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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  July 26, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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amelia earhart camp site with search dogs and dna sampling. so using some of that research, they're going to go to that island area and see what's left behind. so fascinating. do you know what else is fascinating? the fact that you're watching fox news. thank you for that. i'll see you monday. >> julie: house democrats ramping up their investigation of president trump before even getting out of town. remember they have a six-week recess coming up. we are not on recess. this is "the daily briefing." we begin with nancy pelosi. not ruling out impeachment but not in a rush to get there. shortly after pelosi spoke, head of the house judiciary committee, jerry nadler, charging full speed ahead. >> we want to proceed when we have what we need to proceed.
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>> any other citizen of this country who behaved as the president has would have been charged with multiple crimes. >> julie: it has been a very interesting day, a friday on capitol hill. let's start with mike emmanuel. let's start with what the latest is on the impeachment push and the investigation. >> reporter: good afternoon. there's a steady trickle of new democrats favoring an impeachment inquiry. speaker nancy pelosi is being cautious. while the house judiciary chairman, jerry nadler, favors impeachment, he's downplaying any divide between them. >> i don't know that there are real divisions with the speaker. i will refer you to her earlier comments in which she said that we must make the strongest case. if our committee is going to recommend articles of impeachment to the house, we must make the strongest possible case, both to our colleagues and the american public. that we're in total agreement.
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>> reporter: nadler calling it an impeachment investigation, but not a formal impeachment inquiry. julie? >> julie: so, mike, what are we hearing following the big meeting between the speaker and freshman alexandria ocasio-cortez? >> reporter: clearly an effort to clear the air. you have house speaker nancy pelosi tweeting out a photo of her with alexandria ocasio-cortez, all smiles in front of a camera. it's a rough stretch for them, with pelosi mocking alexandria ocasio-cortez for her twitter world ideas while alexandria ocasio-cortez fired back, it is disrespectful for singling out newly respected women of color. here is the speaker after the meeting. >> do you think you were able to bury the hatchet with congress woman alexandria ocasio-cortez? >> i don't think there ever was any hatchet. >> disrespect? >> we're in a political arena. >> reporter: fox news also caught up with alexandria ocasio-cortez to get her take on her meeting with the speaker.
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[ inaudible ] >> reporter: with house lawmakers leaving for that six week recess, it is clear they do not want headlines democrats divided for the rest of the summer. julie? >> julie: all right, thank you very much. for more on all of this, hoover institution fellow and former policy director of the romney ryan 2012 campaign, dave bernstein founder of run for america. thank you for talking to us. david, i'll start with you. this private meeting between nancy pelosi and alexandria ocasio-cortez, a lot of people, i guess there was a lot of hope about it because of the hype around the feud between these two. what do you make of pelosi's comments that she doesn't have any differences with aoc and that it went really well? >> it is the definition of, shall we say, politics. trying to get together with people with whom they obviously do not agree.
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these two have very significant differences, both in style and in substance and just their view of politics. nancy pelosi has been many, many years in the arena and alexandria ocasio-cortez has been there just for a moment of time. but they both recognize that they need each other. this is a smart move. this is the kind of thing democrats should be doing mohr of. nancy pelosi, whether she likes these new members or not, needs to be bringing them into the fold because they are the future of the democratic party, or a large part of it. and i think they did the right thing, both of them, frankly. alexandria ocasio-cortez cannot get very far in washington without her. >> julie: that's true. it kind of goes both ways. she needs this freshman congress woman as well. she is being viewed as a celebrity among the democratic party. >> street cred. >> julie: your thoughts? >> i think it reflects an on going split in the democratic
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party. i think the notion that you can have a settled matter, nancy pelosi and aoc getted together is probably not the case. what you're seeing is some ways past and future, maybe a preview of the coming attraction of the upcoming presidential campaign. nancy pelosi has a difficult challenge trying to herd all these cats. this particular fissure between the left leaning part of the party and the established part of the party will continue. >> julie: nancy pelosi was quick to say we don't have that many differences and that it did go well. then she talked about the fact that they did -- she didn't really respond to the fact that they didn't even speak about the feud. but it's good to engage. >> ever since i came here, we have been engaged in differences of opinion in our caucus.
