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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  July 27, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight and a special thanks to all of you for keeping our streak going and making last week's "justice" number one all weekend long. can we do it again? we have rudy giuliani sitting next to me live to talk about my opening statement and more. also coming up, dan bongino and mike huckabee. and mark morgan and from the trump 2020 campaign, kayleigh
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mcenany. let's talk mueller. if ever there were a question whether a deep state existed, you got your answer this week. you witnessed it up close and personal. in fact, you met their cover. their shill. their beard. a man who regardless of what he may have been in the past, and i don't take any of that away from him, is nothing more than a front for the deep state. a man removed from the actual investigation who gave carte blanche to put his name on a report the deep state wrote. i have been talking to you about the deep state for a long time. i would about that in my book, liars, leakers, and liberals. but now, you saw it in
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real-time. a man who knew nothing about an investigation he supposedly ran. in his testimony before congress, he used his open to preemptively stop any questions about fbi involvement in 2016 and 2017, and any questions about christopher steele, the author of the infamous dossier. his mandate to investigate any coordination between the russian government and the trump campaign as well as matters that arise from the investigation, and this guy won't talk about how the investigation started? what the basis was to start it if there was one at all? and what the origins were of the steel dossier? the most of fundamental piece of evidence in the entire matter. look. we all thought something was awrite with mueller's 9-minute press conference when he had to read the whole statement.
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then had to correct we had mistakenly said. funny, the same thing when mueller corrected himself again. he wasn't saying he would charge trump but for the olc policy that doesn't allow the deem it a sitting president. rather he mernt he didn't make a decision whether trump broke the law because of the olc. really? then why did you come to a conclusion on collusion? why bother if you felt you couldn't indict even if you found it? look, i am going to make this easy for you. the democrats were hoisted on their own petard. they swore trump was a puppet and russian agent and they ran with it for almost three years. they maligned and destroyed families in their desperate attempt to take our president down. the man you wouldn't tear get
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between him and a camera, adam schiff, swore he had actual, significant evidence of trump's collusion with russia that we haven't seen. how this guy even shows up in public let alone refuses to resign as chair of the house committee on intelligence is stunning. he's a stone cold liar. he had no evidence, and he was willing to lie for political power. he even said mueller would breathe life into the report. mueller not only didn't breathe life into the report, he sucked the life out like lemonade on a hot summer day at a dry racetrack. there were so many faux pas by mueller it was painful. why we apply for a 10-year term.
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and when trump didn't hire him, rosenstein appointed him special counsel. why? because the deep state needed a front. a man with impeccable credentials. i always questioned his actions as fbi director during the whitey bulger case. but the fbi, comey, strzok, page and the whole lot of them, they needed to keep someone there to keep any investigation toib their plot. they think they are more powerful than the president and the american people. after seeing mueller, we understand why, even though the letter was sent under mueller's signature. on the phone he tells barr he had no problem with it. it's because he didn't write the letter. his trump-hating pit bulls did.
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where there are references in the report of people of lying and no charges filed, take a look. >> the mysterious professor who lives in rome and london. he tells papadopoulos. he starts it owl. when the fbi interviews him, he lies three times and you don't charge him with a crime. >> i can't get into that. >> did you interview him. >> i can't get into that. >> the guy who puts this whole story in motion, you can't charge him. judge jeanine: jim comey, peter strzok, fusion gps, hillary clinton all off limits. but the report barely mentions them. folks, you and i know more about this report than he did. the man wasn't familiar with fusion gps, of his own ties to russia which hillary clinton and
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the dnc laundered money through to give to a foreign agent. how is it possible to look at russian interest fears which was mueller's charge if you failed to look at the steel dossier and the role of it and the corrupt players in the fbi and the doj. the man haded temerity to say the dossier was out of his pursue. >> it's outside my purview. with regard to the steele -- that's beyond my purview. as i said before, i'll say again, it's not my purview. judge jeanine: he said things were beyond his purview more than 10 times and he could not or would not discuss topics about a hundred times. he said he didn't know if christopher steele lied. and the origins of the dossier, the russian investigation and the whole campaign. how could he say it's beyond his purview? it's in the report.
