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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 22, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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congrats to your friend. thanks for sharing. "fox &trying to start right now. [music] we can kick into four-wheel-drive starting right now. i was driving back from long island and there was a view of the entire city. there is a church, as i'm coming in and i can see the cross and the cross in the cross with the city in the background like oh my gosh i love the city. even though i'm coming back into go back to work.
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i was so excited. i love my job in my city. i love all of you all. >> you drive right by the church. i did take the tunnel. there was a lot of traffic that way. >> sometimes it's too cute. you're gonna save yourself in 90 seconds. we've a great show. an hour from right now we're to be talking to the secretary of state mike pompeo. he is appearing today at the vfw. we will go and talk to him about what's going on with el salvador. he said he will do it asap. it looks like the secretary of state is up to the task.
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one of the most controversial new congressman dan crenshaw will be here to talk about that policy. two amazing interviews coming up. this one guy who could not see color. he sees it for the first time at the american flag and gets emotional about it. if the president shows up at your wedding. pretty cool. if you have your wedding reception at one of the presidents clubs. he did just that. the surprise will be with us at 7:30. >> we have a certain dress code. i'm always seen the other side of the story. meanwhile coming up now president trump wants to meet
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with chuck schumer after his trip to the southern border. the senate finally waking up to the problems there. >> it comes as another democrat breaks from his party. we are joined live from washington where he is wearing a neck tie. good morning to you. >> what is happening at the border it really depends on who you ask. chuck schumer caught the president's attention after that visit on friday. where he decried a culture of inhumanity. cause the president to tweet this last night. based on the comments he must have seen how dangerous the country is for us. it's not a manufactured crisis. i will set up a meeting asap. just a few miles away from where he was touring.
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clashing with border patrol agents. and then getting a little attention was another visit by lawmakers on the same day to the same location members of the bipartisan congress led by the minnesota democrat who sought the horrible conditions created by this crisis also though he acknowledged that those on the front lines are not to blame. >> they saw examples of humanity expressed by agents and officers at the border itself in the facilities. guess we have a problem but we have to at least acknowledge the thousands of hard-working men and women who are working under the most difficult conditions and doing so with grace. >> this comes as secretary of state mike pompeo also acknowledges the contributions. it will be fascinating to see what he has to say when he talks you just under an hour. >> it would be great if he actually wants to meet with the president is a crisis we
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been saying this for about a year. really since the midterm elections. then they blamed the president. now they are down there. they can both get a win out of this. now the senate must pass the stop cruelty to migrant children belt which i think we know exactly what that bill is all about. and great because then they could sit down and negotiate weather want the president wants this. >> it could be a bridge too far. >> last week at the rally we heard the folks chanting center back so the president spoke for an hour and a half at that rally almost. we knew the sunday shows ring and a focus on and they did. they talked about race, race,
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race. >> raw, racist politics. it is good to know that racism means that you are incredibly patriotic. why doesn't the president say unequivocally late that non- white americans are just as american as anyone else. this is division. this is per -- pure racism. and marginalizing people. the worst out of all of those. it was unbelievable. there was no crisis. nothing to focus on at the border. it was all about the one line in that one sentence. >> they just ran down all of the things that the squad was saying. it led up to the president saying the biggest brawl was
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liz trainee. it is not about race. it is about policy. that is what the president has a problem with. also has a problem with the way that the mainstream that mainstream media is biased against him. >> i think the news immediately wants to make this about race. it's not about gender or religion. these members of the house of representatives fundamentally believe in policies that are dangerous for this nation we are in a fight against those even if the mainstream media accuses us of racism when we do that. you don't want to focus on the fact. >> this is about that's what the president is talking about.
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every single day he talks about policy. they talk about the tremendous economic growth that they have seen. they are capable of loving our country. the news media you included are to cover the substance. i think it's outrageous to think that you don't talk about substance. >> the chants were wrong and should not have happened. it was about six minutes. asking about race. you should've asked about it sooner because that is a policy issue. you guys want to make it about race. it's not about race. where can be focused on substance and policy and we are going to continue to do that. >> if you cannot argue about anything with liz cheney you better come loaded and ready to go.
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>> she would not stop asking the same questions nine different times. to say send her center back is that patriotic. they are not capable of loving our country. should americans find comments from the present acceptable. she goes on to talk about the rest of the world. the first player ever to go into the hall of fame unanimously. maybe a chance to be a starting pitcher. most known as a great person.
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and at his ceremony he spoke in english, and spanish he spoke from the heart. >> i want to start this thinking my good lord and savior jesus christ. [applause]. for giving me the talent and the bar scene in opening doors i could have never had closed and no man can close. trauma coaches in my managers and my teammates you guys are special. i cannot do it without you guys. to the fans. support i cannot do it. i'm so humble in blessed to receive this incredible honor. god bless you all and i love you.
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>> the most impressive about him as he was the same way after he lost including the world series with the diamondbacks. it's a rare quality. with the daily beast. he went out of his way to do a hit piece because he went through the best of all times. served as the pleasure of a racist president and then took some shots because he does not hate donald trump. he actually went on to say this. referring to mari on know. he is take it apart in thinly veiled propaganda on behalf of a far right government in israel. none of this will be inscribed. it should even if they would like to pretend that none of it exists.
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they went under the way. they went out of their way to destroy the president. there is no conservative commentary. if you don't like them. i don't have any idea what he thinks of the president. i know he goes many times to israel. he thinks negative about hamas.
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they had reported to said in lebanon and in syria it's an ideology that affects their thinking. they just don't want to live in peace. >> it amazes me when you have someone i can so much to the community. he remembers his lord and has background. and then the media has to do a hit job on him. >> we are also as you know on facebook. good monday morning to everyone. let's start off at with the fox news alert. as the governor refuses to resign overnight. >> hundreds of thousands of people are expected to take over one of the islands busiest roads . he is facing fierce
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criticism. national security adviser meeting with the japanese officials overnight as tensions rise with iran. they now claim bolton is to blame tweeting in part having failed to alert learn john -- donald trump into the plural of the sentient -- century. they also accused the u.s. of economic terrorism. they fire back on twitter against the support of a illegitimate regime. >> centrals states could see flash flooding and damaging winds as a deadly heat wave finally comes to an end. a cold front is expected to push through the mist midwest and northeast today. it is also blamed for a major
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power outage. they are buckling in the soaring temperatures. janice is keeping a track of all this. and she will keep us updated. >> a quarter after the hour it did not end so well after hillary clinton said stuff like this. >> you can put half of trump supporters into the basket of deplorable's. >> one operative is doubling down. they react on their view of rural america. prevagen is the number one pharmacist recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere.
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unlike my parents. you rambling about xfinity again? you're so cute when you get excited... anyways... i've got their app right here, i can troubleshoot. i can schedule a time for them to call me back, it's great! you have our number programmed in? ya i don't even know your phone anymore... excuse me?! what? i don't know your phone number. aw well. he doesn't know our phone number! you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. >> you can put half of trump supporters into the basket of deplorable's. racist, sexist, homophobic, is llama phobic, you name it. where to put a lot of minors and coal companies out of business. are optimistic diverse dynamic moving forward and his whole
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campaign make america great again was looking backwards. >> there you have hillary clinton's infamous remarks about middle america and other things did not resonate well. and one operative is taking on a similar testing. original director tweeting you know who is not grateful enough rural white americans. the overrepresentation has all of their bills paid by the cities and the blue states. here to react is jason embassy. the chairman of the young federation. and someone from rural america. >> i really appreciate you having me on. i have no idea what he's talking about but it's typical of the coastal leaks have never spent any time in rural america. seemingly more out of touch with modern americans.
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>> it is a strategy we do see in politics a lot and that's one class of americans against another. >> it's a typical democratic strategy. theft of find victims and promote victim put in their party. i don't think that's what the republicans stand for and i don't think millions of americans stand for either. for the democrat to be saying these things about rural america. when you look at how trumpeted in rural america according to pew research. they won small towns claiming 62 percent of the votes. hillary clinton received 34 percent. what was it about trump's message back in 2016 that gave out the margin like that for him. >> it was people in my community and communities like mine all across the country that felt like they finally have someone speaking on their
3:22 am
behalf. they were to go to washington to overturn the crony capitalism. it has existed in our company for a long time. that's what you want numeral america. the people of rural america traditionally don't look to washington dc. they try to figure out how to do it themselves. >> rural americans love independence. the republicans a bit about this. the democrats want the federal government that is so large that it takes care of them from trail to grave. is that what the president is offering. >> do you think this is the preview of the 2020 race. they will continue to make the same mistakes and they will lose resounding again. and present trouble war when reelection again.
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>> think you very much. meanwhile 6:22 here in new york city. a powerful moment caught on camera. he sees the american flag and in color for the very first time. that firefighter and the man who made all possible join us live next. when the hot sun hits your ice cream lick fast like a cookie dough ninja. apply that same speed to the ford hurry up and save sales event. for the first time ever get 20% estimated savings on select ford models, plus earn complimentary maintenance through fordpass rewards. it all adds up. don't you love math? so get here asap because tasty deals and summer
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>> a quick headline now. we hope you are up and we really hope you are dressed. tainted alcohol kills 19 people in costa rica.
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more than 30,000 bottles of alcohol are confiscated. they could contain deadly amounts of methanol. police say they spray-painted slaughter the jews in arabic on the sacred site. they both are under arrest. the message has been covered up. a young firefighter holding back tears after seeing the american flag in color for the very first time. the heart warming moment made possible by a fellow
3:28 am
firefighter to chipped in to buy their friend spencer a pair of corrective glasses. >> i see you are wearing the glasses what was that like for you. it was crazy. >> it was beautiful. i don't even know how to put it in words. the best way that i can explain it. and now you see the light. >> tell us how this all happened. >> spencer and i were hiking one day and getting ready for fire school and i was using some landmarks and one of them
3:29 am
i was using was a red bard. i realize he couldn't see it. i can't see those either. i started asking him about it. and you have never known this your entire life. >> i have never figured it out since -- until i took the color blind test. >> what was it like to see the red white and blue for the very first time why did you get so emotional. >> it was overwhelming. i did not even know how to say how appreciative i was to be able to have that moment.
