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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 26, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> julie: i have false eyelashes on. they were falling off. >> the point is, it's a beautiful moment. when you see how much -- >> julie: we have to go. >> not enough time to talk about it check it out. >> julie: thanks for joining us. i'm julie banderas. have a great weekend. >> shepard: cops and drones and dogs looking for the killers of an american woman, her boyfriend and another man. now two confirmed sightings of the teenage suspects. authorities are narrowing their search area. also, a new warning about posting too much online. cops say thieves used social media to figure out which homes to target, even crash people's parties. plus, the fish party may go past sunrise. suspected cocaine smugglers taking drastic action and the coast guard closes in. reporting begins now.
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our reporting begins with the investigation of the president taking a new turn this afternoon. the house judiciary committee now wants grand jury secrets related to the mueller probe. so new today, it's asking a federal judge to unseal them. the reason? the committee chairman says it needs access to relevant facts in order to consider whether to recommend the house impeach president trump. >> the committee is exercising its authority to investigate all of these scandals and to recommend -- to decide what to do about them, which include articles of impeachment. >> reporters tried to get chairman nadler to explain what is happening. is this a formal impeachment inquiry. his answer. >> i suppose there's one difference. if you said an impeachment inquiry is considering only impeachment. that's not what we're doing. we're investigating all of this
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and we're going to see what remedies we can recommend, including possibility of articles or impeachment. we're not limited to that. that's very much the possibility as a result of what we're doing. >> shepard: in other words democrats say it is what you want it to be. there was a report on the topic of grand jury secrecy, which is governed by the federal rules of criminal procedure. in particular, rule 6 e, which states that attorneys, grand jurors and others must not disclose a matter occurring before the grand jury. except courts have been conflicted on whether congress can get exceptions. nancy pelosi for her part says she does not support launching a formal impeachment inquiry right now. we'll proceed when we have what we need to proceed. >> speaker pelosi says she doesn't want -- speaker pelosi says she wants the committee to
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keep investigating. chairman nadler says that he will go to court if the former white house counsel don mcgahn does not comply with a subpoena. mcgahn is an important fact witness. he sat for 30 hours of questioning from the mueller team and his name is in the mueller report more than 500 times. republicans from the judiciary committee have argued that democrats have no right to the grand jury material and should propose a bill to get access to it. the chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel reporting live on capitol hill. mike? >> good afternoon. the house judiciary chairman is sending a clear signal that even though lawmakers are leaving the house for a six-week recess, the investigation work continues and lawmakers are not bound to the former special counsel's report. >> appears to be compelling evidence of the president's misconduct outside of the four corners of the redacted version of the mueller report. and we will work to uncover that
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evidence as well. >> nadler walking a fine line here trying to show his constituents and the base to show that they're still working. shep? >> shepard: more democrats coming forward with interest in impeachment. >> no doubt about it. by fox's count, the count is up to 100 lawmakers favoring an impeachment inquiry. the latest two from new hampshire and california. annie custer of new hampshire, mike levin of california wanted to go on the record on the subject before they go back to their constituents in their districts for six weeks. so when their constituents ask them, they're on the record of supporting an inquiry. shep? >> shepard: russia's unprecedented efforts to infiltrate the 2016 election targeted each of the 50 states. that's new information from the report from the senate intelligence committee. the bipartisan document reveals
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state governments did not get enough warnings from the feds about cyber attacks and were not prepared to handle them. the committee reports that they found no evidence that the russians changed any votes. this week the former special counsel, robert mueller, told congress russia's effort to interfere in the 2016 election and ongoing interference now is dangerous. mitch mcconnell blocked two election security measures calling them partisan bills. chuck schumer says it's a national security issue. chris wallace is here with us live from d.c. hello, friend. >> how are you, sir. >> shepard: i'm well. there's not one stand alone bill on election security despite the fact that we know the russians came and are coming again. >> there was one bill passed for
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election security. what schumer is looking for is a follow-on bill that was passed by the house that would add another $775 million and say to campaigns, if you get any feelers from any foreign country, you have to report that. it would establish a kind of paper trail of ballots so that if there were some cyber attack, that there would be paper evidence of who people actually voted for. those are the bills, the measures, that mcconnell has blocked. two reasons really. one, he said they're partisan bills. two, he said they haven't spent the $380 million that's been appropriated so far. so why do we want to spend another $775 million. that's his argument for it. schumer, as you say, has said that that is inadequate. one of the political realities here is rightly or wrongly, there's a feeling among some republicans that anything the democrats do in this area is seen as saying that the russians interfered in the last election
