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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  July 20, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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see it opening get really paid off. watch my facebook, anyway, you've got preorder my new book and make america. thanks. especially if you're an anchor was have silence everyone is afraid of silence can be very powerful on television so bear with with me don't say anything. don't say anything eni'll start the stop watch so listen. that was 13 seconds and best 13 seconds he's ever said. [laughter] it began with a tweak and ended with a chant.
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within two days after trump tweeted about the squad, the word racist was uttered 11 hux time on mississippi nbc and maybe it is getting a little nuts. >> people say but things are racist people who do racist things are racist like i said before. walk talks like a racist then it is a racist. support donald trump today is a racist because you're complicit you said it. so you call me a racist. this president is -- is promulgating racism and violence. >> promulgating. nice word i should check in on rachel. ♪ [laughter] la la -- so forgive me if this week's outrage feels like a competition. especially since it initially rely on a deliberate misreading trump tweets didn't say leave
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but please come back racist don't say that. but that's missing an immediate story telling because it disrupts s their typical ending that he's a racist or you're a racist and everyone is a racist but especially trump because he's slammed the squad as ifs they're only one he's gone after. [laughter] let's roll a list "the new york times" jeff sessions arnold rand paul mike bloomberg, john mccain rosy o'donnell hillary clinton marco rubio cnn rex y,tillerson a phuc ambassador. macy's -- liz warren crying chuck. lying ted, and lying ted wife heidi. according to immediate those are all women of color. because trump targets with enough color.
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please he even wengts of a went after mick for coughing some hope they get it because it is a fantastic financial. let get coughing in the middle of my answer. not like that. just can't do it paint trump as going after mierpts suit he's a racist narrative i wish we could prove that that i wrong. i have given my answer. low energy person. more energy. i like that. she's crooked hillary clinton. don't worry it be the marco. i've got more indian blood in me than pocahontas. joe biden crazy bernie. don lying ted. lying ted. what's your name? any name is lying ted cruz. >> never talked hmm on his look
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believe me plenty of subject matter right there. that i can tell you. because he's a racist even moon landing to celebrate "the washington post" tweets that the culturee that put men on moon ws what white and male not to be outwoke "new york times" noted t that soviet a won the space race for equality. so brutal system that killed ten of millions of people is morally superior to us because they have a woman astronaut first. awesome.e. whoever the big outrage as you knowad happened at the rally, bt first since greg a winner? >> greg is a winner greg will be great on job. all of the things you want tufts on crime strong on borders pushing the wall and go out, get, greg elected. [laughter] >> i didn't know i was running but thanks. [laughter] that doesn't mean other countries are thrilled withh hi.
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>> that doesn't mean other countries are thrilled with me there's a recent poll germany likes president trump. i said, of course, because i'm makinger them pay their bills. [laughter] what happens when i hear the word apprentice? >> whenever i hear that word apprentice i say i love that word that was a good chat. [laughter] they think you know what we'll do get arnold schwarzenegger to take my place. that didn't work out too well. then you have that young guy boot edge -- and you have a young guy boot saying how to say his name boot edge edge -- [laughter] he's a beauty he runs a failed city. like when he called pocahontas pocahontas. >> it's like they should have waited.
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because she then went out and got that pest. 1024 i have said i have my indian blood than she has in her, and i have none. and bernie -- bernie you missed your time . [applause] you missed your time. he's not doing too well but that's okay he's up there ranting raving going like a lunatic i said to our first lady the other day i was watching bernie screaming hair is all crazy -- [laughter] but damn, that's a beautiful baby. >> look at that beautiful baby. look at that beautiful baby. wow, what a baby. what a baby. that is a beautiful baby. [applause] that's like from an advertisement. perfect. >>fr do you get it? bashed four people one country and complimented a baby.
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what he does. of course,st there the chant you already heard it and trump distanced himself from it which he should i don't like chants unless it is we love greg. [laughter] new group action including craft chant in a wwe type atmosphere bugs me but media mob bugs me too with more power and weaponnize it to smear people they hate sending her back is crappy but so is nazi by media professionals sending her back is crappy but so is anti-semitic resolution to boy can the a peaceful ally or xearing israel to nazi or equate al qaeda and equal outraids to that or violent attack on i.c.e. facility or calling american law enforcement concentration camp guards, or encouraging doxxing people they disagree with, or chasing people out of restaurants, those are actions. not words.
