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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 26, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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he was back on stage three months later. 76 years ago today. great to have you here. >> wonderful to be here. thank you so much. >> all good? >> all good. >> have a great weekend, everybody, "outnumbered" starts right now. >> we begin with fox news alert, new reaction on capitol hill, democrats attempt to quell division within their ranks. house speaker nancy pelosi met with alexandria ocasio-cortez after weeks of public tension. we have a picture where they are like in a selfie. anyway, you are watching on a fine friday, "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. fox news headlines, carley shimkus, fox news contributor, jessica and rachel and charlie kirk is here, founder and president of turning point usa, we say he's "outnumbered," but he's right on time. >> that's right. >> how are you?
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>> excellent. grad to be here. >> glad to have you, ready to go? >> here we go. >> nancy pelosi and ocasio-cortez making attempts to ease tension over the direction of the party. just weeks after ocasio-cortez suggested the speaker was racist after nancy pelosi called out ocasio-cortez and three democratic lawmakers for oshg posing recent border bill. short time ago, the speaker downplayed the rift after the face-to-face. watch. >> speaker pelosi: i would never say it was a hatchet, but i think we sat down today and we had a good meeting. the congresswoman is a gracious member of congress. weave had a very positive conversation about our districts and how we represent them, our country and how we need to meet the needs, diversity of america and the challenges we face in terms of issues. again, just like you're in a family, in a family, you have your differences, but you are
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still family. >> harris: the feud was effectively put on hold after president trump sent controversial tweets attacking ocasio-cortez and three other democratic lawmakers, known as the squad. pelosi and other democrats, rallied behind them. the four later reignited the feud saying pelosi should be more cautious when singling out women of color for criticism. wow. let me just throw this out, one more quote from that news conference. nancy pelosi, she was asked if she thinks aoc understands her job, that the speaker has to do, the speaker says, ask her. >> that didn't sound warm. >> no. chilly. >> we shouldn't forget that alexandria ocasio-cortez said she believed she was getting too much work the last couple of weeks and insinuated it was because she was a woman of color. the question is, is this what speaker pelosi wants to be handling right now, the answer is probably no. this is a freshman member of congress, amassed tremendous
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power, social media power, grass-roots fundraising power and pushing the party further and further to the left. i would make the argument, of course pelosi has political power as far as being speaker. as far as star power, the congresswoman from new york is having i guess more attention, a lot more energy than speaker pelosi. >> i want to pop up a fox news poll, opinion among democrats. nancy pelosi favorable 65%. aoc 58. unfavorable 24 and ocasio-cortez, 19%, what do you say? >> this is not what nancy pelosi wants to do. as somebody married to a member of congress, no longer in majority, majority is precious time. she is wasting time. we will talk about the vote, they are wasting time doing stupid things like this, because she's so powerful, you are right, she has star power. >> harris: what do you think of the poll?
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look at favorability of nancy pelosi and her unfavorable statistic ties, you figure in the 4.5% differential, still ahead of alexandria ocasio-cortez. basically unknown and the other in congress for a long time. >> exactly. she's taken years to amass this kind of power and here comes this freshman out of nowhere, who is kind of close to her numbers. by the way, paul ryan had to deal with the freedom caucus, that wing of the party. those guys had had to ban together like 12, 20 guys and women in the freedom caucus. this is one woman, one young freshman, not even 30 years old, you are right. she's a star and has a lot of power. >> a lot has to do with what charlie is saying, the power of social media. >> jessica, i think you have a couple things to say. >> this means democrats like nancy pelosi, they have liked her for decades. there are a number of other elected officials who would give anything to vafavorability
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ratings like that, president donald trump is one of them. kevin mccarthy, mitch mcconnell, for instance. so the idea you would only have 24% of democratic voters with unfavorable view of someone in politics that long, who were challenged for the speakership, i think is astounding and yes, aoc is powerful, certainly the power with the social media. nancy pelosi showed in this press conference and chris wallace talking about, the power lies with her, she's in control of this caucus. she highlighted moderate members and said she is pushing the agenda as far as she can to satisfy the common denominator, that is what a good leader does. >> carley shimkus. >> i'm so interested to be a fly on the wall, fly on the congressional wall and hear what really happened, given the natural order, ocasio-cortez should have woke up and felt like she was going to the principal's office, clearly that wasn't the case. she said she described the meeting as no big deal.
