years ago, a judge released him saying he would age out of his capacity for harm. yesterday a jury sent him back to jail after watching the 77-year-old stab a woman to death in front of her twins on surveillance video. prosecutors said kimberly, a 48-year-old mother of two rejected his advances. flick became obsessed with her. he bought two knives and planned her murder. flick waited for her outside of landry mat and stabbed him. frantic children cried. according to the journal, flick served 25 years in prison for stabbing his wife to death in 1979. he was released and sent back to
12:47 pm
jail for attacking the girlfriend in 2008. in 2010, he was out on probation when he got into an argument with another woman, put her in a head lock and stabbed her with the butt end of a kitchen knife before she escaped. when officers arrived, he was trying to commit suicide. the judge that approved flick's release said it didn't make sense from a criminalology or fiscal perspective to keep him locked up. now the 77-year-old will spend the rest of his life behind bars. the state of maine has no death penalty. shep? >> shepard: thanks, jacqui. big loss for farmer bro. a federal appeals court upholding a securing fraud appearance against martin shkreli. he saved a life-saving medication by 5000%. last year a judge sentenced him to seven years behind bars. that was for taking millions from the drug company he founded to pay back investors in a
12:48 pm
couple of failed hedge funds. shkreli's lawyers argued among other things that the judge gave the jury bad instructions. no dice. pharma bro's attorneys said they're disappointed. a man that tossed his son off a pier into the ocean to teach him how to swim. it happened in daytona beach on the east coast. witnesses say 37-year-old john bledsworth did back flips into the water while his son struggled to stay afloat. according to the police report, he had about four or five beers before deciding to take his son for a dip. cops say the boy made it back to land and seems to be okay. he's with his mother. the police say when they hauled bledsworth away, he said he was being arrested for being awesome. protesters in san juan demanding
12:49 pm
puerto rico's governor resign. police firing tear gas into a crowd of demonstrators after cops say people set fires on the street and through rocks. earlier in the evening, ricky martin joined marchers in the calls for the governor to step down. this comes after the center for journalism released hundreds of pages of chat messages between the governor and his administration. some of them were sexist and homophobic including one of making fun for ricky martin for being gay. jeff paul reporting live in san juan. jeff? >> yeah, shep. san juan right now in cleanup mode as they prepare for what could be even more days of protests. this is something that we're
12:50 pm
seeing all over town today. a few hours after this protest, graffiti all over the walls and in some cases some broken windows. overall for about seven hours, this protest was rather peaceful. there weren't really any major clashes with police as tens of thousands in the crowd were singing and chanting all night. as is the case with some protests, just takes a few actions of a few people to escalate the situation. that's exactly what happened shortly before midnight and we were right there in the middle of it all. police say they warned protesters about 11 times before firing tear gas.
12:51 pm
they say they pushed their officers over the edge with fireworks and a molotov cocktail that was thrown at police. this back and forth went on for several hours. as the dust settled, we know about seven people were arrested and at least 11 walked away at least with some injuries. the other thing we're hearing is there could be a protest tonight. definitely one sunday and likely one monday morning. >> shepard: what are you hearing from the governor now? >> the governor made an appearance on monday after there was a protest then that got out of hand the following day. today he basically released a statement saying that he saw the demonstration, he's hearing their message, but he made no mention of resigning. he ended his statement by saying, i fully believe i can fully restore your confidence. after this hurtful and painful process, we can achieve reconciliation. one other thing, we're hearing about there was a break-in at a
12:52 pm
local police department. 48 guns were stolen and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. investigators say there was reportedly a threatening message left for the governor that translates to resign by bribe or resign by bullet. shep? >> shepard: jeff haul reporting live. the latest on the search for a hiker missing in the mojave desert. that's next. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ dto experiencer gthrilling performance. now, at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 0.9% apr for 60 months on all 2019 models. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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12:57 pm
resumed searching for the missing woman at first light. rescue workers are searching by air, on land and dogs to try to track her. they're searching in an air 200 miles northeast of l.a., about 100 miles from las vegas. as you can imagine, the mojave dessert conditions are not very hospitable. temperatures topping 100 degrees. authorities say the 69-year-old didn't have any supplies or even a cell phone when she disappeared. her husband says he last saw her walking ahead of him as he stopped to take a photo. >> by the time i took the pictures, she was continuing on. she rounded the corner and i lost sight of her. she had to cross the highway. she was wearing a bikini and she had a beer in her hand. >> authorities unaware of how long the couple was separated before barbara thomas disappeared. nor do they know how for she was from the rv at the time. the sheriff's office says they have no evidence to suggest the woman was abducted although her
12:58 pm
husband said if someone did abduct her, he's not looking to press charges if they return her unharmed. >> i just want my wife back. and if somebody out there has her, which i feel somebody does, please drop her off in a safe place where she can contact us. that's it. >> officials tell fox news they're unaware of any medical conditions that may have led her to become disoriented or lost. shep, back to you. >> shepard: thanks, robert. the brother of a man that blew himself up at an ariana grande concert twos year ago now charged with 22 counts of murder. benjamin hall reporting live. ben? >> british authorities have been trying very hard for two years to get him back both to charge him with the murders and to find out if there was a larger terror
12:59 pm
network. finally he's back in the u.k., being returneded from libya and here to face justice. the attack killed 22 people, ten of them under the age of 20. the youngest victim was eight years old. the bomber waited for the crowd to leave before blowing his backpack up at the end of the convert. prosecutors say the brother made the detonated tubes, bought the chemicals and helped to store them before rushing to libya days before the attack. now they have him, they're trying to find out if he was the one that helped train his brother to make that bomb. they say the complexity of it suggested there was a network behind him. of course, libya has been in chaos. isis has claimed responsibility. the british government has been trying to find out. today he's back in the u.k. facing justice. shep? >> shepard: benjamin hall live. the final bell is ringing right now on wall street. it's been, you know a down day.
1:00 pm
it had gone back to the green. then we got the president's announcement of the shoot-down in iran. i don't know if it's related. neil cavuto is up now. >> absolutely outrageous. pardon me if i'm not impressed by rand paul's fiscal responsibility signals. he presented tissue paper avoidance of the $1.5 trillion tax cut that added hundreds of billions to our deficit. now he stabbed -- stands up after the blood, sweat and tears from the 9-11 community and it's over now and we're going to balance the budget on the first responder community. >> neil: first the rip and now today the response. after john stewart eviscerates rand paul for blocking a senate bill that would extend the