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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 18, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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that is "the story" of this thursday, july 18, 2019. as always, the story goes on. we'll see you back here tomorrow night at 7:00. tucker's up next. good night, everybody. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." there is newly uncovered evidence that congresswoman ilhan omar may have scammed this country's immigration system. they are serious allegations tonight of fraud and perjury. did omar lie about her own name? did she enter into a sham marriage with her biological brother? our investigation into this and just a moment. but first, two weeks from right now, 20 democratic candidates will assemble on the stage in detroit, michigan, the second wave of presidential primary debates. oversee all 20 candidates will be running for president. but don't be full. some of them like kamala harris and elizabeth warren are actual
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contenders, at least theoretically they could win. you can't say that for many of the others in the race. these are the zombie candidates. they are long expired but still lumbering around for tending to be alive. as usual, the genus is in the press corps the last to know. they always are. they will probably see long articles and segments on television about candidate joe biden, how's he doing? that will last for at least the next six months. but keep in mind, as you see these pieces, it's all a mirage. joe biden's campaign is debtor than disco. it all happened so suddenly. in may, biden seemed to democrat the dominate the democratic field and then a reporter asked him a throwaway question about china. here's what's to regret what happened next. >> reporter: do you have, -- >> i'll answer the question. yes, i do. the president has done nothing but to increase the tariffs, the debt, the trade deficit. the way we have to proceed as we have to have our allies with us.
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it's not just us. we have to keep the rest of the world together. the fourth thing we should do is focus on the thing that i've been talking about for a long time. china's greatest violation is the way in which they steal our intellectual property. we should make it quid pro quo, as i said when i was at dinner with xi jinping. here's the deal. you say that anything has to be owned 50% by chinese invested in china. americas the same thing. the only people paying the price our farmers and working people right now. he's going about it all the wrong way. a lot of bravado, no action. >> tucker: got that? no, actually don't have that because there's nothing to get. not a single phrase in a slow sentence made a single bit of sense. it was bizarre. it was entirely meaningless.
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it was pretty obvious right in the joe biden was not going to be president of the united states. that was may 14 of this year, that day we called it. ignore they are telling you on television. joe biden is not going to be president. probably won't be the democratic nominee. he's not capable of it. there's no reason to be cruel and get more specific than that, but just watch biden and ask yourself really? anyone who says a guy, that guy, is going to win a presidential election of the age of nearly 78 is either lying or deluded. not to brag, but we were right. almost to the day actually, looking back. may 13, the day before according to real clear politics, biden led his closest democratic rival by an average of 27 points in the polls. that was the apogee, the high point. it's been a swift decline ever since. kamala harris called biden a racist on the debate stage, and he had no response for her. he then apologize for associate
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with other democrats in congress bizarrely, and now his leaders fallen to below ten points. in the state of california, the big estate in the union, he's losing. another candidate who might be able to turn things around but biden can't. he should be retired right now, chatting with strangers in the produce aisle and having dinner with his grandkids. instead he's going to spend the next six months shedding whatever remaining dignity as he moves towards the inevitable humiliation of defeat for the third time. it's sad to watch. not that beto o'rourke was even noticing it happening. beta was occupied. he's living in his own private hell. in march, things look different. plato was on the cover of "vanity fair," which is a magaz. he was promising to take america back to the careless exuberance of 1993. beto was live blogging his trips to the dentist. everyone is pretending it was great. and then pete buttigieg showed up and erect everything buttigieg was even younger than beto and even more glib.
