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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 25, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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we need more of that in the world. most watch, most trusted, we are glad you spend your evening with us. good night for now from washington, i am shannon bream them. ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." in general, the left isn't big on admittingn things, obvious things, but in the case of robert mueller's testimony yesterday, they don't have a choice. we are conceding, yes, it was a total disaster and how is nancy pelosi reacting tonight and what doess donald trump jr. think of what happened yesterday? both of them respond exclusively right here in just a moment. but first tonight, the russia hoax ended yesterday. we can say that. it ended not with a bang but with the modeled half memories of a fading old man slipping in and out of focus. america's got transfixed by robert mueller's testimony before congress. no honest persones could come ay
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at the end believing that the president ofen the united states colluded with the russian government to steal an election. that was the allegation, you will remember. and then, after the most extensive investigation in modern american history, we found the truth. we can say conclusively, once again, what we told you the day this all started, the whole thing is a crock. it never happened. they were lying to you. that's clear now that the day is peover. but that doesn't mean the russian story quite ended. there are loose ends. for two and half years, some of the most powerful people in america, supposedly y serious, well educated people, very smart people, these people made wild and untrue and totally reckless allegations about issues critical to the life of this country. all on the basis of no evidence whatsoever. it's hard to believe they did that. but they did do it. what should happen to these people now? congressman adam schiff rings in.le he claims he possessed actual evidence of russia collusion. he didn't just say that one
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time, he said it repeatedly. >> there was significant evidence of collusion. there is ample evidence and indeed, there is, of collusion of people in the trump campaign with the russians. i think there's plenty of absolute evidence of collusion or conspiracy. >> tucker: in the end, you know what happenedte or didn't. schiffnd did not produce the evidence. he didn't have it because it doesn't exist. schiff was bluffing which is to say, lying. he still is, actually. as of yesterday, schiff was continuing to claim that therd term camping quotes embraced foreign help, made use of it, and covered it up. in other words,, collusion. schiff still believes the for collusion hoax. or does he? today, adam schiff went on cnn to carry water for his boss, nancy pelosi. impeachment might not be a great idea, he is told cnn viewers. but wait, that doesn't seem to hmake sense. if donald trump is working for a hostile foreign power, as adam schiff was told countless times that he is, how can we not impeach him?
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no one on cnn asked adam schiff to explain that contradiction, unfortunately. not that it matters because think about it for a sec and you will see exactly what's going ton. adam schiff never believed a word he was saying. i suppose the good news is, schiff is not delusional. the n bad news, though, is that adam schiff is a soulless liar. he is a man willing to say literally anything for a political advantage and that's really the worst of all. being a lunatic would be much amore appealing than that. naturally, washington being the place that it is, adam schiff has been ritually rewarded for his shameless deceit. he is still the chairman of the house intelligence committee. that's one ofma the most powerfl jobs and all of schiff is all but certain to be there for years. but what about his enablers and there are a lot of them. the journalist, a the fellow lawmakers, that helps t adam schiff tell his lies. these are the people eat, your member, who blindly accuse the sitting president the sitting president of the united states of treason. >> the evidence suggests, indeed, trump is, and has been,d upon of the russians.
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>> when you start to see a pattern where he basically follows putin's lies, that we have to ask the most unusual question about our own president. >> why this president seems to be putting russia's interest inside of our own. >> the tweet really just undercuts his own defense for the presidents we couldn't have been scripted better if it was written by putin himself. >> this is nothing short of treason because it is a betrayal of the nation. he is giving comfort to the enemy. >> there is influence whether waiting, or unwitting, by the russians over president trump. >> is a possibility. a, b very real possibility. that president putin holds damaging information over president trump. >> trumps eagerness to sell out america proves the russians must have something personally, politically, or s financially on president trump.
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>> tucker: improves the president trump is committing treason. think about what you decide. the last person in that montage was nancy pelosi. as you know, she's the speaker of the house. third in line for the presidency. she is the country's most powerful lawmaker. he supposedly awoke wise and sober person.r r and there, she was telling you, it's been proved that the president of the united states is working for a hostile foreign is any speaker in american history ever said something that irresponsible, may be nothing comes mind, but if you think that's shocking, consider this. pelosi is still saying that. alex pfeiffer ran into pelosi just this afternoon on capitol hill and asked her, listen to what she told our show. >> speaker pelosi, in january, he wondered what putin had on trial date of hearsay, are you any closer to figuring that out? >> we are in the courts right now.
