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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  July 22, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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on the buzz meter an impressive immediate outrage as anchors, journals and reporters call the president about being racist. he says is not about color but hating america. >> it is just unfathomable.if people do not believe it is racist, they don't know what racism is. >> he has joined andrew johnson as the most racist president in american history. >> these were not racist comments about patriotism, when did love it or leave it become racist? >> when you're in a bar and some drunk person is yelling at somebody else saying back to where you came from.
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you can adjust that person, you can walk away, you can 300 and say this is some drunk idiot. i'm in is the president of the united states. >> is not a racist by any means. i would go to the point of saying that what he meant was go back home and fix your own problems. kressa considered donald trump a friend. and it pains me for him to take the low road. i was saddened by what he said invoking the language of racism and xenophobia. and describing these four women. >> the president made an unforced error. three of the four were born in america. but the idea he's hitting the because there women of color is just absurd. i mean who doesn't he hit? howard: journal is taking side , should straighteners journalist be flatter branding the present racist as an undisputed fact? and is the president to blame for that rally chant against
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omar, send her back even drew criticism from the right. while he tries to distance himself with what some of the crowd was strong. and joe biden saying he will china donald trump 2a push-up contest. really? i am howard kurtz and this is "mediabuzz".♪ ♪ [music] ♪ it started just before we ♪ came on the air last sunday. instantly mushroomed into an all out warfare with the media flatly calling president trump a racist. which he strongly denies pretty went up to the four democratic freshman congresswomen. alexandria ocasio-cortez, ilhan omar, ayanna pressley and rashida tlaib. all but omar born in the u.s. would want to go back and fix the totally broken crime infested places from which they came then come back and show us how it was done. aoc called at the hallmark loggia white supremacists and feels comfortable in the gop into outright racism. and each side ratcheted up
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rhetoric. >> on things if they are not happy here, they can leave. they can leave and you know what? i'm sure that they will be many people that will not miss them. quiet. quiet. >> are you okay with -- your tweets are racist, sir. >> quiet. >> will not allow him to continue his throwing of the pile of garbage that constantly comes out of his mouth. that allows for the media to be distracted. howard: joining us now to analyze the courage, molly hemingway of the federalist a fox news contributor and co-author of the new book justice on trial, carbon confirmation and the future of the supreme court. the president of district media and -- former state department official under hillary clinton. the media combination of the president's tweets has been deafening. even commentator saying that
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he's gone too far. are they right? >> will be nice is that media actually discover what was said, they are clearly very upset about this but this seems to be debate that donald trump was to have. he's been highlighting what he views as the un-american nature of some of these arguments. i think what we are seeing is a shaping of the 2020 debate. the democrats are worried about their loosening grip on minority voters trying to focus on allegations of racism and you have the republicans trying to portray democratic politicians as being too sympathetic to terrorists, to supportive of socialism, too extreme in our politics so this is just a perfect story where you can highlight those divisions but it would be nice to have the media not take over size and there's no question they are citing and advancing democratic arguments. >> on that point i will come back to your celibate about the president wanted to be because he's stoked it all week.
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for all the media demonstrations of the president's comments at attacks against these women is racist. are they playing into his hands and making is the only story that is utterly dominated discourse in washington?>> i do not think you can say on the one hand that they might be playing into his hands, on the other hand that they are playing it up, they don't really believe it. i agree with molly. howard: usa and don't really believe it? >> is the heat getting to me. [laughter] i agree with molly that the president sees this as beneficial to his reelection campaign. setting aside whether i agree with that or not or whether even his own people in his own party agree with it.there's an interesting dynamic that kicks in here every time donald trump says something controversial.because our room at 2016 where he ran on a lot of things. one of them was i will tell you like it is. you will like it will be politically correct but i will say it. yet, in two and half years, i don't remember a single time where we were sitting on this panel or any panel on fox or someone says hell yeah, he
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meant it exactly the way you take it. it always seems to be backing away, excusing him when he said it appeared very clearly, he did not tell dick durbin, the senator of illinois, to go home.he did not tell beto o'rourke to go home. he didn't even tell hillary clinton to go home. it is not a coincidence that these four women are women of color. howard: i hear you on that and also went to an -- for all these comments go back to the campaign, he will never survive this, he's gone too far this time. i don't think i've ever seen this intensity of media outrage. >> and i don't think the story will go anytime soon. leslie fully because he also continued to talk about it and they had a press conference by the congresswomen. but one of the players in this group of players at the?need to consider the gop in general. identity necessarily hurts trump with his base will have to wait to see what happens
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with swing voters but what happened on the gop members have to give an answer or a comment about these tweets. there will be a slower cycle and they were in a very hard position knowing that this is going to be pressed by the media. howard: the present tweeting this morning about the democratic congressman anna believe they are capable of loving our country but here is a treat for him ilhan omar the congresswoman saying, donald trump was every black/brown person deported and muslims banned. now pivoting from go back to where you came from to the language and omar's history to anti-semitic comments has a present ship to the media spotlight to something that he thinks helps him? >> i think so. and i think this is what he tried to go. in march he was speaking at the conservative political action conference and said there are people in the democratic party who don't love their country.