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why was his whole team comprised of trump-hating hillary loving sycophants. his answer was he was rnlt allowed political questions. even a private law firm would not hire someone simply on the basis of a resume unless you already decided you wanted them on your team. please explain why the lawyer for the clinton foundation. any one in the justice system, especially in washington would know that andrew wisema weissmas one of the most of unethical prosecutors in the nation. even the united states supreme court said so. he has a history of prosecutorial misconduct and
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sending innocents to jail. how can anyone believe he randomly selected the best lawyers, so many trump haters, hillary lovers and not accidentally get one republican in there is just plain stupid. democrats say mueller did not exonerate the president. exonerate? where the hell is that from? that is an attempt to malign the president. i told you this before. i don't know one prosecutor who has ever said anything like that. you either indict or you say nothing. by saying you cannot exonerate mueller or whoever prepped him up for this hearing is leaving the president with an anchor around his neck, not allowing him to even rebate the claim he's not exonerated from is. this is the democrats turning lady justice on her head. republicans we know from the
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brebrett kavanaugh hearing are t entitled to the presumption of innocence. now we have a totally new fear in our justice system which is a limbo that can never be resolved since you can never plead your case in a courtroom. these radicals have tried to remake america. they continue to make rules we never heard of. they didn't investigate the steele dossier. or whether steele made it all up. they tried to use their power to overturn an election with the most of outrageous abuse of power in american political history. maybe some day we'll know the truth about the attempted framing of the president. why the fbi and doj officials and more importantly, whether
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that plot goes all the way to the top. as lisa page said to peter strzok or lover on september 9, 2016, quote, potus wants to know everything we are doing. that's my open. let me know what you think on my facebook and twitter #judgejeanine. here with reaction to my open, president trump's attorney rudy giuliani. mr. mayor, good to have you here. thanks for being here in studio. i'm not going to ask you what you thought of the report because it would be a waste of time. the first question i'm going to ask you, based upon something matt gates asked the director. can you say the steel dossier
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was not part of the disinformation campaign? mueller said i said in that it opening statement that part of the building of the case predated by me by at least 10 months. he's saying he continues talk about the steel dossier. what does that tell you. >> i don't understand the answer. it's an incoherent answer. how you cannot investigate the steel dossier and say you are investigating russian interest force in the 2016 election is a complete contradiction it's not a fawls false statement, it's not a lie. he wasn't mandated with just investigating a case against donald trump. it was 2016 interference. hillary clinton interfered through the steel dossier because he -- the steele dossier. that also foreign interference. he ignored that.
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what you end up with you can by process of elimination by purview, he eliminated everything except framing trump. judge jeanine: he was very good at it. >> think about the liberal press. there used to be a defender of people's rights when it didn't matter if you were a good guy or bad guy or republican or democrat. this worse than mccarthyism because there are more people involved. donald trump has been subjected to a completely new authoritarian set of rules. they can't even wake up and see it. the minute i saw the word exam exonerate in the report, i can't tell you what i said. language is not language i can repeat on television about them.
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they have given away all ethics, all common sense, any dedication to 2,000 years of law. you can't prove a negative. judge jeanine: you either indict or keep your mouth shut. they turned justice upside down. but you are right on the point, any link to coordination between the russian government and individuals associated with the campaign and any matters that may arise directly from the investigation. since the steele dossier was birth paced on hillary clinton's payment to perkins-coie, he had an obligation to investigate. >> he never read his mandate or
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he knew the mandate. judge jeanine: he was the shill, he was the beard. they picked him because he couldn't understand it. >> when you look at him, he shouldn't be in charge of something this serious. he shouldn't have been there. he should have had enough self-control to realize i can't do this anymore. why didn't the people of around him come forward? judge jeanine: they wanted him there. >> they whether inmates running the asylum. >> that's the deep state. if you ever question whether the deep state existed. you just saw he was the cover, the shill. listen to this of nadler.
