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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 26, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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subscribe. it's for free. have a great weekend. shannon bream and the fox news at night team take it from here. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. a huge win for president trump tonight. the supreme court clearing the way for the administration to use pentagon funds for border wall construction. the aclu promises the fight is far from over. also breaking tonight on the immigration front, president trump says guatemala is getting on board with his plan to handle asylum seekers. and jerry nadler taking a major step in what he calls an impeachment investigation against the president. as nancy pelosi is fighting an uprising led by the progressives, including democrat soci socialists alexandria ocasio-cortez. the two met today. we have the scoop. welcome to fox news at night.
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i'm shannon bream. we begin with breaking news on immigration and a win for the president's effort to build a border wall with military funds. trace gallagher is on the case. good evening, trace. >> shannon, good evening. a couple of big victories for president trump. today the president announced that guatemala is signing an agreement 0 restrict central american asylum seekers from coming to the u.s. the migrants from el salvador and honduras that qualified into guatemala on their way to the u.s. would have to apply for protections in guatemala. in return, agricultural workers would get wider access to temporary visas. the hope is the new deal will ease the crush of migrant caravans coming north. here's the president. >> we're sending a clear message to human smugglers and traffickers that your day is over. we're investing in the future of
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guatemala. >> the agreement is called cruel and inhumane because guatemala is not a safe country for refugees. norma torres from california who immigrated from guatemala as a child said if guatemala is so safe, why do its people flee to our southern border to escape the corruption, violence and poverty in their homes? the trip north to the u.s. border is also riddled with danger. the supreme court just handed the president a major victory paving the way for him to use $2.5 billion from the military budget to build an extra 100 miles of border wall. the 5-4 vote lifts orders from a federal judge in oakland as well as the ninth circuit court of appeals. the president tweeted, wow, bick victory on the wall. the united states supreme court overturns lower court injunction, allows the border
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wall to proceed. the justice department said they were pleased with the decision. the aclu, not so pleased. they said -- >> the sierra club, which sued to block the wall claiming it would hurt wildlife and the environment. also planning to fight on. shannon? >> shannon: thanks, trace. so democrats on the house judiciary committee are pushing ahead with investigating the president tonight. chairman jerry nadler laying out the plan despite the largely anti-climatic mueller hearings. >> we're hearing one democrat sound the alarm bells on impeachment. not that it muscle happen or the president is a threat to america but that impeachment is a threat to the democratic majority in
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the house. take a look to congressman jeff van drew from new jersey, a freshman congressman that flipped a red district blue in 2018. >> you think the seats like yours are in danger in the democrats move towards impeachment? >> absolutely. i don't know that mine is -- i was fortunate. i won by a good number more votes than many of the other ones did. folks have to realize that it was middle democrats, middle of the road democrats that created the majority. their voice counts too. >> npr points out of the 99 democrats in congress, favoring impeachment, 92 of them come from solidly blue districts and not a single one from a toss-up district. now, since the mueller hearing, a total of six democratic members have flipped towards favoring impeachment. not one is a member of leadership. jerry nadler now says there's an impeachment investigationing on
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but not an inquiry. if you're confused, let him explain. >> too much has been made of the phrase "an impeachment inquiry." we're doing what our court filing says we're doing and what i said we're doing. we are using our full article 1 powers to investigate the conduct of the president and to consider what remedy there's are. >> now house speaker nancy pelosi sends her caucus on a 46-day recess with no clear direction on the issue as the judiciary committee wants secret grand jury materials from the mueller investigation. >> no, i'm not trying to -- i'm willing to take whatever heat there is there to say -- the decision will be made in a timely fashion. this isn't endless. when we have the best strong possible case and that's not endless either. >> the president says the
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democrats are clowns. but all and all, might not be a bad thing for the president. polls show a majority of the americans against impeachment. the more democrats talk about it, the better it is for republicans. shannon, as we saw at the top, at least one democrat agrees with them. >> shannon: thanks, leland. >> have a great weekend. >> shannon: while democratic party leaders say there's no move towards impeachment yet, this lawsuit filed today may suggest otherwise. did jerry nadler intend to tip his hat on that? two reporters, harry and john join us. great to have you both. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: here's what they're doing in filing in federal court here in d.c., they're saying we want all the grand jury information underlying the mueller report. now doug collins, a ranking republican on the house judiciary committee said the d.c. circuit said you can't get
