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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 20, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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...fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect... is bone and muscle ache. ask your doctor... ...about neulasta onpro. pay no more than $5 per dose with copay card. eric: are talking about going back to the moon but down here on planet earth is a dangerous heatwave blanketing much of the u.s. and impacting tons of million americans. from new mexico to the central plains up to maine. it could feel as hot as 115 degrees in some places. hello, welcome to america's news headquarters on this saturday i'm eric shawn. >> and i'm in for our cell arthel today. it's been out but it could get worse by tomorrow already many outdoor events have been canceled and officials in communities, small and large, have declared heat emergencies. they've open cooling centers for people who do not have air-conditioning that sounds
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visible let's get fox news chief meteorologist with how long these blistering temperatures will last. hello, rick. >> the overnight temperatures have not been dipping below 80 degrees so it becomes a cumulative effect on the body and on the resources and energy poll for the energy grid as well. take a look at this. excessive heat warnings from parts of maine back towards the parts of kansas in one spot you don't see right now is here across the four far northern tier print yesterday felt like 115 in minneapolis and one area and i was like 119. this is the corn belt and that corn releases moisture into the air and increases the humidity levels right here this time of year and that is what spent making this area. you will notice that were getting a break and we will start to see things improve for us with a storm moving in.
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you will notice this one little break with rain across parts of alabama, mississippi but feels like 103 in kansas, 107 in chicago so the heat is on. one hundred in tampa and chicago feels hotter than tampa, florida which is not common. rain is cooling in the planes but the big line of storms moving through the parts of minnesota in towards wisconsin dropping the temperature is down a lot which is good news. this is what we have today. temps are doing 110 dc, tomorrow repeat of that but want to take you through the next couple of days so you can see where the break comes. break in the northern tier tomorrow chicago you get the break by tomorrow and take a look at this almost everybody by monday getting a bit break and to stay even cooler. laura, relief in sight but we just have to get through this weekend and it will be a rough one speak to it is indeed. look at that red across the united states. thank you for staying on top. rick, thanks. eric: on the saturday new
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reaction from president trump with a showdown for the four democratic from this woman. they've become known as the squad. the president tweeting quote, as you can see i did nothing to the people on nor was i particularly happy with her chance but a very big and patriotic crowd and they loved the usa. that referencing the backlash that the president -based after some of the supporters at his north carolina campaign rally chanted quote, send her back. referring to congressman omar and one member of the god squad. she was born in somalia. ellison barber is in berkeley heights, new jersey here near where the president is staying near his estate. >> president trump has talked about the so-called squad a lot this week, particularly in the last 24 hours and is talked about them in the oval office and on the south lawn. >> when people are angry at them i fully understand it.
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when they call our country garbage i don't care about politics or if it's good or bad about politics. many people say is good and i don't know if it's good or bad but i can tell you this. you can't talk that way about our country, not when i'm the president. i think they said horrible things in their anti- semitic. reporter: the president is helping keep all this in the news cycle and early this morning he retreated the video of that controversial moment at his rally in north carolina. he said he did not quote, lead people on. it's true the president did not leave that racist chance but it's also true that he did nothing to stop it in not is what has led to so much of the criticism following that moment is that he did not appear to try and do anything to make people stop it president trump seems determined to keep the sizing the squad and use them as a foil in his 2020 reelection bid. the squad seems prepared to put up a fight.
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>> we are americans as much as everyone else. this is our country and we are where we belong to it as much as he is spewing his fascist ideology on stage telling u.s. citizens to go back because they don't agree with his detrimental policies for our country we tell people here in the united states to stand is patriotic. our voices are uplifted and heard and we are going to make sure we get a president that we can be proud of. reporter: yesterday the president said he doesn't care if his fight with the squad is politically good or bad based on the piquancy he talks about them adjusting to be a key part of his 2020 strategy and the past references they were more focused on tying the entire democratic party to the squad and they have advocated for policies like renewal deals. now, it's more personal. the squad is using the present attack of what happened in carolina politically as well.
