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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 25, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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were told 5:00 pm friday, that is august 2nd. crowds have been protesting for days and now celebrating in the streets. that is live from puerto rico. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, i am shannon bream. >> i want to add one correction to my testimony. we did not reach a determination as to whether the president committed a crime. the report laid out some serious allegations. >> time for the current to close on the russia hoax conspiracy theory is dead. >> good morning, it is thursday, july 25th. happening at 4:00 am on the east coast, former special counsel grilled on his 3-year russia probe but he left lawmakers on both sides with more questions than answers so what comes next?
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we are live in washington and some brand-new photos shedding light on a relationship between the ole miss student and her accused killer, we are getting a glimpse into the mind of the suspect in oxford. this is not the kind of travel nightmare you are used to. look at that. that is a little boy on the baggage conveyor belt and he goes on a ride to remember. fox and friends first starts right now. ♪ >> good morning to you. ready or not, it is a brand-new day, thank you for joining us, you are watching fox and friends first on thursday morning, almost made it to the weekend. let's begin with this. long day yesterday, one
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witness, two house committees, former special counsel in the hot seat to say the least, robert mueller grilled on capitol hill over his russia probe. democrats clinging to hopes that his report left open a window for impeachment while republicans pushed back on a double-sided justice system. >> welcome, everyone, to the lastgasp of the russia collusion conspiracy theory. >> the reason you did not indict donald trump is because of the opinion that you cannot indict a sitting president, correct? >> that is correct. >> back to one thing that was said this morning by mister lou. he did not reach a determination as to whether the president committed a crime. >> the investigation is not a witchhunt. >> quoting from the steel dossier, extensive evidence of conspiracy between the trump campaign team and the kremlin. did russians tell that to christopher steele or did he just make it up and was he
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lying to the fbi? it is exactly your purview and here's why. either steel made this whole thing up and there were never any russians telling of this vast little conspiracy that you didn't find or russians lied to steal. >> he didn't find evidence of any agreement among the trump campaign officials in russia linked individuals to interfere with the us election. >> you explained that, quote, the opinion says the constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accused a sitting president of wrongdoing. is that impeachment? >> i'm not going to comment on that. >> time for the current close on the russia hoax, the conspiracy theory is dead. >> after all of that this fox news alert, donald trump declaring the witchhunt over following robert mueller's hours of testimony. the high-stakes hearing leaving
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republicans with more questions than answers after the former special counsel walks back the bombshell statement you heard. all of the highlights, very long day. >> indeed. the morning after mueller and there is something in the testimony for everybody, donald trump wasted no time declaring total victory and while mueller denied his report gave the president only generation the president said it wasn't mueller's place to do so. >> there is no such opinion. he didn't have the right to exonerate. that is something where he totally folded because he never had the right to exonerate and it was covered very well by congressman turner. >> not surprisingly democrats feel differently. >> a very strong manifestation some would say indictment of
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this administration's:of silence, and their cover-up. >> difficult to find a moment in the testimony that significantly alters the conversation or facts and evidence and republicans normally play defense with the president but went on offense as democrats tried to save their narrative. >> 3 times he lied to the fbi you didn't charge him with a crime. >> did you say 193? >> volume 1, 93, he lied 3 times you pointed out in the report, why didn't you charged with a crime? >> i can't get into internal double rations with regard to what would it would not be. >> a lot of other people made false statements. >> when donald trump called your investigation a witchhunt that was also false, was it not? >> i would like to think so, yes. >> your investigation is not a witchhunt. >> it is not a witchhunt. >> the president said russian interference with a hoax, that was false? >> true.