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are you any closer to figuring out what vladimir putin has on trump? >> we need to answer our subpoena to think there might be some sort of blackmail the president? >> i wonder what putin has politically, financially, or personally. [indistinct question] >> tucker: the exchange isn't long but it really tells you everything you need to know. pelosi told our show the president is a traitor who is committing treason and yet, she doesn't want to impeach him. how does that make sense? well, it only makes sense when you understand the pelosi doesn't mean a singlee word that she says. everything is political. meaning, it's only about power. that's not just annoying, it's also ominous. and here's why. 15 years ago, this spring, we invaded iraq to stop a wmd program that didn't exist. thousands of american troops died in the process, trillions of dollars were wasted. it was the single greatest mistake in this g country in generations and yet,ti and heres
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the key, nobody in washington was ever punished for it. the people who planned it went on to even better jobs. one of them is now our national security advisor, john bolton. five years after the iraq war, our economy collapse. remember that? the subprime meltdown? the specific causes were complex but the themes were instantly recognizable. the greed and stupidity and yet, once again, no one was ever punished. now, fast forward another 11 years to today, right now america stands on the brink of yet more foolish foreign entanglements and on the break of potentially another financial bmeltdown. why is that? because nobody in washington has learned anything. and why would they learn anything? when they scrub, there are never any consequences. it is skate by on the unusual mixture of aggression and b.s. s nothing to see here. keep moving. imagine for a second what would happen if you'll let your kids act like that. well, they would be in prison by time to stop the
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cycle in washington to be and how about this. if you can get caught lyingg a about the big things, whether it's about weapons of mass destruction or subprime mortgages or russian collusion, you have to admit it. and serve penance. not necessarilydm present time, -- prison time, though we are open, but punishment of some kind. you can stay in washington making six times the average american sorry. youu can't do that here now, sorry that you've got to leave. you got to read quote relocate to camden, new jersey. gary,ot indiana. and do something useful like clean motel rooms for minimum wage. put the little sanitized for your protection scripts on toilets.e not forever. just for a decade or two until you've learned your lesson. e call us when you've done that, but not before. andy mccarthy is a contributing editor a national route review it and author of the upcoming book, "ball of collusion," the plot to rig an election and destroy presidency. andy, thanks a lot for joining us tonight. so, do you think, at this point,
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and try to be charitable because i know that you are a man of personal decency, that an honest person looking at the evidence, watching mr. mueller's testimony yesterday, could believe, still, that the president was being blackmailed by russia? >> no, tucker. but, you know, actually thought that mueller's testimony would be a nonevent. i really thought that this diet when mueller didn't come through for them and find a collusion conspiracy. and i expected yesterday was just going to be him reading the report. what i was taken aback by was how detached and unable he seemed to be but i really thought this was dead, weeks ago. >> tucker: yes. well, you would think that it would be but it persists. it persists at least in the rhetoric. and you spent your life in and around the justice system.