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things started to fall apart. people began to notice that even though he uses a bogus mexican nickname, beto is still a rich white guy from a rich family went to boarding school in columbia. that's not allowed in the democratic party. beto seemed to recognize in himself. maybe for the first time. watch beto o'rourke gravel at the thought of himself. >> you're right. there are things that i have been privileged to do in my life that others cannot. the systematic foundational discrimination that we have in this country in every aspect of life is something that i have not experienced in my lifetime. i've had advantages that others cannot enjoy. i have my work cut out for me to be a better person and ensure that i am more mindful to the experiences that others have had, different than the experiences that i've had. >> would you say those are mistakes? being on the cover of "vanity fair"? it looks elitist? >> yeah, i think it reinforces the perception of privilege. that headline that said i was
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born to be in it, the article is attempting to say that my calling within public service. no one is born to be president of the united states of america, least of all me. >> tucker: with those three words, the beto for president campaign died a well-deserved death. no one who apologizes for his family for being himself or simply existing is going to get elected president. if you hate yourself that much, no matter how justified that hatred is, people have trouble liking you. a new saint hansen college bowl in new hampshire voters saying beto o'rourke getting 0% in the first of the nation primary state. nobody in new hampshire likes beto o'rourke. ouch. again, well-deserved. another candidate out of the race. kirsten gillibrand ought to be celebrating this.
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fewer candidates to compete with. she can't celebrate because gillibrand killed her own presidential campaign. it happened in youngstown, ohio, famously one of his country's most economically depressed cities. a woman came forward tasks have a question of senator gillibrand. she's at my community is falling apart. people are dying, they are impoverished. the democratic party lecturing me about white privilege. speak of the democratic party loves to throw around terms like privilege. this is an area across ultimate graphics, depressed because loss of industry and the obi crisis. what do you have to say about so-called white privilege. >> tucker: this might have been an opportunity for kirsten gillibrand. for years, she's hopped on every ludicrous plan the democratic party has offered, no matter what it is. from the meat to hysteria disease and guns from law-abiding americans. this one time, gillibrand might've distinguished yourself for resisting and choosing the obvious truth over left-wing
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orthodoxy but no. she was afraid to. gillibrand did what she assumed she had to do, stood on the stage and lectured a struggling woman from a youngstown, ohio, about her white privilege. >> your suffering is just as important as a black or brown person's suffering, but to fix the problems that are happening in the black community, you need far more transformational efforts. your son is 15 years old and smokes pot, he smokes pot just as much as a black boy in the neighborhood and the latino boy in his neighborhood but that black and brown boy is four times more likely to get arrested. that is institutional racism. your son will likely not have to deal with that because he's white. so when someone says white privilege, that's all they're talking about. >> tucker: imagine saying something like that to someone from youngstown, ohio, . it's absurd. it's not just absurd. it's cruel. you would have to be a nasty, cold person to say that.
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gillibrand's. voters can smell it. she's done. then there's cory booker. cory booker's president of path was simple. he's a dollar store version of barack obama. booker could be almost as cool, likable, as historic as barack obama, libby would be almost as presidential. cory booker's hopes died in the worst possible wave, live on national television. he went to the first democratic debate with a plan. he was going to answer an immigration question in spanish. how's that for clever? it would chose cross-cultural peer. booker's most 1520 oh law school but can ring in spanish might make him look hip. that was a hope. unfortunately someone beat him to the gimmick. beto o'rourke of course have the same idea. he went first. cory booker was not happy. that was obvious to everyone watching. >> [speaking spanish]
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>> [speaking spanish] >> tucker: ouch. when you're the only man in america that beto o'rourke can dominate, it's over. sorry. better luck four years from now, spartacus. alley car's radio host host. he's keen watcher of american politics were happy to have them. let's go through in order, some of these candidates, cory booker, no one really believed he was going to be the nominee. who knows. joe biden for example, people were betting big money that he would win that i want to go to the listener tell me happen. joe biden. >> as gorby dollar 1 cent, no talent is not enough. he just has no political instincts. 1970s, he gave these interviews to newspapers about how he liked working with segregationist senators never without he's lucky there's nothing on videotape or audiotape of him saying this. what does he do?
