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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 26, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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others may eat, based in d.c. nothing is more fun than getting a little r&r with our senior citizens. >> too cute for greg. he doesn't like feel-good stories. look at him. have a nice weekend, everybody. ♪ >> bret: welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. while much of you are getting ready for a much-deserved weekend, the representatives in the house are sprinting towards a six week vacation tonight. whether that is much-deserved is up to you. what we know for certain this evening is that the mueller hearings are over but the democratic effort to remove or befuddle president trump will go on. met by full and fierce resistance from the president himself. in the midst of that impeachment drive, the leader of the house is finding an uprising led by an aggressive young congresswoman who is now at least saying the right things. fox team coverage denied on capitol hill where the speaker is trying to bring her caucus back together.
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we start tonight with correspondent john roberts. good evening. >> good evening. president trump was laying low throughout most of the day today as the democrats were hosting their press conferences but late this afternoon he came out swinging. >> i think it's a disgrace with the democrats are doing. >> president trump today railed against the democrats plans to keep investigating whether his actions on the russia probe constituted obstruction of justice. >> it's so sad to see how they are impeding all the good things that we are doing. all they want to do is impede, they want to investigate, they want to go fishing, and i watch bob mueller and they have nothing. speak of the democratic chairman of the judiciary committee today insisting the molar report and his testimony were just the first layers of the investigation. >> there appears to be compelling evidence outside of the four corners of the redacted mueller report and we will work
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to uncover that evidence as well. >> jerrold nadler is now going after the grand jury materials behind the mueller report and is upping the pressure on don began to come before congress. >> unless he complies with our accommodation efforts in very short order, we expect to file an additional suit and subpoena for his testimony. and that will be next week. >> president trump says any future inquiry should focus on how the investigation of the president started in the first place. speak at the democrats are clowns. i watched nancy pelosi try to get through that with the performance of robert mueller put on. the document said no collusion. they don't even talk about that. so there was no crime. >> even some democrats agree that mueller's sometimes halting as timoney wasn't the knockout punch they were hoping for. republicans had heard that mueller may have lost a step from their prime and honed his testimony for maximum political
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effect. to speak of the firm that produced the reporting was a fusion gps. is that correct? >> i'm not familiar with that. can you -- >> it's not a trick question. fusion gps. >> his son insists that it illuminated the politics behind the investigation. >> he was put in there as a figurehead. he had no idea who was running the ship. the inmates were running the asylum. in those inmates were the democratic party who were doing whatever they could to destroy my father's presidency. >> democrats had hoped that the testimony would form a strong base for impeachment proceedings against the president. now it's clear the democrats are going to have to develop compelling evidence and an investigation of their own, which is going to take a lot of investigative legwork. >> bret: john roberts, thanks. house speaker nancy pelosi is
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setting a high bar for an impeachment effort she clearly does not want. that is just part of the struggle she faces as she ceases to bring this caucus back together. mike emanuel tells us what happened today during a big meeting between the house leader and the squad leader. good evening. >> getting meaning to you. if there is a great deal of simmering tension after a heated battle amongst democrats. house leader nancy pelosi it is trying to hold off the charge and hold onto control. >> i think the speaker respects the fact that we are coming together as a party, unity, and i'm looking forward to us getting back to it this summer. >> after some nasty bickering, nancy pelosi and congresswoman ocasio-cortez tried today to pa> some personality issues and the rest, they are minor. we have a big schism in our country between what is happening and could happen in this congress and what is