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that is a good thing. we are not a lock step rubber stamp representation of anything except representatives of our district and what that means. >> julie: david, do you think the feud is over? >> look, i think the feud has been a little bit overplayed. it may be over between nancy pelosi and alexandria ocasio-cortez. but this is one of the big challenges to the democratic party. she mentioned the democrats are not in lock step. this is one of the things i'm concerned about the democratic party because it is both a positive for the democratic party, that there is inclusion, but also a big political challenge. republicans have historically been much better at being able to get behind something and someone very quickly. democrats really need to improve in this regard, find the balance in areas where there's pretty broad agreement and being able to move forward together in unison so they can succeed in
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their political goals. >> julie: i want to switch gears here to jerry nadler, who basically has decided the agenda following the mueller hearing, which includes the committee's effort to receive the grand jury material. basically, this is to -- this is in contrast to what the house speaker wants. nancy pelosi has said that she wants to put a pause on this. what do you think of jerry nadler trying to press through potential impeachment proceedings without the blessing of the house speaker? >> again, this speaks to the division we've been talking about. the challenge here, you've got a substantial number of democrats who said they would like to press ahead and look at impeachment, not just impeachment, but also all the oversight that goes around impeachment. trying to figure out elements of
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don mcgant's tenure as white house counsel. other people who served in the white house, trying to get testimony from them. so you're going to continue to have the strain, this desire of people, certain members in that democratic caucus, who want to go forward and continue down this path way. what nadler is saying, he's reflecting that point of view. the reason pelosi is so torqued about this is because she believes it takes away from the democratic party's ability to focus on winning the 2020 presidential election, to the extent this activity interferes with that, i would expect there to continue to be a division within the democratic caucus between pelosi and some others who want to be more aggressive in their so called oversight agenda. >> julie: i'll have you respond but i want you to hear kelly anne conway in regard to impeachment. >> we know there's no public appetite for impeachment. but there's also not an appetite up on capitol hill. this is over, in terms of what
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they promised the american people. the mueller report. mueller's testimony. and this president, i think he's being restrained. >> julie: david, is it over? >> well, i think it may be time to do that. because, look, if i were a member of congress and we know impeachment is up to the discretion of impeachment offense, i would vote for impeachment of donald trump. but seeing as there is not the ability to convict him in the senate, it really is a useless exercise for the democrats politically and frankly the country. it's just not going to win any points or any votes to keep going. mueller's testimony is a shadow of what would happen if they bring don mcgahn up there. it's not going to be the blockbuster everybody is hoping for. i said for a long time, i think there are other areas of oversight where they can get a lot more mileage on impeachment,
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which is never going to go where they want it to go. >> julie: thank you very much for talking to us. federal authorities are looking into one nuclear fuel factory, what they think it could be accidentally leaking. we're gonna tell you. and a look inside a california detention facility. what ice officials want you to know about these centers. >> it is a blessing. it is a blessing to wake up and have a little bit of freedom and get out wafpbd tv. see that's funny, i thought you traded options. i'm not really a wall street guy. what's the hesitation? eh, it just feels too complicated, you know? well sure, at first, but jj can help you with that. jj, will you break it down for this gentleman? hey, ian. you know, at td ameritrade, we can walk you through your options trades step by step until you're comfortable. i could be up for that. that's taking options trading from wall st. to main st. hey guys, wanna play some pool? eh, i'm not really a pool guy.
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but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? >> julie: fox news is getting an exclusive look at the crisis on the southern border, our cameras allowed inside one of the
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largest ice facilities in the nation. griff jenkins got the chance to check it out. >> reporter: that's right. a few weeks ago we had nationwide protests of ice facilities. this is one of the largest. we got a rare look inside. it was quite shocking what we saw. take a look. where are we? >> we're currently in the intake processing center of the ice processing center. this facility here houses up to 1940 detainees after they get classified and after they get booked in by the facility. we're giving them hygiene items. they have soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, as well as they have bed linens, sock shoes, shower shoes and their uniform when they're detained. medical care is a top notch priority. we have a full time medical clinic here.
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we thing we do offer is phone calls and attorneys. >> reporter: what is this area here? >> we aor currently in the special housing unit here. this area individuals that are detained here, individuals that have committed infractions. >> reporter: is that like fighting? >> the most common is in fighting. while they are here they have open movement. they have the ability to roam around. we have phone calls, phones for them to use. we have books for them to use. individuals are able to play x box and watch movies. >> reporter: they're playing soccer here. >> right now we're in the recreation yard that we offer the detainees, two to three hours a day, if not more. >> reporter: in terms of the characterizations out there, there's a big national debate. what do you want people to know? >> okay. when these individuals are detained here, we are giving them care and custody they need.