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had an effect on the last election, which creates sensitivities at the white house. so you know, it's a political issue. i think everybody has to agree that we want to do everything that we can to protect the country from continued and apparently continuing russian interference. perhaps interference by other countries in our democratic process. >> shepard: there's this difference of opinion within the democratic party about whether to go full steam toward impeachment or something else. we kept wondering, how will that massage this thing. i think we learned today. chairman nadler got up there and said we're going to go ahead with impeachment proceedings without saying we're going to go ahid with impeachment proceedings. that's what they're doing. he did say that much. >> but it's not a formal impeachment proceeding with a vote by the house to proceed to that he's the head of the judiciary committee which would handle any potential impeachment. you can call it what you want,
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clearly there's continuing investigation not only on the mueller report but on a variety of other things. you continue to see a number of subpoenas for witnesses to testify for documents to be handed over. but nancy pelosi in her news conference made it clear, she doesn't want to proceed to a formal impeachment or even hearings to lead to that unless they have a stronger case than they have now. you don't even have half, even with 100 democrats, you don't have half of the democrats and certainly not half of the house that you would need to pass an impeachment resolution. and then if you did that, it goes to the senate. there's not been a single republican senator that has said that they support removing the president. that's what would happen in the senate after impeachment. you would need 67 senators, republicans and democrats, to remove a president. so what pelosi is saying, we're not going to go into this unless
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there's stronger evidence, more bipartisan buy-in. i think there's a concern that if they do that republicans will say oh, you spent your year in the majority going after the president instead of doing things to help americans. >> shepard: along the way while working toward that end of getting more information, nadler is talking about these grand jury -- the sealed grand jury stuff. that is one thing. don mcgahn testimony, that i think will be important to them. >> if they get it. >> shepard: it's important to them to try to get it. the don mcgahn testimony is something that the democrats really want. >> yeah, if you read volume 2 of the mueller report, some of the most damaging allegations against the president are that repeatedly the president pressed don mcgahn and his white house counsel to basically get the justice department to fire robert mueller and end the special counsel's investigation. when that was reported by "the new york times" that reportedly
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according to the mueller report the president told mcgahn, you have to deny that. mcgahn refused to do that. sure, that would be -- i say sure, it would be damaging testimony, but on the other hand a lot of people thought that robert mueller was damaging testimony and that didn't work out the way that people thought. >> shepard: it wasn't the movie is better than the book. >> no. >> shepard: thanks, chris. we'll look for you sunday on "fox news sunday." he will take with mick mulvaney and others. that's this sunday on your local fox station. fox news has a new batch of polling that shows in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup, joe biden would beat the president by a comfortable margin. ten percentage points nationwide. same spread as last month and outside the margin of a error. the president tweeted about the polling. fox news is at it again, he wrote. so different from what they used to be during the 2016 primaries and before. proud warriors.
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now fox news polls, which have always been terrible to me have me down to sleepy joe. the fox news poll did have president trump losing the popular vote to hillary clinton and it was accurate. the final survey was done november 3-6 of that year. among both registered and likely voters, the poll predicted hillary clinton would beat trump by 4 percentage points. so clinton would win the popular vote by a margin of 1.5% and 6.5%. she did. her margin of victory was 2.1%. the polls were accurate. we're learning more about the navy seals booted back home from iraq and reports that the bad behavior went beyond alcohol. also, the frantic man hunt for two teens accused of going on a murder spree. there's word one of the suspects has a sick obsession and one of
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♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) if eligible, you may pay as little as $25 per prescription. ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. >> fox urgent. a man hunt in the swamp for two teens going on a killing spree and gunning down an american tourist and her boyfriend. but are they cornered or long gone? dogs, drones, helicopters and hely armed police searching near a tiny canadian town after confirmed sightings, two of them. thousands of miles from the spot where the police say that they killed three people last week. among the victims, china deese of north carolina and her boyfriend, lucas fowler. they were on a road trip when their van apparently broke down on the side of a remote highway in british columbia. locals say the area where the police are searching is
12:17 pm
treacherous with wolves, water up to your waste, relentless bugs and even the occasional polar bear. you can see one of the officers watering a mosquito net around his face. meantime, we're hearing disturbing stories from people that knew one of the suspects. this one, his grandmother's neighbor told the daily mail that the teen started losing friends when he showed him a photo of himself wearing a nazi arm band. a former class made talk about killing her and cutting her head off when they were 13. the toronto star newspaper published a letter from his mother put out to her son begging him to come home. jacqui heinrich reporting live with more. >> shep, there's one road in and out of the tiny town police have zeroed in on and no cars have been stolen there. so police believe the teens are on foot. some experts think they could be up to 50 miles away right now.
