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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 25, 2019 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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grab him, he was not seriously injured. the boy's mom says he walked away when she was at the ticket counter. finally the ugly, agenda reveal goes horribly wrong, watch. [screaming] >> they are having a baby girl. it is in the leg. you won't forget that. that wraps up this hour of fox and friends first, fox and friends first continues right now, goodbye. >> i want to add one correction to my testimony. we did not reach a determination as to whether the president committed a crime. >> the report laid out serious allegations. >> time for the curtain to close on the rest of the hoax conspiracy theory is dead. >> it is thursday, july 25th, donald trump declaring the witchhunt dead after robert mueller's hours long testimony. abca2 some democrats are trying
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to take a victory lap off of this, republicans say it is the start of a much different investigation from here on out. we are live in washington. also breaking overnight brand-new surveillance video just released shows a murdered ole miss student honor last night alive. >> what police found on the suspect's now deleted twitter account that will send chills down your spine. we are live in mississippi. and in god we trust will soon be displayed in classrooms across one state. >> not everybody is giving the move a passing grade. fox and friends first continues right now. >> did i just hear you singing? is that what that was?
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debatable. >> you are watching fox and friends first on thursday morning. marymac thank you for starting the day with us and fireworks fly as the former special counsel take the hot seat. robert mueller grilled on capitol hill over his russia probe. >> democrats clinging to hopes that his report left open some window for impeachment as republicans push back on a 2-sided justice system. >> welcome everyone to the last gasp of the russia collusion conspiracy theory. >> the reason again you did not indict donald trump is because of the opinion that you cannot indict a sitting president, correct? >> that is correct. back to one thing that was said this morning by mister lou. we did not reach a determination as to whether the president committed a crime. >> your investigation is not a witchhunt? >> not a witchhunt. >> quoting from the steel
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dossier, extensive evidence of conspiracy between the trump campaign team and the kremlin, did russians tell that christopher steele did he make it up and was he lying to the fbi. >> that is beyond my purview. >> it is exactly or purview. either steel made this whole thing up and there were never any russians telling him of this vascular conspiracy that you didn't find or russians lied to steal. >> you didn't find evidence of any agreement, i am quoting you, among the trump campaign officials and russia linked individuals to interfere with the us election, correct? >> correct. >> you explain the, quote, the opinion that the constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse a sitting president of wrongdoing. is that impeachment? >> i'm not going to comment on that. >> time for the current close on the russia hoax, the conspiracy theory is dead. >> there is your highlight reel. the president declaring the
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witchhunt is over following robert mueller's 6 hours of testimony. >> but is it over? what is next? >> excellent question, donald trump waste no time declaring total victory and while mueller denied his report gave the president, quote, total exoneration, the president said it wasn't mueller's place to do so. >> there is no such thing. he didn't have the right to exonerate. that was something where he totally folded because he never had the right to exonerate and it was covered very well by congressman turner. >> not surprisingly democrats see mueller's day before congress a little differently. >> it was a very strong manifestation, some would even say indictment of this
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administration's cohen of silence in their cover-up. >> difficult to find a moment in the testimony that significantly alters the conversation are facts and evidence and republicans not only play defense for the president but went on offense and democrats tried to save their narrative. >> three times he lied to the fbi you you didn't charge them with a crime. why not. >> did you say 193? >> volume 193, he lied to 33 times. why didn't you charged with a crime? >> i can't get into internal deliberations with regard to what would or would not be -- >> i have a lot of other people. >> when donald trump called your investigation a witchhunt, that was also false, was it not? >> i would like to think so, yes. >> your investigation is not a witchhunt. >> not a witchhunt. >> the president aggression in different with a hoax, that was false? >> true. >> mueller's reputation of the hardcharging prosecutor took a hit as most observers acknowledged he came across far short of being in control of the room, often asking questions to be repeated.
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>> i found the whole thing sad. one big anticlimax. bob mueller has served this country well and honorably. i hope this isn't the american people's last memory of him. >> what comes next from here is up to congressional democrats. they will have to decide whether to start impeachment hearings in the house although after yesterday's testimony there were not a lot of new name is beating the impeachment drum. abca2 i imagine not. >> democrats are split on whether or not robert mueller's testimony helped or hindered their push for impeachment. >> congressman john ratcliff had one of the more memorable moments during the judiciary hearing. he says the left's dreams of ousting the president were a nightmare yesterday. >> the main take away is the impeachment. and got popped completely today.
