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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 26, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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you could watch 100 times, most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. i am shannon bream. >> it is friday, july 26th, this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4 am, fox news alert, to rogue regimes launching missiles despite donald trump's warnings, north korea and iran broke down the state department. >> characterizations out there. >> everything you can for individuals. >> exclusive look in a migrant detention facility. >> how can i help you.
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>> made the trip to the drive-through. caught on camera by one clever customer. "fox and friends first" on a friday morning. jillian: somebody cooler than it needs to tell us if this is dob bob. aaron, our producer confirmed it is dob. rob: i was told by all the producers to get off my lawn.
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on friday morning -- heather: thank you for starting the day with us. let's get to a fox news alert, a solemn morning vowing to carry out more missile tests. carley: joint military exercises between the united states and south korea. todd: aishah hasnie joins us with more on the korean peninsula. >> reporter: the regime is calling out south korean warmongers demanding they stop importing weapons and carrying out military drills. according to state media, kim jong un claims north korea is developing superpowerful weapon systems to remove the potential and direct threats. the regime testfired two short range ballistic missiles on thursday. for the first time since kim and donald trump agreed to revive denuclearization talks. even china is asking the us to strike a deal soon.
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>> restarting talks as soon as possible. this is a shared aspiration of international community. >> reporter: the president told sean hannity we are on the right track. >> haven't tested missiles, even smaller ones. and that doesn't mean it will continue. we have a relationship, president obama had no relationship, we would have been at war. carley: iran testfired medium range ballistic missile amid, shooting down the us drone and most recent capturing a british oil tanker. iran's actions will determine how the us responds. >> they engage in my line activity.
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they are defensive and the normal nation we see differently, donald trump has been clear we are watching their actions. it is what they will do to drive our policy. >> mike pompeo asking all nations to help defend those waters. police believe they are closing in on teen murder suspect in a small town with just one road in and out. canadian police believe cam macleod and breyer schniglelski are hiding out in the area. they are suspected of killing an american woman and her boyfriend. and unrelated college lecture a motive for the killing. a wake will be held for a college student, the services come after a vigil as a 20 when-year-old former high school in st. louis, classmates and teachers calling her a ray of
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sunshine. >> we all will, every moment. >> alley was shot and killed by classmates. alley's funeral is tomorrow. >> bob mueller's testimony on capitol hill. the president reiterating his desire to investigate the investigators. >> the crime was committed on the other side and we will find out about that. we have a great attorney general looking at it. i am hearing a lot of the media talking about investigate the investigators and a lot more than that. i see it, i feel it, a lot of good is going to come out of it. rob: donald trump claiming democrats created a, quote, phony crime by accusing him of obstruction and an investigation
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like this should never happen to another president of the united states. fbi assistant director said robert mueller's investigation doesn't appear to be a pursuit of the facts, to him it was more an effort to cherry pick certain information and use it to fit the democrat narrative. >> probably going through one of the most dangerous times in our country is history. we feel what came out of this, and the worst fears from two years ago, the democratic party is the hostile intelligence service the targeted the president. and if anything was in the purview of director mueller it was to look at russian influence in the 2016 elections, the entire report tries to pin those facts around the idea that donald trump was in bed with the russians. that's not the way you do an investigation.
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todd: nearly 13 million americans watched mueller's testimony. >> 16 marines arrested at camp pendleton accused of crimes ranging from drugs to human smuggling. it comes just weeks after two other marines were arrested at the border. ray bowman takes us inside the shocking roundup. >> 16 marines in camp pendleton arrested in dramatic fashion. authority storming the camp during a battalion formation which happens with 800 marines present. >> they pulled 16 marines and were arrested. >> they were accused of various crimes including human smuggling and driving offenses. the arrest from another case involving 2 marine suspected of helping smuggle 3 migrants across the southern border in exchange for payment after successful passage. the original pair charged with migrant smuggling.
