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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 24, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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scene of another wreck in which the car had burst into flames. wanted to make sure to get the driver out of the way and the driver said he didn't like cops until this happened. officer jason, our midnight hero. tune in to the mueller hearing at 8:00 am tomorrow and see you back here tomorrow night. >> it is wednesday, july 24th. happening at 4:00 on the east coast today is the day. former special counsel robert mueller will testify on his 21/2 year russia probe. will he say anything new? a surprise guest is getting a seat at the witness table and making waves. ole miss murder mystery. the 21-year-old college student found dead, her classmate behind bars. we are live as police tried to unravel a motive. and it happened again.
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nypd officers under attack, new video of an assault on a subway just days after others officers were doused with water. calls for the police commissioner to step down. "fox and friends first" starts right now. heather: lights coming on in dc. all eyes on washington dc, where robert mueller will deliver hours of testimony. thank you so much for starting the day with "fox and friends
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first". mueller will not -- the decision to let his never trump are lawyer pull up a chair at the witness table. jenkins live outside the rayburn house office building, what we can expect at the highly anticipated hearing. look at the folks behind you. good grief. >> reporter: it is busy already. history just hours from being made. it is mueller time and it will be a long day for the former marine. special counsel will testify before two house committee starting in the judiciary committee room. let me show you how it will go at 8:30 when the doors open and you will have an opening statement, jerry nadler followed by 5 minutes, and then they will swear mueller in. he will deliver his opening
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statement and the questions will begin. 41 members on this committee. alongside mueller will be his longtime attorney who was added at the request of mueller at the last minute. you can see from the president's tweet he did not approve. his lawyer to sit behind him and put answers, what is this about? his lawyer representing the guy who got a free and the crooked hillary case, this should not be loud, rigged which. in the intelligence committee where that is expected to start at noon. adam schiff is upset about the doj letter advising mueller to stick to what is in his report. here's what chairman schiff wrote about the guidance saying
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the letter attempts to unduly circumscribe your testimony and represents another attempt by the trump administration to obstruct the authorized oversight activity but william barr said it was mueller who requested the boundaries to be outlined. >> they asked us for guidance in writing to explain or tell them what our position was so we responded in writing, the department sent the guidance the request. >> of that mueller requested. >> reporter: when this gets going and the doors, look for chairman nadler to set the tone of what democrats are looking for. >> the president and attorney general lied to the american people and no obstruction or collusion, those statements are not true. it is important the american people understand what was in that report and go from there. >> it is going to be two
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committees for mueller, roughly 5 hours or so, a long day and as you mentioned already you have people from the public lining up in the hallways, a ton of media. a lot of energy in the hallways. >> you are not alone at 4:00 in the morning. a long day. another big story. governor ricardo is stepping down. a puerto rican newspaper reporting the embattled governor will resign today after a week of protests. leaked messages from his inner circle revealed insensitive comments. he announced he would not seek
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reelection but without at that point to stay in office and that changed. we are learning the us may have shot down not one but two iranian drones and the strait of form news last week. us official telling fox news sailors and marines aboard the uss boxer believe a second drone was destroyed after watching it disappear from radar screens. the pentagon confirms the first drone was shot down after it came within 1000 yards of the warship. a man is behind bars charged with murdering his university of mississippi classmate, accused of shooting 21-year-old alley, castile multiple times. aishah hasnie has more on what led police to the suspect.
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>> he is charged in the murder of allie and we are learning about his arrest and the hours leading up to her death. she is from -- down the road from where we are standing, last seen friday night outside a car near campus. she went home at midnight, no one seems to know why. later she and brendan were seen on surveillance video at a market 30 minutes from oxford and the campus. that's not far from where cops on routine patrol found her body the next day. they have not said how she died. allie's friends and family devastated. >> you never think it will be
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your friend, you just don't think that. >> i was out of breath when i heard about it. >> in memphis it appears brandon had blood on his clothes and a weapon when police arrested him at a convenience store in south memphis walking into that store wearing it ole miss baseball shirt. cops closed in on him, investigators tracking his cell phone and credit card activity. his father claims he's innocent, he released a statement to local nbc affiliate here and he says i know my son is innocent and i have reasons to believe that. i can't share anything right now but i ask everyone to give him the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise. brendan is being held at the jail and should be having a court hearing soon, most likely seeing that happen today.
