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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  July 21, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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this afternoon in detroit. laura? laura: thank you so much for that live report. eric: speaking of the president, he just arrived back in andrews, joint base and after a weekend in new jersey. there is the open bore on air -- the open door on air force one. have a good weekend. as an anche silence. that is very powerful and television so just bear with me. don't say anything and i will start the stopwatch. that was 13 seconds. the best 13 seconds he has ever said. [laughter] [applause]
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it began with a tweet and ended with a chant within two days tweeting about the squad the word racist was uttered 1100 times on msnbc and cnn. maybe it's me but it is getting a little nuts. >> people who do racist things are racist. like i have said before. >> if it walks like a racist and talks like a racist, then it is a racist. >> you are conflicted. >> this president is promulgating racism and violenc violence. greg: promulgating? that the night were's word. greg: promulgating? that the night were's word. ♪ forgive me if this week's outrage feels like a competition especially since it relied on a deliberate
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misleading it didn't say leave but leave but please come back racist don't say that. but that disrupts their typical ending that he is a racist or you were that everybody is a racist but especially trump because the squad are the only ones he has gone after. [laughter] the new york times. jeff sessions, donald swarts and eger, mitt romney, rand paul, jim acosta, amazon, bloomberg, mccae o'donnell, bernie sanders, joe biden, hillary clinton, cnn. to larson, uk ambassador. macy's. [laughter] ms. warren. crying chuck. lying ted and his wife heidi. [laughter] according to the media those are all women of color because
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he only targets women of color. please. he even went after mulvaney. >> it is a fantastic financial. >> just get that just get to it. >> the media need to say he only goes after minorities. >> i wish we could prove that they are wrong. >> i have given my answer. >> low-energy person. >> crooked hillary clinton. i got more indian blood in me pocahontas crazy bernie. lying ted. what is your name? lying ted cruz.
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>> believe me there is plenty of subject matter right there. [laughter] >> but he is a racist because today everything is racist even the moon landing to celebrate the 50th anniversary washington post tweets the culture that put men on the moon was white and male the new york times noted the soviets won the space race for equality. so the system they killed tens of millions of people as morally superior to us because they had a woman astronaut first. awesome. however the big outrage as you know happened at the rally but first. >> he will be great on jobs all the things that you want. tough on crime. strong at the border so go out and get him elected. >> i did not even know i was
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running. that doesn't mean other countries are thrilled with him. >> that doesn't mean other countries are thrilled with me per gray recent poll germany likes obama better than trump. a lot better. i said of course. because i making them pay their bill. [laughter] and what happens whenever i hear the word apprentice? >> whenever i hear that word apprentice i love that word. that was a good show. they said you know what we will do we will take arnold's fortune eager to take my place. [laughter] that didn't work out too well. [laughter] >> that young guy mayor pete had to say his name. he is a beauty. he runs a failed city. [laughter]
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greg: like what he calls pocahontas, pocahontas. >> is like when i call pocahontas, pocahontas, should have waited. 1024th. i always said i have more indian blood in me than she has in her and i have none. [laughter] and bernie you missed your time. >> bernie you missed your time. not doing too well but that's okay you have to hand it to him he is ranting and raving like a lunatic i said to our first lady the other day his hair is all crazy. greg: but that's a beautiful baby but look at that beautiful baby. what a baby. [cheers and applause] what a baby. that is a beautiful baby. it's like from an advertisement.
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greg: do you get it? he bashed four people, one country and complemented a baby. that's what he does. of course there is the chant. you already heard it and trump has distanced himself from it. which he should i don't like chance unless it is we love greg but any group action in a wwe type atmosphere chant but the media mob has more power than those chanters and they recognize it daily to smear the people they hate. sent her back is crappy . but so is being called a nazi by media professionals. send her back is crappy but so was the anti- somatic resolution to boycott a peaceful ally or comparing
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israel to nazis are equating america to al qaeda. only the media devoted equal outrage to that or to a violent attack on a nice facility for calling america our law enforcement concentration camp guards are encouraging people that they disagree with her chasing people out of restaurants. those are actions. not words. chance suck but for the leftist that is their pregame. now most focus on threats trump focuses on what he sees as harmful for the country they focus on harm of the what the country is doing this week they collided. you don't have to pick a side and you can find it all gross but you don't have to set your hair on fire we are already in a heat wave as it is. [cheers and applause] tonight's guest could kill you with his eyebrows mike baker he has more wit than i do.
