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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  July 26, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> changed to charlie kirk, back at noon eastern on monday. here is harris. >> harris: after that, the democrats say they will ramp up their investigations into president trump just days after robert mueller's testimony. we saw a lot last hour. let's go "outnumbered overtime" now. moments ago on capitol hill, house judiciary chairman jerry nadler laid out the path forward saying they will continue to seek testimony from see witnesses and they vow to continue the work during the august recess. watch. >> jerry nadler: he will continue to seek testimony from key fact witnesses. as many of you know, the committee authorized several additional subpoenas. our work will continue into the august recess and we will use those subpoenas if we must. finally today, we are filing an
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application for the grand jury material underlying the mueller report. >> harris: big developments on the heels of speaker pelosi and congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez who met in what pelosi said, to clear the air, amid public tension within their party. mike emmanual with more on this busy friday in washington, last day for house members. wow. >> that is right, action-packed, harris. house lawmakers leave for their six-week recess, the house judiciary chairman made clear he is not moving on from his investigation. >> jerry nadler: it is clear any other citizen of this country who behaved as this president has would have been charged with multiple crimes, no one can be above the law, not even president trump. >> this comes after speaker nancy pelosi and freshman, alexandria ocasio-cortez tried to patch up their differences. alexandria ocasio-cortez has accused nancy pelosi are be i
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being -- alexandria ocasio-cortez, omar, rashida tlaib and iana pres dht ley, were vocal about the humanitarian aide package, they should not tweet about their gripes. fox news caught up with alexandria ocasio-cortez a short time ago. >> looking forward to us continuing our work and as always, i think the speaker respects, you know, the fact we're coming together as a party and that unity. i'm looking forward to us getting back for the summer. >> today the house speaker tried to downplay their differences. >> some personality issues, they are minor. we have a big schism in our country between what is happening, could happen in this congress and what is happening
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in the white house. everybody knows we have to keep our eye on the ball. >> some key republicans, including up the street at the white house, the problem is alexandria ocasio-cortez has stolen the spotlight is threatening pelosi's ark -- agenda. >> she is the face of the democratic, whether going around with the squad, many websites and magazines, her leftist radical agenda is in the fore in the democratic party, no doubt about that, she's running the show. >> both sides are making effort to make nice at this point. it is clear high-profile freshmen are not looking to defer to their leaders, harris. >> harris: that is such a respectful way to put it. thank you. democrats are ramping up their investigation into president trump despite a fox news poll from last month, which showed most voters want the party to spend less time investigating
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the president. mike was just reporting with jerry nadler, intel chief said, look at facts. 48% want democrats to back off compared to just 22% who want them to do more. 25% say what they are doing is about right, don't know if they are looking at this polling after the bob mueller testimony on wednesday, but it looks like from this, less time on the investigation, more time on things like the academy and healthcare and so on and so forth. for more, bring in democratic congressman of california. great to have you on the program. i know you are ready for break, were you caught off guard when chairman nadler said the house will spend a lot of time on investigations in august, when you should be hitting the beach. >> we will not hit the beach. we have a lot to do. i am tli delighted the judiciar
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committee will proceed 6789 what was made public during the mueller testimony, the two hearings, is stark. it is dangerous for this nation. certainly on the election side of it. election interference by russia and others and on obstruction of justice. we have a job to do, our job to continue the investigation. i would like to call it and i think it properly is impeachment inquiry, inquiry that would and could as much as grand jury investigation would lead to indictment, an impeachment. >> harris: congressman, are you at risk of being called self-indulgent if you pursue past the point people want you to do that? 48%, pop up the poll again, 48% of those looked at said less time on this stuff and more on other issues, which you and i have spent time talking about and i know you can walk and chew gum at the same time. i hear you. i don't hear anybody saying we