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speaker pelosi said she was looking forward to it and keep in mind, she sort of shamed nancy pelosi into having this meeting when she came out and said, i haven't spoken to her face-to-face in months. that is not really the start of a very positive conversation and i don't think she wants to be buddy-buddy with speaker pelosi, then she would be giving up some sort of power and being the face of the progressive movement. >> harris: i want to go back to what we were talking about before, just in terms of where this began and it was a member of aoc staff that put out a tweet that had to be taken down and that is how racism got into the fold here and then you asked the question of, how do you go to the principal's office having the principal know what you really think of her? >> good point, i was going to say, too, i happen to have sat next to a member of the spouse of a member of the black caucus. there is -- they do not like her at aoc at all.
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there is very, very deep division. this meeting is not going to resolve that division. this fight is going on, this is a fight for the heart and soul and aoc represents the future of the party. >> harris: quickly. >> the fact freshman member of congress gets a 30-minute meeting with her, that is a big deal. as if pelosi wanted to quell what rebellion aoc was generating rather than aoc wanted to sit down. interesting. >> per her committee assignment, she got what she wanted. they need each other and i actually believe they do like each other. nancy pelosi likes her, she is incredibly supportive of people coming in. remember, that freshman class is full of laura underwoods and lauren hill than aoc and talib. >> harris: four progressive congressmen making trouble, one
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member defended boycott of israel by likening it to boycotts against germany. that is what rachel was talking about with bds. rashida tlaib, the latest to make this comparison, speaking on house floor talking about pro-palestinian movement bds, calling for boycott, and sanctions against israel, watch. >> i can't stand by and watch this attack on freedom of speech and the right to boycott the racist policies of the government and the state of israel. the right to boycott is deeply rooted in the fabric of our country, americans boycotting nazi germany in response to imprisonment and genocide of jewish people. many of us in this very body boycotting south african goods. >> harris: last week, another member of those four women, congresswoman ilhan omar made
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the same argument when she released a statement supporting bds, without mentioning israel by name. it reads americans of conscious have proud history of participating in boycott to advocate abroad, including boycotting nazi germany from march 1933 to october of 1941 in response to dehumanization of the jewish people and lead up to the holocaust. bipartisan support, aspect-bds resolution passed. many jewish lawmakers angered at that nazi boycott comparison. three members rashida tlaib, omar and ocasio-cortez were among 17 who voted against the resolution. massachusetts presley broke from the group, voting yes. she explains she supports omar's resolution supporting boycott of israel in general. charlie, your head is going to pop off, you are shaking it so hard.
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what is going on? >> it is strange they want to boycott the single country in middle east when all three religions have representation in government, only country in middle east that has gay pride parade and only country where women can serve in government and there has been female prime ministers time and time again and they want to lift pressure on iran and put pressure on israel. very strange foreign policy doctrine. different from d.c., and one against traditional proven american foreign policy to stand with our greatest ally in the middle east. >> harris: jessica. >> jessica: i disagree. john lewis, civil rights icon, she's laid out on twitter her reasoning for not going along with the squad on this aeveryon should look at it. israel is our greatest ally in the region. there is something more
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complicated going on right now, how jews are being used as political football. after president trump engaged in racist tweets, telling those four women to go back to where they came from, he then followed that up by saying if they are -- rhetoric begins jews, it is hurtful and terrible, he wants to hide behind quote support of israel. 32% of american jews thinks this administration favors israel too much when it comes to palestinians. >> harris: what goal? >> i think monmouth, it is real. i don't make up numbers. >> harris: i'm just asking what poll. >> jessica: 15% of evangelical voters who feel that way. >> harris: i'm being told by our producer we have a news conference by chairman nadler right now and of course given middle of the week with bob mueller, hear from jerry nadler. hear what he says. >> jerry nadler: man of honor and integrity, led life of service to country.
