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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 20, 2019 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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they cannot seem to find them into the back to the moon but those guys got it done. >> i remember that. thank you for my panel and thank you all for watching. i am paul gigot. i hope to see you all next week. >> one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. >> and with that mankind stepped onto the surface of the moon for the very first time. that, 50 years ago today. now the history making moment is being celebrated throughout the country today. events taking place in florida, texas, here in new york city and there is the promise that we will go back to the moon within the next five years. hello welcome to "america's news headquarters", i am eric shawn. >> i am laura ingle if arthel
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neville. good to be with you on this historic day. apollo 11 landing on the moon in 1969 on this day. astronaut neil armstrong was first to walk on its surface. the monumental occasion was watched by an estimated get this, 600 million people, phil keating is live at the kennedy space center with more. bill, what a day! reporter: what a day, indeed! in the 1960s for nasa the goal was short, simple and several words long. perform a manned lunar landing and return. on this day in 1969 almost to the very second actually, that was accomplished with the eagle landing on the moon. and for the thousands of people at nasa that invested eight years to do that, they pulled off triumphantly.about 650 million people around the world all watched in our televisions which back in those days was about one in four earthlings glued to their screens.
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buzz aldrin, -- walked out placing a flag in the mood. while armstrong and aldrin made dinner footprints above above them orbiting the moon was michael collins. line the command module that the lunar lander would have to fly up to and dock with in order to get back to earth alive.this week he recalled the great risk of the sequence. >> knew no nasa in his wisdom always try to have redundancy and yet, when you look at the design of the lunar module, there is one combustion chamber, one little rocket motor. and that motor had to work, yes or no. if that motive did not lift them off, they were dead. i was coming home. reporter: that's reality! this after 50 years later aldrin returned to launch pad along with the vice president
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and in a speech paying tribute to the apollo 11 mission at the neil armstrong building. mike pence recalled watching the two hours and 36 minute moonwalk down in his basement as a little kid. he also pivoted to the future. nasa's artemis mission. to get astronauts back to the moon in 2024. >> america will return to the moon within the next five years. in the next man and the next woman on the moon will be american astronauts. [applause] we are going back. reporter: the renewed moon commitment would involve not be just on the moon for a few hours, like apollo 11 astronauts but days, even weeks and establishing a permanent lunar presence, extracting water from the moon ice and really filling the foundation
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for establishing a colony on the moon. back to you. eric: were an historic moment in human history. just spectacular of course. laura? laura: for more on this want to bring a former nasa astronaut, josc hernandez. thank you for being with us. i grew up in stockton i'm from sacramento so i feel a kinship with you being up the road. i first want to get your thoughts on this historic day in our country as we celebrate and look back. we are also looking ahead with the announcement from the vice president that the artemis program is ready to go and will have american astronauts including the first woman on the moon by 2024. we love that. neil armstrong supported going back to him about michael collins, a fellow apollo live in ashdod had a different take. listen here. >> my friend, neil armstrong, thought in discussing morris, he thought that there were missing knowledge along the way.and that those could perhaps be filled in at least partially by a stop over.
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i'll always been a believer in mars. i would choose i will call the jfk mars direct express. laura: all right, so what do you think? should we go back to the moon or focus on mars? >> well first of all, thank you for having me and yes, we both from northern california so that is great. but no, i think neil armstrong is correct. i think there's a lot of challenges for us to embark upon going to mars directly. a lot of technical challenges, and a lot of human health concerns. i think going back to the moon, establishing a long-duration base it could be a test bed to prove all of these new technologies and new techniques to protect the human body for space adaptation. i think the artemis program is the correct direction nasa should head for. and for the whole space community for that matter. it should be an international,
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private and public effort. laura: you know, all this has been so inspirational. the space program sparks hope and inspiration for many astronauts i know that your dad was a big supporter of your dream when you were a kid when you said you wanted to travel space. he said i think you can do it. i love reading about you on your bio by the way. take us back to 2001 when he joined the space center and what it was like to go through the astronaut application process. because he hit you face many rejections. but obviously you prevailed. >> well, yes. into the zone a joint nasa engine engineer with no problem being selected as national. after being rejected 11 times in 2004, i get invited to be part of the 19th class of astronauts. and that is how i formed the 19th class there, part of that and a member of that class. we went about our training. i got assigned in 2007 and flew into thousand nine. my 10 year anniversary is coming up august 28 when i flew aboard spatial discovery.
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on a mission to the international space station. laura: that is so amazing! as i was looking at your profile you had many latino inspirations in the beginning. now you're able to be there for you future young latino astronauts. what do you say to those that want to follow in your footsteps? >> follow my dads recipe. i was 10 years old when i said i want to become an astronaut. watching gene, the very last man that walked on the moon. i told my dad that evening want to be national. the best i could've done because he sat me down and give me a five ingredient recipe. he said decide what you want to be in life, recognize how far you are, dry roadmap site how to get there, get yourself in education, work hard and i will add 1/6 ingredient which is perseverance. because i tell him about being rejected 11 times. you have to persevere and that 12th time was the charm. laura: have to ask as we are also going to and watching
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incredible footage and all of our live reporters who are spending time with astronauts. just give me some reflection today on looking back and what your thoughts have been as you have been part of the history. >> i think that space travel pushes the envelope of technological development and a lot of people always argue that we should be investing in space but the truth is that investing in space forces us to push the technology and then you're able to commercialize that technology to make our lives more easy, more convenient on earth. some always a proponent of pushing the envelope with respect to space exploration because i know that pushes technology and that's what keeps u.s. competitive in this world economy. >> already and the last question. what you think of the most exciting prospect of the space program moving forward? you talk about technology there. but what you hope to see in your lifetime? beyond the announced plans for
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2024? >> i hope to see in my lifetime, a man and a woman being sent to mars and thus being able to bring them back safe and sound. i'm hoping to be alive long enough to be able to see that. we are still a good 20 years away i think so i think i have a chance. laura: very good! i agree with that and hope to enjoy that as well. josc hernandez, from all of us, thank you for your commitment and courage and congratulations on your career. >> thank you, laura. laura: erica? eric: what an inspiration. meanwhile on planet earth, two thirds of the planet i'm in the nation is experiencing a sweltering heat today. it stretches all the way from new mexico to maine. we are told it could get a lot worse. we are live in the sweltering streets of new york city. jackie com ed physical hundred nine which is more than it feels like in death valley.
