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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 19, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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water. that's it for the "special report." wednesday complete coverage of the mueller hearings with my friend and colleague martha maccallum who has the "story" right now. >> martha: looking forward to that. see you on wednesday everybody else stick around. a big show tonight. the president said we need to go to the moon and then to mars and it's not just about exploration. >> we are going to the moon, but then we are going to mars. and importantly and all of you folks know from a standpoint of defense, it's so important. we will be doing a space force. that's where it's at. >> martha: surrounded by apollo-11 astronauts. in a world of drones it's not hard to imagine there may be battles in space the kind we have seen only in the movies.
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when jfk wanted to get to the moon it was road trip in american values and communism. today many think the biggest threat is from china. it's not limited to this world. this piece today in the "new york post" said the biggest threat to america's exclusive hold of man's mission to the moon is china. and look at this. a survey of children 8 to 12 in the united states and china. the findings are depressing. in the u.s., one-third said that their top career aspiration is to be a youtube blogger. a professional blogger. in china more than half of the kids want to be astronauts. it's the number 1 choice in china.
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now buzz aldrin fell in love with airplanes and flying to the moon when he was just a boy. graduated from west point and went on to the air force and got his doctorate from mi t and did 4 space walks totaling 8 hours in space. 50 years ago tomorrow the world held its breath and watched as he and neil armstrong and michael collins were the first men to land on the moon. he spent his life inspiring americans to go further in space and founded a technology company to do that. he is an american hero and a space pioneer. buzz aldrin thank you very much for being on the "story" tonight. >> thank you. i have looked forward to this. >> martha: it's wonderful to have you here tonight. watching your moments in the oval office today. you said that you are frankly disappointed when you look back
4:03 pm
at the last 10 to 15 years of nsa. nasa. can you explain? >> well, i think we just have not developed the highest performance, rockets and the appropriate spacecraft that we should have to be able to carry out of the challenges that we have and are facing. we have to deal with what we have. we will make the very most of it and i think i can contribute ideas to help it come out very, very well. >> martha: give me just one of those. if you could change one thing about the current space program or financing, what would it be? >> well, i think we need to go from earth orbit to lunar orbit
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and back and forth rather than a gateway. i think that's a diversion -- we are forced into it because of the lack of performance of the large rocket and the heavy spacecraft. but if we were to use 2 rockets and provide the propulsion and take the spacecraft to the moon, then we could go back and forth between orbit and the other. with a very capable fuelling on the surface, we would be learning step-by-step the sort of things that in 5 to 15 years will enable us to get to mars. >> martha: sorry to interrupt. you are anxious to step on the gas pedal. listen to this back and forth today between all of you in the oval office and then i want your
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thoughts. >> to get to the mars you have to land on the moon they say. any way of going directly without landing on the moon? >> well, we will use the moon as a proving ground. when we go to mars, we will have to be there for a long period of time. we have to learn to live and work on another planet. >> how long the trip to mars? >> 7 month journey there. the challenge is earth and mars are only the same side of the sun once every 26 months. >> what do you think? >> we come back and try again. >> yes. how do you feel about it? >> mars direct. >> you like it direct? >> yes. >> it seems to me mars direct. who knows better than these people? >> martha: when there is a controversial subject the president does a master play. we gets everybody to weigh in. michael collins said no, mars
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direct. what do you think? >> well, anything can be done. it's so much more logical to learn all of the steps that need to be taken at the moon, all of the conditions, the resources. the life support systems. all of the things that you would like to know before you set out to be staying maybe your whole life once you get to mars. we could learn all of these things. besides other nations could help us because they want to go back to the moon and we could share the costs and build a true alliance of all of the capabilities and hopefully plan to go there. it would not be at all helpful to be competing for the moon or
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mars. that's very wasteful. above the atmosphere and into orbit all nations can and should cooperate together and learn how we can work and help each other and take care of what is found underneath us. this is where all of the people are. we are out there and we can explore but we need to do that together. >> martha: the survey and so many kids in america want to youtube stars and kids in china want to be astronauts. your thoughts? >> i am not too surprised. 50 years ago, being an astronaut was a new thing to do. it's certainly a new thing for people in china to think about doing that.
