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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 22, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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republicans give a -- tutorial with short questions, follow-ups how republicans need to use 5 minutes. will never be the media mob, let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham how was your weekend? >> laura: it was fantastic sean. i cannot wait for your questions and i cannot wait to see the republicans actually step up and do the right thing here. >> sean: mueller has been practicing, i read inside of his law offices and he's got a special counsel friend so if i give too much in the meantime this is "hannity" and what they will add. we will make them scramble. have a late night tomorrow night as they prepare. >> laura: don't help them too much, hannity, fantastic show. >> sean: some republicans are f weak, laura, they take advantage in 5 minutes. i do know how to do that as you do. >> laura: taking the baton from you tonight, thanks, i am
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laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle," we are jam-packed, mike huckabee, rudy giuliani, the inspector general report and the latest squad and my angle on the latest potential folks and this narrative is poisoning the discourse in this country. and raymond arroyo is here for a special monday edition of "seen and unseen" and hollywood censoring films based on orders from their chinese overlords. plus he will expose the democratic candidates that facilitated all of it. but first, the fruits of phony e racist smears. that is the focus of tonight's angle. >> the democrats' obsession with race keeps bearing new fruit. just this past weekend accusations flew on social media and many of the press joined by the democrats tried to implicate president trump. now this all started friday with
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a tear field video posted to facebook by georgia statee lawmaker erika the democrat who is pregnant said a white man harassed her in a public grocery store when she had had too many items in her basket. >> this white man comes up to me and says, you lazy son of a [bleep]. he said you lazy son of a [bleep], you need to go back where you came from. and my child is sitting right there. i can't even explain to her why he has so much hate in his heart. >> laura: well, the outrage and empathy machine revved up almost immediately.lm >> you just saw a video go viral from erika thomas, georgia elected official who said go back to where she came and i think we are seeing a lot of people experience insult and again we will take action and vote in 2020. >> grew up around conservatives and this clearly does not
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represent and it's interesting to see that donald trump would attack americans. >> laura: the media shouldld have checked themselves before they wrecked themselves. it didn't take long for thomas' story to unwind. while talking to reporters saturday, thomas ended up on camera with a man she accused eric sparks. he told a very different story. >> i am human. i am not white. i'm a democrat, number one and i vote democrate party lines. all my statements are anti-tromp, anti-republican antiracism, anti-bigotry. >> laura: wait, a cuban democrat? part of the anti-trump resistance? whoops, the unraveling continues when thomas backtracked on that line that linked it all back to
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trump. >> want to say easy fix, go back to your country or were you came from but he was making those types of references is what i was remembering. b >> laura: get out of the country, get out of the express line, come on, it makes no difference in today's it is all about tearing down trump for 2020, not pesky facts. go ahead. read "the new york times" of erika thomas' grocery store encounter. it basically repeats thomas' one side account of what happened. and it's not until paragraph number 14 that the times mentioned that thomas backtracked on sparks telling her to "go back" which apparently didn't happen. we don't know what happened in the supermarket and maybe the footage will clear it up. it could have been very well true that sparks was rude. and condescending to thomas which is terrible and shouldn't happen, but the left long ago forfeited to whine about a lot to do with manners. let's face it.
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they spent the last three and a half years behaving horribly and speaking crudely and rudely to and about this president. and by extension to all of the supporters. >> i am a nasty woman. [applause] >> i'm not as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in -- >> the united states is running concentration camps on the southern border. >> i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. >> laura: and on the dreadful sunday shows, which should be driving all christians back to church services, the refrain was all the denounce trump were being denounced yourself. why doesn't the president as a
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matter of principle say unequivocally that nonwhite americans are just as american as anyone else? >> where did the president make it clear he was not happy? >> but when the president of the united states tweets first last week, send them back which for people like you and me maybe it doesn't hit a chord and strike a nerve, but people of color, it does because many of them have heard, you know, in their communities in a very negative way still even in 2019. you disembowel his statements last week and this morning. or not. >> laura: or not. it all feels like political extortion by the media. like mob tactics. you either support us, or we will break your reputation. it's all kind of a protectionn racket, because the media runs defense for aoc plus three and in turn, the hit girls deliver some clicks and maybe even some ratings. as we laid out last week, if there is one sedentary force in american politics today, the socialist quartet is it.
