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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 25, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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if you're concerned about those kids and grandkids, don't vote for it. if you're concerned about adding a trillion dollars to the deficit each year every year and you're running at a record pace, don't vote for it. you do. you did vote for. here's "the five." ♪ >> i'm jesse watters with kennedy, jessica tarlov, martha maccallum, and greg. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." robert mueller's testimony turning out to be an absolute disaster for the democrats and the media. they all told us he was supposed to be the guy who was going to take down the president and be the savior of the republic. after his lackluster performance, democrats and the media are throwing mueller under the bus, including filmmaker michael moore who tweeted "a frail old man unable to remember things, stumbling, refusing to
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answer basic questions. i set it in 2017 and mueller confirmed it today. all you pundits and moderates and blame dems who told the public to put their faith in the esteemed robert mueller, shut the leap up from now on." then there's the liberal media eating their own words after telling america that mueller's testimony would be a game changer. >> democrats who were counting on mueller to move the ball forward didn't get exactly what they wanted today. >> the form of the entire accountability mission. on optics this was a disaster. >> shaky performance. that's fair to say. >> looked like somebody who had slowed a step or two. maybe he wasn't even in control of the angry democrats. >> it is shocking in the age of trump to look at the democratic party and how inept they seem to be time and time again. >> jesse: meanwhile, president trump and republicans are in full mode and rightfully so. >> this was a devastating day
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for the democrats. the democrats had nothing, and now they have less than nothing. >> bob mueller was trying to defend the indefensible. the report was incoherent as written and it was worse as played out on live tv. >> a train wreck, unmitigated disaster. >> expectations always outpace the reality with congressional hearings but the disparity yesterday was pretty stark. >> it's time for the curtain to close on the russia hoax. the conspiracy theory is dead. >> jesse: martha, one of the main reasons and there's many reasons why yesterday didn't go well but one of the main reasons is he was never going to live up to expectations because the media have built mueller up to be a god. he was impeachable unimpeachab, tenacious, thorough. we didn't see it and everyone was disappointed. >> martha: i don't think it's a question of which side you're on. it's a question of whether or
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not this moment was politically successful or whether it was politically a failure. i think -- and that's why there's a broad spread agreement that it was a political failure. i think jerry nadler looks terrible in this situation because he's the one who put his party on the line and banked on it in such a big way. think back to the moment when bill barr, a week or so ago, said if mueller decides not to go, the doj will back him. they delayed it for a week, and then bill barr says -- i think it was the door opening, you can take a pass. you don't have to do this. there was knowledge behind the scenes i think on the part of a lot of people. perhaps mr. mueller wouldn't be able to present the material in the way that would really would be a home run for them. and that the material itself was lacking. >> jesse: it wasn't just the optics. it was the substance of it because he'd never been
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cross-examined, greg. no one had been cross-examined. he kind of wilted under cross-examination. >> greg: yeah, they expected geronimo and they got geritol. the trump presidency has been nothing but terrible christmas mornings for the media. the night before, they are expecting a pony under the christmas tree and they get a bag of hair, smelly hair. they expected mueller to bring the case to life and he euthanized it. it was not his fault. they knew they were bringing somebody out of retirement. like asking a flying will linda and 95 to walk between two buildings. he's been out of practice. why does it keep happening? the disconnect created by the democrats' emotional bias. the reality is always going to be different than the movie they're watching. every day for them is supposed to be apocalypse now and it always is a being happy feet. i think what you're seeing here
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is their irrational hysteria hysteria about this one thing led to a soul crushing defeat. i almost but not really feel bad for them. >> jesse: yesterday you said you felt bad. >> greg: i texted you that you weren't supposed to -- >> jesse: i think you said it on the air. >> martha: you're not a human being if you didn't feel a little bit sorry. amazing career. put in a situation he should never have been put in. i want to say brian kilmeade got lambasted for coming out several weeks ago and saying i wonder how familiar robert mueller really is in the details of the report. he was raked over the calls. he looked pretty smart yesterda yesterday. >> jesse: will wait a minute, kilmeade? >> jesse: we don't say those kinds of things on this show. >> martha: you've got to call it the way it is. >> jesse: we don't want him getting a big head but we found out in "the new york times," aaron sibley, the guy who was next to him, he was effectively
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running this investigation, they said. he was the chief of staff running the meetings. he was the guy that represented the guy that set up clinton's secret email server and helped him destroy blackberries with a hammer. now we know that clinton set up trump and that she investigated him. >> kennedy: that's exciting. >> jesse: i mean it's not kilmeade material. [laughter] >> kennedy: my question for democrats is why wouldn't they do more investigation? they are considering themselves investigatory. why don't you figure out who has the best answers? who has the best defense of the mueller report and who can frame it in such a way that it will do the most political damage? there were a lot of political people on the team. if it's andrew weissmann, now you can't trot him out before the joint committees. you cannot do that. the president was right about taking too many bites of the apple. these are not horses in central park.