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some have argued because director mueller was reluctant to testify and seemed older than some remembered him, his work is diminished. it is not. before he ever stepped into our hearing room, the director had rendered our country a great and necessary public service. he showed through his report and his indictments that the united states was attacked and remains under siege by a foreign adversary. he showed that the trump campaign both welcomed and benefited from this attack on our country. he showed that the president repeatedly lied to cover it up. and if that were not enough, director mueller's testimony removed all doubt. he told us donald trump obstructed justice and abused his office by tampering with witnesses, attempting to block
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the investigation and attempting to fire the special counsel. he told us that donald trump lied to the public about the trump tower meeting in new york, lied to the public about his plans for trump tower in moscow and lied in his written responses to the special counsel. he told us in a remarkable exchange with that but for the justice of policy, prohibit him from doing so, he would have indicted president trump. indeed, it is clear any other citizen of this country who behaved as the president has, would have been charged with multiple crimes. notably, my republican colleagues were unable to refute a single one of these facts. so where do we go from here? we will continue to seek testimony to key fact witnesses.
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as many of you know, the committee authorized several additional subpoenas. our work will continue into the august recess and we will use those subpoenas, if we must. we will also continue to seek important documents from the department of justice and the white house. we have made some progress on this front. there appears to be compelling evidence of the president's misconduct outside of the four corners of the redacting version of the mueller report and we will work to uncover that evidence, as well. finally today we are filing an application for the grand jury material underlying the mueller report. that information is critically important for our ability to examine witnesses including former white house counsel don mcgahn and to investigate the president's misconduct. i will not comment on reports of our ongoing negotiations with mr. mcgahn, but unless he complys with our accommodation
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efforts in very short order, we expect to file additional suit to enforce our subpoena for his testimony. that will be next week or early next week. i should note the committee could not have brought these lawsuits without the help and support of speaker pelosi, who is as dedicated to holding this president accountable for his crimes as any of us gathered here today. before i take your questions, let me share just a few sentences from the petition we are filing with the court today. "because department of justice policies will not allow prosecution of a sitting president, the united states house of representatives is the only institution of the if the government that can hold president trump accountable for these actions. to do so, the house must have access to all the relevant facts and consider whether to exercise its full article 1 powers,
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including a constitutional power of the utmost gravity, recommendation of articles of impeachment. that duty falls in the first instance to house committee on the judiciary." that is from the court filing today. we take that responsibility seriously. no one can be above the law, not even president trump. we'll now take some questions. >> yes. >> yes. >> so half of the members up here have -- >> jerry nadler: members of the committee field the questions. >> numbers have come out in support of impeachment, how are you dealing with disagreement with the speaker on that issue and especially heading into this six-week long recess, you expect the division to go away soon? >> jerry nadler: i don't know that there are real divisions
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with the speaker. i refer you to her earlier comments, she said we must make the strongest case f. our committee is going to recommend articles of impeachment to the house, we must make the strongest possible case to the colleagues and american public, we near total agreement. >> the point, though, mr. chairman, where you break from the speaker and you announce publicly your support for impeachment? >> jerry nadler: we are, as i said and fear in the court filings, exercising full article one authority, we are continuing investigation of the president's malfeesances and we will do what we feel and we will consider what we have to consider, including whether we should recommend articles of impeachment to the house. that is the job of our committee, we may decide to recommend articles of impeachment at some point, we may not. that remains to be seen.