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he goes out and says that on audiotape and video tape he likes working with jim eastland, herman talmage. the guy is totally clueless. he was for the hyde amendment before he was against it. he was against reparations before it was for it. he was against busing before he was far. he's a joke. you're right. >> tucker: you're right. that's about the crisp summation. what about beto o'rourke? for a moment to really did seem like beto was the guy. he was our bobby kennedy. now he's a joke. while? >> well, i think, they always talk about the glass ceiling for women in politics. i think there's also a glass ceiling for's. there's only so far you can rise. john kerry married two heiresses but he could never reach the heights. he married the only child of a guy worth $500 million. i think he's very soon going to
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go into his real in life which is son-in-law. >> tucker: [laughs] he's been a good son-in-law. what happened to kirsten gillibrand? >> here's another person, tucker. i'm always a little suspicious of someone who changes their name from when they were in high school or college to weather on the ballot. she used to be, when she was at dartmouth, she was named tina rudnick. now her name is kirsten gillibrand. i just have a suspicion about people like that. she is also somewhat, as you say, she has jettisoned everything she ran for when she was seeking her first seat in congress in upstate new york. you know, you also shouldn't tell lies that people can see. i remember when she announced, tucker, she said i a young woman. i thought to myself i'm going to look her up on google as a whole she has she's 52.
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i'm sorry. >> tucker: she's older than i am, and i'm not young. i totally agree. what happened to spartacus, cory booker? >> spartacus is -- i'm also suspicious of people who have fictional characters in their life story. barack obama had the composite girlfriend. cory booker has a guy, t-bone, a fictional drug dealer and he tries to portray himself as a man of the street. he went to yale law school, stanford. he is a rhodes scholar. the other thing, tucker, as you well know, tv is a cool medium. you can't be yelling. he was out there, spartacus. this is my spartacus moment. tucker, as we all know, spartacus spartacus got crucified. come on. cory booker, who are you kidding? >> tucker: watch the end of the movie, find out what happened. howie, great to see you tonight. thank you. jason nichols is a professor of
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african-american studies at the university of maryland. he also hosts the other underground railroad podcast. always to happy to have them, thanks for coming out. joe biden, i'm not defending him i wouldn't vote for him under any circumstances. i wonder why progressives have disliked him from day one. he's progressive. he lists say anything you ask him to say. he will kiss any butt you ask him to kiss. there's nothing joe biden would do. progressives hate him anyway. why's that? >> i don't think we hate him. he operates on political expediency rather than conviction. you look at another 7-year-old white guy, people trying to make it about race or age and i don't think it's that. the other 70-year-old white guy was a guy who fundamentally transform the party and moved it towards progressivism, and that's the reason you have someone like kirsten gillibrand taking the position that she has that are diametrically opposed to the ones she held earlier. i think honestly, this is just joe biden not really having the
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fortitude and sticking to a position that i think troubles a lot of progressive people. >> tucker: but shouldn't you be flattered by his craven nest? joe biden will literally do anything you ask him to do. he would wear a viking hat. he would dress up in a tutu. there's nothing he wouldn't do for your vote. shouldn't you like and for that question ? >> i disagree with that. joe biden has stuck to his guns. he believes in obamacare. he won't move over to medicare for all. in certain areas, he stuck to what he believes in. he also, like i agree with you, he operates on what's politically popular at the moment. i don't know about kissing butts but i wouldn't put it past any politician to do so. >> tucker: no. a man never stands how tall is when he stoops to kiss a butt, that his model.
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you telling me he's telling -- he's not for that to care for all. do you think joe biden is a conservative? >> yeah, i would say he's a centrist. he is on obama, slightly left of center, old-school democrat. the democratic party at one point was very much in the center. some people even right of center if you look at people like bill clinton. that's how they were able to win certain states like, you know, west virginia, for obama winning that and bill clinton was able to win louisiana and arkansas. and i think joe biden thinks that by being the kind of centrist that he can pull people together and take some of the people like you were talking about in youngstown and win an election. but it's going to be very difficult for him because the core of the party has moved. it's changed, and it was changed by none other than bernie sanders. >> tucker: i think you're absolutely right. i think the democrats are going to stay pure and lose.