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this information. it's not going to come to you. democrats want to convince their base that they're we'ded to the impeachment but a baseless legal claim is an odd way to show that. john, is it baseless? >> i don't think it's baseless in the judiciary committee wanted to continue investigating president trump, it has to do it under the guise of impeachment power. the only baseless in the sense that they're not allowed to have grand jury information. under the rules that protect grand jury secrecy, complying with a subpoena is not one of the exceptions. that doesn't prevent them from getting the information they want by calling all the same witnesses that the mueller investigation called for war and asking them the same questions. >> a lot of people are asking and seeing the filing by jerry nadler, basically they have to represent that they're in the process in some way of investigating or launching an impeachment investigation or
8:08 pm
they don't have the strongest argument for trying to get their hands on this stuff. "washington post" perspective piece by an attorney, the house has opened an impeachment investigation of trump. he says this. when we look at what the house has done, the message is clear. an impeachment investigation has begun. harry? >> yes, two points. first, i think that's probably right as a matter of raw legislative power. there's a political strategy here to let them proceed in the courts so that the people in the -- the moderate dems in the red districts don't have to own it as you heard at the top. pelosi wants to protect them. on the merits, collins is dead wrong. if d.c. circuit ruling from earlier this year said there's not inherent power in a court to give it over, but it's a little legalistic. if it's preliminary to a judicial proceeding, you can.
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impeachment counts. they'll probably prevail. might take some time. you're right about this schizophrenic political versus strategy. >> shannon: leadership says they're not going there but this filing says they are. i want to give you a comment about this decision from the supreme court lifting this lower court's decision blocking the use of military funds for certain sections of building the border wall. the aclu saying tonight this is not over. border communities, the environment and our constitution will be permanently harmed should trump get away with pillaging military found for a border wall. will they win this case on the merits? >> i'm glad you bright that out. this is just saying that the trump administration can continue its plans but the litigation still goes forward.
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so this is not a binding decision on whether trip will do it or not. on the other hand, we've discussed this before, i think that the president does have the legal authority to transfer the money once there's a national emergency declared from one military account to building the border wall. i think that will have to be decide badty supreme court. i think the ninth circuit will try to block the transfer, this is one tiny step and getting the supreme court to decide the issue. >> shannon: they possibly saying this lands again in the supreme court in the middle of a 2020 election. >> yeah, i agree with john. the decision today is the court will rule for the administration, though not on the merits or the argument that john made. i think they'll find it enough to get to what they suggested from today is they'll find that the sierra club and the aclu
8:11 pm
doesn't have the power to sue under this law. they don't have a right of action. the strong indication is that we're looking at a 5-4 in the supreme court, somewhere next term. >> shannon: the president is celebrating as he caps off a busy week with this win. harry and john, great to have you. >> thanks. >> shannon: so who is really running the shows for house democrats? we'll have more on what happened in the big meeting between the official house leader and the squad leader. david, what happened? >> shannon, when speaker nancy pelosi sees a problem, she prefers to deal with it in personal. congress woman alexandria ocasio-cortez usually sends out a tweet, this morning the two met face to face and both say they're working to bringing their caucus together. >> it's like you're in a family. a family you have your differences. you're still family. >> for speaker nancy pelosi, her family, house democrats, must be united. >> these are some personality
8:12 pm
issues. they're minor. we have a big schism in our country between what is happening, could happen in this congress and what is happening in the white house. >> 79-year-old pelosi and 29-year-old congress woman alexandria ocasio-cortez met early friday morning to hash out differences. one being the need for impeachment. >> i think the speaker respects, you flow, the fact that we're coming together as a party and unity and i'm looking forward to us getting back from the summer. >> the house is out for the august recess and that may mean a reset of tensions between pelosi and the squad. four freshmen congress woman that called out pelosi earlier this month. ocasio-cortez is part of the squad and told the post that the persistent singling out. it got to a point that it was outright disrespectful.