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now, there is a brain trust. the democrat party or is it the distrust? >> did you not have to acquiesce to the president's racism because is using racism. he is stoking white supremacy and he is allowing frankly neo-nazi groups to go unchecked because that is a key part of arousing his base. >> laura: this media atmosphere it is easy to see how dubious, uncooperated accounts of racism can go viral. this is the same media that bought jussie smollett, remember that and never bothered withth maya coppola when it all fell apart. the same media that branded catholic high schoolers white supremacist for nearly standing their ground when radical native american activists drummed in their faces. and what about this anti-trump cuban democrat's home address had leaked?
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and he had been harassed or physically attacked himself? my friends, this is not theoretical anymore. antifa is dealing with opponents on the street by putting them in the hospitals with brain bleeds. most democrats have not even condemned their vicious assault. so doesn't that just further embolden groups like antifa? so why don't the sunday shows hammer democrats for failing to unequivocally condemn and disavow antifa? where is stephanopoulos, cnn host, where are they? antifa uses trump as racist and close the concentration camps chant sign like where you seen before. you know. today's democratic party, they don't want you to believe what is verifiably true that americans are now better off than they were four years ago record unemployment, we've got record consumer confidence strong retail sales, wage
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increases, a record stock market yet much remains to be done of course. the 2020 campaign is in full swing. democrats have decided to fold their arms and stomp, cry racism at every turn. work on infrastructure, not with a racist. work on closing the immigration loopholes, not with a racist. it is so pathetic. but a heck of a lot easier than convincing americans to give up a strong economy for someone who will tank it in 2020. oh, on that one thing that democrats did cooperate on, the dissent announced budget is decidedly not conservative. almost no spending cuts spending increases $320 billion, not in the way of offsets, a total joke. another omnibus disaster that president trump by the way vowed
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to veto if one crossed his desk again. extremely disappointing and i think a mistake. now, no one gets everything he or she wants in politics. president trump didn't today and a lot of us are unhappy about it today. a compromise we know is necessary but we should never allow democrats or anyone else to poison our national conversations by hanging a democrat -- a sword over everyone's neck. real racism should always be condemned. fake charges of racism throughout our conversation bear the bitter fruit of more resentment and more anger in america. we don't need any more of that. and that is the angle. joining me now with reaction or and leo to rail civil rights attorney. leo, let's start with you. were you at all surprised erika thomas supermarket showdown went viral and people instantly left thinking this must have happened exactly the way she recounted it?
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>> i'm not surprised, but i'm disappointed, laura, that you don't see at this point the real issue here about this racism that exists. the party i said over and over again, the democratic party has muslims, blacks, jews catholics, whites all different and i would submit over the following statement in our lifetime we are not going to see a jew, woman, black as republican party. we will not see that in our lifetime. >> laura: let me just say this right here, the first female president is a conservative. the first female president. >> i will take you out to dinner on >> laura: it will be a female conservative that is transformative, that is my thought. but let's get back to and i will segue away from this but the fact of the matter, horace we had a weekend of frenzied response to this woman who is a georgia state representative
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very liberal, big deal, so what but very liberal and she makesd an accusation that u.s. congressman leapt on it and of course linked it to trump. she smears a democrat trump hating cuban come i don't know how many cuban democrats there are, but it's like the worst possible effects but well, aside from that, it's trump's fault. they like to pretend it didn't happen and go onto the next point, your reaction. >> the problem here is there is so little bigotry in the united states of america. people have to fake it.ot in the case of chicago, they had to bring people outside of the country to do the racism that americans just weren't willing to. once again, what we see is a hoax after hoax after hoax. in fact, it is so rare that the media gives it extra oxygen to
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try to make it out to be something that it's not. >> laura: leo -- >> can i make a simple point. i saw a brilliant show yesterday. it was called sunday show with chris wallace, and he was with stephen miller and he brought the same issue as those other networks brought up, laura and i didn't see a clip from that. >> quick, did he really? did he really? laura -- and unforced error, oh, my god. chris wallace was great, great. >> laura: i have to make a confession, leo, confession on m the show because you are my friend. i was mad at you sunday, okay, i missed it. god's honest truth. i'm sorry. sunday for me is like a break from politics in i tweet every now and again but i try not to because i shouldn't be tweeting on sunday. i have note doubt.un >> stephen miller answered it.