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professor, great to see you. thanks a lot. president trump commented the other day on ilhan omar's mysterious marital history. what was he talking about exactly? we found out more today when a news outlet brought forward starting new claims about congressman omar. are they true? we will lay out the facts for you after the break. don't miss this has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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loves a good debate, but you would be wrong. she actually hates to argue, hates to be disagreed with. today okay ocasio-cortez says t the president's night in north carolina was not a vibrant showcase of americans america'n political culture. she described it as a deadly threat that should not be tolerated. >> i think that president put millions of americans in danger last night, his rhetoric is endangering lots of people. it's not just about -- individual members of congress but he's creating an environment in this country through violent rhetoric that puts anyone like ilhan omar, anyone who believesn the rights of all people, in danger. i think he has a responsibility for that environment. >> tucker: yeah. so disagree with alexandria ocasio-cortez is a
5:23 pm
physical threat. right. nothing about last night's rally endangered anybody. the president never threatened or called for harm to come to members of congress. he didn't call for violence against ilhan omar or alexandria ocasio-cortez or anybody else. the president isn't a fascist. alexandria ocasio-cortez is. that's what she's doing when she calls other people's speech violence. she's just by her own decision to silence them. if alexandria ocasio-cortez had absolute power, would you be able to disagree with her? what do you think? nope because clearly she doesn't think your opinions are valid. they are different from hers and so by definition they are violent and racist. she isn't just allowed to silence you. she's obligated to europe she believes that that's a perfect world. shut up and obey. as he left the white house yesterday for the rally in north carolina, the president briefly paused to remark about
5:24 pm
congresswoman ilhan omar's mysterious marriage history. watch this. >> there's a lot of talk about the fact that she was married to her brother. i know nothing about it. i hear she was married to her brother. you're asking me a question about it. i don't know, but i'm sure that somebody would be looking into that. >> tucker: it turns out someone has been looking into it. david steinberg spend spent a decade as an editor and investigating ilhan omar's background for years. he's cultivated sources within the minnesota somali community. he knows as much about omar's background as any reporter could know. if there if you are interested but he's deeply interested. and he should be. just this morning, steinberg released a piece on power line blog. in that piece, he repeats the claim that omar. her biological brother. then he makes this stunning allegation, sourced to members of the minneapolis tamale community. "in 1995, ilhan omar entered the united states as a fraudulent member of the omar family.
5:25 pm
that is not her family. the omar family is a second, unrelated family which is being granted asylum by the united states. the omars allowed ilhan come her gymnastics sister and father, to use false names to apply for asylum as members of the omar family. see 24's dramatic family split up at this time. kamala's three other siblings, using their real names, managed to get asylum in the united kingdom." remarkable. steinberg goes on to say ski 24's brother was one of those this siblings that she was legally married to this man, her biological brother, from 2009 until 2017. it's a shocking claim. so far it's unproven. omar has denied the story. but she hasn't disproven it. the minneapolis "star tribune," omar's local newspaper was possible for a lot of phone in coverage about omar, has tried to investigate the matter. they say they can neither confirm nor rebut the allegations. omar is not participating. last month, the paper noted that
5:26 pm
omar has refused even to provide the full names of her immediate family. let's read that again. the paper revealed last month that omar will not even revealed the names of her family. none of her relatives have come forward to comment on this by the way. it's all bizarre. but it deserves to be investigated. there's far more smoke than there was for the idea that say the president colluded with russia to wrigley election. so we like to know more. scott johnson is a minnesota attorney. he is a contributor to power line. he worked closely with steinberg on this latest piece and he joins us tonight. scott, thanks very much for coming on. this new allegation that omar is not her name is made with some documentary evidence backing it up. i guess my first question would be has omar commented on this? >> the answer to that is no. i can't say that anyone has asked her but her response to
5:27 pm