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there is no point speculating on whether the speaker or anything else will agree with our decision at that point. >> what is holding you back from publicly voicing your support for impeachment? >> jump in, impeachment -- >> impeachment isn't a binary thing that you are or aren't, what weave been saying and doing is starting process engaging in an investigation to see if we should recommend articles of impeachment. it is a process, we started it some months ago in some ways while waiting for the report and the hearings we already had. it is an ongoing process, court filings today are the next steps and we'll continue down that road to see whether we have the strong case that is needed to put to the american people. >> what about the idea, though, that if the hearing yesterday on wednesday here, speaker pelosi
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said they crossed a threshold, called this historic, what did robert mueller fail to do? you said should not be diminished by his presentation, what would you have liked out of his presentation on wednesday? >> he didn't fail to do anything. >> he failed to -- we heard that repeatedly from members of your side of the aisle. >> if you expected a broadway show, you may have been disappointed. if you listened to what he said, he said russians attacked us, they had a preference for donald trump. the trump campaign welcomed it and planned around it. when the police investigated it, they took great lengths to cover it up, including the president. the president is the only person in america shielded from being held accountable for what they did. that is pretty cut and dry, what you have seen is not members who called for impeachment saying take me off that call, in light of what mr. mueller said.
9:20 am
six members have come pardon and said add me to that call for impeachment. >> please. >> i'm sorry. one thing robert mueller failed to do in that hearing, failed to exonerate the president. in fact, he said he could not exonerate the president. that i think is the answer to your question. >> the members -- >> and -- >> may i add an extra point, chairman. throughout the entire time of mr. mueller's present before the house judiciary committee, the evidence element of a crime. he was not in any way short-changing his answers that crimes had been committed. he said yes to three elements of obstruction. he said yes that one element of obstruction could result in jail time. he also said, answered questions
9:21 am
that said he did not have to have underlying crime to be able to be convicted of obstruction. i don't think the american people have ever heard that in that manner before. i know some may have read both volumes, but they never heard it as it was played out with the members of this committee that when you finish the judiciary committee's questioning and when you started with chairman nadler, who did enormous job on framing out questioning by getting right to the meat of the issue of obstruction and then exoneration, which director mueller openly and vividly said he was not exonerated and we continued methodically to reinforce that to the extent that the elements of obstruction, which i want to
9:22 am
just engineer for a moment. and the act and corrupt intent was associated with the action of this president. the american people have never heard that. i will close by simply say og this question you asked, for those who seen director mueller before this committee and number of years as f.b.i. director, he's always been to stoic and a former marine, right to the point. he has enormous talent of investigation. when he came today or yesterday, on wednesday, he made true what he said to the committee. he was going to stick with the report. he did that. in doing so, every single question that would warrant someone being convicted of a crime was answered.
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>> in response to question that he would like to have taken back, that the president could be indicted after he left office, now mr. mueller earlier said that maybe in the report, that one reason to get all that information was to get it from witnesses while it was fresh in their mind and the most -- preserve for later youth. if he didn't believe he had a criminal act, why would you -- fact he preserved evidence and said it was necessary to geet people fresh in his mind and best recollection meant he was saying he obstructed justice in the time may have to come after his first term or last term, which would be his first term. >> let me just summarize one thing here.