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and my massive sidekick tyrus. [cheers and applause] now you are getting the hoots. [laughter] >> first of all may i congratulate you this is much more comfortable than the last one that you had. >> so i am conflicted because i know it's news and we have to talk about it but my number one thought is don't allow all the oxygen for the squad.
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but they are constantly punching above their weight and it is useless to give trump any advice whatsoever. [laughter] because i don't take my own advice. so what he should do is just avoid being baited by the taunts and don't give them that oxygen. focus on creating the concept of 2020 the entire party is socialist the entire party is pushing these crazy ideas coming from the squad. don't make it about those four individuals but about the party. they cannot help themselves. greg: i spent a year and a half giving the same advice he ignored everything i said and one. >> is that what he's trying to do is use the squad but then he focused too much quick. >> there is a debate about
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that just like yelling at the people who come at a fan of the tweets or the chance i disavow that but but with that wrestling atmosphere that is what it is i am fine with lock her up. everybody agrees that we should be in prison but the send her back chance omar seems the anti- semi i don't agree with anything politically but she did everything we asked her to do to go through the system. somebody who went to the channels and now she's in congress. so let's get back to the good old-fashioned lock her up. [applause] greg: the new stuff is good but the old stuff is better. >> i just swallowed my government it stuck in my throat but i will not have gum
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next time. i'm not a fan of the tweets but the biggest fan is the media that pretends they hate the tweets they saw that and they thought oh no. no work tomorrow because we can call the president a racist all day. if that was my job just repeat the same word over and over that would be great i would have to read a lot less and chill and take more naps. i think all of their outrage it is a little disingenuous. it's not like they are going against the grain. they are saying they know everybody wants to have a good time doing it. >> that is so awesome content for slow summer months in the news.
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>> you all are racist. [laughter] >> every one of you. now that we are all racist can we get back to the actual conversation? i don't know what the four of them are complaining about anymore. when i was growing up i knew who the racist old man was on the corner of my street because he said very specific things to me when i stepped on the yard and usually centered around the pigmentation of my skin. and epitaph. now if you tell somebody to leave it is racist. because i remember talking to ms. baker about it used to be an american sleep slogan if you don't like it you can leave love it or leave it. now a 70 -year-old man from that era i made my save you don't like the way i do things
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and you can leave. racist. where? [cheers and applause] greg: that is basically to the uk prime minister. [laughter] he said you have got to go. >> you just have to say racist. maybe. >> coming up cnn has the lottery and biden wants to do lottery and biden wants to do push-ups. priceline will partner with even more vegas hotels to turn their unsold rooms into amazing deals. delegates, how do you vote? (cheering) ♪ yes, y-y-y-yes, yes... that is freaky. (applause) but how do i know if i'm i'm getting a good deal?
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>> and now "the greg gutfeld show" presents the 2020 candidates. greg: he wants to exercise your body becomes the nominee what would he say? >> come on donald. come on man. . run with me man. i can't tell if he's running for president or auditioning. here is your reference. anyway the next debate is on cnn because there is of any candidate they spent entire hour deciding which candidates would debate and when by
2:19 pm
picking names out of a box so to be fair and transparent to everybody. >> a lot of thought and care has gone into this process to make sure it is transparent and fair spirit it should be as transparent as possible because we are being very open about this process we have multiple camera views with an overhead camera. >> full transparency. >> we have the overhead cameras you can see everything i'm doin doing. greg: like my bedroom. it had everything. boxes, names, dates crazy camera angles and of course because it is cnn a panel of 300 people to explain the importance of picking names out of a box. they even had a sponsor.
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>> brought to you by once upon a time in hollywood. [laughter] the anticipation is killing me. >> john hickey looper tuesday j. >> cory booker detroit wednesday july 31st. >> debating wednesday jul july . >> my god. riveting. they drug that out for one hour. it's like being go without winning anything. stephen, i said yesterday cnn is like a person with no close friends they don't tell them when they look stupid. >> that's about right.
2:21 pm
and that atmosphere over his rally now cnn turning that cnn debate into the hunger games. [laughter] i want to see cory booker bust through the door where biden barely breaks 1 percent when he gets the nomination get rid of the moderators and have a home depot parking lot and then just let them get over that. >> it's never too late to give up. >> what do you make of this quick. >> thank you to my cocaptain and my podcast, i like gangster biden. what's his new name?