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we are waiting to find out what relationship these two had, if they knew each other, if they were friends. heather: that small college town is rocked by this. in the meantime an urgent manhunt underway for a teen suspected in three murders in canada. police say they are wanted in the killings of a north carolina woman and her boyfriend and another man. >> we are asking the public, consider them dangerous, do not approach, take no action and call immediately. >> they were shot and killed on a remote highway in british columbia. days later the teens were reported missing when police
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discovered their abandoned truck on fire with a dead body nearby. it is unclear why they are considered the suspect. ice agents arresting 35 illegals, 2000 targeted and donald trump's cracked on on illegal immigration, 18 were members of family units, 17 people were not originally targeted. nancy pelosi and failed presidential candidate hillary clinton issued warnings flyers on how to avoid ice ahead of the operation. 9/11 victims compensation fund headed to the president's desk, it clears the senate with a thunderous applause. the bill ensures compensation
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fund for 9/11 first responders never runs out of money. john steele worked with john stewart to push it through washington. he says the approval is a long time coming. >> i cried with john. that was 18 years of pain and suffering. to mitch mcconnell he kept his word to me and to those men in the room with me. shannon: the president is expected to do that sometime this week. some extreme weather to tell you about, the northeast cleaning up from this, severe storms spawning tornadoes. massachusetts it was two rare twisters, and no doubt terrifying all those guests on vacation. no one was injured on that and look at this. a man stuck on a sailboat during a storm with 80 mile-per-hour
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winds. >> this is insane. >> like a movie. 7 both capsized or saying. hopefully he was okay. 12 minutes after the top of the hour, robert mueller taking center stage just hours from now but will we learn anything new after he said this two months ago? >> the only time i will speak to you in this manner. any testimony from this office would not go beyond our report. >> if democrats expect to find a smoking gun they will be disappointed. he joins us live next. a new twist in that school threatening kids with foster care if they can't pay their lunch bills. a local business just offered to pay off the debt.
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>> welcome back. in just hours robert mueller will testify before two house committees and won't be alone. democrats granted 11th hour request to have his deputy or as the president put it has never trumper lawyer sitting with him at the witness table. what other surprises could be in store? here is senior legal fellow at the heritage foundation, thank you for joining us. how unusual is it to have this additional person? what do we know about him? >> it is somewhat unusual but
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not that unusual. i suspect he is there for two reasons. one, robert mueller was in charge of a very large staff, he may want to consult his former deputy if there are details he doesn't remember from the report but remember, the other thing, he has gotten guidance. to stick to what is in the report in his testimony and i think his former deputy is there to make sure he does that. >> why is donald trump referring to him as a never trumper? >> it was a mistake for him to be there because it demonstrates lack of judgment mueller showed in the reason for that is he should never have been on the special counsel team. the it contractor who was
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working for the opposition political candidate hillary clinton in the setting up her home-cooked server that violated so many rules and regulations in the state department and that is a conflict of interest. he never should have been in the special counsel team. >> in terms of the investigation. multiple acts capable of influencing probes, mueller said to reach the decision on obstruction, william barr found evidence that was insufficient for obstructions charges and bar said there was no underlying crime in the mueller report and as we said yesterday doj saying mueller could only talk about what is in the report. >> what we are going to get
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today, the audio version of the mueller report. if democrats think they will get some kind of smoking gun, some new evidence they can use against the president, they be prepared to be disappointed because they're not going to get that. >> the movie version versus the book. i want to ask about another element that has been reported, james comey was running a covert operation against donald trump. what do we know about that? >> the reports are the fbi agent working in the white house, reporting to him. he had a bowl inside the white house and he lied to the president, comey did that he wasn't under investigation. the lack of professional judgment and bias of the former
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head of the fbi. >> he told the president, and anthony parenty, what was his role inside at the time. >> what was going on in the white house, we just don't know. what is going on inside the white house, very standard fbi, it is unethical to do that. >> will he wants all 5 hours today? >> unfortunately yes, i am going to be watching it and listening.