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reporter: is actually getting worse as the day goes on. the thermometer behind me reads 99 degrees but that is not even taking the humidity into account. so the feel the temperature where the heat index is about 100 for it is expected to reach 111. so hot that the mayor scrapped his presidential campaign schedule and declared a state of emergency in new york city. people are flocking to public spaces with air conditioning, the library serving as one of the cities 500 cooling centers outdoor events like ozzie fast, is times square commemoration of the moon landing and also the new york city triathlon were canceled.mayor di blasio also issued an executive order for tall buildings to set thermostats to no lower than 78 degrees. hoping to avoid a blackout. it is the first time that kind of action has been taken in the city history. the power company, con edison, called in an additional 4000 workers expecting an all-time energy demand on a weekend. >> i mean everyone is miserable. it's like people walk around with towels on their heads,
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lots of sweat. >> i prefer snow over like really intense heat like this. >> i see water and i'm i should i run for that? reporter: more than 200 million americans and 32 states are under heat wave advisories. so far the high temperatures have been blamed for six deaths in three states. high humidity and poor hair quality. in new york temperatures expected to topple a seven year record. to stay cool experts are saying you really need to stay inside public spaces like museums, shopping malls, theaters are always good options with air conditioning. also stay hydrated, that means no caffeine and no alcohol. eric: they say drink a lot of water, stay cool and it can be really dangerous. jacqui, thank you. let's see how long this heat will stick around progenitors now have our meteorologist, paul williams. look at that, red, total
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basically red behind you. paul: i want you to know that mother nature is seeing red. it's almost like she has a magnifying glass and we are the ants. as far as the south, their use to it, not such a big deal but we're talking about ohio, cleveland, indianapolis, indiana, louisville, even portions going to missouri as well as illinois. with concerns for excessive heat warnings from new york, philadelphia, d.c. down toward richmond virginia area. here's the bottom line, we look at sweltering conditions overtaking us throughout the east coast, throughout the ohio valley. we watch for scattered showers the north but it's really about the heat. looking for sweltering heat through the south-central part of the country. that will continue to be problematic with thunderstorms touching through portions of the southeast. on top of that with that
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tremendous amount of thermal dynamic energy in place, we watching thunderstorm to break out from des moines to milwaukee, detroit area with the chance of isolated tornadoes because when you had that kind of heat is simmering like a pan or pot on top of a stove. we looking for a round of the nostrums near the great lakes region and ohio region. when we finally get a break? we won't. okay, because look at this. by sunday we are still looking for trump we have this index called the accuweather real feel temperature. we are going to feel like 105 to 110 from hartford connecticut, dc, right along the east coast and then on top of that by the evening we're looking for scattered showers and thunderstorms. tremendous amount of thermal dynamic energy to set the stage with strong thunderstorms for sunday. looking for the heat to continue to stay at the very least sizzling throughout texas, oklahoma city, little rock, throughout areas and sweltering conditions will continue through the carolinas all redone into a good portion of florida. the heat will not stop anytime soon. eric? eric: have to watch out certainly for neighbors, the elderly if you have elderly
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neighbors and our pets of course. paul, thank you. laura?laura: a fox news alert, great britain warning of serious consequences if iran does not release the oil tanker it's used in the strait of hormuz sap this comes as iranian spokesperson reportedly said they took control of the british flag tanker as a reciprocal move to the british navy seizing iranian tanker earlier this month. ryan chilcote is live with the latest on this story. reporter: hi laura. britain's talked of matt, jeremy hunt, foreign secretary told the iranians that they must release that british tanker and they must do it quickly. he is also warning british vessels that they should at least for the time being, steer clear of the strait of hormuz. the british say that their vessel was in the gulf of oman
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making his way to the straight into the gulf to go to saudi arabia to pick up oil. it was seized justly. 24 hours on it is still just up the coast of iran, under iranian arrest. in the strait of hormuz. the iranians say they seized it in response to the uk seizure of one of their own oil tankers two weeks ago. but the brits have said they are ready to release the iranian tanker if iran guarantees the oil will not go to syria. unlike the u.s. which has imposed its own an embargo on iranian oil, the brits say they do not have a issue with iranian exports per se. i ran foreign minister however, is not buying that. he accused the uk of being quote - an accessory to the u.s. 's economic terrorism as he put it. keep in mind uk along with the rest of the europeans are still party to the deal, the obama administration brokered with the islamic republic back in 2015. that allows iranian oil exports. some analysts say iran is effectively warning the uk not to get too close to the u.s. foreign policy. and none of this is coming at a time for the uk, the apartments
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in the uk effectively a lame-duck. she is expected to step down on wednesday. her expected replacement, boris johnson, also from the conservative party, would then take the helm but he will obviously have a very busy first week. laura? laura: a lot to follow thank you for that report. eric? eric: back at home, former vice president joe biden taking his campaign back to nevada. after west coast swing. this is the 2020 presidential candidates spread across the country, specifically focusing on those early voting states. we will give you an update straight ahead. hat usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life.
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it is worse than deplorable. i can tell you this, you cannot talk that way about our country. not when i am the president. laura: president trump continuing his feud with former fema democratic congress woman known as the squad. this comes after one of the congress woman said she plans to keep on being a quote - nightmare to the president. ellison barber is live in berkeley heights new jersey. that is near bedminster where president trump is spending the weekend at his golf club. we have the latest on this. reporter: hi laura. president trump is not backing down from his criticisms of the squad.they are not backing from there is either. >> they call the people of our country and our country garbage, when they hit israel the way they have hit israel, so hard, so horrible, i think to me it is a disgrace. we should never forget it. >> were going to continue to be a nightmare to this president.
1:21 pm
[cheering] >> because his policies are a nightmare to us. reporter: on capitol hill, congressional democrats who along with four republicans voted to condemn president trump's recent tweets about the squad isracist say that his words are dangerous, destructive and divisive . >> the american people deserve better. from the individuals who have the responsibility to try to bring everyone together but he continues to peddle hatred and xenophobia and use racist tropes like the one that he has consistently directed at those four congress woman of color. >> and allies of the president said this is a two-way street. >> you just introduced legislation that would destroy the strata of israel by comparing them to nazi germany are all american citizens entitled to their voice.and
1:22 pm
when they do provocative things, they are going to be met with provocation. reporter: a reporter asked the president yesterday on the south lawn if he thinks all of this back-and-forth is good politically or if it is turning people off, president trump says he does not care about the politics of it. laura? >> ellison barber live in new jersey. thank you. eric? eric: and speak in politics the democratic presidential candidates on the campaign trail this weekend focus on the early voting states. front runner joe biden has fundraising in los angeles while amy klobuchar is in new hampshire. senator bernie sanders and several other of the hopefuls are making the rounds in iowa. robert gray is keeping tabs on who is where and what they are saying. hi robert. reporter: it is a crowded field and except for many of them are
1:23 pm
congregating in iowa. of course the need to raise her profile and cash and get it done quickly. even as they try to differentiate themselves from each other ahead of the upcoming debate, common themes emerging for this weekend. healthcare, social security and we just heard condemning the present. former vice president joe biden is in las vegas media support is taking aim at the president and his supporters from north carolina rally earlier this week who were chanting, send her back, referring to congresswoman ilhan omar. >> the president of the united states, when has he ever said anything like that? i said before, this guy is a lot more george wallace than george washington. it really is not good and guess what?our kids are listening. our children are listening. reporter: joe biden so he was not alone. most candidates in the past two days also condemning as racist
1:24 pm
of the president and those chanting back.senator bernie sanders gently joined that chorus as he makes the rounds in iowa this weekend. sanders himself has been on the defensive about his campaign workers pay. today he discussed his plan to fund social security. >> way we do that is we left the you all know what that means? i've seen more billionaires pay only a fraction of their income into the social security trust fund. so it makes 10 million so makes hundred and 39,000, they contribute the same amount. we are going to lift that cap. >> many of the candidates addressing healthcare cost and plans with older voters at the multi-day transfer by aarp and iowa peer montana governor and the mayor are slated to speak this afternoon for the new york city mayor bill de blasio dropping out to stay home in case there's another heat related blackout there. senator elizabeth warren and beto o'rourke among the others addressing the gathering in just the past few days. they are out in force in iowa
1:25 pm
largely. back to you. eric: thank you. laura: the u.s. deploying more military to saudi arabia in a show of force amid escalating tensions with iran. a live report from the pentagon coming up next. ike you. yeah, like a regular person. no. still half bike/half man, just the opposite. oh, so the legs on the bottom and motorcycle on the top? yeah. yeah, i could see that. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive. who used expedia to book the vacation rental that led to the ride ♪ which took them to the place where they discovered that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. ♪ flights, hotels, cars,
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pentagon deploying additional forces to the middle east. this is iran refuses to release a british oil tanker, it seized in the strait of hormuz yesterday. meanwhile president trump warning to run against anymore
1:29 pm
provocative action. lucas tomlinson joins us live. reporter: hi laura peer secretary state mike pompeo just spoke to reporters in ecuador. he said the u.s. is willing to talk to iran if iran seizes the grasses revocations which have escalated in the past two months. >> the iranian regime has to make a decision that it was to behave like a normal nation. and if they do that, we are prepared to negotiate across a broad spectrum of issues. with no preconditions. i hope they will do that but today we have seen no indications that the iranians are prepared to fundamentally change the direction of their nation. >> was not the pentagon announced it was send more troops to saudi arabia for the first six years included fighter jets like these f-15 strike eagles which arrive in the uae in june. a patriot antimissile battery
1:30 pm
will also be sent to protect the candy from missiles launched from iranian backed fighters in yemen. there are currently 70,000 u.s. troops deployed in the middle east. one day before iran seized the british oil tanker in the strait of hormuz u.s. pastor the same area and destroyed an iranian drone. using this new marine corps jamming device strapped to the deck without firing a shot. in addition to the u.s. arsenal. iran denies the u.s. american warship down there drone. a top pentagon policy advisor told fox news catherine herridge he worries about more attacks. >> i do worry about the risk of a miscalculation. iran has taken a number of provocative steps, a number of serious military steps in the past few weeks. that have caused some concern. we've had a long-standing set of concerns about iran behavior. the militancy, the support for terrorism, arbitrary detention of americans, pursuit of nuclear capabilities, long-range missiles. reporter: and continue to hold at least five americans captive and officials tell me they have over 2000 ballistic missiles. laura? >> lucas tomlinson, thank you so much.
