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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 18, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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going to go to mars. i told him not before i force him there myself. cernan laughed. lots of heros do. we miss them all. "the five" the now. >> hello. i'm jesse waters and emily, juan, kennedy and greg. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> democrats have never been further outside of the mainstream. they're going crazy. their party is afflicted with an idealogical sickness that protects foreign borders, but refuses to protect our own. these left-wing ideologs see our nation as a force of evil. vote for any democrat in 2020 is a vote for the rise of radical socialism and the destruction of the american dream.
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>> president trump holding a raucous rally in north carolina where he battered democrats that embrace socialism and other far left policies. the big moment everybody is talking about is the crowd's reaction to trump's attacking four socialist congress women known as the squad. >> tonight i have a suggestion for the hate-filled extremists trying to tear our country down. they never have anything good to say. if they don't like it, let them leave. obviously and importantly omar has a history of launching vicious anti-semitic screams. [chanting]. >> the crowd's chant igniting a liberal media firestorm. president trump responding to all the criticism a little earlier. >> i was not happy when i heard that chant. >> will you stop them if they do it again? >> i didn't like they did it.
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i started speaking quickly. i could have stood back -- [inaudible] there was a tremendous amount of noise and action and everything else. i started quickly. you know that. [inaudible] maybe you're giving me too much credit. >> one of the things, juan, the chant did, distracted the media from having to cover this big political rap sheet and omar and the democrats that he ran down last night and they're focusing on a chanted instead. >> i don't think you want him to focus on that. it doesn't help the president. he said he lied when she supported al-quaida. to say that about an american a member of congress, that's pretty damning but it's not true, but you know, again, so i don't think you want to go through that. i think this was vile. i think it's not just as you portray it, democrats or that crazy liberal media. i think the reason that he spoke
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is because there were a number of republicans in congress that said to vice president pence and possibly directly to mr. trump, you know, mr. president, this is not who we are as the republican party. it's not comfortable. we don't like being portrayed or having -- you can go back to lock her up. but this is of another magnitude, jesse. this is really un-american that you would say to people that are -- three of them born in america. all americans and all four members of congress, not all socialists, by the way. and to say to them, go back, you know, send them back, there's a direct line from they should go back home to their countries to send her back. now he says, you know, he's uncomfortable with it. he's acknowledging this is a racist statement a racist tweet -- >> he's not acknowledging that at all. he said the chant was displeasing and became a
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distracti distraction. it's funny to hear people like juan and people in the media to gasp and wince. they have accused the president of golden showers, accused him of being hitler, mitt romney was accused of murdering somebody. they accused republicans of being in the closets. the worst crimes that you can ever imagine republicans have been accused of.not but a few people in the crowd chanting but democrats and members of the press. >> yeah, just to real quick, juan. real quick, she said you don't pronounce america like you said al-qaeda. there was a relativism. i don't like chanting. i don't want to sing with you people. i don't like any kind of mob action. that includes the media mob. so i'm not going to set my hair on fire over this.
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every day they do it and i'm numb to it. he did not say this. so this is important part. trump -- the chanters are there are like the media in that they took his words and turned it to something he didn't mean. remember he said go home, fix it and show us how. what they did is exactly what the media did. they just heard deport and unfortunately whether you're in a rock band or professional team or politician, you can't choose your fan. you can't control their behavior. you'd like to and maybe you should. maybe you should have said stop that. he didn't. but i know that you can't answer to things that are out of your control. the media will always pick these things. to your point, are these things as bad as the violent attack on an ice -- in an ice detention center? the media was quiet on that.
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talked about comparing enforcement -- american law enforcement to concentration camp guards. doxing people you disagree with. chasing people out of restaurants. chants suck. i didn't like that. but that was the end of it. not the beginning of it. >> if we're playing this condemnation game that the media likes to play, nobody asked aoc to condemn the antifa attack on the ice detention facility when in his manifesto this antifa character was using the same language, concentration camp that she had done. i'm not drawing a connection. >> you could. >> if you play by the media's rules, you'd have the media asking aoc that same question. there's just misproportionality of the response. >> and it's all about virtue and victim hood when you leave in this fear of emotionalism.