2:22 pm
d50. [laughter] >> somebody got fired from the wwe and we tried that a couple times and that did not work then. people are changing the channel. that description alone nobody wants to hear that. greg: i know why they did that because of the bernie fiasco. they were trying to say this is not rigged like what we did to bernie from hillary from 2016. >> but they will say it is rigged because they get all of their own opinions do you think they are sit around watching cnn? know they are watching their weed they are smoking but he
2:23 pm
made the push-up comment because now we are finally talking about it i am a single issue voter. that issue for me is push-ups. i go to the ballot box who do i think could do more push-ups? i google photos of the first to zoom in on the arms. i'm really glad he brought this up. because if it is true he could do more push-ups than what matters more than your arm muscles? greg: if this is a barometer those serving life as a super match should be president. >> let's be real. the score is six / four. [laughter] after run into they will both be saying this is a bad idea. go to commercial let's talk
2:24 pm
about it clearly that is a stunt double. >> right now right here let's do it. but biden is 76? president drop is 72. nobody wants to see this. [laughter] >> i want to see that. >> i'm wrong apparently everybody does. it is absurd i would prefer this on cnn one of those lottery drawings at the big barrel. i cannot say that. never mind. i'm done. [laughter] i can't say anything anymore where we are in society today.
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headquarters" i am returning to washington minutes ago after a weekend getaway at his golf club in new jersey.early in the day fight another tweet attack at former democratic congresswoman -- four democratic congresswoman. he says that they are not capable of loving our country. democrats have condemned his remarks as racist. and if you're in triple digit temperatures you're not alone. scorching heat still rips tens of millions of americans from the southwest to the east coast. the suffocating weather has claimed at least six lives. right now 23 states are under excessive heat one is and he advisories. the good news is relief is on the way. temperatures are expected to drop significantly tomorrow in most of the overheated zones. i am jon scott, i will see you at the top of the hour for the "fox report". now back to the greg gutfeld show. g dove she brings a message of love you know marianne williamson.
2:30 pm
who wants to be trump in 2020. >> you know it this week a politico piece including keeping fringe candidates like marianne off the stage. this shows marianne williamson is ahead of cory booker in new hampshire. [applause] so maybe that harnessing love tap worked working better than identity politics and here is what we told dave rubin about that. >> me talk about the same thing. talking to the american all of us.
2:31 pm
>> oh my god she is making sense. turning to our political correspondent what do you think? is she really the only interesting voice on that side are just falling in love and i don't know it quick. >> she is. she had a tweet this is a problem in the country is that we are not emotionally connected with the declaration of independence. and what could that possibly mean? does she want us to rub crystals on it? i don't think the national archives lets you do that. that i want you to go up to and talk about your childhood or whatever. but i think she is wonderful.
2:32 pm
or how many push-ups she can do. but she is so captivating. that didn't make sense trying to figure out how to make sense of that. >> the odd person out. >> correction she's the only person in this bunch but i asked actually feel like what she says is genuine and real. although weird. [laughter] but i know her name if you asked me the other ones who were not correspondents who annoy me she speaks cool. what is she talking about this week it is amazing to me that democratic party now say she has to go. greg: i go back who is
2:33 pm
laughing now? after this would rise up in the ranks but the party once exclusive busy with - - exclusivity but know how to game the system to keep you off the stage. the only thing that will get me through these debates frankly is her and now small wealth who has dropped out. every day i was excited to see what crappy would kick out. [laughter] keep them in. let it rip. >> i love her. i love her so much. you have the dnc. everybody makes fun of her.
2:34 pm
she said the most truth in the last debate i have a plan. she says he didn't say i had a plan he is a let's make america great again. elizabeth warren pretended to be a native american marianne williams injures the spirit world. [laughter] >> only one who holds assailant assailants. [laughter] - - a séance to bring benjamin franklin. he seems like my favorite enkidu the most push-up. >> the world's greatest babysitter she is like a soothing waterfall of warm milk. [laughter]
2:35 pm
>> president trump says anything is can be hard when she goes there. >> and then they will fall in love and get married and he will resign and it will be the greatest time of our lives on the hallmark movie. [laughter] [laughter] [applause] my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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greg: she gets attacked scarlett johansson started trouble after saying this in an interview "as an actor i should be able to play any person or tree are animal because that's my job and the requirement of my job. she would be great as a tree but the outrage mob calls that white privilege in later she
2:40 pm
says it was taken out of context and she supports diversity in films she was cast in the film to play a trans man but social media pressure was so intense she dropped out if there's only a place where actors could learn where roles are acceptable in 2019. >> high. eye on the awoke acting academy you will know the rules you can play without appropriating the life experience of another spent the whole point of acting only if you are the entitled big it. get out. now what are we auditioning for cracks we want apart in the next avatar film. i bet you never even consider the fact taking away from actual blue space aliens?