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the dems are all hyped up about impeachment. >> anyone else who acted in this way if they were not the sitting president would face criminal prosecution and indictments. only the office of legal counsel's opinion that you can't indict appositing president is saving the president from indictment. >> before we go to questions, i want to add one correction to my testimony. i want to go back to one thing that was said this morning by mr. lieu. he said you didn't charge the president because of the olc opinion. that is not the correct way to say it. as we say in the report and i said in the opening. we did not reach a determination as to whether the president committed a crime. judge jeanine: what mueller said was olc had nothing to do with it. and after mueller said that,
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nadler is another corrupt deep stater. he comes out and said anyone else would have been indicted. and the olc prevernltsed them from indicting him. >> he lied. this is a man who decided to impeach him two years ago. he was caught on the amtrak, he's got a big mouth and sort of a small brain. he was saying something like we are going to indict him, this is the schedule. this is a hanging judge who made the determination -- basically nadler and schiff. even nadler more than schiff -- so what nadler says basically is, you know, you are guilty, doesn't matter what mueller says. you are guilty and now we'll give you have a trial. that's why he shouldn't
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cooperate with the hearings. it's an unfair process determined to nail him. a guy like elijah cummings can have cohen come in who committed perjury seven times. and he has the gal to appear and pontificate. he's saying i'm going to nail you if you lie. people can lie about donald trump and get away with it because they want to railroad him. judge jeanine: the president didn't fire anyone. yet nadler wants to remove the president for obstruction when the president didn't fire anybody. >> and mueller said i couldn't conclude he obstructed. but it's clear in his report he can't find evidence of obstruction. if all those 18 trump-hating
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hillary loving out of control, unethical prosecutors, a few of them really unethical. some of them asleep, and one really asleep, if they couldn't find obstruction, nadler is going to find it? you think that guy is a good enough lawyer? you can see what he's like. judge jeanine: let me tell you what the silver lining is. if it weren't for donald trump we would never know how corrupt the democrats were. we would never know for sure there is a deep state. now we know it. >> the biggest mistake they may have made is to call mueller which will give you an idea of how income tent nadler and schiff -- if you are a lawyer, you would have fired the guy. as lawyers you would.
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judge jeanine: mayor giuliani, it's always good to have you here. nadler screaming about impeachment. house minority leader kevin mccarthy is here next.
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judge jeanine: earlier i spoke with house minority leader kevin mccarthy. and the latest in the pelosi versus the aoc saga. take a look. kevin mccarthy joins me with more. we just heard mueller talk about the report this week. and the bottom line is this.
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mueller doesn't seem to know much about the report. but nothing in the report has changed. and there is no collusion if that's a crime and there is no obstruction. so what are they moaning about? >> they are moaning about a 2016 election that they lost. when you think about chairman nadler. he campaigned to become chairman with the democrats. you know what he said? he said he would be the best person for impeachment. he kept his promise to the democratic conference but not his constituents. he's focused on this. with this mueller report. at the end of the day the chapter should be shut. we should move on and this should be the end of it. all of america should understand the election is over. they lost. they can stop going through this witch hunt. >> we just heard yesterday from
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congressman jerry nadler that he's going to keep going. and if necessary, he'll do what he has to do to recommend articles much impeachment. he even went so far as to say the mueller report showed the president repeatedly lied. the bottom line is this. when you talk about the border and infrastructure and all the things the republicans have been working on. none of this is going to get done. don't they know this is only hurting them at this point. >> they just celebrated 200 days in power. we passed 300 bills out of committee. they haven't even passed 200 because they only focused on impeachment. the majority of americans snow there is a crisis at the border. the only people ignoring it are
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the democrats within congress. they are seasoning us away with our work in the district because they can't get the job done. it's over. america saw it. i think the only person in america who can still move forward is nadler. judge jeanine: i think even schiff gave up. he said i have evidence nobody else has. he said i know it's there. he said well, maybe not impeachment, maybe not now. >> you know what's scary about schiff? he's chairman of the intel committee. we watched iran take over tankers. we watched the challenge from china and russia flying into south korea. what is schiff doing? continuing the lie he gave to the american people that he had evidence. speaker pelosi is the one who is the democrat lead on intel.