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isn't one of the main points of the justice systemys to effect justice? to say this was right, this was wrong, the people who committed a wrong or punished, the people the writered vindicate a question mark is not the point? why does that never happened in washington? >> well, i i think, tucker, you kind of hit it on the head with your opening. we don't really have justice. we have protectionon or old -- pretextual justice. is political and we have kind of the attainments of judicial processesia boat what is really going on underneath it all is everything is geared toward what position will be bn, say, autumn of 2020 and to be a little bit more concrete about it, i always thought with this escapade that it was carried as counterintelligence for a long time because theyte didn't havea criminal predicate to conduct an investigation. they did the criminal investigation of mainly obstruction in order to start impeachment chatter and it's not
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that they wouldn't impeach trump if they thought they could, but the real purpose of impeachment was the political goal of rendering trump unelectable by autumn of next year. so, i thought this was always wl political and what they tried to do was make it look legitimate by carrying it under rubric like counterintelligence and law enforcement. but i don't recognize it as such. >> tucker: have you ever seen anything more cynicall and damaging to the country itself? >> not this widespread and systemically. i was thinking when you are making your opening remarks about harry reid back in 2012, when he just blurted out that romney hadn't paid his taxes and when they asked about it, it was just a blatant flat out live. and when they asked him about it later, he said well, he didn't win, did he? and that really seems to me the
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bottom line to these guys. it's all about winning. it's all about accumulating and keeping valor and, you know, they will use the criminal justice system if that helps them in order to try to legitimize what their schemes are but we shouldn't be fooled by that. they aregi schemes. >> tucker: it's the tonya harding approach. just, you know, take a bite of your opponent. thank you for that perspective. i appreciate it. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: will come democratic candidates prefer to act like robert mueller's testimony never have and get others on the left are being more honest about it. bill march we did this, imu cant want to study more to home, guys. you made o.j. try on the glove and it just didn't work. you can still win the election but i wouldn't bet my own money on it. michael moore was even one of them said, always upset, he wrote this, quote, "a frail old man unable to answer things. stumbling, and unable to answer questions. i said it in 2017 and mueller confirmed his day, while you penance and moderates and lame
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democrats who told the public to put their face and the esteemed brother mark, shut the f up from now on.w and on that, for once, we agree with michael moore. performing her lawyer and advisor to hillary clinton, he joins us tonight. arela you with michael moore on this? >> you know, my take away is, i tip my hat to the president's supporters, whether on networks, prints, or pendants because the majority of republicans don't agree with what his own head of cia, his own director of national intelligence had which is what that the republicans, the russians did interview interview with the election. most were republicans don't believe that and i say, well done, trump supporter's. and after yesterday, the take away, i think by all fairness is, the russians stole from hillary clinton and the dnc. the trump campaignto it used stolen goods and the only reason there was no indictment is they use a cut through. wikileaks, who mike pompeo, when
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he was head of cia, said it was a hostile intelligence service so, again, well done. you managed to -- >> tucker: i guess i'm not jumping all over you and trying to beat you into submission or even witness argument because, -- even when this argument because, of course, it's not worth it. you know, i don't think anyone watching agrees with what you're saying get i can tell whether you do or not. >> no republican disagreed with me yesterday. >> tucker: has a lot of remotee guns in the in fact, i can tell you how many dumb republicans are on capitol hill right now. anyone that says russia is a preeminent threat to the united states is an idiot. i'd be happy to talk to anyone about that's a beet line of the democratic party. that russia is a preeminent threat to the united states. not china, not google, not a bunch of other countries, not the saudis, russia. and that's insane. actually. "twitterstorm" dick cheney's said what -- >> tucker: i don't care what
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dick cheney said. >> but he's not a democrat or even a stupid republican on congress but you can disagree with him, but he's not alone. he will let me ask you a question peered rather than go back into the past and try to prove acts of various religions, i want to it with few sounds from your speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. this was a couple of hours ago. alex arthur ran onto ran into her on the hill and answer, do you think trump speaks treason he is what she said. [indistinct question] >> we are in the courts are now. >> are you any closer to figuring out what pruden has on from? >> that's why we need to have -- trump? the answer to our subpoena. >> do you think we might have some sort of blackmail the president? >> i wonder what putin has politically, financially, personally. so do you think it is blackmail? >> tucker: so nancy pelosi believes that trump is working
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for the russians. she just said that. do you think that's right? >> i think what she's pointing to is, there has been very little say in explanation for why trump sided with pruden -- vladimir putin against his intelligence agencies on the question of whether or not the russians attacked our democracy. >> tucker: she just explained it. she thinks trump is working for putin. she doesn't want to improve repeat gym. -- impeach him. it's not that kind of treason. but she said is working for put in. you agree with that? >> come i think what she's saying is, let's look at his taxes. let's look at some information about money-laundering. get to the bottom of this and that may actually explain why he lied during the campaign about notot having any dealings with russia. we know he was lying about it. and i think there is a lot of other things and mueller coming yesterday, virtually called him a liar. >> tucker: so you think, you agree with pelosi that trump is ucworking for putin? you think that? before saying something like that, you would think that you should have a nail that down. we just had a s multiyear investigation, several of them come actually, that didn't show
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that but pelosi has access to documents that we don't have access to, as i would she say? signal, she doesn't. i'm not saying that he is, basically, the holding to the russians. i'm just saying that a lot of people should ask questions about why in the world would he trust putin over his own handpicked intelligence agency had? -- head? that's kind of hard to explain but for something that we don't believe. >> tucker: if you don't believe our intel agencies, you are a traitor. >> no. but why would you -- >> tucker: this whole thing -- really?? because i don't believe anything tthey say beard and i'm not a traitor, i'm a loyal american. richard, great to see you. i can't wait for the story to go away.n. it's too infuriating. robert mueller refused to answer aed lot of questions yesterday, including several bow donald trump jr. donald trump jr. has something to say about it, though, he will this first interview since the hearing after thisay break. ♪ for all out confidence...