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at that was a pretty extreme thing to say. nobody in the media bit on it so he keeps peppering his speeches with things like this. until he personalize it and went too far as he always does. then people start talking about and is able to go back to the original point that he wanted to be making. howard: here's a new york times story. america stinks is the beginning. at least that's what donald trump seems to be saying before coming president.he talks about how he called the country a laughingstock when he was a private businessman. in his inaugural address he talked about american carnage. while some democrats are clearly, i'm thinking of aoc corn the board facilities concentration camps. the media is nothing donald trump as president and before is also complained about america. >> hopefully there no democrats watching right now, live television. i don't agree with that. i think you speaking rhetorically about criticizing his predecessor, she thinks differently. i don't think, he was not attacking america in the way that he is accusing others of attacking america. i'm not letting him off the hook but i do think it's a false equivalency. howard: my take would be that
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all politicians criticize at one point. that is how to get elected and stay in office. the media now are saying that trump is demonizing dissent by these members of congress. and again, i don't let them off the hook i don't like a lot of the comments that omar has made sometimes i think they go to four. because they disagree with him he is now saying they hate america. >> help leads to a thorough conversation both from -- what i find fascinating about this is that the press conference that was held, what you heard the congresswoman talk about was not wanting to take the bait of the present, saying we are not going to delve into this but they are using this to their own advantage. it is unheard of to have four freshman members of congress have this type of coverage and that is because their use of twitter and also playing off the president. >> they do have the social media platforms. and by the way there no power in the house, they are freshman.
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but they have a lot of media power. but i will also say are they entitled to hit back against the president? >> if complete power in the house. when nancy pelosi tried to actually separate herself from them, just a week ago, with huge assistance of donald trump, they are now stuck together at the hip. this idea that all is equivalent i don't think it will go over well with people. if you set these women down and talked about america's founding and america's role in the world over the last 250 years, they would have a very different idea than a lot of other americans. and that is a thing that donald trump is trying to highlight. whether you actually believe in the american project, whether they believe in the foundation. >> but they agreed that all voices are equivalent that's false. they did it the president and the bully pulpit he owns is in any way the equivalent of even the foremost senior members of congress, is false. he could end this. he initiated it, he could end it. their choices he's making.