1:31 pm
eric: and doctor walsh expert the mit securities studies program. jim, when the bee stings it is in trouble. iran is lashing out but could this potentially boomerang on tehran no matter what reason they are trying to attack the ships and take them basically hostage. >> well, i think i would divide into different baskets, eric. i think there provocative in different ways. it has some disablement of tankers and that did not seem to rise beyond a certain level. forcibly taking when it seems like tit-for-tat. i do expect that to spread. if it continues to happen absolutely. you know, if it was transporting everyone else's ships then someone will you know shoot at some point. some sailors going to make a mistake and you'll have an incident that escalates. then there is a other pocket which is every two months we had it back in this month, it will be an announcement from iran about changes it will make
1:32 pm
in adhering to the nuclear agreement. we will get an advance on september and get one in november 6 and each will be more consequential than the previous one. there are a lot of moving parts here. each side the u.s. is imposing maximum oppression, trying to strangle the iranian economy and the iranians are pushing back and saying then we are going to fiddle with nuclear program. if they keep on that track then something will happen. eric: wouldn't you say, what do you think that will be? >> airstrikes, frankly. and i think if there are airstrikes and the u.s. attacks their infrastructure they wake up the next day and say all yeah? we will show you. and build a bomb. then things will be a different world of debt. hope it doesn't come separate ironically, so the foreign minister earlier this week. i had a two hour meeting with
1:33 pm
him. in new york city. and earlier in the beaker, have a little bit in the pompeo clip but early in the way, some people were talking nice. the iranians were saying, the foreign minister was a thing for the first time i have heard, signaling an openness to discussions or negotiations. the president also said that he toned down some of his comments. but by the end of the week you know, it was, in tethers because of the downing of the drone and more importantly i think, the seizing of the british tankers. in some ways, they had two-for-one. they both managed to grab the tanker and step all over and undermine the foreign ministers visit to new york. they are not friends and so basically they skewered him on that one. eric: let's talk about this for second a real smooth character pretty went to san francisco state and he snoozes with the press and i've had lunch with him as a un correspondent, i mean the guy has just got you
1:34 pm
know, -- right on top of everything. at the same time he represents this barbaric regime and he has the hardliners, supreme leader calling the shots. no matter what comes out of his mouth, can you even trust it? >> will sure, i think you can. it depends on what he's talking about. it's like anything. honestly eric, governments, the foreign ministers very government, do not always tell the truth on behalf of their countries interest. it is just sort of what, the way of the world. but i would say if you step back, he was the chief negotiator of the iran nuclear deal and they stuck to it. so you have to say based on that record, he was able to deliver. and stayed with it until recently. obviously -- eric: if he has what you see in the hardliners back there saying that we will take the ship as a tit-for-tat for the british seizing a ship
1:35 pm
that, in iranian oil ship going up to syria pretty really cannot do anything about it but you mentioned that he opened the door for more possible negotiations could you think that iran really is there? that they were talk about ballistic missiles that are not covered under the jcpoa and other agreement and their behavior supporting terrorism. >> i think there's a lot of countries in the middle east that support terrorism. it is not just iran. ballistic missiles, -- eric: they are numberone. >> well, you know -- >>eric: according to the state department. >> i read that, the first one came out years ago and they have changed pretty think a lot of my colleagues would say pakistan and some would say saudi arabia is funding is a direct effect. in either asked about ballistic missiles. i think they would be open, maybe if they talking about a regional basis. in other words it's not just
1:36 pm
iran you to give up her missiles while everyone else keeps theirs. they and signaled that they might for the first time, might be interested in that. but your core point is the interesting one. in different areas of foreign policy, different organs of the arena government are in charge. so the irgc is -- you're absolutely right, the area where sareef had -- they had the war in iraq, different parts of the government are sometimes in charge of different issues and it does make it difficult to say you know who can you really believe? i totally understand that. eric: finally jim, and our government, the president of the united states unlike what you just laid out, that was fascinating. here's what he said about the situation yesterday. >> as you know we have a very close alliance with the uk and
1:37 pm
we always have. we heard that, the united states has very few tankers going and because we using our own energy now. we made a lot of progress over the last two and half years. so we don't have very many tankers going in but we have a lot of ships there that are warships and will talk to the uk. eric: do think with that message the arenas will eventually release the tanker? >> i think the british and arenas will work this out i really do. and i am reminded of the drone thing. another shot at one of ours, we shot down one of theirs. everyone went to their corner. the british seized one of the heirs now they responded tit-for-tat. i expect if this does not become part of a you know, election britain of just is treated as a normal issue i expect they will work it out and swap it out. because no was to get into a situation where, is basically all of the ships, anyone can
1:38 pm
take anyone's tanker if they want to doesn't require that much military to do it. there's a certain mutual vulnerability here. i think that people and in particular the markets, are not going to want a lot of you know every country now picking off a tanker to get revenge you know every week for six weeks in a row. i think my guess, is that this will find an equilibrium. but there will still be things iran does. as a say, we also get those nuclear announcements want to september 6 and one on november 6. i expect this to calm down on the oil tanker thing but there are plenty of other areas where mistakes or errors or missed technicians could go awry. eric: great to talk to and fascinating insight into the inner workings of the government. as always. thank you. laura: lawmakers are slamming president trump over the conditions at micro detention center. as critics say a new asylum rule could make it even worse. those details coming up.