12:18 pm
local media is reporting that people are terrified and closing businesses early. leonard dick is a 64-year-old botany professor that was murdered. investigators believe they began their rampage after leaving home in british columbia telling their parents they were going to look for work in uconn. police found their burned-out truck and the professor's body nearby. >> if they're in the area, you feel that you feel unsafe, then i would just stay indoors or always travel in groups.
12:19 pm
ultimately it's the community's safety that we have to take into account. >> last night police fielded more than 80 tips. shep? >> shepard: thanks, jacqui. status update now. you've been robbed. cops in houston say they arrested seven suspected thieves who used social media to find their wealthy victims. police are now asking the public to help track them down. hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stolen artwork. casey stegall with the news live from texas. casey? >> hey, shep. information from a public tip is what really ultimately brought this whole well-oiled crime ring down. each person with their own specific role from the muscle, those that went down and carried out these houston heists and then the others who were responsible for transporting and holding and storing this precious art. now, the folks that were arrested according to police, a total of seven people did this
12:20 pm
over the course of several months and police say it took several months to nab them. >> some of the suspects, this is their job. they look for an opportunity to commit crimes. they look on social media, other things like that. so that's how they found the complainants. >> one of the stolen pieces, this monet worst $1.2 million. according to the christy's website, this piece fetching $600 k. in all, hundreds of thousands of precious paintings after all of them were stolen out of the owner's homes when they were at work or on vacation. hpd says in most cases they even had burglar alarms and high tech computer systems, security systems, but they weren't on. >> shepard: thanks, casey. dramatic details out of the mass raid on marines in california. agents waited until hundreds of troops were gathered in formation before busting
12:21 pm
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12:26 pm
make it back to the united states but probably not the way the suspects intended. we're learning more about why an entire navy seal platoon stationed in iraq got sent home. the navy says a senior enlisted member sexually assaulted a female service member and members of the platoon refused to answer any questions. jennifer griffin reporting live from the pentagon. we first thought this was about booze. now it's about moore. >> absolutely, shep. we learned, as you mentioned, sexual assault is being investigated involving members of the seal platoon sent home from iraq. the entire platoon was refusing to assist the investigation. that's when the commander decided to take the unprecedented decision to kick them all out of iraq sending them home. u.s. officials say the platoon of roughly 20 navy seals from seal team 7 were sent home to san diego in part for drinking alcohol while in iraq, and --
12:27 pm
an embarrassing end. the investigation is ongoing, shepard. >> shepard: jennifer, we're also learning more about the marines yesterday in a separate incident. >> that's right. we learned the 16 marines arrested yesterday were all junior enlisted marines ranging from private first class to corporal. all arrested at camp pendelton. they were surprised after roll call was taken. >> it was around 800 marines. ncis came to the area and pulled those 16 marines out and they were arrested at that point. >> eight other marines from the first marine division were taken in for questioning for their potential involvement in a separate drug smuggling ring.
12:28 pm
information gained from a previous human smuggling investigation which uncovered two marines smuggling migrants over the southern border with mexico, charging them $8,000 apiece precipitated the arrests. we're told none of the marines arrested or detained for questioning served along the border as part of the pentagon mission there, shepard. >> shepard: jennifer griffin, thanks. andrew is here with us now. he served six years as a jag or judge advocate general officer and took part in six trials last year. he tried more than 150 sexual assault cases and handled more than a dozen human trafficking cases. good of you. thank you. >> good to see you, shep. >> shepard: these marines, 16 of them, human trafficking, how will this proceed? >> well, these are not the headlines the department of the navy likes. when sailors and marines are doing with good work.