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yet chance suck. but for leftist that's their now both political camps focus on threats. trump focuses on what he sees as harmful for the country. the squad focuses on harm, they believe our country is doing. this week they collided. you don't have to pick a side and you can find it all gross. but you don't have to set your hair on fire either. we're already in a heat wave as it is. welcome to the tonight's game he could kill you with his eyebrow mike baker. he's got more than i have whits, the other steven l. philer -- quirky and beets beef jersey katherine tim, and everyone
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looks up to him and that's why choice he's really tall my side kick on fox nation. you're get hoots now that's new. >> e yes it is new. i'll take it all right mikey you look great haven't seen you in a while go ahead pick whatever you want out of this week and run with it. >> first of all man i congratulate you this sofa is much more comfortable than last one you had and so i appreciate that although -- >>uc already offtopic so -- this is not red eye but a show that's on once a week. pnt not red eye. i have to lay off the nyquil. so yeah. i'm conflicted on this because -- i know it is news i know we've got to talk about it. my number one thought is, though, i would love if we just don't allow ox for this and i
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know also that it is useless to give president trump any advice whatsoever. [laughter] but because i don't take my own advice i'll do it about and what he should do is it is just with avoid being baited by their taunt, and don't give them again don't give them that oxygen. focus on creating the concept going into 2020 that the entire party is socialist the entire party is pushing these crazed ideas and coming from this squad. right don't make it about those four individuals make it about the party. but he can't help himself so -- so anyway. that's rambling. >> i spent a year and a half giving that same advice he ignored everything i said in one. that's why i don't know. >> you're right. but isn't that what he's doing to paint the entire party but he focus top on the squad. >> there's a big debate about that. there's a big debate is this a big strategy or like president trump boomer dad waking up yelling at the tv. [laughter]
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yeah. i'm not a fan of tweets with or chant and glad he dis vowed it. i'm -- i think you know, like you said about the wrestling atmosphere that's what it is. so i'm fine with locked her up. everybody agrees should be in prison. but omar she's -- don't agree with anything politically but she did everything we asked her to do to go through the system so while we have massive flood of caravan across border illegally you have someone who went through channelses past test and did the thing now she's many congress so yeah. i think let's get back to good old fashion lock her up. i'm l fine with that one. >> fine with the earlier hit. earlier hit not a fan of the new -- new stuff cat is not good but old stuff is better. >> that will happen some time. yeah. sir i swallowed my gum and kind of stuck in my throat so next time i won't have gum. [laughter] yeah . look i wasn't a fan of the tweets myself. i have said so say so again but
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you know who i think is actually a g big fan, the biggests fan in is the media that friends that they hate the tweet. they saw he tweeted this and they weren't thinking oh no president they were like yeah. noug work tomorrow just going to call the president a racist all day. they don't actually have to do if that was my job just to repeatat the same words over and over again, that would be great i would have to read a lot less and chill and take more naps it would be wonderful. i think all of their outrage they have fun doing it and so i think it is a little bit disingenuous not like they're going against the grain by saying something like this or making somee bold statement. they are saying what they know everybody wants them toll say and having a good time doing it so i don't like tweets myself but i think it is strange to see how lethal people get over it and pretending they don't like it. chghts it is awesome content for slow summer month it is in the news. round this out. y'all racist -- [laughter]
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every one of you racist, racist, racist i'll be racist too. [laughter] so now that we're all racist can we get back to the actual conversation? because i don't know what the hell they'reno complaining about nil. i'm confused when i was growing i knew who racist old man was in corner on my street because he said specific things to me when i stepped on his yard. [laughter] but usually it centered around theci pigmentation of my skin. some epitaph you know what i'm saying now if you tell someone to leave, it is racist. because i remember there was a -- i was talking to mr. baker it be it used to be american slogan if you don't like it you can leave america lovee it or leave it it was pretty much normalsl thing, and 70-year-old man from that era might't say -- if you don't like the way i do things you can leave. wow, racist -- where? and --
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>> and now "the greg gutfeld show" as his campaign dies he wants to exercise so if joe biden is nominee how would he handle trump on debate stage what would he say in >> come on donald. come on man. how many pushups you want to do here, pal? judge me. you know, come on run with me, man. come on, man. run with me, man i can't tell if i'm running for president or audition for a movie there's a reference. anyway. the next debate will be on cnn, and because there's so many candidates cnn spent entire hour deciding which candidate would debate when -- by picking names out of a box.