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[laughter] ♪ ♪ "i'm okay." ♪ ♪
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♪ applebee's all you can eat is back. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. eric: police in japan issued an
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arrest warrant for a suspect in the deadly attack that occurred on a japanese animation studio on thursday. -- is accused of setting for the kiddos 34 people. many of them women who work as animators there.the suspect currently is in the hospital with severe burns. they are expected to arrest him once he has recovered. laura: the acting head of -- leaves a new asylum role will likely be blocked in court. recent npr interview he said this. although the new federal regulation allows us to apply that all 2000 miles along the southwest border we are not going to do that. we are really piloting it in
1:43 pm
just one location. joining us now attorney and fox news radio white house correspondent, john decker. when my favorite guest to have on. hi john! >> thank you so much laura, good to be here. laura: good to have you. first explain for us how the new asylum rule could work legally and also it sounds like it could be squashed before it can really even be implemented. >> that's right. there's a hearing scheduled for this week in california challenging the constitutionality of this new regulation which has been put into place and with this regulation would do is it would prevent individuals from applying for asylum in the united states without having applied for asylum. if they come to mexico for instance, they would need to apply in mexico first and be denied before applying for asylum in the united states. as i mentioned, there is a hearing happening this coming week in california. it's been filed by the aclu. they claim the regulation, the new rule violates both the constitution as well as international treaty. they have good arguments on their side and what is likely to happen is there will likely be a restraining order in terms
1:44 pm
of putting the particular policy in place right away. >> why think about the video that we've all seen with people coming to the border, how are those people supposed to know about this rule as they are coming? do they find out when they get to the border? and i might be confused, it will be especially confusing i would imagine. >> one of the things that i question about this new policy is that it was in us obviously ahead of time number one. and number two, the pilot program is only taking place in two locations along the rio grande valley. you would think that if some of these migrants who may be seeking asylum learned of this rule and indeed, they will learn of the new rule, there's no doubt about that laura. why would they come at a place in which this pilot program is already in place? they seek other places, other avenues along the us-mexico border to come across so as not to fall under this particular
1:45 pm
regulation change which was put into effect on tuesday. >> as we look at it as it stands, is there a way, that a rule like this can somehow benefit the immigration process. this came from department of justice and home security. why is it not been tried more than two stations? >> good question. the way the rule in relation was put forward in the federal register, does not indicate that this is just a pilot program at two locations along the rio grande valley. instead, they say according to this regulation that it is nationwide, it would happen at any cbp facility along the us-mexico border. if it indeed can go through and pass legal muster, pass all of the various avenues of legal challenges, and obviously would have a drastic impact in terms of the amount of migrants that actually make it into the us. because then they would indeed have two file an assigned claim
1:46 pm
and one of those third countries that they transgressed before they get to the united states. that is the idea here. and this is a short-term fix. the long-term fix needs actually come from congress and of course as you know, that hasn't happened, there's been no meeting of the minds between the democrats and the house and the white house as it relates to my immigration policy. >> and of the been following this closely. i was reading over the last two days the overcrowding of people seeking asylum the standing. we been hearing this a long time. but they reported that the border patrol house 900 people in an area with a capacity of 125, this is in el paso texas, detainees were seen standing on toilets and to get breathing space above their necks. as you look at the new role you look at but and state may not be implanted legal could be squashed become the new rule make the situation worse? or eventually alleviate it? >> well, you wonder.
1:47 pm
what happens if indeed the policy goes forward, every migrant that comes to the us-mexico border that in the process of going through the customs and border patrol agency would make an asylum claim and it would be heard before a federal judge. even if the asylum claim is rejected and only 20 percent of the five asylum claims actually approved annually. but even if it's rejected, it takes some time before these particular individuals were in some cases families are transported back to their home countries. it is not days, it is weeks or months. that's what makes the situation only us mexico border that you just described, so troubling. it really is a humanitarian crisis when you talk about already the number of migrants that are detained in these facilities and the numbers could go up even more in the weeks and months ahead. laura: john decker live in washington d.c.. thank you so much for the report.
1:48 pm
good to see you. eric: prosecutors say new details exposed the ongoing opioid crisis. and a distributors charged with the illegal distribution of prescription painkillers will have a lake on what they said. could there be another around the corner? or could it turn out differently? i wanted to help protect myself. my doctor recommended eliquis. eliquis is proven to treat and help prevent another dvt or pe blood clot... almost 98 percent of patients on eliquis didn't experience another. ...and eliquis has significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. eliquis is fda approved and has both. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. if you had a spinal injection while on eliquis call your doctor right away if you have tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... and it may take longer than usual for bleeding to stop.
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seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. what's around the corner could be surprising. ask your doctor about eliquis. eric: now to the midwest where
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
a federal grand jury in ohio southern district indicted a wholesale distributor for allegedly taking part in the ongoing opioid epidemic. garrett tenney is in washington with details on that. reporter: federal prosecutors to the latest arrest should serve as a wake-up call for the pharmaceutical industry.a federal grand jury has indicted in ohio-based pharmaceutical wholesaler, to the four
1:52 pm
officials and two pharmacists with conspiring to illegally distribute millions of prescription painkillers. in the town of asante west virginia publishing 1400, prosecutors of the company distributed more than 2 million pills of oxycodone and hydrocodone between 2011 and 2015. the u.s. attorney for the southern district of ohio said other communities in west virginia, ohio and kentucky were impacted as well. i do believe that it is incumbent on us as the department of justice to ensure that justice is done regardless of whether the person is at the street level dealing or enabling it in a board room. chris and his r 42 ohio counties argued that for years, drug companies ignored and violated laws requiring to report suspicious orders of opioids and not ship them. in court filings attorneys for cuyahoga and summit county claim from 2003 until 2011 the generic drug companies -- flag more than 37,000 orders of
1:53 pm
opioids as peculiar. only held back 33 orders. all of the companies accuse the case of denying the claims against him and say there's no evidence they illegally pushed opioids onto the market which helped create the crisis. there will be a lot of eyes on the trail when it begins in october because nearly 2000 cities and counties across the country have filed suits against the drug industry and this case will be the first to go to trial. eric: garrett tenney, thank you so much. laura? laura: we are keeping an eye on this, protesters full industry support ricoh today. whether what the governor out of office.e we will have that next. ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a-- ♪ drifter i was ♪born to walk alone! you're a drifter? i thought you were kevin's dad.
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it's a lot of money. lending tree, may the best loan win. laura: a fox news alert. protesters hitting the streets right now in puerto rico. they are calling on the governor to resign. after offensive messages were leaked. bryan llenas is in san juan for the latest on this. hi brian. reporter: hi laura. tonight this is day eight of continuous protests calling on the governor to resign. you can see behind me, this is what they call -- their banging pots and pans right outside of the entrance of the governors mansion. they've been here for the last four hours. this really started the protesting on saturday of last week when 889 text messages from a group chat came out.
1:58 pm
there were misogynistic, homophobic, they were things said about opponents and mocking and jokes made about the hurricane maria victims and for many people here was enough because they've had suspicion for years that this government was not only corrupt but unethical. take a look at francisco guerrero. we spoke with him a couple who hours ago. >> we are motivated by all of these people. we want ricky out. i think it's gone too far. he's done too much damage. it is about corruption, high-level government corruption with a lot of money and ruining our reputation with the american people it's unacceptable. >> the big issue now is wondering whether or not he is going to resign things really hit on was that the teargas was shot but by and large 90 percent of the protests have
1:59 pm
been people meanwhile ricardo continues to send is to grams, tweets and photos of him having meetings and business as usual. but it is not business as usual. you can tell from the tens of thousands in the streets. also the cost resignations coming from the mainland. joe biden the former vice president tweeted the governor 's comments are hateful. hateful leg which should be given no safe harbor closer to the people of puerto rico will be heard and they will decide who leads our government. so far about a dozen of democratic candidates have spoken out in solidarity with the puerto rican people but some like the representative from hawaii here on the island. the only one and she's calling for him to operate resign. some are saying to resign and others are saying there in solidarity but all in all the calls are going loud for him to step down. >> bryan llenas, live in puerto rico, on the streets were things have been loud and staying that way it appears.