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congresswoman omar said sent out a fundraising e-mail not long after the rally asking supporters to rush a donation of $3 to show donald trump how strong our campaign and movement are. eric. eric: allison, thank you. for more on the president's showdown with the squad to bring in a white house reporter for real clear politics. we just heard the president say it's not politics but clearly there will be a political impact on both sides and what do you think they will be? >> that is right. while democrats and the media want to play this up as charlottesville 2.0, whether or not this was a planned strategy by the president the truth here is that while there isn't a democratic 2020 contender president trump has a perfect foil in the squad and the squad has the backing of democratic leadership. what this means is he can kick them around until november and everything they say that as far left he can say that is democratic orthodoxy and whether
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or not he says he wants to talk about this or whether or not this is politically advantageous in his word this actually does provide him an opportunity. eric: speaker pelosi says these are for members of congress and have four votes. she's put them down but what i hear from members of congress they are scared and some of the democratic members are running scared has the mostly immoderate and will get attacked and outflanked by more radical and/or more liberal challengers in the primaries. >> that is right, eric. some of the fears on the republic inside - i spoke with a member of congress they are at the rally and he said the wall president trump insist he did not egg on the crowd with that racist chance president trump also did not shut them down and this webkinz words he's disappointed that president trump quote, missed a moment to be presidential. his fear is if this continues to explode in the media what that will do is distract from some of the policy progress that this
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president has had that will help some of these communities. eric: getting back to my first question with the democrats. some of the moderates being concerned they may be primary by more leftist candidates were a gun by the squad. >> yet, to your point, democratic leadership has embraced this squad in our four freshmen but now they've taken on much more prominent and i talked to senior imitative official this morning and he was frustrated the wall president trump condemned these chance he's frustrated that democrats are elevating in this sources words, anti- american leaders there's clearly a different here with how this is playing out and what is interesting to see is that resident trump is not letting up on the squad and going to continue to make them a target. eric: you said administration official called them anti- american. >> that's right.
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eric: is that appropriate and fair? for me they are american but you think that will be the view or be the attack by the administration and presence that there is i american? >> i think what the president will do as long as though there is a day 2020 front-runner he will zero in on these numbers of congress and not going to let up and provide him a foil for the ideas of the democratic party and right now like you said a moment ago he will present them as orthodoxy and say to voters in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania this is the democratic party and the era of moderate democrats is far gone and this is the new face of the party and this is what i'm running against. eric: they would say they're not anti- american and pro- american but here's what the president said about them yesterday. president trump: if you go back in to the four congresswomen the things they set about their country are terrible and what they said about israel are terrible. i don't know and i can say for sure but virtually a lot of people say they hate our country
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and i think it's a disgrace what they had said. you can't talk that way about the united states. eric: do you think this will continue? laura: i think it will. i think the president will zero in on them and what's interesting here is it shows the influence of the vice president here who is able to say to president trump in this type of crowd chance is not the message you want to have. continue to attack them for their ideas but don't allow your crowd to move in this direction. if that message had not been received by the president and be double down and endorsed with god said it would be a completely different new cycle in a completely different race ahead of 2020. this is really remarkable because i think about the president he's not one to criticize his supporters who made him president in the first place. eric: will see what happens at the next rally if that chant comes back. phil, thank you.
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laura. laura: eric, the u.s. deploying more military to saudi arabia in a show of force. it's an mid escalating tensions in the middle east. iran sees in a british oil tanker in a straight of [inaudible] one day after the u.s. to down and rainy and drone. the president warning i ran against for provocative action alluding to the sanctions already crippling the country. president trump: iran is in big trouble right now with the economy is crushing and coming to a crash and trying to bring soldiers back home because they can't pay them a lot of bad things are happening to them and it's easy to straighten out or very easy for us to make it a lot worse. laura: lucas' live from the pentagon with the very latest on this developing story. hello, lucas. reporter: hello, laura. first time in 16 years the u.s. has deployed soldiers to iran. the pentagon made the announcement last night in a statement quote, this movement of force is provides an additional deterrent and ensures our ability to defend our forces and interest in the region from emergent, credible threats .