3:30 am
it is have to live with it. but apparently you have done some research. >> i am the same way. i have no idea what could be done about it. i did not know much about it. like i said when we were hiking i looked out and saw these colors and everything. i love doing stuff like that. when he couldn't see it. >> it took me a couple of months to research which ones were to work. what type of color blindness he have. i told everybody that i bought these glasses. everyone thought it was awesome. and just started chipping in. it turned in from our station.
3:31 am
they're just north of $400. spencer i know you told people when you realize you're colorblind what was the one thing you would like to see in color and what was your response? >> it was the american flag. what does the american flag mean to you. >> means everything. if something was get a change i wanted that to change with me. jordan, you are a great guy everybody at the fire department heads off to all of you. thank you for being a good person they would have done this for you if they didn't love you and if you weren't a good person also. thank you for being here with us. it is inspiring. >> thirty-one minutes after the top of the hour. robert mueller set to testify in just two days. >> has violated the law six ways to sunday.
3:32 am
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[chanting] usa. president trump crashing a wedding at his golf club over the weekend. the couple there is huge fans of the president and they got engaged at the club. and even have trump seemed play setting. it was a welcomed crash. the couple will join us live next hour because what is one other few times you see the president doing that. the president just shows up at your wedding. that's what happens when you go to the president's place. mister bond gino good
3:37 am
morning. a big week on capitol hill. at the same time it's finally our chance to ask him when did you realize that the lovebirds on the team hated donald trump so much. >> this is a golden opportunity this hearing. i don't know why some republicans had spoken out against it. for them to finally get to the bottom of what bob mueller was doing. in july of 2017 just a few months after that the inspector general approaches him with this text message from the two fbi officials. these messages are devastating they don't like a trumpet, they don't like his supporters. they are talking about other
3:38 am
things. it's clear to me by just a few months into this investigation that they know something is up. what is he doing for the following 675 days. the answer is because he wanted to hide and keep this thing going. >> do you think you can learn anything by looking back at the other 88 appearances? >> i think you can. it's clear he's gonna take it friday and this is where i would caution republicans here. as deeply as you can i had two bucks another when coming out on this. you can't let him give you one word there. this is not the time for yes or no. i want an explanation.
3:39 am
i can't even call it the mueller report. why he left out such key pieces of information. >> they say all the time the democrats say you need to read the report. it is not what is in that report it's what's not in the report and why he chose to leave out key pieces of information indicating that the trump team did nothing wrong. >> the democrats think that this will prove that the president is guilty. listen to this. the report proves zen's very substantial evidence. we have to let them present these facts to the american people. it's a pretty damning set of facts. with the close race.
3:40 am
building into their campaign strategy line about it to cover up and then obstructing an investigation into foreign affairs against cover up. did you think the president was guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. >> i'm sorry that you have to listen to these two people. they really are a disgrace to the congress. they know what they are doing here. here is the confusion. there is a set of facts that indicate obstruction. let me give you a quick analogy. if you crossed it yesterday. i wrote a report indicating that you rob a bank. we have her on video at this time. that is a fact. that would appear that you robbed the bank.
3:41 am
that is what he does in this report. he leaves a set of facts. jeff sessions may have met a russian at this point. and then you find out some of the elected russians were contacts for the obama administration. they were hired by hillary clinton's team by the team they used to get the information on trump. i'm tired of this. it is what is not in the report that really matters. >> they made it very clear at the press conference. if i did i don't want to but i would only say what's in the report. he cannot keep his own story straight.
3:42 am
his story is changed and why he failed to exonerate trump on obstruction. it has changed a few times. he already told bill barton it have nothing to do with this memo. and then he gets up at the press conference. then he has to issue and it correction later on same it wasn't the olc memo. >> my sense is that he oversaw this. he wasn't that involved in the whole investigation. that interaction. there is an op-ed in the la times. the democrats squad. may save the nation. the four freshmen who even have democrats rushing to get their message out about theirs somehow well save the country.
3:43 am
>> i read the piece this morning if you really want to get furious quickly read this. >> it hits all of the low points. and it reminded me that we share absolutely nothing in common anymore or with the radical far left. if you are you are all racist or deplorable. trump is a criminal. there is evidence of obstruction. the far left is so far off the deep end i don't see any thing there politically. we share nothing in common. the best way to sum this up is we think liberals are people with bad ideas. these radicals think we are bad idea -- there is a chasm between those two things. there is no meeting in the middle.
3:44 am
they genuinely dislike us. and when you read this piece you will see it. unless they want to adopt the message which could be interesting. >> is going to be tough. in the squad. they show no inclination whatsoever in front of democrat power. this may destroy their party not ours but again the piece it is insane. some of the stuff in there. it will boil your blood. >> thank you for joining us today. until you see the video. i'm looking at the bank's ring doorbell and there he is. >> good morning everyone.
3:45 am
we begin here the family of a north carolina woman found murdered in canada is begging for clues as the search for a killer intensifies. >> this was someone's son or daughter. police believe that her and her australian boyfriend were killed after their car broke down on a road trip. investigators hope that photos of their van could bring forth new information. they say the program said inappropriate messages to their 8-year-old. >> i was in complete shock it made me sick to my stomach. the app is meant to chat with santa claus. they reported the app to police. >> bernie sanders 2020 hopeful will say -- will pay his
3:46 am
staffers the same 15-dollar minimum wage that he wants for everyone. >> he is getting slams for limiting their hours to make it happen. sanders said he is that proud presidential candidate to negotiate this kind of deal. taylor swift fans showing that. they would lose voters for the appearance at the los angeles mansion. the democratic candidate also seen with the music star katie. , demi lovato and ariana grundy. and she sent something out on social media saying that.
3:47 am
>> i don't want to get into music. i don't want this kind of stress. i have not released anything yet. but the day is still young. let's take a look at the current record. of course it was hot outside. these are actual temperatures. the good news is the cooler air is coming in. things look better over the next couple of days more seasonal temperatures. and with that cold front the flipside of this is we could see the potential for stronger storms as well as flash flooding. it will stretch into the mid atlantic in the northeast. the good news is 47 minutes up
3:48 am
at the top of the hour. they sacrificed greatly for our country. and just ran 31 marathons and 31 days. to help our heroes. now he's running to serve our nation. [music]
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i'm a migraine sufferer and i'm an emt. when i get a migraine at work, it's debilitating. if i call out with a migraine, that's one less ambulance to serve a community.
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i just don't want to let these people down. excedrin migraine. relief that works as hard as you do.
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>> we hope you are you're having a good morning so far. johnson and johnson heading to court today to try to stop federal lawsuits over talcum powder. the company is facing more than 14,000 claims that the powder causes cancer. johnson and johnson insist their products are safe. your chances of lighting up at the atlanta airport beginning january 2 the world's busiest airport will completely ban smoking and beeping. it has several smoke friendly lounges which well soon be repurposed.
3:53 am
>> it was incredible accomplishment. thirty-one marathons and 31 days. some say that is impossible. they said the same thing when i set out to run 31 marathons and 31 days. that giving up on my mission was not an option. not then, not now. and here with more. congratulations at looks like not only can you run but you can also row. you won a want a bronze medal. what makes you think this one would be satisfying. i notice a noticed a lack of leadership and selfless
3:54 am
service in the capital. i had been trained to be a person that looks out for the best interest of others just being the one to do the right thing regardless of the personal sacrifices that i have to endure. and i lost the ability to do that on the battlefield when i was wounded in 2010 but i did not lose the mission for my life. i figured out a new way to do that off at the battlefield. i sell a lot more that i can give to my fellow citizens. in order to bring the attitude of service before self --dash mac you were created to do grand things with your life. most people cannot even run one marathon.
3:55 am
you fought for our country and now you are running for congress it was great that you used the running analogy in that video. tell us what happened to you in 2010 how did you lose your leg? my job was to basically find safe routes through areas on july 222010 i was in service for those duties and when i stepped on the iud. and that resulted in invitations. what was your thought then and now. >> i was in physical therapy for about a year and half but by the time i left i was just waiting for paperwork. my thought initially was what you would expect anybody to think. this is a tragedy tragedy. i look back and i look at what i see.
3:56 am
what did you look in the brains that would help you in congress. i did not like all of the guys that i have to work with. the thing about it is we all knew that we were brothers and we were relying on each other in order to get our mission accomplished i don't really see how congress as a whole is a whole lot different than that. 435 members of the house of representatives and they all are relying on each other to it makes the lives of americans better. i can kind of use the same ways that i was able to work with my fellow marines in congress. informed the relationship in bond. it is a coastal state.
3:57 am
it makes me feel better that guys like you are fighting for our country. four minutes till the top of the hour. he is gonna talk about that. the secretary will join us live at the top of the hour. join the fight at stop struggling to clean tough messes with sprays. ... looked at chart patterns. i've even built my own historic trading model. and you're still not sure if you want to make the trade? exactly. sounds like a case of analysis paralysis. is there a cure? td ameritrade's trade desk. they can help gut check your strategies and answer all your toughest questions. sounds perfect. see, your stress level was here and i got you down to here,
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or if you plan to or have recently received a vaccine. this could be your chance to leave your psoriasis symptoms behind. ask your doctor for ilumya today, for a clearer tomorrow. >> ♪ ♪ >> well, i'm hoping that you weren't drinking all night long. >> no. not our guys. meanwhile, good morning folks. dan crenshaw in about 15 minutes but right now let's bring insect of state, mike pompeo, he's the keynote speaker but the secretary joins us first, but thanks so much for joining us. the importance of addressing the veterans of foreign wars tonight what's your emphasis because i know there is today's challenges along with their service.