2:00 pm
thank you. eric: and we begin a fox news alert. a deadly heat wave gripping two thirds of the nation. 200 million people are under warnings and advisories. the stress from the central u.s. up to the east coast to maine. temperatures for many, reaching the triple digits. hello everyone welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's news headquarters", i'm eric shawn. laura: i am laura ingle in for arthel neville on this very hot sunday. some americans will see a temperature index as high as 117 degrees today. experts are urging people in the sweltering heat to limit time outside, drink lots of water and nowhere the nearest cooling stations or in case power goes out. we are live off of the studios in new york city with jacqui heinrich.
2:01 pm
>> outside is 98 degrees on the thermometer but it does not take humidity into account. the feels-like temperature or the heat index is about 104. over the course of the day is expected to reach up to 111 degrees. it is so hot that it forced the mayor di blasio to scrap his presidential campaign schedule and declare a state of emergency in new york city. more than 200 million americans are flocking or are in the path of the heatwave. people in new york flocking to public spaces with air-conditioning this library is one of the 500 cooling centers. after events like ozzie fast, a commemoration of the moon landing at the new york trip city triathlon were canceled. >> i mean everybody is miserable it's like people walk around the towels on their heads just trying to beat the heat. lots of sweat. >> i prefer snow overheat like this. >> i see water and i am like, should i run for that? reporter: mayor di blasio
2:02 pm
issued an executive order for tall office buildings to set the thermostats to no lower than 78 degrees. it is the first time that is been taking this action in history. con edison called an additional 4000 workers expecting an all-time energy demand on a weekend. >> our fear is people die. i'm in is very clear, heatstroke can be fatal.our fear is with this kind of temperature people are not used to it is a very rare occurrence, they get this kind of level heat index over 110. again, that will feel over 110 degrees. it is pretty shocking to the body. reporter: americans in 32 states are under heatwave advisories. so far the high temperatures have been blamed for six deaths in three states. including a man who is repairing an air conditioner in an attic in arizona. three people in maryland and a former new york giants defensive lineman also died of heatstroke in arkansas per the
2:03 pm
32-year-old had been also working in his family's shop. here in new york temperatures are expected to topple a seven-year record so, experts so you really need to stay indoors, don't mess around with the heat, public spaces with air-conditioning are good place to go shopping malls, movie theaters and that kind of thing and of course stay hydrated. avoid alcohol and also caffeine. laura: thank you for that report. get inside and get some water. thank you for the report, jacqui. eric: for more on this heatwave we go to our meteorologist, paul williams. six deaths so far. it is just tragic. it is not just temperatures but tells about the heat index. the real feel if you are not prepared for it, it can be fatal. paul: you know, i'm glad you brought that up because it's not just about the temperatures but the reaction of your body as it has the heat index. for example we are talking about how your body reacts because of the lack of evaporation that happens off of
2:04 pm
the skin. your body cannot get rid of the heat as quickly. that is what makes this such a dangerous situation. for example, throughout the ohio valley region and midwest we have excessive heat warnings, not just advisories, but warnings. but you say watches and warnings and all that in one fell asleep and along the entire east coast we talking as far south as myrtle beach all the way up into maine literally boston, new york, philadelphia, dc. virginia beach and fort wayne, detroit, indianapolis, indiana, even memphis tennessee where you think they would be accustomed to this heat but this is a different kind of animal altogether. when you take into consideration the sweltering heat we are talking about for today, it will go ahead into tomorrow. this is like a bad sequel to the movie we do not want to participate in. we are expecting the heat to linger for sunday. hovering between 105 and 110 at the very least. boston down towards philadelphia toward the d.c. area and even further inland to the pittsburgh area will still feel like 95 and up to 100 in
2:05 pm
some areas. this is a problem. sunday temperatures 10 degrees above the norm for this time of year pretty accuweather real feel temperature will be between 101 10. the heat related illnesses will be on the rise and we are looking for little to nearly no kind of relief throughout the overnight period. eric: really have to take it seriously so that there are no more fatalities. if you feel weak obviously, stay hydrated, try to stay inside if you have air-conditioning of course. thank you. laura? laura: a fox news alert. tensions remain high in the middle east. after iran sees a british tanker in the strait of hormuz. prompting a stern warning from the uk. the act of aggression comes after the u.s. says it down in iranian drone and as the pentagon sends more troops to the region. lucas tomlinson is live at the pentagon keeping up on all of this with an update. hi lucas. reporter: hilar peer secretary of state mike pompeo spoke to reporters in ecuador where he says the u.s. is willing to
2:06 pm
speak to iran if it stops the provocations which have escalated over the past two months. >> every new regime has to make a decision that it wants to behave like a normal nation. and if they do that, we are prepared to negotiate across a broad spectrum of issues with no preconditions. i hope that they will do that but today we have seen no indications that the iranians are prepared to fundamentally change the direction of their nation. reporter: earlier today a real estate t.v. aired this video showing islamic revolutionary guard forces wearing a black ski mask, fast up and down the helicopter onto the deck of the oil tanker seized in the strait of hormuz.last week a royal navy warship blocked three iranian warships from doing the same thing from a tanker. they say this the retaliation were british commandos seizing a tanker to be super they say was carrying oil to serious violation of the sanctions. last night the pentagon announced he would send hundreds more troops to saudi
2:07 pm
arabia for the first time in 16 years. including fighter jets like these sent to the region in june. a patriot and tiger missile battery will also be deployed. there are currently 70,000 u.s. troops deployed to the middle east. one day before iran sees the british oil tanker in the strait of hormuz u.s. pastor the same area and destroyed in iranian drone using this new marine corps jamming device strapped to the deck without firing a shot. a new addition to the u.s. arsenal. brandon is the american warship down the drone. theis increased surveillance aircraft flights in the region and also launching more f-18 super hornets off the deck of uss abraham lincoln. laura?laura: lucas, thank you for the report at the pentagon. eric? eric: it was 50 years ago today when mankind made the astounding giant leap. an unforgettable moment in human history when apollo 11 landed on the moon. across the country events are underway to celebrate that momentous occasion. phil keating joins us now live from the kennedy space center in cape canaveral florida.
2:08 pm
where basically it all began. reporter: hi there, eric. it is an extra ordinary anniversary for something humans for centuries and centuries had only fantasized about doing. going to the moon. on this day in 1969, apollo 11 did just that. the first of six apollo missions to land on the lunar surface. all done and accomplished in a short time span of just 3 and a half years. the first man on the moon of course mission commander neil armstrong. he can see in the helmet buzz aldrin. and then apollo 15 landed, up but was asked not al worden commanding the command module. piloting a rather piece is what nasa and the apollo 11 team accomplished in those space race years cannot be understated. >> to me, the importance of neil armstrong landed on the
2:09 pm
moon, 50 years ago, was absolutely epic in one step, we told the world that here in the united states, we can do anything we wanted to if we put our mind to it. reporter: that famous quote - of course, one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. armstrong, aldrin and collins all became national treasures. armstrong passed away seven years ago. buzz aldrin and command module pilot michael collins all visited here at the kennedy space center this week for celebrations and collins recall this not so well known part of the whole story. >> when we came back from apollo 11, we were put under quarantine for a couple of weeks with a huge colony of white mice. and whether we had had a
2:10 pm
wonderful, wonderful successful flight were something that was a total disaster, for humanity depended on the health of those white mice. reporter: concern of course by nasa and scientists were pathogens that do not exist on earth. this afternoon 50 years later, buzz aldrin returned to the historic launch pad 39 a long with vice president mike pence and nasa administrator jim bridenstine. in his speech, he looked to the lunar future. >> america will return to the moon within the next five years and the next man and the first woman on the moon will be american astronauts. [applause] we are going back. [applause] reporter: that is the artemis mission is talking about which will by astros on board the orion space castle
2:11 pm
atop the space launch system and that will be the most powerful rocket on the planet. keep in mind, the orion and sls are years behind schedule and billions of dollars over budget. eric? eric: we kind of take it for granted because it is history and for those that have remembered it is just spectacular and what a momentous moment for human history that we will never forget. back to you. laura? laura: president trump continuing his dispute with four democratic congresswomen, and one republican lawmaker says his attacks on the squad as they are known, might help the president in the upcoming election. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost.