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you can't impeach a president on obstruction charges when the special counsel admits they applied a legal standard to the president that had never been applied to anyone in the history of american jurisprudence before. why they tried to come up with a different standard for this case is why you can't move forward with impeachment. we don't know, what he didn't answer was whether or not that sweeping and systematic effort influenced the obama administration. did they use a. ca2 surveillance an american citizen and influence the election? that was something bob mueller wasn't willing to address today. >> perhaps one of the most surprising reactions comes from texas congressman al green who introduce articles of impeachment against donald trump. he said the wow moment democrats were hoping for didn't happen. >> fox news alert, a new video shows a murdered college student in the last hours of her life.
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she is walking outside a bar just before she would be founded. >> it comes as new photos show her standing beside her alleged killer. abca15 is in oxford, mississippi with what we know about their relationship. >> reporter: good morning. that surveillance video is really helping piece together what exactly happened that night. let's watch it together. you can see her leaving a downtown bar and it looks like she is texting on her phone. a short time later a van picks her up and then we know from her roommate that she gets home around midnight and she winds up 30 miles away at a market with brandon. photos that show her and brandon posing together indicating the two knew each other and some strange twitter behavior. take a look at this. on the night allie was last seen brandon's account on twitter like this tweet which
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shows a riflescope and a picture of a woman with the caption she will never see it coming. we also spoke with a student who took a class this summer and saw brandon out and about a lot. listen to what he told me. >> i've seen them at the bars, he was always out all the time on the square, not really a great guy. came off as kind of rude. definitely shocking because he never seemed, he didn't look like a kid who would do something like that. >> more importantly we are learning more about allie as a person, founding member of the ole miss golf club and a beloved member of the alpha -- the house on campus is adorned with black ribbons and her honor. ole miss is offering grief counselors for students, faculty and staff. we are still waiting for bond hearing for brendan. that has not happened yet. abca2 thank you so much. this story now, teens wanted in the murder of a north carolina woman and her boyfriend could
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soon go out in a, quote, blaze of glory. the father of one of the suspects tells local reporters in canada his son is on a suicide mission and expects him to be dead by tuesday. police closing in on them after their car was found on fire. thousands of miles from where they are suspected of setting another truck on fire and killing a man identified as leonard dyke. a motive for the murder is unknown. abca2 breaking overnight puerto rico's governor resigns after nearly two weeks of protests. >> expressed the right to freedom of expression, i have received everything you have said and heard you loud and clear. >> thousands of protesters marching through the f to leaked conversations show the
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embattled governor sending a few offensive text, one of them -- basket is going to take over. >> north korea fires short range missiles casting doubt on the future of denuclearization talks. the missiles traveled hundreds of miles and plunged into the sea of japan. the first launch since donald trump met with abca20 last month and comes as national security adviser john bolton is in south korea. he is a harsh critic of the kim regime. abca2 the justice department will not prosecute william barr and wilbur ross saying they did not commit a crime when they defied a congressional subpoena refusing to hand over information about adding a citizenship question to the u.s. census. the doj said they only withheld privileged documents that could
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not be released. >> nancy pelosi will meet face-to-face with alexandria ocasio cortez tomorrow. abca2 she wanted in person meeting after aoc blasted her over emergency border funding. >> he criticized nancy pelosi for targeting the group of democratic congresswomen known as the squad. >> 12 minutes after the hour there appears to be many more questions than answers after lawmakers grilled robert mueller yesterday. our next guest wants to know who really ran this 2-year investigation we break down the top take aways from mueller's testimony next. >> basketball and drug testing, a texas school district, you won't believe what age testing will start. we are coming right back. -keep it down there. i have a system. -keith used to be great to road-trip with. but since he bought his house... are you going 45? -uh, yes. 55 is a suggestion.