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all 16 were junior marines with the first battalion fifth marines ranging from 18-22 years old with ranks of private first class to corporal. according to the marine corps, none of the 16 are involved with enforcing border security. >> they are held appropriately accountable for them. >> the connection between the two is not yet known. eight other marines were detained thursday and questions about drug-related activities not linked to the arrest. ray open, fox news. todd: the white house ripping a federal judge's decision that blocks asylum policies. in a statement, stephanie grisham rights in part, quote, a tear any of the dysfunctional system that permits plaintiffs to find a single district judge who will dictate immigration
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policy to the entire nation must come to end. and obama appointed judge block the policy required migrants to seek a file in other countries before reaching the us. hours earlier the judge appointed by donald trump ruled in favor of that policy. todd: alexandria ocasio cortez will follow up on these remarks about meeting with nancy pelosi. >> are you interested in having a conversation face-to-face? >> absolutely. ainsley: the freshman democrat will meet face-to-face after a public disagreement on twitter over a border and packages sources tell fox news nancy pelosi is warning democrats not to disparage colleagues if they aren't in favor of impeaching donald trump. democrats renewing their call to oust him from the oval office following testimony from robert mueller. former vice president joe biden holds a commanding lead among democratic presidential hopefuls. a new fox news poll shows biden
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leading the pack with 33% support. bernie sanders trailing behind at 15%. elizabeth warren in third place with 12%. kamala harris rounding out the top four. in hypothetical matchups with donald trump biden leads by 10%. sanders wins by 15%. senator warren and kamala harris trail by 1%. >> the coast guardsmen who went viral with the drug bust would be honored. >> the identified officer will be recognized for tremendous feet of bravery in the pacific but unclear how. still need to find out. 569 worth of drugs from the smuggling submarine. looks like a movie. carley: 10 minutes after the air, congressman collins
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blasting democrats for not taking action on the border crisis. >> you know what is the humanizing? talking about a problem, talking about a problem, talking about a problem in never putting a solution, put mine up. carley: what will it take to get this crisis under control? we will ask national border patrol president brandon judd live next. rob: donald trump upstaged by a guess presidential seal? how did this happen? carley: i need to know more.
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>> i'm not going to read this. you know it is the humanizing?
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never putting a solution up, put a bill up. i have a bill, put mine up. do whatever you want to do. that is what congress is supposed to do. >> georgia congressman doug collins exploding a democratic lawmakers urging them as immigration officials confirm a record-breaking amount of migrant children coming into the us. todd: what will it take to get results at the border? the president of border patrol union brandon judd. it is real early in arizona. you heard that tirade by doug collins. that is well and good but is there any sign democrats will come to the table with anything? with anything that could become law and move our country forward on this major problem? >> as of right now absolutely not but good for congressman collins calling out his colleagues on the other side of the aisle for not acting, not doing the things that are needed in order for us to get this crisis under control.
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we are experiencing something we've never experienced before, arresting people at record numbers and unless congress steps up and do their job to close asylum loopholes and get rid of the magnet drawing people to the united states we are going to continue to see this problem day in and day out. carley: a record number of unaccompanied children cross into the united states illegally, 61,000 kids. what specifically needs to be done to prevent these kids from making this dangerous journey? >> the first thing we have to look at is what the drivers are that are bringing these people? once we identify these drivers, now that they identify those drivers they have to pass legislation to address those drivers, but what we are seeing
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is typical politics where the democrats are not going to do anything going into 2020 because donald trump is going to be able to claim a win, he's going to say he did what he needed to do and they are not going to do it so what they are doing is stonewalling in order to point the finger and blame donald trump and the republicans for what is going on and it is disgusting to see that because that doesn't serve the american people they were elected to serve. todd: the latest poll, the most important problem facing our country today, 27% say it is immigration. to your point democrats want to keep this going, they want to milk it for all it is worth. a different topic, mark morgan telling fox news, 52 miles of new wall being built to help border agents curb the crisis as hundreds of miles go up in two years.
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is this going to do anything? >> it will take huge dividends. are you have to do is look at the early times in my career in arizona when we didn't have any walls and we were arresting hundreds of thousands of people. the moment we put those walls up, one of my stations i was assigned to we have arrested 100,000 people per year, and 15,000, you can see that the walls are effective and the democrats know that, that is why they passed the secure fence act and acted in certain ways. now this is politics and they are trying to stonewall everything. carley: is 52 miles enough or would you like to see more? >> 52,000 miles is not enough but we are talking about adding hundreds of miles in the years
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to come. 52 miles is the start we need but we will need more as we continue to experience these problems. todd: a terrorist attack by a gang of teens sparking an urgent manhunt in our nation's capital and this morning a twist, it is all a case of mistaken identity. >> cities are targeting schools, the government declared a state of emergency and what you need to know to keep your kids safe. ♪ one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
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jillian: big apple in front of us at 4:22 eastern time in the morning. >> one of my favorite songs by the "fox and friends" play it. shocking surveillance for showing the moment a group of teens gang up on it easy tourists after the teens yield that is him. a dozen others swarm in on the defense is to us, another person trying to stop the attack telling the teens they've got the wrong guy but they continued punching and kicking and stomping on the man until he was motionless on the ground. he suffered head and face injuries. no arrests have been made. >> donald trump slamming new york city mayor bill diblasio over his handling of the nypd water bucket attacks. the president calling the mayor a total disgrace.