10:19 pm
so to be fair and transparent to everybody here you go . >> a lot of thought and care into this process to make sure it is transparents and fair. we believe this process should be as transparent as possible because we are being very open it be this process we have multiple camera views including an overhead camera we want you to see everything that we're doing. remindinger for full transparency to watch the cram above me overhead. remember we have these overhead cameras for complete confidence both transparency, and you can see everything i'm doing. a lot like my bedroom. [laughter] >> this had everything. boxes name, dates crazy angles. and, of course, because it is cnn a panel of 300 people -- to explain the importance of picking names out of a box. why don't you hone down your panel instead of a debate and a sponsor -- [laughter] >> brought to you by once upon a
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time in hollywood. starring leonardo dicaprio and brad pitt, the anticipation is killing me this is most amazing lottery ever. john he will take the stage on tuesday, july 30th cory booker he will hit the stage in detroit on wednesday, july 31st. kamala harris debating on wednesday july 31st. >> my god -- without winning anything. steven. steven. i said yesterday i believe that cnn is like a person who has no close friends. they don't tell them when they look stupid. >> yeah. i would say that's just about right and all of the hoot and hol l particularring and circus
10:21 pm
atmosphere here you have cnn turning democrat debate into hunger games literally i was ready to see like, you know, cory booker bust through the doors and volunteer is -- and just to get on stage with biden break 1%. yeah also clip with biden -- when he gets a nomination let's get rid of the moderator and rent a home depot parking lot and put a festive poll in the middle and i don't think biden gets j over that. tyrant what do you make of this? >> to cocaptain on podcast tengt over here -- i like gangster biden. pushups, so his new name is what? >> l grandpa. yeah and -- you know, a lot see i think
10:22 pm
somewhere if you look at their production roster, somebody got fired from the wwe because -- we tried that a couple of times and didn't work then. who will wrestle tonight pull from a hat and while you're fulling hat people are changing channel. >> but that description alone that we have six click no one wants to hear that. yeah. you know why they why they did that, though, is because of the bernie fiasco saying this wasn't rig what he did for bernie back for hillary in 2016. >> yeah but still going to say it is rigged bernie supporters because they gets their opinions from weed. [laughter] so that's -- they're not -- you think bernie is supporters are sitting around watching cnn no they're sitting around watch weed they're smoking so i am personally glad he made pushup comment because finally we're talking about about it like i'm a single issue voter.
10:23 pm
and that issue for me is pushups. i mean, i go in the ballot box who do i think could do more pushups and i, you know, google photo of them first and zoom in on the arm and i really -- i'm really glad he brought this up. because if it's true that he can do more pushups than, i mean -- single issue. no what matters more many this country than your arm muscles any president. >> if you adopt this as barometer guys serving life at a supermax prison should be president. they do tonon of pushups. >>a score will be 6-4. [laughter] let's be real and like buying -- clapping you know. trump with one hand. both guys are going to be after one with and two going this is a really bad idea. go to commercial let's talk it be or mr. trump clearly that's a
10:24 pm
stunt devil you know what i'm saying. last one mike. you can t do 100 pushups. i think right now that is right here -- let's do it. i agree let's do that. >> let's do that. but look biden is 76 years old trump is president trump is 72. nobody wants to see this nobody wants to be subjected to the shirtless dude -- i'm wrong everybody apparently wants to see it but look this is absurd i would have preferred when they did this on cnn that they did one of those lottery drawing with a big barrel and ping-pongfe that they have i cat say in the mic. so -- i'm done. every since the death and since political correctness i've just been -- > through your nose. through your nose i cannot say anything more because of where we are in society today. well you know what, i'm sorry. so i'm going to shut up right now. >> we say that but you never do. [laughter] so i guess my point is that --
10:25 pm
to bringng your notes? >> my notes to the rest and rolling the music. coming up, we discuss the only interesting democrat running for president that is next. yes. [cheering] i found some incredible records about samuel silberman... passenger manifests, census information, even wwi draft registration cards. the records exist... they're there, they're facts. that made it so real for me, it wasn't just a story anymore. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at with who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome. ordering custom ink t-shirts has been a really smart decision for our business. i love the custom ink design lab because it's really easy to use. they have customer service that you can reach anytime. t-shirts help us immediately
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had had quarter withs it has been 50 years since apollo see made a historic landing on moon with mission commander uttering
10:29 pm
those iconic words that eagle has landed armstrong became first human to step foot on the moon vice president mike pence marking the 50 anniversary by attending ceremony and says apollo 11 is only event that has widely remembered in 30*9 century meantime at the international space station two meeting up on saturday three of the astronauts have been aboard space station since march, the other three blasting off from kazakhstan in their so used capsule earlier saturday and flight time six hours 20 minutes not bad. now back to the greg show for all of your headlines log on to fox ♪ like a soothing dove show brings message of love. you know maryann williamson the one who says she's harnessing love to be trump in 2020?