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it's a tribute to their imagination of wanting to do that. if we lost that, that's why these 5 decades of apollo is trying to inspire what this nation did 50 years ago and we will get caught up again can being able to do things of that inspiration. >> martha: i hope you are right. reach for the stars is a great book i read to my boys when they were little. buzz aldrin, thank you very much. good to you have here tonight. buzz aldrin will be back first thing tomorrow morning with neil cavuto on the official anniversary of the landing. my next guest wrote about the apollo-11 in american moon shot, john f.kennedy and the great space race." i thought the whole oval office meeting was fascinating. you watched the debate about
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what the next move should be to mars or to the moon. what did you think about that and the things he said there? very interesting. >> well, really interesting and congratulations to getting to spend time with buzz aldrin. just one of the great americans. >> martha: absolutely. >> as is michael collins. it was interesting. because you saw in the oval office the debate we are having on the 50th anniversary. we want to pioneer space exploration. to go back to the moon in 5 to 8 years and make a base camp there. we have people in the private sector like bezos suggesting that. will the moon excite people again? we have already been there.
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many say lets aim for mars. and michael collins is a mars person. that's also what elon musk is suggesting. we are all talking about moon and mars. the question is what is your next big move? >> martha: looking at all of the other countries try to get to the moon -- india and israel and china -- does it feel like these other countries are trying hard too get into this space? that we are delayed in our next move? >> i think we are a little bit delayed. china went to the dark side of the moon. it's a big deal. it's a rage in china. there are other countries like israeli and egypt and brazil and italy that have been participating in things like the international space station. they would love to partner with the united states like buzz aldrin was suggesting.
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japan of course. i don't know if we can afford to go it alone to mars. it might be a group of nations working together. but if china gets too aggressive in space, it might be a new spur the way the soviet union was for the john f. kennedy era. can we beat china in space exploration? the key is to not militarize but do it in the name of peace and public discovery. >> martha: you heard that loud and clear in what buzz aldrin said. that was very profound and interesting. just thinking about going to mars. anybody who grew up watching the space program, it's in our neighborhood compared to go to mars which is a 7 month trip. as buzz aldrin said, if you go you might not be coming back. we might only have a plan where you go and stay perhaps forever.
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>> that's something that nasa hasn't allergic to. we in the united states want to bring our astronauts back alive. the laboratory in cal-tech pasadena is doing amazing work. we can look at the mars rover. but we don't want to send a robot to mars. we want to send human beings. the timetable is tricky. i have done my own investigation and most people feel by 2040 mars is doable if we focus on that right now. that might seem like a long time, but 20 years goes quickly. >> martha: it does. thank you very much. neil armstrong and buzz aldrin and michael collins began their historic mission from cape canaveral, florida.
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this is the daughter of 2 astronauts. i wanted to ask you about is this a lot of pieces on the newspapers and the internet. blaming nasa saying it was designed for men. let's put this up on the board from the "new york times": it was designed by men and for men. your thoughts on that? >> i think it's important to remember that this was not a nasa problem. this was a culture problem. this was the 1960s. back then, women could not become fighter pilots and that's where nasa was pulling the astronaut candidates from. this was not a nasa problem. it's unfair to frame it as that
4:14 pm
now. as far the space suits we heard about. the first all female space walk that was supposed to take place earlier this year. that was an issue that comes from money. nasa would love to have suits in every size to fit men and women. they are dealing with a handful of space suits that are 40 years old. in the american people have a problem with it, congress needs to give them more money to get new space suits. >> martha: put their money where their mouth is. your mom withdraw a space pioneer. the first mom to go into space? >> yes and the 4th american woman to go into space. i talked to her earler today and she reminded me when she joined the astronaut program in 1978. they went to a department store
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and bought baggy clothes to be one of the guys. >> martha: she is incredible. thanks and great coverage there. we will watch throughout the weekend. good to see you tonight. more about the moon landing check out american moon shot at fox and fuelling the nation from these 4 women and their view of america as imperfect. mike huckabee joins me next. >> this idea of 10% better from garbage should not be what we settings for. ♪ applebee's all you can eat is back. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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wonder what to ask from robert mueller testifies on capitol hill. james comey put out a blog letting the members know what he thinks they should ask in their 5 minutes. he lists 15 questions with a page number from the report. for example, did you find that there was a series of contacts between the trump campaign and individuals with ties to the russian government? >> [loud explosion]. -- [loud music playing. >> martha: what is the message of the intense debate fired up in our nation over these four members of congress this week. >> it's been a crazy week. america has always been the story of those fighting to advance the rights of others. and some clinging to a past to
4:21 pm
preserve the rights of a few. >> martha: she said america has been the story of those fighting to advance the rights of others and some clinging to the past to preserve the rights of the few. slav slavery and the civil war and world war ii comes to mind. women getting the vote. the liberation movement that followed. gay rights. and the supreme court decision that made same-sex marriage the law of the land in this country. last night victor davis hanson joined me and touched what he thinks drives these women in congress and others. >> addressing sexism, racism and class oppression, we have done a good job compared to other countries. that creates unreal expectations that we have to be perfect and free of all sin.