her response -- to every question addressed to her that relates to any of these issues has been a nonresponse and an imputation of bigotry to the person asking it, including to the "star tribune" in their june 23rd story you alluded to. when they asked her about these revelations that come out in the minnesota state campaign finance board investigation that suggested that her marriage to husband number two ahmed nur said elmi was a sham because she'd been filing tax returns wh another man whom she wasn't married to while she was still married to elmi, when the "star tribune" asked her, she implied that the "star tribune" was colluded with power line and its bigoted pursuit of this story, and that's been her approach, her response to this story for the past three years. it's worked well for her so far. and it's really the state
5:28 pm
campaign finance board findings that came out on june 6 last month that initiated this wave of attention to the story regarding the sham marriage she entered into in 2009. she always talks about her faith tradition when she talks about her marriages. but coincidentally, we posted on power line screenshot of her marriage certificate to ahmed elmi, husband number two, and the marriage was performed by a christian minister who signed it. so i have to say when you say there's smoke, there's an awful lot of smoke. ilhan omar's answer to all questions related to this has been a nonresponse, accusations of bigotry. that's her modus operandi. >> tucker: the "star tribune," run by cringing liberals, is a racist organ, then you know were dealing with a high level of b.s. here. what is your view of this? you've looked as closely into this as anybody. do you believe that she was
5:29 pm
involved in a sham marriage to her biological brother. >> the sham marriage part i would put at a 98% level of certainty. that's my view. the marriage to her brother part i would put at about a 90% level of certainty. i would urge your viewers to take a look at david steinberg's incredible piece of investigative journalism that we published on power line this morning. david lays out a variety of evidence, photographic, social media posts, interviews and the like showing the family relationships. reconstructing her original family, including that siblings in the united kingdom. they include ahmed elmi, whom she married in the year 2009. and who has returned to the united kingdom. the really have to see this with your own eyes to see how much substance there is to the story. i think there's a a lot of substance. >> tucker: i agree with that completely. this is not something that can be dismissed as a conspiracy
5:30 pm
theory or some right-wing nonsense. this is absolutely real, link live on the "tucker carlson tonight" facebook page and we help our viewers will check it out. scott johnson, thank you very much. will talk to you again. good to see you. >> thank you for your interest in the story. >> tucker: amazing story. katie pavlich is an editor at yesterday she tweeted this point which is a good point "the beltway a new york media really want to hammer traversing he heard ilhan omar married her brother but they would accept a cover the story." [laughs] absolutely solid point. katie pavlich joins us tonight. katie, you've got a better sense of how much coverage the story has received. any? >> in terms of coverage, you see the white house press corps, including jim acosta, coming to ilhan omar's defense yesterday when the president raise this point which is that journalists were just laid on all the evidence they found that certainly deserves further inspection.
5:31 pm
jim acosta says because ilhan omar is denied it and accuse anyone who asks questions about it of bigotry and islamaphobia and of misogyny, that it's over. there's nothing to talk about. tucker, this is not about ilhan omar's personal life. she wanted to be about that. she's saying you're interested my personal life, my marriages. this is about potential fraud that she's engaged in with filing tax returns while she was married legally to one man and not legally married to another. that's illegal. there is a number of questions about the paperwork that she filed in terms of her divorce, saying that in 2011 she had no idea where the man she was married to was. she had no way to get in touch with him and yet there are photos of them together post 2011. and so this isn't just about attacking ilhan omar, she wanted him to think it is, on a personal level because we just don't like where she's from or the color of her skin. it's based on the idea that journalists are supposed to be looking out for the interest of the american people. and for the people that
5:32 pm
ilhan omar serves in her district. instead, they are covering for her and calling the journalist on the ground we've actually looked into this conservative activists instead of taking them seriously. >> tucker: exactly. she said she was married and her faith tradition but she was married by a christian minister? she's lying. you'd think people would follow up on that. katie pavlich, thank you so much. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: good to see you tonight. the creepy lawyer should be worried about a lengthy stay ins making new claims about the 2016 election. another great story. plus actor chris pratt just called a racist for wearing a patriotic t-shirt. is anything about america's heritage not racist? dean cain joins us to respond next. prevagen is the number one pharmacist recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere.