12:29 pm
investigations like this tend to take time. these individuals have rights to remain silent and protect themselves. that's a road ahead. >> shepard: then there's the seal team. first the reason is they were caught drinking on deployment, which is forbidden. and then we learned, they're all being brought home at once because the guy in charge is like, you know, we can't have this anymore. now we learned that one of them is suspected of rape. raping another member of the military. if no one is talking, and you send them home, how does that proceed? >> the investigation in this case with regard to the sexual assault is what is taking the most seriously and the primary focus of what's going on. it's going to be a focus on what sort of evidence they have to establish whether it was one individual or a group of individuals that help facilitate the crime and whether the crime is supported by the facts.
12:30 pm
with regard to the alcohol, it's something where a unit starts to degrade themselves and show they're not respecting the rules and regulations, it's not going to be tolerated, this is extreme measures for the department of the navy to take. >> shepard: what are the rules, for instance, members of the sail team new of something like this alleged sexual assault and refused to talk, are the rules within the military the same as among civilians? >> you have a right to remain silent if you're suspected of criminal activity. so if you have a chance of them holding you criminally accountable, you don't have to provide information that may incriminate you. similar to civilians. but if people obstruct the investigation where they're not otherwise suspected themselves of wrong doing, that is something that ultimately is obstruction of justice. >> thank, andrew. appreciate you being here.
12:31 pm
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priceline will partner with even more vegas hotels to turn their unsold rooms into amazing deals. delegates, how do you vote? (cheering) ♪ yes, y-y-y-yes, yes... that is freaky. (applause) >> shepard: its the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news headlines. the feds putting out warnings for dog treats. not because they can make pets sick but the owners that eat them. and figuring what happened to a missing teen. but first, friends and family saying good-bye to alley
12:36 pm
castille after she was shot eight times. her classmate is being held behind bars without bond. friends have described him as the on again and off again boyfriend. his attorney says he plans to plead not guilty. allie was leaving a bar off of the oxford square. investigators say they found her body near a fishing camp about 30 minutes north of campus. police sources told our station in memphis that they tracked the man down and he appeared to have blood on his clothes. jonathan serrie reporting live from oxford. jonathan? >> hi, shep. the next step for brandon will be a bond hearing in the courthouse behind me. initially local authorities thought that would happen this week. now defense attorneys tell the daily journal in tupelo that the defense team reached an agreement with the da's office
12:37 pm
to postpone a bond hearing until his lawyers conduct their own investigation of the crime. meantime, this 22-year-old students from texas is being held without bond in the lafayette county detention center, shep. >> shepard: we're hearing from the victim's family now, jonathan? >> yeah, allie's father posted on facebook, he writes we're speechless from the amount of love and support that has been expressed and wish we could respond to each and every one of you. we thank you for your prayers, blessings and kind words. back in st. louis where allie grow up, friends, some of which have known her since preschool, held a candlelight vigil in the high school where she graduated in 2016. >> she was friends with everybody. >> it's the lesson she taught me. if you want to do something in
12:38 pm
life, go after it. just be yourself. >> in addition to this evening's visitation, a funeral is scheduled for tomorrow morning, a go fund me page is set up to help the family with funeral expenses. that page raised more than $26,000, shep. >> shepard: jonathan serrie live in oxford. construction workers in colorado found hu plan bones this week. we now know that they belonged to a 12-year-old girl that went missing three decades ago. it was 1984, just before christmas, janel matthews just song "jingle bells" at her school. she made it home after the concert but nobody was home. later that night she was gone. no answers. no arrests ever made. her case got the attention of then president reagan whose administration just opened a national center for missing children months earlier. this week construction crews
12:39 pm
working on a pipeline not far from where matthews disappeared found her remains. police are not releasing many details. but the sheriff there says they're treating this as a homicide investigation. janel matthews would have been 47 years old. police in los angeles say they're trying to figure out why a man went on a shooting spree killing four including his own father and brother. they arrested jerry zaragosa in the canoga park neighborhood. it all started at an apartment complex. police say that's where he shot his father, brother and mother. the mom survived. and then they say he went to a gas station in north hollywood where he killed a third person, his ex-girlfriend, and hurt one other people. eventually he ended up in van nuys on a bus where he shot and killed somebody else. a man on the bus said something
12:40 pm
seemed off about the suspect. >> riding on the bus like everybody is fine. just out of it like compared to everybody else. all you hear is the gun shots. somebody else's life. >> shepard: cops say the suspect may have been connected to an attempted robbery. william la jeunesse reporting live from los angeles. william? >> shepard, four dead in two hours. police brought him down with a taser after he refused to surrender. no motive. his father now dead told a close front that his son had a drug problem. he killed his father and brother and shot his mother thursday morning. then he went to a gas station where he killed an ex-girlfriend and shot and employee. he shot and killed a total stranger on a bus without saying a word. >> the bus driver opened the door. once he opened the door, everybody started running.