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these are supposed to be serious legislators and they really whiffed on this one and we are so you should both parties spinning like tops when they get bad news. it's one of the few times where you will seek consensus on all sides. people saying yeah, this was really horrible. >> jesse: one of the theories, jessica, is that mueller is a lawyer and he knew he was under oath and he's very precise and has a lot of integrity and he wanted to make sure he heard all the answers very clearly. that's why he asked everybody to repeat them so specifically. >> jessica: i don't think mocking bob mueller -- >> jesse: i'm not mocking. i am repeating a theory that's out there. >> jessica: was a lot of disgusting theorizing going on, commenting on his health and his status and i feel like so far here we've only been talking about the optics. there were pieces of substance. president trump was not exonerated or exculpated. >> greg: he can't be.
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>> martha: start with the presumption of innocence. >> greg: there is no court that can do that. >> jessica: sure, moving onto the next one. >> greg: you are 0 for 1, jessica. >> jesse: yeah, you are. >> jesse: the questioning uncovered in the hearings that president trump and members of the team falsified their testimony when they met with the fbi. >> jesse: i didn't hear that. can you say that again? i will take that question. >> jessica: here is another one. guidelines and what it prohibited him from doing. >> martha: he clarified it. >> jessica: the because of oilseed guidelines they were not trying to make a determination. not that he couldn't be indicted after he leaves office. >> martha: the guidelines say you can't indict a sitting president.
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>> jessica: it doesn't mean he he -- >> kennedy: the nondetermination of guilt. >> greg: your first point, you can't decide this. >> jesse: are you saying that it went well? >> jessica: no. what i'm saying is -- i do think the intel committee meeting hearing went well. adam schiff knew exactly what he was doing. those questions were looking for one-word answers. he seemed clear on where bob miller was and what he needed to accomplish. there are sound bites of democrats coming out of this that will be in every 2020 ad talking about working with russians. paul manafort. >> martha: i don't think they're going to want to remind anyone about. >> jesse: we've got to go, but if democrats are going to run campaign ads on the mueller testimony, sorry. not going to happen. coming up, as the dust settles
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>> martha: robert mueller's testimony was bombshell free, many 2020 democrats convinced the former special counsel has already made the case for impeachment. >> now president donald trump did everything he could to obstruct justice.
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>> the house of representatives should begin impeachment proceedings against this president. >> he's not exonerated. we know for fact that the president and everything that he could to obstruct the mueller investigation. >> martha: easy for them to say because they're out on the campaign trail. nancy pelosi pushing back against her parties impeachment talk today. watch this. >> if we have a case for impeachment, that's the place will have to go. why like it to be a strong case is because it's based on the facts. the facts and the law. that's what matters, not politics, not partisanship, just patriotism. if it comes to a point where the cone of silence and the obstruction of justice on the cover up the white house prevents us from getting that information, that will not prevent us from going forward. it's even more grounds to go
2:16 pm
forward. >> martha: she's making the case essentially that, look back at watergate. she says you had tapes. you had a smoking gun, something that was found. they did the actual investigating before they came to the point where they were doing the hearings. they had people in the room. they had someone who said oh, how did you know that dialogue was so specifically that? oh, because we have tapes of the white house. record everything. really? it open a whole new can of worms. that's what was missing yesterday. that's what prompts nancy pelosi i think to say whoa. >> jessica: there was an argument being made among democrats i was talking to that this is why you wanted donald mcgahn to go back. he is the linchpin to the obstruction of justice charge. there was some talk of him being subpoenaed and maybe we'll hear from him. nancy pelosi is playing a political game. i think it's smart.