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that are problematic. >> agree with that industry want your president to speak well. it is also true that he has been the target of unbelievable rhetoric from people on the left. everyone on the left. everyone in media calling him a traitor, which is a crime punishable by death, is very extreme rhetoric. there's also issue that for many years, for many years they've had the policy differences with democrats called racist and i think republicans are absolutely sick of that being this lazy charge anytime you disagree about border security or immigration policy or any other issue economic or otherwise, that it's racist. >> when they call donald trump a traitor there's not much you can do about appear but when donald trump was a member of congress and human being a traitor he's in charge of a multimillion portion government. many of whom react to his comments, maybe the overreact to his comments. howard: to clarify the freshman, they cannot bring a will to the floor they don't share the power in that sense an institution. let's come back to how the
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media covered this, here are some sounds from other networks, these are news anchorstalking about the president initial tweets. >> four democratic congressman congresswoman of color has spoken for the first time racist tweets aimed at them by the president of theprogress president chubb sparked a storm of outrage after a series of racist tweets target members of congress who are women of color. >> present time today denying his racist tweets were racist. howard: beverly, should straight news anchors, journal is in a is not to admit opinion people, they will argue this 24 hours a day. reporting the president sent out a bunch of racist tweets? >> no, they should make sure there's a very clear line between what is news reporting and what is opinion. obviously you're saying that line blurred. it's been blurred a long time there's reason donald trump leave get traction with these comments because is not just that people disagree with the congresswoman on policies they also think the news media has been very biased to them this is an example. you never see the same type of treatment of president obama. >> and the "washington post" said they started calling him
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racist because is deeply rooted. is it obvious that these are racist, -- one we just laid out, for the context for the readers and viewers andlet them their conclusions? >> i think too large a statement -- a large extent they try to do that. if you look at clips from a month a six month ago they are hesitating to say that donald trump comments are racist. they are hesitating to say that something he said is a lie. i think there are times where things are so obvious that they feel on such strong ground to say it. >> it is a horrible thing for the credibility of the media to assert something like this particularly whenever bad track record of covering racial issues throughout the us. the covington high school boys being a recent example. but your statements from some of these women saying, pouring themselves into identity politics that many people view these things as racist.
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black you have to be or only black people cannot have ideas of their own.those are not called racist so if they won't be equivalent about it makes it worse. just say what he said let people make their own minds up about it and it will help the credibility of the media. howard: let me get a break here. when we commit another media explosion. sort of a second wave at a trump rally where people started chanting, send her back, about ilhan omar. and a response with the white ♪ ♪ house point one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
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i/p ú:]÷ug< mno kidding.rd. but moving your internet and tv? that's easy. easy?! easy? easy. because now xfinity lets you transfer your service online in just about a minute with a few simple steps. really? really. that was easy. yup. plus, with two-hour appointment windows, it's all on your schedule. awesome. now all you have to do is move...that thing. [ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. howard: president trump was attacking ilhan omar a somali refugee is one of the four freshman democrats he's targeted at a north carolina rally when some of the crowd broke into an ugly chant. >> obviously and importantly,
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omar has a history of launching vicious anti-semitic screens. [chanting] >> i think they low point of the trump presidency. not just a low point but the worst, the most depraved, disgusting and totally odious thing the president's ever done. >> i think the people come i don't think they were saying send her back is much there saying, these views are repugnant. >> we have said this president -- we are condemned the racist remarks. i believe he is -- >> i think the president put millions of americans in danger last night. his rhetoric is endangering lots of people. howard: the president took questions next day and distance himself from the chant. >> out that i was unhappy with it. i disagree with it.
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but again, i didn't say that. they did. but i disagree with it. howard: molly, the president then offered this tweet about the sick partnership involving the media, if we can put up it's amazing how the fake news media became crazed over the chant but it's accepting of the vile statements made by three radical left congresswoman. should the president be blaming the media for covering this? >> he should not blame them for coming up it's only the way in which the covered was completely ridiculous. also the way they would like it was great even have a little bit of what he was saying before the chant begins.he was talking about the extreme views of ilhan omar. which includes sympathy for terrorists and anti-semitism. it is not to say that this would be appropriate response but you have to have these things in context but also think the media just pretends to be outrage more than they are. it reminds me of how much they responded to the lock her up
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chance. hillary clinton was held accountable for mishandling of classmate information. this is the worst point in the campaign it was awful and horrible. and it would better to try and understand what's going on. >> want to make one quick point is not just a bunch of blips. for example in britain they called it in the handling of it vile, shameful, racist. lamed donald trump. but let me put up on the screen how some news organizations, this is cnn, reacted to the president saying. he started speaking quickly in order to move past the chant. >> why did you ask them to stop saying that? >> number one i think i did. i started speaking very quickly. [chanting] >> the media counter argued that the president did not do anything in real time.