10:30 pm
>> i'm going to harness love for political purposes. i will meet you on that field and sir, love will win. you know it. >> you know it. this week a politico piece had ideas for dems to improve the debate including keeping fringe candidates like mare off the stage. oh but here's what's interesting new saint and sound poll by favorite shows ahead of cory booker and gillibrand in new hampshire. so -- [applause] maybe that harnessing love crap worked and maybe it is working better than identify politics which the left is so obsessed here's what she told dave ruben about that. >>i always say i talk about the same thing whether i'm talk to rich, poor people english speaking people, spanish speaking people gay people straight people, and jewish people christian people muslim people, i talk to the american in all of them. that's what matters now. we need to have an american conversation. >> my god. she's making sense.
10:31 pm
she's harnessing me with love. let's turn to our political correspondent for analysis. chet what do you think? >> harnessed bid love too spreading -- cat, is she really the only interesting voice on that side or am i just falling in love and i don't know it? >> she is. she had a tweet this week that said that problem in our country is that we give e mother-in-lawly connected with declaration of independence. and i have spent all day thinking about what that could possibly mean does she want us to like rub crystals on it or like because i don't think the national archives let you do that. they keep that line move quickly they don'tes let you start talkg about your childhood or whatever -- however you emotionally bond. but i think she's wonderful. i still i don't know how many
10:32 pm
pushups she can do because that will be the decision for me. and she's so cap captivating i t all day trying to sense of it. reminds me of trump she's the odd person out in this bunch -- >> she's correction she's the only person in this bunch. and i mean everybody is a human being. but o i actually feel like what she's saying is genuine and real all be it qeerd -- weird but i know her name. if you ask me to list others who were not one who is annoy me because of silly stuff they say she's speaks and i'm like cool what she's talking about this week and amazing to me that democratic party which is all about inclusion and everyone is are now say she's got to go. >> she's got to go? >> because again i go back to how i've -- i've made fun of trump for six months and i was like who was laughing now?
10:33 pm
[laughter] i feel like she's -- she's going to rise up the ranks. >> not only above -- gillibrand and booker but above de blasio everybody is above de blasio but no, but absolute right the party of inclusivety and doing a standard if we don't like what you're saying not only shut up but keep a gaming system to keep you off the stage and only thing that will get me through debates is her and now he'son dropped out people like well so i have every day i was excited to see what crap he was going to kick out there. so yeah. i say keep him in in. so steven you've been on the mw train since day one let it rip. [laughter] yeah i love her. yeah. i love her so much. yeah. you have the dnc writing off off you have media running her off everyone is making fun of her and forget that's how we got the last president she said most true thing in the last debate
10:34 pm
you have elizabeth warren with out there in thed media and lorn has a plan to fix and plan for everything. maryann says you know how trump won he didn't say i had a plan but make america great again and trump won. elizabeth warren pretended to be a native american for 25 years. maryann williamson entered spirit world in one debate. [laughter] okay only one who i believe could hold a stay and bring back benjamin franklin. >> that's who you would want to bring back benjamin franklin? >> he seems like my favorite any question with about that. i think he could do the most pushups. >> the world greatest baby-sitter like she's like a soothing waterfall of warm milk. >> she'll be commander in next debate with a glass of rose and cigarette. >> hard to argue when she goes there. like that debate is going to --
10:35 pm
all see biden i want to see all of that. sm you know what will happen is like a hall mark movie to fall in love. mary, he's going to resign and he'll be president and she's going to be -- he's going to be her vp it is the greatest time of our lives. >> it will get real cnn coming to rally. stew hanson water out of the picture. ♪ ♪ we're here. ♪ ♪ if your adventure... keeps turning into unexpected bathroom trips.