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abca2 bob mueller facing tough questions on capitol hill but after 2 years of investigation and hours of testimony are we left with more questions than answers? >> robert driscoll, thank you for joining us. yesterday it is safe to say it did not go as democrats had hoped. >> i think that is right, didn't change anything for those paying attention and who read the report. there is some notion that having it on tv would somehow change people's mind but it certainly wasn't compelling television, you had a witness who did not want to be there, told the committee did not want to be there and that he was going to stick to the report and he kept his promise and referred to the report more often than not. not very much news. abca2 we have a few choice soundbites to play for you.
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>> you reference, quote, the firm that produced you are reporting. the name of the firm's fusion gps, correct? on page 103. >> i am not familiar with that. >> it is not a trick question. fusion gps. abca2 called for the wrong soundbite, that is my fault. in the first hearing you had john ratcliff of texas asking bob mueller since when do you have to be proven innocent to be exonerated for a crime. it was one of the big moments. what did you take away from that? >> that was one of the more compelling lines of questioning, it wasn't that exciting. a solid point he made on behalf of republicans that this whole
2:18 am
notion the special counsel is supposed to declare someone innocent and say i couldn't find you innocent so i will dump this information suggest you might be guilty without alleging it. it is parallel to what got jim comey in trouble at the beginning of this fiasco that he wasn't going to prosecute hillary clinton but let me tell you the bad things she did so you have a bad opinion of her even though he exonerated her. in most areas of the law, it is not up to the prosecutor to exonerate everybody. we are all innocent until proven guilty, to say that this doesn't exonerate the president, he didn't exonerate anyone else, he didn't exonerate me or you. a strong point republicans made. it got a little more play with a few more eyeballs on it but i agree it is a flaw in the special counsel.
2:19 am
>> i want to talk about the soundbite we had a minute ago while it is fresh in our brains. you referenced the name of the firm, fusion gps and robert mueller says i'm not familiar with that. it is not a trick question. it seems like a bizarre moment in time that he either couldn't confirm that or didn't remember that. what did you make of that? >> there are two parts of looking at that response. it is uncomfortable for people that former director mueller wasn't on his game for whatever reason, wasn't feeling well wasn't up to it so there could have been a memory lapse but the reality is carrying out his mandate it was clear he didn't focus on the origins of the russia business at all for two reasons, one, the mandate
2:20 am
wasn't to do that but secondarily he has known for some time that others, the inspector general, john durham, looking into the origins of this whole thing and there are lines drawn at some point. fusion gps, people who paid almost any attention to this case would know who fusion gps is in terms of financing it so i find it surprising he didn't have command of that even if it wasn't in his purview. abca2 thank you for your time, appreciate it. marymac donald trump's economy getting a thumbs up. abca2 some brand-new poll numbers showing what voters really care about. great riches will find you when liberty mutual
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marymac another day and we are talking about this again. nypd officers getting drenched with buckets of water, the third clip this week of people attacking cops with water as a try to do their jobs, three people under arrest, one a known gang member. rob: border patrol chief grilled over a secret facebook group. she was admitted she was part of the group to moderate. >> july 1st was the first time i saw those highly offensive and unacceptable posts.
2:25 am
i am as outraged as everyone else when it comes to statements that were made on that page. rob: she rarely used the social media site and self-reported as soon as she learned about being a member of the page containing a derogatory and insensitive post by agents. jillian: donald trump's economy getting a big thumbs up. rob: tracy carrasco explains what is boosting confidence. >> reporter: the approval of the job the president is doing when it comes to the economy stands at 52%, 41% disapprove, one point off of his high of 50% last summer and up from the poll in may. 51% of voters feel the economy is in positive shape, excellent and good, last time people felt this way two decades ago, 50% in january, 2001. some of the things voters are looking at and paying attention
2:26 am
to, low unemployment rate at 3.7% near 50 year lows, the dow up 50% since the president took office, the s&p 500, nasdaq up as well, good news for your 401(k) but is the president going to be able to count on these ratings come election time? 33% say economic conditions will get better if elected, that same number, 33% think it will get better if a democrat takes the white house. jillian: hard to argue those numbers. rob: 26 after the hour, dueling rulings on the trump administration's asylum policies just hours apart, we breakdown the case that could end up in the supreme court. jillian: the squad making the funnies again, where the freshman force will soon be featured. we are coming back on thursday. ♪
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headlines, new surveillance video shows american college student hours before she was found dead. alley is walking outside a bar in mississippi, her alleged killer is in jail without bond. jillian: order rico's governor resigns overnight after two weeks of protests. thousands of demonstrators marching through the island's capital outraged over the alleged corruption of his administration on the heels of text messages leaked to the public. rob: a senate committee lowering the price of prescription drugs for millions, the bipartisan bill will keep from increasing the price of drugs beyond inflation rates and spending caps will protect seniors from skyhigh prices. >> donald trump's plan for asylum-seekers facing dueling rulings, and obama era judge blocking the asylum restrictions hours after
2:31 am
another judge ordered to keep it in place. rob: todd pyro on where this case will go next. >> reporter: it is looking more likely the supreme court will have to decide on asylum after more rulings from the federal court on the crisis at the border. first was a ruling in washington by district court judge timothy kelley, a trump appointee who declined to stop the administrator policy requiring asylum-seekers about country they pastor on the way to the us. here is the president celebrating that ruling. >> the asylum is a big ruling, a tremendous ruling, really appreciate it, we respect the court very much, that helps us at the border. numbers are way down at the border, apprehensions are way down. mexico has 22,000 soldiers. they mean business because they know what happens.