9:24 am
i believe hearing with mueller was inflection point, it accomplished two things. one, you heard director mueller say that we were attacked by russians, trump campaign welcomed attack, welcomed the assistance of the russians that substantial evidence of crimes of obstruction of government, sorry, obstruction of justice by the president and that he was not exonerated and that the mantra that the president or attorney general have been telling the country for months now, they found no collusion, no obstruction and the president totally exonerated is totally untrue. he changed that, even you heard the president now saying that the investigation treasonous, he wouldn't say that if he thought
9:25 am
he could get away with saying no obstruction, no collusion and totally exonerated him. he broke the lie that has been propagated by the attorney general and the president and presented to the american people the stark conclusions, which we can now fill out by getting other evidence and getting witnesses and so forth. >> mr. chairman? >> yes. >> dean from pen opinion. i want to say two things. one about the performance of mr. mueller. i have nothing, but the highest regard for mr. mueller and his life of service to this country and what i believe we really should be focused on is not the performance of mr. mueller, but the performance or behivior of this president, obstructing justice, that is the performance you need to be examining, welcoming, wallow nothing interference by russia. the performance of russia interfering with our election in
9:26 am
massive and sweeping ways that will continue and i said it yesterday, it did nothing, in fact lost attempts to take care of or protect our elections. those are performances we need to be looking at, behaviors, trump, his campaign, russia and obstruction. that is what we need to be looking at. >> mr. chairman, you have been fighting for the grand jury materials for sometime, but you have been engage nothing accommodation process with the department of justice, they allowed you to view some documents, even in may, you said you made clear, not seeking from the department documents that are properly subject to rule 60, grand jury material. why is this material so important to you? what do you think you will find? will that hurt the process you have with the department for other documents? >> well, we have been -- all right, we have been engaged in accommodation processes with the justice department and various
9:27 am
other witnesses to get testimony and to get documents and so forth. it has been largely fruitless, but necessary to do that if guto court to enforce your subpoenas, which we're doing. we expect to succeed, grand jury testimony. we have not requested previously, you have to go to court and request it. in previous cases, special prosecutor, i'm sorry, the committee went into court and requested this 20 years ago, 40 years ago and the attorney general went into court and supported the application. this time we're going into court, today, i don't expect the attorney general to support the application and may oppose it. we want -- we have to see underlying grand jury material of a lot of things that the mueller report, which will be very informative to us. >> but doesn't the dangerous precedent if this were to get leaked out?
9:28 am
why is this information so important? >> jerry nadler: the information is important and i can't characterize the significant importance, i don't know the specific content obviously, it is at the foundation, much of the investigation by the special prosecutor or special counsel was in the form of grand jury presentations and that is what -- you have to see that. in the case of ken starr, the committee in both cases was given that access to that information and we need to information, too, to make different judgments. >> mr. chairman, there is a bigger debate in your caucus about whether or not the formerly open impeachment, given what you said about the filing and comments you made in hearings in recent weeks, are you beginning to shape into impeachment inquiry even if you haven't held formal vote of the house? is that going on here?
9:29 am
[laughter] >> jerry nadler: what is going on -- what is going on is that i think too much has been made of the craze, impeachment inquiry. we are doing what our court filing says we are doing, what i said we are doing, to say we are using full article one powers to investigate the conduct of the president and to consider whether -- what remedy there are, among other things, we will consider are obviously whether to recommend articles of impeachment. we may not do that, we may do that. that is conclusion at the end of the process. you may call that an inquiry or not. i think people when they think of inquiry, happening of formal house vote to direct the committee that happened in the past, but there have been instances where it didn't happen. the committee is exercising authority to investigate all of
9:30 am
the scandals and to decide what to do about them, which could include articles of impeach sxment we filed that with the court and we're going to do that. >> do you believe you already are at that point of an inquire sne you believe what the judiciary committee is doing right now in inquiries of impeachment >> jerry nadler: we are doing exactly what i said a moment ago we are doing, examining and investigating the various malfesances and crimes of the president, we will reach -- going into court and asking for more information and of course subpoenas. we are telling the court that we are doing this, not just part of normal oversight, but also because it is part of article 1 authority and responsibility to consider remedies, including articles of impeachment and that is what we're going to do. whether you call that inquiry,
9:31 am