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should work through august recess to deal with what is going on on the border, which particularly touches your state of california. i hear you saying you're going to keep investigating the president beyond the mueller report? >> it certainly the judiciary committee is going to do that, but i want you to keep in mind that there are 40 heavy-duty bills that are sitting over in the senate right now, ranging from election security to guaranteeing americans will never have to face once again experience discrimination. >> harris: do you want to stick around and make sure the senate does that? >> i would love -- >> harris: you are welcome to do that, nobody is stopping you. nobody is stopping you. >> however -- well, let's just slow down for a second. the reality is that we have a institutional responsibility to oversee what is going on in the administration. there is clarity, there is absolute fire, not smoke, fire
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with respect to the mueller investigation, that will and must proceed. other issues are proceeding, look at the 40 bills, from my work as chairman of the readiness subcommittee of the armed services committee, we have a heavy-duty bill over in the senate now called the national defense auth risation act. 1200 pages. it is important -- >> harris: we will follow it and see if they take it up. you are saying they have a week left. i want to get to this, this schism is something some are saying could be distracting. aoc scooping up lots of power through grassroots fundraising, so on and so forth and the speaker of the house who has been in politics pretty much my entire life, when you look at the numbers and factor margin of era or, they are about even. a woman best known on twitter. when you look at where they are and their meeting today, what is
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your response? >> my response is the speaker of the house is doing precisely what she should do, reach out to all people in her caucus who range from conservative to liberal and beyond and gather -- >> harris: are you in the pelosi or aoc camp? that is what it is coming down to. >> i am in the democratic caucus camp. it is a broad range. i put myself in the middle. i worked with pelosi almost entire career, dating back to the '70s, she's extraordinary woman, very smart, very capable and all 40 bills i talk about -- >> harris: you hear what you are saying, right? in the middle between four freshmen who have yet to do anything in terms of their strict other than a deal from aoc, in the middle of four unknown women and speaker of the house, that is think stro. i got to let you go, i'll bring you back. >> i look forward to it. thank you. >> harris: another apparent
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provocation from iran. u.s. official has confirmed to fox news, the nation test fired medium range ballistic missile on wednesday, escalating heightened tension between iran and the u.s. this coming as north korea calling missile test on thursday a "solemn warning to south korea, those launches," a month after president trump and kim jong-un historic meeting at the dnc. u.s. efforts to get nuclear talks back on track, what do they look like? lucas tomlinson is live at pentagon with more. >> harris, north korea was not the only rogue nation launching this week, iran was, too. hours before north korea missile launch iran fired off medium-range ballistic missile traveling 650 miles from southern coast, landing east of tehran. the missile is part of iran's arsenal for decades,
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intelligence fors worry a nuclear warhead could be attached in the future, putting u.s. forces and israel at greater source. since the deal in 2015, iran launched 33 ballistic missiles. u.s. officials have a stock pile of 2000. un security resolution tied to the deal calls upon iran, does not forbid them from launching missiles. latest provocation one week after irani sources seized a tanker. it seized the tanker because another tanker was seized off gibralter earlier this month. could u.s. sources do more? >> how should or would u.s. forces in the region respond? >> american lives are at risk, the united states will defend itself wherever that risk takes place. >> today north korea released
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photos showing launch of two short-range ballistic missiles, one from 430 miles in the sea of japan, eaching height of 30 miles, halfway to space. north korea launched this mobile launcher after john bolton left seoul. this is a new missile similar to the ones launched in may. kim jong-un witnessed the launches in purpose. the new missiles puts south korea and japan in range. officials call this a first strike weapon. harris. >> harris: halfway to space. great story telling there. thank you, you brought it into focus. new details, more than a dozen marines are arrested after roll call was taken in a military base. following a human smuggling investigation, we are, a live report on what is happening with that. democratic congresswoman rashida tlaib one of four progressive congresswomen in the house causing a rift, igniting controversy again, after she said the united states was fine
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>> harris: more than three decades later, the remains of a missing colorado girl have been found. discovered earlier this week by workers digging for a pipeline in the northwestern town of greeley. janelle matthews vanished in 1984, after singing in a choir concert at school. her case caught the attention of president reagan and helped launch the national center for