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we're doing everything we can to keep the individuals safe while they are detained here. >> reporter: there's 31 of those across the country. these do not hold children. that's done separately through hhs's office of refugee resettle phpbtd. but what we saw was a different contrast from what a group of california democratic lawmakers saw a year ago when they visited the facility and came out and said it was lacking resources. >> julie: what do migrants think about the center, griff? >> reporter: that's a good question. we asked them. we were not stopped from talking to them by the officials. we talked to one gentleman, noel beltran from el salvador. he said things are pretty good. have a listen to what he said. how do you think the conditions are? >> for me, it's great. i can see my family. i can hug my family.
11:18 am
they're coming from an hour and a half away from van nuys, in traffic. right here i have coffee with my family, i can hug my kids. >> reporter: now, the migrants obviously would prefer not to be detained while they wait for their immigration cases to play out. that facility has six doj immigration courtrooms where they are actively trying to hear the cases. there's a little over 1700 people housed in that facility. >> julie: thank you very much. we do need to point out that there are other facilities which are seeing big problems, especially ones housing migrant kids. this one in texas is closing nearly a month after opening. the temporary influx center apparently has poor conditions and high crime for the majority of the 400 migrants kids staying there are expected to be moving
11:19 am
in with sponsors or relatives. a new report claims 4,000 migrant children could be detained for many years. these are children that came across the border alone or were separated from their families. if the government cannot find a parent or relative here in the u.s., they could stay in custody indefinitely. federal authorities in south carolina are now investigating the possible leak of uranium into the area surrounding westinghouse electric company, a nuclear fuel factory in hopkins. the state said it kept radio active trash in a leaky 40 foot shipping container which raised concern. the plant was found to be leaking uranium three times in just the past 11 years. some 2020dems have floated the idea of adding to our nation's court should they win the court. why ruth bader ginsberg says, not so fast. plus tensions with iran on high
11:20 am
alert ahead of a key meeting that could further fan the flames in the already volatile region. >> of course, the military might will unleash and it won't require boots on the ground, am i right? >> i think in the case of iran, i know that better than even you do probably, but stronger than you said it, i think they understand that very well. ok everyone! our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy.
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they tried to seize a u.s. flag vessel in the strait. how should or would u.s. forces in the region respond? >> i never want to get out in front of what we'll do in any particular situation. president trump has made it clear. when american lives are at risk, the united states will defend itself wherever that risk takes place. >> julie: there you have secretary of state mike pompeo about the tension with iran. pompeo meeting with president trump and acting dhs secretary kevin mcclean. this meeting coming two days after iran fired a medium range
11:25 am
ballistic missile. you're looking at an earlier test launch and what it looked like. i'm looking at jack keane, political strategist. iran, they've done it again. this one a medium range missile. this is not the first time iran fired off 33 missiles. how should the u.s. respond? >> the u.s. shouldn't do a thing. the fact of the matter is that they should call them out for violating the u.n. resolution of firing a short range ballistic missile. what the iranians are up to here is they are a repressive regime. they have to keep their population in control and to do that, they intimidate them and coerce them. they want to convince them they are a very powerful nation despite the crippling effect of the sanctions being imposed on iranians and having quite an adverse effect on the people.
11:26 am
the reality is, the trump administration is going to politically diplomatically isolate iran is working. you mentioned tankers, firing down a drone. in terms of increasing enrichment and getting the europeans to provide assistance. none of that is working. do you know why? it is not isolating the united states, which is what twhaeuphe wanted to do. quite the contrary, the europeans are consolidating, they're forming a maritime coalition to protect shipping along with the united states. they push back immediately on the iranians blackmail over pulling out of the nuclear deal. they rejected it. so here, the iranians are firing off a missile.