12:21 am
though he did attempt to distance himself. next day he was asked about the north carolina rally goers and he said they were patriots. >> is happened a week ago sunday. he said it and then it is not like the media that night said my god, he let 13 seconds go by. it was not until the next day when trump said the clip that we watched, that they then showed the clock, the timer. and said it is a lie. so it is not that the media was looking to jump on him for time, is that they were calling him out on a blatant lie. he did not try to speed up the speech, he does not try to stop it, he sat there and enjoyed it. >> i generally don't blame politicians for some crazy people in a crowd might say. i do think the present motive discouraged earlier. >> all given credit, 13 seconds is a long time but donald trump also led up to this with recent comments. when you're in a group of people with a crowd it's hard to know what to do sometimes
12:22 am
when you're taken off guard by what people say. also look at the difference between him and how he handled this completely different bodily which he did not chime and i think it's a little stretch. >> philippe reines, molly hemingway, thank you for joining us. and why is kevin spacey getting so little coverage? and the harsh attack on the new york times columnist tom friedman and joe biden has pretty obvious questions in a friendly interview.
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howard: a liberal new york times columnist who once played golf with barack obama is a critic of donald trump. >> we have a president without shame. he is backed by a party without spine. howard: the president hit back hard after a recent column which he accused him of racism tweeting thomas the chin freedom is a week and pathetic
12:26 am
i and any recent call could not have been nicer or more special to your favorite president. now tom friedman is really nasty to me in his columns kiss my a on the call. all of the iq part. he's a three-time pulitzer prize winner and tweeting back to present your right unlike you i'm always respectful. you should try it! he said he merely told donald trump in a brief call i disagree with you on many things but you are right not to bomb iran. if that's what happened, it doesn't sound like a kissing. and we set down, he still seems a bit slow food especially when it comes to donald trump. >> he starts making front of your age, your mental state, thus going after you in ways that i mean -- >> say come on donald, come on man. -- howard: push-ups, seriously?
12:27 am
when she asked if he was ready for kamala harris in the next debate joe biden tried to duck and to her credit, she followed up. >> you know i find it difficult to call them debates when you are, have one minute and it is so easy to take out of context and but look, -- >> your performance was -- did you do something different like request i didn't expect particular attack and questions start an offender you are not racist, it did catch me off guard. howard: invited to contrast his health plan with kamala harris support for medicare for all which would abolish private insurance, he whiffed. >> i think it speaks for itself. kristi think she needs to clarify a tad bit? >>look, what i do not want to do, i don't want to be taking on other people . howard: elections about drawing contest and joe biden didn't do
12:28 am
even on a sympathetic platform of msnbc. come on man! i had come anthony scaramucci on what the president needs to do to quiet the media upper on his tweets. his tweets. the first we have ♪ i want it that way... i can't believe it. that karl brought his karaoke machine? ♪ ain't nothing but a heartache... ♪ no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico.
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♪ i never wanna hear you say... ♪ no, kevin... no, kevin! believe it! geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. howard: and i sat down here in
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studio one with hogan, the deputy white house press secretary. welcome. >> thanks so much. howard: the present has condemnation from the media for his go back where you came from and fix it and return tweets. why is it unfair? >> is unfair because when the media came in my office concerned about the present went out to the cell phone and clarified exactly what he was talking about. he chronicled some comments made by the squad, the
12:32 am
anti-semitic, anti-american in many cases and he said look it's okay if you don't like this country, it's okay for you to voice your opinion but if you don't like is a mission you really hate it when you say you do then you can go home. he's done that not just with these four congresswomen but with hollywood elites as well. howard: we are turning out for my duly elected members of congress but let's talk about the tweet about the press. amazing how the fake news media became crazed, that's his word, over the chant center back of the north carolina rally. but is totally common except in the most vile and disgusting statements made by three radical left congresswomen. first, why shouldn't that chant, center back, be a big story? some conservative, to denounce this and the president said he wasn't happy with it. why shouldn't it be a big story? >> no one is arguing it shouldn't be a big story but the bigger issue here is that the president is forced to denounce what someone says in an audience of thousands, but these four congresswomen do not have to down announce what someone did an actual terrorist attack in washington state. in fact, the only person, it was an throngs of reporters
12:33 am