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u.s. central command continually assesses force posture in the region and is working with kingdom of saudi arabia authorities to base u.s. assets at the appropriate locations. the statement did not mention iran by name. earlier today iranian state tv aired this video showing islamic revolutionary guard forces wearing black ski masks roping down a helicopter on the deck of the british oil tanker sees finite interest rate of - strait of hormuz. they briefly detained another british tinkerbell let the vessel proceed to the persian gulf. last week a royal navy warship blocked three iranian gunboats from seizing another stinker. i ran that his actions are retaliation for british commandos using their supertanker often brought her two weeks ago. a 30 say he was carrying oil to syria in violation of the sanctions. there are currently 70000 u.s. troops deployed to the middle east and the hundreds going to saudi arabia are part of the reinforcement the pentagon order to the region it may will include a patriot missile
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battery and more patriot jets. the uss boxer senior attended the strait of hormuz in a show of force and destroyed an iranian drone using its new marine corps inside your own scanning device strapped to the deck without firing a shot. it's a new addition to the arsenal. iran denies the worship down to its drone. >> based on the latest information i received from toronto we have so far absolutely no information about losing a drone. >> it went down. the fact that the ministers did not know or lied about it i can't account for it. it happened. reporter: this latest provocation comes nearly one month to the day when iranian forces shot down a u.s. drone over the state of - strait of hormuz. laura: thank you so much for that. for more on this we want to bring in retired u.s. army colonel chris gibson, distinguished visiting professor of american foreign-policy at williams college in massachusetts and also the author of the book rally points, five test to unite the country and revitalize the american
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dream. thank you for being with us today. always great to have your perspective and take you for your service. >> thank you, laura. good to be with you. laura: what he think of iran's intentions at this point? the uk has worn that they warned iran of serious dance quizzes and the foreign minister said they're looking for to poetic resolution, not a military option. president trump said iran is a big trouble so that he think the u.s. should handle this moving forward? >> first of all, i'm not surprised by iran's actions. look, they do want you to poetic solution right now they don't see a door to diplomatic solution so that increasingly desperate. this trajectory is a loser for them. they are, in fact, as president trump mentioned their economy is crashing and heading towards depression and will lose control of that country. we've got the right goals and
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want iran to change their foreign policy, no nukes, stop putting terrorism and then they can join the committee of nations and it's in their interest but we've got the right approach as well and that is isolation, maximum pressure with the sanctions but what is missing is we need to give them a door to walk through. i recommend a three-step process and i do think we should use president emmanuel macron as a conduit here but i recommend that the first at that iran's supreme leader makes a clear statement. announcing nuclear weapons and agreeing to verification anytime anywhere. if the supreme leader does that we should them partial relief of sanctions but that is step one. step two, once they implement we get verification that they are in compliance with their pledges we can give them more sexually and quite frankly, we let them enrich more. the initial agreement provided for 3.67 enrichment levels we know it takes a 90% to up a nice and they want 5% for their energy programs would let them go to 5% because they renounce nuclear weapons allow this new verification regime. the third step.