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happening in the white house. speak up at the feud with the four freshman lawmakers known ad ugly, with pelosi mocking their twitter world, their influence and their policy ideas. ocasio-cortez fired back at the speaker telling "the washington post," "the persistent singling out, got to a point where it was just outright disrespectful. the explicit singling out of newly elected women of color." >> she called you downright disrespectful. >> we are in a political arena. >> top republicans say pelosi is losing control of her caucus and her agenda. >> this is not a family fight. this is a war and of feud. the socialist democrats inside the party are taking the party over party over. >> meanwhile there is building pressure from other rank-and-file democrats on pelosi to go forward with impeachment. any custer says she supports a formal inquiry and freshman democrat from california tweeted she is now in favor, writing "i
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now support and impeachment inquiry in order to get the truth for my constituents." 100 house members are publicly onboard. pelosi is trying to hold them off for now. >> we will proceed when we have what we need to proceed. not one day sooner. >> but more and more of her members want it now and it only gets worse when they are pressured by their constituents at home at home. >> bret: mike emanuel after a busy week, thank you. breaking tonight, a new assessment of how many nuclear weapons in north korea may now have. some intel officials say they were completed since president trump's outreach to the north korean leader. north korea and iran sending messages with a new missile test. correspondent benjamin hall reports tonight from london. >> iran and north korea are provoking again, both testing missiles capable of striking
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u.s. bases. now according to "the wall street journal," analysts of the u.s. defense intelligence agency say north korea may have produced 12 nuclear weapons since the first game summit alone, giving them as many as 60. north korea released these photos, fired yesterday from a mobile launcher. the first test since the president and trump agreed to revive the agreement last month. >> they were short-range missiles, and my relationship is good with german game, and we will see what happens but they were short-range missiles and many people have that done mocking those missiles. >> earlier, iran also fired off a medium-range ballistic missile, which trampled over 65. the missile base is based on a north korean design and intelligence officials fear a
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nuclear warhead could be attached to the nose of the missiles. secretary pompeo addressed the iranian threat. >> they continue to work on missile program and their nuclear systems, yet they want to tell the world that they are just defensive and they are just being a normal nation. >> today secretary pompeo said he was willing to go to iran to talk and would welcome a chance to speak directly to the iranian people. this latest provocation comes one week after iranian forces seized a british oil tanker and her 23 crew members. as a result, at least three european nations need a worship to escort their tankers across the strait of hormuz. and amid growing tensions, all secretaries excluding the u.s. will gather in vienna, austria, this weekend to discuss its continued implementation, hoping to salvage the deal. that meeting comes as the trump administration faces the deadline on whether or not to continue waivers on the iran nuclear program. ending those waivers could
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collapse whatever is left. >> bret: benjamin, thank you. federal regulators are green lighting t-mobile's $26.5 billion takeover of rival sprint, despite fears of higher prices and job cuts. today's approval by the justice department comes after sprint and t-mobile agreed to conditions that would set up satellite tv provider dish as a fourth wire list companies of the number of major u.s. providers remains at four. the economy is slowing. even as consumer spending is surging. that is the take away from news that the gross to domestic product grew at 2.1% annual rate in the second quarter. that is down from 3.1% in the first quarter. the dow gained 51, the s&p 500 was up at 22 for an all-time high. a new record close. the nasdaq also hit the daily double add record close after surging 92. for the week, the dow was up
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1400 of a percentage point. the s&p 500 jumped one and two-thirds. the nasdaq exploded at two and a quarter. let's talk about the markets, the economy, possibly what comes next. susan lee of the fox business network joins us from new york. >> good evening. the u.s. economy is doing better-than-expected, but slowing down from a strong first quarter. consumer and government spending helping offset a drop-off in business investment, extending the longest economic expansion in u.s. history. crossing ten years since the global financial crisis. president trump sounding satisfied, tweeting the gdp up to .1%. not bad considering we have the very heavy weight of the federal reserve anchor wrapped around our neck." almost no inflation. usa is set to resume. they are still set to cut interest rates by a quarter of 1%, it usually means a currency falls in value, but it is the strength of the u.s. dollar that