11:27 am
we got it. we can call them out for the u.n. resolution violation. not a violation of the nuclear deal. what the trump administration's got to do is stay steady and keep doing what they are doing, continue to squeeze iran. >> julie: it's working. their economy has completely been debilitated with sanctions. this is a desperate move. all of these moves have been a result of their defiance. it's their fault. they put themselves in this position. now the question is, this meeting between pompeo and the president. what did they discuss today? how critical are these talks they are about to have? >> i think they're having routine discussions on where are we on iran. they have the latest intelligence. we know the latest about what's going on inside that country. we cannot reveal that to the american people because it reveals sources. but we got a sepb of where they are and what they're thinking about and maybe what their next play is. they haven't exhausted all their playbook yet. and clearly, in that playbook,
11:28 am
julie, is increased violence and increased taking of lives, possibly u.s. lives, damaging facility or some allies in the region. that has yet to be played. i think before they ever come to the negotiating table, they will likely ex-cuted that. >> julie: we hope not to see that day, but very true. general jack keane, thank you very much. appreciate it. justice ruth bader ginsberg is speaking out about her new colleagues. why she is defending brett kavanaug kavanaugh. >> i go what's going on in our country? what's going on in our state?
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>> julie: time for our friday e dig of campaign trail mix. today we have 2020 democrats
11:33 am
making their pitch to the urban league. mayor pete targeting big tech. peter doocy is targeting it all for us live from indianapolis. hey, peter. >> reporter: julie, kamala harris came here to try to cool concerns that her career as a prosecutor in california makes her the wrong person to reform the criminal justice system. >> why do we always have to be on the outside on bended knee trying to break down the door. shouldn't we also have a role on the inside, where decisions are being made? >> reporter: gillibrand also here today, attempting a different line, which signals she might be going for laughs in detroit. >> okay. so on the first day that i become president, after i clorox the oval office -- [ laughter ] which, as a mother, i would do.
11:34 am
the second thing i will do -- the second thing i will do is restore our moral leadership on the world stage. >> reporter: buttigieg also in indy. he's rolling out a new plan to protect workers from the so called dig economy with union like protection for people who work in jobs that work faster than labor laws can keep up. more than half of google workers do not share in google success because they are temps and contractors while millions of uber and lyft drivers lack basic protections because they are misclassified as independent contractors. buttigieg speaking to the urban league today, as he again tries to reassure them that his handling of a police involved shooting of a black man does not disqualify him from being a candidate. >> julie: the creator of my pillow, which advertises on this
11:35 am
channel, is suggesting he may get involved in politic. tell us about that. >> reporter: right. in 2020, the white house not the only thing up for grabs. every single house seat is going to be contested. that includes the controversial congress woman found herself embroiled in controversial ilhan omar from the home state of the my pillow creator. he went on fox and friends to talk about a possible challenge. >> yesterday i was bombarded in the news. they go, we heard you're running. we heard you're running. i would love to do it, but i have got such a big platform going on and i want to help the president turn minnesota completely red and get the right people in office. >> reporter: so, it's obvious that at some point he might be interested in seeking higher office. but this cycle, democratic
11:36 am
candidates, incumbents who might have been worried about a well funded challenger can sleep easy. julie? >> julie: all right, peter doocy, thank you very much. ruth bader ginsberg is defending her new colleagues on the supreme court. the 86-year-old spoke about, well, controversial trump appointees brett kavanaugh and neil gorsuch saying my two colleagues are decent, very smart individuals. i am joined now by the chief counsel at the judicial crisis network. i think a lot of lawmakers could learn from her. here we have a liberal justice speaking positively about her conservative colleagues. >> she was pushing the moderator who was suggesting they weren't qualified or weren't decent people. i thought it was very nice of her to do that. she has said some very critical things about trump previously. so she showed that she's
11:37 am
standing up for her colleagues, even so. i certainly describe this in my book. was she among her other colleagues reached out to kavanaugh trying to push back on some of the hostility he's received. i think that speaks a lot. >> julie: it does speak volumes, first of all, for ruth bader ginsburg to come to the defense of brett kavanaugh. so for her to essentially say, quote, he's a very decent ma i'm wondering if that will appease all the haters out there and all the liberals that didn't want to see him in that court. i don't believe ginsburg would make a decision on somebody, as far as their character is concerned, when she makes much bigger decisions her entire career on a person's character. do you think that maybe some haters might change their minds after hearing ginsburg's take? >> you know, i would hope so. there are a lot of people who really look up to her, particularly on the left. she's one of the leading
11:38 am
liberals on the court. i think it really tears the mask off some of the crazy apocalyptic language we are hearing from people, suggesting he's ill tempered, suggesting this will be the end of the country as we know it. this is something the justices agree on decisions that are unanimous. the language and rhetoric was overblown. it's great that you can disagree with someone on their legal approach and still not have to villify them and turn them into a monster, which is what we saw. let's debate the process but still be able to understand and respect each other as people. >> julie: ginsburg also said she doesn't want to expand the court, which some democrats are wanting to change the numbers if democrats win. >> nine seems to be a good number. it's been that way for a long time. i think that was a bad idea what
11:39 am
president roosevelt tried to do. if anything, it would make the court appear partisan, it would be that. when we are in power, to enlarge the number of judges. >> julie: very bipartisan statement there. how do you think the democrats will receive that? >> i hope they're listening. we've seen the would be nominee running to the edges, even suggesting that maybe we need to think about adding judges just so that a democrat could pad the court like fdr tried to do that. i hope they're listening. it really shows they're looking more to use the court as a political tool than to hope these justices are behaving as neutral judges. >> julie: thank you very much. appreciate. >> thanks.
