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tv   Watters World  FOX News  July 20, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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[applause] im greg gutfeld. >> welcomewa to "watters world". the beginning of the end is subject of political correctness and identity politicson these tools are used as a weapon and as a shield for the left. and there to control in silence you ray to gender and immigration status are deployed when they can protect themselves from legit criticism. how dare you disagree with my policy you are just threatened because i'm a black lesbian immigrant those that are sick
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of this nonsense and we have to be very careful to protect ourselves but now ladies and gentlemen these cheap and lousy tactics are getting a taste how poisonous this can be and the casualties are beginning to stack up. after aoc suggested nancy pelosi was racist to single her out another member of her squad told nancy to knock off the criticism because it's dangerous. >> and knowledge the fact we are all women of color so if you single us out be aware of that especially because some of us are getting death threats some of us are being singled out in many ways because of our background and experience and so forth to make the democratic speaker of the house nancy pelosi a seasoned veteran in washington
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cannot criticize a freshman democrat because she is a woman of color? that puts her in danger so her gender and race makes her untouchable. she can say and do whatever she wants and make nancy's life help and cost of the house but you cannot disagree with her publicly know i am a straight white male and you should see the threats that i get from these crazy leftist. half of them are from my own mom. i am not kidding about that. [laughter] scarlett johansson. great actress in a liberal she raised thousands of dollars for barack obama and hillary and has campaigned hard for gay rights, rights, but that's not good enough go after accepting a role to play a transgender man she was forced to drop out when activists demanded an actual transact or play the part.
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the casting of johansson facing backlash because her character was originally asian in the sourced material. so now they are telling the highest-paid female actress in a male-dominated industry she can only play straight white female roles? yes. >> in a perfect world. >> an asian man would have played that. mickey rooney would not have played an asian man and the reason he did is because they did not give roles to asian people that is why in the early part of our history white people at were dressed in black face. something i know something about and i understand why. the reason we don't do it anymore transgender people
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exist. >> i do agree but to say actors cannot play straight roles for an australian actor likeke hugh jackman cannot plan american. i wonder what role liz more and can play? the academy awards are not the same they are not funny anymore because they don't even have a host because comedian another liberal guy had to step down from hosting because he made a few gay jokes and he apologized for the many times. many many years before. i am not here to defend gay jokes. but he is a comedian and the oscars have been criticized tremendouslys to but t for nog enough black talent and hosts over the years. it is identity politics hustle. who do you not send x nobody.
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no host, no jokes, no ratings. but if people are offended there are worse things and that's not good enough everybody. >> apologizing and moving on does not make the world a better place for people who are gay or transgender.y.vingot but being an ally does. >> no apology is accepted. >> next you will not even believe the ceo of planned parenthood, a prominent asian position whose organization tried to elect hillary to be fired by the board but it's been reported refusing to use trans- inclusive language. for example she said women instead of people. so the left is clearly cannibalizing themselves to destroy republicans turning
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those weapons on each other. that happened to biden on the debate stage even planned parenthood and even nancy pelosi. best of luck. now you know how we feel. here with reaction former white house communication director and former trump campaign manager. anthony what do you think of that brilliant or sit on - - dissertation right there quick. >> i was laughing through a lot of it because unfortunately it is true. and now this is my production people don't like everything and to tolerate the political correctness in the social environment so they vote for the president.
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they don't want to signal to anybody so they just go out and vote for the president. jesse: they are afraid to be falsely smearedl he to be racist or sexist or homophobe so they don't tell the truth or communicate and then the country doesn't get to know each other. that is what we want to. we want everybody to be happy. >> i play to win and being with you was winning because we get tell the people the truth. this is how people think and what they think about is this craziness that a white person cannot play a black person in the straightmm person cannot play a homosexual is why this political correctness has run amok if you remember the first presidential debate that trump was involved and he said we don't have time for political correctness we care more about national security and economic security than crazy political correctness the left throws down our throats.
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and this happened to me the other day on thursday. watch what i said. >> so what would you say to them if they were on the couch today quick. >> i would grab my wallet first. [laughter] i would invite them to "watters world". now this is how the daily beast covered what i said. jesse waters appeared to make a racially insensitive joke about the democratic representative who are members of the squad on thursday suggesting one of them might be willing to pickpocket him highlighting the negative stereotypes of people of color. you know i'm talking about socialism and they are fascist.