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once they stop supporting terrorism we left all the sanctions and welcome them into the committee of nations. this is a win-win for both nations and this is the one thing missing right now. laura: that's a pretty good playbook you got there but more u.s. assets are now going into the region and there now and reportedly more are going. talk to us about on scene tactical commanders are doing right now with your perspective? what are the strategies we know about it what will be seeking. >> in many ways it's a game of chess that separates real being played out. as was stated, this is about deterrence. deterrence is all about the decision-making process of your potential adversary. we want to make sure we show a strong posture, both in capability and will so that a potential adversary draws the conclusion that any aggressive action will end up worse for them than what they started. that's right we deploy additional assets and folks there. that's right we reposition
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because we want them to know any aggressive action they will pay for it. certainly, we don't want work. i believe we can achieve the goals, no nukes and stopping supporting terrorism and i believe we can achieve that through diplomacy but we need to give them a door to walk throu through. laura: chris, another talks that iran and the u.s. could start talking to each other about finding that the poetic layout of conflict while iran's supreme leader has dealings with washington with the president telling the new york times that he feels president trump is a businessman, capable of calculating cost benefits of the two nations to deter military actions. when we look at this involvement do you see this something that could really happen? >> i do. i think it's worthwhile to use president emmanuel macron is a conduit initially because france, great britain, germany or the eu will be key to this but then absolutely and i do caution - look, he's talked to
11:18 am
senator rand paul and it's always good to consult congress to get their point of view but it's important that we keep unity of efforts. sector estate should be the clear lead for the stocks. you start with a conduit and bring in closer to the secretary of state and president trump personally and you can get three-step plan implemented. we can achieve our goals for iran. laura: colonel gibson, thank you for being with us today. always great to have you on. that three-step plan hopefully maybe we'll make it into the right hands. thank you. >> thank you. eric: laura, the countdown is on in the highly anticipated appearance on capitol hill. that is when former special counsel robert mueller will go before members of the house judiciary and intelligence committees on wednesday. we want to remind you that the channel you're watching right now, fox news channel, is the place to be for our special coverage. it kicks off this wednesday beginning at 8:00 a.m. in the morning. straight ahead here this afternoon, contingent of lawmakers headed to the southern border to tour the facilities
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they are including 12 senators led by democratic leader, chuck schumer. some of them have very strong criticism for how the customs and border patrol is handling the crisis there. coming up, retired i.c.e. director tom holman weighs in on who's at fault in what we need to do. >> each time these waves of immigrants came to research america's decided to divide and be nasty but america overcame and united. ♪ to buy. it's not sexy... oh delicious. or delicious... or fun. ♪ but since you need both car and home insurance, why not bundle them with esurance and save up to 10%. which you can spend on things you really want to buy, like ah well i don't know what you'd wanna buy cause i'm just a guy on your tv. esurance. it's surprisingly painless.
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that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. laura: on the democratic presidential campaign trail today former texan and beto o'rourke is holding a meeting great in iowa.
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while front-runner joe biden's fundraising in las vegas as the lineup for the second democratic debate is set for later this month in detroit. robert a great live in los angeles with more on the 2020 race. hello, robert. reporter: hello, laura. it's a crowded field and o'rourke and other hopefuls hoping to raise their profiles and cash in iowa ahead of that second debate. many of them addressing older voters at an event staged by the aarp, common themes, healthcare and condemning the president and some of his supporters. or acknowledging the challenges of getting his message out in this crowded field focusing on healthcare. >> the ability to receive that care in a portable way while still preserving choice and rejecting this premise that you can either have the status quo, affordable care act or have medicare for all with a single-payer system. there's a better path. reporter: o'rourke also strongly condemning the president and his supporters for their [inaudible]
11:24 am
at a rally this week aimed at practice woman omar. that is the theme also picked up by former vice p vp joe biden during the stop here in la and he's in las vegas today raising funds and talking at a local democrat in it. meanwhile, senator bernie sanders has been on the defensive about campaign workers pay but today he's focusing on how he would expand social security. >> the way to do that is we lyft the cap. you all know what that means? right now multimillionaires pay only a fraction of their income into the social security trust fund. no one makes 10 million or someone makes 139,000 they contribute the same amount. we got to lyft that cap. reporter: senator elizabeth warren took up drug pricing at that aarp forum yesterday. >> if we have a market not working for insulin than the
11:25 am
federal government ought to come in and do a contract. they should say we will contract with the company to produce generic insulin and boy, the cost of prescription drugs goes down. reporter: new jersey senator cory booker beaming into comic con compact connecting with comic book fans but he did not dress into costume but did profess his nerd side with a big fan of a startup that people can overcome the poverty, hunger and racial tension. his favorite captain, the card. laura: there you go, robert great for us. thank you. eric: >> that includes the top people of the president, mr. miller and the very top people in cpp. donald trump does not - he keeps the republicans afraid together.