11:40 am
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>> a sal month nellie outbreak across half of the united states has sent people to the hospital. the culprit? dog treats. not because people are eating them. that and the rest of the happenings as fox news continues in the next hour. >> julie: in the mean time, a new york city presin after a recent spate of water bucket attacks on officers. wednesday, two female officers were doused with water on duty
11:45 am
in the bronx. david lee miller is following these story. troubling to watch. hey, david. >> reporter: hi, julie. we just learned police here in new york say they have made another arrest in connection with the incident of police being doused with water. the video you just saw showed two female officers being doused. now authorities say a 24-year-old man robert perez has been charged with four counts. this as the investigation goes on. there have been now in just the last week at least five separate instances of nypd officers that have been doused with buckets of water. number of suspects have been arrested. the search for others does continue. many of the incidents were posted on social media. the latest is a recording that was shared by the sergeant's benevolence association. meanwhile, oftens in brooklyn a 28-year-old reputed gang member
11:46 am
courtney thompson reportedly turned himself in for dousing police. now he faces a slew of charges including obstruction of criminal justice, disordinarily conduct as well as harassment. according to a published report, his actions ruined an officer's body camera. two other men have all been charged with another incident, this one in harlem. one of the men isaiah scott allegedly dumped water on a woman talking to police. her cell phone was damaged. a second suspect allegedly also took part in that same incident. authorities are looking for another suspect in connection with a harlem attacks during bucket. authorities have now released a still frame of the suspect that is being sought minutes ago in >> heather: hrepl. community leaders held a news conference to show solidarity with police. >> enough is enough! because it's a water bottle today.
11:47 am
it's a bucket tomorrow. and then next thing they're gonna take their guns. >> reporter: that was shared by police union leaders. they are warning all of the incidents involved watered. there are calls for the police commissioner to resign. one department official did say that all new yorkers should show respect for police. he said they deserve nothing less. the nypd has instructed officers to arrest those who douse them with water. meanwhile, the illegal aid organization is calling that response disproportionate citing examples of past police abuse. >> julie: david lee miller, thank you very much. lincoln county sheriffs office in north carolina is announcing it was hit with a ransomware attack wednesday morning. apparently hackers destroyed all backup files and encrypted the information on the main server.
11:48 am
an investigation is under way. we will keep you posted. we are all learning more about the arrest of 16 marines at camp pendleton. marine corps revealing the arrests were made based on information gained from a human smuggling case earlier this month. jennif jennifer griffin is live to explain. >> reporter: they released the names of some arrested. here's what we learned so far. 16 phmarines were ranging from private first class to corporals. agents from the ncis surprised the marines during a morning formation after roll call was taken. >> around 800 marines at that time ncis came to the areas and they pulled those 16 marines out
11:49 am
and were arrested at that point. >> reporter: eight other marines from the first division were all taken in for their potential involvement in a separate drug smuggling rant. evidence which uncovered two marines allegely smuggling migrants for $8,000 a person into the u.s. over the southern border with mexico not far from their marine base in southern california. that is what precipitated these arrests we're told. none of the marines arrested or detained served along the border as part of the pentagon mission there. in a separated unrelated case, we have learned a sexual assault is also being investigated involving members of the seal platoon sent home from iraq. the entire platoon was refusing to assist with the investigation. that's when the commander decide to take the unprecedented decision to kick them out of iraq, sending them all home. u.s. officials tell me the platoon of roughly 20 navy
11:50 am
s.e.a.l.s. were sent home from drinking alcohol while deployed in iraq, an embarrassing end to deployment for this unit. the investigation is on going. >> julie: jennifer griffin, thank you very much. so, you think leg room on an airplane is nonexistent now? how discount airlines are planning to pack even more of you onto their plane. plus tyrus goes to college, doggie college to learn about spike's new adventure. tyrus is on deck to give us the scoop. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today.