4:01 am
>> brian, it's a great day. i'm down here in orlando, florida meeting with veterans all across the country and meeting with great veterans from my home state of kansas and we'll talk about their service, the duty that they exhibited, the service they gave to our nation, the risks that they took to talk about the trump adminitration, supporting them, defending them, making sure we keep america safe, how we're committed to making sure the bad guys don't win, so it's fundamentally different than the previous administration. we'll talk about that and do honor to their service. i'll talk about my time, a long time ago in the united states army. i'm really looking forward to today. >> god bless you thank you for serving and meeting with them and you also met with the mexican foreign secretary. what came out of that meeting? >> we had a number of things to talk about yesterday. most importantly, immigration, the work that we're doing together to secure america's southern border to keep america safe so we know whose coming in-n-out of our country these are things your viewers understand is the most basic duty of every nation and we've
4:02 am
made real progress. we've signed an important historic agreement back in the beginning of june and we've seen real progress since then. the numbers are down significantly. there's a long way to go. we have to make sure we maintain it but the mexican government put thousands of soldiers on their southern border, our great men and women of i.c.e., to assist in making sure those who come to america come here legal ly and don't come here illegally. there's lots of work to do but i saw real commitment from the mexican government and look forward to continuing to take those numbers down and securing america's southern border. >> well that sounds promising, but when you say there's still more work to do in the last month of reporting i think the number of people who entered our country illegally and were apprehended is still north of 100,000, in one month. you add that up, mr. secretary, that's over 1 million in a year. how low does the number have to go before the united states wants to talk seriously with
4:03 am
mexico about you've got to do more. >> yeah, look my message yesterday was in fact just that. it was there's been progress. i think when you see the numbers for current month for the month of july you'll see them down but they're still way too high. we need to get them down to where they were, 20-25 years ago and we need to take that and secure that southern border. we want to make sure we know every single person coming across that border. we may not get to perfection but there's an awful lot of work left to do. the good news is that this amount down in mexico, the administration has devoted real resources to it. they're demonstrated their commitment. they've done things the mexican government has simply refused to do for a long time and president trump put america in a position where we've convinced their government this was in their best interest and in ours. i'm confident that their commitment will remain and continue to make progress and if not we'll make sure we get it right. >> mr. secretary what is the target number that you're looking at? you said you'd like to get to
4:04 am
the number that we were years ago. what's that number? >> yeah, zero is the number, right? that's the number you always shoot for and that's your goal. i'm america's most senior diplomat. we always have high expectations and shooting for making sure we have a grip on what's going on on our southern border. this is an important national security so that'ses the objective whether we get there or not it's a long complicated border but all of the things we need. we need congress to change the law so that we don't have to release people here into the united states. this is crazy stuff. no country does that. i travel all across the world. no country has a set of laws and congress needs to that are like the ones here in the united states that congress needs to change them. >> yeah, next thing you know instead of 39,000 coming in a year you've got 239,000 from guatemala alone. you met with el salvador's government and you believe they're expressing a commitment to reduce the number of illegals coming here but at the same time we're hearing about ads on
4:05 am
television that entice people to come to america. what tangible progress can you tell the american people from that country? >> so i met with their new leader. he's been in office for seven weeks i think yesterday was his 50th day or 51st day. this is a big shift from where that government was before. it was a government that didn't take care of its own people, let alone have the capacity to work to reduce migration. the reason the people were leaving because you had a completely disfunctional government, and so we've asked very clear things from the president. we want him to control those, who are leaving his country. he owned up yesterday in our press conference and said look migration is because of the things we've not done but the things the government failed to do for its own people. that's a sea change and so by the way he took responsibility. he said that this is el salvador 's responsibility and that's a good step that shows their deep political will to work alongside the united states to your point, brian words aren't enough. these commitments are important.
4:06 am
they're necessary, but they're not sufficient. we need to see real, tangible progress and i've got a good commitment from them yesterday. they said they would work with us to achieve what he views this as mutual goal. he wants his own people to stay in his own country. he gets it in ways the previous government down there didn't and i'm hopeful we can work together to achieve america's goal along our southern border. >> what did he say about the amount of money, we've been giving them money and then the president has said he doesn't want to give them money any more because they're letting their folks leave their country and come into ours and he doesn't want to fund it any more. did that come up in conversation >> you know it's remarkable. you should go look that press conference we held together. he said i didn't ask the secretary of state for a penny and that's america's money. he said it would be tacky to ask us for money. he understands whose responsibility this is. this is really different, and important, and i think demonstrates the president and his team and frankly, the people of el salvador' understanding that they want to grow and take care of their own country. right, mr. secretary, on friday,
4:07 am
the democrats led by chuck schumer went down to our southern border. our vice president, mike pence, went down i think a week earlier now mr. schumer's coming, has come back and said that the senate must pass the stopped cruelty to migrant children bill the president tweeted out that he wants to meet with mr. schumer asap. both sides now say it's a crisis and really bad down there, but realistically,, politically, is there a chance anything will get changed? those laws that you were talking about a little while ago any chance between now and november 2020 will there be a change in the law? >> steve, i hope so. i can understand why the american people would find it way too optimistic to believe there will be any change but i've often found when american people demand things and there's a real crisis both parties can see there is a real crisis along our southern border we have to keep it secure.
4:08 am
i was where ms-13 headquarters, the central locus of ms-13 and we talked about the enormous risk we know too well in the united states of america. we watched drug trafficking, young girls being trafficked across-the-boarder. i think democrats now have come to understand that this is a real crisis and i hope people from all across the political spectrum will join to resolve this problem. >> secretary, one of the main focus you have is iran. the sanctions force them to take actions including going after civilian tankers and now we saw and they televised this and put up the video of them coming from a chopper, going down fast ropes into a tanker and taking a british ship. seizing the british tanker. what's america's role in getting that back? >> the responsibility in the first instance falls to the united kingdom to take care of their ship, but you know this story. this isn't because of american sanctions. this is because the they okay
4:09 am
radicals it, the leadership in iran, the revolutionary conduct ing terror around the world for now four decades continues. this is a bad regime. it's not honoring the people of iran. they've now conducted what amounts to national piracy we're at a nation state taking over a ship traveling international waters. this is the kind of behavior we've seen out of iran for 40 years. the united states has a responsibility to our part but the world has got a big role of this too to keep these sea lanes open. i'm convinced we'll do that and i'm ultimately convinced that the iranian people will get the leadership behavior that they so richly deserve. >> mr. secretary do you think a lack of action two weeks ago, they think they can get away with anything because they got away with taking out a $200 million donald very little repercussions. >> no, i don't think that's the case at all. i think the leadership in iran understands that america has the capacity to respond in ways that'll protect american interests around the world.
4:10 am
the president made the decision that he wanted to respond in a way that was restrained and prudent. i don't think iran took this as a green light. i think i've seen intelligence that would indicate that. they understand that america's powerful. you've seen a few increased resources into the region. you've seen us respond in ways that are restrained. we don't want war with iran. we want them to behave like a normal nation. i think they understand that and i think the whole world is wak ing up to the fact that this threat is real. it's not just the threat against america. it's not just the threat against israel. it's a threat against all of us. >> mr. secretary, as the world wakes up today on this monday, there's a story out that iran's intel ministry says that they uncovered a u.s. cia spy ring. they've a arrested 17 suspects and sentenced some to die. i know it's a breaking story. i don't know that fox news has confirmed it yet but what can you tell us about that? >> i can't add much to it specifically, having had the chance to lead that great organization of central
4:11 am
intelligence agency. i would urge everyone whose reading that story waking up to understand that the iranian regime has a long history of lying. they lied about where they shut down the american uav, they now lied in the last few days about where they took down this tanker. it's part of the nature to lie to the world. i would take with a significant grain of salt any iranian assertion about actions they've taken. >> so you don't leave they've arrested these individuals. if these are americans we want to bring them home. we don't want them put to death obviously. >> well, ainsley there are many americans that have been held and detained inside the islamic republican so there's a long list of americans we are working to get home from the islamic republic, this is a nation that has behaved in way normal nations don't. you don't take other country's citizens and hold them hostage for political gain. this is further evidence of the out law nature.
4:12 am
there's about 1,000 isis fighter s back in iraq reeking havoc setting up snipers. what is our role in making sure isis doesn't take iraq and force us to go back in with greater numbers? >> look, we've been very successful over the last now two and a half years to build-out a global coalition to defeat isis. we've got 60 countries working this. we were successful at taking down the real estate they owned, the caliphate they had in syria and western iraq. look president trump has been very clear. where we find the threat from islamic republic of iran, where we find the threat from iran to america we'll respond. we know that terror continues to exist around the world and america can do this. we can end these endless wars, while still making sure that we fight the fight against terror, every place that we find it. we'll do it with american power, and we'll do it importantly using our partners and friends around the world who have a shared interest in defeating this terrorism. >> so you can confirm that isis is back in iraq? >> look, we've said there have
4:13 am
been isis fighters moving around iraq and there's still a handful left in syria as well. they're not completely gone and they've shown no evidence they are prepared to give up and we've shown no evidence that we're prepared to let them get away with terror either. president trump has made it very clear. we'll continue to beat back terror where we find it. >> real quick exit question a couple of weeks ago we saw the president shake hands with kim jong-un. anything going on since then behind the scenes we need to know about? >> the state department has had a number of conversations with the north koreans. chairman kim committed to getting our teams back to the negotiating table. i hope we will. i hope when they show up they take a position that's different this is simple, this is a simple task in the sense of chairman kim made a commitment and put it in writing in singapore. he said he was prepared to de nuclearize and we've had a number of conversations left. it's time to begin to deliver on that so that the north korean people can in fact have that brighter future president trump has talked about for a year and
4:14 am
a half. >> mr. secretary, have a great speech today and give our best to the veterans who have done so much for this country. >> i'll do that. you all take good care of the vets too and we appreciate that and i know they will have a great day here today in florida. thank you. thank you, mr. secretary. >> all right, meanwhile straight ahead on fox & friends for this monday it's a key part of bernie sanders' platform. we've heard it a lot. >> the minimum wage the way it is. >> to $15 an hour. >> we should raise the minimum wage. >> so how does bernie explain cutting hours to make up for the pay raise? >> congressman dan crenshaw blasting what he calls a "feel good" policy. he joins us live, next. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds.