8:13 pm
ilhan omar is set to travel with pelosi as part of a delegation. another sign of a party coming together. however, republicans continue to push a narrative of infighting. >> this is not a family fight, this is a war and a feud. the socialists democrats are taking the party over. >> speaker pelosi wants her caucus to be unified. that's not the case for impeachment. will the number of them grow? shann shannon, the house is back september 9. >> that's quite a lag of time with so many things going on. we'll debate this about who is really running the show for the democrats. david, thank you. >> sure. >> shannon: a federal judge has thrown out a kentucky teen's lawsuit accusing the "washington post" of falsely labelling him a racist. after an encounter with a native american man at the lincoln memorial.
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nicholas sandman sued the paper for $250 million in february. the judge said there were erroneous opinions published by the post but they're protected by the first amendment. separate lawsuits by sandman and nbc are still pending federal court. multiple breaking news stories on the foreign policy front. iran and north korea sending a defiant message to do missile tests. what is the next move for president trump? that's next. ♪ bloom, there it is! ♪ bloom, there it is! this bloom-ified menu starts at $13.99. and it's gonna blow your bloomin' mind! this bloom-ified menu starts at $13.99. we carry flowers that signifyn why we want to end the disease. and we walk so that one day, there will be a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor. join the fight at
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>> shannon: several democratic contenters meeting at the urban league today. kamala harris is hoping to build on the momentum from the first
8:19 pm
round. peter doocy has more from the trail. >> this is how much the world has changed in the last five months. when joe biden saw kamala harris on the train in february, he was polite. when joe biden sees kamala harris on the debate stage in july, he says he won't be polite. that doesn't mean harris will change her approach. >> how polite will you be? >> i was raised to be polite. >> harris hit the stage at the urban league conference to argue that she's not disqualified from reforming the criminal justice system despite that career as a prosecutor. >> why do we only have to be on the outside? on bending a knee or trying to break down the door? shouldn't we have a role on the inside? >> harris and everyone else trial biden by double digits. so the president is focusing on the top of the polls. the biden campaign is taunting
8:20 pm
trump back with a hypothetical head-to-head saying we're glad you saw the latest by fox. biden 49%, trump 39. you're losing. democratic candidate biden has been working with a speech coach but it's clear he's not the only candidate testing out new lines. >> on the first day that i become president, after i clorox the oval office. >> another candidate hoping to break out of the bottom tier, andrew yang said that i will be attacking michael bennett at next week's debate. sorry, michael bennett, but you know what you did. >> of all the candidates, you seem to be having to most fun. are you? >> it's a low bar you set. >> joe biden is trying to raise the bar after the first debate where he admitted he was not prepared for an attack for one contender on stage. next week there will be nine
8:21 pm
contenders on stage who all just saw that there is a potential for a big boost by bashing biden. shannon? >> thanks, peter. fox news at night will be live after the second round of democratic primary debates like the first time around. be sure to tune in to our special coverage next week tuesday and wednesday nights. we'll break it down for you. iran and north korea conducts new missile tests within hours of each other. what is the message and will it work? we have fred here from the national security council and many years as a cia analyst. >> good to be here. >> iran poses a challenge to the u.s. with the new ballistic missile tests. says analysts said the launch is another indication that tehran does not plan to yield to u.s. demands to curtail its missile program and is determined to
8:22 pm
maintain robust ballistic missile capability. how do you read the tests? >> i think the reaction to this has been a little overrated. iran never stopped testing mess sills after the july 2015 nuclear tests. they have tested 26 since the agreement was agreed to in mid 2015. this was a shot of three unsophisticated inaccurate missiles. i don't think it indicates that iran is trying to -- it's not a plea for negotiations. it's an act of defiance. i don't think we should reach much into it. >> and the other remaining signatories of the iran deal are meeting this week to talk about how they move forward. iran has said if you don't help us with relief from the sanctions, we're going to keep violating the deal. what happens this weekend? >> i think the deal is basically dead. europe european patience is almost run
8:23 pm
out. the britts are on the verge of backing out. there's some desperation by european states to stay it in. iran's moves have been stupid and driving europe towards the united states. i don't think the deal will be around much longer. >> shannon: so the taking of the british tanker, shooting down the drone, all of these things, what the they hope to accomplish? what is the end goal? >> in the mind of iranians, they think western states will give them what they want. it's worked in the past. it won't work with president trump. i think the iranians have gone so far, it won't work with european leaders either. >> shannon: let's talk about north korea, a different missile launch there. the "wall street journal" saying while trump and kim talk, north korea appears to expand their missile arsenal. they may have produced 12 nuclear weapons since the first
8:24 pm