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and how offended he is at a jew to hear aoc squad call american detention centers concentration camps. and i want to know -- can we acknowledge one thing the democratic party on ace percentage basis have muslims catholics, blacks and women. much more -- and its called communication. >> laura: leo, let's talk about one moment, just to point of privilege on that line, is pro-life democrat movement a very strong movement in the democratic party because last time i checked they drummed out every last one of the pro-life democrats that had a speaking role at the convention. or did i miss that, where was that? >> i think there is a pro-life democratic senator -- a pro-life democratic senator am i wrong? >> laura: for 20 years ago may be but that democrat party is over, horace, leo, always great to have you won. jam-packed tonight.
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if there is one thing that a lot of us can agree on it is thatif the violence of antifa must be stopped. well, i would think everyone agrees on that. this is what happens when mob rule takes over. >> [bleep], [bleep], [bleep] [bleep]. >> laura: now republican senator bill cassidy ted cruz wants to label these radical violent mass thugs asse domestic terrorist. joining harmeet dhillon, the conservative attacked by those thugs and bernie, former nypd commissioner, bernie kerik, you have called for antifa to be labeled a terrorist group. what is the hold up? that skims the surface of what is going on on the streets. >> i don't know what the holdup is, but i'm glad certaint senators are putting forward the resolution. i think the fbi has to look at this. i think somebody should be
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directing the funding mechanism that funds these protest. when you watch these videos you see the same people over and over at different protest and somebody is funding it. they are doing it for political reasons. intimidation, threats and violence results in terrorism and it has to be investigated and charged. >> laura: the fbi's definition of domestic terrorism seems to fit in i mean it's kind of obvious at this point your client and he knows still hasn't got any satisfaction after horrible injury, but what is the update from the portland police? we haven't heard anything from portland police in the 24 hours. >> laura: you have photos of the people. you have video of the people responsible. >> we have video and identification of several of them. and we have seen some of those same people in assaults and other states. so this is a multistate criminal conspiracy operating with p consent of big-city, big-city
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law enforcement. >> laura: too broad, harmeet too broad. >> well, in the past, the laws we can see in front of our eyes that we have a crisis. we see them try to operate inof many cities and operating particularly around the election cycle. the purpose of this to intimidate americans from not supporting the people they want to support. we saw a precursor of this in n 2016 right before the election. >> laura: trump can even go to california. i represent 17 people assaulted there with the police looking on and a phenomenon in the cities of america. so i think unfortunately being a federalist, one of those rare incidents. >> laura: only federal action can help and, bernie, with all your experience, running major police force from portland to
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basically i think now it is explicit, welcome these people into portland and turn a blind eye and stand down orders to police. >> this is the liberal leadership of the cities and states. if this happened in new york city, under rudy giuliani, i promise they would be arrested, charged, prosecuted and to the fullest extent of the law. these other cities and states should be required to do that. if they are not going to do it the federal government should come in and do it for them. >> laura: meanwhile my want to show video right now. this is so disturbing what unfolded i guess today, guys? we discussed the video today in harlem with nypd officers and how they are being receipt -- perceived by the public. >> oh, my gosh. they violated them. they violated them.