11:26 am
we are waiting for them to come together with us and hope and pray they will. eric: chuck schumer, senator from new york, criticizing president trump over the conditions at the migrant detention centers on our southern border. numbers of congress on both sides of the aisle toward a border facility in mcallen yesterday. senator schumer led one of those contingents in the group included 12 democratic senators and they accused the menstruation of treating refugees who arrived at the border as quote, criminals. tom holman, retired ice director and fox news contributor. time, some cases are horrendous, no doubt about it but my first question is who's fault is that? >> congress fault. name one thing that chuck schumer has done to solve this crisis or adjust the crisis. other than vilifying the men and women of the border patrol. the secretary and had a border patrol have asked for months for more money and give them a warning.
11:27 am
the facilities are overcrowded and when you put 500 people in a facility for 100 people the care will be affected. the men and women a border patrol are forced into this position because congress ignore their pleas. since they gave the money to hhs more beds, children are being moved quicker but still a surge of the border. chuck schumer does not remember he said it's a manufactured crisis. he said that numerous times and has ignored this crisis right to the very end. again, went down there and vilified many women aboard a patrol but what ideas did he come to the table with? eric: vilified the administration and said that in a tweet considering the conditions. quote, this is not acceptable. a child telling us he's not able to even to brush his teeth in a facility on our southern border. these are human beings, children, kids, families fleeing violence and its not who we are. it's so crowded were told they had to stand and people have to sleep in shifts because there's no room and have young kids and
11:28 am
one young man talking to who says he's not been able to rush his teeth. new members of congress and your members of the ministration so i can't besides get this together and try to do something on a wider basis to solve this problem? >> that's a great question. the same question i asked last week when i testified in front of the house holman committee. fix it. you are congressman we been asking for two years - two years to fix the loopholes that cause these people to come in nine out of ten they claim asylum at the border do not get relief from u.s. government because they don't qualify for asylum but escaping poverty does not qualify for asylum. congress needs to fix the lost the drive the peoples the car. the talking but they sure cities and stop talking abolishing ice and stop talking about open borders and rewarding people with citizenship and stop talking about ice not doing their job the more you talk
11:29 am
about that and more people that they enticed to put themselves in the hymn of criminal organizations to be smugly written 31% of women being raped, children dying, proceeds to step up, stop arguing the fact and get together with this administration and fix it. eric: what are the chances of that? schumer mentioned one possible resolution would be to help them get asylum or apply for asylum in guatemala or el salvador and in honduras before they get here in the first place but what are the chances that congress will change the laws to make the asylum laws either stricter or a bit different? >> that's one thing schumer can agree on. these people are to apply for asylum in their own country. i also think that i'm very pessimistic that congress will agree on anything. they want us to be a 2020 issue. the democrats want this to be an issue for the president in 2020 saint you failed your number one promise is to secure the border with they've had numerous chances to secure the border and they have not offered up anything. president declared a national emergency . eric: they have offered up - but
11:30 am
tom, they've offered up a billion dollars but they don't agree on the wall and now using the democratic party wants to have these type of conditions for the political reasons? >> they do not want to fix the problem because they want to embarrass the president and this is about resisting the president. they would want to secure the border and that money was for relief because of the search. they need to address the search by closing the loopholes in a note about the loopholes for two years and have not done it but the reason they have not done it because they resist this president and don't want to see him succeed and want to make this a campaign issue. eric: do you think that we will see easing of the conditions they are that it will get better in time? >> as the money flows and in the congress did give them recently i think hhs will purchase more beds and children are being moved within two days rather than a week and a half so things are improving slowly but now they have the money you will see improvements. absolutely. eric: we would hope that the long-standing resolution.