meeting in singapore last year. now what do you think of their message this time around? >> dia is the best in analyzing north korea's nuclear program. i don't disregard that. but this is very difficult to analyze north korea's wmd programs. they know we're watching. they engage in deception. i don't know the context of this. i know there's talk within the trump administration to ask for a freeze of the nuclear and missile production programs while talks are underway. this has to be at the top of the agenda. >> shannon: how can we verify that? >> it's extremely difficult to verify. the north koreans are good at deception. we don't have an agreement right now. we have to assume missile and nuclear development is continuing. >> shannon: thanks for sharing your experience with us. >> good to be here. >> shannon: nuclear crocodiles. it's not a movie. they exist. i'm going to tell you what a power plant in florida has to do
8:25 pm
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>> shannon: brand new gdp numbers out tonight. the president had a lot to say on that front. blake burman has monday. >> the president blaming the federal reserve for a pull-back in second quarter gdp. the reading coming in at 2.1%. >> the federal reserve raised the rates too fast and too soon and they shouldn't have done quantitative tightening, which they did. if they didn't do that, we would be at 4.5% instead of 2.1. >> the house speaker nancy pelosi used that metric as a told you so moment. >> the tax scam that they put out there has not produced the growth that the president was boasting would happen. and it hasn't produced the
8:30 pm
revenue. we've had to left the debt ceiling earlier than maybe peoples that expected. that didn't work. didn't pay for itself. >> the president has repeatedly been calling for the fed to cut rates and the markets believe that is a near certainty to occur next week. larry kudlow suggesting on wsj at large with jerry baker that three rate cuts might be needed. >> i will say the market the expecting three 25 basis point cuts. my own personal view and the fed is independent, i'm not going to preach, they're going to do what they're going to do, i'd say the sooner the better. >> in latest twist, the president is threatening a tariff against french wine as a direct respect of france's new dill tax. the president saying it's the
8:31 pm
wrong thing to do. shannon? >> blake burman at the white house. thank you. florida known for its alligators. the crocodile population is crawling back from the brink of extension. phil keating earning hazard pay on this one. >> shannon, about a million people is served by this plant. but its other customers are getting the extra special attention as they're hatching out of share shells. baby florida american florida crocodiles brought to the lab when they're days old receive gentle treatment from fpl's croc team. they measure their length and girth and weighing them and implanting a microchip to track them. today there's about 2,000 of them and 25% call this nuclear
8:32 pm
power plant and 170 miles of cooling canals home. no, they're not radioactive. wanted and endangers species, now they're threatened. >> so crucial to the environment and so interesting. it's basically seeing the fruiting of your labor. you go throughout the year waiting for the babies to hatch, collecting them and releasing them back in the wild, which is the ultimate satisfaction. >> every july and august, they zigzag up and down the cooling canals looking for nests, each with 30 to 50 earrings. the canals thrive in this location because of the canals, the berms and the very minimal human encounters. once they emerge into the world, the crock team grabs them, back to the lab and returns them to
8:33 pm
the world. from there, they're ready for the world. cute at least for the moment. they're born with the ability to hunt, eat and swim. although truth be known, most of them will not end up surviving as birds and fish and even other crocs find them to be delicious. shannon? >> shannon: thanks, phil. bette midler facing backlash over tweets about african american trump supporters. the actress taking heat from fellow hollywood actors asking how much the president paid for them to be in the black ground. cheers's star kirstie allie filing back saying this is one of the most racist jokes. we said we get it, but to implied black men have to be paid to celebrate their own
8:34 pm
political views is pure racism. police arresting a fourth person against water dousing uniformed officers in the bronx. police still searching for suspects in a separate incident in harlem in which a person through a red bucket and hit an officer in the hit. tonight lawyers for jussie smollett said they will still represent him despite claims that they're not practiced to license law in illinois. ed they have said that smollett's lawyers have not filed the necessary paperwork to represent him. police releasing a brand new surveillance video from a store in saskatchewan, canada, showing two teen suspects in the killing of a man and another woman. police are not disclosing motives. they're asking the public to be vigilant as their search continues. nancy pelosi says there was never a hatchet buried with aoc
8:35 pm
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education to take your trading to the next level. only with td ameritrade. >> she is the face of the democrat party whether she's going around with her squad on the front pages of newspapers, many of your websites or magazines. her leftist radical agenda is in the fore in the democratic party. there's no doubt about that. she's running the show. >> as the white house continues to call congress woman alexandria ocasio-cortez, the democrat's real leader the speaker of the house said she doesn't think that they have any real differences. she said sure family. kevin and kelsie are here with us. great to have you here. >> good to see you. >> shannon: they had this meeting today. they came out. they both looked like they had guns to their back.