4:22 pm
we wish we were, but no society has ever done that. people get frustrated and say we were flawed at the beginning. they don't look at the united states empirically. we are great but not when you put so demands on us to be perfect. no country can do that. >> martha: thoughts from mike huckabee and the president of the american islamic forum for democracy. gentlemen, thank you very much. there is so much interest in this debate between these women and president trump. it goes to american beliefs and whether or not people come to this country, they almost wanted to leave behind the country that they left. they wanted to be part of this idea. they wanted to be part of america which is different than the places they came from.
4:23 pm
what are your thoughts on this? >> well, i have to tell you, set aside the politics, we have this conversation every day among the muslim community. the bottom line is my parents made a choice. they chose freedom. not only chose to live genocidal governments, but they chose freedom and democracy. they rejected russian and chinese communism and different ideas to come to america. that's what is getting lost in this conversation. i am not a racist because i tell my friend who complain every day about america until i want to throw up. i tell them: where are you here? why don't you go elsewhere. many of my other arabic friends love america and they are tired of hearing the flavor of the left today to make america to be
4:24 pm
the bad country. when the nations oppress their citizens. >> martha: i want to play this from congresswoman omar. >> i am the president's nightmare. well you are watching it now. >> [cheers and applause]. >> his nightmare is seeing a somali refugee rise to congress. we will continue to be a nightmare to this president. his policies are a nightmare to us. >> martha: governor huckabee? >> i don't think why she thinks she is so important to president trump. he won't have to take more than half a baby aspirin to go to
4:25 pm
sleep tonight. she has a delusional sense of her own value that is comical. in the context of 50 years ago, we lifted an apollo-11 space rocket off the launchpad. this country has been lifting people out of poverty more than any other country in the history of the world and we have given women rights and done an enorm us number of things. >> martha: they said it's not enough. they have no patience for anything that is in between. >> i think we always ought to strive a more perfect union. we won't be a completely perfect union but we are getting there quicker than any other nation. i love my friend dr. jaser whose family came here because they saw something in america that is
4:26 pm
worth having. >> martha: before we have to go, she said she is president trump's worst nightmare because he doesn't want to see aso soma somali refugee rise to congress. is that true? >> no, she is gaslighting america. she represents immigrants that don't accept our founding documents representing freedom and democracy. she lied to her constituents and is anti-semitic. we need to learn from it. >> martha: good to have both of you with us. coming up next, provocations
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or have severe kidney problems. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. so, now what do you think? while my a1c is important, there's so much more to think about. ask your doctor about jardiance today. >> martha: breaking tonight a major escalations in the persian gulf after islamic seized 2 oil tankerses. one was a pressure tankers. the other is a liberrian tanker. >> iran is in big trouble right now. their economy is crashing.
4:32 pm
it's coming to a crash. they are trying to bring soldiers back home because they can't pay them. a lot of bad things are happening to them. it's very easy to straighten out or very easy for us to make it a lot worse. >> martha: trace gallagher is following this. good evening. >> good evening. let's begin with the u.k. oil tanker with a crew of 23. the ship was in the strait of hormuz heading to saudi arabia when was approached by small boats and a helicopter. iran said it was seized for non-compliance with international maritime laws. it offered no specific violation. the u.k. ship is now in or near an iranian port. the company that owns the tanker said it was unable to contact the crew.