following them through the halls of congress, it was one person with a recording device. they never hold anyone else's feet to the fire and make them denounce actual -- >> on that point the press is not common accepting to the president's words of ilhan omar's anti-semitic comments. it was a big controversy. it is not accepting what aoc calls for facilities concentration camps. some of those have got plenty of coverage. >> is gone coverage but it's the ways covered. if donald trump makes a comment, automatically, it is characterized by the mainstream media in the way they want to characterize it. often times, that is racist. it is never alleged racism or controversial remarks but what ilhan omar makes her comments were aoc calls us country garbage it is always controversial remarks or some say it is anti-semitic. remember, in tv news, attribution is our salvation. they always attribute the concern about what someone else says to the actual source, in
12:34 am
this instance with the president they just automatically characterize it the way they want to and i will give you one, i talked to someone at one of the news work and said you guys cannot keep saying that these comments are racist it's his opinion. they said everyone else is doing it too. and then let's not follow each other over a cliff. howard: but this whole love it or leave it argument, sometimes his members of congress have gone too far. butdonald trump has chris is america when he was a businessman he called air called a laughingstock. why is it hitting america, why isn't it just dissent? >> donald trump loves the country and always has. but like many millions of americans, we didn't like the way barack obama treated the country, we didn't like the direction he took the country and. but at the core, the president
12:35 am
still loved america. the difference here is, there say not only is america evil in many instances but is the cause of so much of the worlds problems. that is way different. in have to say, the ungrateful attitude of these congresswomen to a country that affords an opportunity they could not get anywhere else in the world, inc. about it. she was a bartender and no, sir. omar is a refugee number congresswomen. it is incredible that cannot have anywhere else this is the best place in the history of the world. >> you don't have the right to criticize. let me move on. >> they can do but there's a front about the difference in how we view the world. we view it is a great place and they don't. >> the present talks about the incredibly strong economy. which should get more coverage? did he blot out the courage when he fights these battles? >> look, if were going to talk about blotted out coverage a
12:36 am
dozen of them to do a donald trump has to do with the way the media covers him. howard: whole week of coverage was triggered by him. christ but we did a lot of things this week they didn't cover. look, they'll cover this over policy nine times out of 10 because they would rather have that leading the newscast in actual policy. he had an amazing event with the special olympics this week. he funded it, they all came to the oval office, it was so sweet to see him interact with the athletes and tell them what a great job they've done. did you see any of that? absolutely not! instead they focused on these ridiculous arguments between some congresswomen who just do not like america verse the president. howard: my thing is that the present start is in fact he wanted to fight. he knew there would be a media explosion and at the same time he also told a reporter he was playing out well for him politically. chrissy punches back we know that. he is a counterpunch her but ilhan omar and rashida tlaib, ayanna pressley and aoc have all said these things for a long time unchecked. they are attacking this country and its greatness. it is not helpful place for
12:37 am
them it is not a shining city on the hill for them. they do not like the country and that's fine, they can say it all they want to. what the president is doing is responding to that and the fact that the media refuses to cover it. howard: went to the president with 13 seconds before beginning to speak again at the rally where some were chanting, send her back? it is reprehensible. chrissy adjusted in the oval office at the time he heard it, and pushed right on through. you go back and look at the tape. he was not smiling, he was not nodding or pointing he said they are stoic and move past it. >> thank you very much, hogan gidley. >> thank you. howard: for the record aoc said she was opposed to policies that are 10 percent above garbage. coming up, anthony scaramucci and whitey speaking out about the president targeting these democratic congresswoman on twitter. and later msnbc releases old party footage of donald trump and jeffrey epstein but doesn't prove one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan
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12:42 am
about donald trump, generally defended donald trump and yet you said the tweets against the four women are racist and in fact you said, if he continues to act like this okay, maybe look at him and say you were not racist maybe but now you're turning into one. pretty strong words. >> is a wake-up call but again, is not just me and so people can pretend it is me. you know washington better than i do. but there's a ton of people inside the congress and feel the exact same way all republicans, there are a ton of donors are filled exact same ip maybe there are people that don't feel that way but the president has a 45 percent approval rating right now. maybe it is 50. if you break off five percent better eight percent of that, it's going to be very bad news for the present. i like tom friedman a lot he does a great job of defending the present but in a case like this is actually indefensible. i feel better and he's actually in a position like is making pretzels at an auntie anne's in the shopping mall. it's bad for his reputation in the presidents reputation. howard: you say some republican