1:24 am
>> probably the worst mayor in history of new york city, he has done a bad job and now he is running for president and people can't even believe it. is a horrible mayor. police men and women cannot stand him, they don't respect him, they don't like him. they turned their back on him a couple years ago when he got up to speak, everybody turned their back. >> new video surfaced of people attacking cops with water, 3 people including a gang member were arrested but all are back on the street charged with criminal mischief and harassment. >> right now a space x rocket on its way to the international space station. >> 3, 2, one, 0, ignition. and lift off of the falcon 9 rocket and the dragon spacecraft. >> the rocket bringing more than 5 tons of supplies on board including an adidas soccer ball. >> you want to say it?
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>> nickelodeon green live. i love that. >> if we figured out what that is? it has been on since i was a child. carley: you can make it with elmer's glue. i watched and instagram tutorial how to do it. todd: i think we have a new segment which astronauts will study how it reacts to green slime as part of an initiative to get kids interested in science. carley: i wonder if nickelodeon is sponsoring this. the supplies will reach the iss tomorrow. rob: 25 after the hour. boris johnson taking a page from donald trump's playbook promising to crack down on immigration and that's not the only issue they agree on. of next guest says britain's prime minister is putting the world on notice. carley: we are getting an inside look at one of the largest ice
1:26 am
facilities in the nation. griff jenkins is live with a fox news exclusive. >> reporter: we are in california, one of the many ice detention facilities lawmakers want to close. we will give you a rare look, you may be surprised at what you see when we come back. . whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me. see, i'm real. i'm real! he thinks he's real. geico. over 75 years of savings and service.
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carley: as democrats when border detention centers with concentration camp conditions fox get an inside look at one of the largest ice facilities in the nation. todd: griff jenkins joins us with an exclusive tour you will not see anywhere else. >> reporter: good morning. it is one of the largest of 31 ice detention facilities across the country, ice has 53,000
1:30 am
individuals currently in custody. behind the doors here so many lawmakers said it was mistreating detainees, lack of resources. what we saw when we got a tour, was really quite a surprise. take a look. >> where are we? >> currently in the intake process, this facility houses 1940 detainees after they get classified and booked into the facility, we give them hygiene items, soap, shampoo conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste and bed linen, socks, shoes and their uniform and medicare is a top-notch priority, we have medical clinics here. something we offer his phone calls and pro bono attorneys.
1:31 am
>> what is this area here. >> infractions? >> the most common. >> most common infection that occurred is fighting. when in here there was a movement where they have the ability to roam around the area, phones for them to use, books for them to use, individuals play x box and watch movies. >> this is the recreation area. >> we are in the recreation area and we offer detainees to or 3 hours a day if not more. >> in terms of the characterization out there, a big national debate, what do you want people to know? >> when these individuals are detained we give them the care they need, we give them what they can to keep individuals safe.