2:32 am
>> reporter: a few hours later in san francisco district court judge john tiger, and obama appointee blocked the policy and order the government to restore the old system saying he could not safely seek asylum in mexico. an attorney from the aclu which 5 against the trump administration. >> our main argument is the administration is doing a end runaround was congress enacted. congress made clear that going to another country would not be a basis for denying asylum. >> reporter: this comes in a new fox news poll showing voters are concerned about the treatment of migrants at the border. most democrats say the concern while a majority of republicans, 58% say they are not. rob: a desperate search underway for missing mother of three, heather vanish days after getting released from the hospital for a broken collarbone in california. her mother says she complained
2:33 am
of pain and thought the doctors let her go home too soon. >> very unlike her not to contact anyone. there is concern for her safety and the concern about a broken collarbone. i am praying someone will hear this or will have seen something. rob: she was last seen driving her 2005 black infinity coop. another person died from tainted alcohol in costa rica bringing the total number of victims to 20. the country's ministry of health issuing a formal warning this week, more than 30,000 bottles of potentially tainted alcohol have been confiscated in costa rica. suspected methanol poisoning, it can increase its potency. it is the same chemical that is found in antifreeze. jillian: the former special counsel warning of foreign interference during his congressional testimony. >> countries developing capability to replicate what
2:34 am
the russians have done. what they are doing as we sit here and they expect during the next campaign. >> did you find there was no collusion between the trump campaign and russia? >> we don't use the word collusion. jillian: will robert mueller's testimony impact the 2020 presidential election? if so how? here to debate is legal affairs reporter at the washington times, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. yesterday didn't seem like the day democrats had hoped after hearing the days long testimony. will this have an impact on 2020? >> it will have an impact on 2020. i think the democrats are pretty fired up. when they are talking about what happened, what mueller said. there were some big revelations
2:35 am
and mueller -- people believe he is and now he is, i interviewed him, 3 hours, 10 years ago and this is the same mueller i interviewed 10 years ago. a patriot, sticks within the content. he said this president is practically a crook. these are great points that were made and democrats can control the megaphone. they can run with this. jillian: what big revelations? you said big revelations, what are you talking about? >> big revelations, this president may when he leaves the white house may the indicted. this president may have committed crimes. this president may have behaved like a crook. the russians have interfered with our election and they are currently doing so. we should be concerned as americans. this is a true patriot, this is fbi director, a very careful man who chose his words
2:36 am
carefully and the democrats now have the megaphone. they can take% investigate all day long and control the conversation which they haven't been able to do for the past few years. jillian: i am assuming you disagree, you can't charge someone with a crime based on they may have done this. >> it is interesting that representative out green who introduce articles of impeachment, they had a vote on what he proposed, he came out and said there was no wow moment yesterday. democrats were hoping for more. more talking points to bring to the campaign trail. it is clear from polling their primary voters, the majority of democrats do want to see impeachment go forward so it put them in a tough spot especially the nominee will swing back to the middle. jillian: i want to get your take before we go. you mentioned democrats talking about impeachment. of democrats continue to talk
2:37 am
about impeachment and the president continues to tout the economy going into 2020 who comes out the winner? >> polling shows the majority of americans don't see impeachment favorably, they don't want that to be the root congress goes. instead it looks like even a cnn poll shows 3 fourths of americans say there is a crisis at the border and want congress to focus on that and healthcare and democrats did well in the midterms talking healthcare and they will start doing that more and more. we seem some statistics that say that is the main topic they are focusing on the campaign trail and they are hoping it does as well for them in 2020 as it did last year. jillian: hard to argue hearing impeachment constantly is what the public wants to hear you would think they would want more specifics about healthcare and immigration and the economy. >> the public wants to hear about the issues but when the