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>> tucker: the creepy porn lawyer has a lot to worry about.
5:37 pm
he could be bankrupt soon if he's not already. faces the imminent loss of personal freedom. cnn won't return his calls. we could go on. but he's a fighter who's always looking for more ways to brawl, more fights. the creepy porn lawyer was fired by stormy daniels months ago for allegedly shuttling stealing more than a quarter million dollars from her, stripper, sad. despite that he still held a press conference today to demand indictments for president trump, don jr., even hope hicks. >> we cannot turn a blind eye to this conduct and allow it to be swept under the rug. we are talking about criminal conduct aimed at securing the highest office in the land. >> tucker: criminal conduct aimed at securing the presidenc presidency. creepy porn lawyer. looks can't see themselves in the year. software and is not his strong suit. it used to be easy to remember the things in america that were racist. they were obvious things. burning crosses, wearing white robes, swastikas.
5:38 pm
you get the point. now almost every day something new is being declared racist by whoever decides what's racist. betsy ross is nonracist for the national racist. and now as of this week, one of america's first flags, the gaston flay, the one that reads "don't tread on me," it's been a pro liberty symbol for almost 250 years but when actor chris pratt wore a shirt with the flag, yahoo which is the sort of news organization, ran an article suggesting that shirt choice reflected "white supremacy." dean cain is an actor and star in the recent film "gosnell." we spoke to him and here's what he said. what's going on here? stick always a pleasure, alwaysa pleasure. i'm stunned. i don't know. it's shocking to me. i'm wearing a shirt right now. oh, my gosh. it says coffee or die but it's said join or die in the old days. benjamin franklin political cartoon back in the day.
5:39 pm
there is nothing racist about the gaston flag. it symbolizes liberty and independence and part of the reason they go after chris pratt for that is because chris pratt is a big supporter of our military. he has played navy seals and things of that nature. he was there for the challenge. troops like him and respect him and a lot of our troops like that flag as well. it's nothing but independence and freedom that i can see a thing about it that's racist or white supremacy or anything of that nature. maybe it's because they think he is conservative and they want to attack him. >> tucker: so, i'm sure that's true. i sense a pattern. our earliest flanks, our national anthem, our statues, our history itself, where they are really arguing is that america is a country is legitimate. >> unfortunately that's what they are arguing. we did not have a perfect beginning. no country has. we are striving for a more perfect union. meaning that we were never
5:40 pm
perfect to begin with. we will never be perfect. we will continually try to make it better and better. but just because those things happened in the past -- we are forged from that history. you know, those things shouldn't be taken down. they shouldn't be pooh-poohed, and people can't co-opt them if you don't let them. this flag, it's a big part of our heritage. so many of my friends love the gadsden flag. the "don't tread on me" symbol of the rattlesnake who is eternally vigilant and won't attack you unless provoked, it's a big symbol for the united states and it still is. >> tucker: and for good reason. that's exactly right. but it's easy for you and me to say that. give my opinions for living. you are completely out of the closet. people know what your views are. you've taken your lumps already. people like chris pratt who aren't explicitly political, it's dangerous, isn't it, to be called names? >> in very well could be. portly for me i'm old enough to feel like you know what, doesn't matter to me. i will voice my opinion.
5:41 pm
i'm not racist in any way, shape, or form. i'm not completely white but i've been called a white the premises. i've been called a nazi. i've been called all those things. it's craziness. people are doing that -- people like chris pratt, the guys a major movie star. i think is a fantastic actor, very funny. it could be dangerous for a guy like that. absolutely. and that's not okay. >> tucker: is not okay at all. dean cain, brave man. great is he as always. thank you for coming out tonight. >> happy to. >> tucker: bill clinton says he knew nothing about everest criminal behavior. if there was something creepy going on the plane or molestation island, he had no idea. the connections to the billing or are far greater than widely known. we'll tell you what actually may have transpired just ahead. first, time for final exam. can you be the experts and remembering everywhere thing that happened over the past seven days?