4:33 pm
then the liberrian tanker was seized in the strait of hormuz, but now the iranian guards have left it and it is free to continue on its way. here's the pressure foreign secretary. watch. >> we will respond in a way that is considered robust. we are absolutely clear if this situation is not resolved quickly there will be serious consequences. >> experts say iran was hit hard by u.s. sanctions. but the united kingdom hasn't implemented any snap back sanctions to iran. today an expert told me he thinks iran is seeing how far it can be push the envelope. >> it's not a u.s. tanker. the iranians have decided they
4:34 pm
will hold off to going after the u.s. tankers. >> and you heard president trump said he thinks iran is in big trouble. the president's remarks seem measured, but exerts say a lot depends on the health and safety of the crew member. u.s. central command has aircraft in the strait of hormuz right now monitoring and in contact with u.s. ships in the area. >> martha: bernie sanders campaign staffers want him to put his money where his mouth is. they are being paid less than what he wants to play everybody else. >> raise the minimum rage to a living wage an hour.
4:35 pm
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4:39 pm
professed to support. >> many of the ideas that i put forth. $15 minimum wage, bernie sanders you are crazy. that's too extreme. if you are a great secretary of labor you will support my legislation to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. i helped lead the effort to raise the minimum wage to $15. >> martha: the "washington post" reported this. labor fight. workers demand the $15 hourly plan he proposed for workers nationwide. some staffers say they are struggling to get by on $13 as they negotiate with the campaign for more. here's steve hilt on and a communications director for the dnc. i realize these are field jobs. most of the campaigns play less
4:40 pm
than $15. it says a number of things. he has this outcry within his own campaign. >> i will let him respond directly. based on reporting and on fox news as well, i have seen the campaign has responded. they have said they were in union negotiations and they want to make sure all organizers are paid $15 an hour. the specifics i will let them talk about. that the fact of the matter is all of the democrats and everyone on that debate stage believes that we need to raise the minimum wage. he made that clear. everyone else has. the house just passed a bill to raise it to $15 an hour. you won't have mitch mcconnell bring it up in the senate. we are clear where we stand. every democrat running for president. i am proud to be part of the democratic party that stand with
4:41 pm
workers. >> martha: steve, a lot of companies have said they have a problem with raising the wage to $15. they feel like it will lead to fewer jobs. is this a lesson that bernie sanders is learning in his own campaign? >> well, it's interesting. when you look at the statement that the campaign manager put out, uses the phrase very familiar to people in the private sector especially the kind of corporations that bernie sanders attacks. we in the bernie sanders campaign, we offer rage rates and benefits that are competitive with other campaigns. that's an interesting choice of words. saying it's a rough business and you don't get paid much whichever campaign you go on. the nature of the disputes --
4:42 pm
they are trying to resolve this through the union. give him credit for being the first campaign to unionize his workers so they have a mechanism to complain about these things. the other element is the dispute centered on healthcare benefits. workers are saying if you raise our pay that gives us the $15 we have to contribute more healthcare costs. bernie sanders is saying healthcare should be free. you are seeing tension between that message and the realities of running an organization. >> martha: i watched bernie sanders wave off these concerns that companies have. i think it's undeniable, this is the kind of negotiation that goes on when companies try to figure out -- he is running a
4:43 pm
little business, a campaign, which is playing the employees. they are finding there is a hard time giving them healthcare. >> they are trying to work through it. their goal is to make sure everyone that makes $15 an hour. i think the broader message when you are looking at corporations that got tax cuts from donald trump, you are seeing people benefit from the top. you not seeing people's wages rise. >> martha: they are rising. >> but when you are talking to your average voter, they are not feeling the benefits necessarily. he still has a minimum wage that is quite low in the united states. i think the overall mess mess from the democratic party is we need to do something and do more to help our workers. that's consistent across the board. whether it's bernie sanders,
4:44 pm
elizabeth warren or anyone who is running for president on the democratic side. >> martha: they had moral problems in the campaign the last time around. we will see where this goes for them and if they do what they say they plan to do. thank you both. sex before marriage? it's summer and friday. come on in girls. >> so, like i have had sex. >> say what? >> yeah. crabfest is back at red lobster with 9 craveable crab creations.
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>> martha: we don't usually talk about reality tv shows. but this one sparked a battle over morales. it's on the bachelorette this week. the fight between brown and luke. she sent him home over his comments about the intimate fantasy suite. they stay overnight and there are no cameras permitted at the important moments i guess.