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is making news, with peter navarro, pitched the idea of intervening in the currency markets to weaken the u.s. dollar, and as to better compete with other trading nations. an idea the president hasn't entirely shot down. >> i didn't say i'm not going to do something, but look. having a strong dollar -- there's a reason it sounds so good. having the strong dollar is having a strong dollar. we have an amazing country, very strong country. that is why our country has a strong currency. other countries have a currency that is down the tubes. >> recently the u.s. secretary put nine countries on watch for possible currency manipulation including china, germany, and japan. as of trade monday, u.s. china trade talks back on with the first face-to-face since trump's g20 summit, but the president also sang tonight that china may be waiting until after the
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election to agree to any trade deal. >> bret: thank you. also as a problem with france. we will follow that appear to several presidential candidates made their cases before the national urban league in indianapolis. the meeting serves as a warm-up for the second round of debates. one candidate in hopes to build on momentum from that first round, california senator, harris. peter doocy has more on her campaign from indianapolis. >> this is how much the world has changed in the last five months. when joe biden saw kamala harris on the train in february, he was polite. when joe biden sees kamala harris on the debate stage in july, he says he won't be polite to be but that doesn't mean harris will change her report. >> how polite will you be? >> i i have the right to be polite. it's because she is not disqualified from reforming the
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criminal justice system despite her career as a prosecutor. >> why do we only have to be on the outside? shouldn't we also have a bowl on the inside, where the decisions are being made? >> harris and everyone else trail joe biden by double digits, so president trump's focus is on the top of the polls. >> the only good thing about mueller is it made joe biden look like a dynamo. >> the biden campaign is taunting trump back with a hypothetical head-to-head. we are glad you saw the latest from fox, biden 49%, trump 39%. you are losing by 10. have a good day." he was stumbling in his debut but it is clear he is not the only candidate testing out new lines. >> on the first day that i become president, after i clorox the oval office -- [laughter] >> another candidate hoping to break out of the debate, he says
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i will be attacking michael bennet in the next debate. sorry michael bennet, but you know what you did. >> of all the candidates on the trail, you seem to be having the most fun. are you? it is a very low bar, driver. >> biden is trying to lower the bar where he says he was not prepared for an attack from one contender. but next week, he shares the stage with nine contenders who all saw their potential for a big boost by bashing biden. >> bret: peter doocy in indianapolis. thank you. up next, an exclusive look inside one of the largest migrant processing centers in the country. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 5 in atlanta, lawyers for election integrity say georgia officials intentionally destroyed evidence about potential manipulation of election results. the state's office and denies those allegations. at the lawsuit also alleges georgia's voting machines are not secure and are vulnerable to
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hacking. fox in san diego as the coast guard off-loads 13 tons of cocaine seized in international waters in the pacific ocean. the drugs are said to be worth $350 million into street value. they were seized from six suspected smuggling vessels and two floating cocaine veils found off the coast of mexico, central and south america. and this is a live look at miami from our affiliate, one of the big stories there tonight, a local newspaper supports a security guard at marjorie stone douglas high school says the boy who killed 14 students during a valentine's day shooting last year was considered such a threat that he was searched for weapons every morning. administrators eventually forced nicholas cruise to withdraw from school in 2017. the guard's deposition comes in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the parents of one of the victims. that is tonight live look from outside the beltway. "special report," we will be right back.
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♪ >> bret: the head of the committee is calling for good faith negotiations with the administration over the new trade agreement between the u.s., mexico, and canada. a democrat met with u.s. trade
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representative following a trip to mexico. leaders of the three nations have signed the agreement but it must still be ratified by lawmakers in the u.s. and canada. some protesters in puerto rico are setting their sights on driving out the replacement for outgoing governor. his designated successor, is the secretary. many consider her unacceptable because of her ties. he resigned earlier this week over a scandal involving inappropriate chats with advisors and ongoing corruption probes. president trump says guatemala is signing an agreement to restrict asylum applications to the u.s. from central america. the so-called safe third country agreement would require migrants including salvadorans and ecuadorians who cross guatemala on their way to the u.s. to apply for productions in guatemala instead of at the u.s. border. tonight, a fox news exclusive.