2:17 pm
it's not good for the 2020 prospects to be in the middle of an impeachment hearing. what she needs to do is stay the course but also not say off the cuff he has committed crimes or there's been an impeachable conduct. now you have 85 or so members of congress saying we want to impeach. don't give them any fodder. stick to your guns and go about winning your elections. >> martha: what you think is better for the president? obviously enjoyed yesterday very much. he's going to go and talk with hannity this evening. >> jesse: what time is that? >> martha: that's 9:00. >> jesse: 9:00, after tucker carlson. i think he has pelosi and don jr. i'm here to help. i said yeah, tucker. >> greg: who are you talking to? >> jesse: no one. it's not good for the president of the united states to face impeachment. i don't think it looks good.
2:18 pm
historically, the legacy and i don't think he wants to deal with it. i think impeachment is cheap. it's like sniffing paint, a cheap, fast high but not good in the long run. >> greg: it's actually kind of expensive. >> jesse: greg knows. everything against the president, they are trying to cut corners, whether it's a expose or an investigation or an impeachment. it's never mano a mano matchup. that's why they keep aggrandizing these dragonslayer's, like michael avenatti or mueller. they think these other guys who are going to take down trump and it's never the guy. >> jessica: don't ever put michael avenatti and bob miller the same sentence. >> jesse: people who say they're going to take down trump and it doesn't happen. >> kennedy: people trying to draw comparisons to tween watergate and this administration and i don't think the comparisons are there.
2:19 pm
every time someone testifies, it's not john dean and now john dean has lost his mind that he's become so hyperpartisan that he's no longer a good person to provide color in this context. >> jessica: he is saying that and there are special prosecutors from watergate saying it's analogous in some -- >> jesse: worse than watergate? i've never heard that. >> kennedy: robert mueller is not archibald cox. this was not the saturday night massacre. there weren't a million coconspirators and getting caught in a perjury trap and getting a procedural slap on the wrist and may be doing two weeks jail time, it's not the same thing as the characters in the events in watergate. by the way, republicans found that out the hard way because
2:20 pm
they try to draw the same comparisons of bill clinton and that completely blew up their faces. nancy pelosi is the only one realizes that. >> greg: the difference between trump and the democratic candidates is that trump led social media by the nose. the democratic candidates are being led by social media. they are chasing all of the views because they can't see how out of sync it is with the american public. they don't see it as watergate. a lot of them are too young to even know what watergate is. the larger problem with the democrats is that there are no problems. the economy, jobs, peace, so the democrats are out of collusion. what's left? they have to invent problems which means they take one topic from: leonard a, immigration or law enforcement or entertainment or culture and one from column , racism, sexism, to create problems out of thin air. everyone has a pretty good. wages up, unemployment
2:21 pm
historically low for everybody. because trump is busy solving the big troubles, there's only one problem left for the dems, editors trump. >> jesse: they are going to reboot this russia meddling in 2020. they're going to say is happening. that trump is probably going to collude again. >> jessica: interference is ongoing. >> greg: you know who's interfering? incident thinking about russia, think about google, twitter, facebook. as the elections loom, it's going to be about the algorithms and the people who create the algorithms and orders and manipulate results. >> martha: that's what china has been doing. >> kennedy: they have been trying to box out entire aspect of our culture so they can control it. >> martha: the myopic focus on russia is very dangerous. robert mueller said they're not the only country who does this. north korea, iran, china.
