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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 19, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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you are our midnight hero. it has been quite a show. sorry about the baby shark music. most trusted and most grateful you spent the evening with us. good might from washington. i am mike emanuel. >> good morning. it is friday, july 19th. happening at 4:00 on the east coast of fox news, us warship bringing down an iranian drone in the strait of all news but the regime denied it ever happened. what does this mean in the political chess match to avoid war? acting dhs secretary standing his ground in defense of border agents. >> you feel you are doing a great job. >> we are doing our level best. >> what does that mean when a child is sitting in their own feces? >> the fiery hearing on capitol
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hill and the shocking new members in the fight to secure our borders. >> this is headed for extinction. >> not today. >> what do you think about this? the top gun sql trailer that has fans flying high? "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning to you. working for the weekend. it is friday. let's say the weekend is here or act like it. you are watching "fox and
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friends first," always appreciate it. let's get to our top story, fox news alert. iran denying the us shot down one of its drones over international waters as tensions reach a fever pitch, this comes hours after donald trump confirmed the attack. aishah hasnie breaks it down. >> the country denying any strike down. the deputy foreign minister said we have not lost any drone in the strait of hormuz nor anywhere else. i am worried they shot down their own spy by mistake. the president telling a different story saying at 10:00 local time thursday an iranian drone was spotted within 1000 yards of a warship in the strait of hormuz, the drone apparently ignored repeated calls to stand down and that is when marines
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took it down themselves using electronic jamming equipment. a pentagon spokesman said the ship took defense of action against the you have to ensure the safety of the ship and its crew. the president is calling on the rest of the world to help protect the gulf. >> the united states reserves the right to defend our personnel, facilities and interests. it calls upon all nations to condemn iran's attempts to disrupt freedom of navigation and global commerce. >> this, tensions after iran shot down a us drone on june 20th any claims crossed into territory lines in the country on sunday captured a foreign tanker. this is video from that, claiming the crew of 12 was smuggling oil. the state department demanding the release of that crew. iran must cease this illicit activity they say and release
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the reportedly seized crew and vessel immediately. the strait of hormuz is the only see passageway for a good chunk of the world's oil so this continues. >> we appreciate it. to another fox news alert, tourists be where. isis is fallowing to spread terror in tunisia. that her group calling on its followers to launch deadly attacks at the peak of tourist season in a new propaganda video. this comes just weeks after two suicide bombings right tunisia's capital killing an officer and a civilian and in 2015 the group was behind two massive attacks killing 60 people, one targeting popular museum. an american citizen suspected of joining isis is now in the us to be prosecuted for allegedly fighting in syria.
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it is unclear where they are being held, the us has led a global push to have more isis fighters sent to their home countries to face trial. at least 13 of the ms 13 gaining members charged in a series of brutal killings had current deportation orders. five were trying to use our silent system to stay in the country that according to acting director of us citizenship and immigration services. >> it is very hard to reconcile the same cities that scream at ice for enforcing the law doing their job are the same ones who harbor these folks, many of whom are just evil and vicious people. >> reporter: 22 ms 13 gaining members were charged in connection to 7 murders in california nearly all of them were here illegally. acting homeland security
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secretary kevin mclean and standing his ground to fiery democrats on capitol hill over issues at the border. griff jenkins joins us with the grilling. >> reporter: the hottest seat in washington with the acting chief pushing back on democrat attacks the case that despite overwhelming challenges and lack of congressional support the dhs made significant strides in securing the border and protecting migrants but an unsatisfied chairman elijah cummings/doubt. >> you feel you're doing a great job is that what you're saying? >> we are doing our level best. >> what does that mean when a child is sitting in their own feces, cans take a shower, come on, man! what is that about? none of us would have our children in that position! >> the committee, 8000 migrants
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have been encountered crossing illegally since october 1st and reduce the number of unaccompanied children from 2700 down to 350 with an average fewer than 35 hours in cvp custody. >> despite the scale of the challenge we face and failure to legislation that would have prevented and could end this crisis dhs has made significant strides to secure the border and better protect the health and safety of migrants in our custody. >> afterwards we caught up with the chairman expressed cautious optimism that things are moving in the right direction. >> i think the secretary has gotten the picture. we must do better. we have no choice but to do better. >> next up expect to hear from senate democrats, chuck schumer is leading a delegation of a dozen democrats to tour the southern border and migrant facilities today in texas. a press conference this afternoon is expected.