3:21 pm
we get a behind-the-scenes look at one of the busiest migrant processing centers in the country. from southern california. >> good evening, some 53,000 i.c.e. officials are being held in california. this one is being run by a privately contracted company, geo, and we got a rare look inside. >> acting director, where are w? >> we are in the intake processing center at the i.c.e. processing center. this facility holds over a thousand detainees after they get classified and booked in by the facility. we are giving them hygiene items. they have soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste as well as bed linens, socks, shoes, shower shoes and their uniform and they are detained here. medical care is a top-notch priority. a full-time medical clinic here. one thing we do offer here for a
3:22 pm
consulate phone calls and pro bono attorneys. it's a free phone call for the detainee. they have open movement while they are in here and the ability to roam around the area, books for them to use, individuals are able to play xbox and watch movies. a lot of people want to know when these individuals are detained here, we are giving them the care and custody they need. we are going to do everything we can to keep the individuals safe while they are detained here. >> do you think this is humane treatment? >> you know, i think it is. it's a blessing to wake up and have a little bit of freedom. >> i feel this is a very inappropriate use of taxpayer dollars to detained hundreds of people who pose no threat to our society. >> last august, a group of california lawmakers came in, to route this facility and found it lacking adequate resources. and now the director hopes critics will come and see it for themselves. >> bret: griff, thanks.
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up next, nuking the american crocodile, it is actually help save the species. we will explain. beyond our borders tonight, protesters crowded into one of the world's busiest airports as part of antigovernment activity. over a thousand demonstrators dressed in black billed the arrival hall in hong kong international airport chanting "there are no riots. there is only to renee." another scorching day in europe, although not as hot as yesterday. paris got up to 109. the high temperatures are disrupting rail travel and severe weather is causing delays and cancellations. belgium experienced their first heat-related death when a woman was found dead near the beach. the tour de france bicycle race, stage 19 was stopped today because of a hailstorm. riders also faced obstruction from a landslide. no reports of any locusts yet.
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3:28 pm
nicholas sued the paper for $50 million. the judge ruled there may have been erroneous opinions published by "the post," but they are protected by the first amendment. florida is a state known for his alligators. tonight we are talking about crocodiles there and out south florida, workers at a nuclear power plant are talking about saving the species. >> released them, and off they go. >> american crocodiles are crawling back from the brink of extinction and thriving, out of all places, south florida's turkey point nuclear power plant. once endangered, they are now listed as threatened thanks to the florida power and light team. during hatching season, july and august, the crock team hops on their airboat, zigzagging up and down turkey point, 170 miles of nuclear cooling canals looking
3:29 pm
for nests and hatchlings. this year, they found 300 nest and took about 300 300 baby crs back to the lab. biologists measures their length, width, and girth and inserts a tiny micro chip into their tail. >> they are not radioactive. that is a question we get a lot. >> 25% of the crocodile population calls this nuclear crocodile sanctuary home, which is perfect thanks to the minimal human encounters, since it is a high-security facility. >> this right here is an old crocodile nest and you can still see some of the egg shells behind. adult females lay about 30 to 50 eggs, but most won't end up surviving. >> besides the fact that they are so crucial for the environment and you go throughout the whole year waiting for this moment, collecting the babies, and releasing them back into the wild, which is the ultimate
3:30 pm
satisfaction. >> from there, these cute baby crocs -- acute for now -- are ready for the world. in florida, fox news. >> bret: breaking tonight, a huge win for president trump this evening we are the u.s. supreme court has just cleared the way for the trump administration to use pentagon funds for border wall construction. the amount is said to be $2.5 billion. again, the u.s. supreme court of clearing the way for that to happen. it has been a long week in washington. along partisan week on capitol hill. so this morning, when i was invited to meet up with about two dozen lawmakers from both parties, who are all veterans, who all served america's armed forces, i couldn't pass it up. it was important and at times emotional. these veterans, these lawmakers who may occasionally battle politically in the building behind me, put aside differences this morning using brushes and soap to clean one of the most