2:22 pm
>> greg: the same people who mocked us during the cold war saying that we were myopic. ussr was eight times the size that it is now. >> martha: another shocking video surfaces of the police officers getting doused. this time they targeted to female officers. next up on "the five" ." my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, y y would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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2:27 pm
away with crimes, than others will do it too. the lack of response by the officers before offered passive encouragement. it's only water. true. what's next? who knows. we know why the cops don't respond. these are the guardians of a liberal enclave so other than the hardworking taxpayers who would support them, not the leaders they protect. any arrest would drop protests of excessive force and al sharpton would be out with a sign before you could say. the mayor of new york is more frightened of mean tweets and crime. we know where city hall will stand in the right under their desks. the mayor embarking on an already absurd presidential run will use his son once again as an example of how the nypd racially profiled minorities, even though the force is largely made up of minorities. so this could get worse, as prisons close in detention suspects are rating trailers limited for many in 2020. it's a lesson learned in major cities, achievements and law enforcement over decades by
2:28 pm
competent humans and principled politicians can quickly erode once elected is in charge. do you want to see your future? try downtown l.a. watch where you step. the police are in a tight spot. there are people who think they should be fired if they don't respond. but if you do your job, you risk becoming a public spectacle. if a mob forms around you and you end up having to tease somebody, you're the bad guy. >> martha: absolutely. they are in an untenable position. you look at the spectrum of human behavior, this is where lawlessness and subheading. places in the world where the police don't like to go in because they're not welcome and if they do something they may get attacked. that's the seed we are seeing in these moments. as you said, it's so easy to trip over to the other side. pete these people get up every morning and risk their lives everyday to protect the people and their communities.
2:29 pm
you know who's going to be less safe because of incidents like this? all the people who live in that community because who wants to be a police officer today? it's a very, very tough job. i give them an enormous amount of credit. these are appalling scenes for all americans. >> greg: jessica, shouldn't mayor de blasio just call it a day, come back and try to run his city? >> jessica: yeah, absolutely. i think we can all agree on that one. >> jesse: president de blasio? >> jessica: please use his formal title, king of the blackout. >> greg: nice. that is trumpian. >> jessica: don't say that. he should come home and run the city. i think there are 12 to 15 people who should go back to their very important jobs and lead us elect someone who can beat donald trump in 2020. this is terrible to see. i grew up in new york city. cops around all the time, always
2:30 pm
had a great relationship with them and they do us a great service. i went and looked at the data. confidence the polices hovering where it has been the last five years but respect for the police is on an upward tick and they credited with the protective measures being implemented, more body cameras, extra scrutiny of the department that has to continue. obviously taking this to them more national conversation here, i think that when you have things like the police officer who put eric garner in a choke hold and he walks. a couple weeks ago, those are the kinds of things that don't get people confidence in the criminal justice system and of the police force that then leads to not necessarily the water soccer stuff but lack of confidence in the forest. >> jesse: i would agree that the respect is the cornerstone of good police work but if you let someone publicly disrespected like that and you don't do anything about it, it's going to make your job or dangers in the streets more dangerous. i think they should have acted. you know when men, instead of
2:31 pm
punching another guy, they slapped him in the face. it's like the most humiliating thing you can do to someone. that's what this is like. it's almost more disrespectful to throw water on a cop that it is to resist arrest. that's what these guys want. they want to be seen in the streets as being disrespectful because for some reason, they think it helps their streak cried, and so what if they get arrested? it's like a bad giovanna. they come out and they can tell everybody they've become legends. that's how stupid this whole thing is and this does have root causes. they have colin kaepernick, everyone's hero, wearing socks that had police as pigs. they had bill de blasio saying his own son should be careful when he's around police officers. then you have black lives matter chanting fry 'em up like bacon, cnn want to hold jihad against the police department in the second obama term that wasn't very smart. >> martha: new york city police officers turned their back on bill de blasio when he walked by them. >> kennedy: it's not fair to
2:32 pm