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♪ >> tucker: robert mueller's report and his testimony yesterday before congress sells -- dealt a lot with american's so-called intelligence community. our various intel agencies. so, how are those agencies reacting to yesterday's hearing? fox chief intelligence correspondent, catherine herridge has that story for us and she joins a stop to it hey. >> thanks. after the testimony, they my contacts reported reported that they were beyond disappointed to hear directly from robert mueller that is teay did not investigate the steele dossier and the weather was part of the russian playbook in 2016. they said the key question is whether russian intelligence
9:23 pm
operations targeted the dossiers author, former british spy, christopher steele. private and former intelligence officers informing him of the russian campaign was likely designed to damage both candidates. hillary clinton,gn and all john, -- and donald trump because moscow's ultimate objective was to tarnish the event's eventual winner and office of the presidency. according to this memo, mueller's job was to investigate russian interference and he testified that the dossier predated his appointment here that's technically true but the national security courts extended the surveillance warrant from carter page based on the steele dossier through the summer of 2017, overlapping with mueller. this exchange from yesterday had not had nearly enough player and he goes to the heart of the issue. >> christopher steele's reporting is referenced in your reports. steele report as of the that -- to the fbi senior russian foreign ministry
9:24 pm
figures along with other russians told him that there was an exploding from the deal that's a comic sense is evidence of conspiracy between the trump campaign team in the kremlin paired so here's my question, did russians really tell that your customers show? -- two christopher steele or did he just make it all up and was he lying to the fbi? >> let me back up at a second if i could be a let me say ass i said earlier, with regard to steel, that's beyond my pretty old. >> separately, the democratic chairman of the house judiciary committee's next target is former is former white house counsel don mckendrick. o -- don mcgann jerry nadler told reporters he may file a lawsuit as early as tomorrow to enforce that subpoena, tucker. >> tucker: the subpoenas continue to catherine herridge, things a lot, for that. biko you're welcome. president trump had what we would describe ase a triumphant reaction yesterday after robert mueller's testimony. here's part of it. speak of their party is in shambles right now. they've got the squad leading their party. they are a mess. this g was a devastating day for the democrats.
9:25 pm
the democrats thought they could win an election like this, i think they hurt themselves very badly for 2020. >> tucker: mall, the mood was widely shared on twitter, donald trump jr. -- called the hearing a great win, and asked this, serious question, hasn't mueller even heard of mueller? donald trump joins us for his first interview since the hearing and scrape your thanks a lot for coming on. so, what was f -- i mean, i think that tweet sums it up pretty well but elaborate on what you thought of it. >> well, listen. i really think it does speak for itself.>> i mean, i'm watching a guy that led an investigation, was that of the fbi, was a former prosecutor, spent two years and almost $50 million investigating it and a congressman asked, let's talk about fusion gps. i've never heard of it appear to me, that be like a builder talking about not understanding what a foundation is. dodo not even have a finite understanding of how this all
9:26 pm
started tells the american public everything they need to know, tucker. this was a hoax set up by the democrats from moment number one.y it wasn't true, this investigation was about trying to figure out what happened. it was trying to back into the resultt that they wanted. they couldn'the do that because there was nothing there. but they drug people through the mud for two years. they spread it in the media, ad nauseam him, without fail. you saw your prior n guests earlier today saying the same thing. may be working with vladimir putin, yes, because donald trump needed to leave his lifestyle of luxury to go work for the russians rather than, because he's sick of what's going on in american politics, because he's sickk of politicizing every single aspects and being willing to ruin people's lives, send american lives to fight wars for things that don't exist, all of this nonsense that you talk about,, because there's no accountability in washington, d.c. and i thinkac the american peope
9:27 pm
finally saw it. that this man, who was the lead of the largest investigation in american history, really the largest hoax at this point, he didn't have a fundamental understanding of not only where it began, but what was even involved. how it took place. ultimately, i think the american public saw that he was put in there as a figurehead because he was a former leader of the fbi, he was a decorated marine and he would do what's right. w but, no one's talking about this guy put in 19 left is hillary clinton donor lawyers. they worked on the clinton campaign, they went to her, what would have been her inauguration party. they would've celebrated it. he would have no idea who was running the ship. the inmates were running the asylum and as inmates for the democrat party who were doing whatever they could to destroy my father's presidency because they see that he's actually getting things done. he's actually getting things done for the american people. he's actually delivering on the promises that he made. f and what i would love to see asd