10:17 am
missing children. greeley police are working tirelessly to find out who may be responsible for janelle's death. >> it is a broken system, it needs to be audited, it needs to be dismantled. we didn't have ice years ago. before 9/11, we were fine. >> harris: democratic congresswoman rashida tlaib stepping up criticism of ice. as you just heard, the congresswoman suggested that the united states was fine without ice in the years before september 11. it is unclear if she is aware that two of the 9/11 hijackers were in the country illegally and the agency's duty existed under different, defukt -- defunct agency. let's start with you and the facts, your thoughts. >> well, it is not a decision, you are right, harris, i mean,
10:18 am
ice became -- is formed out of legacy agency, u.s. custom service and u.s. immigration and naturalization service, they combine the agencies to create ice. immigration forces have been around decades, this congresswoman has not done her homework and studied at all. it has been around for decades. the big change is ice enforcement operation is specifically with immigration related arrests are more targeted, more sophisticated. in the ins days, used to walk through looking for people they had reason to believe were in the country illegally. now it is a targeted operation, they know where they are going and who they are going to arrest. the data shows 89% of everybody ice arrests either has a criminal conviction or pending criminal charges. operations are better now than they were under legacy agencies. >> could progressives like
10:19 am
rashida tlaib who want to abolish ice put the united states in danger if they get their way? >> absolutely. just last year, ice removed 140,000, just under140,00 0 illegal aliens. hsi, other part of ice, had criminal prosecution and arrests of gun and drug traffickers, seized 9000 pounds of opioid. they saved 900 children from sexual predators, arrested 300 women from traffickers. this is the type of work ice does everyday and rather than abolishing it and enforcing laws she enacts, maybe she should do her job, if you don't like what ice does, change the laws and ice will enforce what you enact. >> harris: four progressive congresswomen are freshmen, what
10:20 am
policies do have you to replace current ones or challenge them with nuances. you are telling me what ice does in detail, what happens if ice is not doing th job? another agency picks up? what happens if ice goes away? >> demand hearing before a judge and gets ordered removed, no one will make them leave. ice does that. that is the part, of course will cause surge at border weave never seen before. if people -- >> harris: we are seeing that. >> of course they will keep coming. here is question i'd like to ask the congresswoman or the squad, if you will, what is the alternative? if you built a system, where they got right to see a judge and judge says you must leave the country, that is my decision, legal decision. if we don't see the decisions through and make the people do, which ice does and they seem not to like, what is the option? the option is ignoring them, let
10:21 am
them stay in the country illegally, put more people in harm's way, more women sexually assaulted, more cartels get richer. this is a legal option, if they don't like it, change it, i don't see any other option than enforcing the law. >> harris: we'll bring you back, this conversation needs to continue. thank you, sir. >> absolutely. >> harris: new video of police officers being doused with water. the president has highlighted outrage, reaction from an nypd officer who says police across america are being put in danger with this. this is the story of john smith. not this john smith or this john smith. or any of the other hundreds of john smiths that are humana medicare advantage members. no, it's this john smith, who met with humana to create a personalized care plan. at humana, we have more ways to care for your health,
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>> harris: new details on the 16 marines arrested while in formation at a base in southern california. they are facing variety of charges, including human smuggling, national security correspondent jennifer griffin is there now. >> that is right, harris.
10:26 am
unusual cases involving the u.s. military. weave learned the 16 marines who were arrested were junior enlisted, ranging from private first class to corporals arrested at camp pendleton in california. charges range from human smuggling to drugs, agents from naval service surprised marines during a morning formation after roll call was taken. >> around 800 marines, at that time, they came to the area and they pulled the 16 marines out and they were arrested at that point. >> eight other marines were also taken in for questioning for their potential involvement in a separate drug smuggling ring. information gained from a previous human smuggling investigation uncovered two marine smuggling migrants into the u.s. over the southern border with mexico not far from
10:27 am