blame these things on colin kaepernick. >> jesse: i'm not blaming it on him but it does have a root cause somewhere. >> greg: imagine that those are two women surrounded by a majority of men, if they weren't police officers, this would be actually assault. yes. it is an assault. but somehow it's not making the news. >> kennedy: the mayor has to come out. forcefully and say how the police are going to respond and defend themselves and there's a conversation to be had in this country about criminal justice reform. the people on the street with buckets dousing cops, they are not the ones who are leading the charge and they actually do the entire movement of great disservice. it's incredibly unfortunate for those of us who have family members who been in law enforcement. the last thing you want to see. the worry is, what does this escalate to? to your point, i just hit a walking tour of skid row in los angeles. absolutely putrid, disgusting, sad. the way the city government is
2:33 pm
forcing human beings to live this way and in portland, members of antifa throwing quick dry cement on people, milk shakes and cops are told to stand down, not allowed to do anything. really lost perspective. >> greg: i agree. a georgia lawmaker's claims of being told to go back, they might be falling apart. we discussed. ♪
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2:38 pm
dispute at a grocery store. here's her original count. >> that white man to call me a [bleep] and lazy into go back where i came from because he had a couple items that he wanted to get in front of me. he said i had 20 items in a ten item line. what would make you that angry? >> kennedy: that. thomas later backtracked on the racism accusation, saying she couldn't remember exactly what was said, know her story keeps falling apart even more. a witness told police it was thomas who told the man to go back where he came from and not the other way around. surveillance footage of the incident was just released. thomas says she feared for her life during the dispute but the man doesn't appear to be that upset or clenching his fists like thomas also claims. police say after the investigation, no charges will be filed. greg.
2:39 pm
it's very easy to craft our own narrative when we are traumatized. just ask jussie smollett. >> greg: no one in the story looks good. she looked slightly worse because she injected an inflammatory subject in to this mini feud. she used her prominence to kind of unleash it. that story traveled fast because of who she was. there's a couple lessons. one, everyday slights always result from a sense of unfairness, like line cutting. great innocence, this was about line cutting, i would count items in the express lane. this is what i want to ask everybody. this is the crux of the problem. is four cans of identical tomato sauce count as one or four? >> martha: four. >> kennedy: one. if they say the same thing and they move them all at the same time. >> jesse: it slows it down. >> greg: was he right to be pissed off? >> jesse: i am a stickler
2:40 pm
about the express line. i will give you 11 or 12. no carts in the express lane. you know, publix is a beautiful place. how dare they desecrated with big news. you can get everything at publix. >> martha: you can get a newspaper and laid over four items and get on the line. is someone my items? >> jesse: you are famous and you can get caught doing it. >> greg: that feeling is like when you're at a deli or bodega and they don't have a pick a number thing so you are sitting there looking at everybody going, do they know that i'm next? i can't say anything. >> martha: someone sneaks in next year and they act like they were there before you. they are getting in your space a little bit. >> greg: i think i have done that. >> jesse: the feeling of going up to this little thing. >> kennedy: hoping beyond hope
2:41 pm
that your half pound of organic sliced turkey. >> martha: i read the story and i hadn't seen the video. had no idea what color the people were, their backgrounds. all i could think was how many items did they have? that's what matters. i didn't know who was telling whom to go back to where they were came from. >> greg: going back. going back, take your products back. take them back. >> jessica: or get in the other line. >> martha: jessica are you telling me democrats are more likely to cut in line when they have too many items for the express lane? >> jessica: i have to say as a pollster, that's a study i would love to do. >> jesse: save the money. it's true. >> martha: a rule follower or rule breaker. >> greg: if she made this story up, like the smollett thing, it preys upon people's
2:42 pm
emotions. >> jesse: i thought those were pretty legit tears. >> jessica: i wouldn't want to be yelled at, even if it was just about the products. you're nervous when you're cheating. if someone did call you out on it, -- >> jesse: you have your groceries delivered to your apartment. >> jessica: that's not true. >> greg: no reporter got the items. >> kennedy: was an entire basket. >> greg: i go grocery shopping at duane reade. >> jessica: diet coke. what else do you need? jell-o pudding snacks? >> martha: it's interesting to see what people buy. almonds and hot dogs. >> greg: i can tell you. >> kennedy: the same delicious disc. next, climate activists superglue themselves to the u.s. capitol. the sticky situation is coming up. stay put.