9:28 pm
an american, and someonees who s really been drugged through the mud myself in his whole hoax, is, i'd love to see the democrats actually do something for americans for change. not for their power base, not for the political elite, not for their nonsense crazy p that they are running with these days but for actual hardworking americans. how about getting the usmca passed through congress question mike about working on an infrastructure bill? how about doing anything other than trying toto destroy my fatr who is actually delivering for the people that he said hehe wod deliver for? all american people. >> tucker: two things, jerry nadler is on anotheruc channel right as we speak saying more subpoenas so, this will, apparently, pouring according to mr. another, continue. we surprised to hear the speaker of the house come nancy pelosi come and say this afternoon to us that she still believes that the president of the united states is working for russia? speaker of the house. >> no, because this is all they had. they have deigned to their
9:29 pm
-- they banked their entire reputation on a paired member and started off as collusion, than i was going to be obstruction, than it a cover-up, then it's gonna be the southern district of new york. then, mueller is going to be the savior, we are going to get in this time, they just keep doubling down. again, because there's no one is willing to hold them accountable.n. you know, maybe you, maybe sean and the next hour, a few people, but the mainstream media will still buy in large run with just about anything that they sell them.ea -- tell them. they don't have to be fact-based. there doesn't have to be any evidence. as long as they say it, that's all that they need because mainstream media has become the de facto marketing division of the dfc. >> tucker: that is very clear. that is not an overstatement. donald trump jr., great to see a man. nthank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: in hand, robert mueller's testimony hurt his own interpretation and ther: cause of the democratic party. he has also heard our national security appeared one former fbi official believes that it did. i will explain why, in a minute.
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plus, liberals inin san franciso are plotting to destroy a george washington mural after deciding with consensus, the -- it is offensive and the consensus, party of censorship,p, destroyig art like the taliban. we will discuss, just ahead. ♪ without the letters a, b and o,
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at bass pro shops and cabela's. where you'll save on all the gear you need for the season. plus get your bow outfitted, tuned and sited right in the store. bass pro shops and cabela's. your adventure starts here. >> tucker: more than 200 times yesterday, former special counsel robert mueller deflected or declined to answer a direct question will testify before congress. anyone watching from home will and for a little about russia but it was not a total loss. viewers learn how to use the word purview. from the sheer number of times. >> it's outside my purview. with regard to this deal, that's beyond my purview. as i said before, i will state again, it's not my purview. >> tucker: so mueller's testimony, and then, was weird, sad, and embarrassing, but wasn't more than that?
9:34 pm
could it have been harmful to the national security of this country? terry church suggests it might have been. he joins us tonight. terry, thanks a lot for coming on. so, you are suggesting that this might actually hurt the country. how? >> well, absolutely. i think, in fact, i talked to a number of former agents today, yesterday, after the hearing, and i think we're pretty sure, and so pretty confident that we should be saying right now that we're probably going to one of the most dangerous times in our country's history because we feel that what came out of this, and what came out of thoseec hearings, definitely confirmed our worst fears from two years ago and that is from all the pieces that came out and all the pieces that we collected, we feel like the democratic party is the hostile intelligent service here, if you will come of the targeted the president and wants to get him removed from office. and if anything was in the purview of director mueller, it was to look at russian influence in the 2016 election and in
9:35 pm
fact, he didn't do that. what he did was take facts from everywhere and that entire report is trying to pin those facts around the idea that come of the theory that donald trump was in bed with the russians. that is not the way you do an investigation and today, we said, and yesterday when he concluded his testimony, he said one of the real bad things as they are going to do it again.d well, yes they are because he did nothing to stop it. and the fbi did nothing to stop it and that's what really makes this different. the fbi has been compromised and the facts are very clear. we don't know today if it so compromised by the democratic party and too many questions remain unanswered. we don't have time to go into all of them. let me just give you one little piece of something that we look out when we do with counterintelligence investigations like this. you always look at and you ask, who initiated the media and anything with, say, the target. let's take trump tower. they all are raving about that terrible meeting in trump tower.