11:31 am
>> absolutely. eric: former ice director, tom holman, thank you. laura. laura: iran steps up its aggressive tactics and one of the most vital shipping lanes in the world. using a british tank or the united kingdom warning to run of quote, serious consequences if the ship is not release. what does that mean? we go t live to london with the very latest. ♪ fly-by ballooning. (man) don't...go...down...oh, no! aaaaaaahhhhhhhh! (burke) rooftop parking. (burke) and even a hit and drone. (driver) relax, it's just a bug. that's not a bug, that's not a bug! (burke) and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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looking to be and i could or discussing international issues with the first visit by a top u.s. diplomat to this country and almost one decade. come the mid- rising tensions with explaining crisis on the u.s. border we expect him and will see if he does mention the fact that iranians seized a british oil tanker that is caused rising tensions as well as dispatched of u.s. forces to the persian gulf and the tensions around the straight - strait of hormuz and right now it is like it is not just that but will be monitoring his comments and bring them to you if, indeed, he addresses the situation concerning iran. laura b2 members. laura: members of congress joined a swell of voices calling for the resignation of frederick as governor could protest turning violent earlier leading to clashes with police as hundreds of thousands of people filled the streets of san juan.
11:36 am
it comes following online chats between the governor and members of his administration. brian is live in san juan, puerto rico with more on this. hello, brian hello, laura. this is now data protest calling for governor to resign. we are right now in the governor's mansion where he has been and you can see there are hundreds of people here who are banging pots and pans and this is called a [inaudible] and this is what the puerto ricans who do with a specific type of demonstration with a bang on these pots and pans until they get what they want. we been here and there are a few hundred people and i talk to someone who's been here all morning, francisco has been here and if you could tell us were quick - i know you've been living in puerto rico your whole life. explain to me what it is about
11:37 am
this particular moment and it's much more than just those x messages. >> we started with the rest of the fbi and the person a [inaudible] [inaudible] the leadership style is unacceptable with the possibility of further corruption. reporter: you told me what is the one thing that put you over the edge this time around when it came to the governor? >> what i don't like about it is as i told you before the arrogance and his wanting to hang on to something he cannot do. the longer he stays the more he damages his reputation. he's got to go. reporter: obviously, look, there was 889 pages of taxes they came
11:38 am
out in the governor and legend of his with the massages is, homophobic, a portent of things that is the tip of the iceberg here. people here are upset about an island that is completely bankrupt in an island that they're trying to recover from hurricane maria and the text messages validated all the feelings that people have been feeling for the last decade. the magicians are now with a big deposition on monday expected laura, talking about people in the mainland stepping in. vice president joe biden tweeted that he is calling the comments shameful and that the frederick and people will be hurt and they deserve to choose their governments. on top of all this there's been a new report out there that [inaudible] had a secret bank account and had a secret taking money today and said that's totally false.
11:39 am
again, it started out with text messages but as you see it was just the tipping point and only validated so many people here are feeling which is a frustration. they're taking it out by taking you on pots and pans today and we are hoping that is all it will be because we stop the violence look like earlier this week when things came to an end of their laura and eric to brian yunus in san juan, perrigo getting over the not easy to do. thank you so much for that life report and interview as well. brian, thank you. eric: i ran exploiting it seizure of the british oil tanker in the strait of hormuz. the spokesman for the iranian guardian council said the seizure was a reciprocal move in response to the uk's role in detaining and iranian oil tanker in gibraltar earlier this month that was believed to be headed toward syria. brian, following his developing story in london for us. reporter: hello there eric.