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the problem is when your opponent becomes a victim, you have failed. that's what the president has to realize. for a lot of people watching this, parents, grant parents, they made the journey to this country and they hear people "send her back" and they're citizens, it's personal. even if they're apolitical people, that cuts to the heart of a lot of people that came here. the president i think has learned a lesson and he needs to shut it down next time. however, if i were a subversive opponent of the president, i would embed myself at a rally and get people to start chanting. it's so easy to get them fired up. >> remind me to be nice to you. >> okay. i mean, i would not chant that myself but i'm not going to -- >> i heard you doing it this morning your office. >> that was lock her up. that was different. >> i thought it was send juan home. >> this is not water gate the
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way that media is making it out to be. >> it's difficult to stomach for the normal central moderate person watching this. why is there all of these arbitrary lines drawn? why is some violence okay if it's against an ice agent and verbal violence is never acceptable and we have to pass a resolution to condemn it? push the envelope if not nuked it, this strategy is working. for better or worse, trump is suck siding at presenting to the public two options. himself or a totally unpalatable left face of the democratic party. he has succeeded with the squad for now. this contrast will be much more successful for him in the long run than him versus biden or bernie. this is such a starker contrast and difficult to stomach. >> it's beneficial for both of them. for the president, he gets to
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contrast the successes that he's had over the last three years with a philosophy that could not only bankrupt the country but really is off-putting to a lot of moderates. both parties. but it helps them. helps these four women because they make a lot of money doing this. when you're in the house, you're constantly running for re-election. >> we had this discussion yesterday, greg. they're fearful of violence. that's what they say is behind this. i wanted to say something to jesse. i'm trying to be persuasive here. i'm not trying to be a member of the media mob. here's mark walker of north carolina, who is a leader, the chairman of the house gop conference. he said what he heard last night was offensive. adam kinsinger, republican of illinois, sends chills down his spine. >> there's other things than being offended --
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>> i want to ask kennedy this. you'll have an answer for, this i was thinking about this. i was on twitter watching republican voices condemning this. i thought what is worse? a reflective chant, just like a reflex chant among a group of people whose only power is to vote and to yell, right? that's their only power. is that add bad as somebody honing a phrase like axis of evil which leads to what? actual war, actual violence. when i watch republicans go after this, nobody is getting hurt. this is a group of powerless people shouting something. i'm thinking about in the bigger scheme of things when people create phrases, they spend -- you know what i mean? >> here's the difference with you pointing this out. people are no longer able to separate words from deeds. so words now are deeds. so they are as harmful as
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actions and therefore violence on the part of groups like antifa is justified. they're fighting back against words that the group finds offensive. also it's easier for republicans to attack the group of people chanting in north carolina rally than it is to spend their lit call capitol condemning the president. >> to juan's point, i get your point. people do not like that chant. it upsets a lot of people. i want to put this in perspective. if you random people at a rally, citizens in north carolina, maybe getting carried away, if you put on a suit and tie and go on cnn and you have a ph.d. under your name there and you say this president is a mentally ill nazi rapist, that is okay. that's okay? he's a traitor and he pees on prostitutes? you cannot be upset by a few
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random chants and watch what goes on the media and say that's okay. >> i don't think that that is nice. i think he's the president. what i noticed -- >> he didn't say it again. >> again what he said is send them home. >> and they come back -- >> why do we -- >> hold on a second. 68% of americans say this was offensive in terms of -- >> i don't need a poll. >> by the way, 65% think that it was racist, jesse. >> you know what, juan? a lot of different opinions in this country. i'll cite a poll for you. 2016. the one that said he was going to go down hard. polls are not always right. >> he's our president. >> president trump cracking down to stop the surge of asylum seekers at the better. greg gutfeld explains next. ♪
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>> another story lost in the media. president trump announced a plan to tighten the asylum rules at the border. migrants that pass through another country first must seek asylum there rather than at the border. you can't say to el salvador get me out of here when you mean get me a job in phoenix. the president's plan is simple and sensible. if you're on the run from somebody bad, why skip the first safe harbor? if freddy cougar is on your tail why go to the second house with the lights off? this change is meant to prevent suffering by shortening the journey. so you think the dems would be
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on board. no it's trump. his idea of making refugees seek asylum in the first neighbors they came to is one most countries use and for good reason. it saves lives as germany discovered when merkel said that they could go anywhere they wanted in the eu. so britten said to the eu and merkel has been trying to walk it back. trump knows what plays well on the view. this reform says not so fast. in all likelihood the democrats will hate it. juan, from one democrat that seems to agree with this plan. let's roll it. >> refugee status is not granted just based on economic needs or because a family lives in a bad neighborhood or poverty. it's typically defined narrowly.