12:43 am
congress members disagree about many been silent about the controversy. >> it is politics. what explains it is that they fear the president, they fear being on the wrong side of him, and if you're a possible primary but this is a right or wrong thing, it is not an opinion. you don't do that in american history, he did not tell people to go back from where they came from. you do not sound like that. i said this before and it is worth saying again. if the racists think you are racist you should probably change your point of view. he is the president of the mistakes we should not be debating whether or not he's a racist. i will tell you something, people say no way this will happen but trust me keeps going down this path, a republican wall primary him. some will step out of the box and say okay, we have to recast the republican party for 2024. it would be a quick request to primary him right now but also
12:44 am
send a message to people that we have to reengineer this party. you cannot divide the country as the president of the united states. people can be mad at me, or they can be courageous and tell the truth and try to help them out i still support him, i would like to see him get reelected. you cannot defend the country in the process of going in this direction. howard: how much blowback can be gone from the pro-trumped side? i imagine the president is furious with you. i don't know if this severs your relationship with him. >> it doesn't matter to me. howard: it doesn't matter to you, why? >> why doesn't matter to me? because i am my own guy. you cannot have a loyalty with some of those in apple on the floor and says you have to tell us it's an orange. you do not want to diss in value personal history or personal integrity to say something that isn't true, it's ridiculous. he's a these are racist comments. the fact that we had to debated me the president is in trouble on this.
12:45 am
howard: you just said that you like donald trump. i get that. and you want to see him reelected. so how do you square that with saying that these are racist comments, he hasn't taken them back? >> i do not believe he is a racist but if you go to talk in that way, it is in the prompter, during that north carolina rally. you're talking in a divisive way and it elicits a champ-- a like that. you know what to divide the united states. it is called united for a reason. you have got this unbelievable economy to run on, the squad is ultimately to use his words, is a disaster, run on what they are saying, run on what their theology is. you can beat these people but asking to go back to their own country, they did that to my grandmother, they do that to my grandfather. most people do not like that. the people that will tell the president the truth will look
12:46 am
him straight in the truth and say maybe your german grandfather got told that when he arrived here. don't do that from the oval office or from the office of the presidency. he is the leader of the free world. howard: since you brought it up.kristen just finished. people don't like me for saying it, i actually could care less it doesn't matter to me. howard: i'm simply going to ask, do you think the passion you bring into this and breaking with a guy that you work for and generally supported is in part because your grandparents came from italy, you come from an immigrant family? >> 100 percent, that's what i just said to you. you will not diss in value your personal story to stay loyal to the president. he does an apple on the floor, in order to stay will oil you want to call in an orange? i'm just not going to do that. and by the way, politicians will do that. i get that but i'm a business person. i'm running $12 billion for $11 billion of capital, we are trading all day. i trade hundreds of millions of dollars on a handshake. i'm not going to disembowel my personal integrity or personal story to say something that is
12:47 am
true is not true. i'm not going to do that. by the way, he is fracturing his coalition, there is a very large group of people that are going to break away from him if he continues on that path. and by the way, these will be narrow electoral successes, you do not need to do that run on the economy. run on the progress that you are making in the world. >> have half a minute peter said many times including to me that you advise the president to soften his attacks on the press. he is not taken that advice. what you think you might listen to you and others that agree with you now? >> i'm not suggesting he will take my advice. i wrote an editorial that the press is not the enemy of the people, he is not going to take my advice.i get that. but the thing is he likes winning so if enough people speak up he will change his behavior and that will be better for america.
12:48 am
if he continues on this path, trust me, a large group of republicans will say you know what? i love the country more than i love my 401(k). were not going to put this thing into a racial divide. i just really believe that and trust me, there's a lot of people on that hill and even people inside the white house that know what i'm saying is the truth. howard: anthony scaramucci, not mincing any words. thank you for joining us on this sunday. >> good to be here. howard: the media yawns as the case against kevin spacey collapses. and then an old video showing donald trump and jeffrey epstein partying together proving what exactly?
12:49 am
12:50 am
12:51 am
howard: jeffrey epstein who was denied bail this week and sex trafficking case made a cameo appearance on msnbc meant to highlight his past venture with donald trump. before they had a falling out.