2:38 am
president tweets, i counted 37 times in 24 hours about the mueller testimony, the conversation is being for the wrong way, the president is driving the conversation in a way we don't want to hear. we want to hear the issues. it is up to the democrats to tweet 27 times and 30 hours and talk about the real issues and that will get their base fired up and control 2020, which base is angrier and which will come out and vote. jillian: democrats are pretty focused on impeachment. what issues do you see them talking about? we haven't heard that much. >> democrats talking about impeachment, nancy pelosi says she doesn't want to go that route. aoc has pointed out we are talking about minimum wage, wage gaps for women, women's rights issues have gone down with trump. a lot of social issues are important, the environment, healthcare, so many issues
2:39 am
democrats could focus on if we didn't have a president tweeting. >> we will see messaging go down in the end. thank you for joining us. rob: 38 after the air, what is more worrying than terrorism, congresswoman ilhan omar has an idea? >> our country should be more fearful of white men across the country. rob: the old interview getting reaction online. >> one state making in god we trust the law for the new school year. carly shimkus with high praise from social media. ♪ [music playing] (vo) this is the averys. this is the averys trying the hottest new bistro. wait...and the hottest taqueria? and the hottest...what are those? oh, pierogis? and this is the averys wondering if eating out
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jillian: congresswoman ilhan omar facing backlash over an interview from 2018 where she claims americans should be, quote, fearful of white men. >> our country should be more fearful of white men across the country because they are crossing causing deaths in the country. rob: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with reaction online. >> congresswoman ilhan omar was asked about the fear of terrorism in america and she responded saying white men are more dangerous. in the same interview she said lawmakers should be creating policies to fight the radicalization of white men. her comments not sitting well with some on social media. the vision of america is her party's only hope for an election victory, the democrats always pick the races against
2:44 am
each other during an election cycle, it is getting very old and the country sees it happening. one instagram user says blaming white men for all the problems of the country is pretty racist. margaret is confused with the message, doesn't she want to help americans. and other members of the squad, his latest messages if you don't like it in this country you can leave. >> aoc plus 3. >> that is the new one. >> in god we trust will be displayed proudly and south dakota. >> all south dakota public schools will have this phrase in the upcoming school year thanks to a new law that went into effect this month. the motto will have to be 12 x 12 inches, some schools are painted on walls, others including it on flags. mixed reaction on social media.
2:45 am
joseph like the idea saying in god we trust always a staple of american values, do not allow this to be taken away but this instagram user not too please say not all self to cousins are believers, not all south dakota is -- also to cousins are being forced to pay for religious ideals to which they do not subscribe. this person, kevin, chiming in critics must never have looked at our currency. rob: we will see for how long. what does hollywood have to say? >> celebrities were watching and tweeting about mueller's testimony. ron howard coming in with this encouraging people to watch saying i hope this is widely viewed with open minds by all interested citizens and voters so we don't have to depend entirely on pundits and social media for analysis. michael moore highly critical of mueller and donald trump
2:46 am
agreed, more calls him a frail old man unable to remember things, stumbling and refusing to answer questions. i said it in 2017 and mueller confirmed it today, all of you pundits and moderate and lame democrats who told the public to put their faith in the esteemed robert mueller, just bleep from now on. donald trump responded saying even more agrees that democrats and mueller failed. another tweet by former snl cast member, the act of looking forward to the mueller hearings as if anything will come of it feels like having lunch with the next you are hoping to get together with. she had the nail on the head. a lot of people calling this -- rob: i felt bad for mueller, john kennedy says i hope this is and how americans are member this man who has done such a service. >> hit the nail on the head. rob: senator graham as well.