1:32 am
>> reporter: there are no children here. these are all adults 18 and older, men and women. we did not spend time in the women's facility. a separate facility, we keep them separated, 60% of the detainees have criminal convictions prior in the united states but when we were going through we were able to talk freely with the migrants and one of them from el salvador, i wanted to ask how he perceived his treatment. here is what he told me on camera. we conceal his identity but here's what he said. >> how do you think the conditions are? >> for me it is great. i can see my family, going from an hour and a half away, traffic
1:33 am
and all that stuff. half an hour, 25 minutes, 21 minutes, cut off real quick. right here i have contact with my family and my kids. >> reporter: that physical visitation important to them along with access to phone bank we showed you, very fascinating. the chart on the wall shows the extensions for all the countries in washington. they have some 70-75 different countries represented. they direct to dhs's office with inspector general should they want to lodge a complaint. the average stays 2 months for the detainees while their legal cases play out. many of them killing cases, the doj has 6 immigration courts on premises but one thing is for sure. facilities like this at
1:34 am
capacity, they have 1700 individuals behind me, they have space for 1940 but obviously this is not the border processing center like you see with border patrol, they try to manage from the overcrowding situations we have seen elsewhere. one thing is for sure. we saw a different picture painted than what some lawmakers said about ice detention facilities that were protested a few weeks ago across the country. >> you said this is a facility where there were no kids. does that mean these men came with no children? because you can no longer separate children from their parents anymore? >> reporter: it means ice also goes out and apprehends people, in many cases, the case of noel, he came as a younger child and
1:35 am
then committed a crime and was put in jail and ice put a detainer on them. some people, some third of these because of the crowded situations but by the time you get here the families are either put in a family detention facility or put in a child facility, children brought to the interior run by hhs under the office of refugee resettlement. so here it is only adults, no families are being separated here. that process, that would have been much farther down by the time you came across the border. >> fascinating perspective you don't see anywhere else. thank you so much for opening our eyes to what you saw, great work. a convicted murderer is back behind bars less than a month after being set free.
1:36 am
sparking outrage when he was released from prison early nearly 40 years after murdering a teenage girl in new york, he violated his parole but it is unclear how that happened. the federal government will resume capital punishment for the first time since 2003. attorney general william barr ordering the execution of five inmates, all of them convicted of murder. william barr calling them the worst criminals, 2020 democrats kamala harris and elizabeth warren blasting it is immoral. heather: new british prime mister boris johnson promising to crack down on immigration using a strategy that echoes donald trump's current policies. >> no one believes more strongly than me in migration to our country but i am clear that our immigration system must change, the advisory committee to conduct a review of that is the
1:37 am
first step in a radical rewriting. todd: at a time of political polarization how will this impact our president come the 2020 election. the director of the margaret thatcher center for freedom at the heritage foundation joins us to weigh in. thank you for joining us. before we get to johnson comparisons, $64,000 question. what does boris johnson mean for october 31st and potential brexit? >> johnson made clear that britain will leave on october 31st with a deal without a deal and lay down a goal for the european union and made it clear that brexit is a reality. britain is going to leave the eu october 31st and the british people will be truly free and
1:38 am
sovereign again so brexit will be a definite reality. the british people voted to leave the european union. the bridge people voted to retake control of their borders, trade policies, laws and courts and this will be a great day for the freedom and sovereignty of the british people, a wake-up call to the big government european union. i hope the eu got the message yesterday when boris johnson gave his first speech in the house of commons. that should be a wake-up call to the eu. no longer business as usual, not teresa may in charge anymore. we had a week need approach towards europe. boris johnson is a true brexiteer with a brexit cabinet and is committed to delivering brexit which is the will of the
1:39 am
bridge people. todd: no longer business as usual, trump and johnson comparisons. obviously there is a sense of nationalism, putting respective countries first, promising tax cuts, pursuing a trade deal between the us and the uk but the biggie you see on that list is the immigration debate. what does boris johnson want to do in europe, in england, how does that compare to what donald trump is trying to do in the us? >> brexit in parties restoring control of the british borders, and written parliament. and immigration firmly controlled. and to settle here and that of course led to a large explosion,
1:40 am
the conservative government, you have tighter control into the country. the goal of the british government is to bring into the uk the best talent from all over the world. it is not and i immigration policy. boris johnson spoken about britain emulating the australian immigration system. and the british economy. and the open borders approach that the left -- certainly benefit the british economy. >> thank you so much. it is interesting to see if what happened in the us and the uk
1:41 am
happens throughout the world of the global elites. carley: all 50 states targeted, the eye-opening report the reveals russia's direct assault on our democracy. todd: it is friday. it means gillis and that is a band performing. it is not what you and i will get for breakfast. carley: don't go away. todd: dylan is performing live all morning long. need cash? at newday, veteran homeowners can get $54,000 dollars or more to consolidate high rate credit card debt and lower their payments by $600 every month.
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todd: foxbusiness alert, senate intel report finding extensive russian election interference.
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carley: tracy carrasco is here to explain. >> this is on the heels of robert mueller's testimony on capitol hill but the senate intelligence committee released, a bipartisan report into russian government and how the attackers directed extensive activity against us election infrastructure, potentially identifying some vulnerabilities these russian hackers can exploit in future upcoming elections. the report continued, quote, in its review of the 2016 election the committee found no evidence they were altered voter registry files were deleted. the committee couldn't say what moscow's intentions were by doing this but they also faulted the fbi or providing enough government warnings. todd: no one told you your coffee will be in its way?