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we have too many serious items around this world happening to have him chairman of the intel committee. judge jeanine: let's talk about what i think is a fascinating division on the democrat side. nancy pelosi and aoc met yesterday to try to resolve their differences. nancy is sasha rude politician. she he like any family we have difference and we are fine. what's your take on what happened? >> this is not a family feud. this is war. what we saw happen ned. nancy pelosi surrendered to the socialists. she sat down with a freshman. aoc's own chief of staff tweeted this month that he challenged any american to name one thing that this new democrat majority has done that helps the kitchen
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table. judge jeanine: here it is. pelosi claims we can't focus on impeachment because it's a distraction from the kitchen table issues. but i challenge you to find voters who have done a single thing for kitchen table issues. he refers to the speaker nancy pelosi. and you know what else they are doing? they are going around primarying the other democrats. they want to beat them. they want to make sure all of the democratic conference is a socialist democratic conference. they are being very successful. there was a recent poll. the most of popular endorsement you can have is aoc. not nancy pelosi. this week is an historical week. we took the chapter away when it came to mueller. but it is the week nancy pelosi surrendered to the socialists.
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they are all together now. judge jeanine: they certainly have a plot to remake america. when the speaker of the house has to meet with a freshman congresswoman and claim all is well, that's a sad state of affairs for the democrats. congressman mccarthy, it's good to have you on the show. mike huckabee and dan bongino are still ahead. a major victory for the trump administration on immigration. stay with me. every day, visionaries are creating the future.
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so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. the united states postal service makes more
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e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. aishah: live from "america's news headquarters." i'm aishah hasnie. police in canada on high alert as they up the manhunt for a pair of alleged killers suspected in the deaths of three people north of the border. officials releasing this video of two suspects. authorities are going door to door in a town near where the suspect were spotted. fox news is told fear are growing they escaped the area. protests turning violent in russia. 1,000 demonstrator arrested. 3,500 people poured into the treats to show opposition to the ballot in the upcoming elect.
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now back to "justice with judge jeanine." i'm aishah hasnie. judge jeanine: a big win in the president's battle to secure our southern border. the supreme court ruling the president can use $6.5 billion in defense department fund to build the border wall. democrats don't care about border security, they refuse to give the votes necessary to fix the loopholes and asylum. it would be so easy. they want open borders which means crime, crime, crime! joining me now, the acting commissioner of border enforcement. congratulations. that is a fabulous decision. i read it.
6:34 pm
and you know what? it reverses the 9th circuit court of appeal. i call it theth circus, myself. -- the 9th circus, myself. how many miles of the wall have been built so far? >> judge, first of all, it's not only a victory for the president, but it's a victory for this country for the continued safety and security. we complete 52 new miles of wall along the southwest border of strategic locations. by 2020 we'll have 205 miles of wall completed. with this new ruling, we are going to be able to build 450 new walls. 450 miles of new wall. right now, we have been building a mile wall every week since
6:35 pm
may. that's the truth. judge jeanine: on the issue of the border. apparently the united states reached an agreement with guatemala that is apparently helping in addition to what happened with mexico. tell me about what happened with guatemala and the united states. >> i'm glad you asked this question. this is potentially a game changer. it shows this administration, they have been relentless working with the government of guatemala. continuing to bring them to the table to come up with this cooperative agreement. what this means is that individual fleeing from their countries and they are seek protection now instead of having to go through multiple countries thousands of miles and turn themselves over to the cartels and risk their lives and safety. this means guatemala agreed
6:36 pm
these individuals coming into guatemala rsh, they are going to do their best to provide them adequate protection immediately. this is an incredible agreement and it will have an incredible impact on everybody. this crisis is not just the united states crisis. this is a regional crisis. it's the northern triangle and beyond. judge jeanine: let's talk about the people in guatemala who may have crossed illegally. will they be sent back to guatemala and told to apply for asylum there? >> right now -- again, the president and this administration has been working tirelessly with the government of mexico. mexico agreed to assist in unprecedented ways. never in modern history have the government of mexico stepped up the way they are doing.