2:19 pm
may be some narrow circumstances in which there is a humanitarian or refugee status that a family might be eligible for. if that were the case, it would be better to apply in countries rather than take a very dangerous journey all the way up to texas. >> i really miss his exciting speeches. juan, do you hate president obama and why? >> you got me. guilty, your honor. by the way, i'm glad you played that. not because he was so pedantic, slow there, but because i think that there's an opportunity for us to agree. >> right. >> and to say hey, you know what? congress and the american people should get together and change the asylum law to make it more consistent, right? the problem is that the president trump now has acted in terms of an excessive order, executive action. i remember when people would get
2:20 pm
upset with obama for taking that kind of -- issuing executive orders to take orders so what we have now is the republicans had two years of total control of everything, the house, the senate, the white house. did they change the asylum law? i don't think so. but now they're willing to exploit it for political gain. he didn't get the wall, he didn't have the raise over the weekend, he didn't get the question on the census so now he's doing this. >> kennedy, you want to respond? >> and that's what happens when one party has all the power. same thing democrats completely screwed up healthcare. we're still paying the price for the failure of obamacare. they should have tackled immigration. we learned unfortunately, it's not a bipartisan issue. no party is going to do it effectively. no party really wants to do it. that's why i think you're seeing so much distraction between nancy pelosi and the squad and the president and the squad is because it allows people to not work on immigration. they really really don't want to
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do it. it's so incredibly unfortunate. we have to define these things. even when it's painful, even when it's not politically convenient and you don't score instant points because sometimes fixes are not emotional issues. we have to define what it means to be a refugee and asylum. >> that's what this boils down to, emily, right? say yes. >> yes. i think the reality is we're not dealing under normal circumstances right now. the average immigration court case is 727 days for it to be resolved. that's over two years. so we need to triage. the existing law right now is so convoluted. we saw a lawsuit filed against the administration saying okay, right now we have exceptions already for those that have gone through safe counties except how is that defined? technically only with canada, the multilateral or bilateral agreement. is it necessary for the immigrant to have resettled in
2:22 pm
that country or passing through enough. are we creating a compact with regional compact with the south american countries? all of these questions are in the air. and what they require is diplomacy and international relations and attention by politicians and elected officials rather than squabbling and freaking out that most people are doing on the left. the bottom line is triage needs to occur, which is what the president was doing by that executive order and the content of it already existing in our existing law. so if people have a problem with it, they should be writing our senators. >> they're trying to change the laws in mexico and guatemala and this legislators are not allowing them to do it. so we won't have those agreements any time soon. >> i'm glad juan agrees that nancy has to get together with the president and close the asylum loop hole. i'm glad you said that. the president just a few weeks ago gave her breathing room and said i'm going to hold back on the ice raids if you can get
2:23 pm
your act together on the asylum deal. she did nothing. she went on her july fourth break and came back and still did nothing. seems to me they don't want to fix it. they didn't want to fix it in december when they were warned and it and fix it now when they have record people coming across. if you look at what happened in brexit, that is the exact result of the migration crisis. from the migration crisis that started under obama when all hell broke loose in syria. >> you can extend it to the election of trump. they're all from that -- >> so learn the lesson. look, they had a lot of crime, they had terrorism, the rise of the right wing nationalist groups and brexit as a result. so seems to me i don't think they want to stop the border crisis. >> that's not true, by the way. >> really? why haven't they done anything -- >> i think people have tried. >> russian hysteria is back. why people are freaking out about the face app that everybody is using to look old next.
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♪ >> juan: i like that song. a new social media fad. celebrities, athletes, over 150 million people have used it to make themselves look older. yeah, older. but now there's some serious privacy concerns about face app. it's based in russia. there's fears that the company shares your personal information with the russian government. however, face app's ceo says that's not the case and there's no reason to worry, he says. the dnc is not taking chances. they're warning 2020 campaigns to delete the app immediately and chuck schumer is demanding the fbi launch an investigation. this is right up greg's alley, isn't it? >> greg: it's amazing that people are concerned with privacy are willing to forfeit their personal data to an app
2:29 pm
that have not bothered to do any -- the mildest research. i'm talking to the one producer johnny on "the five" that takes pictures of everybody. oh, this is fun. no, it's not. let's say it's totally safe. why would you want to do this? you're like jumping to the finish line of life. you're going to end up there anyway. enjoy the time now. hope and -- that you make it there, be that old. because that means you won. but don't it now. it's like what is that app could stand your vital data and predict your death? i bet apps can do that now. you can't take my picture. [laughter] i feel violated. i feel violated. if you had an app that could say okay, you're going to die on this day based on these things,
2:30 pm
would you do it? >> kennedy: yeah, people have had death calendars for years. but they can't predict shark bites. >> greg: no, they can't. >> juan: jesse, you think this is a wake-up call to lots of people that are lacks about personal security in they click accept, accepted and don't realize they're selling everything about me? >> jesse: that's how john podesta feels. russians, here you go. i didn't do it. >> kennedy: the password is password. >> jesse: i didn't do it. johnny did it. so johnny is in trouble. >> greg: blame the producer. >> you were once a producer >> jesse: that's why i made the producer do it. if the russians had my face, that's fine. >> greg: he thinks i'm going to drop the cake. >> jesse: i know. if the russians have my face, here's what's going to happen. if you ever see me on tv saying something bad or dumb or highly controversial, it's not me. it's the russians. >> greg: deep fake.