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>> i put my wallet in the green room. >> i am sorry about that. can somebody please find my wallet in the green room. >> that is very frustrating at the end of the day to keep up leth that and to have a reaction that goes back for code is like a pendulum. so the president will win reelection the average american says am so tired of this let the president drive the people crazy another four years. jesse: actually think it is racist for the daily beast to assume i am talking about getting pick pocketed by minoritiesly. >> that is such a double standard we see what aoc has said clearly these other words the pejorative state. wears that backlash on her? where does the house come down to say terrible things about the jewish community?
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there is none. if you say something i will protect my wallet from socialism people want to raise my taxes they immediately go to the lowest common denominator that you are a racist all of a sudde sudden. it is disgusting and american people are getting very tired very quickly. >> they play the race card because they ran out of other cards. jesse: this is interesting they did aerti poll 32 percent f democrats say it is racist for a white politician to criticize the political views ofit a politician of color. 32 percent say you cannot even criticize if you are white a woman of color based on policy because that is racist. that is where we are in this country. there was some chanting and then we can react.
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>> anti- somatic. >> send her back. send her back. sent her back. jesse: they were chanting send her back. i know you don't like that chant the president said he did not leak it one just like it. it's not watergate. >> but we have to be better than them ten times better than them so to show the american people that we are colorblind in our ways we are focused on policies. want the president to focus on the economic miracle he has created for all americans african-americans, the entire food chain of america is doing way better under president anoitrum trump. let's not give them anything to trigger that. that is my feeling and i stick with it. jesse: i believe personally that they play this game all the tim time, the media.
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anything on the right the entire republican party has to condemn it or they are complicit but if you use that on the other side then they accuse the president then they frame the president for treason and call him mentally ill not see racist there are reporters out there to have the entire party condemned to lett those things slide. and all hell breaks loose. it is totally totally ridiculou ridiculous. >> when you look at the members of aoc plus three what they have said in the fact they have never been sanctioned by the house to go over the line congressman king from iowa all committees assignments that they found to
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be against certain individuals or groups. the democrats have no recourse. the leading democrat former n vice president joe biden when he delivers the eulogy at bobby byrd's funeral who was this self-proclaimed grand wizard of the kkk of west virginia forgot that is a racism i don't know what it is but where is the outrage quick. >> they also accused romney of murder. >> we have to do bird - - better than them. >> have a good weekend. james bond getting a major makeover some people are not happy about it. find out
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jesse: the gloves are off the president's infightingen form at
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the 2020 rally in north carolina taking on those democratic rivals and the witchhunt and the crowd ate it up. >> when biden goes out sleepy joe says they have 115 people show up. that is our first row. he's not prepared. he's not mentally prepared. but he was hit with a pretty easy question and he choked. and then he said i'm sorry i ran out of time. i guess i just don't know started many more. and mayor pete. pocahontas is gaining a little bit because we probably use that to early but that's okay
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because she went out and got the test. 1024. i have more indian blood in me than she has in her and i have none. then the indians got together and said we don't want her. representative presley issue related to elvis? i don't know. who knows. a witchhunt? you said it. i won't say it. >> and he gets reprimanded and that's the end. >> ridicule and branding those of the two elements it is extremely effective because it
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diminishes them and turns them into jokes that perception any other candidate in this field of all. and then to swing for the donald on stage. reminding me of the knuckleballer. if there is a car - - a curveball there will be a fastball. you know the knuckleball. i spent 12 years in the secret service talking to the crowd that's really what's coming through at any given time the democrats and focus groups with their consultants have prepared for strategy for the
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last 100 years called the republican campaign a racist. that is not how it works i don't know why they thought this to be a pushover. event democrats on twitter even democrats are starting to acknowledge the battle for the squad is not going as a planned. looking at romney or mccain with racist and xenophobic doing everything they can to not cross the line because then they don't want to be labeled with those things in the media. a lot of the other republican candidates were very afraid of being smeared like that. but trump does not care.
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's supporters don't care. and effectively that neutralizes those types of attacks. if you don't absorb it or run scared from it then it doesn't work. >> look at mitt romney with a 47 percent. everybody knew what he was saying. and of course what was the headline mitt romney apologize for looking like out of touch rich guy but president trump does not care. he doubles down. i have a bigger car and a nicer apartment. had you respond to that? you can't. >> i will give you the last 30 seconds how do you think the omar situation has played out? you have one weekk since it started. >> obviously he should have reworded the tweet but the fact he keeps the heat with an
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open history of obvious anti-semitism i have got to believe even the most diehard loyal party people are starting to think we're losing this fight big time do we really want the squad to be the face of the democratic party? who was not in the news the 2020 candidates for president it's all about the squad and their radical ideas. jesse: he took up all the oxygen and elevated the squad a lot of people did not like that at all. mainly nancy pelosi check out the podcast it is blowing up. what is happening in hollywood? is james bond becoming a woman? and is the lion king a racist film? those questions ahead. ♪
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offered to vouch for his bail. accused of assault and has been behind bars since july 3rd attorneys for the wrapper says it was self-defense. the president joins a growing chorus of americans including celebrities demanding his release. with the embattled governor with calls to resign hundreds of protesters in front of the official residence. it started with leaks of offensive private chats between the governor and inner circle. also anger and resentment over his economic policies and correction allegations. now back to "watters world". for all headlines log on to d7 all eyes on the women's vote in 2020 that president trump is not taking the slightly. >> women are doing incredibly.