3:31 pm
poignant sites in the nation's capital. i brought a camera crew to be able to show you. >> we've lost so many lives in war and while you are washing the wall, i want you to take a second to realize that. >> in november, 1967, we had gone from the south up to the north. >> we worked from the corners to the center, that allows the water to drain. >> after last week, everybody fighting over tweets, and this week with mueller. but you know, it would be good for america to see politicians leading, showing reverence to those who came before us, coming together. >> bret: there is also something about scrubbing these names. >> that is why love the wall
3:32 pm
because the casualty number becomes real when you see 58,000 names. >> the whole battalion, look at that. five names in one year. >> bret: they are all on this wall that we are cleaning today. >> do something good for the country, respect people who have given a lot more than we have for america. >> the idea that we are kind of building a next-generation group of veterans to do little things like this, it makes you believe in the place. >> always have common grounds, and issues for military familie families. just a small example of what we really do together every day. >> this is what service is all about. everyone of these names, one thing they have in common is their service. they served on behalf of everyone from every background, that is what we are supposed to see. >> nobody cares about party, race, religion, creed appeared
3:33 pm
to serving your country, getting stuff done. speak at the fact that you come out like everyday citizens and chip in, and take care of the important places. >> bret: poignant morning this morning to start friday. after this week, park service as you can volunteer, too appear to come to d.c., ask about it. they clean all the monuments every week. president trump keeps up the fight against democrats over impeachment while nancy pelosi makes nice with alexandria ocasio-cortez. we will get reaction from the panel when we come back. now the new dr. scholl's massaging gel advanced insoles with softer, bouncier gel waves, you'll move over 10% more than before. dr. scholl's. born to move. don't miss your gto experience our most advanced safety technology on a full line of vehicles. now, at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379 a month, for 36 months, and we'll make your first month's payment. experience amazing.
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♪ >> whether you call that an inquiry or whatever you want to call that, that is what we've been doing and will continue too do. >> i would like to call it an impeachment inquiry. >> impeachment isn't a binary thing that you either are or you aren't. >> we will proceed when we have what we need to proceed. >> it means different things to
3:38 pm
different people, but from my personal standpoint i think we are in an impeachment investigation. >> they have nothing. there was no collusion, no obstruction. they have nothing. these people are clowns. the democrats are clowns. >> bret: impeachment go, no-go no-go. our producer said the democrat press conferences was one of the most bizarre he has seen in 25 plus years. for next steps, let's bring in our panel appear to, a.b. stoddard, and hugo gurdon, editor in chief of the "washington examiner." to chad's point, there was a lot of, are we in it, are we doing impeachment, it was a little bizarre. >> yes and people have been saying for a while, on the right, if it sounds like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, it is a duck and that came true today, they are trying to have both ways they can proceed on that
3:39 pm
track while not having all members be all in on a boat and have to pull the line. obviously an impeachment vote is different than an inquiry, it might become official, they are different than actual one. it's a way to have both feet in two different places. there is a lot of pressure, rising number of people who supported in their caucus, pressure from the outside, and at the same time i think that they do have a point that there is sort of a new threshold where if trump defies a court order than they have to proceed with impeachment, at which point, that's rational. resident clinton lied under oath, there is certain things you can't do. i don't know that they are all on that page but that seems one of their more rational new arguments to maybe or >> in the '90s, it was depends on what the meaning of is "is" is.