6:37 pm
they are providing thousands of troops on the southern border. increasing interior enforcement and assisting on the u.s.-mexico border including the migrant protection protocol. what will happen is they will present themselves at the u.s. border and we'll send them back to mexico to wait while they are going through the asylum process. that's another game changer. to date there are 24,000 individual waiting in mexico that would have been released into the interior united states. judge jeanine: are you saying mexico is stopping them pursuant to the president's threat to impose the tariff? what i'm asking about is the ones in detention being sent back to guatemala or mexico. do you know? >> yes. what was just approved would have done that. when they come to the u.s. border and they have not claimed asylum in mexico or another
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country, we would have sent them back immediately. but that regulation that this administration put forward, it was even joined. so we are prohibited from doing that. but we are going to fight this. judge jeanine: i was one of the skeptics as were so many people when mexico in the past agreed to work with the united states on protecting the border and assisting us. it appears from what you just said that they are working with us better than you thought. >> they absolutely are. it's unprecedented the amount of support they are providing. it's getting stronger and stronger every day. the southern border tore interior enforcement. and their support of the mvp. 24,000 people that would have been in the interior of the united states are waiting in mexico. even all this great stuff that's
6:39 pm
being put forth by this administration. it's not the full solution. we need congress to step up to do what they need to do to pass legislation to address loopholes in our legislation. judge jeanine: so good to have you on the show tonight, mark morgan. thank you so much. impeachment fever on capitol hill, antifa and more. i'll be talking about it with mike huckabee and dan bongino next. when did you see the sign?
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judge jeanine: the president tweeting up a storm today. he called all the impeachment talk by the democrats disgusting. joining me, governor mike huckabee and dan bongino. i want to start with one of the things that i believe it was nadler or schiff. i think it's nadler. he says, he's talking about
6:43 pm
mueller. he told us donald trump obstructed justice and abused his office by tampering with witnesses and attempting to block investigations and attempting to fire the special counsel. he told us donald trump lied to the public. et cetera. throwing it in the garbage now. i'll start with you, governor huckabee. did this guy listen to the same thing i did? >> no, he obviously didn't. these guys on the democratic side have a greater imagination than my grandkid and they have a pretty vivid imagination about stuff. you are innocent until proven guilty under american jurisprudence. he made every one of his staff members, even his family members available. they got grilled for hours. the fact is there is no collusion or obstruction. let's move over and get over
6:44 pm
with this nonsense. judge jeanine: they are not going to move on. even the president is saying, the democrats are coming out of shock from the terrible mueller performance and are starting to spin impeachment again. >> this is a hapless, hopeless, pathetic shelf a party. i'm not talking about voting democrats. i'm talking about the capitol hill swamp rats out there. what they did to president trump in that later press conference was delusional. that they thought they came out of this looking like anything other than completely terrible. you played a clip from nadler at the beginning of the show. he said if anyone else had done what donald trump had done. you mean smashing blackberries and wiping servers clean and
6:45 pm
deleting emails. oh, hillary did that. if anyone else had done it they would have been arrested unless you are hillary clinton. judge jeanine: i don't want to make fun of him, he's very limited. but i'm very angry with the team and all of them because he was nothing more than a front for the deep state. they picked him because he had a good background and good career, and he's just not with the program. he didn't write the weissmann letter from may and he didn't write that report. my kid who don't watch the news can tell you what fusion gps is. let me move on. because i'm so disgusted. i still don't understand, governor. i don't understand why the fisa court is not doing something about a fake dossier that is
6:46 pm
used to spy on a person and the president of the united states campaign. what is this, a third world country? >> we have to hope that the rest of the justice department beginning with the attorney general will care about that. i was stunned when mueller said that's not in my purview, i will investigate these allegations but i won't bother to ask where did they come from. they could have come from the national enquirer and this guy would have spent $30 million of our tax money chasing down something my friend larry gatlin would call bovine droppings. judge jeanine: like the bovine emissions in the green new deal. consideration is given to declaring an if i a, the gutless
6:47 pm
radical left whack jobs who go around hitting only non-fighters over the head with baseball bats. >> it's violent group that's used to advance a far-left socialist ideology. the fbi doesn't have a specific terror charge. but it's clear this group is full of maniacs. you said that thing about the mueller report. it was sad to watch. it wasn't the huckabee report, it wasn't the bongino report. why does this sound familiar, they put a face on a report. let's use christopher steele who worked with the fbi, steele wasn't even sure he could verify his own stuff. put mueller's face on it. wise man and all of them --
6:48 pm
weissmann and all of them did the report. christopher steele and ed simpson admitted a lot of their russian stuff was coming in third hand. steele was the face of the report because he was a used fbi asset before. it's the same thing they did with mueller. he didn't know who glenn simpson was. did he even read a newspaper? judge jeanine: rod rosenstein took mueller to the president to meet him to be head of the fbi for a 10-year term. when he couldn't get that he had him be the front for the special counsel. i don't care with anybody else says, this rod rosenstein he got away with it. i don't know why. but for whatever reason he did. mike huckabee, i will give you
6:49 pm
the last word. >> after watching the bob mueller show the other night, the democrats thought they would put a movie to the published report. the movie turned out to be weekend at bernie's and it didn't turn out well for the democrats. jenna: that's a good ending and a good laugh to what turned out to be a laughable report. counting down to the next democrat debate. i'll talk about them with kayleigh mcenany from the trump 2020 team.