9:36 pm
that meeting was initiated by natalia vessels guy appears she is the one who called donald trump jr., not the other way around. before she did that, what did she do? she met with fusion gps, that bob mueller has no idea who they are. i mean, i was crushed when i saw that. who had the president of fusion gps met with the volvo -- before all of this? he met withhr perkins click on the law firm that was representing the dnc and paying for and still putting money into christopher steele to write the dossier. the same law firm, by the way, that would not allowsime the fbo get into the dnc network when we had the emails all hacked. this is awful. this is very obvious. and i think you would be hard-pressed to find an experienced fbi counterintelligence agent who really knows what they are talking about. i worked russian counterintelligence for 20 years. so did manyy of the people i've talked to. this is o not about donald trum.
9:37 pm
this is about the democratic party weaponizing the intelligence committee to get information they've known for decades. as to how those people work and this is turning it against the president to get him to move from office.isst we are now going through the revolution that we started in 1960. >> terry turchie, thank you for that. while come out in san francisco, the school where there is pushing ahead with the plan to destroy arts w and a plan to pat over and desecrate and destroy and obliterate new deal era murals that show george washington, most of them painted by a communist artist paid for by the fdr administration and they meant just show washington's flaws as well as his virtues but nuance like that is now illegal, as you know, on the left. some people decide the murals were offensive and so they are going to be destroyed at great cost. an attorney and former member of the san francisco police commission, a longtime resident liberal san franciscan.
9:38 pm
joe, thanks very much for coming on. the idea that hundreds of thousands of dollars in city used to destroy arts and the liberals would cheer this is so bewildering to someone my age, middle-aged person. i'm not sure what to say. i just wanted to bring you one who lived in san francisco and give us a reality check here. is this actually happening? is this the state of liberalism 2019, destroying art? >> by the way, i am a san francisco democrat, have been my entire life. so is my entire family. $600,000 is how much they want to spend to paint over this wall. now, letnd me put this in perspective here. this is a mural of the life of george washington at a school named george washington high school. this mural is in the right place.e. it's a teaching moment that is being robbed of the students and worse yet, the teachers themselves should be outraged. this is a city where the average teacher starts at $52,000 a year. if you double that $204,000 a
9:39 pm
year, you are still $11,000 short of the poverty level in san francisco and these guys in voting unanimously to spend $600,000 to remove this painting. the teachers union should be our age grade the teacher should be -- outraged and the teacher should be outraged and it's ironic that this is a teaching moment that's being tangible, back to it, you made earlier. fantasize for your protection pair that's what they're doing doing here and you wonder what they are doing to the history books. >> tucker: it's kind of the next question. if you're willingg to destroy te painting because you don't like its politics, why wouldn't you burn a book? >> well, more in the book or change the name of the high school? the high school named george washington high school, if you're going to village by -- vilify george washington, where really does this end? i mean, it's really interesting. i know that they are talking now about a ballot initiative and would instead theyou should be doing is focusing on stuff like what the mayor announced today, which is tax credits for housing
9:40 pm
students. that is what they should be focused on but the democratic party has this cancel in it that is this radical left. if they do not take care of this cancer, it will cannibalize the party and againsts our president and then the republicans fodder for this next election and it makes us look like -- annexes look bad. and that's not my party that is not my party. steal one from a liberal democrat in san francisco, that they've gone insane. stickley i, well, we agree on this one. don't tell anybody though. the two i won't. thanks. first, just a small income and now i erika thomas. another fake hate crime undermined thanks to video evidence. we bought the latest for you on that tonight. plus, congressman ilhan omar suggest america should not worry about a radical islam and should instead worry about white men. she's not racist because she said it, apparently. that, ahead. ♪ really appreciate the military family
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♪ >> tucker: another week, and other hate a hoax. apparently that is what's going on with erica thomas, she's the georgia democrat and lawmaker who rallied the national media to her side last week when she posted a facebook video and claim to be the victim of a malicious hateful attack by a white man at a grocery store. watch. >> that white man came up to me and called me a b word and told me to go back where i came from because he wanted to get in front of me with his couple of items and he said i had 20 items and then he said i should get out of line. what would make you that angry? >> tucker: if she's sobbing, must be true. watch, looks like nothing was true. this story and semifell apart. thomas was the one who said i go back to where you came from.