12:41 pm
all you saw was blood all over the ground. >> police tracked the alleged killer using his own cell phone. when plain closed cops rolled up, he didn't surrender so they tased him. police took him to jail. when arrested, he showed police the gun he used. booked on multiple felonies. the mother is still alive. she can put her son away a long ti time. multiple witnesses to the gas station shooting and the bus shooting. >> she's a good kind person. she doesn't deserve what she's going through. she comes back home if she decides to because it's probably hard for her to come back. we're going to be here to support her. >> so he's being held without bail depending on the ballistics of the gun. with the witnesses, he could be
12:42 pm
spending time in prison or a mental facility. >> shepard: thanks, william. live in los angeles. something is happening at the white house. we're not sure what. here's what i know. unannounced and all of a sudden, the white house press pool was called in to the press briefing room for an unannounced and unexplained event. so they went there. and they're waiting. when we know what is going on, we'll let you know as the news continues after this. (ding) hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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>> shepard: nobody likes getting a parking ticket. california couple got a double whammy. kristin and dan dowd said they parked their toyota on the street. when it did, it had tires. now, milk crates. they went to call the cops and the insurance company noticed the $79 dollar on the windshield because they didn't move it for the street sweeper. >> do i have to be dead in the driver's seat with the registration? >> shepard: might still get one. a toyota dealer let them borrow wheels so they could tow the car. repair job will cost thousands. they'll have to pay a $1,000
12:47 pm
deductible. >> i'm more upset about the $79 ticket than the wheels. >> shepard: local officials said the would have to fight the ticket but decided to dismiss it. no word on who stole the tires. speaking of missing tires, look at this. a run-away tire rolling down a new jersey highway, of course. it veers across the lanes into the median rolling along for a bit and bounced over to the other side and appears to blow up after hitting a car. a police officer said he saw the tire head straight for the car in front of him. the one carrying his wife and children. he told a local abc station said that it clipped his car. police are investigating where the run-away tire came from. if you've had chips and gauc
12:48 pm
recently, there's word you might not be eating the real thing. there's word that avocados supplies are so low that restaurants are starting to use a cheaper green squash in their gauc and customers have no idea. green squash? trace, what is this? >> let me tell you something. this customer would know that you're trying to sneak some squash in my gauacamolguacamole. when you boil and blend the squash and mix it with spices, it can pass as guacamole. again, you put enough jalapenos and shaving cream, you wouldn't know the difference. they've done taste tests. the guacamole made with squash, the census is that it tastes similar but doesn't have the same consistency.