12:52 am
the network dug up footage from back in 1992 of a mar-a-lago party that transfer through featuring nfl cheerleaders and jeffrey epstein is one of the guests with narration. >> a tape in the nbc archives of a mar-a-lago party shows trump giving epstein his personal attention. exactly what they say is difficult to understand as they discussed the women and their appearances. donald trump adjusters to one and appears to say to epstein, look at her back there. she's hot. howard: german now, culture editor at the federalist, emily, no media of the party has ever gone to a party and says a woman is hot.this is from 1992, more than a decade before donald trump says he and jeffrey epstein had a falling out. so what does it prove? chris said thing is an important distinction here and that something can be newsworthy but this is not a
12:53 am
game changer it is not damning footage for trump that was framed even though it was damning but at the same time as confirmation of what we know that they had a personal relationship that was either business or social both. then they had a falling out which also is suggested to be true. it doesn't change anything i think given the allegations against epstein it is perfectly newsworthy. howard: why is it newsworthy? chris i think it's newsworthy anytime there's a severity of allegations like this. if the president of the nicest things also newsworthy with bill clinton i think his relationship with bill clinton. spoon i'm not defending him in any way shape or form but is clear epstein is just one of many guests kind of just standing around. >> i think that's absolutely true. and that's the thing you can put something in there is not treating it as though it is damning and a huge new piece of evidence. which i think have not submitted in other news coverage.
12:54 am
howard: msnbc was running with this for a couple of days. chris is not being treated as a game changer because it is the president of venus is now in his document women's appearances with someone who is accused of very terrible misdeeds with underage women. i think it is fair to run it, and they necessarily to treat as a game changer.howard: is a ready been to jail the way he treated underage women. okay so kevin spacey want to make clear he faces multiple allegations of sexual misconduct but there's only one criminal case. they dropped the charges after the accuser who said he had been groped a few years ago in a nantucket bar, pleaded the fifth when asked about whether he deleted evidence on his cell phone. except for a headline in some places it was kind of treated like in other news, a minor item. why so? >> as i'm thinking about actually believe there is an indication of appetite, the public appetite for me too media has dissipated. none of the cases dropped histh
12:55 am
is much less attention. there were text messages from the accuser to his girlfriend, very interesting stuff. the case dropped, not as much coverage. i think when we are looking at this the me too cycle is died down to the point which is not as interesting to the press. howard: although kevin spacey were found guilty would been an explosion of coverage which makes me question the fairness. emily jashinsky, thank you. great to see appears still to come, nor o'donnell makes her need cash? at newday, veteran homeowners can get $54,000 dollars or more to consolidate high rate credit card debt and lower their payments by $600 every month. we were paying an arm and a leg for postage. i remember setting up shipstation. one or two clicks and everything was up and running. i was printing out labels and saving money. shipstation saves us so much time. it makes it really easy and seamless. pick an order,
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print everything you need, slap the label onto the box, and it's ready to go. our costs for shipping were cut in half. just like that. shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers. go to and get 2 months free.
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(danny)'s voice) of course you don'te because you didn't!? shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers. your job isn't doing hard work...'s making them do hard work... ...and getting paid for it. (vo) snap and sort your expenses to save over $4,600 at tax time. quickbooks. backing you. howard: nor o'donnell is a solid journalist that delivers no nonsense newscaster first week anchoring the cbs evening news with a nod to edward morrow. >> we will try to use it with integrity. >> but ratings dropped lightly and 24 percent from a year ago on her predecessor.
12:59 am
she also conducted rather from the interview with amazon founder jeff bezos. >> do imagine that the origin will be the first company that returns us to the moon? >> we will be i hope communist rental part of it. >> was safely confined to space expiration instead of criticism big tech, cancellation of the new york headquarters were divorced. the low-key lunch was a strong contrast to the media build up on thelast woman to serve the c anchor, katie couric. in mhr they moved to cabell and how with lester holt and david muir, we've moved beyond. that is it for us for this addition of "mediabuzz" i am howard kurtz pure check out my podcast. we talk about today's five hottest stories, sports, culture, politics, youname it.
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