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shannon: cautious optimism. appreciate it. another big story. congresswoman ilhan omar defending the right to boycott israel by citing the holocaust was a resolution to recognize boycotts as free-speech, omar rights in part americans have a proud history of participating in boycotts. to advocate for human rights abroad including boycotting nazi germany in response to the dehumanization of the jewish people in the lead up to the holocaust. omar's resolution does not mention israel by name but she later called it an opportunity to support the boycott and sanctions movement against the jewish nation. meanwhile donald trump is sounding off on this controversial chant at his rally about congresswoman ilhan omar. [chanting] >> sent her back, send her back, center back.
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>> reporter: the president disavowing the chant at the white house. >> i disagree with it by the way. >> you will tell your supporters -- >> i was not happy with it. i disagree with it. but again i didn't say that, they did. but i disagree with it. heather: the chant fast coming after he talked about several un-american actions from the democratic squad at the rally. mark levin had a fiery response saying it is clear the radical democrats hate the president because he loves america. >> they hate the president because he has two strikes against him. he loves america and he is the greatest president that israel has ever seen. recognizing their capital in jerusalem, moving our embassy to jerusalem, recognizing sovereignty of israel over the
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golan heights, kicking the plo out of our country, cutting off funds for terrorists linked to the palestinian authority and it is driving these 3 anti-semites nuts. >> back in march congresswoman omar's controversial comments about israel spark backlash from both parties, the house passed a broad resolution condemning hate including anti-semitism and anti-muslim bias. it did not condemn her comments specifically. sad news to share for you, two fdny heroes who responded to the 9/11 terror attacks have died. richard driscoll and kevin nolan both are coming to illnesses linked to ground 0. driscoll becomes the 200th new york firefighters die. the vietnam veteran recognized for his bravery 5 times over his career, his 32 year career, he was 73. nolan described as wonderful and extremely popular leaves behind a wife and three children, he was just 58.
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the tragic death come as senators reach a deal to vote next week on a bill that would ensure the 9/11 compensation fund never runs out of money. a final goodbye for an american hero, 3000 people attending a vietnam that's funeral after an intern invited them. drew mikell working at a michigan funeral home learned wayne wilson passed away with no family so put out a call on facebook inviting anyone and everyone to pay their respects. wilson was buried with full military honors. i love what americans can do when they come together. a fox news alert, iran denying the us shot down one of its drones just hours after donald trump made that announcement. so what really happened? vice president james cara fano joins us live up next and you don't have to grow up, toys "r quote us is coming back with a big change.
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>> back with a fox news alert iran denying a us warship brought down one of its jones in the strait of hormuz. what does this mean in the political chess match to avoid war as tensions escalate. the task the heritage foundation's james cara final. thanks for joining us. what is your response to this latest news coming out this morning that iran is denying this happened? >> i don't have classified intelligence. we just have to look at what we know. this is common iranian activity for their drones to buzz u.s. navy ships.
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we also know the ships will protect themselves. if you remember bishop that was attacked in yemen or the us naval personnel taken hostage by the iranian's. the craft, close to the united states it will defend itself and has the capability to do that. unlikely to be mistaken for something else. >> mistaken for one of our own? that is what they are trying to claim. what we did is use a jamming device. they are saying we shot down one of our own. >> here is the scenario. we shot down our own drone and called the president of the united states and tell and we shot down an iranian drone. that's what a navy officer is going to do. why would the iranian's denied it happened? the simple logical answer is they are not interested in escalating the conflict. you always want to look tough. so you just unite you had one and don't have to hit the guy back.