11:40 am
not beating on pots and pans in the middle east yet but it is heating up. uk's top diplomat jeremy hunt has just called on iran to release that british oil tanker and has warned british vessels to stay away from the strait of hormuz, at least for the time being. the brits say their tanker was living from the gulf of oman to the straight into the persian gulf on its way to pick up oil from saudi arabia when it was seas. that anger is now under arrest off the coast of iran and something about reminder to the tinkers that moved one fifth of the world oil to the streets but they could be next and why did the iranians seize it? some officials are saying that the seizure was tit-for-tat response to the uk seizure of an iranian oil tanker two weeks ago. that is important. the uk said it sees that tanker because they believed it was en route to syria and delivering oil to syria would be a violation of european union sanctions on syria.
11:41 am
they said they will release it if iran provides concerns as the oil won't go to damascus but they've not gotten those assurances yet. keep in mind, the uk and the european party is still the nuclear deal that obama and menstruation brokered in 2015. that deal allowed iran to export its oil for suspending their uranium enrichment programs. the uk is not made up for the sanctions the trump administration has imposed on iranian oil exports. it's an important difference. iran's foreign minister accused as he put it - an accessory to the u.s. economic terrorism and it seems to be warning to the uk not to get quick too close to the u.s. and its foreign policy on iran. the timing of this incident is inconvenient for the uk. the prime minister is a lame-duck and she is expected to step down on wednesday. the leader in the conservative party is expected to take over and will have to deal with this crisis very quickly. eric: will have more on that
11:42 am
after 4:00 p.m. eastern hour. laura. laura: is a crisis affecting americans everywhere. now there is new development with the opioid epidemic in several states prosecutors bring charges against one distributor. those details coming up next. >> if we follow the trail of distribution by miami [inaudible] to these red flag pharmacies over time path makes and branches from portsmouth, ohio into west virginia and into kentucky. ♪ my experience with usaa
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laura: new development to tellye crackdown on the opioid epidemic. at ohio-based drug wholesaler becoming the latest opioid distributor charged over its role in the crisis. garrett tenney has more on this from washington. reporter: central prosecutors say the latest arrest should serve as a wake-up call to the pharmaceutical industry. a federal grand jury has
11:46 am
indicted and ohio-based pharmaceutical wholesaler, two of its former officials and two pharmacists with conspiring to illegally distribute millions of perception painkillers. in the town of west virginia the population 1400 prosecutors say the company debated more than 2 million pills of both oxycodone and hydrocodone between 2011-2015 the u.s. attorney for the southern district of ohio that other communities in west virginia, ohio and kentucky were infected as well. i do believe that it is incumbent on us the department of justice to ensure that justice is done regardless of whether the person is dealing at the street level or enabling it in a board room. reporter: in a separate case of ready to ohio counties argued that for years to companies ignored and violated laws requiring them to report suspicious orders of opioids and not ship them. in court filings attorneys for [inaudible] in summit county's claim from 2003-2011 the generic
11:47 am
company had more than 37000 orders of opioids as peculiar but only hold back 33 orders. all of the comedies accused in case are denying the claims against them saying there's no evidence that the illegally pushed opioids on the market which creates this crisis. there's a lot on this trial because a lot 2000 cities and counties across the country have filed suit against the drug industry and in this case it will be the first to go to trial. laura. laura: a lot to keep track of. eric: 50 years ago today in our nation achieved one of its most extraordinary accomplishments ever in human history when neil armstrong and buzz aldrin walked on the moon. next, we glide to the johnson space center and celebrate that one small step for man with one giant leap for mankind.