4:49 pm
hannah -- luke is out. a very outspoken christian. he didn't like that and here's what he said. >> i don't believe that's something you should be doing. i want to make sure you are not going to be sexually intimate with the other relationships here. >> i am a grown woman and can make my own decisions. i am not strapped to a man right now. >> i can understand a slip up. with all of them? >> i can't believe you said that. i am so mad! i am so mad. i don't owe you anything at this point. >> martha: my gosh! the fight heated up. luke brought hannah's religion to the conversation and she responded like this. >> so, i have had sex. >> say what? >> yeah. and jesus still loves me.
4:50 pm
>> martha: time for ladies night. welcome, ladies. i want to start with what she said about a fantasy suite nights. it was in a wind mill. they are in different locations. watch this. >> i didn't just go to the fantasy suite. i [bleep] ed him and guess what? we did it a second time. >> martha: she is very shy and reserved. [laughing]. >> i do watch this show. >> [laughing]. >> so what? >> you need to unwind. just veg out. if you want to a good laugh. 100% i am with you. i think this is unwarranted. if you are dating someone, wouldn't you want to know if
4:51 pm
they had sex with someone prior to going on a date with them the night before. if you want a loving relationship to move forward, that's something you want to know. i think that would shape your opinion of that person. if you see that individual as a lifelong partner. >> in the real world, i would say yes. but on the bachelorette you walk into it knowing she is going to be dating 20 guys and at the end they get this card? would you like to stay overnight with this young man? there are three of them left. >> okay. i wrote marilyn monroe. if you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best. he seems controlling. she is free. if she wants to sleep with this guy, good for her. >> martha: that's why she kicked him to the curve.
4:52 pm
it's because of this kind of behavior which the other guys warned him about. >> you are reaching for branches. >> i am not ever going to reach for anything. i have been nothing but truthful with hannah and you are not going to mess it up. look at that. >> martha: [laughing]. >> wow! >> this seems very scripted. if you are not ready for the truth, maybe you do not want to ask the question. maybe this was a question he should not have asked. this is the other thing: if they broke up over this, it was not going to last anyway. if you are talking about getting married, there are a lot of other things that come with marriage. if you can't have this little disagreement or feel like your boyfriend or husband shamed you, you are not ready to begin with.
4:53 pm
>> i think this is for the best. not compatible. >> yes. >> martha: a california city banned words like manhole because they say they are banning gender words. having a male centric code is inaccurate and doesn't reflect our reality. women are entitleed to accurate representation. there you go. >> it's hard to even form an opinion over there. this is the dumbest thing i have heard. we are talking about a manhole. the front door where rats live. >> [laughing]. >> i am over it. i am over a lot of stuff this week. >> martha: i will jump ahead. this was interesting. international poll. who are the most admired women in the world?
4:54 pm
michelle obama is the most admired woman in the world. i think if she ran for president she would win. >> i think if she ran for senate or governor or something. >> martha: how about the presidency for the united states? >> she would be a contender. she is popular. one thing that bothered me about her was the snub to melania when she talked about the box given to her. melania was trying to be polite for michelle to snub her. >> i think melania was part of the birthing issue and said that barack obama was not born in this country. >> say thank you. it's from tiffany. >> yeah!
4:55 pm
>> martha: i clicked through the most admired people in america. they said the most popular people in america. prince harry and the queen and bill gates. come on. >> and emma watson is on the list too. she is british. >> martha: thank you very much. have a great weekend and bachelorette free weekend. [ dogs barking ] what about him? let's do it. [ sniffing ] come on. this summer, add a new member to the family. hurry into the mercedes-benz summer event today for exceptional offers. lease the glc 300 suv for just $419 a month at the mercedes-benz summer event. going on now. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, hmm. exactly. so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh...
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5:00 pm
they are identified and returned to the their families. we thank them and their families for their service. that's it for the "story" on friday. as always the "story" goes on. >> ♪ >> tucker: this is a fox news alert. tensions flairing up in the persian gulf tonight. iran seized a british oil tankers passing through the strait of hormuz. one day after the united states shot down an iranian drone. the president avoided starting another middle east war so far. came close last month but pulled back. every few weeks brings another incident. how should the president react to this incident? is there a way to achieve long-term stability in the region? this is a former marine captain. how close to conflict are we right now? >> i would say


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