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2:14 pm
2:15 pm
mitch mcconnell calling president trump's shoulder with four democratic congresswomen a possible 2020 campaign strategy. saying he thinks it could help the republican party. if the democratic presidential candidates continue to embrace the so-called squad policies. >> said that the president is onto something. we're having a big debate now and next year about what we want america to be like. do we really think socialism applies here to a time of great prosperity? 50 year loan employment. as with the election i think will be about. eric: from on this were joined by susan ferrechio, chief congressional chris bonner for the washington examiner. susan, do you think the president has hit on a campaign strategy that resonates in mainstream america or will it backfire? >> i think mitch mcconnell is right. he is trying to steer the debate in the direction of what the policies are that democrats are proposing.
2:16 pm
especially those running for the white house. but the problem for the president is the way he makes the case. mcconnell is trying to say this is about policy and the president wants to demonstrate the democrats are pushing a socialist agenda. and that is not something america will want because the economy is going well and they want things to proceed in a positive direction. but of course the president is using the kind of rhetoric that does not resonate really well with a lot of independent voters and a lot of people who are not part of the base. and so he needs to be careful in how he makes the argument. mcconnell one has tried to kind of interpret things for the president and he's absolutely right that it is about pinning one policy from one party versus the policies of another. but of course, democrats want to make it about the presidents rhetoric and his tone.
2:17 pm
which has been a problem for this president. we know from looking at poll numbers that people don't like his tone all the time. they don't like the language uses. that's what the debate is about. eric: the critics have been calling it racist and absolutely not appropriate. but here's what the president said about this debate when he was at the white house yesterday. >> i don't know if it is good or bad politically, i don't care. but when people are speaking so badly, when they call our country garbage, think of that. that is worse than deplorable. when they call our country garbage, i don't care about politics. i don't care if it is good or bad about politics. many people say it's good to know if it's good or bad. i can tell you this, you can't talk that way about our country. not when i am the president. eric: ocasio-cortez did not call the country garbage, she said some of the policies are quote - 10 percent better from garbage. but the president seems he's making his point. >> look at the policies and what they have accomplished. i mean economy is doing really
2:18 pm
well, unemployment is at a record low. there are more jobs and people to fill them. the stock market is doing well, people are prospering under the presidents policies. and that is what he's talking about. and it is true that when people vote they tend to vote based on how they are feeling about the economy and how they are feeling succeeding in their own households whether they are employed, able to save money, to go on vacation. things like that. and those things have been accomplished under trump's economy. it really is about how the president is able to sell his accomplishments and where the deck is drowned out by the noise and the way he fights with the squad. because they are getting a lot of attention too. they have huge followings of social media. they have a base too. and this is really going to be a fight about not donald trumps base but alexandria
2:19 pm
ocasio-cortez base but those in the middle. the president needs to be careful about his tone and rhetoric. he doesn't want to be seen as a racist or coming across as someone completely insensitive. and then democrats want to be careful about the way they are pushing their policies. they don't want to scare off voters who are in swing states who are key to winning both thomas and the white house. eric: there is a piece of the soul of the democratic party for the call last week lunar times they wrote democratic feuding could save trump. nancy pelosi told me that after the aoc squad voted against the house version of the porter bill and trashed moderates. they say this is for my folks aoc should consider the possibility that people disagree with her, not disagree with her color. you have a war in the democratic party because of this. >> they have a war going, the question is, whether or not nancy pelosi can rain everyone
2:20 pm
in together. they call this sort of truce on friday and said they're all go to work together but the question is going forward, when big policy issues come to the house floor, how will she be able to control her very progressive wing who are not a majority of the party but they are very vocal and have a lot of followers on twitter and instagram. and she is going to have to work at that because that is really what the soul of the democratic party is about. you hearing it on the campaign trail too, very socialist policies being put forward by the candidates. they need to decide where they are middle is right now. and they haven't done that yet. >> over the challenge. we have to wrap because we have an interview with the vice president coming up. susan, thank you. laura? laura: as you mentioned, vice president mike pence of the kennedy space center in florida to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. the vp joined buzz aldrin were an interview with our own kristin fisher. that is coming up next.
2:21 pm
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2:24 pm
armstrong and buzz aldrin took the first steps on the moon. the vice president today spoke to the kennedy space center in florida. to commemorate the apollo 11 achievement. he was joined by mr. aldrin. they both sat down for an interview with kristin fisher.
2:25 pm
reporter: mr. vice president, a major milestone in the artemis program today. he came down to the kennedy space center on the 50th anniversary of the lunar lantern as the orion capsule has been completed. when would be ready to fly? >> they tell me there will be a test flight later this year. maybe early next year. but i know every american is excited about the fact that under president trump's leadership, we renewed our commitment to lead in human space exploration once again. and before the next year is out, you will see american astronauts going into space on american rockets from american soil which is something we have not seen since the shuttle program was grounded. the better part of 10 years ago. this is a president who truly believes that what we are celebrating today, what happened 50 years ago, with the apollo 11 landing on the moon, first man on the moon, all the
2:26 pm
accomplishments, it should not only be an inspiration to the nation but it should inspire this generation of americans to renew our commitment to lead in space exploration. that's exactly what we are doing and by certifying the orion capsule today, that it is ready to move back to ohio and start to be prepared for flight is evidence of the fact that we renewed our commitment to lead in space with human space exploration once again. >> and i you and president trump have been the driving force to push nasa and push the united states to get back to either the moon or mars. the plan for artemis is to go to the moon first and then use as a jumping off point to get to mars. yesterday in the oval office, president trump did not seem entirely convinced that we should go to the moon first. and not go directly to mars. are you sure that president trump is on board with the plan? [laughter] >> you bet!
2:27 pm
100 percent. the president signed this shortly after he started the national space council, really committed the united states to return to the moon and then go to mars. and but -- reporter: there's no chance that will go down the road and the present will say no, no. really we are going straight to mars. >> with the american people use it as a president that always wants to go higher, father, faster than anyone else is ever gone. he's anxious to think like every american is. to see american astronauts on mars. but what we understand is that you know, the trip to mars, literally take the better part of a year and will go there and not for months but, for much longer than we've ever survived in space. so that by returning to the moon, by following in the footsteps of the apollo heroes that we remember here today on this 50th anniversary, by returning to the moon we will develop the technology, the techniques literally, the machinery to be able to go to mars and be there for a long and sustained period of time.