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[cheers and applause] sorry men. look at all those women. women for trump. women built i'm sorry to tell you this men, they will see me for discrimination now.o me women filled 60 percent of all the new jobs last year. jesse: last month - - this week watching the women for trump coalition not only dedicated to make sure the president is reelected to ensure that female conservative voices will not be silent. joined me now the president's daughter-in-law and senior advisor laura trump. we research the segment before we did this. and women are experiencing some phenomenal numbers under the president. >> absolutely. jesse: the unemployment ratete dropped from 41 - - down a three.six. and women are donating a lot
8:30 pm
more to the president's campaign than last time. >> about 25 percent of their trump campaign came from women and now in 2019 half of the donations so if anybody is wondering if we have women on our team more women are supporting donald trump. jesse: why does everybody say the president is having a problem with women with white college-educated female supporters? are you seeing that quick. >> i'm not saying that i have never seen that not even in 2016 are now.'m'mi democrats like to box people at based on gender and skin color and religion we've got these people that reality people are very smart they can choose whomever to be the c president for whoever they like the best and a lot of those are voted for double trump in 2020. jesse: white women
8:31 pm
5243 percent. overall hillary edge that amoun amount. black women not so much but here is the black women who adore their president diamond insult one - - and silk. >> they are playing the race card. theyth are playing the sex card. we will continue to play the trump card so we can win, win, and win. we are all on the trump train. [cheers and applause] when i say all aboard you say choo-choo. all aboard. >> choo-choo. >> all aboard. >> choo-choo. >> all aboard. >> choo-choo. jesse: they are the secret weapon. >> that is how we close out every single rally we did in
8:32 pm
2016 with a diamond and silk doing the trump train choo-choo. it is very appropriate to close out the launch of the women's coalition. jesse: always dealing with media bias. >> really? jesse: and chris pratt is a famous actor wore a t-shirt out in public the other day so now people of the tea party it's a very popular teacher and it goes back to the continental army of the british. he wears that and yahoo runs a story and now he is criticized because it represents white supremacy. >> it is so unbelievable. if you try to make this up people say it's not true. the reality is this is been around since the revolutionary war. it is a flag that was a battle
8:33 pm
cry for our military in the revolutionary war. that we will not attack them is provoked it is a warning the whole thing this is represented the fact that anybody tries to call this white supremacist, it is so crazy that there is any sort of notion it is anything then patriotic 100 percent american. this is where we live now. jesse: they have to attack the betsy ross flag, the national anthemem because they believe they can destroy the foundation of this country to label ity racist that it makes it easier for them to chip away at patriotism and re- bill this entire country on socialism. we will not let them get away with that. >> america will not be a socialist country we will not .et them get away with it jesse: they find six people who say something on twitter. >> we know how kinder they are
8:34 pm
on twitter. jesse: and a run an entire story from six people that like if they sam having a bad hair day and run a story on that. >> if you want some real entertainment read the comments on mine. jesse: thank you very much. the man behind the most famous trump means but first is hollywood to pc? c? we will have reaction. ♪[upbeat music] ♪now i'm gonna tell my momma♪ ♪that i'm a traveller ♪i'm gonna follow the sun♪ ♪now i'm gonna tell my momma ♪that i'm a traveller transitions™ light under control™ tremfya® is for adults with moderate. to severe plaque psoriasis. i'm ready. with tremfya®, you can get clearer. and stay clearer. in fact, most patients who saw 90% clearer skin at
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jesse: double oh seven getting a new race and gender several outlets reporting her british
8:39 pm
actress will be taking over for james bond in the next installment next year. the first woman to carry the iconic codename debacle seven in here to react one who played bond villain fox news 24/7 reporter. >> it t is my james bond look for today. >> you have a martini under their? >> right out of reach. >> i'm coming over. jesse: a tremendous amount from the bond franchise very loyal. what do you think the fan reaction is going to be with
8:40 pm
the introduction of a female demo seven quick. >> they had a female spy with jinks i believe it was diamond of the dead they hope to have the spinoff series at halle berry. nowpi we have lynch playing the teethree characters supposedly in a know how deep that will gor, but give her a different number if they want to do a spinoff because james bond has been james bond since the sixties and other characters then you could justify that because i have six daughters actually. i went women empowerment. and i want them to have that
8:41 pm
butve i zero zero seven and do that in a different way. jesse: like michael jordan leads the bulls. but i see your point. so as a woman and a very and you loven female empowerment, what does this send a message to females throughout the country or throughout the world. >> i think it is a good idea because she will not become james bond. she is just taking over the zero zero seven moniker. i remember a couple years ago there is a big to do how they cast the oldest ever bondwoman to pass the unique stereotypes maybe she was 55 years old and was a supermodel and they killed her off she was not
8:42 pm
even a bond girl. jesse: you cannot even say bond girls anymore now it's bond women. >> my apologies. jesse: we are all offended. so now the lion king. it's breaking tons of box office records this weekend but there is some professor who actually said this. are you ready? it offers fascist ideology and there is no obvious out to remake lion standing in for the ruling class and the good herbivores from decent law-abiding citizens in the hyenas represent the black and brown and the disabled bodies forcefullyde excluded from the hierarchal society. so when you watch the movie is that what you pick up quick.