4:15 am
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♪ [ crying ] ♪ you protect them at home. we help protect them online. this is beyond wifi. this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> a national alert has been issued in costa rica where 19 people have died after drinking apparently alcohol tainted with toxic levels of methanol. >> about 30,000 bottles have now been confiscated involving several different brands that might be tainted. here with more is kenlar founder of, an online
4:19 am
database that tracks restaurants and bars caught serving counterfeit or tainted alcohol. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so we haven't heard of methanol before. what is it? >> yeah, unfortunately unlike having a designer handbag where the worst that could happen is embarrassment, methanol alcohol is poison when ingested it could actually kill you. >> so this happened in costa rica. i was thinking when i first saw this story maybe it was the dominican republic, not related right? >> correct this is 19 confirmed deaths where the government has tested the bottle and they are local bottles of a popular neutral spirit made typically from sugar cane that had 50% methanol in the bottles which are perfect replicas abdomen counterfeit bottles. >> sure okay so just look at the bottle. you can't really tell. >> sure. >> but why would anybody put methanol into a bottle that should have alcohol in it? >> sure this is illegal black market illicit counterfeiters looking to make a profit by infiltrating the supply chain.
4:20 am
>> is this stuff a lot cheaper? >> it's a lot cheaper so you buy methanol in a 55-gallon drum that costs pennys per gallon and it's toxic. >> are people going to get arrested? can they track back and look who did we buy these models from? >> the costa rican government is hopefully doing that because methanol and alcohol have a lot of similarities but a proper investigation will find the suppliers. >> but you never know, when you go into a bar, or go to a place where a bottle might already be open you don't know what's in that bottle. >> you don't. you should exercise caution. there's things that you should do to recognize always drink what you know. drink it neat or with ice or with club soda so you can use your taste memory to remember what it is and notice the bartender pouring it and notice the bottle, the label, the bottle, the pour itself and just if you notice anything, when you sip it and smell it, stop drinking it. >> that's not to stop somebody from taking the fancy bottle and pouring the cheap stuff in it. >> and does this happen here in the united states? are we protected?
4:21 am
>> yeah, not methanol to date but we don't know. we get reports all the time. ranging from high end restaurants to local hole in the walls, and mostly here in the united states, the problem we have is with refilling with things like diluting or mixing brands. for example, ordering a premium brand but having it substituted for a low cost well drink. >> look at that that's why you started this. you want to go there for more information? thank you very much for giving us a heads up. that's something. >> yes, thank you. you've heard bernie sanders say this over and over again. listen. >> raise the minimum wage. >> raise that minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> we should raise the minimum wage. >> okay so how does he explain cutting hours, to make up for the pay raise? >> congressman dan crenshaw fired up and coming up next here on fox & friends.
4:22 am
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>> it is long pastime we have a $15 federal minimum wage. >> we need to raise the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour. >> we've got to raise that minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> it minimum wage, that is a live l wage, winning that fight for 15? >> all right, 2020 democrats ramping up the fight for $15 an hour as how democrats pass a bill to raise the federal minimum wage. our next guest blasting this is bad economics in a new video that's gone viral here to talk about it is republican congressman dan crenshaw. congressman, your astounded at this push out of the house for $15 minimum wage because nobody is seeing around the could beer. what gotters you about it?
4:26 am
>> well it's shallow thinking. it feels good. it's emotionally driven, but it doesn't actually do any good and they're not thinking of the second or third order consequences of the $15 minimum wage and this has been debunked over and over again by economists. it's bad for economics and also bad because it's a one-size-fits-all policy from the federal level. economically speaking, it causes job loss. the cbo estimates up to 3.7 million jobs, 3.7 million jobs, would be lost under this kind of bill, and it's not hard to understand why. when a business is faced with a new minimum wage, well their entire budget for salaries and payroll doesn't, the doesn't change. so they have to make changes themselves. they pete have to cut hours and fire people, so while some people get a small increment all in crease others get 100% decrease in their wage because that's what happens when you fire them. the other thing you have to think about is why are we doing this from the federal level? cost of living are vastly different across the country and san francisco rent is about
4:27 am
$4,500 a month in lubbock, texas , it's about $700 a month. you don't have the same minimum wage in both places. you need to allow municipalities to make that decision. >> but now you're in the practical world and if you could be part of telling people that i'm giving you more money that's what you care about but business owners should speak up and get together and understand they're not being selfish, and trying to survive and if they do more people are employed so meanwhile the man behind the $15 minimum wage, bernie sanders. for example, in case you forgot, here is bernie being bernie. >> raise the minimum wage. >> raise that minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> we should raise the minimum wage. >> and guess what? bernie sanders, you know, the socialistic who happened to turns out he's a millionaire, it turns out he's not even paying his staff minimum wage, in the des moines register, he is now adjusted. he's going to give them $15 but
4:28 am
cut back his hours, for his people. here is the quote. sanders said organizers who are the lowest ranking members of the presidential campaign is typically in their 20s making 36,000 a year with 100% employee -paid healthcare as well as paid vacations, sick live for staffers working 40 hours a week that comes out to be $17 an hour , so presidents campaigns are rare so sanders says the campaign will limit the number of hours staffers work to 42 or 43 each week to ensure they're making an equivalent of $15 an hour. he just said exactly what you said. >> right. you've got to laugh at this a little bit when this kind of poetic justice where this ill- conceived policy gets manifested right before your very eyes, and i wonder who could have predicted this? well anybody with an economics degree could have predicted think us so it doesn't help the people you're trying to help in some cases it hurts them because a lot of these people at minimum wage are adding to their household income and if they are priced out of the labor market
4:29 am
they can no longer add that income to their household so a household not in poverty could potentially be in poverty and they studied this at the cbo as well. it's really bad policy overall. >> it's like what obamacare says if you have a certain amount of employees you have to give health care. so certain can't afford it so they went one person underneath the threshold. businesses will adjust, so i've got to bring it to something else if you know the squad works where you work in the house just on the other side of the aisle, and sometimes even separate from democratic leadership, okay most of the time, listen to the latest call for action from alexandria ocasio-cortez when it comes to what's going on at the border. >> we cannot allow this administration to define immigration policy for the united states, but is this something that i think is going to have to take a 9/11-style commission? they were charged with investigating and making sure they dug up every nuke and cranny of what happened and how it happened in our system.
4:30 am
>> so she wants a 9/11-style investigation at the border. all they have to do is look at the house and senate and find out why the asylum laws haven't been changed but your witness, do you want this investigation? >> no. listen the reason they want something like this is to add fuel to the fire okay? they want to keep this in the news. notice that they never come up with a solution. >> never. >> when they talk about the overcrowded facilities they never have a solution. they don't have a solution formation system, they say that it shouldn't be defined by the administration. well, we do have laws right now, okay? code 1325 says you can't illegally cross the border that's immigration policy set by congress. it's a law in place. we need to enforce it so the fact that the administration is not making this up as they go. they actually are following the laws, and but what they don't want is solutions. what they really want is more commissions like this more investigations they can point to and call the president evil. >> the president said senator schumer was encouraged senator
4:31 am
schumer saw bad things at the border he wants a meeting and maybe get congress to act. what's the reality being you're going on vacation in a couple of days? >> well, i can't say that i'm hopeful because i'm worried that the democrats like this crisis too much and i'm worried as i've seen them fight against every single even the smallest measure s to help fix our immigration problem they fight against. they don't want walls, they don't want fixes to the asylum loopholes they are talking about decriminalizing illegal border crossings. i had an amendment the other day that would have collected data on crimes and sam nunberg sanctuary cities, we can't do internal enforcement, they get mad when we try to deport criminals and if that's not open borders i don't know what is and i don't like accusing people of wanting open borders but that does seem to be the debate we're having. >> congressman its pretty clear your commission if you want the power to do things you're saying is to get back to the house and
4:32 am
it's going to be a matter of organization and underlying policy and see what america chooses. congressman dan crenshaw, thanks so much. >> great to be with you. >> you got it 29 minutes before the top of the hour, just call him the wedding crasher. >> usa. usa. usa. >> well there you go president trump surprising the newlyweds at his new jersey golf club. the happy couple, here live, now >> ♪ ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need.
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when you book direct at >> "usa, usa, you is a, usa." >> that's so awesome. president trump crashing a wedding reception at his golf club. >> it turns out the bride and groom huge fans of the president they even had flags and pro- trump banners at the reception. >> here with more are those newlyweds say hello to nicole and pj. congratulations. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> okay, so about the time you got engaged you were talking about where would we are have the reception and you decided trump national in bedminster, new jersey. why? >> we are huge trump supporters
4:37 am
we always have been. we didn't even have to think twice about having it anywhere else. we went there. it's incredible and that was it. >> describe the day. what happened? how did you get the president to come? >> describe the day. it was monumental. you know? it was such a beautiful thing. he came during the cocktail hour and then i asked him, i says president trump, you've got to do me a favor. i said we have about 230 people that want to sing "god bless america" to you. and he's like oh, yeah, let me see what i can do. >> obviously he's a busy man. >> just the president you know and for him to come not once but twice. >> it's incredible. >> just such a beautiful thing that shows his character. >> so what was the response from all your friends and family did they have a sense this could happen? >> we were hoping since it's his golf club but the response was amazing. the energy in that whole ball room was unbelievable.