2:28 pm
reporter: gene kranz, the flight director who is in mission control when the eagle landed on the moon, he told that in order for artemis to be a success, it needs two things. he needs leadership and unity. i know you believe that the trump administration is providing that leadership. but the unity piece. we were very divided congress and very divided country. what are you going to do to sell the plant to the american people and to democrats on capitol hill who need to fund the program? >> i think it all begins with a vision. president trump laid out a bold vision that we were going to return to the moon within the next five years. and then on to mars. and made a pledge of the first woman and the next man on the moon would be an american astronaut. we are also making changes in our national security apparatus. we will soon have united states space force to make sure that we can defend our nation from the outer reaches of space.
2:29 pm
but again, it begins with a vision just like it did with president kennedy. reporter: but you think congress assembled find it? >> the same questions were asked in the 1960s. history records that it was no easy lift as well. there were lots of skeptics at the time. and frankly, there was a lot of division in america in the 1960s. >> there was a war going on! [laughter] >> i believe we have a special guest here. we have apollo 11 astronaut and moon walker, buzz aldrin. it is such an honor for you to be here and joining us today. what is it like for you to be in this room? this is an historic suit up room where you suited up for the launchpad. >> that's right. we did not have any lady astronauts then either. but i understand we will now, going to the moon. but underneath the vice presidents leadership, of the national space council and the
2:30 pm
enthusiasm of our president. there is a lot of little fake news that comes out every so often you know. [laughter] >> buzz makes a great point. he says that there was a war going on. there was a lot of division on the united states on that issue and many other issues but when neil armstrong and buzz aldrin and mike collins went to the moon and for that moment a real unified the unified the world and we truly believe that as we renew our commitment to lead in human space exploration will have the support in the congress the country and the world. >> that's the reason we are making a big thing about the observances. i call it the five decades of apollo. it goes all away from apollo 1 through this successful landing on up through apollo 17. these are the five decades of apollo.
2:31 pm
and now we're going to begin the decades of artemis. reporter: yesterday said you were a bit frustrated with the lack of progress of humanity into space. are you less frustrated in 2019 then you were a few years ago after the shuttle -- >> things never go the way that the dreamers would really like right at the beginning. president kennedy gave us a destination. at a time, he felt sure that we would come up with a plan. and the plan was initially there. a few were not satisfied with it. and so they changed the plan. and it made the success out of apollo. and we now have prepared a method of adding to the moon. and onto mars.
2:32 pm
and i believe that we should always be ready for alternatives and the space program will call them backup procedures. you should have a backup to your primary. and what we decided to do was to make the primary do the backup. the same thing. so that if you had to not do the primary, the backup was right there ready to come in and take over. reporter: buzz aldrin, it is an absolute honor to be with you today. 50 years ago today you are walking on the moon. thank you so much for all that you did for this country and mr. vice president, congratulations on the announcement of a completed capsule. >> thank you, kristin. we really do well as a nation to pause and remember what buzz
2:33 pm
aldrin, neil armstrong, mike collins and more than 400,000 americans behind them at nasa and all across american industry accomplish. but the american people ought to know under the presidents leadership we have a president that has laid out a vision. we work with members of congress to inspire the nation once again and america is leading in human space exploration and it is the inspiration of those who have gone before like buzz aldrin. >> you are just a teenager during world war two. and look at what opened up. look at the marvelous opportunities, experiences that came my way. just not automatic. they happen, i was very fortunate and i am so very grateful for this nation to be able to provide those opportunities. reporter: you continue to inspire generations. mr. vice president, thank you.
2:34 pm
eric: so awe-inspiring and that he echoed the call for jfk to put a man on the moon. the administration works to do that in the next five years. with a woman astronaut. we will have a lady astronaut he said. laura: that's right! [laughter] getting to the moon. we like that in 2024. eric: just amazing. god bless them. laura: more aggressive action from iran seizing a british tanker after the u.s. reportedly takes out one of its drones. how does the u.s. and allies de-escalate tensions in the middle east? we'll talk about that with an international relations expert. that is coming up next. lly show. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa"
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♪ book now and enjoy free unlimited open bar and more. norwegian cruise line. feel free. laura: a week of tension
2:37 pm
between the u.s. and easton allies. toronto calling this a reciprocal move for the uk 's
2:38 pm
role in the capture of an iranian tanker earlier this month. meanwhile the u.s. and iran are at odds after the u.s. claimed a navy warship destroyed an iranian drone but toronto is it never happened. lots of back-and-forth here. he would thus international relations expert and president of iris independent research, thank you for being here today. >> thank you. laura: we talk about the uk and u.s. response on this, this tanker war is being called, again as many more countries are keeping a close eye on excluding situation. what can you tell us on that front? specifically, hit you keeping an eye on the russians response. >> that's right. possible the tanker were his back. the hijacking has pushed britain and france and germany a little bit closer to the u.s. position and i think was really new today is that now britain is out in the lead with their foreign secretary saying there will be action considered but
2:39 pm
robust steps and he will protect british shipping but over to russia, russia is egging on the iranians, no doubt about it. laura: and for the military response in the region if there's going to be any leaders in the uk, they hope this can be solved medically. they have more assets moving to the region. we hear about more military assets going in. what you expect to see happen? >> exactly and let's remember there are many allies with military forces in the gulf and the gulf region. there will be a balance of diplomacy and military protection.priority one of course is protect our forces. the british should have a destroyer very close to that tanker that was seized. here's where i think we are heading. it's going to be time to look at taking more measures to protect the shipping lanes and possibly even to considering a no-fly zone. so the military force moves we see are defending what we already have there.
2:40 pm
but getting ready to review the other options as well. rehearing not it could be the fact that the u.s. and iran could actually start talking to try and find a diplomatic way out of the conflict. a lot of different voices on the spread the supreme leader of iran says he will not consider dealing with the us. the former president john "the new york times" that he thinks the president trump could actually broker a deal with his expertise in the business world. how likely is a stew pan out? >> you are right, some mixed signals. what we do know is that the europeans have tried, they visited tehran, there've been a lot of talk between britain, france, germany and iran for the last month or so. but nothing has worked out. we getting flickers and assist me that there may be quiet back channel exploration of a possibility of talking. right now publicly, the iran leadership is saying absolutely not, there lanes are very harsh conditions.