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heather: they are not interested in escalating the situation when they have had so many incidents of the past month where they have, these oil tankers, two in the last couple days. >> the way i look at it is if you look at this activity it is activity of the time. not like we are climbing the escalation latter. we are -- they are doing the same thing which is typical iranian behavior. we want to look tough because we don't want to appear to be a pushover but they are not interested in war with the united states. heather: iran's leader, you say they expect donald trump will be reelected which could prompt them to make a new deal. how would that happen? >> one of the things we're looking at is if iranian's --
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they are not going to deal with trump now, they might have secret talks but if trump got reelected and they had to go to the table the iranian's would want something to go to the table with. they don't have a lot of cards to play so by enriching uranium that is something they can negotiate with but by trying to interfere with shipping, that is something to negotiate away. looks like they are stacking cards to have something to play with. heather: you don't think they are telling the truth when they say they are not willing to go back to the table and the sanctions are lifted? >> i believe they would like that but i think the likelihood of the us lifting sanctions before negotiations begin are 0. iran and north korea are two parts of the same debate. when we do something with the north koreans, iranian's look at that, the north koreans brought sanctions lifted. you have to be proportional with both and if we play tough with north korea were going to play tough with them. >> what do we do in terms of the iran deal so we don't end up with the same thing president obama had on the table which
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donald trump pulled us out of because they were not following among other things? >> the iranian suffered one potential path forward which they said maybe we can go back to the iran deal with some additional protocols. if there are protocols on ballistic missiles and other activities, some of the 12 things mike pompeo laid out in his requirement for what we would need for a deal maybe we wouldn't have to rewrite a whole new deal. that's a possibility. heather: thank you so much. the time is 19 minutes after the top of the hour and it was 50 years ago the us landed on the moon. it is one of humanity's greatest achievements but according to the new york times it wasn't inclusive enough. carly shimkus has the growing outrage online. ♪ your home's value.
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thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
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>> mark a rubio slamming democrats for what he calls selective outrage when it comes to donald trump. >> the president says something and people cringe but the other side, left-wing politicians, people in the media go crazy with their outrage, can't even pass a resolution condemning anti-semitism by itself. heather: carly shimkus here with the online reaction and there is a lot. carley: center rubio accusing democrats of feigning outrage and they throw around the word racism too much. there's a lot of reaction coming
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in on donald trump's fight with the squad and everybody blaming donald trump or the squad and a lot of people saying let's focus on the issues. let's look at this instagram user who is saying many americans are tired of congress passing condemnation resolution does nothing for citizens. it is not what i believe the majority of the people elected them for which seems to be spending time doing nothing. another instagram user says you are absolutely correct, democrats condemn the president but failed to condemn antifa for their acts of terror. they could be talking about a number of things. senator rubio pointed out when president obama said illegal immigrants can't cross the border nobody said anything, donald trump does -- >> continually talk about that and a bit later in the show, very interesting, stay tuned.
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so america's lack of diversity when it came to landing on the moon? what is this about? >> ahead of the 50th anniversary of the apollo moon landing the new york times came out with an interesting piece criticizing the us space program saying the space race was a prime opportunity to signal the commitment to equality after putting the first man in space in 1961 the soviets went on to send the first woman, first asian man and first black man into orbit years before the americans would follow suit. he is the key. under socialism a person of even the humblest origins can make it all the way up. i wonder who that person is going to vote for. >> it is friday, let's talk about something fun. they remake a lot of movies. look at this witness with their remaking. >> you should be at least a 2
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star admiral by now yet here you are captain. what is that? >> it is one of life's mysteries, sir. >> top gun maverick. it has been 33 years since the original top gun. a movie that i haven't seen. i have not seen it. i think i'm going to watch it this weekend because everybody is talking about the sql, top gun and tom cruise with the top trending topics on twitter. >> do we know when it is coming out? >> i should know that. let us now. they may not have a release date yet. the time is 26 after the top of the hour, 14 americans dead in the dominican republic and the island nation is taking action. the new plan to ensure safety and the trial of navy seal eddie gallagher captured our nation's
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attention. his defense attorney sounding the alarm after winning an acquittal. >> i think the command, in cis, they have to take a hard look at themselves. >> reporter: he joins us up next, he wants to rejoin the navy and he will explain why. don't miss the fox square all morning long, the all-american summer concert series.