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>> laura: bernie, people were>> joking on twitter, the comments, oh, it's not like a bullet. w >> it makes me sick. obstruction, disorderly conduct, harassment and a number of other charges, but they won't be charged because you have a mayor in new york city. >> laura: he is a disgracege de blasio is a disgrace. new york gets what they voted for, voting and de blasio. i think of giuliani and i don't think bloomberg would have tolerated this but the police just walked away. >> these are sanctuary cities for antifa. people are going to die. we already had the first casualty and i happen to be one of these be nine thugs but he f would have taken out i.c.e. officers, the fire bomber they are. his associates people glorified by cnn, glorified by keith ellison, the mainstream
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media and it's absolutely outrageous. >> laura: for the police to be treated with such, laughing andd narrating the video and again people on twitter, oh, just water a hot day. >> just a milk shake but the milk shake and water are used to blind the target. >> laura: it's meant to send a message and we are almost up for a break. >> we control the streets. >> laura: more liberal cities are becoming important in certain parts of certain neighborhoods. >> where you have democratic leadership. >> by the way, buzzfeed, my earpiece is coming up, buzzfeed is saying that andy ngo basically did all of this to become a media star. >> that is despicable and people who are saying that will end up in court.. >> laura: panel, thank you very much it's great to have both of you on this big, big news night. democrats in the media once again hyping a production fromn robert mueller. so will they be embarrassed yet again? the president's personal attorney is here with the exclusive thoughts next.
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>> democrats intense preps with lines of questioning for former special counsel robert mueller. >> we want bob mueller to bring it to life and talk about what is in the report. >> the strategy is to bealo profound, to be efficient, to be
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respectful. >> my hope is that mr. mueller will prevail. >> laura: while the media democrats won in the same giddy with anticipation over wednesday's mueller hearing, we yet again the buildup despite the former counsel saying this. >> any testimony from this office would not go beyond the report. we chose those words carefully and the word speaks for itself. the report is my testimony. i would not provide information beyond that which is already public in any appearance before congress. >> laura: joining me exclusively rudy giuliani, attorney for president trump and rudy the doj wrote demand that he basically keep his remarks confined to b what was in the report which is what he said he would do. so what is the big media democrats set up here? will they set themselves up for potential embarrassment, or is mueller basically going to go
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back on what he said before? >> i can't imagine he would go back on what he said before unless he wants to give away whatever is left of his reputation. i mean, but i think he will have a withering cross-examination. just today john solomon broke a dramatic piece of news that andrew weissmann now for the third time is caught like subordinating perjury with russian ukrainian oligarch. he promises in the big case going on for like six years international case will be dropped. if only he would say, bad things about trump and manafort. and he has more honor than weissman and manafort and i won't lie to get out of the case. he wanted to say manafort was the go-between with the russians. and that is why he basicallyna tortured paul manafort for how many weeks, i don't know. >> laura: rudy, i think all of this and i have to confess most americans don't follow it.
11:26 pm
but what i'm saying -- absolutely that is the role of secretary general. >> this is the third witness where he was basically allegedly perjury. >> laura: why was he not brought in on the case? you talk about this for a year and a half. >> how come you hired the counsel for the clinton foundation to investigate donald trump? suppose i was appointed to investigate hillary and i appointed the counsel for the trump foundation to try to put her in jail. >> laura: apparently, he is preparing behind closed doors. >> mueller, he better be. >> laura: behind closed doors. >> he's been behind closed doors for a year and a half. i never saw him one time. he's like "the wizard of oz." the fact is, that this investigation was a disgrace the way it was conducted. o a disgrace.