4:38 am
even the waiters and waitresses and staff said they've never seen a wedding with such amazing energy. so it was really nice. >> and you did invite him? >> we did. we sent him an invitation, many times. he did not crash our wedding. >> well you know. >> it's amazing that a lot of people look their schedule and find out what's best for you. you probably scheduled this around summit and the g20. >> oh, to make sure there's a chance at getting it right? >> it was amazing yes. >> were there people that were there that didn't vote for him or weren't supporters of him but were so excited, like what was the reaction? >> mostly everyone. >> you know, there's a few. >> a couple but the leader of the free world is at our wedding and even though we're very proud trump supporters most importantly we're all very proud americans. >> what is it about donald trump that has turned you into such avid fans? >> you've got about 20 minutes? >> give us the highlights.
4:39 am
>> he's for the american people he wants to keep us safe. he wants to keep us working. why wouldn't he want to support that? why wouldn't you want to support that and if the left comes a little bit in the middle and a little bit more to the right, this country would be unstoppable. >> clearly politics is something you all talk at in your house. >> oh, yeah. how did you all meet? what's your story? >> we actually we grew up on staten island and staten island is a very close knit community. we knew each other for a very long time and kind of rekindled on facebook, and its been about seven years since we've been together officially, and we just hit it off again. >> exactly. >> thank you. >> what did the president say to you? he took a look at you and what did he say to you? >> he looked at me and said oh, look at those shoulders. i said wow i had a couple extra donuts before, but i said i just couldn't believe he was standing , nobody is going to
4:40 am
mess with me. >> he said i have a beautiful bride in the room, it was so sweet. he called me handsome. >> sounds like he wants your vote. >> no, he knew he had our votes >> he will always have my vote. >> were you honeymooning in his spanish golf club? where did you go on a honeymoon? >> i wish, we're going to st. l ucia. leaving tomorrow morning hopefully. >> are you going to sandals? >> i'm going to sandals, yes. >> beautiful thing. >> that'll be nice. >> mention our name and we'll make it open bar. >> oh, perfect. >> just tell them that. >> since it happened since the president came to your reception saturday night how has your life changed aside from being married >> well our phones have been blowing up, [laughter] >> its been non-stop. >> we're just amazed and it's
4:41 am
very surreal. i feel like we're dreaming. >> you never know, he could be watching right now. >> president trump? i love you. >> we love you. and we hope to some day be a guest at one of your events. [laughter] and keep up the great work. >> it's going to be a great story for your kids. maybe you could make him the god father. >> sure. we would happily. >> did he send you a gift? you know? >> well, he actually, well he actually wrote on our "save the date" somebody at trump national gave him our save the date and he actually signed it and wrote a very nice note on it for us. >> what are you going to do with that? >> frame it i guess. >> cherish it. >> nicole, congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. thank you very much. thank you. its been a pleasure.
4:42 am
>> take it away. >> it's hard to top that but i will certainly try. congratulations to you guys by the way. let's start off with this headline that we're following a desperate search is underway for a texas mother missing since last weekend. el paso police fear erica gaton is in danger this is the last known picture taken at a concert before her date claims she left in an uber. her son's father says this is out of character. >> anything she's doing she always has her phone. this is not like her. it's not like her. she never, when i have my son she always calls me and always texts me. >> her son is just seven years old. eight people are hurt, when lightning strikes a crowded beach. >> when it hit, i felt it through my arm, it was this big strike and like this dude he got struck by lightning. >> one man is in critical condition after taking a direct hit from the lightning at clear water beach in florida. witnesses pulled him to safety in the middle of the storm to
4:43 am
start cpr . the other victims will be okay. new zealand looking to expand gun restrictions under a brand new law. owning a gun is a privilege and not a right that would ban gun sales and create a gun registry and require gun owners to renew their licenses every five years. the government launching a buyback system following the shooting attacks at mosques. 51 people were killed. a boy brings in a big fish until a surprise guest steals his shine. watch this. >> oh, my gosh! >> isn't that crazy? a massive great white shark nearly biting a boy as it jumps out of the water to steal a fish on the line and a close call happening on a fishing trip near cape cod. thankfully nobody was hurt so i'm sure they can watch this
4:44 am
video to appreciate it. >> this never serve used to happen. >> i know. >> in cape cod you can't go in the water and now children can't fish because of sharks. >> it's a scary world. >> i was thinking it's a small little fish and they pull it up and it's a great white. >> essentially it was the bait and the great white was hungry. >> that's the last fish the shark could have eaten. he has to eat their fish? >> that's the way it works in the wild. >> i don't think they think about that. they're not the nicest creatures >> it's unbelievable. a shark? how in considerate of that shark >> kid finally catches a fish and the shark wants to steal its funder? >> yeah, but now the kid is famous because he was there. quarter before the top of the hour, j. d. joins us with -- look at that. we were talking about the lightning straiks near clear water and i believe that florida has the most lightning strikes per-state in the u.s..
4:45 am
i'll have to check that but we could see the potential for lightning and severe storms today along a cold front that's going to bring some relief across much of the country. we hit record highs across portions of the mid-add plant ic and the north east. look at the temperatures 61 in minneapolis, 65 in chicago, and that cold front is going to move into the eastern seaboard over the next 24-48 hours. forecast heat index we're still dealing with warm temperatures across the mid atlantic back towards the southeast but that cold front will dip us far south as parts of the southeast and the gulf coast, so that is much relief that we will take. 74 will be your daytime high in new york city and we could see the potential for some heavier rainfall and the potential for flooding as the cold front moves through. so good news is we've got colder air, bad news is we could see the potential for stronger storm s, and lightning strikes. >> so beware. >> yes. >> but cooler. >> exactly. >> thank you so much.
4:46 am
>> quarter until the top of the hour. congresswoman liz cheney slam ming the media for their coverage of president trump and the squad. >> i think the news media really wants to make this about race. you just did it. this isn't about race. i know you guys don't want to focus on the fact that there are differences. >> well governor mike huckabee says she is right on and he will join us right after this. >> ♪ ♪ this is the couple who wanted to get away who used expedia to book the vacation rental which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go.
4:47 am
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>> we're back with the fox news alert and here we go. hundreds of thousands of puerto ricans taken to the streets to demand governor's resignation. >> we are live down in san juan where the protest is already heating up this morning, good morning, to you, brian. reporter: good morning, guys well today could very well be the largest indication in puerto rico's history up to 1 million people could be marching the streets today calling on the governor to resign. this is a tense day of protest but this particular protest march is starting here at the baseball stadium, and now this is what happened.
4:51 am
essentially yesterday, there was a facebook live. he didn't have a press conference to take questions, he went on facebook live and said he's not going to seek re-election in 2020 and he's resigning as president of his party, well people here that just added fuel to the fire. people are really upset about that and they want him to resign now. we spoke to a retired teacher on the island and this is what she had to say. >> we want him to resign. we want him to go because this is our dignity but when i heard this message, i said no. >> they really want him to go and now this is what happened about 10 days ago, 11 of his aids had a group chat that was leaked 889 pages of offensive messages, homophobic, you name it that was just the tip of the iceberg, you add that with the fact that two of his top lieutenants were arrested by the fbi for steering some $15 million into the hands of unqualified private contractors and now you have what has been the beginning of a protest.
4:52 am
they plan on here, really spending all day getting in front of the major highways here and blocking things and that's going to be what we're seeing all day, guys. back to you. >> yes, thanks so much, brian. you know it seems like the president was right. there is a lot of corruption in puerto rico and the puerto rican people know they've not been well taken care of by their government. >> that's why the president is reluctant to write just plank" aid checks there. >> but after the hurricane, he wanted to help them but some people are going whetherrer did all that money go? a lot of it is unaccounted for. mike huckabee is former republican presidential candidate, he was governor of arkansas, fox news contributor and under of a great book called "rare medium" or well done. mike good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> all right, so we just heard brian llenis reporting from puerto rico talking about how the people at the protest want the governor to resign and then you've got some democrats. we've got some of their comments , telsey gabbert says we must stand up against corruption , aoc says the
4:53 am
governor must resign, and julian castro says i stand with the protesters protesting for his resignation. what do you have to say about their comments squared against what is going on down there? >> well the first thing they need to do is to apologize to president trump because he was right. he said that he had sent the aid , which he did, in record supplies, and then he was called being a racist, by these very people, who are now saying oh, this government has to go. let's remember, they were the ones who said that he hadn't done anything, because he was a racist. well the truth is he's not a racist. he did send the supplies, but the corrupt government of puerto rico ended up letting it just sit on the docks and rot, in some cases there were contracts that were given to people who weren't qualified to do it. i think the next thing the president needs to send to puerto rico is more fbi agents because he certainly did everything he said he would do and they owe him an apology.
4:54 am
>> okay so the governor said he's not going to resign or step down, and some are questioning whether or not that's about money he wants to give his pension but he's not going to run again. let's move on to liz cheney. last week the president had that rally and the crowd was yelling "send her back" and that's what the media was talking about all last week and she sat down with margaret brennan, and her question to liz cheney was this. why doesn't the president say non-white americans are just as american as anyone else? this is how liz cheney responded >> i think the news media really wants to make this about race. you just did it. this isn't about race. these members of the house of representatives fundamentally believe in policies that are dangerous for this nation and as republicans we're going to fight against those, even if the mainstream media accuses us of racism when we do that and i know you guys don't want to focus on the fact that there are differences. you also don't want to focus on, let me, i let you ask me the
4:55 am
questions. i think the news media, you included ought to cover the substance and i think it is outrageous for you to say the president doesn't talk about substance. >> she was relentless, a total takedown. >> yeah, i was so proud of liz cheney. i thought it was brilliant and i want to point out something, the daily wire pointed out that when margaret brenner interviewed yesterday adam schiff he was interrupted zero times. when then corey booker was interviewed he was interrupted once. margaret brenner interrupted liz cheney 12 times. it's again a reminder the media does not play fair when it comes to republicans, conservatives and people that support trump. >> well governor what liz cheney's point was regarding what has been said over the last week or so is the president has policy differences with the squad. it's nothing personal. it's not racist. >> it's not racist, no.