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>> you are watching "fox and friends first". a look at the top stories this morning, iran now says the us did not shoot down its drone in the strait of hormuz, that denial comes hours after donald trump says the uss boxer took defensive action when a drone
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came within 1000 yards of the warship. mike pompeo, a counterterrorism the summit, the visit coincides with the 25th anniversary of the jewish community center bombing that killed 85 people. mike pompeo hopes the summit will form a common front with other governments to fight against militant groups in the middle east. and nasa celebrating the apollo 11/50 anniversary at cape canaveral with a webcast so that information's heroes in looking at future project. in dc the smithsonian will unveil a recap of the mission projected on a 40 foot wide screen at the washington memorial. the show will be held tonight and tomorrow. look at that, beautiful site. an update on this story. the dominican republic offering new safety measures after a string of tourists deaths, the taurus ministry will require hotels to detail their food
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handling protocols and suppliers and clearly post the information in every guest room. it also will set up an emergency center to help tourists connect with their families and government as 14 american tourists have died since last summer. this week former president bill clinton was seen vacationing on the island and enjoying a round of golf. hopefully he will be okay. mexico is not ready to sign off on a deal out of monday's deadline. we talked about this was according to the mexican ambassador to washington they disagree on the deal requiring asylum-seekers to seek a safe haven in mexico. also urging the us to speed up asylum claims. next week mike pompeo is expected to meet with mexican foreign minister in mexico city to discuss migration and trade.
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oral arguments set for today in the dnc's case claiming russian spies and the trump campaign conspired to distribute 2016 election. the lawsuit claims a number of foreign actors and associates of the trump campaign. the dnc claiming the president -- tuition associates provided a, quote, fertile ground for conspiracy. that is not over yet. the lineup for the second round of the democratic debate, round 2 at the end of this month is officially out, one in detroit will feature elizabeth born, bernie sanders, pete buttigieg and beto o'rourke. montana governor steve bullock replacing eric swallow who dropped out of the race earlier this month. and joe biden, kamala harris will have another chance to go head to head for night 2, corey book rental diblasio also in the second round, five candidates did not qualify.
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the drawing randomized by cnn. the war crimes trial of navy seal eddie gallagher captured our nation's attention. his defense attorney who helped him win acquittal of murdering and isis fighter sounded this alarm after the verdict. >> i think the command in cls, they have to take a look at themselves and how they need to reorganize and redo business in the future. >> they want to rejoin the navy reserve to help restore faith in military justice system and he joins me live to talk about that. thank you for joining us. let us recap what happened in terms of the gallagher case, found not guilty on all charges except one. >> he was found guilty of being in a photograph which is
1:35 am
something we admitted from the beginning, that there was a photo but the big issue is he was charged with attempted murder and all these things they could have avoided if they did a proper investigation, if the prosecutors went through and properly evaluated the case, interview the witnesses and prepared -- there were a lot of surprises that came out that shouldn't have happened. >> how long have you been out first of all? >> since 2013. >> going back in the reserves, how is that going to help change things? do you hope to do? >> it is a very insular community where everybody comes up through the navy just to school and it is all part of the same small group and so somebody coming in from the outside in a reserve capacity to teach and mentor these attorneys, to really show them there is another way of doing things, you don't have to follow the same
1:36 am
simple checklist, simple protocols and checklist. there's other ways to do things that are much better and you have an ethical obligation to do certain things as prosecutor, sending his defense attorney and a lot of these guys come young men and women are very smart people, very talented but they don't have the tools available. >> i know one of the issues discussed in terms of any gallagher's case was a difference in generations so do you think they will listen to you? >> i don't know. it is one of those things where i am making the offer. i saw a lot of things that can change on an institutional level. i would like to get in and help, are they willing to accept the help? the navy leadership? i don't know. if you look at a lot of the things prosecutors have done in this case and afterwards i don't think they are willing to admit they made any mistakes. >> one of your most troubling
1:37 am
statements was that you had fears for law-abiding war fighters. >> absolutely and that is something that has been a long-standing problem about the divide between attorneys in the military and the operating forces. when our men and women deploy they need to have confidence that what they do in combat we will back them up and if they make a mistake we are not going to just have in cis go crazy and try to put them in jail the rest of their lives. this case only deepened the divide by showing these forces if you make a decision in combat that we disagree with or there is a political reason we are going to try to put you in jail for life. >> when will you find out if you're going back to q >> there is no timeframe. >> you just make the offer. >> making the offer. they have an instruction that allows them to bring somebody like me in but they don't actually have a program in place to do it so it would require
1:38 am
somebody at higher levels to say this is a good idea, this is good for the navy. >> sounds like a good idea so hopefully someone is watching or listening and they will do that. great to have you with us and congratulations. the time is 3 minutes until the top of the our. house democrats are celebrity their passage of a $15 minimum wage but at what cost to give the devastating impact this could have on american business owners as the bill moves on in washington was a look at whether across the country, it is going to be hot hot hot. stay with us. need cash? at newday, veteran homeowners can get $54,000 dollars or more to consolidate high rate credit card debt and lower their payments by $600 every month.