11:27 pm
and it is quite apparent now with john solomon's many columns and the help which corrupt media avoids. he should get a pulitzer prize.. he should probably turn it down if he gets it. he has demonstrated that this was an invented charge. completely invented, supported by 90% now proven in the false steele dossier comey new, which mueller should have known in which peter strzok knew for sure. in he was chief investigator for both of them. >> laura: rudy, want to move onto another topic because so much else is going on including the fraud squad or whatever we want to call them, they hate girls. i hear new monikers for them but they are up in arms about what they say is the president's, well, inherent racism. and trump responded today. >> well, i think they are very
11:28 pm
bad for our country. i think they must hate our country. the congresswomen what they have said about israel and what they have said about our country. when they talk about disgusting people. w when they talk the way they talk. when the one mentioned that a brown people should speak for brown people and muslim people should speak for muslim people. and you hear all of this, that is not what our country is all about. i >> laura: do you think he should continue, the president i mean, to hammer this issue because they do represent the heart and soul of the new democratic party, rudy? >> if that is the heart and soul they need a serious operation because that is a very, very anti-american heart and soul.l when you attack our strongest ally in the middle east and want to destroy it, which is what they want to do in supporting bbs, that would economically destroy our strongest ally and really the only democracy in the middle east. you can't be any more anti-american than that.
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you can't be anymore anti-american than basically looking at 9/11 and say something happened. do you know how that made me feel? watching almost 3,000 of myy citizens destroyed by islamic extremist terrorists? it made me feel like, well, like they were being attacked. the victims were being attacked the heroes were being attacked and their sacrifice disregarded. oh, something happened. but then my palestinian people were treated so badly. i mean, come on. how much are we going to take? the president has to defend the essential values of america. the democratic party is too cowardly to do it. where is chuck schumer on israel? >> laura: they are all afraid. they are using "the squad." they are maddening "the squad." >> how about defending the state of israel? they want to economically
11:30 pm
strangle the state of israel. which makes me angry. >> laura: all the sunday showsth they were asking the republicans, would you denounce trump's racism why doesn't chuck todd and stephanopoulos come down, when i say do you condemn -- >> they are hiding millions of d dollars that biden made in ukraine and in china and they are hiding it and they won't cover it for three months because they suck up to the democrats and they unfairly attack republicans. >> laura: i have to ask you -- >> it is a tragedy and a bribery case is not reported that way. >> laura: i have to ask you about this video. i know you saw the nypd video in harlem. i want to rerack it if i can so people can watch it again. again this happened in harlem. t >> i saw it earlier. >> oh, my god, they violated
11:31 pm
them! they violated them! [laughter] they violated them! >> laura: rudy, the police just walked away, obviously, an assault on police officers. it was just water, but it tells you where things are right now. distrust and no show of respect. >> i saw bernie kerik and i assume the others would react the same way. r that would never happen in a million years when i was mayor of new york city, and actually it would not happen if we had a progressive, retro aggressivee completely lazy mayor in new york city who is absolutely destroying the quality of life in the city. he is a disgrace and actually him and are embarrassed of it. and to let that happen, that poor police officer, his morale has been destroyed. besides morale, the way he
11:32 pm
reduced crime is to have police officers with high morale. >> laura: mr. mayor -- >> i lost almost 100 police officers in the line of duty. i lost a cousin and i have four uncles who were police officers and when i see that uniform disrespected, it should not happen in america. that is anti-american. that is so anti-american -- >> laura: we will get more of this i'm afraid over the several months. >> you are entitled to say that is anti-american when you attack a military uniform or a police uniform. too many people have died wearing that. >> laura: we are out of time. i cannot agree more. it was disgraceful behavior and it should not be de blasio is pathetic, pathetic. up next new details about the justice department inspector general may say about disgrace. fbi director jim comey lindsey graham standing by on that. my experience with usaa
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>> laura: how is this for potential bombshell? a report claims the justice department ig, michael horowitz is about to issue his investigative findings that former fbi director jim comey was "burning a covert op against the president" starting with a private defensive briefing he gave trump weeks before his inauguration. and notes comey had an agent inside the white house who reported back to fbi aids.