2:31 pm
>> jesse: you can see videos of me online doing something untoward, it was putin. i have a built-in thing. when greg tweets at night, i've been drinking. >> greg: it's true. >> kennedy: remember the cambridge analytica scandal? it's a really brilliant way for nefarious actors about getting information about americans. they create an app where americans can stare at themselves or talk about themselves and suck up information. so the face app creators that were based in russia say no, we only keep the information for 48 hours. it's like what are you doing with it for two days? over two days. but there's so many apps that have done this over time. there's so many fertility apps that have sold the information back to facebook. that's why one of the reasons that facebook has been harranged by the sec. >> emily: here's how i feel
2:32 pm
about it. number 1, i think the reason there's an uproar over this one is because it's russia. triggered everyone. they freaked out. when we do ourselves a disservice, if we apoliticize russia versus china and democrats and republicans thinking about china and russia, they're both threats. this is the latest in a long string. google researches they've admitted to using eight million of our photographs to use a.i. facebook, ten million. in colorado, they took unauthorized photos of people, up to 2,000. it's not just about uploading. remember the mannequin challenge? google used 2000 of those videos to train ai for depth. so this is just the latest in the vanity and the entertainment and that kind of use of our phones. >> greg: vacuos. >> emily: your face is already
2:33 pm
in the database. fine. thank you. >> juan: you know what caught my attention, chuck schumer asking the fbi, but did somebody have to tell the dnc don't do it? they should be paranoid, i think. all right. if you live in berkeley, california, you better not say manhole cover, not that. don't say it anymore. what is being called a free speak crackdown. you'll hear about it on "the five" when we return. ♪ that's completely online, so you get the low price from the start. no expensive dealerships. no commissions. no pressure. only buying a car on your time knowing the low price you see on our site is the low price you'll get. in fact, this is how our customers have saved literally hundreds of millions of dollars with us versus dealerships. at carvana, we don't just say we're going to save you money, we save you money.
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can't see what it is what is that? that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous. i would pull up in this in a heartbeat. i want one of these. that is sharp. the all-new chevy blazer. speaks for itself. i don't know who they got to design this but give them a cookie and a star. ♪ >> emily: the home of the free speech movement is banning words. berkeley's still country is voting to band two dozen teams. manhole that becomes maintenance hole. instead of manmade, it's
2:38 pm
artificial. a brother or sister is sibling. don't say manpower. now it's human effort. men and women should be called people. city officials say it's to promote equality. greg, you grew up across the pond in chalo alto. what do you think? >> greg: i went to berkeley a real school. now they have to ban the world woman because it has man it in. what about manhattan or many pedi? >> and a man witch is a meal. man witch is a meal. >> greg: okay. i think this is a symptom of a free peaceful era when the hard left are running out of ideas. they just try to ban things because there's nothing else to address except words that you find problematic. i think the strength is the case for trump and why he was elected
2:39 pm
because he was elected as a dragon slayer and the dragon was political correctness. the more you have these absurd things, the more it helps. >> emily: i'm from berkeley also. you know, this is just for the code. it's just about the laws saying it's not that they're restricting the everyday vernacular. >> greg: don't try to change the story. >> emily: critics say and i wanted to ask you about this, why aren't they putting their attention to more important things, like this is a unanimous decision by city council. they had no time to add it to the agenda, charter amendment dealing with police oversight and activity. so how do you respond to those critics that say look, you didn't have time for something that impacts people but you had time to change the words on the books. >> juan: i think you should talk
2:40 pm
to the police. that's an urgent issue. i think this is a bigger way to discuss this, there's cultural shifts that take place. if you said gay people are going to get married and everybody will think nothing of it, we would say wow, that is radical. >> greg: wait a second. how did i miss this? >> juan: or you can't smoke at work or at home. you have to stand outside. people would say -- big cultural shifts do occur. >> greg: going to hell in a hand basket. >> kennedy: next you're going to tell me we can't smoke on air lanes, juan. >> juan: this could be part of a cultural shift. language have very important in terms of ideas. >> greg: it's a controlling thought. >> jesse: i think berkeley should be berkeley. if they want to waste their time with that, go for it. i have a certain amount of outrage here. i have to share it for didn't
2:41 pm
stuff like the dossier. >> greg: what is in the dossier? >> jesse: i can't waste it on this. there's a finite amount of outrainfall. if you have two genders, no genders, walking down the street and you see a manhole or a construction site and there's a sign that says men at work and you think to yourself, wow, you know what? i feel excluded. if berkeley wants to make that person feel better, i'm fine with it. i guarantee you that's not what they're thinking. they're thinking thank god i didn't fall in the manhole or thank got i'm not out there in the warm heat holding up some steel and i have a nice inside desk job. >> emily: if a law changes with the verbiage but tax dollars going to the different signs -- >> kennedy: that changes everything. reprinted all the books. >> emily: it wastes trees. trees provide us from shelter. we're going to blister and die.