5:42 pm
it's a good one tonight.
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♪ >> tucker: time now for final exam or news professionals compete to see who's been paying the closest attention to everything that's happened over the past seven days. this week's first contestant is the chief meteorologist here at fox, our friend rick reichmuth. how much does he know about things that are not the weather? we are about to find out, as he takes on our defending champion. he is the cost of the five, the host of "watters' world" ," graduate of trinity college in hartford, connecticut, jesse watters, ladies and gentlemen. he's on a winning streak.
5:47 pm
all the others wiped out by waters. can rick reichmuth turn the tide? >> nice analogies. i like it. >> tucker: are you ready, rick? stick a hopefully. >> tucker: i know you know the rules. i'm going to repeat them for the sake of our viewers. hands-on buzzers, i asked the questions in the first one who buzzes and answers the question. you much wait until i finish asking it before you answer. you can answer once acknowledge erasing your name. every correct answer is with a single point. each incorrect answer subtracts a point from your total. best-of-five wins. are you prepared? >> yes. >> tucker: all right, here we go. question one, which democratic presidential candidate says he's willing to take on the president of the united states in a push-up contest? >> oh, my gosh. i know it. i know it. >> former president joe biden. >> tucker: is jesse watters
5:48 pm
correct? is it joe biden? >> joe biden's here in iowa saying that he might tell the president to drop and give him 10 if the president ever questions joe biden's mental or physical capabilities. >> i was waiting -- >> come donald. come on, man. how many push-ups do you want to do here? >> tucker: in other, joe biden is trying to prove he's not senile by challenging trump to a push-up contest. i'm not weighing in on that but jesse watters, you knew the answer. 1-0. question two multiple choice. wait until all options are presented. millions of people all over the world are now using the bizarre app that takes a photo of you and ages you buy 50 years. what is the name of the app? a, face app? b come along in the tooth app. c, no spring chicken app. ricky. >> face app. i didn't fall for it. >> tucker: didn't fall for.
5:49 pm
is it face app? stick with the internet sensation called face app taking over social media in just the lt 24 hours. celebs like dwyane wade and lebron james, the jonas brothers, kevin hart all posting their face app picks, a preview of what you might look like in 50 years. bingo. the recent popularity making at the top trending app in the itunes app store. >> tucker: it's a merciful app. rick reichmuth, congratulations. moving to question three, another multiple-choice. an event online was calling for people to storm area 51, the military base in nevada, sometimes called nevada. they can find proof of alien life in the air force which runs the bases very concerned, telling people not to come. how many people have signed up for the raid?
5:50 pm
a, over 20,000 people. b come over 50,000. c, over 1 million people. rick. >> over 1 million people. >> tucker: you really think over 1 million people? seems like a lot. let's find out. >> the air force is warning people against storming the top-secret military base. this after more than 1 million people pledged to meet up to "see them aliens." >> uh-oh. i'm nervous. >> tucker: wow. this is amazing. this has not happened. moving into question -- because a lot of us thought jesse watters was unbeatable. now we're moving into question four, two-point question. here it is. which tech billionaire believes he's discovered a way to download the human brain by inserting a micro chip your skull?