8:40 pm
who is really in charge? >> didn't look like the most authentic photo. it was a p.r. attempt to have the appearance of stopping the feud. nancy pelosi said this bubbles down to personality issues. it's not personality. this is policy issues. serious differences between what moderate democrats and the so-called squad want to -- where they want to take the party. unless nancy pelosi all of a sudden wants to support open borders a bottlelishing ice, the green new deal, then i don't think this feud is coming to an end any time soon. >> shannon: so much of the 2020 field of democrats are on the further left progressive stretch. when you talk about legalizing prostitution, marijuana, and other things that kelsie mentioned. it's interesting to hear them and jockeying for this endor endorsement from aoc rather than
8:41 pm
the speaker. >> no question that the squad are superstars in the eyes of the left. but speaker pelosi is having the time of her left. she's 200 days in. if you look at her two previous republican counter parts, john boehner and paul ryan who were taken out by their own party members within their caucus, you're seeing a lot of strength coming from speaker pelosi. she will wrangle her party. i was listening to "we are family." she has her caucus under control. i think she's doing a great job. >> shannon: and congressman rokanna said i give the trump to president. nobody unifies our party more than the president. he said the tweets help the democrats get together when a lot of people say there's a
8:42 pm
schism there. >> yes, president trump has taken the attention away from the feud and put it on himself. that's a mistake looking at it. but this is a bigger problem for the left beyond just nancy pelosi and aoc. socialism is a trend that we're seeing becoming more and more popular among young americans. my colleague at the daily signal attended a socialism conference. they're talking about marxist socialism. nancy pelosi knows that. this is the beginning of a movement that democrats have to deal with the party being pulled further and further to the left to the point that they'll leave voters homeless. >> that's what the president is hoping for and the white house is hoping for. so nice for the leader of the democratic party to take time out of her schedule to meet with nancy pelosi. they want to pin this on aoc, the squad and the progressives.
8:43 pm
>> nancy pelosi is running the show. you know, to kelsie's point, it's taken in stride. you know, i think you're seeing the excellent reading of her kaw sus, especially on the impeachment front. hundreds of democrats want the impeachment. she's pulling the reins back. you saw a bipartisan deal struck with steve mnuchin before they went on the six-week vacation this summer. again, you're seeing her at the peak of her power. >> shannon: they say it's not vacation. it's working back in their home directs. just so we don't get confused. so the speaker sent out an e-mail, the dear colleague e-mail called owning august about what they're going to focus on now. lowering healthcare and prescription drug costs, increasing paychecks by rebuilding america and cleaning up corruption. kelsie, she says they're on a roll and they have to hammer down these points.
8:44 pm
>> i would say this suggests that nancy pelosi doesn't have as much control as you suggested. these issues are not being talked about on the 2020 campaign trail. among aoc and the squad, what they're talking about is decriminalizing the border, providing free healthcare for illegal immigrants, providing mandating 50 or 20 minimum wage. >> jason: these are far left policies that are dominating our national conversation. >> shannon: real quickly a fox news poll among democrats. how they feel about nancy pelosi and aoc. the speaker scores higher on favorable and unfavorable but both on the plus side because she's still the more well known. >> she's the most well known democrat on the stage in government not running for president. she has higher raters than mitch
8:45 pm
mcconnell. her republican counterpart is more under water than she is on the national stage. >> shannon: we'll see how much of this comes up next week in detroit. we'll be there. hope you tune in. >> absolutely. >> good to see you. >> have a good weekend. >> a homeowner said a virgin mary statue has to go from a yard. we'll have more next. was that her choice? naaah man, that was my choice. this thing's got reclining seats, dvd player, it's got a built-in vacuum cleaner. you ever seen my kid eat crackers? yeah... so you see how that works? mm-hmm. sometimes you gotta go straight for the source. car loans fast from navy federal credit union... our members are the mission. i used to book my hotel room on those traalways a was like somehow you wind up getting less.