4:56 am
it's about open borders, it's about socialism, it's about giving away free stuff that we can't afford and really what hurt the country, it's about the kind of job killing initiatives that they want to do like just creating a mandatory minimum wage that will cost a lot of people their jobs, even while some of the people pushing it don't even pay that wage to their own employees, like bernie sanders, so yes it's about policy, and when the media tries to say it's about race or color, they're dishonest, and utterly wrong. >> they saw a two hour speech and were upset about 13 seconds of a chance the president did not have anything to do with. governor thanks so much. thank you, governor. >> thank you, have have a great day, guys. >> have a great week. meanwhile, mariano rivera entering a hall of fame after a legendary career with pinstripes so why is one writer taking a swing at him for his political view? your comments on that, coming up , on fox & friends.
4:57 am
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♪ brian: they paint the house every day. it looks so white every day. you can't see any fading. the sun beats down on it yet it remains white. ainsley: i believe it has to remain white considering. brian: what is the painting schedule, do we know? steve: is that important. brian: they power wash it. ainsley: pressure wash it. steve: early '90s there was a big project to reface the white house. it has been in that glory ever since. brian: ever getting to the point
5:01 am
they had to move out. truman had to move out for a while i think. steve: they did. because they rebuilt it completely from the ground up. ainsley: 8:00 on the east coast. it was hot this weekend. let's get to politics. president wants to meet chuck schumer as soon as possible as he meets from the southern border. steve: another democrat breaks from the party narrative about immigration detention centers and conditions there. brian: griff jenkins has seen it up close and personal with the latest on the border crisis. reporter: this is really fascinating. the reality of the border depends who is talking about it. chuck schumer decried a culture of inhumanity after he visited mcallen, texas. another visit by lawmakers to the exact same day on the exact
5:02 am
location, problem solvers caucus, led by minnesota democrat dean phillips. he saw the horrible conditions created by the crisis but saw a different picture. >> we saw beautiful examples of humanity expressed by agents, officers and border itself and facilities. yes we have a problem. we have to at least acknowledge the thousands of hard-working men and women working under the most different cut conditions doing so with grace. reporter: schumer mentioned chaos, happened a few miles where he was touring. 50 migrants rushing border patrol agent on the far international bridge. nevertheless president trump is eager to sit down with him. tweeting last night, based on comment, senator schumer must have seen how dangerous as the border is. it is not manufactured crisis as fake news media and partners want to meet. i will set up a meeting a sap.
5:03 am
this comes by the way as mexico avoid as tariff threat deadline today, demonstrating significant progress helping us stem the surge of migrants. steve: what we heard from mike pompeo. thank you very much, griff. it was good to hear congressman phillips give props to the men and women of the of the border patrol, doing an extraordinary job during the crisis. griff is right. the border crisis in the eye of the beholders. republicans see one set of problems and things they would like to fix, better border security where a number of democrats see it as humanitarian problem and particularly with the family separation. ainsley: yeah, we did interview mike pompeo earlier in the show. he was talking about meeting with the leader in el salvador. that leader says, we don't want your money for america. steve: they want the money. ainsley: our president said he will not give them the money. we're giving them money, they're
5:04 am
not using it the way we want them to use it. folks are fleeing the country instead of improving it. brian: what else can they do, if you look at numbers, they're not. guatemala, 250,000 guatemalans coming here. economy growing 2.4%. homicide rate is cut in half. what is happening since 2015 with these asylum laws passed, word gets out, grab a kid, you get in. i will try for a better life. not desperate to a life. steve: there is a solution, involves that building with the dome in washington, d.c. watch. >> we need congress to change the laws so we don't have to release people here. this is crazy stuff. no country does that i travel across the world. no country has a set of laws and
5:05 am
congress, that are like ones here in the united states. congress needs to change them. i often found american people demand things, when there is a real crisis i think both parties see there is a real crisis along our southern border. we have to keep it secure. i was in el salvador where ms-13 is headquartered. we watched drug trafficking, we watched young girls trafficked across the border. i think democrat come to understand this is a crisis. i hope people from across the political spectrum help to solve the problem. brian: we are at a point we haven't been since the 1980s, where war could be just around the corner. people will focus on one speech and one chant yesterday. if you watch all the sunday shows. ainsley: talking about the rally last week. the president had the rally in north carolina. he spoke for more than an hour 1/2. the crowd starts yelling, send her back, for a few seconds and media focuses on that.
5:06 am
steve: president said on thursday he did not care for that particular comment. you know, he had said throughout the week after his original go back tweet, earlier in the week, you know, if you don't like america leave. but when you look at the media coverage of what the president has said, has tweeted, had in the speech and reaction from the crowd, there was a common theme. watch this. >> raw, racist politics. it is a tactic trump deployed some times before. >> good to know that racism means that you're incredibly patriotic in 2019 america. >> why doesn't the president as matter of principle say, unequivocally, non-white americans are just as american as anyone else. >> we have to start calling his supporters as racist as well. this is division. this is purees system. brian: rick santorum would say the president would be just as critical, it doesn't matter,
5:07 am
gender, or heritage. his point was what they say as freshmen as the squad he believes is detrimental to the country, but their clear and figure into it. he was blistered on the panel saying that. ainsley: conservatives don't believe it was about race. that was liz cheney, her message on one of the sunday shows. he sat down margaret brennan asked her six minutes worth of questions. listen how liz cheney responded. >> the news media wants to make it about race. you just did it. it is not about race, not about gender not about religion. these members of the house of representatives fundamentally believe in policies dangerous for this nation. as republicans we'll fight against those even if the mainstream media accuses us of racism when we do. you guys don't want to, you don't want to focus on the fact there are substantive differences. i let you, you asked me the
5:08 am
question. >> that is all the president is talking about. he is not talking about policy. >> he is talking about every single day. every single day the president talks about the tremendous mick growth we've seen in office. the tremendous -- >> capable of loving our country has nothing to do with job. >> you are making my point. news media, you included ought to cover the substance. i think outrageous the president doesn't talk about substance. steve: mike huckabee is on last half hour. he aproceeded with liz cheney. called out the double standard he sees with his own two eyes. >> so proud of liz cheney. i thought it was brilliant. i want to point out something, ryan of daily wire, when margaret brenner interviewed yesterday adam schiff he was interrupted zero times. when then cory booker was interviewed, he was interrupted once. margaret brennan interrupted liz cheney 12 times. again a reminder of the media
5:09 am
does not play fair, when it comes to republicans, conservatives, people that support trump. that was evident as it can be on interview yesterday. steve: one of the thing liz cheney said, chant is absolutely wrong. should not have happened. brian: because you went too long, we can't talk about iran why didn't you talk about that earlier. she grew up in a house that talked non-stop about international issues. ainsley: republicans will continue to focus on substance and policy and we'll continue to do that. if you y'all want to do race card, continue that narrative, we'll stay, stick to policy. at the end of the margaret said we ran out of time to talk about iran. that is what i'm talking about. that is policy issue. we should have spent more time talking about that. brian: newest class into cooper cooperstown. greatest reliever ever, mariano
5:10 am
rivera. nobody could say he did not belong. his speech, typically moving and humble. >> i want to start talking about thanking my good lord and savior, jesus christ for giving me the talent and blessing, open door that i could never close and no man can close. to all my coaches, all my managers, all my teammates, man, you guys are special. i cannot do it would you you guys. to the fans -- [cheers and applause] you guys always push me to be the best. without your support i cannot do it. i'm so humble and blessed to receive this incredible honor. god bless you all, and i love you. thank you. [cheers and applause] ainsley: what a beautiful
5:11 am
message. what a good guy. steve: he was selected for cooperstown unanimously. never happened before but he is that great. greatest of all time. 13 times an all-star. so on the same day that he is inducted into the hall of fame this weekend, "daily beast" came out with something painted a different picture. ainsley: robert silverman. mariano rivera will enter mlb he spent three years serving at pleasure of racist president. cozying up to apoplectic bigoted goons and serving the apartheid state. steve: in "daily beast," he said he served at the pleasure of a racist president. taken part in thinly-veiled propaganda of far right
5:12 am
government in israel. gotten chum which bigoted goons, the hall of famers actions make it clear his sympathy's lie with the trump administration. brian: number one, he is not active in conservative or liberal politics i know of. i don't see him in anything. he knows almost all yankees, chum chum, like rudy giuliani. goes to as many games as possible. great friends with george steinbrenner through the years. number two -- steve: been at white house events. brian: very pro-israel. part of president's opioid council. he doesn't want people addicted to opioids and wants people off of them. how dare he. if he is pro-israel, that is bad thing. ainsley: i heard him speak before. i don't think he is really that political. his message is christian standpoint, locking everybody, looking at everyone as god's child. he might not vote the way some folks do.