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>> mueller after petitioner the hardcharging prosecutors i. he came across far short of being in control of that room often asking for questions to be repeated. >> i found the whole thing said. one big anticlimax, bob mueller has served this country well and honorably. i hope this isn't the american people's last memory of him. >> republicans hit mueller hard on the origins of the trump administration regarding the fusion gps dossier and all things mueller said were out of his purview. you asked what comes next. it is in the democrats court in terms of whether it is on the impeachment track but there were few new voices beating that drum after yesterday's hearing. >> it was very interesting. a lot of debate still to be had over the entire process. thank you, appreciate it. another big story we are
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following, breaking this morning's newly surfaced photos giving us a glimpse at the relationship between an ole miss student and her alleged killer. police are searching for a motive behind allie costa lapse death. abca15 has classmates beginning to speak out. >> reporter: they were both students at ole miss and i've been talking to a lot of people in the community trying to learn more about brendan and what that relationship was with allie and here's what we know so far, we have seen some old pictures that show allie and brendan posing together several times indicating they did know each other at some point. several people referred to him as her boyfriend but police have not confirmed that. some strange twitter behavior, 3 days before her body was found brandon's account liked a
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tweet that said if i had a girlfriend i would not let anyone tell her. we spoke to a student who took a class with allie this summer and saw brandon out a lot. listen to what he told me. >> i've seen them at the bar, always all the time on the square, not really a great guy, came off as kind of rude. definitely shocking because he never seemed -- he didn't look like someone who would do something like that. >> reporter: more importantly we are learning more about allie as a person, a founding member of the ole miss golf club and beloved member of the out for 5 sorority. ole miss is offering grief counselors for students, faculty and staff. we are waiting on that bond hearing, not sure if it will happen today but it could likely mean more information to come in this murder investigation. >> reporter: thank you, appreciate your coverage.
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another store we are following, teenagers wanted in the murders of a north carolina woman and her boyfriend could soon go out in a blaze of glory. that is a quote. the father of one of the suspects tells local reporters in canada that his son is on a suicide mission and expect him to be dead by today. police believe they are closing in on cam macleod after their car was found on fire. it is thousands of miles away from where they are suspected of setting another truck on fire and killing a man now identified as leonard dyke, a motive for those murders is unknown. of this research is underway for a missing mother of 3. heather vanishing just days after getting released from the hospital for a broken collarbone and this happened in california. her mother says she complained of pain and thought doctors let her go home too soon. >> it is unlike her not to
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contact anyone which is why there was concern for her safety and concern that she had broken heart so i hope people will hear this or seen something. >> he was last seen driving her 2005 black infinity coop. if you see that car let authorities know. breaking overnight puerto rico's governor resigned after nearly 2 weeks of massive protests. >> translator: many of you have expressed the right to freedom of expression. i have received everything you have said. i have heard you loud and clear. >> thousands of protesters marched through the capital after leaked conversations showed the embattled governor sending offensive text messages, he officially steps down next month. the secretary of justice, vasco's, will take over. the justice department will not prosecute attorney general
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william barr and wilbur ross. the department saying william barr and wilbur arrested not commit a crime when they defied a congressional subpoena refusing to hand over information about adding a decision should question to the census. we followed that story for you, the doj said they only withheld privileged documents that could not be released. an update for the story as well. a school district changes course and will accept donations after all to pay off student lunch debt. the wyoming valley west district in pennsylvania came under fire for threatening to extend students to foster care over past due bills, several donors offered to pay off the $22,000 owed by parents and they were all rejected. the district changed its decision after a state representative urged it to accept the money. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour.
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robert mueller grilled about fusion gps and the anti-trump dossier but wasn't going to talk about it. >> it is outside my purview. with regard to the steel, that is beyond my purview. as i said before and i say again it is not my purview. ibly28 the dossier was in his report. david bruno is here live with the two key questions he says still need to be answered. the gender reveal blowing up in a father's face. need cash?
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at newday, veteran homeowners can get $54,000 dollars or more to consolidate high rate credit card debt and lower their payments by $600 every month. >> the reason you did not indict donald trump is the opinion that you cannot indict a sitting president. >> that is correct. i want to add one correction to
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my testimony. as we say in the report and i said in the opening we did not reach a determine whether the president committed a crime. >> robert mueller grilled by lawmakers on capitol hill but that interrogation was met by hesitation. other people saying confusion. what do we do with all the questions left unanswered. here to discuss the testimony's top take away is david bruno. long day yesterday. let's begin with that specific incident where robert mueller had to come back and issue a correction to what he said earlier. >> there is a lot of criticism on this point because he didn't come to a decision and it is not the prosecutor after job to exonerate. it was to prosecute or decline prosecution and he did neither.