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>> julie: carriers are looking to cram as many of you as possible on the airplanes. now one philippines airlines is
11:55 am
rolling out a new plane with 460 seats, 20 more than the recommended maximum. one of the ways to get in more seats is shrinking the leg room. tyrus, a fox news contributor and host of "nuf said" on fox nation. how tall are you? >> i'm 6'8." i won't be flying on this airline. coming here today, i sent -- we got this story. i sent a picture of me in leg room. >> julie: can we see it? >> it was terrible. we don't have it. i'll show it to you. >> julie: imagine a large man. >> yeah. i don't understand the point of reducing leg room. if not just for me, for all of the people that travel with their extra big perks that they need to get snacks. the bottom area, a lot of stuff going on there. forget and me and my sore knees. you know, being jammed up.
11:56 am
>> julie: you're not going to fly to the philippines. >> no. i'll take a boat. >> julie: if you're going to get a discount -- >> even when you pay for it, there's still leg room. >> julie: moving on to another topic. two weeks from today, spike will pack up his toys and leave for doggie college at k-9 companions. tyrus got a preview of his campus life and met with a retired sergeant that received his own service dog. check it out. >> this is where my special boy, spike, will be leaving us. i'm checking it out. >> isn't that amazing? >> hi, tyrus. i'm alex, this is zach. >> hi, zach. how are you? >> good boy. >> yes. >> there you go.
11:57 am
good job. >> great job. >> get is one command. you set there's up to 40 commands. >> this is our lap command. >> i had the honor of meeting with retired sergeant dennis leonard. an ied took both of his legs and his troop commander's life. >> i got injured in iraq in 2007. did almost two years of rehab and therapy. got medically retired. just went back to trying to live my life as normal as possible. >> this is one of the commands that is common? >> absolutely. being able to retrieve items dropped on the floor, have limited mobility. >> one time the keys slid under my truck. just picture that. >> pride is ugly. >> i thought maybe i should listen and get an assistance dog
11:58 am
for stuff like that. to have a tool that means so much to you as it is. but has that many uses to assist you, makes life so much easier. >> two thumbs up. a great place for spike and apparently for me. i wouldn't be in next week. bill here joining the pack. miss you guys. >> julie: a great pack leader. that is a touching story. >> thank you. >> julie: this facility is in long island. they're all over the country. the need is so great for so many men and women who have given it all. >> it's humbling. it was actually an honor to be there and sit down and talk with sarge like that is cool. you don't get to see much on camera, but we had lunch together. we talked for an hour, seemed like. it was how much his life has changed. how much i take for granted because he was a big guy, too. he talked about having to let go
11:59 am
of pride and stuff like that. it was one point that we talked about, it wasn't until he had -- he didn't want help. i know what that's like. for him to open himself up to get help was a big step. he was an amazing man. the dog is amazing. i'm happy to be there. it's about them. >> julie: what is really amazing as well, our foster doggie mom. jennifer williams, we were talking the other day, she told me about how hard this is her. >> yeah. >> julie: i'm so sad talking about it. >> i used to get like that, too, until i was there and realized as tough as it is to raise -- a dog is like chasing a child. spike is amazing. how can you not give him away when he's going to change someone's life forever? that will always be with you. trust me, there won't be a dry eye in that building. i can act as tough as i want to. but you're tough. i get the quiver.
12:00 pm
i can't hide. >> julie: i have false eyelashes on. they were falling off. >> the point is, it's a beautiful moment. when you see how much -- >> julie: we have to go. >> not enough time to talk about it check it out. >> julie: thanks for joining us. i'm julie banderas. have a great weekend. >> shepard: cops and drones and dogs looking for the killers of an american woman, her boyfriend and another man. now two confirmed sightings of the teenage suspects. authorities are narrowing their search area. also, a new warning about posting too much online. cops say thieves used social media to figure out which homes to target, even crash people's parties. plus, the fish party may go past sunrise. suspected cocaine smugglers taking drastic action and the coast guard closes in. reporting begins now.


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