5:13 am
that doesn't mean he is a bad person. for them to write a long article on him, one of the greatest baseball players. kids look up to him. he is not afraid to talk about his faith. has a beautiful family. came from panama city. dad was fisherman. was discovered for baseball, what a great player he is. he is a great hero to all the little kids. steve: we asked you what you think about the "daily beast" article. steve tweeted out the news couldn't show enough of foul language from rap pino, felt like they had to demonize a humble, kind spoken person like rivera not being liberal enough. that is not how news should be reported. they should be penalized for shameful behavior. brian, after red sox beat yankees in '07, win world series, yankees and rivera returned to fenway. he was a class act when introduced. we love him. ainsley: sweet. bill tweeted out, definitely not
5:14 am
a yankees fan. definitely amari auno -- mariano rivera fan. brian: he was a the same guy. how you act when you lose, really defines the character which you are. ainsley: 100%. you are right on that. jillian: serious news to get to. starting with fox news alert. iranian officials claim they arrested 17 iranian nationals to recruited by the cia to spy on the country's nuclear sites. some have already been sentenced to death. secretary of state mike pompeo joined us earlier blasting iran. >> iranian regime has a long history of lying. they lied about where they shot down the uav. part of the nature of the ayatollah to lie to the world. jillian: the u.s. increased military presence in the gulf after provocative measures by
5:15 am
tehran including downing a u.s. drone and seizing a british oil tanker. turning now to extreme weather, states could see flash flooding and damaging winds as a cold front is expected to push through the midwest and northeast. strong winds possibly to blame for this crane collapsing on an apartment building in new jersey. no injuries were reported there. the cold front is expected to end a dangerous heat wave linked to six deaths. it is blamed for a major power outage affecting thousands in new york city. a police officer gets called for a noise complaint but quickly becomes the life of the party. check it out. [cheering] the officer hopping on a mechanical bull at a birthday party in kilgore, texas. the police department posted video on facebook. as you can imagine, it has gone viral. nice to see police officers
5:16 am
having fun with the community members. called for a noise complaint he joins the party. brian: yahoo! ainsley: thank you. aoc has a plan to investigate the president's border policies. >> a 9/11 style commission. i think that kind of study is what's going to be required. steve: senator martha mcsally that is a dangerous idea. take a look. she is live and she is next. ♪
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5:21 am
uninformed and dangerous. republican senator, martha mcsally, sits on the senate armed services committee and solving the problem with lindsey graham what is happening over there do we need a big investigation what is happening on the border, or do you know? >> as 26 year veteran, i was in saudi arabia on 9/11, my first reaction i heard her say, what the hell is she talking about? a 9/11 style commission? we need to solve the crisis at border, closing loopholes, fixing laws, the democrats are refusing to come to the table. she needs to get informed. these ideas are very dangerous. brian: she plight find out that commission would reveal not giving humanitarian aid and denying beds when there is a surge at border that might play into it. >> exactly. i'm glad some of them went to the border finally. been telling them for years there is crisis going on. i represent arizona, begging them come to the table, help us fix it. they want to deny detention space in i.c.e. beds, no
5:22 am
barriers, no border wall. they don't want to close the loopholes incentivizing this behavior. that is overwhelming the system, causing it to break. they worked with senator gram and i, get our bill on the president's desk. we would stop the crisis. brian: you need 60 votes to get it over to the house. you reached out to the problem solvers in the house. >> those are my buddies. i was in the problem solvers caucus in the house when i came to the president. there is opportunity for some of them to show reasonability, unlike the extreme ideas from the left. brian: senator schumer saw how bad it was, front and center. he reached out to him vias social media. let's meet. what do you think will happen? >> glad the democrats and chuck schumer see there is a crisis at the border. they need to come to the table to work with us, to solve it. until they change the laws incentivize, right now, it sent advises trafficking of children. we cannot return them safely to central america.
5:23 am
if an adult shows up with a kid, whether their kid or not, they know they will be let go in 20 days. my bill with senator graham, closes loopholes, al us to keep them with due process, send them back safely to stop this insanity. brian: can you work with democrats to get the 60 necessary? if you believe you make it, democrats get a win too in this, it will be something that will pass? >> we're happy to sit down. we have been talking to them. we're looking for ways to bring them on board. if you look at the fact this is is narrow solution to stop the incentive for the dangerous journey. we're open to their ideas. senator graham i both said that fix the crisis, stop the crazy, danger rhetoric, and humanitarian crisis is exacerbated by their lack of action on this, the democrats. brian: senator johnson, republican said, we're in full catch-and-release. real quick, what is the situation in arizona right now? >> we're seeing that in arizona. as you know the mayor of yuma
5:24 am
declared a state of emergency. he and i have been talking a lot through this whole process. they're basically releasing people into the streets, into the communities. then they're on their way through tucson, phoenix, on to a commune near you. never to show up for any court date. brian: political future, taking on mark kelly? so what is your -- >> he is taking on me. first of all. brian: what are your thoughts? what does it mean for the party? >> arizona is a near wall state for the direction of our country. we're ground zero to make sure we keep the senate majority. we stop this dangerous, hard left turn towards socialism. government-run health care, open borders policy. these measures are extreme and we are ground zero to make sure that we stop that from happening. brian: thanks so much. senator mcsally, great to see you. >> thanks, brian. brian: thanks for your service in the country. in the air force. >> absolutely. brian: crocodiles thriving outside of a nuclear plant in florida. shark sightings spiking along cape cod. what is going on?
5:25 am
are sharks taking over land? animalog expert jeff corwin liv. seriously. i don't even recognize myself. and thanks to my cashrewards credit card from navy federal with never-expiring rewards it's gonna be a killer honeymoon. woo! maui!! boom navy federal credit union. our members, are the mission.
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only at your lincoln dealer. ♪ ainsley: bizarre annal stories raising eyebrows this morning. endangered crocodiles, thriving in unusual home outside after florida nuclear plant. thanks to a team of specsists protecting, monitoring their development. steve: this as a massive great white shark, whoa, almost jump ans out of the water into a boat to try a steal a fish on the line during a fishing trip. jeff corwin here to weigh in on these stories. tell us why these particular crocodiles are thriving outside
5:29 am
of this nuclear power plant? >> steve it is an incredible story. i had the great fortune to actually film these crocodiles over a 20 year period. my very first series, my second episode was at the turkey hill power plant. it is remarkable. the water there, as it runs through the behind the power plant is little warmer. supervised sanctuary during the relatively cooler months of winter in florida. it is all protected with great security. so this creature, steve and ainsley, this was on the verge of extinction, numbers over 2,000, largely because of this power plant where they find sanctuary. has nothing to do with radiation. it is all about the security and comfort. ainsley: jeff, sell me on this. why is that a good thing? i'm terrified of crocodiles and alligators. why do we need them? >> they're so critical to the
5:30 am
ecosystems where they leave. the environments are healthier when you have apex predators n unless you're a turtle, fish, marine creature you're not in jeopardy from a crocodile for the most part. they are huge. this is our only crocodile species in north america. they get nearly 18 feet long, but they primarily live in marine or es -- estuary ecosystems, more assaultly than fresh. steve: we'll talk about cape cod. you have a house up there. this weekend, the family is out fishing. somebody taking video with the cell phone off the back of the boat. as they're fishing, bringing the bait fish in, a great white apparently jumps out of the walter and grabs the bait t made quite a image. >> my gosh, i fell out of my
5:31 am
bed. i'm in bermuda filming shipwrecks. i thought it was remarkable. i live not far from there. when i watch that, makes me think twice diving for lobsters when i get home. you know what, great whites are increasing. that was probably a juvenile or young great white. this looks really big. this shark, steve, ainsley, can push up to 15 or 16 feet in length. that was seven or eight foot animal. that striped bass that kid was reeling in. that was a surface plug for the great white. the truth the great white population is exploding off the northeast coastline. steve: why? >> because of increase of prey. we had dramatic explosion of gray seals and harbor seals which is the primary target animal that these animals hunt. so more prey, means more great white sharks. ainsley: sell me on the great
5:32 am
white. why are they important? >> here is what i'm going to tell you. ainsley, do you like the ocean. you love to swim? ainsley: i love to swim but i prefer the water to be clear. >> i will give you something that will comfort you. all the days of your life, every time you've been in the saltwater after the coast of new jersey, new york, massachusetts, no matter where you are in the world, you're never more than 100-yards away from a shark. doesn't make you feel better. ainsley: great, nice. steve: now you scared the living daylight out of everybody. who knew that. ainsley: they're not all that big, right? they're not all great white. >> they're not out to get us. >> they are not great whites. there many different types of sharks in the world. they have been on our planet over 300 million years. we have almost 400 different species. great whites are the great giant of these sharks but typically it is incredibly rare to have conflict with a shark. we have only tragically, but
5:33 am
fortunately we've only had one fatality up in the new england coastline unfortunately last year from a great white shark in 80 years. so the stats and odds are actually in your favor that you will never be in that situation, which is a good thing because you wouldn't stand a chance. steve: thanks for explaining some of the things we spotted in the animal kingdom. jeff corwin in bermuda. have a wonderful week on the island. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. bye. incredible moment as florida georgia line welcomes a veteran on stage to give him a new track chair. >> we are giving away a wheelchair to a veteran. give him a real hand. [cheers and applause] >> usa. usa. steve: our own pete hegseth was there to present the surprise to that veteran. pete will tell us all about the
5:34 am
georgia florida line, florida georgia line. put it in the wrong place. looked like a good weekend. ♪ when did you see the sign?
5:35 am
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♪ >> tonight we're giving away a wheelchair to a veteran, joe beach. give him a hand. [cheers and applause] steve: well this was a very special weekend for one of our nation's heroes, as florida georgia line presented him with a new trak chair. ainsley: so awesome. our own pete hegseth lucky enough to be part of it all. brian: he joins us to talk about it. those trac chairs get the veterans through anything. >> they change lives. they provide mobility. we're at the florida georgia line concert. the real star was sergeant kevin miller. i want to go hunting with my 6-year-old son. i can't go out in the woods. my leg gets infected my
5:39 am
wheelchair doesn't work. fox news channel, independence fund, florida georgia line, those guys are you a some. they are true believers. presented the vet on stage. you can predict what happened. we were backstage. take a listen. ♪ here we are backstage, i can barely believe it, with florida georgia line. tyler and bryan, what does it mean for to you recognize and hold up veterans of this country? >> means a lot to us, really does. we have a heart for our veterans. give a piece of their life back with these chairs to our vets. it is great feeling. it is bigger than fgl. to have our vets feel that, energy next level. >> cool to see 25,000 people out here proud to be americans. proud to be here, proud to represent and be a small part of
5:40 am
it. >> familiar face, friend of the show, sean spicer you're on the board. >> what is cool about the trac chairs, they get their freedom back. by losing a leg they don't have the mobility and freedom. that gives them independence, freedom, mobility they had prior to the injury. the chair tonight will be because of contributions and generosity of fox employees throughout the entire fox corporation. it is so fitting you're here today to see that come to fruition, that chair go to such a needy veteran. >> i'm here with sergeant miller. thanks very much for your service. >> thank you very much. >> you lost a leg as part of your service. talk to me about it. >> i was in afghanistan in 2018. i was poisoned with cyanide and heroin. it was case of espionage. it was in my chewing tobacco. my main organs shut down. i was in coma. i being amputee it is life of
5:41 am
hell. >> having the chair will change your life. >> oh, yeah. >> i will be off to the side watching you get the trac chair. any predictions how you react. >> i'm not sure. i don't know. hopefully my leg doesn't fall off when i walk out there. >> we'll do something real, really cool tonight. been looking for this all weekend. tonight we'll give a way a wheelchair to one of our veterans, joe beach. give him a round. [cheers and applause] usa. usa. [inaudible]. >> usa. usa. >> what was that like? >> that was amazing. like cloud nine, supercool. adrenaline. beat from the music.