2:42 pm
i don't think they should call it a man honey. should be a honey hole. >> greg: think you should go to that bar. i'm banned. >> kennedy: my favorite is you can no longer call them sororities and fraternities. they're collegiate greek residences. >> emily: if you're hoping for a politics-free emmys, think again. colin kaepernick is nominated. details when we come back. ♪ at visionworks, we guarantee you'll see great and look great. "guarantee". we say that too. you gotta use "these" because we don't mean it. if you don't love your glasses, we'll make it right. guaranteed. visionworks. see the difference.
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♪ >> kennedy: looks like liberal hollywood gearing up for another politically charged emmys this year. nike's controversial ad starring colin kaepernick with the weak arm nominated for outstanding commercial. trump had aer robert de niro is getting a nod for best guest actor for his robert mueller cameos on "saturday night live." watch. >> i'm in charge of obstruction of justice. we have not drawn a definitive conclusion. >> i have. my conclusion is trump is clean
2:47 pm
as a whistle. >> free at last! free at last! >> kennedy: greg, how are the emmies this year? >> greg: i loved television growing up. award shows were always fun. you had big stars, big stars at the oscars and good writing. that changed when they became overtly political. award shows are a form of therapy for insecurity celeber the is. apparently the money, the fame, the drugs are not enough. they need public affirmation from their peers in front of a tv audience of a dwindling mass. but you know, they killed that five-minute skin. >> juan: that last point to me is critical. that in fact their ratings have been going down, down for a long time. seems to me at the same time that the right sees politics and
2:48 pm
the shows went -- if you left them alone, yeah -- >> greg: i'd agree. we have to do our segment. >> kennedy: you have a bunch of people that for the night, whatever award show it is, they enter the bubble. they're unchallenged. they feel good that everyone in the bubble agrees with them. because to them, that's how the world should be. they just -- they don't want to be with the peers and the dirt people. just the people -- >> jesse: can i puncture that for a second? i have my own nominations. like to hear them? best commercial this year, "my pillow." [laughter] guess actor in a comedy series category goes to christy swanson on the g.g. show. >> greg: thank you. >> jesse: "fox and friends" for outstanding news drama, especially this morning's
2:49 pm
episode. >> greg: which i was on. >> emily: okay. this is my thoughts. >> kennedy: can we sue them for an hour of our life back? >> emily: sure. >> kennedy: okay. >> emily: two years ago it was really political. that's when colbert went off the president and sean spicer made an appearance. last year at the emmys, it was boring. the oregon newspaper was like not too political, not too entertaining. entertainment weekly said touch -- >> greg: the oregon newspaper. >> jesse: the oregonian? >> kennedy: yes. >> greg: i love quoting oregonian. >> emily: it was the left leaning -- >> greg: i got you. >> emily: and said it cuts on politics by didn't boil over. i'm saying they're overdue now. last year they shied away. with us not entertaining. so -- >> jesse: the academy awards they had to dumb kevin hart because of the old homophobic tweets. now they have no host, no
2:50 pm
ratings and it's boring. >> emily: yeah. >> kennedy: juan is right. ratings have been going down for years and years. the amazing thing is, they nominate commercials. with netflix, amazon prime, people don't have to sit through commercials. >> juan: i will say this on the nomination of colin kaepernick, nike made a lot of money. if you believe in free market, the shareholders are happy with that commercial. >> jesse: very profitable to be unpatriotic. >> juan: stop it. >> jesse: multinational corporation. >> greg: not very patriotic unless it's conservative. >> juan: you have the betsy ross sneakers? >> jesse: i couldn't afford them. >> kennedy: all right. guess what is up next? one more thing. stay right here. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers
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>> time now for "one more thing." >> goodness, america, i think i have found our next great salesman. yes, take a look at this young fellow from utah. he appears to be selling ice-cold beer. people are pulling over ready to push the line by grabbing a cold one from a kid. >> i thought it was a hilarious joke. ice-cold beer, because some people think it's funny because it's root beer. want a cold one? >> definitely. >> selling ice-cold root beer! clever marketing strategy actually prompt at several people to call the police. officers say they thought it was a hilarious tactic and it's fine with them. with the heat wave sweeping the country, i think that's going to be a lot more coolers. >> the rest of the dash got to respect that.