9:46 pm
>> i heard him call her ignorant and then she said ma'am, i need you to leave the store. and then he called her ignorant again and she said you can go back to where you camera from. >> that's what he said to her? >> no, she said that to him. you can go it back to where you came from. >> tucker: amazing. now, surveillance tape from the supermarket further undermines her story. the footage has no sound but it makes it clear that the fight was just a verbal altercation and thomas did not seem to be in fear for her v safety. jason nichols is a professor of african-american studies at the university of maryland and he joins us. thanks a lot for coming on. so, if there is one that raises the temperature pointlessly and makes people hatete each other when they don't need to aid each -- hate each
9:47 pm
other, it's stories like this. that's why i think it's worth pounding on l this lawmaker. you shouldn't lie about stuff like this because itff really ds make people paranoid and unhappy, wouldn't you say? >> i'm not so sure that she lied. i think i may know, number one, he did call her a lazy b word and we have to remember that she is nine months pregnant, she had 20 my items in the line and this busybody comes over and, you know, starts getting upset about that. he should've just rolledps his eyes like the rest of us do and gone on about his day and complained about it, you know, to his wife but instead -- >> tucker: let me stop you there and agree. i agree with you. he should've just rolled his eyes and he is an annoying busybody. i should say that. this is not -- black with hat white-hot deal. they are both awful. i agree with you completely bare however, she's the lawmaker and she made it into a race case. i guess that is what bothers me. why did i?sh why do that? >> well, you know, i'm not so sure that it had anything to do
9:48 pm
with race but what i will say is that, you know, that's the environment that we are in now and we can talk about why that is but i think the larger environment is a lot of people are really tense and really coming out, sensitive and afraid and you know, i think when you said that she wasn't afraid, not so sure. i think a lot of people react aggressively when they are afraid so i think her being nine months pregnant and having her daughter, i believe she has another 9-year-old daughter there, i can see why she might be a little intimidated and the man called her a lazy b word which in my opinion, where i come from, may even be worse than single back to where you are from. >> tucker: yeah, i mean i don't even know what go back to where you are from means.'t of family issues when the set up that i agree with you. i just don't -- as soon as she set a white man did this, he claims he's not white, but whatever. why make it a race thing? how about a rude guy did this? you know and i mean? i get it. that's totally fine.
9:49 pm
but we should all should make an effort to d racial -- effort to d racial isaac, and my opinion. >> i'm not so sure. again, i don't know her experiences, you know, are coming from georgia andad may be some of experiences she had made her think that this was a racial incident. i don't know but what i can say is, you know, him going up and approaching this pregnant woman because she had a couple extra items was ridiculous and then calling her a lazy b word when in fact, she has founded a nonprofit, she's an elected official, and she's a mother and she is ninee months pregnant? she's anything but lazy. i think that when a little over over board. >> tucker: not lazy, but a liar. good to see you. state of minnesota gave pete allison a pro wrestler as governor. didn't work very well, but neither of them are even close to that states were celeste truax mistake.