5:42 am
it was awesome. >> you feel the gratitude of a nation. >> for sure. it was amazing to be out there, to feel experience, adrenaline of it all. >> sergeant, soak it up. you earned it. ♪ >> real hero. they're giving out 14 over the whole concert series for for florida georgia line. fox is paying half. fox corp made donation through a partnership with the independence fund so a lot of vets will be experiencing that. tyler, bk, lead singers of florida georgia line. they're true believers. they are doing this, because they love our flag, our country, our vets, our service members. they're truly affected by it on stage. standing it there with them. they are absorbing the usa chant, feeling gratitude of. brian: it is ftl, not jones beach. >> ftl. jones beaches with a great venue. ftl is doing it in partnership
5:43 am
with the independence fund. go to text hero to 52,000. $10 donated to the independence fund t goes to track chairs which truly change their lives. ainsley: i remember going to their concert a few years ago in times square. it was a small venue. look at the crowd. it is fun to watch them grow. >> they are the real deal. ainsley: proud to give back. brian: what did it feel like being on stage? >> closest i will ever being a rock star. i was off to the side in the shadows. in that moment he is the real star. in that moment he steps forward. his wife came up later on as well. it was amazing to see the reaction of the crowd. as i said the lead singer steps back, you fade back. take in the moment. that will be my last time. brian: my daughter kaitlin was in the crowd. >> really? brian: she was there the whole family is big fgl fans.
5:44 am
ainsley: what did she say about the track chair? brian: she love the whole thing. that we went to fgl house and saw their restaurant in nashville. she is obsessed with the group. >> they play the song, dirt, bring the vet out, finish the song with the vet on stage. brian: unofficial i don't think they ever would sleeves on stage. if you're a rock star, don't wear sleeves. ainsley: you would love that. you're a tattoo man. >> i got to wear short sleeves. ii want to wear it on the couch. they won't let me. brian: one of the questions over the weekend how many tatoos does pete hegseth have? >> i don't know. brian: you don't know. >> eight or nine. >> i'm losing track. ainsley: are you sober when you get them? >> not always. mostly. the decision is made sober. i'm just kidding. of course. steve: pete, thank you very much for doing double duty. >> my pleasure. brian: that went off the rails
5:45 am
quick. world's biggest airshow went underway in wisconsin. ainsley: jeff flock from our sister network fox business, skydiving. steve: jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. that is not only thing he is up to. he joins us live in oshkosh with more on his crazy adventure. jeff? reporter: what was i thinking, folks? i don't know. this is the world's biggest airshow in the. you do crazy things. i have tater boudreaux. you train the future of the american air power. >> that is my day job, f-16s. on weekends i love to fly this little thing. wild blue. reporter: this is wild blue. give you indication what this is. we've been to the airshow some times. in addition to jumping out as you point out of a perfectly good aircraft, we few with the sky typers.
5:46 am
they sky write. i was up in that one too. you're inspiring the future. you train the next generation of u.s. air force pilots. >> that's correct. in this airplane we also like to inspire the rest of the universe. reporter: younger kids. >> performance we do in the airplane. it is 180-horsepower airplane. we show people to live and dream without bondaries. so we go, treat this like a fighter jet. reporter: jump in. i got the parachute on, this time i hope i don't have to use the parachute, this is not designed for that. we're about to take off in this. i will have to say good-bye as we jump in, get ready for our flight. wish you were here. look, can you see out there? go ahead. show them that. >> very nice. reporter: 100,000 aircraft out here. it is incredible. we'll fly this one later. to the right, chris, we'll be on that one later too. that is t-28. >> beautiful.
5:47 am
brian: someone is getting grubhub. steve: quite a day. jeff flock, off he goes into the wild blue yonder. ainsley: thanks, jeff. janice is outside talking to some folks out there. she has your forecast for you. hey, janice. janice: look at all the wonderful people came on monday to "fox & friends." houston astros here. we have an anniversary here. what is your name. >> vicki? janice: where are you from? >> allentown, pennsylvania. janice: how many years? >> 50. janice: what is secret to good marriage. >> listen and and laughing. i love you all. let's look at the maps. it was hot this weekend. things are starting to break. can you feel the cooler air, moving in? it is nice. temperatures are definitely going down. with a cold front we see potential for stronger thunderstorms. maybe wind reports, some hail, some definite flooding in areas
5:48 am
you see in green and red. that is where we have flash flooding occurring. that is what is happening with that cold front. there are your highs. not too bad in new york city. still warm across the southeast. cooler temperatures across the northern plains. look at all the amazing people that came to see us on "fox & friends" on a monday. we love you so much. love you so much. thank you for coming. yea. yay. say high to steve, ainsley, brian. steve: thanks, jd. joe biden, name dropping the former president on the campaign trail. >> i did a president report president obama before we left. i was vice president. one of the reasons i was proudest to serve with barack obama, become my really close, personal friend. steve: now some 2020 opponents like kamala harris appear to be using that strategy against joe biden. brian: i amazing.
5:49 am
lawrence jones says both sides walking a fine line. first i want to check in with sandra smith to see what she has come up with for today's show. >> good morning everyone. we have dramatic new video coming into our newsroom showing iranian takeover of the british tanker. we're learning moments before it was seized. testimony from robert mueller, now two days away. how republicans and democrat are preparing for that. president trump continuing his attacks on four democratic congresswoman, telling them they should apologize to america. we'll have latest on that back and forth. here we go, live in "america's newsroom." join bill and me in just moments. ouch, okay. huh, boring, boring, you don't need to see that. oh, here we go. can you believe my client steig had never heard of a home and auto bundle or that renters could bundle? wait, you're a lawyer? only licensed in stockholm.
5:50 am
what is happening? jamie: anyway, game show, kumite, cinderella story. you know karate? no, alan, i practice muay thai, completely different skillset.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
♪ >> i did a report for president obama before we left. i was vice president. one of the reasons i was proudest to serve with barack obama is become my really close, personal friend. that is why we need to finish this job of president obama and i started with health care. [cheers and applause] brian: that was joe biden name dropping the president. ainsley: but now appears 2020 democrat are trying to use obama's record to attack the vice president, former vice president. steve: let's talk to fox news contributor, host of the "fox nation" shows, "keeping up
5:54 am
with jones." man on the street. lawrence jones. good morning. >> how you guys doing? steve: we're took okay. this is part of joe biden's strategy. his legacy he was vice president to barack obama. so he is going to remind people of those happy times any chance he gets. >> it is pretty sad. while joe biden is reminding voters about the obama-biden legacy, obama and michelle are more concerned about their legacy. they're more concerned about being capitalists that they are making money, they really don't want to get involved with this race. look, the democratic party of barack obama was much different than the democratic party of today. and so even with obama, you're going to see a shift in progressive politics for him as well. he doesn't want to get in this primary race. he is concerned about making money on the road. as michelle obama said, they're willing to give advice to
5:55 am
anybody. do you actually believe that joe biden actually asked the president not to endorse him, the most popular democrat in the country. that didn't happen. that is pretty sad. you would think your friends would be there as for you. apparently they're not as close as he pretends to be. ainsley: 2020 democrats he is running against, some of them are using it against him. listen to this. >> i disagreed with my president, the policy was to allow deportation who by people by i.c.e.'s own definition were non-criminals. >> we see iran threatening to go further, we're being pulled further into this crisis. we need to renegotiate to get back into a deal. i will not have a primary platform to say unilaterally i to reenter that deal. if i have opportunity to leverage a better deal i will do it. ainsley: what is the reaction. >> they're going further to the left because the democratic party of barack obama is much different than the party of today. they also have to be careful, because they will want his
5:56 am
support eventually. he will get in the race. so again, this is a democratic party that is anti-obamacare. who would have thought that the democrats and republicans agree for once on repeal an replace. now you have the democrats want to replace it with socialism. conservatives have a different view. but that is the new platform of the democratic party. brian: lawrence, will be very interesting. seems like a lot of people that know joe biden best are not endorsing him. some of his biggest critics, they did sign nick burns to be a foreign policy advisor. ainsley: thanks, lawrence. >> thanks, guys. i appreciate it. steve: we're stepping aside. more "fox & friends" in a couple minutes. ♪ we're carvana, the company who invented car vending machines and buying a car 100% online. now we've created a brand new way for you to sell your car. whether it's a year old or a few years old, we want to buy your car.
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so go to carvana and enter your license plate, answer a few questions, and our techno-wizardry calculates your car's value and gives you a real offer in seconds. when you're ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot, and pick up your car. that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car, and say hello to the new way-- at carvana.
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>> i would like to thank everybody who came out to bow
6:00 am
nita springs in orlando over the weekend. it was appreciate to see everyone in person. if you have to run from the tv, run to the radio. >> watch the "after the show show". >> stay within yourself. >> bill: breaking overnight and more action this morning in a high-stakes stand-off with iran. new video inside that british oil tanker seized by the revolutionary guard. it raised the story to another level as we say good morning. i'm bill hemmer live in new york city. i know you had a good weekend. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith, new images showing crew members held captive by iranian forces and the british navy tried to stop them. the british prime minister chairing an emergency security session and secretary of state mike pompeo reacting on fox a short time ago. >> this is the kind of be


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