2:56 pm
>> lock him up! >> lock him up. if [laughs] >> get excited. we have some very fresh fox news merchandise. that's the story. if you spend $50 on anything on the fox news website you get this beautiful fox news pocket tote. i know you like a tote. it's like a $20 tote, you get it for free. >> what are we, pbs? >> you buy a shirt and five tumblers, really nice and you get a toe. or you got a hat and an insulated water bottle. >> you also get a tote. take it to the beach. the and check out all the hot deals. also tonight i'm in final exam, tucker carlson right there, defending my crown against meteorologist rick reichmuth. if i lose to the weatherman i'm resigning. >> by supporting fox nation you can see valuable programs like
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"the five" and get this tote ba bag. >> i wish you always spoke like that. >> that's my pbs voice. let's do this. it's been a while. ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great this one is so adorable you're going to like puke hearts out of your eyeballs. take a look at this little number right here. this is a sugar glider. sugar glider and is getting a little massage. >> wasn't that your name in high school? >> it was. i was a loosey-goosey. part of the marsupial family. like kangaroos. they have these folds of skin they spread out. they look like blind squirrels, but they're not, and they live in groups of ten. in new guinea, they are maniacs, kennedy. also, emily, did you know they were nocturnal? >> no. >> that means they live at night. >> i know. that's adorable. that's the cutest thing i've ever seen. >> i don't think you can have them as pets in america, because of try. every time i get one, i lose one.
2:58 pm
>> that's why they come in ten packs. >> exactly. honey gliders. that's it. ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great >> emily, would you like to cedar time so we can watch that video again? >> no. >> it put me in a really good mood. >> i'm so excited to share this with you guys. i had the best we can ever thanks to kane parts and go fast racing, i embedded with a nascar number 32 team, corey there at the quaker state 400 at the kentucky speedway. it was awesome. i had an absolute blast. it was so fun. i met the ford mustang legend himself, jack rausch, there he is. literally it was an incredible experience and it was such a blast. i got to play with race suits. everybody on the team was absolutely amazing. really it was an incredible experience and i'm so grateful for that group for inviting me along, and watch how fast it changes. >> did you drive? >> no, i did not. >> what did you do? did you just try on the clothes
2:59 pm
and hang out? >> exactly. >> what do they consume when they're in the middle of the race? >> root beer. [laughter] >> ice-cold repair. >> what happens after they consume, just a? >> they don't drink and drive out there, only repair. >> absolutely right, jesse. the worst thing in the world is when you stub your toe. you know what can ease that pain? saying the f word. new research has found that your pain tolerance is increased by 33%. constantly. the president is one giant toast up to michigan congresswoman rashida tlaib and that's why she has to say the effort. if you want to lessen the pain the next time you kick the bed and you're all by the self and there are no innocent years around, go ahead and let loose and they say if you need a slang word say the imaginary word
3:00 pm
"fouch" because it is forceful and naughty but it is not meaningful. >> richard stevens. >> we apologize. never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next with brett. >> bret: sometimes these toxins are painful, thanks, jesse. this is a fox news alert, i'm bret baier. growing tensions tonight between the u.s. and iran is president trump announced that an american warship has destroyed an iranian drone over the straight of hormuz. he told reporters today that the u.s.'s boxer took defensive action when the drone came within a thousand yards of the ship ignoring multiple calls to stand on. it is the latest in what has been weeks of increased tension between the two nations. jennifer griffin starts us off with the breaking news from the pentagon. good evening. >> good evening, bret. marines onboard the uss boxer used a jamming device to bring down the iranian drone.


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