11:36 pm
according to other officials familiar with the matter, peter with reaction, the house-senate judiciary lindsey graham senator should he face charges? if this is true, wow. >> not based on the newspaper article, but if he did lie to the fisa court, he's not above the law. did he take the law in his own hands? when it came to trump, did they take the law in their own hands? >> laura: they felt like they were on duty. it seems like. a very imperious quality. >> the presidential election twice with his duty. >> laura: but right now, this is hot with mueller's testimony on wednesday. the democrats think they willt get another bite at the apple and you say? >> i think the apple is done. most americans looking for a mueller to tell them what
11:37 pm
happened, not nadler. do you think any fair-minded americans believe nadler was out to get the truth? he already has the president and his own mind. this is about impeachment. they impeached with the mueller report, trump will take the house and the senate. >> laura: you were there inhe '98? >> that's how we met. >> laura: 90 democrats in the house have signed on to impeachment, one republican. >> here is their problem if they don't sign for impeachment they make it primary. 31 democrats hold seats for president trump when their district. if they vote against aoc they get a primary. if they vote for impeachment they lose their jobs. but i really do believech impeachment would be bad for the country and to get the president reelected. >> laura: we have to talk about the border and just because we don't have a headline for the day. everywhere we go, people say what about the boarder situation? secure and protect act and i don't want to hear about legislation because my eyes glaze over.
11:38 pm
this could solve the problem. you are introducing this legislation very quickly. what would it do so people understand. >> you have to apply for asylum in your home country of mexico not the united states. if you bring a small child to america we have more time to o process the case so you don't have to release the family. >> laura: 20 days to override the flores situation. you cannot do it in 20 days. we increase the time to adjudicate the claims in the -- >> laura: the democrats don'tju want to work. they don't want to work with republicans. and in their own minds they have successfully opted out of working with the republicans except on this outrageous budget which i will ask you about, but they say trump is a racist so we won't work with him. he has a racist and puts kids in cages, blah, blah, blah. >> and a million immigrants released into el paso, so didn't have room to hold them. it is just a matter of time a terrorist gets in this crowd and comes here to hurt us.
11:39 pm
>> laura: we are not screening everybody, we can't. we can't screen everybody that comes into the country. i saw it when i was there.'t >> border patrol is doing a great job. this system is broken, it's not a crisis but a disaster. >> laura: lindsey, what isis going on with the budget bill? i hit the president on this $320 billion in increased spending and only what $77 billion in offset? >> laura: he has a democratic house that will not offset spending. he has a military broken for eight years during obama trying to rebuild it. >> laura: that is a huge amount and about fiscal conservatism too. f i know we don't have both aisles of congress but this is a nightmare. >> the number one job of people in the building during the obamr years, we spent less indifferent since world war ii. the planes were breaking. >> laura: what about the next generation? how are they going to pay for this? a do we care anymore? >> we are not in debt because we
11:40 pm
are dipping in the nation but because we made promises we can't keep social security and medicaid. i >> laura: what is medicare for all do? will it not benefit medicare faster? it will destroy health care, the budget, the green new deal destroys the economy and saving the environment. the number one job the president prepped the united states enemies foreign domestically --e >> laura: he said he would never agree but veto it last year. i covered it on the show. d i got a hold of everybody accountable here. he said he would veto it. he is signing this legislationol and apparently, it was nancy and chuck were a couple of people a agreed behind closed doors this is the new day. >> the government shuts down and we do a continued resolution. two everybody listing -- >> laura: speaking of -- >> those who have been sacrificing since 9/11 the 1% to -- deserve theo commander-in-chief to have their back and finally we've got one.e. i wish we had the house and didn't have to spend so much but it is what it is.