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>> america's workers deserve a raise. >> a promise will be kept. >> the house approved raising
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the minimum wage to $15 an hour. tracy carrasco from foxbusiness is here with the impact. it sounds like a good idea. >> this is the first time minimum wage workers would get a pay increase in about a decade. the current rate is $7.25, that would go up to $15 an hour and tipped workers would see a dramatic increase from $2 and $13 an hour to now $15 an hour. a report from the nonpartisan congressional budget office did predict approximately 30 million people would see higher earnings as a result of the bill bringing 1 million people out of poverty. however, 1.3 million jobs could be lost because of this. a number of small business owners speaking out saying it could definitely hurt their business but this is unlikely to
1:43 am
become law. he would need to go to the senate which is controlled by republicans. griff: we will see. one business that was having problems, toys "r quote us is planning a come back. >> a small comeback, two toys "r quote us stores will be opening, when in houston, texas, the other in the garden state plaza in new jersey so this small comeback, they are launching 6500 square-foot stores compared to their 30,000 square-foot stores they previously had. you can see definitely a smaller scale, interactive stores but something different they are doing based on the consignment model so toyslawmakers will pay for the space in the store and then whatever sales they get so they are starting with these two stores and opening other stores in asia, europe, india as well and other stores globally, not in the us anymore.
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heather: glad they are back. let's talk about this. cell phones posing a dangerous threat to some airplanes. the government raising the alarm itself runs and other electronics could shutdown a critical pilot system leading to loss of control and potential crashes. bloomberg report hundreds of planes are still being flown with that risk. several airlines have started addressing the issue with a november deadline to replace the system. that is concerning. are you trying to slim down for summer? summer is already here. success may depend on where you live. >> because i am unhappy. i am unhappy because i can eat. >> west virginia considered the most obese state in the country. a new report analyzes data from
1:45 am
the cdc to find the highest percentage of adult struggling with obesity and west virginia takes the top spot with 38% of its population in 2017 considered obese followed by mississippi, oklahoma, iowa and alabama. a little bit past the hour. coming up, college students reacting to presidential remarks on immigration. >> we are a nation of laws, document and workers need to be held accountable. >> the policy comes from a place of white american nationalism. >> they only called it racist when they thought it came from donald trump. students have been pressured into believing anything this administration does is evil and he joins us with how he exposed the indoctrination. what's going on up here? can't see what it is yet.