5:51 pm
>> elon musk. >> i knew that. >> tucker: is it elon musk? i love the name. >> tesla's chief elon musk wants to hook up your brain. >> he says why not implant chips in your brain so it helps you function better and to battle the artificial intelligence coming your way. >> tucker: that's not creepy or anything, not at all. elon musk sounds like he's in touch. okay. this is crazy. final question, also two points. jesse watters, okay. are you ready? the game show commission in billings, montana, would like us to end on an animal related multiple-choice and so we are. here it is. people in chicago were mesmerized under the alligator was seen hanging out in a city park there. authority spent the better part of a week trying to catch the gator. the reptile became so popular, he received his own nickname. was his nickname a, allie the
5:52 pm
alligator. b, chancey stamper. c, rock the crock. >> my buzzer! >> chance the snapper. >> tucker: was it chance the snapper question marks to go the alligator on the loose in the chicago park first spotted a week ago. >> the gator so popular it even has nickname. chance the snapper. not taking any chances, bringing in an expert from florida to help find and catch the cold-blooded intruder. >> walk around the whole park. catch the alligator. trying to catch him all week. it's ridiculous. >> i can't believe it. >> tucker: rick reichmuth. jesse watters, you have been -- i never thought you were going to be dethroned but it just happened. congratulations, rick. >> ! unbelievable! >> tucker: we are fresh out of our traditional erik wemple mug.
5:53 pm
we have a polo shirt for you, rick reichmuth, after getting the weatherman umbrella for you, i'm happy to have it on their website. rick reichmuth. >> a nice run. >> great to see you both. >> tucker: congratulations. see you next week. that's it for this week's final exam. a close attention to everything where that happens over the past seven days. see you next thursday. we'll be right back. (woman) somebody would ask her something and she would just walk right
5:54 pm
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>> tucker: since jeffrey epstein was arrested for a creepy illegal behavior with children, bill clinton has no knowledge of him doing any of this. and yet, bill clinton took 26 flights at least on jeffrey epstein's private airplane. and on some of those flights no secret service was present. is it plausible that bill clinton had no idea what was going on? daniel halford is the author of
5:58 pm
"clinton inc." and knows a lot about the subject. thank you for joining us. is it plausible, simple question that the former president did not know what jeffrey epstein was up to? >> it seems very unlikely. and obviously at some point he did know, bill clinton, what we know is what bill clinton spokesperson has admitted, they had four foreign trips. they met in each others -- in bill clinton's office and in jeffrey epstein's mansion where some of the allegations of abuse appear to have taken place. and they also, uncovered a time when they met in 1995 which bill clinton's staff did not admit to, so it seems like this was rampant in jeffrey epstein's social circle and seems unlikely that anybody associated with him could not know. >> tucker: is there any other explanation? has bill clinton talked about why he spent so much time with
5:59 pm
jeffrey epstein? >> jeffrey epstein was giving him money, he got $25,000 to the clinton foundation, he said that he helped devise the clinton initiative and post-presidency plans. we know that there are other connections that was not just necessary to have fun, but perhaps as well. it is worth exploring. to the funny thing is we have known about this for a long time. jeffrey epstein was first busted in 2006. all of a sudden now is when they are asking questions. how the president trump is an office and a way to get president trump. this guy deserves everything that is coming to him, probably more just based on what he has admitted before and what the charges are against him. but it is also in this case seems funny that the target is not epstein. the interest in the media and social circles tend to be on the president once again. >> it is also fraudulent. everything is. when you start to realize that, it is dispiriting.
6:00 pm
daniel halper, thanks for being here. great to see you. we will be back tomorrow night, apm, the show that it is a sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. sworn and cheerful enemy, we hope. have a great evening, as we always say, buckle up, sean hannity is next. >> sean: ra, tucker, great show as always, everybody, buckle up. welcome to "hannity." we are tracking multiple breaking news stories including a bombshell for new discovery from judicial watch showing what is a possible link between obama and officials and the russia collusion witch hunt in the fall of 2016. this is big news, what have we been saying? what did obama know, what did biden know? when did they know it? we will have the latest on on e radical anti's medical lawmakers that are running the show of the democratic party. but first big news out of the persian gulf prior to today the president announced a u.s. navy ship destroyed a uranium drone over the streets of orman's. the room. a look. speak of box


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