11:41 pm
defending the country, if you want to fix the budget, do title reform and i hope the president will win. >> laura: i know you were watching that video, and we racked it up a couple of times with the police getting doused with buckets of water and just walking away in harlem because they have mayor de blasio, but the respect for the police and the other side we will say don't respect african-americans but your reaction to that? >> my reaction is when congress tell a country running concentration camps at the border, that is a slanderng against those protecting us. >> laura: in uniform. >> you pour water on cops doing their jobs, that is disrespectful. how does that stop?es from the top. that is why i'm glad trump is taking it to the floor becauseat they are disrespecting those who risk their lives. go to the border and see if you would want to that job one day. how they do it day in and day out with the crap they take, i don't know.o the president keep defending those who defend this country
11:42 pm
and to the friends in new york if you don't take care of your cops, shame on you. >> laura: and the people who will call the cops when they need them and treat them like that. senator graham, thank you. hollywood bowing down to china. which 2020 dem helped to make it happen? raymond arroyo is up next on "seen and unseen". which 2020 h one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
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>> laura: time for a special monday edition of "seen and unseen" with the cultural stories of the day. courtesy of a familiar, ati
11:45 pm
pageant winner loses her crown thanks to political correctness. joining us with all the details raymond arroyo fox news contributor, all right raymond hollywood giving to china sensors. we talked about it on radio, tv for years but a new example is drawing the ire of him. >> laura, tom cruise appeared con and unveiled the new top gun maverick trailer. this is a sequel to the '80s classic and in one scene his character leather bomber. but there was a notable difference gone are the patch is that once cover the jackets back. the taiwanese japanese flags are absent.s these are nations, of course enemies of china. they have been replaced with similar colors but not the original flags. some are saying due to top gun's finance era. it turns out tencent pictures a division of the chinese internet giant is underwriting the film
11:46 pm
and they own part of the production company sky dance that is creating the film with paramount. to top it off, they should call this thing top run from free expression. you know, this is nothing new laura. the china film administration routinely sensors films and as the second biggest film market bent over backwards to comply. you remember top gun 3d would ban in 2013 they released that film and it was banned due to a military dominance. back in 2012, hollywood did red dawn remake one of your favorites were north korea, not china was the invading villain. so this has gone on for a long time. >> laura: you know what i love, hollywood is always waxing on about how they have to protect, protect free expression and artistic expression. except when bowing down at the altar of the chinese moneyman.
11:47 pm
and that is what happened. so you can't really have an enemy anymore, raymond, in american film because america is the enemy. china, no, china, you need the box office baby so you can't call china for what it is. when is spielberg going to do the ultimate picture on maui? that is my question. >> don't hold your breath. there is a democrat that helps facilitate this cozy relationship between china and hollywood.itep it's been reported back in 2012 when chinese president came to l.a., he did so with the implementation of then vice president joe biden.nt it was biden who made sure that she had face time with robert iger of disney and jeffrey katz and dreamworks and during that trip dreamworks announced $330 million oriental dreamworks and joint venture with thetr chinese government. a year later, disney produced iron man 3 and china got 40% ofi the profit and they worked in chinese stars and the bill and
11:48 pm
-- the villain, the mandarin was n longer chinese. this is what happens. >> laura: raymond, this is all predictable though. you cannot have an actual -- i remember when it was 24 and we had a lot of muslims upset. then it was homeland. you had to tone that down. all of the shows are now the government's evil or america or some worthless new country that doesn't exist as evil. this is pathetic.s >> this is not the first totalitarian regime has done this.. back inta the nazi era before t war, hitler had a guy a liaison in the '30s. it's been going on a long time. >> laura: china has a lot bigger and a lot more powerful in today's day and age in all these other countries today combined. let's talk about now about this winter of michigan world. what is that? and a day after winning it? >> she was a contestant and
11:49 pm
miss world contest, and she is a 20-year-old university of michigan and is chinese born. the connection here after winning the miss michigan world title, pageant organizers turned up this tweet she had written. she wrote "there is a hijab at my campus. so you are telling me it is a fashion accessory and not a religious thing or are you justg trying to get used to being under islam? the pageant says this constitutes insensitive and expressions but they are not backing down. >> everything i posted was my opinions. and i think we should be an empowering women's voices and not strip them of their title because of an opinion. i think it is awful how the left thinks that it is racist. i don't think anything i said was remotely wrong and i stand by every tweet that i posed. >> and all of her social media before the
11:50 pm
whether liberal or conservative you should have free speech. just to tie this together, years ago we were told if you trade with china, they will open up and they will be more freethinking. but the chinese have taught the americans how to censor comment and content that people don't like. they have learned the lesson well. >> laura: china will ultimately end up owning you and make all the decisions. that is what they want. if president trump doesn't get reelected we will be back to business as usual. raymond, thank you. what prime minister theresa mayf says about trump's chances in 2020? the latest on the hit squad next. we're the slowskys.