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sme gets attacked because she wants to act actress scarlet you san son never heard of got in trouble after saying this in an interview you know as actor i should play any person or any tree or any animal because that's any job in the requirements of my job. could be great as a tree but outrage mob on twitter called her statement proof of white privilege. later scar said she was taken out of context and that she supports diversity and film last year she was cast in a fill
10:40 pm
where she had play a transman the social media pressure was so intense she dropped out. if only to learn what roles were acceptable in 2013. >> hi i'm sawyer sebastian and i run h acting academy in my class you'll learn the appropriate roles that you can play without appropriating the life experiences of others. >> w whole point of acting to py different characters? only if you want entitled bigot derrick now get out of my class. get out -- now what are we auditions for this week? >> i'm up for a part in the next avatar film. >> of course you are white male i bet you never even considered the fact that you're taking that role from actual blue space aliens did you? in my class we teach the woke
10:41 pm
acting -- now who else? >> oh. i actually got a callback to play a serial killer. >> oh, have you ever killed anyone? >> what? no. then give it up for kill one of your classmates. : what? >> i said kill one of your classmates had. now -- what will you learn other than how privileged you are. certainly not anything about acting but at least you won't upset the basement l dwelling activist on twitter. >> i killed sob ergs. murder that apartment. you see never become a star but at least you learn how to murder people. >> is somebody going to call an ambulance? aye. all right -- i think you're the only actor here.
10:42 pm
we all have -- original statement was authentic true and she was 100 right disappointing part was that she folded she didn't see anything wrong you're actor it is make believe you're playing a apartment and as much lion king that kale out for example you can audition as many lion but at spoipght they're going eat somebody. so you can't trust a damn lion on set. you know? so, you know, that's the world we live in. acting about playing different part because you don't have to be see what you play. darth vader wasn't really an amputee guy that could move stuff with his head that's who he was. he was made up. >> i had no idea. [laughter] no. no -- but shouldn't isn't that steven isn't he stealing roles from
10:43 pm
people that she's trying to play? >> no. sir, no this is a thing. let's be up in 2005 for transamerica and jared leto won an oscar for buyers club and what had actually happened here it was you didn't. you didn't get a film about representation what also happened is scarlet left the project which she was also producing you killed a film about renounced transmen, you know was a, you know, that film probably would have looked on positively gotten positive attention. and now you don't have a film and you have a case of mistaking its tail and i mean guys good luck have fun with that so yeah. i don't know. they can play whatever she wants she can play a tree and i would go to see that. but that would take a job from a tree mike. pfnlg so i'm in a west hollywood hotel -- iha like where this is going. so ear muffs so i gosh -- do you have a tie around your
10:44 pm
neck? >> i was wearing trousers so part-time texting friend of mine on east coast so i'm texting i get on elevator the small elevator nobody else on there and before the door -- size of the all plfort so import before door is closed i'm working on my phone so i can see down here and i look up and it is scarlett johansson and doors haveis closed now this is wherei show you how much game i got i look at her and while i'm still sending text to my friend i go hey -- you're scarlett johansson. honest to god that's exactly what i said and she looked at me like i was the clown. she couldn't get off that damn elevator she almost went through a shaft in the top of the elevator. she was just so scared -- >> so that was -- thatov was it i texted to any friend getting off elevator i'm such a loser. so -- funny thing is at the end you get married which is great. [laughter]
10:45 pm
, you know, greg when i was living in harlem i had a very, very bad mouse infestation one in my bed so why god why i didn't understand why mice were doing this to me then i remembered when i was 7 i played door mouse in a community theater production palace and wonder planned so they were just mad i was taking all of their roles. right so think about it. if question follow this through to its logical conclusion every movie is beginning to have to be a biopic played by that person. and if it includes anything from their childhood, still got to be played by them as an adult so anyone else -- literally they've made it so reality tv which is trash love it but it's trash. they've made it only acceptable tv. we are going to end up having to give snooky oscar and it is exactly well all of fault if we let this. sm give snooki oscar means something else downtown. like up. i'm sorry --
10:46 pm
oh, man. others replaced by robots anyway and no union and no drug problem, no egoclash and no paycheck because no one wants to put up with this crap and robots better actors. next year i think. o >> the terminator the cast a real -- >> seen him act? inch yeah. great. hey, man. we have to move on and talk about mets gators. [inaudible conversations] [applause] priceline will partner with even more vegas hotels to turn their unsold rooms into amazing deals. delegates, how do you vote? (cheering) ♪ yes, y-y-y-yes, yes...