11:48 am
11:49 am
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11:51 am
>> that is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. eric: to remember that moment when we heard those unforgettable words broadcast live to the world 50 years ago today. those flickering black and white images mark the historic mission when they landed on the surface of the moon, planted the american flag and we won the race against the soviets. it was quite an achievement. casey siegel's live at the johnson space center in houston with more of our live coverage of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. hello, casey. reporter: hello, eric. the building that we are in right now was the nerve center of the apollo 11 mission. for the first part of our date we got unprecedented access to a
11:52 am
newly renovated mission operation control room and we got to show that this video but it is incredible. the time stood still. if only those walls could talk. it was commissioned in the early '90s and just underwent a $5 million restoration. everything you see inside is exactly where it was 50 years ago, down to the pencils, ashtrays, styrofoam coffee cups and the flight logs. nasa staff for the hundreds and hundreds of photographs to make sure that each artifact is placed correctly and for the man who ran the show on the ground here in houston, apollo 11 flight director jean krantz, he tells us stepping foot in his old office, not only for them with memories, but says it is also important looking forward. listen. >> the restoration of mission
11:53 am
control is, i think, a key mark and the milestones in space program because it is now a device, method and organ by which we can bring our young people in here and say, people made great things but they made decisions but this is the leadership laboratory. you can learn from just sitting in this room and observing and then going forward and cutting your own path. reporter: i have to tell you seeing him standing there at his old desk was absolutely remarkable. they are called consoles and you can see this green counsel back here and this was the very first console used by nasa and then it was of course advanced as technology went on and in the mid- '90s they went to the system. it's a bit more updated with a bigger computer screens and things like that and as we make our way down the line this is what is currently used.
11:54 am
the iss arrow would console in these went into working order in 2016 and this is what the folks are using now to send commands and to mitigate with the international space station. the evolution of technology is amazing and erica, if you can believe this we have more power in our smart phones, iphone and the things we carry around in the palm of our hands there is more technology in that then there was in all of the computers in that entire mission control operation center. absolutely fascinating when you look at that and what they were able to accomplish that many years ago. eric: we take it for granted but think of the astounding human achievement it was. we sent three men up there, too
11:55 am
landing on the moon when we see it every night and a big moon these days. what a testament. >> and getting them home safely. that is something that mr. krantz talked about is bringing them home safely and that was just as important in that mission to them as anything else. eric: we salute them in the american experience. thank you. laura. laura: what a cool report. right now across the country obligate of heat smothering tens of millions of people. can you feel it? there is still a ways to go before we get a break from this dangerous conditions. the tips to stay safe and cool, coming up. ♪ come on. this summer, add a new member to the family. hurry into the mercedes-benz summer event today for exceptional offers. lease the glc 300 suv for just $419 a month at the mercedes-benz summer event. going on now.
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laura: dangerous heatwave impacting most of the country including right here in new york city, jackie is outside fox news global headquarters and i can see you out the window but house and feeling out there? reporter: it is hot. in fact, the heat index is supposed to reach 111 degrees and right now it's 104. it is so hot that mayor bill deblasio scratched his presidential campaign plans and declared a state of emergency. more than 2 million americans across 32 states are under heatwave advisories across central and eastern u.s. high humidity and poor air quality are also adding to the risk in new york city, outdoor events like the faster canceled, the moon landing commemoration is off and the new york city triathlon was for the first time canceled in its 18 year history. tips, stay indoors, shopping malls, movie theaters, stay hydrated, no caffeine or
12:00 pm
alcohol, best way to do it. laura: those tips work for us. get back inside and that does it for us. we'll be back here at 4:00 p.m. eastern for more news with journal editorial report is next. eric: stay cool. we'll see you in one hour. president trump: these congresswomen their comments are helping to fuel the rise of a dangerous militant hard left but that is okay because we will win this election like no one has ever seen. paul: welcome to the journal, editorial report. i'm paul jacoby that was president trump on wednesday at a rally in greenville, north carolina. he's doubling down on his attacks on the four freshmen congresswomen what he calls their anti- american political views. the night to get ugly turn with some of the crowd chanted send her back in reference to minnesota representative omar echoing the president treat from earlie


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