12:49 pm
here's the reason we're talking about this. last year at this time the department of agriculture says a medium crop was $1.17. today, it's $2.10. 91% increase. primarily because of the extreme heat in california over the past several months. it greatly reduced the crop. that's just california. mexico provides 90% of the avocados in the u.s. the prices down south, higher. a year ago, a 25-pound box, $37. today, $84 a box. analysts say by september the prices in mexico should come down a lot. on the flip side, the squash runs about 60 cents and one is the equivalent of one avocado. the taco shop across the street, no joke, still using strictly avocados. no squash there. but it's gone up dramatically
12:50 pm
over the past several months. you can notice the uptick. in mississippi, they gave squashes all the time. nobody has any idea what you're eating there. >> shepard: we can't say that. we would have to -- no. that would need a revision. thanks, trace. dog treats, i mentioned blamed in a salmonella outbreak. it's the pup's owners that were turning up sick. centers for disease control and prevention in atlanta blaming some potentially contaminated pig ears. a lot of pet stores sell the big ears. no word on where the bad ones originated. the cdc is tracking 90 cases of people getting sick in more than two dozen states. sail can affect animals that eat the bad treats and clearly the owners who not eat them but handle them. so when in doubt, throw it out using gloves. so the breaking news at the white house. first, we were told reporters
12:51 pm
being called into the briefing room, right? no, not the briefing room. it's the oval office. and it's the pool being called in. the pool at the white house rotates among all the networks that are members of the pool. it so happens right now fox news is the pool. so john roberts has been called in to the oval office for something or other. we now have a headline. it's something to do with immigration. we should know presently after this break maybe. see you in a minute. , we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today.
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12:55 pm
>> shepard: white house surprise event. it has to do with guatemala. the president says they're reneging on a deal to keep out asylum seeker. the president says there's a new relationship and new era of growth. john roberts is still in the oval office. he will have the details when he
12:56 pm
comes out on "your world" with neil cavuto. so florida has gators. new york has rats. these are known knowns. universally accepted. while florida may have rats, too, gators generally don't do new york. except for this one tiny gator in a swimming tool. the story goes, the family noticed the gator, all eight inches over the weekend. apparently thought it was a tree branch or something at first. they didn't call the police. they called the news. and animal control arrived at the home after hearing about the gators on the news. they're reminding people that they grow. they still don't know where this one came from. the nypd picked up this gator in staten island. they brought it to the brooklyn animal shelter. take that, florida man!
12:57 pm
florida has iguanas, too. the state and wildlife says don't shoot them. a statement made earlier this month was misinterpreted and people thought oh, we can shoot up all the iguanas. no, this is not the wild west. put your guns away. instead, the iguanas should be safely removed from the property. if you can't do it, call the professionals. google iguana removal. i don't know. wildlife officials say they hope to move them. now crocodiles are living in canalling outside a nuclear plant in florida. mike sound terrifying. scientists there say once nearly extinct species is making a comeback and scientists rescued dozens of baby crocs in the area. phil keating without out to meet
12:58 pm
them. how did that go? >> went well. the nuclear power plant is a perfect place for the crocodiles. the facility allows them to have the place to themselves. july is hatching season. baby crocs are being brought to the lab where they're days old where they receive gentle treatment from florida power and light. american crocodiles were once on the brink of extinction, down to 500 in the 70s. today there's about 2,000 of them. 1 out of 4 calls the 170 miles of nuclear cooling canals home. no, they are not radioactive although they get that question all the time. once an endangered species, they're listed as threatened. >> they're so crucial nor the environment and so interesting. it's basically seeing the fruits of your labor.
12:59 pm
you go throughout the year waiting for this moment, waiting for the babies to hatch and releasing them back into the wild, which is the ultimate satisfaction. >> unlike alligators, which lived as far north as tennessee and the carolinas, american crocodiles only lived in south florida. shep? >> shepard: i hear you held one. is that true? >> yeah, just long enough. i have to admit i was squirmish about it. you have to remember, their baby teeth are still sharp. the hatchlings are cute for now. every july and august, they emerge and the croc team grabs them and takes them back into the lab and returns them to the wild. from there, they're ready for the word. the mother's abandon them. they're never around. the little babies now how to
1:00 pm
hunt and fish. most don't survive because birds and fish eat them. >> shepard: thanks, phil. the final bell ringing on wall street. the s&p is up and the nasdaq is up and the nasdaq and a s&p hit a new record. here's neil cavuto. >> even if you were able to bury the hatchet with alexandria ocasio-cortez -- >> i don't think there was a hatchet. >> neil: hatchet? i don't see a hatchet. do you? nancy pelosi, alexandria ocasio-cortez meeting to clear the air and remind us all, there's no hatchet. everything is fine. something is still lingering in that area. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." congress woman alexandria ocasio-cortez calling the meeting productive. the differences still remain. hillary vaughn on cutting through all of this cumbaya. what are we learning,