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>> we can't avoid it, some of us. appreciate you joining us, have a good day. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. if a picture is worth 1000 words what does this one say to you? the encounter that is going viral. the last straw for liberals, the trump campaign bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars by selling plastic straws, how social media is drinking it all up. hey! i'm bill slowsky jr.,
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>> carly shimkus with 24/7 serious xm 115 shows us why. >> like you said a picture is worth 1000 words. john stewart has become a fierce advocate for 9/11 first responders sort of criticized mitch mcconnell for saying he wasn't prioritizing the victims compensation fund. before the vote they crossed have. look at the smile on jon stewart's face after the bill passed. jon stewart did get into the town. >> this is before or after? >> and after they spoke, and it was a nice moment. so many people talking about the passing of this important bill and jon stewart's advocacy for it. when twitter user said jon stewart became a hero, first responders on 9/11 will get the
1:26 am
care and help they deserve. thanks to jon stewart for serving your countrymen. we the people, the flag, god bless those who are ill and fallen and around janice dean chimed in with a viral tweet, god bless jon stewart, he shame and those who needed shaming and spoke for those who are no longer with us. never forget our first responders. speaking of those people mitch mcconnell honored luis alvarez on the senate floor, he spent is fighting days fighting for this bill. shannon: let's talk about this next thing, the trump campaign said they would sell plastic straws and it was successful, they raked in $200,000. >> we learned friday how donald trump feels about paper straws. >> interesting about plastic
1:27 am
straws. you have a little straw. what about the plates, wrappers and everything else that are much bigger and made of the same material? straws are interesting. >> like you said his campaign started selling trump themed plastic straws and people but $200,000 worth of them in one weekend alone. they are also recyclable in the online description you see in the top right corner said liberal paper straws don't work, a lot of conservatives on social media loving this, laura says i'm sure the left is losing their minds because after all getting rid of straws in america should be our number one priority. kitty says they are recyclable, winning. linda tweets i love his sense of humor.
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>> people who are disabled need these plastic straws as well and i don't think you can expect people to be carrying around a metal straw. heather: have a great day. 28 minutes after the top of the hour. getting drenched with water, so outrageous in new york city police officers getting harassed on the subway. come on. the vulgar rants that has one police leader calling for the commissioner to resign. the trump administration and veiling its plan to get 3 million people off of food stamps. our next guest says this will save taxpayer money and help others get to work.
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>> half past the top of the hour, look at our top headlines. all eyes on capitol hill as robert mueller takes the hot seat. for 2 hearings in front of the house judiciary and intelligence committee, donald trump taking to twitter calling him a never trumper and adding this should be allowed. the university of mississippi classmate. brandon is accused of shooting alec hostile multiple times. sources tell our fox affiliate it appears brandon had blood on his clothes and a weapon in his car. police arrested him at a convenience store. massive cheers in puerto rico
1:33 am
after reports that the governor is stepping down. the embattled governor will resign today after weeks long protests erupted after those messages within his inner circle revealed some insensitive comments. we are past the point of disrespect. that is the claim by the new york police union, another one shows officers harassed on the subway. one of several despicable acts against officers in this be, this is them being doused with water, attacked with water, todd pyro has the growing calls for change. this is outrageous and growing more outrageous. >> one of the calls was the resignation of new york city police commissioner. that request coming after the latest attack against our brave men and women in blue.