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we like drip coffee, layovers- -and waiting on hold. what we don't like is relying on fancy technology for help. snail mail! we were invited to a y2k party... uh, didn't that happen, like, 20 years ago? oh, look, karolyn, we've got a mathematician on our hands! check it out! now you can schedule a callback
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or reschedule an appointment, even on nights and weekends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. ♪ >> laura: got everything going on in this segment. theresa may on her way out. she was everything president trump was not. she was an establishment conservative, kind of measured, pro-e.u. when it got down to it but she is going be out after just two years, bungling brexit. so what does this what does this tell us about president trump in 2020. he needs to me more like that traditional republicans. hey doing in europe right now? or even traditional
11:54 pm
establishment leaders. emmanuel macron, angela merkel, even justin trudeau up in canada. john is now, former governor of arkansas, mike huckabee. fox news contributor. governor, all of these polished politicians technocrats are failing everywhere but trump is succeeding. >> he succeeding because he's telling the truth and he's challenging the globalist mind-set. theresa may is the mitt romney of great britain. the press will love her and all the establishment country club types may love her but the people don't. i was in great britain the day that breaks it will happen. i came back and said donald trump is going to win. people wouldn't say they were going to vote for brexit, but they ended up doing it. people wouldn't say they would vote for trump, but they did, and they're going to do it again because their lives are a heck of a lot better than it was when the establishment guys were running washington. >> laura: governor, we have to get your take on the latest from the hit squad.
11:55 pm
let's watch. >> i'm not going nowhere! not until i impeach this president! >> we need bold action, folks. and i know it's happening out there. beyond just the four of us, "the squad" is all of you. >> a nightmare to this president. because his policies are a nightmare to us. >> shannon: isn't that lovely? want to hear that when you fall asleep at night. reaction. this is the heart and soul, as i said earlier, of the democrat party. >> all i can say is i hope rashida tlaib and the others don't go anywhere varied and we need them. they are our ticket not only for the president to win but they are the ticket to get the house back because a lot of americans look at this and they just say "no thank you, that's not what we want this country to be," so i'm grateful for them. i hope they continue to talk. i hope they continue to be heard more than nancy pelosi and the democrats we used to think were a little left center, now those
11:56 pm
folks look like ronald reagan compared to these guys. >> shannon: governor almost out of time, 15 seconds, but the police treated being doused with water in new york and harlem today, that video is making the rounds and if i have any say about it it will go viral. your quick reaction to that, one sentence? >> there's a crime in the neighborhood, calling somebody with a water hose, see how that works out for you. >> laura: governor, your wit is just delicious. we love it. thank you so much tonight. in one of the weirdest new york subway scenes you're ever going to see. oh,
11:57 pm
need cash? at newday, veteran homeowners can get $54,000 dollars or more to consolidate high rate credit card debt and lower their payments by $600 every month.
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♪ >> laura: it's time for the last bite. > a lot of strange things in new york city but this one may take the cake.
12:00 am
that is the some way. he was wearing boxers. no one stopped to stare, they just walk by. that new york. check my podcast. shannon bream and the fox news night team, take it from here. >> we start with a fox news alert, two night starting tomorrow. it will fast-track deportations of illegal immigrants across the country. if they've been here less than two years, they will be deported without a hearing, in the wake of congresswoman ocasio cortez's call for a 9/11 commission style investigation into donald trump's immigration policy. you will hear from pro trump media personecse


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