8:43 pm
>> i have never picked up and neither has my kids. originally from new york i think the jungle of new york was too much for him. you readis more into that maybe that got to him. is hardly that. the animal kingdom has the hierarchy. that's a fact two week wait this with orwell animal farm is a whole other ball of wax it is political nonsense that we are going through right now. jesse:th at one point the big rock that everybody gathers around to look down that that represents trump tower. >> i'm sure it's a wonderful person but there's so many things is like an onion article. there is so much anti- disney sentiment going on right now i remember a few months ago
8:44 pm
celebrities said snow white and sleeping beauties bad precedent because they did not asked to be kissed. >> i'm sure theta poison apple they would want to be woken up. >> aoc is cooled by former i.c.e. director on the border situation it is musty tv. the women running against aoc react to that next. 15 percent smoother and their kids love them 15 percent more with getaway deals with at least 15 percent off, you can be a booker at
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jesse: aoc all over the news this week but what they overlooked was this exchange with a congresswoman last week watch this. >> do you recommend family separation quick. >> zero-tolerance. >> that includes that's just a us citizen gets arrested with a child.
8:49 pm
>> zero-tolerance is interpreted as a policy of separated children to make if i get arrested for dui in the car i will be separated i arrested a father for domestic violence i separated that father. >> with all due respect they are not charged with a crime entering the country illegally is a violation of the code
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jesse: because of the blackout in manhattan many of you did not see the exclusive interviewd with the man behind present trumps most famous meme we want to show you the highlights. >> tell me about yourself. how did you get into the meme game? did you have any idea you ?ould blow up like this >> no. i got started after cnn
8:57 pm
wrestling joke and after that i had no idea it would blow up. jesse: one of the most famous ones recently was at the president's state of the union address. let's watch that d a. ♪ we will never be a socialist country. [cheers and applause] ♪ [laughter] jesse: that was an instant classic right there. is there any special skills that you have developed by moving video with music? or do you thank you got lucky quick. >> i have watched a lot of movies and i pay attention to how movies are made and
8:58 pm
directed. i just direct those meme like a movie. jesse: the president has re- tweeted you. >> five or six depending on how you count them. jesse: you actually at the white house social media summit and got to spend time with the president in the oval office. what did he say to you? what were his thoughts? >> he did like the state of the union display he said the music was perfect he was upset it was only up for hours before they took it down. what kind of impact do you thank you have and do you get the reaction that many would expect those coming after you, death threats have you been threatened to thrown off the internet quick.
8:59 pm
>> generally it's pretty good but i'm always under constant threat of what will happen next. >> it is clear to me that mainstream media knows you have a specialth talent but it is incredibly influential and they don't like that and the genie is out of the bottle and they cannot control the message anymore and that's why they treat you so disrespectfully. but as the campaign heats up and hopefully we get another one the president will retweet it and everybody will just go crazy. we appreciate all the work you have been doing ♪
9:00 pm
♪ ♪ >> hello welcome to justice, i'm janeen. thanks for being with us a stellar lineup including whip congressman steve scalise forminger gop congressman california darrell i.c.e. is a and tom from judicial watch plus a panel discussion on the latest between the president and the squad. but first my opening statement. a lot of americans are fed up and i'm one of them. we are close to losing this country. there is a plot to remake america by those who hate america. while everyone on the sidelines is freaking out


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