1:34 am
subway rant following this video going viral. nypd offices drenched with buckets of water from folks in harlem and brooklyn. cops identify one of them is a gang member. one new york city leader, it is the final straw. >> i'm asking the police commissioner with empathy in my heart to please resign in the interests of public safety. >> reporter: for rudy giuliani and bernard carac it is evidence of a systemic problem that starts at these top and spread through the nation. >> this mayor is a disgrace which i don't care if he is saying it shouldn't happen. it shouldn't happen because -- >> is happening all over the country where you have
1:35 am
democratic left-wing lunatic liberal mayors and governors letting people go out and do what they want. >> the new york city police benevolent association demanding stronger laws to protect cops following these videos, words of support are meaningless if not backed up by concrete action to address the lawlessness on our streets. they do not typically prosecute attacks like this, only issuing a ticket for what is under centuries of law and assault. hashtag respect the police has become a top trending topic nationwide. you can only hope those words lead to change but again words, words, we need action. >> it is obvious people are more in bold and by these viral videos they see online. >> water is one thing, leach is another. 2020 hopefuls campaigning still going on. joe biden's new prime plan, the
1:36 am
new jersey senator says it is not enough to tell us what you will do for communities, show us what you have done for the last four years, you created this system. we will dismantle it. booker responding to the former vice president's proposal to reduce the prison population and illuminate racial and income inequality. biden has been criticized about the 1994 crime bill which booker and others say led to mass incarceration. they will stand next to each other. james comey says donald trump would be in a different situation today if he wasn't in the oval office. >> if this were a case of someone other than the president they would already have been indicted on at least several of these obstruction incidents, maybe all of them but director mueller if pressed would reach a decision at least on some of them that there was sufficient
1:37 am
basis to charge the president. he is a principled person trying to be fair and that i shouldn't be doing that given the man can't vindicate himself. >> testimony from robert mueller on the heels of a bombshell report that comey was leading a covert operation to oust the president. what is real clear investigations the doj inspector general has evidence that comey was misleading donald trump while assuring him he was not the target of any investigation. donald trump cracking down on welfare programs getting more americans into the workforce, a major he has been pushing for. >> 45 million americans living on food stamps. hard to believe this is our country. more than 6 million americans off of food stamps and we are getting off of welfare and back
1:38 am
into the workforce and they are so happy. >> the trump administration proposing a new rule that will close and expensive loophole and kick 3.1 million people off of food stamps which are to plain how the proposal would work a senior proposal analyst, great to have you with us this morning. reports are this would save $2.5 billion a year. how exactly would this work? >> this is about directing benefits to those who have demonstrated need by vetting whether recipients of food stamps have income or have assets. if they don't have what is needed they continue to receive benefits but for those who could be millionaires sitting on a lot of assets or those who are lottery winners, it ensures those people clear the way so people who have demonstrated need are able to get the benefits they need.
1:39 am
shannon: one of the things argued by democrats, this works against what republicans tend to favor which is states rights and this would give more opportunity for states to determine who would be eligible for these benefits. >> let's understand when it comes to food stamps, the money is coming from the federal government but states meet out the money to their residents and states of use this loophole around categorical eligibility. because you are receiving cash benefits through another welfare program, go right in and get food stamps as well. that creates an opportunity for fraud and this is a means of holding states accountable, before you extend food stems to anyone, ensure that they meet certain requirements in terms of assets and income.
1:40 am
77% of americans think it is reasonable to ensure that people who have the assets don't need to get food stamps. >> it would take that responsibility away from states. >> it will ensure that states are vetting the asset income of people who want to get food stamps. >> a family of 3 would have to earn less then $2050 per month, $27,000 per year but they would be limited in accountable assets that would include cash or money in the bank, like the money they save. >> an interesting case where a man who was a millionaire said i want to see if i could enroll in food stamps, he absolutely was able to do so. when looking at welfare rolls, they found over 4000 people were
1:41 am
lottery winners earning $22 million in the lottery receiving welfare benefits including food stamps so the idea is let's end this misuse of taxpayer dollars in public resources for the needy and this is a great time to ensure people can get a job and continues to be dependent on government benefits. shannon: there are lots of jobs out there right now. >> 7 million unfilled. this is the best time to ensure everybody who can work and is able to work are working. >> thank you so much. have a good day. time is 20 minutes past the hour and the school district is in the hot seat, they threatened to put students in foster care over lunch debt. many are scratching their heads