marine base in southern california, precipitated the arrest. one marine arrested or detained for questioning served -- excuse me, none of the marines arrested or detained served along the border as part of the pentagon mission there and it is not just marines in trouble, u.s. officials tell me the platoon of roughly 20 navy seals from seal team seven were sent home to san diego for drinking alcohol while deployed in iraq and deployment for special operation unit. general order number one prohibits alcohol use on deployment and a sexual assault is being investigated. the platoon was refusing to cooperate with the investigation, that is when the commander decided to take the unprecedented decision to kick them out of iraq, sending them all home. >> harris: jennifer griffin, thank you. more outrage now, after another nypd water drenching video has
10:28 am
surfaced. this time, the clip shows a group of people, which includes several children emptying buckets of water on to one police officer while others hit another police officer with water guns. calling for the nypd commissioner to resign, claiming he's bnt to mayor bill de blasio's will, as four people have reportedly been arrested in saturday's water attack in harlem, where a police officer was hit in the head with an empty bucket after they dumped the water. during overtime, nypd sergeant, founder of blue lives matter in new york city is with me now. what is the concern right now and the conversation that is being had among police officers and leadership in new york? >> well, the problem is new york city, not just happening here, all across the nation. you saw the two female officers and the incident just now, it is
10:29 am
all over, whether young or old, whether a bucket of water, could be urine or brick off a roof, that it is okay. the incident that day should have been handled. it will make everyone's job harder going forward. >> harris: why do you happening arrests weren't made? i have had other commanders tell me why,im am curious. >> five years ago, an officer did his job and not one person went on his job and stood behind danny. now you see water buckets and an officer has restraint, danny did his job, he was on the virge of being a criminal for doing it. >> harris: fill me in when you say he did his job. >> danny was called because higher ups got word somebody was selling loose cigarettes, a crime 6789 officers, you see the clip, stood with their hand in their vest and showed restraint. you can only ask someone sir or ma'am certain times before you
10:30 am
have to take police action. you hear the word murder, it wasn't true. he took police action, because of his health, he passed away from it. what i feel and it would do the nation a big justice, i call on the president to have a national town hall of police officers from all over the nation to see what it is like to be a police officer in 2019, feel what it is like to have members that have lost -- >> harris: president obama called something like that, you felt it was helpful. there will be people who watch today saying, are you actually defending the officers against what happened to eric garner, are you tying connection between some of the unrest and blowback from people who don't feel justice is always served in instances like that to buckets of water, is that what is happening or a different lane? >> you will never hear an officer saying you will shut down the city because you don't like an outcome that happened. there was no criminalality, he
10:31 am
survived the criminal justice system, also. >> harris: with regard to water and buckets and attacks, i haven't heard anybody say this is not an assault. it is. you are coming up from behind with police officers with buckets, again, what if it is not just water? >> it will be a problem. what happens if it is acid and people don't see that, nobody should be able to get in someone's space like that. the problem is, you heard the terms kids, kids who did, they were in th late 20s, they were not kids. >> harris: some of the little ones, generational, now really young ones. >> you see adults doing it and they think it is okay, and it is not. need to be a fine line. >> harris: you talk openly about these issues and it is important that we have dialogue about it. joe, thank you. appreciate it. former vice president joe biden has taken the gloves off ahead of the next debate, can he stand
10:32 am
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but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. >> harris: time flies. just days away from second democratic debates in detroit. joe biden is overhauling his campaign strategy taking a more aggressive approach and relying less on nostalgia of former president barack obama to win over voters. peter doocy is live to get the facts in indianapolis. peter. peter: to your point, the former vp is showing us when he says his would be biden term number one and not obama term number three. somebody in indianapolis at urban league conference asked him why it is that income inequality grew during the obama years and biden claimed while he
10:37 am
was vp, he tried to do something sooner. >> i was the guy at the family picnic who kept thinking we should be dealing with middle class tax cuts. >> joe biden is signalling the democrat candidate for several decades, quick with a punch line or shoulder to cry on and democrats came to like enough to make him number one in primary polls is going away, because he says he is not going to be as polite to kamala harris at the next debate. we asked senator harris about that a few minutes ago. >> how polite will you be? >> i would like to be polite. >> harris was also confronted today about her career as prosecutor in california and whether or not that affects her ability to reform the criminal justice system. so she tried to calm the urban league concerns with this.