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ibly28 he needed to issue that correction. >> you cannot have this conversation without talking about ag william barr and rosenstein. when he waved on the decision they stepped up to the big boy table and made the decision and said there is not sufficient evidence to prosecute and the door is slammed on that because of attorney general william barr and rosenstein. nothing new but what democrats 5 was mother was going to breathe life to the story, he did the opposite. the book is better than the movie in this situation and he was a huge disappointment and interesting to see how it is being spun by democrats as if it were a good thing. daymac what was your biggest take away in terms of robert mueller's presentation? >> i was surprised. he has been in front of congress so many times. so sharp and crisp and the credible source. yesterday i don't know what
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happened. i have questions as well, why? was it intentional? that medical? is -- >> had he not written report himself because he did appear to not know what was in the report at times? >> it was more than that, wasn't just not knowing, it was the manner in which he asks questions, he couldn't hear at times, needed clarification. >> he wouldn't read from the report. >> i could see that. he probably didn't want to miss himself a soundbite. he didn't want to be the one to say this is it. i am surprised representatives didn't step up and demand it, your the witness, this is a question, i'm asking. >> republicans did try to demand, they pressed mueller on the steel dossier, fusion gps, mueller argued he can't discuss that or the origins of the investigation into the trump
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campaign despite it being in his report. he appeared to not know what fusion gps was. listen to this. >> you reference, quote, the firm that produced steel reporting, the name of that firm was fusion gps, is that correct? >> on page 103? i am not familiar with that. >> it is not a trick question. fusion gps. >> this is a touchy subject for yesterday because we have an internal investigation going on about the fifa abuse, fusion gps or all of the players here so while it was in the report i think he could not answer the question because of the ig
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investigation and there is a attorney looking at the origin. all this is coming down the pike and that was a good indication that it is. it is being looked at and i know there are questions about fusion, the origin, the dossier, those are coming. for a a while now, it is coming down the pike and that is why he couldn't talk about that. >> he couldn't say that. he couldn't do certain things. we didn't get a lot of clear answers from mueller yesterday. >> thank you for joining us. 20 minutes after the top of the hour and shocking comments from ilhan omar surfacing. >> our country should be more fearful of white men across the country. >> the outrage growing online. in god we trust, one state
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mm. yeah, they say if you blanch it it's better, but that seems like a lot of work. no hidden fees. no platform fees. no trade minimums. and yes, it's all at one low price. td ameritrade. ♪ >> welcome back, you are watching fox and friends first, ilhan omar facing major back lash over a resurrected interview in which she claimed americans should be fearful of white men. >> i would say our country should be more fearful of white men across our country because they are actually crossing most of the deaths within this country. >> carly shimkus with fox news headlines serious xm 115 here with the online reaction.
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>> during a 2018 interview she was asked about the fear americans have regarding terrorism and she responded in the way you just heard that white men are more dangerous and she also said we should be creating policies to fight the radicalization of white men. >> this comment not sitting well with some on social media. division of america is their party's only hope for an election victory, democrats always pick the races against each other during election cycle, getting very old and the country sees it happening. one instagram user said blaming white men for all the problems in this country is pretty racist not to mention facts don't support that narrative. margaret says where is this coming from. doesn't she want to help americans? this isn't the first time she's made controversial comments, characterizing 9/11 as some people did some things and of course she is locked along with
1:26 am
all the other squad members, donald trump said if you don't like the way things are in this country then you can leave. >> he has a lot of interviews. we encourage to watch them in their entirety and make up your own mind. let's go to south dakota. lots of folks saying great news, the public school system will now be displaying the in god we trust -- >> all public schools will have to display in god we trust in some capacity on campus, they could painted on a wall or included in a plaque. more reaction to this, one user says in god we trust always a staple of american values, do not allow this to be taken away -- not all soft accountants are believers. also to curtains are being forced to pay for religious ideals to which they do not subscribe, some people critical of this new law. they never looked at our currency, they are in for a
1:27 am
shock. there are some celebrities who have to chime in and they have a lot to say. they were watching and tweeting including ron howard, he wanted people to keep an open mind saying i hope this is widely viewed with open minds but all interested citizens and voters so we don't have to depend entirely on pundits and social media for analysis. that is a good comment right there. liberal filmmaker michael moore was very critical of robert mueller. he said trump must be gloating next to see not because of the failure that is robert mueller, his report is still a damning document of crimes by trump, but because trump understands the power of the visual and understands that the dems are not street fighters and that is why he will win.