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constipation, dizziness, and headache. looking for a destination that isn't always the bathroom? ask your doctor if myrbetriq is right for you. and visit >> alexandria ocasio cortez one of a handful of lawmakers to vote against the resolution that employs is a boycott of israel. the house passing the bipartisan measure in a position of a global movement to boycott, divestment impose sanctions, ocasio cortez was joined by rashida to leave and others in voting against the resolution. a major food site in pennsylvania after a school district turned down several companies offering to pay off student lunch debt. the wyoming valley school
1:46 am
district send this letter to parents threatening children putting them in foster care if parents didn't pay up, district leaders claim it was their only option. >> hopefully it gets their attention, certainly did. a bit heavy for some people. >> i wouldn't say it is threatening. >> the district not ask wayne why they refused to accept donations to pay off the debt which several companies and individuals did. foxbusiness alert. facebook on the hook for $5 billion for compromising your privacy. tracy carrasco is here to explain. >> facebook will reportedly get that $5 billion fine, a record from the federal trade commission expected to come down
1:47 am
sometime this morning, over those privacy violations. most importantly the company will also set up an independent committee that will overview their privacy concerns and data and how everything is handled. mark zuckerberg is going to be required to certify the company is meeting those requirements annually and quarterly as well. if not if he does not meet those standards he will be subject to criminal and civil penalties. heather: starbucks expanding delivery nationally. >> they will expand their delivery nationwide. they started this last fall, including new york, chicago and los angeles. now going nationwide. this is something they will be
1:48 am
working with and their pushing as well. >> tracy carrasco live this morning, great to have you with us. it is 15 minutes until the top of the hour, nancy pelosi launching a messaging blitz on how democrats should frame today's hearing with robert mueller. is this the right move to make? our political panel debates next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico for your boat. enjoy the water, enjoy the savings. i was on the fence about changing from a manual to an electric toothbrush. but my hygienist said going electric could lead to way cleaner teeth. she said, get the one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head.
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1:52 am
kick you here is the ceo of american majority ned ryan. thank you for joining us. let's start with you. what is the point? specific strategy for democrats? >> this is nancy pelosi's attempt to pretend this is a clown show that it isn't. the american people moved on a long time ago and the american people were not that interested in the democrats pet conspiracy theory of the russia collusion fairytale. in all this messaging people need to remember the special counsel cannot indict but could have concluded a crime was committed and mueller does not because there was no crime, no collusion, no obstruction. all we have today's clown show. democrats trying to prove somehow there is obstruction, the special counsel was never obstructed into an investigation into a crime that didn't exist
1:53 am
so i would remind people the white house turned over 1 million pages of documents, the white house chief counsel sat down for 30 hours and democrats are trying to say they want election integrity. if they're worried about that they should look at google's search engine meddling that might have manipulated to million votes if they are that concerned, but trying to score political points. >> let's look at this poll and i want you to respond to this because it looks like overwhelmingly people agree we should not be holding these hearings. not only are they holding the hearing today but they held a mock hearing yesterday. i democrats getting any work done? >> of course democrats are getting work done. the most important thing is for the american people to understand what happened in the 2016 election. allow robert mueller to speak for himself. there has been consternation on cable news about what mueller says. allow him to speak for himself.
1:54 am
he will make his point to the american people. what nancy pelosi is doing is what she should do a leader, get her troops in a row and everyone on the same page and a caucus which is very diverse to make sure everyone is on the same page. >> we are ready now is not supposed to say anything beyond the scope of the report that is already out there so basically it is going to be the movie version of the book. >> the reason he is bringing aaron along with him as i don't think mueller thinks he can stand up to the cross-examination of republicans. we will see attempts to get to mueller and try to ask some interesting questions as to how the investigation happened, it is political theater. and they are probably more interested in being at the beach than watching these hearings. >> 50% say they shouldn't have
1:55 am
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>> look at this picture which is
1:59 am
going viral. a 6-year-old boy selenium members of the military as they walked by at san antonio national airport. when jason's dad asked why he did it, he said they protect us. he wants to be an army captain. now the bad. a 9-year-old girl launched into the air by a charging bison at yellowstone. that shocking moments caught on camera as 50 visitors looked on. the girl was checked out by staff and will be okay. never forget that. the ugly. fathers don't always know best. a baltimore dad sending his gir
2:00 am
gotten her ready for school was a mental note, those are not shorts for the future. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". thank you for joining us. "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> wednesday, july 24th, more disrespect for those who protect and serve after water was dumped on nypd officers, one officer is in the head with an empty bucket, we have another nasty video. >> new calls for the top cop resignation. he said he wouldn't testify that hours from now robert mueller will have no choice but to tell the american people. >> live in washington with major 11th hour change and how it could impact the testimony.


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