10:38 am
>> why do we only have to be on the outside? on bended knee or trying to break down the door? shouldn't we have a role on the inside, where decisions are being made? >> when harris was going on the offensive today, she did concentrate attacks on president trump, never mentioned biden's name, she may be saving some of that for the stage on debate night. harris. >> harris: thank you, peter doocy. and former senior advisor to hillary clinton in south carolina. jason meister, what kamala harris is saying isn't helpful. what is going on? >> depends how you define what is going on. i think what you see happening on our side is really a fight for the heart and soul of our party. you have candidates tries to differentiate themselves and identify who they are, but also reach out to the voters who
10:39 am
obviously have found love and affection for the front-runner, vice president biden. i want everyone who calls me up, you are not running each other, you are running for the party nomination. >> harris: do they listen? >> political scrimmage. yet to be determined. >> harris: you are in south carolina. >> god's country. >> harris: primary has to go through god's country. >> primary will be defined by what happens in south carolina. you see intense effort to south carolina. >> harris: jason, your thoughts and i will pop up a fox news poll. >> i think joe biden needs to revamp his campaign. look at debates, his performance last night, almost as weak as i would compare to mueller's performance this week. >> harris: i knew you were going to say that. >> i agree with antjan is one thing. pulling the party far to the
10:40 am
left, they are embracing policies that americans don't embrace and what joe biden is trying to do, revamp and pull away from that. what is going to happen with joe, he will run up against a president that is delivering on an economy, an economy that obama and biden didn't deliver on. for example, one million manufacturing construction engineering jobs, which joe biden and barack obama said we would need a magic wand to create. over six million new jobs under this president. unemployment 3.7%, unbeatable. >> harris: the poll, we are not going down the mueller road. come back and talk about that another time. joe biden more than doubling nearest competitor in the 2020 democratic primary. >> speaks to the point i want to make, nice of you to rehearse the talking points. the bottom line, second debate, joe biden got stronger. the poll that came out yesterday, he's gotten stronger in south carolina among african
10:41 am
american voters and the fact of the matter, as the race goes on -- >> harris: that is interesting, he doesn't do interviews or sit-downs, we don't really see him. those four women, aoc plusly, the progressives, soaked up so much oxygen, we are not talking about democratic candidates. this week they have not been the focus. >> harris, there is a big disconnect between the media and what happens on the ground that continues to be demonstrated poll after poll, survey after survey about what voters feel. >> harris: you think they love joe biden? >> the polls do not lie. >> harris: sometimes they do. >> i don't think joe biden will make it out of the primaries alive. if no primary, he might stand a chance, with democratic primaries and scrimmage you describe and the left, radical left pulling the party away from joe biden. >> you keep saying that, the
10:42 am
party has been clear where we are, we are a central left party no matter how much you on the radical right try to define us, we are center left party. that is why you see issues, continue to hear from people like joe biden and others continue to dominate -- in fact, that is how we beat you in '18. >> harris: quick and i will wrap. >> describing what president trump is doing as radical right is the error you are making. >> you are putting words in my mouth, i never said it. >> harris: you just said it. >> the president is -- >> harris: you pointed to jason and you said you guys on the radical right. >> i did not say donald trump. i didn't say donald trump. >> harris: we do know that polling sometimes can come out skewed from reality, you on your team know this. people didn't say they were going to vote for your candidate in droves they did.
10:43 am
>> you can't convene with polls, you brag about polls trump is doing well and then you want to -- >> harris: move on. you love to say in your state, bless your heart. thank you, gentlemen. >> thank you. >> harris: a suspect is under arrest after a deadly shooting in los angeles over 24-hour span. the story coming up. and protest expected to flare up in puerto rico, as the official set to take over for the isla island's outgoing governor is facing calls to resign. a little problem there. i had a heart problem. i was told to begin my aspirin regimen, and i just didn't listen. until i almost lost my life. my doctors again ordered me to take aspirin, and i do. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. listen to the doctor. take it seriously. ♪ how do you like it, ♪ how do you like it ♪ ♪ more, more, more ♪ how do you like it, how do you like it ♪ all you can eat is back. how do you like that?
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>> flying isn't fun, for the most part, there are long lines at the airport and planes are packed. to make things worse, one airline is trying to set the record for cram nothing passenger? talking to pirates about that, not happy about it on "the daily briefing with dana perino. >> a suspect is in custody accused of three separate shootings which killed four people, including the suspect's dad and brother. this all happening in the los angeles area and just a 24-hour span, william is live with more on this. william. >> harris, what we don't know is why 26-year-old gerry dean
10:48 am
zaragoza went on this bizarre killing spree. his father, who is dead, says his son had a drug problem and he appeared buzzed or mentally not there. police found him by tracking his cell phone and used a taser to take him down. shackled to a stretcher, he was treated for injuries. his boss called him unstable. >> his son was crazy, didn't want to do anything, just wanted money. i think he was cautious around him. he was cautious around him. >> police say zaragoza killed his 50-year-old father, his 20-year-old brother and shot his mother early thursday and went to a gas station and killed his ex-girlfriend and shot an employee, who remains in critical condition. he tried to rob someone outside an atm and shot and killed a total stranger on a bus with whom he had not spoken a word.