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can what you flush give gators rush after a drug bust, a police iner loretto not to toss drugs n their toilets ducks, geese other foul are frequent ponged and shutter to think what one hyped up on meth would do further more if it made it far enough we could create meth gators. [laughter] meth gators sound really bad. or really great? now the loretto police admit they're using humor to get their point across about drug pollution never heard of that meaning they haven't found a gator but with amount of flush
10:51 pm
drugs make its way into swamp it has possible so take it seriouslyll right -- i get sued by the car or gator oh they never settle. all right -- mike you flush a lot of drugs down the toilet. >> e yes. but it is all blood thinners and -- water fouler no danger whatsoever. all guy tore in aye have great heart had health when you said meth -- i looked over here and that was -- i didn't mean to. but i thought you were drengting directing your attendance. >> now i'll sue you. now i'm racist apparently as well. yeah. yeah. yeah you know what i --
10:52 pm
got nothing on this one. a huge amount of fellow to add nothing. a nonstory steven there's no gators but what i love about it is that these people actually believe people who take meth and flush meth would listen to a public service announcement. [laughter] like i don't want meth alligator no who doesn't want them only thing i notice about this story you talk about drugs when i'm on this show. i've been on this show my third time every time you talk about drug maybe it is me. i'll defer a cat on this, i want to hear cats take. sm everybody is jumping out of it. i can't wait i need extra time. give us a take. i have a take. i have a take -- don't say that that'll catch on the internet. why are you scratching because i
10:53 pm
have an itch a bug bite there because beetle bit me. so -- talk come on. okay. i'm l itching because i'm on meth. whatever. >> timely. anyway so in the article which i read -- good for you. >> not required on this show but i read article it actually had one of the cops saying give them to us instead. so really what this is in elaborate reduce to arrest people for nonviolent victimless drug crimes i do not appreciate it greg because have you ever seen a work out well if they give drugs to the cop that doesn't work well to go outside. so -- i would like to hope bret baier is watching great on special report i read articles. i saw her read she read this article aloud.
10:54 pm
this is typically what you covered so i thought it would be great. >> what you wore on your feet when you were doing meth -- i'm running out. >> how dare one of you laugh. now to the point, this is a horrible bear trap because -- why do people flush drug? right. is it recreational fun is it -- no . because there's a loud bang at the door saying it is the police. and your ass is beginning to jail and you are flushing 800 stash that so no one willingly wants to flush their drug down the toilet and going to avoid incarceration. right, cool. same time. and you know i love -- how i feel about nature. look how bad is a meth gi tore really in the neighborhood? people on meth their teeth fall out. >> that's a plus. yeah.
10:55 pm
do i really want to do anything but get meth? >> yeah. so only downside is seeing gators do inappropriate things in the swamp for meth money . nobody m wants to see that but u know i'm justt saying -- i think you raised the kids -- the sophistication of this argument. shut up in the studio greg, it is too late you've passed on this. no this is like password you passed, done. >> he said, he said meth bay i have to readh this? we have to move on don't forget the monologue live i'll be in orlando and atlanta september jacksonville in durham, north carolina, november and tennessee in november all ticket for all shows on sale right now go to the qbs for tickets info. ♪
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[laughter] ♪ ♪ "i'm okay." ♪ ♪
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