1:28 am
the president even -- another tweet michael moore posted saying even michael moore agrees the dems and mueller. it and saturday night live cast member, former snl cast members said the act of looking forward to the mueller hearings as if anything will come of it feels like having lunch with an x you are hoping to get back together with. pretty colorful response from her. >> a lot of other celebrities have many more things to say. thank you so much. the time is 28 minutes after the top of the hour and dueling rulings on the trump administration's asylum policies just hours apart, we are breaking down the case. it could end up in the supreme court. >> trump did everything he could to obstruct justice.
1:29 am
>> congress to begin impeachment proceedings. >> the president did everything he could to obstruct. >> 2020 democrats still calling for impeachment after robert mueller's testimony falls flat. will that hurt them on the campaign trail. our panel debates next.
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>> welcome back, half past the top of the are. look at our top headline starting with a fox news alert, brand-new surveillance video showing the last time a murdered college student was seen alive. that is allie costal walking outside a bar in mississippi. he did not go inside. she was later found dead just hours later. new photos show her with her alleged killer, they were both marketing students at all news. he is in jail without bond. there is no known motive.
1:33 am
puerto rico's governor resigns after two weeks of protests, thousands of demonstrators marched through the island's capital after leaked conversations show the embattled governor sending offensive text messages. he officially steps down next month. puerto rico's secretary of justice will take over. house democrats set to vote on a bipartisan bill to raise spending caps and suspend the debt ceiling. this would add $320 billion to federal spending over two years. the vote comes before the house leaves washington for a 6-week recess, the senate expected to vote next week. a 6-week break, donald trump's plan for asylum-seekers facing dueling rulings, and obama era judge blocking the assignment restrictions hours after another judge ordering to keep it in place. todd pyro joins us with more on where the case goes next. >> it is looking more likely the supreme court has to decide
1:34 am
on asylum after more rules from the federal courts. a ruling in washington by district court judge timothy kelley, trump appointee who declined to stop the administration policy requiring asylum-seekers to apply in countries they pass through on the way to the us in mexico or guatemala. the president celebrating that ruling. >> asylum is a big ruling, we appreciate it and respect the courts very much. the numbers are way down at the border, apprehensions are way down. mexico has 22,000 soldiers and they mean business because they know what happened. >> a few hours later across the country in san francisco, john tiger, and obama appointee blocked the policy and ordered the government to restore the
1:35 am
old system saying migrants could not safely seek asylum in mexico. is an attorney from the aclu which far against the trump administration. >> our main argument is the administration is doing the end runaround what congress announced. congress made clear that really going through another country was not a basis to deny someone asylum. >> all is as a new fox news poll shows 6 in 10 voters are concerned about the treatment of migrants at the border. democrats, 82% say they are concerned well majority of republicans 58% say they are not. >> great to have you with us as always. let's take your overseas to north korea, fires two short range missiles into the sea casting doubt on the future of denuclearization talks. the south korean military reports the missiles traveled hundreds of miles and plunged into the sea of japan. it is the first launch since donald trump met with abca20 and north korea last month.
1:36 am
it also comes as national security adviser john bolton visit south korea. he is a harsh critic of the kim regime. the border patrol chief grilled over controversial secret facebook group, admitting she was part of the group but only to monitor agents. >> on july 1st was the first time i saw those highly offensive and absolutely unacceptable posts. i'm as outraged as everyone else when it comes to the statements that were made on that page. >> she says she rarely used the social media site and reported as soon as she learned about being a member of the page containing derogatory and insensitive posts by agents. 2020 democrats doubling down on impeachment even after members of their own party called the
1:37 am
former special counsel's testimony a disaster. >> trump did everything he could to obstruct justice. >> congress should begin impeachment proceedings. >> there is enough evidence to bring charges against the president. >> the president did everything he could to obstruct and you see quite clearly he is instructing people to live. >> will the left as well as calls to oust the president hurt their chances in 2020? jason nichols and from the trump advisory board, madison, appreciate it. madison, your overall take from yesterday should that dissuade 2020 democrats from pursuing impeachment? >> yesterday was an absolute disaster for the democrats and should put impeachment rumors to rest. we saw many in the mainstream media, cnn and msnbc saying it is time to end talks about impeachment. mueller was a terrible witness.