3:40 pm
today it's an impeachment inquiry, whether or not it leads to a vote. one of those women said impeachment is not a binary choice, yes, it is. the democrats have found themselves in a pickle. i would say republicans have felt a false sense of assurance that this is the end of the impeachment debate. mueller was always a means to an end. the end has been the same since maxine waters said impeachment he fired one month into his presidency, and that is to remove donald trump from office. >> bret: just tonight we announced the u.s. supreme court clears the way for the trump administration to tap into the $2.5 billion of pentagon funds to build the wall. if you are to characterize this week, this is a pretty good week for president trump. >> it's a very good week for president trump. that decision goes against what
3:41 pm
the democrats wanted, but for two days the democrats have looked terrible. the mueller inquiry, or the mueller testimony on capitol hill was not just an utter flop, because it did not give any further information that would inculcate president trump, but it was a flop because it showed huge gaps and it revealed the investigation as even more likely to have been sort of biased and partisan, not looked into things where the democrats might be guilty, you know. relations, using information from russia, et cetera, et cetera. and today they come out completely mixed on their messages. and one of them, it was jamie raskin who said, impeachment means different things to different people. no, it's one thing and they don't know what they want to do. it was bad for pelosi because she wanted to go away but it has a flared up again. it will be in the conversation for a long time.
3:42 pm
>> bret: 16 days ago, "the washington post" had this about a ocasio-cortez, quoting her about the house speaker. when these comments, began with pelosi's comments, i kind of thought she was keeping the progressive flank at arms distance to protect more moderate members, which i understood. but the consistent singling out, got to the point where it was just outright disrespectful pier to the persistent singling out of newly elected women of color. >> we are not a lock step rubber-stamp representation except representative of our districts and what that means. we had a good meeting today, and the congresswoman is a very gracious member of congress. i don't think there ever was any hatchet. >> i'm looking forward to us continuing our work and as always, i think the speaker respects the fact that we are
3:43 pm
coming together as a party, and unity, and i'm looking forward to us getting back after the summer. >> bret: is not just us, all media are covering the alexandria ocasio-cortez, the squad, the focus. if you look at opinion polls, we have one out, the house speaker up against aoc. and their favorability. pretty high, for a freshman congresswoman. 58%. and that she gets a lot of attention in the party. >> she learned from president donald trump that is all about the spotlight, and she games it pretty hard. no publicity is bad publicity. nancy pelosi knows this problem is not going away. it will rear its head again. as you quoted, the speaker is a racist, she said incredibly disrespectful to the speaker. i think nancy pelosi chooses her tactics wisely in interviews with third parties. she dropped the bombs on them.
3:44 pm
she went there purposely to single them out as not representative of her caucus, in terms of their loyalty to israel, and she knows this is going to come down the road. whatever she said privately to have aoc come out and say everything is hunky-dory, and her use of the word "gracious" is all intentional. it's not a problem that can be entirely controlled but i think nancy pelosi is smart to take the high road. it's not likely to succeed, but she is sort of taking this one week at a time. >> bret: she has some weeks, they are on recess. next up, the lightning round. iran, north korea, winners and losers, and another trip. ♪
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3:49 pm
according to estimates. we talk to the u.s. secretary of state yesterday. he said, these tests, part of the deal, we are still moving forward and headed towards negotiations. speak of the test by north korea are clearly a warning to the united states e could be escalations. the short-range missiles, medium-range and the threats of icbms. this is not really about south korea, which is what they were saying. president kim knows that the crops and north korea have failed, there is likely to be famine later that year. he needs some sanctions relief and president trump has said it is not happening. >> bret: iran needs sanctions, too. >> chairman kim is having a wonderful time with the president trump in office because he is a nuclear power and president trump only talks about how great their relationship is, everyone has these missiles and it's all fine. he tells the iranians they would like to negotiate but they can't have nuclear weapons and they
3:50 pm
are not coming to the table and they seem preparing to write him out of his term. he doesn't have a cohesive iranian policy or strategy that he has articulated to the public beyond, they can't have nuclear weapons and i would like to talk and see what happens. i think they are going to continue these provocations. >> bret: i talked to secretary pompeo about that part of the strategy yesterday. >> you get the sense that if these waivers are rescinded, they will be dealing a crushing blow to the iranian economy and that is the point which the analysts will have to decide, are they going to go down the path of further escalation? right now, we don't have the answer to that question. >> bret: it's friday, that means -- i just want you to hear the ball because it kind of signals the casino. candidate casino. $100 in chips, a democratic