10:49 am
>> i saw the man who was shot get on the bus. he didn't do anything, just sitting on the bus. >> i saw the dude get up, listening to music and then ah, everybody just went besercircumstance. >> the bus driver opened the door and everybody started running. all you see is splatter of blood dripping all over the ground. >> neighbors held a prayer vigil at the apartment complex managed by zaragoza's mother. >> she is a kind person, she has a kind heart and doesn't deserve what she's going through at all. i know it will be hard for her to come back, we'll be here to support her. >> here is what he was booked on. he is being held without bail. police recover what they believe is the weapon. they doll ballistics. this guy should probably spend a long time in prison or a mental
10:50 am
facility. >> harris: wow, what a story, thank you very much. turn to puerto rico. interim governor wanda vazquez, who is facing calls for her to resign. after protesters pushed out governor ricardo rossello. vazquez is next in line for the high office. we near san juan covering this. what is the problem with vazquez? >> harris, there are many. look, business in old san juan is coming back, but there are some businesses that remain boarded up. there is expectation that protests could continue despite resignation of governor rossello. this graffiti says it all, wanda is next. meeting with wanda vazquez as they discuss the transition to power. she is essentially the attorney general, she is the attorney general in puerto rico and set to become the governor on august 2nd. the problem is, she is not
10:51 am
popular and many expect her to resign. she has allegations of corruption in the past and now puerto rico office of ethics tells fox news they are evaluating whether to open ethics investigation into vazquez over screen shots that allegedly show her unwilling to investigate allegations of mismanagement surrounding hurricane mariah. she has denied. protesters took to the streets yesterday down the gold mile, the financial district here, celebrating resignation of rossello. they want to clean house of corrupt officials in puerto rico's government. >> it is not as simple as the governor resigning, it is a message to the next one coming. the politicians to understand when they are elected, it is to serve the people and not to use them. >> the consequences of this scandal stand to hurt the puerto
10:52 am
rican people. this is from today near the capital. some homes still have blue tarps and the rebuild got more complicated. fema is reinstituting strict measures how funds are distrubuted throughout the u.s. territory as consequence of the corruption allegations "this is from fema, given the ongoing leadership changes in the puerto rican government with concern over puerto rico history of fiscal regularity and mismanagement, fema decided it is prudent to protect its share of the federal investment by reinstating the manual drawdown process. more proof, more documentation is now needed for puerto ricans to get their hands on some of the money all thanks to distrust the federal government has and politicians about how they use u.s. taxpayer money. harris. >> harris: the story widens a bit. see who steps into the shoes of
10:53 am
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>> amelia earhart to circle the earth at the latitude of the greatest circle. the tricky task on a long distance flight would take off with a heavily loaded plane. a long run on the ground, a slow ride into the air. >> harris: a mystery which has gripped the imagination of americans for decades. what happened to amelia earhart? aviator who vanished during her attempted around the world flight in 1937.
10:58 am
now robert ballard, the famed d.c. explorer who found the titanic are on a mission to find the doomed plane. and now the pleasure to welcome to the program, allison fundit. thanks for being here. i lived in kansas. i know about the areas that were praying for her to come back. what do you think happened to amelia earhart? where do you start? >> hi, harris. thank you very much for having me. it's a really good question. it's been 30 years of people really looking into this in great detail. we're standing on the shoulders of three decades of research being conducted to really figure oud what happened. people believe she and her navigator fred noonan landed up landing in part of the republic of caribas. we're taking our ship and diving robotic vehicles to explore the
10:59 am
deep waters off the island to, hopefully, really put to rest this great mystery. >> harris: has anybody done this before? i would think in 30 years they would have looked there? >> there's been a lot of work. over the past 30 years there's been 12 different expeditions led by the international group for historic aircraft recovery. we're really standing on their shoulders. lot of the clues they have uncovered are what we're using, as well as some previous expedition team members are joining us from the site. >> harris: the 80-year-old mystery that you say a lot of research in the last 30 will help you do what you have to do. allison, to your and your team, i know you found the rms titanic. good luck with this. >> thank you. >> harris: all of america will be watching. thank you for joining the program. just to let everybody know, they are investigating the potential amelia earhart camp site with
11:00 am
search dogs and dna sampling. so using some of that research, they're going to go to that island area and see what's left behind. so fascinating. do you know what else is fascinating? the fact that you're watching fox news. thank you for that. i'll see you monday. >> julie: house democrats ramping up their investigation of president trump before even getting out of town. remember they have a six-week recess coming up. we are not on recess. this is "the daily briefing." we begin with nancy pelosi. not ruling out impeachment but not in a rush to get there. shortly after pelosi spoke, head of the house judiciary committee, jerry nadler, charging full speed ahead. >> we want to proceed when we have what we need to proceed. >>


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