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>> what did you mean when you said you won't be in hawaii during the next debate. >> we'll see. judge jeanine: he was beaten up by today harris in the last one. national press secretary for the trump 2020 cap pain kayleigh mcenany joins me to talk about the race. joe biden was a disaster in the last debate. how do you think he's going to
6:53 pm
come out this time. is he in the same lineup with kamala harris? >> he's going to do terribly. i know he said he'll come out stronger. this is his third presidential bid. he failed miserably in the first two presidential bid. he's sleepy joe. can you imagine him on a debate stage with president trump. sleepy joe can do all he can. maybe he need chocolate covered espresso beans or something. judge jeanine: is the lineup the same for these debates? >> no, he has a tough lineup. he won't have it any easier than last time. judge jeanine: will kamala harris be in his debate? >> yes, they will go at it and
6:54 pm
cory booker as well, it will be brutal, mono to mono, and they are not going light on sleepy joe. judge jeanine: as we move towards with these two debates, what do you expect to see? >> a whole lot of leftist socialist policy. you recall we watched this together at the campaign down in miami. there were audible gasps when we saw the entire democrat debate stable raise their hand for free healthcare for illegal immigrants and decriminalizing border crossings. the american people are cross watching. a lot of them don't know about those far left policies but they will see it in detroit like they did in miami. >> how many are left? >> they only announced three thus far, but there will be more. the next one won't be for
6:55 pm
another month. but there will be more down the pike. judge jeanine: what i'm saying is, the same number of candidate? did swalwell drop out? i thought he's out. >> swalwell dropped out. the next debate after the detroit one they have a more rigorous standard. judge jeanine: the inning thing about this, whoever it i who is going to debate donald trump, has got a guy who is a fighter and counter pun'er and is entertaining. people don't give him enough credit. he's have much a chess player. he knows every move ahead of time. he has it all figured out. i think these debates, not the democrats so much. but the debate when he stand up against whoever that contender
6:56 pm
is going to be is going to be fascinating. it will be must-see tv. he's brilliant and he's entertaining. >> these candidate will try to be chameleons, they will try to act like a leftist socialist now and become a centrist in the general election. president trump won't let them get away with that. you remember how he exposed hillary clinton on her positions on abortion. president trump exposed that before the american people. these guy will not be able to get away with changing their positions in a general election. judge jeanine: the president had a good rating in a rasmussen report. things are looking very good for the president despite the fact the democrats would rather do impeachment instead of working for the country. >> each of these polls,
6:57 pm
president trump is breaking record with his approval rating and it's far and above 50%. judge jeanine: thanks so much. we'll be right back. priceline will partner with even more vegas hotels to turn their unsold rooms into amazing deals. delegates, how do you vote? (cheering) ♪ yes, y-y-y-yes, yes... that is freaky. (applause)
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my report. those i ran the motor investigation and why they did it i refer to my report and
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fighting to make america order it now. thanks for watching. truth and justice and the american way. see you next week.


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