3:51 pm
primary field. how are you going to break up your $100? you have to spend $100. >> $55 on kamala harris. she checks more boxes than anybody else and that is with the left is all about. checking the boxes. she is a female, she is black, she is attractive, and she is a new generation. she is actually the best candidate as she has stolen all the credentials from bernie sanders. she has policies, even though they are awful. i only put $5 on joe biden. i think he is running on empty, even though i think he is going to get floored by the time iowa comes along. >> $45 on biden, $35 on harris, $50 on warren. and $5. >> as you can see, i'm playing it safe, spreading my bets all over the place, most of my chips on biden. $35. >> bret: did you ever win at casino customer >> no, i'm horrible
3:52 pm
at those. but my lucky day is on the way because i have my $5 chip on michelle obama and when she comes in at the last minute and surprises us all, i will make big bank. >> bret: that is pretty good. there are a lot of candidates to debate next week. okay, winner and loser. >> my winner of the week is hip-hop artist asap rocky for becoming the center of this dispute between the usa and sweden. he has been detained and charged with assault. but his real accomplishment was getting me to pay attention to the world of hip-hop. my loser is bill de blasio for running a vanity campaign for president while disorder in new york city rises. de blasio needs to get out of the presidential race and returned to new york city. >> my winner is christian larson of idaho. he is a 9-year-old boy with autism whose mom was discussing on facebook her nerves about only one person rsvping to his birthday when the high school
3:53 pm
football team at napa high school found out about it. they came and celebrated his birthday with him. this picture is so darling. my loser is big tech. this has been building for a long time. if you look at the combination of warren's efforts to break it up, the senators transparency, legislation, the doj looking at antitrust action. the ftc decisions are broke along party lines but most of this is very nonpartisan. they waited too late to give something. they have no political safe harbor anymore. >> my winner is president trump because mueller's a bumbling performance ripped away credibility that he had given to the investigation, or the russia hoax. and my loser, nancy pelosi. they left, the democrats thinking they had actually won something, the impeachment fires will flare and flare again, even though she is trying to dampen them down. i don't think there is any hope of those going away now before
3:54 pm
the election. >> bret: panel, you are winners for making it through in time. when we come back, notable quotables. ded to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah, and now business is rolling in. get started at when crabe stronger...strong, with new nicorette coated ice mint. layered with flavor... it's the first and only coated nicotine lozenge. for an amazing taste... ...that outlasts your craving. new nicorette ice mint. look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh...
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3:58 pm
>> bret: it is friday. it may feel like two weeks but it is one week. this is notable quotables. >> he had no respect for women. >> the heroes would no longer have to worry or four compensations for their families. >> the united states is going to payback for what it buys and paybacks what it borrows. >> one american lives are at risk, the united states will protect itself. >> we are here. they sent me back to queens. >> i'm not going nowhere! not until i impeach this president.
3:59 pm
>> that's why we are going to have a tremendous victory in 2020. >> i'm begging the american people to pay attention. >> they dragged him before congress and have him read out that bob mueller book on tape courtesy of the tax viewer? >> maybe i will see a little bit of it. >> any time was your investigation curtailed or stopped? or hindered? >> no. >> the only new thing i learned today that even when doug collins says he's going to speak slow, he can't. >> when it came to obstruction, you threw a bunch of stuff up on the wall. >> i'll go. >> what about the plates, they are much bigger and made of the same material? >> bret: that was one week. wow. thanks for inviting us in your home tonight. that's it for this
4:00 pm
"special report." "the story" hosted by martha maccallum right now. martha, have a great show and great weekend. >> martha: thank you very much much, you too. the mueller hearings were not what the democrats were expecting. the chairman jerry nadler says he knows there is something there, so he plans to keep on digging. >> there appears to be compelling evidence of the president's conduct outside of the four corners of the mueller report and we will work to uncover that as well. i can characterize the specific points. specific to content, obviously. >> martha: doesn't know at this point, right? today, he did pick up more democrats dedicated going down this path with him. 100 house democrats are on