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>> it is time for night court. the case of a homeowner's association telling a family its virgin mary statue has to go. the homeowner calls it religious discriminati discrimination. night court is in session. we start here with exhibit a. bob, i want to get you to respond to this. the homeowner says he got this letter june 27 that said this. the governing documents were established to have a safe environment for all, maintains property values and unbiassed in their treatment of co-owners while respectful of individual differences. they say he has to get
8:50 pm
permission for the statues and never did, bob. >> that's what near not doing. this is what is interesting. that's why the homeowners will lose this case. in 2005, they went after the same family for having a nativity up there. there was a backlash about it and apologized and said, no, you can keep it up there. in 2009, the very statue of mother mary that they're complaining about now they complained about then. they didn't take it down and did nothing around it. now they come back again and they say now we want you to take it down where they don't ask any of the other homeowners to take down other stuff. so all this guy needs is a camera and a rule book to say the rules are not follows. it's not something that they're concerned about.
8:51 pm
they lose because they don't follow their own rules. >> the homeowner in our exhibit b, these are the quotes that he made. he said there's no doubt in my mind that this is an attack on our religion. he said we're looking to let people know matter what your faith is, don't back down. he said his parents came from iraq. they're catholic. he said they're trying to take dune the statutes. in the past, the homeowner's association looked the other way and waved it in the past. most contracts it says that because we looked the other way in the past doesn't mean we're going to do that going forward.
8:52 pm
got legitimately the letter in june which says you need permission to do it. he's not being singled out any more so than a police officer stops a speeder on the highway and not another one. that argument doesn't ever get anywhere. >> i want to go to exhibit c. this is the by law in question. it says no lawn statutes shall be placed on any lot without prior approval which could be held for aesthetic reasons. like they they have a lot of room there. listen to what they're saying there. it's so broad. the only way to withhold permission is for aesthetic reasons. so this virgin mary stay estayed you that is on his lane. the facts are, there's many
8:53 pm
other homeowners on their lawn that violate that policy and none of them got notices. very interesting. in this country, let's face it. catholicism is always under attack. that's what they're going to say. i disagree with my colleague respectfully because there's a dock trick that says if you don't execute on a law and a particular period of time a court says you have waved that level. they never used it before. now they decide to do it is a problem. >> shannon: quick argument for you, debby. i have flashbacks to the bar. but it's a real thing. what about they haven't enforced this? they say it's been there 16 years. >> each and every violation is a new violation. so they're not going after what happened 12, 16, 15 years ago. they're going forward with what happened in june once the homeowner was given the letter telling them we need you to seek permission to go forward.
8:54 pm
so from june till now, that's what they're going for. and beauty is in the eye of the be holder. the homeowner has a difficult cause to go against the situation in that record. >> we will now take this from debby and bob. let us know what you think by tweeting us. when we come back, an important tribute to our vietnam veterans next. any physical changes to this man's appearance are purely coincidental. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ we carry flowers that signifyn why we want to end the disease. and we walk so that one day, there will be a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor. join the fight at
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. . >> a group of lawmaker arable others put aside differences and cleaned the vietnam memorial. >> take second to remember that. >> that's why i love this memorial. the casualty number becomes real when you see 58,000 names. >> i had first platoon, five in one year, they're on this wall. that we're cleaning today. >> this is what service is all about every one of these names, the one thing they have in common is their service, they all served and they served on behalf of everybody from all backgrounds. >> fantastic event out there today. by the way, i'm hitting the road for round two of my book tour, finding the right side. it is a best-seller thanks to you. i will be at schuller bookstore
9:00 pm
in grand rapids, michigan, 7:00 p.m., i look forward to meeting you there. have a great weekend. good nate from washington. i'm shannon brean. >> tucker: well, good evening. welcome to a special "inside the issues" edition of "tucker carlson tonight." we are taking a deeper dive for the next hour beneath the headlines into some of the issues that influence the way america is changing. first tonight, when robert mueller's final report on russia came out this spring, the geniuses on television had one word for it. "damning." truly and completely damning. so damning you could block the colorado river with it and create your own hydropower. it was that damning. watch. >> the report contained a potentially damning list of ways the president tried to


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