whatever you want to call that, what we have been doing and are doing and will continue to do. >> harris: the headline from the house intelligence chairman jerry nadler with democrats around him, he's going to try to get all of the underlying evidence or information in the mueller investigation, including grand jury testimony. remember, mueller was a special counsel, independent counsel with bill clinton and previous to 1995, you had grand jury testimony come into play in that report. this you have to go to court to try to get those items. otherwise, people might not talk and that is what they thought after. so much salaciousness in what came out in clinton, not all pointed to a crime. why did we have to read all that? now grand jury testimony is protected under a new type of counsel, special. a lot of detail, but worth knowing. defending bob mueller's performance, that is what a lot
9:32 am
of democrats were doing there, why? >> one of the congresswomen mentioned, one thing bob mueller didn't do, didn't exonerate the president. how would that actually work? i mean, i thought we were a country where you are innocent until proven guilty, presumption of innocence is on the person being accused. how would one be exonerated here? what they are going after here, revenge campaign because they are so upset he won an election he was not supposed to win. bob mueller was supposed to be the end all, be all, wait two years, $25 million, that was a dud. wait for testimony. that was a complete zero and now they want to continue to go after grand jury testimony, they are going to subpoena first family's e-mails, endless to disrupt people's mind and continue revenge campaign. >> it is silly to try and make us think what we saw, we didn't see n. spanish, we have a saying that says [speaking in spanish]
9:33 am
you can't cover the sun. i thought the lawyer was visiting angel on not a lawyer. he is in early stage dementia. so dangerous. >> you are a doctor and have you seen him? >> the democrats had no problem do thanksgiving to -- >> not true. >> by the way -- >> good point. >> really? how is hillary's parkinsons, why did she fall on 9/11. don't do it, you have no idea about people's health. >> media been doing that for years >> we saw what we saw, i'm not concerned how bad he did in that testimony. i'm concerned he let a 24 million investigation in that state of mind. >> okay. >> he didn't know what fusion gps was. >> come on, most important detail. >> how can you be educated -- >> okay. >> how can you not know what fusion gps is and be a citizen
9:34 am
of the country. >> what democrats were talking about when he said he was not exonerated, the framework the olc set out robert mueller was not going to consider making a determination about obstruction of justice provable conspiracy. go back and look at testimony about three aspects to prove obstruction of justice, not talking about when bob mueller responded and said that is the reason we didn't charge him. he was saying we never had a framework in which we could and when he leaves office, he could be charged. >> harris: i will step in, i know we had others on the couch point to things for other people, but we're not doctors. >> that is true, that is true. >> harris: i know you were going back and forth and you'll continue to argue about this and -- >> i hope not, we should talk about things like that. >> harris: look at facts, inconsistencies about what bob mueller said about collusion and conspiracy and what was in the report. we can point to the facts of
9:35 am
that. i know you have your opinions why it may have happened, but even democrats have said, jessica, he wasn't as sharp as last time they saw him six years on the record. david axewell,rod said that, pretty high up in your party in terms of having served for barack obama. >> of course. >> harris: it is not, rachel and charlie, making things up. >> he is suffering from early onset dementia. he said he wasn't as sharp. >> harris: we are not physicians. move on to this, jerry nadler said -- >> content should not be diminished, he was clear about certain things. >> harris: they felt they needed to defend him there. >> that is why they are having the press conference. >> harris: he did have some missteps. one point jerry nadler said i don't know there are real division with the speaker, she just said we must make the strongest case. here is what nancy pelosi had to say about impeachment and get
9:36 am
your view. >> speaker pelosi: everybody has liberty and luxury to espouse their own position and to criticize me for trying to go down the path in the most determined, positive way. again, their advocacy for impeachment only gives me leverage. i have no complaint with what they are doing. >> harris: charlie. >> no complaint with what they are doing obviously, which is strange, i don't think impeachment is winning issue. minority of the american people support impeachment articles. i remember 11 to 15%, we can find the exact numbers, but again, it is about satisfying the base of her party openly calling for impeach sxment protecting moderates in her party that won in districts that donald trump won in 2016, that want no business of impeachment whatsoever. very difficult balance for her to strike. and look, i think what the challenge for her is going to be is how can she defend these
9:37 am
districts in 2020 with presidential-style turnout and also with a party that is now continuing these endless investigations and they're not turning up anything. anything at all. >> harris: carley shimkus, what did we see from nadler? >> carley: president trump called it, talking about how impeach cemetery nonissue anymore and then he spoke to the media and said, they will find a way to keep it going, we know that is with don mcgahn and they will continue to try and get more and more on this. i think president trump tweeted poll that said impeachment was ahead of favorability of 11%, majority of polls put it 20 to 35, but still, it is low and i think it gives president trump sort of a win and he can say, look, to the american people, i am trying to fight for you while democrats are just trying to fight me, not the issue.