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>> students at georgetown university reacting to what they think is a quote from donald trump about immigration. >> making the rounds on social media about the deportation of criminal illegal aliens. we are a nation of laws. undocumented workers must be held accountable especially those who may be dangerous. >> i think that policy comes from a place of white american nationalism. >> donald trump has embraced this rhetoric of racism and xena phobia. >> really awful. heather: what they did not know is it was from former president
1:50 am
obama and joining us is campus reform media director cabot phillips. remarkable stuff. >> i never even said this is a presidential quote. i said this is a quote from a president and everyone assumed it was donald trump. i feel that over 100 campuses with the leadership institute campus reform. every day in class the students are pushed with anything trumpeted must be evil and racist and anything obama did musty logical and compassionate and helping people. watch the reactions when i told him this was an obama quote from 2014. >> i will show you the person who said that quote. is that surprising? >> a little bit. >> wise that surprising? >> i thought it was the trump administration. >> didn't expect it to be obama. >> do you think it is a practice of white nationalism to deport criminal illegal aliens? >> the way trump is doing it is. >> obama deported more people. and practice there was more from
1:51 am
obama. >> what is your question? >> it shows the hypocrisy of politics, one person says something 5 years ago and next thing you know it doesn't apply to them anymore. >> reporter: it shows how quickly the left is radicalized on immigration. 5 years ago it was reasonable for a democrat leader to say if you're here illegally and broke other laws it doesn't make sense for you to continue to live in this country and now 5 years later the policy goes for reasonable to resist. the left created an environment where your pro-illegal immigration or you are anti-immigrant. that is not what our country is about. >> they won't believe when they see the images, several people, the pictures that have been released originally attributed to donald trump, the children and the enclosures and they were actually president obama. >> reporter: it is a double
1:52 am
standard and i think it is disappearing -- doing a disservice to the next generation not telling them what is going on and any time something happens people think this is the first time this ever happened, donald trump doing things that have never been this bad. it is not a fair shake down of history and there is room for moderation. the starting point, to allow them to break the wall and not do anything about it. that sounds reasonable. maybe i'm not getting a fair shake down. heather: we need to make changes to fix it for years and years and years. it falls on republicans and democrats not getting it done. donald trump is trying to do something. >> we are looking at the world social pressure plays in this,
1:53 am
the second anyone has conversations about what we are going to do when it comes to deportation, and the immediate rhetoric being lobbed at you by democrats. and that is not the case. and broken extra laws and social pressure, hundreds of interviews, and look around. they don't want to face pressure from our peers or seem they are doing anything. heather: we are not talking illegal immigrants, illegal immigrants. 8 minutes, until the top of the hour and the conservative commentator was stripped of her
1:54 am
title because, swift back lash. homer in order for one day. the priceless reaction when his son tosses the ball onto the field. ♪ you must not know about me ♪ you must not know about me ♪ for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
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i/p ú:]÷ug< ♪ >> the miss world america organization is tripping a
1:58 am
conservative activist of the miss michigan title over social media posts. university of michigan student sharing a message she received from the director will make your social media accounts contain offensive, inattentive and inappropriate content and in violation of rules and conditions was one of the posts in question is about refusing to try on a he job during an event at her college. he responded, quote, the people of nwa implying they advocate the punishment of women who refuse to wear her job. the director till the 20-year-old to return it and the crown. much more to come on that. texas governor greg abbott is ready to eat more chicken. >> the save chick-fil-a legislation is a victory for religious freedom in texas. chick-fil-a bill is now law in texas.
1:59 am
>> the new save chick-fil-a law bans the government from punishing a business or person for their support of a religious group. chick-fil-a has come under 5 are donating to charities that oppose same-sex marriage. love chick-fil-a. now it is time for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first the good. nfl draft the paying his mom back with the ultimate surprise. heather: buying his mother a home saying he dreamed of doing it since he was 8. a british airline building a woman over $100,000 after she tried to open the door midflight. she was screaming i will kill you all before being restrained
2:00 am
by passengers and crew, escorting the turkey bound flight to london, the bill covers airport charges. the ugly. dad is shocked after someone throws a home run ball onto the field. fans getting hold of the ball in a game against the angels was the ball never made it to the field. it was returned to the boy. thank you for joining us, have a great weekend. "fox and friends" continues right now. jillian: iran now denying their drones shot down by a us warship in the strait of hormuz in what donald trump call the defense of measure against the rogue regime. rob: are simmering tensions about to reach a boiling point. we have the breaking developments. >> people in the media go crazy with their outrage. they couldn't pass a resolution condemning anti-semitism by itself.


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