2:47 am
46 minutes after the hour. facebook forced to play by new rules, costly changes the social media giant faces for violating privacy. jillian: time to check in with steve doocy for what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> coming up on "fox and friends," 13 minutes, fresh analysis on the mueller hearings you will not find anywhere else, congressman, one of the interrogators yesterday with some excellent points joining us live in the president's attorney j piccolo. mike huckabee, an observer of things all political has plenty to say. dana lash and mark live in. a name we have been hearing in a special counsel probe, nigel farage, the brexit party leaders, joining us live and today is national intern day. read the fox news college
2:48 am
assertions. i am sure you saw yesterday when griff was in the hall outside the hearing room there were 250 interns who wanted to be part of history and they were there yesterday. jillian: it is national hot fudge sundae day. >> i got to go to dairy queen. jillian: we are coming right back. ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees
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rob: emergency declared in louisiana after cyber attacks against schools, 3 different school systems targeted with malware, but no private or sensitive information was stolen. the governor issuing an
2:52 am
emergency to get resources to any future data breach. jillian: school district will start drug testing students as young as 12 years old. bushland independent school district, 7th to 12th grade must pass a drug test to participate in extracurricular activity. they hope this will encourage a drug-free environment. testing begins as students head to class next month. facebook agreeing to a record $5 billion fine with the ftc. the settlement after the company shared millions of user data without proper consent. in addition to fines facebook must set up an independent committee to oversee privacy concerns. also facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg must've been quarterly compliance reports to federal regulators. rob: alexandria ocasio cortez and the squad get their second comic book, such to release aoc and the freshman force in
2:53 am
december, the cover featuring progressive democratic congress women, the freshman with the caption we are not going anywhere. the first edition released earlier this year was met with a cease-and-desist letter over resemblance to wonder woman. jillian: we are ending the show with national hot fudge sundae day. rob: we are taking advantage of this. stay tuned. ♪ some kind of wonderful ♪ some kind of wonderful ♪ crest's three dimensional whitening... ...removes stains,... ...whitens in-between teeth... ...and protects from future stains. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life.
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ainsley: tend to indulge your sweet teeth with an ice cream dessert that combines hard and cold. >> national hot fudge sundae today and we are celebrating with delicious toppings and here to tell us all about it. >> i went to go to a party at your house. >> you can come over anytime. >> tell us what we need to do. >> we can start with the bowls. we have chocolate edible bowls anyone to take a balloon and it into melted chocolate after it cools for about five minutes and let the chocolate hearted in the refrigerator and then you relieve the pressure
2:58 am
and pop it. i'm trying to do it on air. we will see how it goes. that will pop. [laughter] >> it's not popping. >> there we go. >> you peeled the chocolate from the inside and just make sure your gentleman you get to the bottom so there is no whole. >> you can eat the rubber for a tasty treat >> you can actually use this as a topping if it breaks and then we have different wall full bowls and course paper bowls. i have this cute little display from parties city. i will let you guys get going. >> i think i will go with the noaa. >> that's the most popular flavor in america is the noaa--
2:59 am
minella. when you are buying ice cream you want to actually try to support farm families so they are all made with real california milk the tissue can find the seal right on the container and then you know it's real food made from real farm families. you are also enjoying delicious ice cream. i'm going for the cookies and cream one. >> you have your flavor and your bowls and you come over here and pick your toppings? >> yes. >> my question is do you call these sprinkles or jimmy's. in philly we call them jimmy's. >> i'm from new york so we call them sprinkles. >> you call them jimmy's? >> yes. >> i have different toppings, rice crispy treats, oreos, brownies, cookies and obviously
3:00 am
m&ms, snickers, candies, that's, whatever you what, just put it out and i have these great containers. >> most popular topping? >> i would say sprinkles >> jimmy's. got ago. have a good day see to. ♪ ♪ steve: it was a big date on our nation's capital. i'm sure you watch the coverage all morning, all afternoon. we have waited so long to hear robert mueller's speech and he finally did, not what we were expecting. ainsley: not at all. i kind of felt sorry for him. clear he was not in charge of his investigation. shocking how little he knew and it really changed nothing. we are in the same place we were yesterday.


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