9:50 pm
that honor goes, sonny grilli contested, to a freshman member of congress, ilhan omar. ilhan said that if america carea to be at keeping its citizens safe, we would stop worrying about islamic terrorism, which isn't really no problem at all, and instead profile white men. watch. >> i would say our country should be moreay fearful of whie menn across our country. they are actually causing most of the dust within this country -- deaths within this country and so if the fear was the driving force of policies to keep america safe, americans safe inside of this country, we should be profiling and monitoring and creating policies to fight the radicalization of white men. >> tucker: not only is that obviously bigoted, it's also stupid. it's untrue. fbi statistics prove that it's actually not factually accurate
9:51 pm
what she just said but in any case, our real fear should not be ices or white men, we should be most afraid of clueless lawmakers like ilhan omar. kevin bruce, president and hose, get to him you post on fox nation which you should watch every episode of. tammy, inch it interesting that a lawmaker can get up and attack an entire racial group like oh, problem. no one knows it. >> well yeah, that was from last year which is interesting because know what she now has an opinion piece out calling donald trump and a racist. when she had called for, while she was a state representative, for racial and gender profiling by federal law enforcement this country's history speaks very strongly about the fact that we have rejected that. we had a civil war, to reject the idea that people should be etreated differently because of how they look or for an immutable personal traits like race or gender. and yet, here she is in the 21st century, usually railing as we know aboutst those supposedly
9:52 pm
false racism of the president because it's political and then, her own comments on left this said that she was being satirical and no she wasn't no, she was being serious. this is a point of view that she felt comfortable presenting before she wasng a major nationl figure and i think that that's what is the truth here. at the same time, he you've got a woman of color, another thing that has proved racism and bigotry is equal opportunity. it is not with one group, it is not with one gender, it is not with one race, it is really about a major desire to control and to align individuals who may be are more inclined to not necessarily agree with you or believe what you believe and we have seen historically how that works. you denigrate individuals and others as a problem, you separate them, and in this
9:53 pm
country, every day we work and we practiced being americans by rejecting the very thing she suggested. a which is, ofje course, we should look at other people and judge them on their race and then once we do that, we should set polico and law enforcement and surveillance on then based on how they appear. it is the antithesis of the american dream and it's not who we are as a people at all. >> tucker: that's exactly right. and as always, so nicely put. great to see you, tammy. be sure to check out tammy's new program which we say, get tammy bruce. new episode out every week only on fox nation. reports say that billionaire jeffrey epstein was found injured in his cell yesterday. was it aai suicide attempt? or something else going on? trace gallagher with the very latest on that, next. ♪
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♪ >> tucker: avalanche of news
9:58 pm
and jeffrey epstein case, by the headline has to be that epstein themselves was found injured in his jail cell. might have been a suicide attempt, but maybe it wasn't. fox chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher has a very latest. >> to avoid federal charges of abusing underage girls and decades in prison, and 2008, jeffrey epstein agreed to a slap on the list plea deal. he served 13 months in jail, allowed at least five days a week to go to jail and then he tried to repair his reputation and "the new york times" said some are happyt to oblige. for example, called epstein one of the largest backers of cutting edge science around the world. no mention of his criminal past. turns out a p.r. firm. a forbes contributor $600 to attach his name to a prewritten story. in 2013, the national were viewed called a smart businessmante with a passion for science. no mention of his passion for underage girls. that story was actually authored by a publicist for jeffrey
9:59 pm
epstein. thee "national review" apologized, and finally, "the huffington post" lauded epstein for helping scientists thrice. the 6 grams progress not included. tonight prison officials are investigating whether he was attacked in jail, stayed intact, or tried to commit suicide. he was found tuesday morning nearlyor unconscious with injurs to his neck. some believe the injuries were self-inflicted to get out of jail but others sayer suicide and assault have not been ruled out. on another inmate has been question. finally, former president clinton said he had six encounters with jeffrey epstein, all after 2002 but "the daily beast" now says epstein made numerous visits to the clinton white house. a clinton spokesperson says the former president knows nothing prof the crimes or the charges. tucker? >> tucker: [laughs] they know nothing. nothing at all. trace gallagher, thank you for the latest tonight. great to see you. there is clearly more to that
10:00 pm
story and we'll keep pulling the thread for you. as of tonight, we are out of time. back tomorrow, 8:00 p.m. the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. have the best night. "hannity" is next. the president is expected to join him. >> sean: yes, sir. great show as always, tucker. thank you. welcome to "hannity." we start tonight with a fox news alert. we are moments awake by the president will join us for an exclusive one-on-one interview, full, complete reaction to all of the events yesterday, the squad where you don't want to miss it. it's been a very good day, two dates for the president had great days for america. horrible day if you are part of the deep state. of course, the line, conspiracy theorist in the destroyed trump medium. here's the reality. they just seem incapable of abstracting, which is i think i'm at the foundation of why they keep going here. they can't accept the 2016 election res


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