2:41 pm
where i think this going ultimately, this will go to the un. right now iran is in violation of the un law of the sea rates of transit. as all the nuclear deal rule. this could well head back to the un for some additional talks. >> you know is when they are about 2000 companies currently operating ships in the region. we hurry not there all on high alert, some companies ordering their vessels, they are very huge vessels, to navigate the strait of hormuz during the day at high speeds getting the tankers through. what can we do to keep the vessels and crewmembers safe? obviously it is volatile right now. what can the companies do? >> it is a very busy region and the problem is that the tankers don't have very big crews. they really vulnerable to being boarded and taken at gunpoint. that is why to me from a military perspective, i ran's combination of the fast boats which they get from china and north korea, and the use of the helicopters was particularly
2:42 pm
concerning.that is a new technique and the tankers really are vulnerable. to me they will stay in the shipping lanes, they will keep their transponders on they will have u.s. and allied navies there are keeping watch but i think it comes down to additional talks about the potential redline. and it says that you have to be protected to be in this channel and if something comes across the line you how to identify yourself or risk being shot at. >> some of the new video we got into the newsroom showed some guys coming down from helicopters. it is so scary to watch that. look secure watching a movie but it's not. it's very dangerous, it is very serious and now as you said, it's like a tanker war is back on. and you mentioned, he talked about russia but internationally speaking, when we look at how many people are watching this right now, what else are you hearing in your circle about what can be done, what are people throwing out there? >> is really stunning to me
2:43 pm
that iran only attacked the british tanker, they had to look real carefully to find a british flag. but they filmed it and put that video out. it is so obnoxious and it just says that the republican guard navy, they love this. they are terrorists, they want this reaction and your hearing everywhere that this is having an absolute opposite reaction. we see the european allies tightening up and really the world is shocked. iran is backing itself more and more into a corner with the video and it's what they've done to the british tanker. >> last question. you mentioned that this could go to the un. any other avenues where you can see this going? we are showing the video now of the fast roping coming down off of the helicopters with the men boarding the ship. aside from the un, any other doorway that can be opened to resolve this? >> exactly, and us i think a question for president trump and britain and others, they want to take action with they
2:44 pm
forces that we have the gall to protect the shipping and our gulf allies as well. or they want to wait and try to take it to the un? i think we'll see a lot of discussion there clearly discussion with the saudis as well. that is the question, are we going to have to take action as a group of allies to keep iran off the shipping lanes were wait for the un? that is the question of the day. >> doctor rebecca grant, thank you for being with us, sharing your perspective and have a close eye on this and have you back. >> thank you. eric: the space race has drastically changed since apollo 11 first landed on the moon 50 years ago today. coming up, walter cunningham is here. the former actor from apollo 7. hewill join us with his thoughts , next. and he has subscriptions to a music service he doesn't listen to and five streaming video services he doesn't watch. this is jerry learning that he's still paying for this stuff he's not using. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah.
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2:46 pm
2:47 pm
2:48 pm
legacy of apollo 11, we look forward to america's future return to the moon. someday we are told perhaps mars. what is the meaning of the day, the amazing encouragement walter cunningham joins us a retired colonel and former nasa astronaut. he was a lunar module pilot of apollo 7. he joins us now from the johnson space center in houston. mr. cunningham, first, is an honor to have you with us thank you for your service. as you reflect on apollo 11 and going to the moon, we take it for granted. it was so remarkable, what are your thoughts? >> well, i think it was remarkable but back in those days all the flights were remarkable.even to this day, nobody, they hardly remember apollo 7. for example we stayed in earth orbit and apollo 9 stayed in earth orbit and so the world has changed. they appreciate different
2:49 pm
things and apollo 7 to this day, here we are 50 years later and it is still, still longest, most ambitious, most successful test flight ever. and most people won't even, do not even know that it flew. eric: tells about apollo 7. bless of october 1968. and really, without your work and the work of your crewmembers or could not have, the knowledge built upon that to get us to the moon. >> well, it is absolutely true. today i would say, former apollo astronauts, they all understand how each of these missions contributed and helped it out. apollo 11 was the fifth manned apollo mission. when we talk about apollo 7, it was the first manned apollo mission but the third attempt to flight the first mission. so things are changing, our attitude publicly is changing.
2:50 pm
i think our attitude overall is changing. and people today are not supposed to be sticking their neck out and taking a risk and things like that. so i am one of the folks that feels really, so fortunate, that i lived when i did and we were willing to go out and stick our necks out. that is a good attitude in my opinion. eric: you're talking about sticking your neck out, you are a motivational speaker and you travel and you wrote a book called all american boys about the astronauts. tell me about what you learn through your experience and what you share with people about leadership, about character, about motivations and doing the right thing. >> well, what i learned about those characteristics you asked about, those are things that i lived with back then. we took it for granted. you might find a guy once in a while that might not share some of those but it was very rare.
2:51 pm
and at the time when i was, the first two years of that was a total of 30 of us as astronauts and mercury, gemini and apollo programs will be covered by the 30. turns out that actually, a few people died off. i think five of our 30 ended up dying from one reason or another. during that period of time and we ended up having to add i think three others later. but we all had the same attitude. we were all fighter pilots. most of us in those days were also test pilots and it was a kind of life that we admired and we liked because it satisfied us internally and our attitude on those things. eric: you mentioned some of the, your colleagues dying. of course it was a tragic launchpad fire previously.
2:52 pm
then you were able to go up. were you scared? did you have faith? did you think that this will get you there? what was it like when you blasted off? >> well, everybody today seems to be curious about where you scared? and i also find when i find i answered that candidly they have a tough time believing it. i cannot speak for all 30 of us back in those days but was i scared? no. i guess i cannot say we never had any kind of fear because we did have, it was to not be embarrassed by our competitors. we were there to do a good job, to come out looking good, to enter the mission if we could. and i see it today as society has changed to the point where everybody is not that discouraged on the fear thing.
2:53 pm
everyone is supposed to be living in a simple life. personally, i feel very fortunate to have lived when i did because you can still develop your own sense of satisfaction and being the top of the world for a while there. eric: walter cunningham, who represents the best of this country and america and our space program. your ideals and character and words of motivation. mr. cunningham, thank you. thank you for what you've done and your continued work in that area and for making american spirit and achievement continued. >> thank you very much, nice to be with you. eric: of course. laura? laura: the war of words between president trump and four progressive congresswomen continues to dominate headlines. we are live with new reaction. i can't believe it. that karl brought his karaoke machine? ♪ ain't nothing but a heartache... ♪
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2:57 pm
>> president trump continuing his feud with four democratic congresswomen, this as he faces a backlash after supporters at his north carolina rally this week chanted, quote, send her back, in reference to somali-born woman ilhan omar. ellison barber is live in new jersey where the president is spending the weekend. hi, ellison. >> reporter: two members of the squad have said in the last couple of days that they are not going anywhere. president trump is doubling down on his criticisms of them any chance he gets. >> what they call the people of
2:58 pm
our country and our country garbage, when they hit israel the way they've hit israel, so hard, so horrible, i think to me that's a disgrace, and we should never forget it. >> we are going to continue to be a nightmare for this president. [cheers and applause] because his policies, because his policies are a nightmare to us. >> reporter: on capitol hill congressional democrats along with four republicans voted to condemn president trump's recent tweets about the squad as racist, saying the president's words are dangerous and destructive and divisive. >> the american people deserve better from the individual who has the responsibility of trying to bring everyone together, but he continues to peddle hatred and xenophobia and use racist tropes like the one that he has consistently directed at those four congresswomen of color.
2:59 pm
>> reporter: some republican allies of the president argue this is a two-way street. >> she's just introduced legislation, omar has, that will destroy the state of israel, compare them to nazi germany and the soviet union. they're all american citizens entitled to their voice, and when they do provocative things, they're going to be met with provocation. >> reporter: a reporter asked president trump if this is good for him politically or if it's turning voters off. president trump claims he does not care about the politics of any of this. laura? laura: ellison barber for us in new jersey, thank you so much. eric: more politics tomorrow but, boy, what a day to remember american achievement and inspiration and ingenuity and the bravery and courage of those astronauts who stepped on the moon half a century ago today. can you believe that? laura: i know, it's incredible. thank you to all.
3:00 pm
eric: godspeed to them, of course. laura: we'll see you back here tomorrow at 12 p.m. eastern. "the fox report" is coming up next. eric: have a great night. ♪ ♪ >> iran releasing new footage showing the moment mass commandos took control of a british oil tanker. connell mcshane filling in for jon scott, this is "the fox report." ♪ ♪ connell: this new video shows several small boats surrounding the vessel as troops rappel down from a helicopter. the u.k. pledges a robust response, calling the move from iran illegal and destabilizing. it happened just one day after president trump said a u.s. navy ship had destroyed an iranian drone in the very same waterway. retired general jack keane says tehran is in uncharted territory. >> theis


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