2:43 pm
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♪ >> jessica: 2020 democrats pulling out all the stops to combat climate change. senator kirsten gillibrand is the latest, rolling out a
2:47 pm
$10 trillion climate change plan. some activists are taking peculiar action by super gluing themselves to the u.s. capital also demand congressional action on the issue. super glued activists are not part of her plan but they were greeted kindly by aoc and elijah cummings thanking them for their activism. i'm going to go straight to what i think you like to talk about on this, the price tags. >> kennedy: why stop at 10 trillion? that's amateur hour. why not 100 trillion? let's do a 10-year plan, 10 trillion a year. >> greg: what comes after t? >> kennedy: quadrille you. >> jessica: i thought you meant the next segment. we just passed the spending bil bill. >> kennedy: ridiculous. why should you listed? >> jesse: let's focus on the funny part, the glue. i don't know who has dumber
2:48 pm
protest, the environmentalist or pita. >> greg: pita is great. >> jesse: peter is horrible. because they are naked? >> greg: i didn't say that. >> jesse: chaining yourself to a landfill or chaining yourself to a greenpeace boat. it's crazy. gluing yourself to a door. the media doesn't give enough attention to these ridiculous left-wing activists. the tea party guy sneezes and it's going to be an insurrection. >> jessica: i don't know. we heard about the people in dianne feinstein's office. that was a week of media attention. >> martha: do we have the video of them as people were trying to walk through the tunnel? their hands are together. i don't know about you but -- okay. everyone had to duck under their arms. >> greg: all right. >> martha: in one part, this woman says my friend is in a wheelchair and the guys very perplexed. he's like oh, no, what do i do.
2:49 pm
i can't unstick. they managed to wheel the person in the wheelchair through, and i'm thinking this is -- >> greg: there was a bigger injustice. the man bun. there is a definite overlap of bad hair and activism. >> martha: have you ever stuck your fingers together with superglue? how did they get their hands off the wall. >> kennedy: bottles of acetone acetone. loosen the bond. it wasn't superglue. it was gorilla glue. >> greg: taking our green. >> kennedy: it's not going to help kirsten gillibrand. >> greg: it's too late. >> kennedy: these ideas and outstanding each other and existential threats in the same language she is using and she's late to the game and it's going to fall on deaf ears. doesn't matter who she gets to cosign anything. it's not going to happen. this isn't the way to solve the
2:50 pm
climate crisis. she really should just withdraw. >> jessica: okay, not to be debbie downer because i'm enjoying the man buns and the glue conversation with climate change is an important issue. it's the number to vision for democrats. >> greg: you should support nuclear, the cleanest energy. >> kennedy: and more fracking. >> greg: i agree with you, jessica. i'm glad we agree that nuclear is the future. >> jessica: we have another minute in the segment so we can continue. democrats have climate plans. do you think it matters republicans don't want to -- take your nuclear plan. >> kennedy: you can't say that because there are republicans who are invested in the issue. >> jessica: how about donald trump, who is not invested. >> greg: clean, clean coal. >> jessica: what do you think, martha? >> martha: i was watching boris johnson's first address today to parliament. that was on his list. he said he wanted to work toward zero emissions and everyone keeps talking about how much they have in common i thought
2:51 pm
that's interesting coming from boris johnson who obviously thinks that politically it's a good move for him. i think you may be onto something and i think that a republican who came forward with a very cogent plan and perhaps it is, saying let's take another look at nuclear. take another look at some of these options and articulate in a way that people can say if i vote for that person in those five things that he wants her door she wants to do, i could be doing something that actually might get us somewhere. >> jesse: my climate plan is paper straws. they work very well. >> martha: you have to drink fast. >> jesse: i had a straw in here the whole show, at 5:59, it was fine. >> greg: you use straws for a fluid? >> jessica: we have to go. "one more thing" is coming up next. i wanted more from
2:52 pm
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♪ >> time now for "one more thing." watch out, tiger woods. i took my daughter golfing this morning, mini golfing. she got her first hole-in-one. very good. but i couldn't let her win. i had to smoke or at the very end, i beat her by ten strokes. >> you're an awful person. >> fair is fair. season five of waters world drop some fox nation. here's a quick -- to wet your whistle. >> first president of the united states. >> oh god. >> what is the name of our national anthem? speak of the national anthem. >> was it a trick question? >> have you ever hit your head up there? >> no, i haven't. >> maybe you just don't remember. >> there it is. greg gutfeld is next with probably animals are great. >> before animals are great and going to plug my fox nation once my personal, charles hurt.