2:41 pm
we own the teach the awoke acting method. >> i got a call back to play a serial killer. >> if you ever killed anyone? then give it up or kill one of your classmates. now what will you learn? other than how privileged you are? not much. certainly not anything but at least you will not upset the basement dwelling activist on twitter. >> go out there and murder the part. you might never become a star but how to murder people. [applause]
2:42 pm
tyrus you are the only actor here. [laughter] >> racist. [laughter] >> racist quick. >> the original statement was raised to be an actor 100 percent right but the disappointing part is that she folded. you are an actress you make believe you play the part as as much as it breaks my heart just like the lion king you could addition as many lions as you want but at some point they will eat somebody. that's the world we live in. acting is about playing a part you don't have to be what you play darth vader really wasn't an amputee.
2:43 pm
>> isn't he stealing rolls from the people quick. >> no. so what actually happened here was you didn't get it film and leaving the project that actually producing and killed the film about renowned trans men. and good luck and have fun with that. so scarlett johansson can play whatever she when she can play a tree in. >> but that would take a job from a tree. >> so i'm in a hollywood hotel.
2:44 pm
>> so the elevator doors open up and i'm texting a friend of mine and i get on the elevator so now i'm working on my phone and i look back and it is scarlett johansson. and this shows you how much game i've got i look at her while still sending a text i say hey. [laughter] honest to god is she looked at me like i was a clown. she could not get off that damn elevator shovels went to the shaft. >> and said i am such a loser.
2:45 pm
>> a few years ago i had a mouse infestation one was in my bed. i could not understand why the mice were doing this to me but then i remembered when i was seven i played a mouse in the community theater production of alice in wonderland they were mad i was taking all their roles. >> following this through to the logical conclusion. >> if it includes anything from their childhood because they make it reality tv. that make it the only accessible tv we have to give smokey add oscar and it will be all of our faults. >> that means something else downtown. [laughter]
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greg: after a drug bust police in tennessee ask residents not to put drugs in their toilet. keys and waterfowl frequent the treatment pond and what one on meth would do. and then to create a meth gator. matt sounds really bad. now they are trying to get the
2:51 pm
point across about drug pollution but the amount of flush drugs making the way to swamps is possible so take it seriously. >> to be clear they never settle. you flush a lot of drugs down the toilet. [laughter] and waterfowl. so when you said matt long - - math i looked right over here i did not mean to pray that you are directing your attention. >> i looked at you.
2:52 pm
>> just like those other segments. [laughter] >> but what i love about it and then like a public service announcement to say i don't want meth alligators. >> you're a silly thing i notice about this. i have been on the show three times every time we talk about drugs. i saw meth gators. >> don't say that.
2:53 pm
>> i have a little bug bite right there. okay. so in the article which i read it is not required for the show but i read the article one of the cops said give them to us instead. with a nonviolent victimless and i do not appreciate it. have you ever seen a workout with a give their drugs to the cops? i hope brett is watching again.
2:54 pm
>> there will be a special report on meth gators. >> i thought that's what you were when you were on your feet. >> but to her point it is a horrible bear trap. why do people flush drugs? recreational fun? no. because the law bangs at the door and says it is the police. you don't want to go to jail you are flushing the stash nobody wants to flush their drugs down the toilet. is to avoid incarceration. is to save time you know how i feel about nature. >> bet how bad it is a meth gator really? have you seen that fallout?
2:55 pm
[laughter] >> nothing but math. >> doing inappropriate things and this won't. i'm just saying. >> to raise the sophistication of this argument. speak and then you said meth gator don't forget about the got field monologues in orlando in september. north carolina november.
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greg: we are out of time. special thanks to mike baker,
3:00 pm
who has a new show. [cheers and applause] studio audience! i'm greg gutfeld, and i love you, america. [cheers and applause] jon: president trump arrives back in washington this evening as his war of words with four democratic congresswomen known as the squad shows no signs of quieting anytime soon. good evening, i'm jon scott, this is "the fox report." ♪ ♪ jon: the now week-long feud between president trump and representatives alexandria ocasio-cortez, ilhan omar, ayanna pressley and rashida tlaib continued this morning with the president tweeting that the first-term progressives are, quote, not capable of loving our country. the back and forth has led many democrats to call trump racist and many republicans to come to his defense. >> when you disagree with the president, suddenly you're a bad person. our allegiance is


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