1:38 am
's testimony did not help the democrats, did not give this blazing gun they thought he was going to give them and it brought us back to the fact that as we repeatedly say no one should be held above the law but no one should be held below it either. i'm sick of the unfair treatment of this president and we are seeing it continuous 2020 democrats talk after this. >> people who were expecting mueller to somehow change things when everything was already in the report, i agree with madison that that wasn't going to happen. robert mueller said he would stay within the confines of the report and that is what he did so anybody who was hoping for more, that is not what you got but what we do have are many instances where the president did obstruct justice and he certainly made certain transgressions and i think the candidates are basically saying we want to restore integrity to
1:39 am
the office of the presidency of the united states and that is their argument to highlight how unethical and perhaps even illegal the actions of the president has been and we can actually change that. >> unethical and impeachable are 2 different things. here is what the president had to say about all of it after the hearings were over. >> democrats had nothing and now they have less than nothing and i think they are going to lose the 2020 election. they will try to figure something out. we are going to win bigger than ever. >> look at this paul and i will get you to respond to this because even before the testimony overwhelmingly people said, 49% but the mueller testimony would not change their mind about donald trump. >> the results speak for themselves, people in this
1:40 am
country are worried about how the president affects their day-to-day lives, this did not affect their day-to-day life, people are excited about the economy and the promises made in 2016 the world will be kept and what promises could potentially kept between now and 2024 so people will continue to support this president, they will vote for this president and what happened yesterday with democrats running for president saying he should be impeached, it will hurt them and ultimately help republicans to victory. >> you said there was nothing new and anyone who expected more to come out of the hearings were wrong to begin with but do you think that bob mueller actually heard the case of democrats yesterday? >> know, i don't think so. he stuck to his report, he said the president was not exonerated by anything in his report. he said even though things that happened in broad daylight, like telling witnesses not to cooperate, floating the idea of pardons was not outside of the
1:41 am
reach of obstruction laws and that is what the report said so basically -- -- >> it is important -- >> i don't think he heard the case. he basically said what was in the report and that is what people like me were expecting. >> it is important to bring to the attention of people who weren't watching what radcliffe brought to the attention of people in the hearing which is it was not mueller's job to exonerate the president. where we came up with that principle simply isn't a bedrock principle of the legal system like innocent until proven guilty is beyond me. >> he directed the statement thing they did not reach a determination as if donald trump committed a crime. thank you for joining us, much more debate coming up. another display of lawlessness, a mob of kids drenched two female police officers with
1:42 am
water, the rest made a rash of attacks on the nypd. donald trump's economy doing a big thumbs up, the brand-new poll showing what voters really care about. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans
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for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. >> welcome back. brand-new video shows nypd officers getting drenched with buckets of water, the third clip surfacing this week of people attacking cortes they try to do their jobs, three people under arrest, one of the may known gang member. the mayor of chicago slamming a police union leader on a hot mike. listen to this. >> the next speaker.
1:46 am
this is a clown. >> the mayor making those remarks while the vice president of the fraternal order of police defended the firing of four officers. they were laid off over an alleged cover-up in the shooting of laquan mcdonald, he said i'm sorry i said it out loud. it was not appropriate for me to say that out loud. now to a foxbusiness alert. more than half of american voters approve of the economy under donald trump, getting the best ratings in decades. tracy carrasco from foxbusiness explains boosting the confidence. >> reporter: donald trump on the economy, the approval of how he is doing with the economy stands at 52%, 41%
1:47 am
disapprove, one point off of his high of 53% last summer from a hole in may, 51% of voters feeling the economy is in positive shape, excellent or good. last time people felt this way two decades ago, 51% in january 2001. some of the things voters are paying attention to, looking at that low unemployment rate, 3.7%, near 50 year lows, up by 25% since the president took office. the s&p 500 and the nasdaq up as well but will he be able to count on these ratings come election time? 33% say economic conditions will get better if reelected, 33% think of what get better if a democrat wins the white house. >> good news for now for your 401(k). the time is 10 minutes until the top of the hour.