9:38 am
>> so true, carley shimkus, so true. >> harris: more to come. aoc is on the record in response to the meeting with nancy pelosi, the details of what she said next. that i won the "best of" i casweepstakes it. and i get to be in this geico commercial? let's do the eyebrows first, just tease it a little. slather it all over, don't hold back. well, the squirrels followed me all the way out to california! and there's a very strange badger staring at me... no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. uh-huh, where's the camel? "mr. big shot's" got his own trailer. ♪ wheeeeeee! believe it! geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance. it's something we take personally, and believe in passionately. it's the idea that if our mothers were diagnosed with cancer, how would we want them to be treated? that's exactly how we care for you.
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in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah. this is jerry appreciating the people who made this possible. oh look, there they are. (team member) this is wells fargo. >> harris: breaking news, we have response to the meeting between speaker of the house nancy pelosi and alexandria ocasio-cortez. the congresswoman just moments ago making some remarks about how that meeting went with nancy pelosi saying that they are now moving toward a place of respect and can we show a little bit of what she just said? >> productive and -- absolutely, absolutely. yes. looking forward to us continuing our work and as always, i think
9:43 am
the speaker respects the fact that we're coming together as a party and that unity and i'm looking forward to us getting back for the summer. >> did you ask her about her -- [indiscernible] -- >> harris: and the doors closed. did you hear the last question? >> yes, somebody about tax on the squad. >> harris: did you ask nancy pelosi about her attacks on the squad and the door closed. >> charlie: no response. i've seen footage from aoc, that is most careful she's been with a statement with the press in a long time. she didn't want to misspeak or misrepresent it. everything is great, coming together as a party. i would have loved to have participated what was said in that meeting. >> harris: here is my question about all of this, i look at this as nancy pelosi says everybody is welcome to be different in their perspective on everything. and then i hear aoc say we're coming together. now it is not that they are mutually exclusive, it is just
9:44 am
that that is not how this played out, you and your staff called speaker of the house racist. nobody is really talking honestly and transparentally about what some of the issues are and i've thought if you don't call it what it is and deal with it, it will sit in the corner and fester. jessica? >> jessica: none of us were in the meeting. >> harris: carley shimkus wanted to be a fly. >> jessica: her chief of staff, use of word racist or segregationist, no idea. >> harris: some was on twitter. >> jessica: what happened in the meeting, i'm saying. five-week break where everyone will go and work on priorities and message if they need to. aoc was clearly told who was in charge and what we need to win in 2020. >> great point, this fight, if you don't deal with it, i don't think this can be resolved. aoc represents this young
9:45 am
democrat that comes out of this, you know, university system, this is who they are and nancy pelosi loves, i think her heart is with aoc's policies. she likes being speaker and likes power and understands middle america is already very wary of radicals and if they proceed with impeachment or many other radical ideas aoc has, they will be punished. this was the group they were supposed to win over to win in 2020. they have already -- donald trump has already stolen the working class agenda from the democrats. >> i think it is worse than that, charlie, for the democratss. aoc plus three has stolen the oxygen for the candidates and have democratic debate coming up in three or four days. >> charlie: real quick, which group, pelosi's group or the squad need to win over? of course the squad. >> do you know -- millions of americans are backing those
9:46 am
representatives, moderate democrats, part of the new democrat coalition sglchlts a lot of republicans that voted for democrats are independent, democrat primary voters vote more like presley, rashida tlaib and omar. the polls have never been wrong this far away. >> harris: we'll move on. president trump weighed in on recent videos depicting new york city police officers getting doused with water, the buckets even hitting some of them and sounding off on mayor de blasio and his relationship with the nypd in the process. now firing back and issuing his own challenge. this story is heating up. keep watching. wow!