2:57 pm
delightful guy. he has a new book and then on the one podcast, which is fox news -- crap. fox news podcast.calm with noah rothman. social justice, making america. now it's time for ♪ animals are great ♪ ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great leave all of you behind. if that's not a weekend show screaming to happen anyway -- do you ever see a puppy pull a prank? check out this little puppy. puppies aren't this smart, but this puppy knew what he was doing, just hanging there, knew his owner was coming up the stairs and then he knows precisely the right time to go -- isn't that amazing? if you want to watch it again. >> that is so funny. >> it is amazing that the stock is the intelligence and the weight and the ability to think ahead. that's why, martha, animals are
2:58 pm
great. ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great >> let's put this picture up and sure eleanor -- sorry, your singing isn't over yet. this is eleanor walton, 19 years old, great britain. somebody spilled red wine on her white pants suit at the races. she realized it was an open bar so she went and got all this red wine and she and her girlfriend went into the bathroom -- i think this is a weird and disgusting, the story, by the way. they soaked her clothes in the sink and then she went back out wearing an outfit that she claims people said "wow, that's a really cool outfit." it had to have been still wet, had to completely smell like wine and also had to of been sort of changing all the time, the pattern. >> she's using a handicap bathroom, did you notice that? >> yeah, that's the real story, greg. always on the lookout for injustice. >> very weird. very weird. >> we will put this up, it is a picture from over the weekend, my boyfriend and i were in
2:59 pm
berlin. >> which one is her boyfriend? >> all of them. for single one. >> the one next to me. yes, all of them. rick from being on fox. over in germany for over a year now and that's us on the ronald reagan terrace, which is amazing. you can hear ronald reagan's voice calling on gorbachev to tear down this wall looking at the place that he actually did it, everyone should go to berlin. fantastic. >> ric grenell space. >> that's where the balcony was. >> or you can go to jimmy's famous seafood in baltimore. they've been at a big fight with peter because pita put up a billboard and they responded to it by saying dear peter, your ts are delicious, we are sharing them with the world, they now have pita tears beer because they put up a billboard next to their billboard that said with the crowd i'm me, not
3:00 pm
meet. jim is put up one that said steamed crabs with me capitalize. now they are serving peta tears. >> i will take some of those. set your dvr, never miss an upside of "the five." "special report" is up next, hey brett. >> bret: jesse, thanks. if breaking tonight, the house of representatives just passed a debt limit and spending caps package. this major sets a top line speng figure for the next two fiscal years. it doesn't actually fund the government but the measure suspends the debt ceiling through july 31st, 2021. that pushes the next time to deal with that until after the general election. the vote was 284-149. all but 16 democrats voted for passage. 65 republicans voted for the bill. 132 republicans voted no despite the president's support. fiscal hawks up in arms saying without cutting back this move continues to put a huge burden on our children and


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