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some jaw-dropping proof of the sonic attacks on us diplomats in cuba, it changed their brains. our next guest, a neurosurgeon says this raises concerns but we don't know exactly what happened. >> the handbag and the gloves, not for sale. >> abolish rejoice, how you can land your dream job getting paid to shop. do you want me to go first or do you want to go first, brea?
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>> welcome back, shocking findings in the investigations of alleged sonic attacks in cuba.
1:52 am
the state department is asking for help from the medical community after new brain scans show some serious changes to diplomats brains. the island dismissing the findings of the study. board-certified neurosurgeon doctor paul safire, we appreciate it. i saw this yesterday and to someone like me this seems like something very significant. what do you think? >> great question. the problem is this study is a relatively small number of patients and it is hard to extrapolate any real conclusive findings. when they looked at the mris of these patients compared to what they were considering as healthy comparisons they found a decrease in the amount of brain matter comparatively speaking but relatively small sample size and the patients were not 100% matched.
1:53 am
>> you can't do a direct comparison as a result that because of other extenuating circumstances involving these specific diplomats. >> of course, around 12 of those patients they were talking about had prior concussions so we know there are brain changes that can occur. in addition we don't have mris of these patients from before. it is hard to say this happened and cause changes. >> it could have been the case even before they went to cuba. >> really hard to extrapolate that data. >> cuban officials say the article published doesn't change the situation, the changes detected are minimal, their conclusions are uncertain and they can't identify the cause. now let's look at the symptoms of what is being called the havana syndrome, memory issues,
1:54 am
dizziness calling it havana syndrome. what can you tell us? >> those patients are having some very real symptoms the symptoms are nebulous in the sense that a lot of people can have similar symptoms related to a myriad of causes. so again it is hard to pinpoint these directional phenomena is what they are referring to ultimately caused brain atrophy or decreased the matter of the brain and causing symptoms. >> could it have? could it be a possible cause? >> anything is possible but it is challenging to say this happened to those patients in cuba and their brains had changes and these changes have caused problems. even the people writing the study said there is clinical uncertainty as to what we are seeing in these images. daymac we we always be
1:55 am
uncertain or will we ever get a definitive answer? >> maybe if we 4400 patients we can extrapolate more data but i don't think so. >> let's hope that is the case, great to have you on. time is 6 minutes until the top of the hour. this is not the kind of travel nightmare you are used to. take a look at this. this little boy stuck on a baggage conveyor belt goes on a ride to remember and the gender reveal that literally blows up in this father's face. the epic fail that is going viral of course. that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous. i would pull up in this in a heartbeat. i want one of these. that is sharp. the all-new chevy blazer. speaks for itself. i don't know who they got to design this but give them a cookie and a star.
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>> welcome back, time for the good, the bad and the ugly. of first the good. you can turn your shopping habit into a dream job. >> cottage cheese ladies, the same thing on this side. the handbag and the gloves, not for sale. >> retail me not looking to hire a shopping specialist, one person will get $5000 for a week to shop at stores featured on their apps and website and you can keep everything you buy. watches this to-year-old little boy climbs onto a baggage conveyor belt at the atlanta airport. he tries calling back before being pushed to the baggage truck, workers running over to
2:00 am
grab him, he was not seriously injured. the boy's mom says he walked away when she was at the ticket counter. finally the ugly, agenda reveal goes horribly wrong, watch. [screaming] >> they are having a baby girl. it is in the leg. you won't forget that. that wraps up this hour of fox and friends first, fox and friends first continues right now, goodbye. >> i want to add one correction to my testimony. we did not reach a determination as to whether the president committed a crime. >> the report laid out serious allegations. >> time for the curtain to close on the rest of the hoax conspiracy theory is dead. >> it is thursday, july 25th, donald trump declaring the witchhunt dead after robert mueller's hours long testimony.


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