9:47 am
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9:51 am
devastated. >> president trump with harsh words for new york city mayor and presidential candidate, bill de blasio, while reacting to several videos, including the one shows police officers getting doused with buckets of water while on the job. a new video emerged of people shooting water guns at police officers and even little kids involved. president trump weighing in, de blasio hitting back. [recording playing] he will not be welcome back in new york city. >> de blasio defended himself on twitter saying new york city is the safest big city in america. here is a look at stats since he took office five years ago, showing downward trend in violent crime. the official twitter account for
9:52 am
nypd, says de blasio has no room to brag about his record tweeting wednesday "save the bs with the stats, you are the cause of attacking on the nypd, you will never be president of this great nation." carley shimkus, what do you think, lack of leadership from de blasio that caused the scenes we just saw, shocking scenes of people dousing -- >> carley: seeing the kids do that are horrible, they are learning assaulting people there to protect them is okay and that is a tragic thing. president trump is right in the fact bill de blasio has anti-trump agenda. that is why the police officers turned their back at him when he was making a speech. during his first debate he attacked cops by saying he's had conversations with his son, who is black and said weave had serious conversations about how he needs to protect himself
9:53 am
against police. when you couple that with the fact that police officers know whatever they do will be blasted on social media, that is why these officers are walking away, they know it is -- these videos and moments will go viral and they'll not have backing and support of new york city officials. >> they are not just going viral, charlie, the president is shining a national spotlight on this. is this a political strategy to sort of show some contrast between his policy about law enforcement versus democrats? >> it could be, it is good policy, good policy to show stand withing law enforce sxment not. starting 2014, president barack obama advanced horrendous lies against our police officers when it originated in missouri, entire national media put forth narrative of hands up, don't shoot, something that never happened and disproved totally. efforts in portland and san francisco and you have seen the
9:54 am
results of it. there are people in the streets assaulting journalists and are not arrested in portland. we should stand with law enforcement, hold that accountable that commit crime, while on the job, also anti-police and children with water guns no way to make communities safer. >> is this a problem for democrats might solidify there is one party that maybe is for law enforcement and another that is not? >> no, i don't think so, this is disgusting, unacceptable. de blasio is a terrible mayor. most people who live in the city will acknowledge that. i yearn for a fourth bloomberg term. i don't think waiting until the national conversation, what charlie did bringing up what happened in 2014, dangerous thing for republicans to do because you have other people like mcdonald, castillo, sandra bland, who died at the hands of law enforcement unnecessarily,
9:55 am
if you want to spread that to conversation about race relations in this country, police brutality, that is i believe democrats are on the right side of history. respect law enforce sxment uptick in law enforce nment this country. >> harris, you follow the news closely. has there been democrats since this has come out, prominent democrats come out and denounce this? >> harris: i don't know that there have been lawmakers necessarily doing it, not 1 p.m. eastern on my show, but i've had both people on both sides call this assault, that is what it is. some instances not just water, buckets, large devices. there have been not been thes consistents. i had a commander tell me that needs to happen and looks like they are taking a look at the previous cases and going back and arresting people. that definitely needs to happen. >> de blasio didn't denounce it.
9:56 am
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>> changed to charlie kirk, back at noon eastern on monday. here is harris. >> harris: after that, the democrats say they will ramp up their investigations into president trump just days after robert mueller's testimony. we saw a lot last hour. let's go "outnumbered overtime" now. moments ago on capitol hill, house judiciary chairman jerry nadler laid out the path forward saying they will continue to seek testimony from see witnesses and they vow to continue the work during the august recess. watch. >> jerry nadler: he will continue to seek testimony from key fact witnesses. as many of you know, the committee authorized several additional subpoenas. our work will continue into the august recess and we will use those subpoenas if we must. fina


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