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>> just had coffee. we might need more. >> how do you do that? anyway. friends 25th anniversary. coffee, bean and tea leaves. central perk coffee and tea. remember from the show central perk is the name of the coffee shop the friends hung out at. in addition to that, they are coming up with some drinks named after each of the characters. the ross is a classic flat white and so on. in honor of friends's 25th anniversary which i can't believe. carley: we are going to give you a round of applause.
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46 after the hour. former nfl player just met with donald trump about his efforts to help the black community. he says the president is passionate and his policies prove it. todd: if i said this once i said it 1000 times, the husband who just surprised his wife with the amazon box. carley: that is amazing. what's going on up here? can't see what it is yet. what is that? that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous. i would pull up in this in a heartbeat. i want one of these. that is sharp. the all-new chevy blazer. speaks for itself. i don't know who they got to design this but give them a cookie and a star.
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>> following donald trump's reasons that was four minority congresswomen, jack brewer decided to meet with the president to discuss racial tensions in the country.
1:51 am
todd: how he has helped the african-american community. thanks for getting up with us. hear the president's accomplishments for african-americans. signed the first step act, unemployment rate below 7%, poverty rate below 21.2%. 3100 inmates released from prison due to the first step act. is this message getting across to the african-american community and the african american voters? >> it is not. 3100 men, 91% of african-american men last friday. and almost 5000 inmates and you were talking about mass incarceration decimated the black community.
1:52 am
and seeped into our culture. i met with donald trump because i go into the community. i serve the black community. i have been serving all my life. i put my faith in god and live my day with my hands and my words. and got to give donald trump credit. actions speak louder than words. the statute you didn't see is billions of dollars going into black communities because of opportunities with ben carson and donald trump. not just that but 31/2 million african americans are off food stamps and now working. that is where we need to get to
1:53 am
as the black community and i could go on and on with these policies, talk about historical black colleges, the former slave population, former slave population in america is the poorest, sickest and most uneducated group of people in america but liberal politicians want to talk about border crisis and letting more illegal immigrants come -- we have a former slave population that is still hurting and it is just not right, not okay. go into the neighborhoods in east cleveland, terrible crime rates. baltimore is like a war zone, chicago, talking dozens of black people killing each other because of systematic issues and something has to change and we got to wake up every single one of our urban areas is run by democratic leaders, there is an issue with that. we got to take a step back as
1:54 am
people come together as americans, we are american folks. todd: i can tell how passionate you are about this issue and you are right the messages and getting into the african-american community. donald trump only has 22% approval rating among african-american voters so what do you think he can do to get this message across to the african-american community? >> there's enough people of color that get it, the african american community, talking about really being aware of what is going on. sometimes we sit back and listen to the same politicians that are after our votes. and calling the president racist. they would play each other in the streets. talking about illegal immigration, that is the main priority, raising funds, what
1:55 am
blacks are getting killed every day systematically, 77% of black kids are born without a father in america. 77%. todd: we could talk another 50 minutes but we have got to run. we will be right back. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
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todd: that is skillet, this is carly. carley: time for the good, the bad and the ugly. the good, a woman gets a sweet delivery for her birthday. this amazon box is actually a cake. her husband thought it would be perfect since she's a frequent amazon shopper. the shipping label was edible -- todd: well done. turning point usa staff are fired for showing a doctor presidential seal. is a 2-headed ball legal similar to the one on the russian seal. a spokesperson says it was not meant to be offensive. carley: a mcdonald's worker cost gossiping on a hot mike at a drive-through. take a listen.
2:00 am
>> he is a joke. i loaned her $20 ahead to ask her twice for back. she gives me $10 -- i apologize. how can i help you? carley: the video is going viral. it is not clear where it happened. "fox and friends first" continues right now. todd: friday, july 26th, fox news alert, iran and north korea launching new missile tests in defiance of calls to denuclearize. carley: what is the trump administration's next move? we are live with the latest. >> the characterization out there of a big national debate but what do you want people to do? >> everything we can to keep individual safe. >> some democrats compared border facilities to concentration camps as the border crisis gets worse by


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