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tv   Watters World  FOX News  July 27, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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morris. pete hegseth. kat timpf. and tyrus. i love you america. [♪] jesse: welcome to. "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. robert mueller facing off with lawmakers for the first time. the republicans for once were very well prepared. >> welcome to the last gasp of the russian conspiracy theory. >> can you give me an example other than done * where the justice department determined an innocent person was not exonerated. >> i can't but this unique. >> you are a bunch of people who
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didn't like the president. peter strzok hated trump. you didn't know that before he was made part of your team? >> you weren't interested in whether the russians were interfering with christopher steele and whether steele was lying. but you say nothing about this in your report. you can charge people around the president with false statements. but the guy who puts this whole story in motion, you can't charge him. i think that's amazing. >> the special counsel answering but in more cases dodging and stumbling over questions about the russian witch hunt and his report. >> can you repeat that, ma'am. can you repeat last part of that question in i am not familiar with that. ken starr did what? i am sorry. i disagree with that. can you repeat the question. that went a little fast for me where are you reading from? >> i'm reading from my question. >> could you repeat it?
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>> okay. jesse: two points made crystal clear early on, no collusion and his investigation was never obstructed. the investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired with the mution government in its election interference activities. >> at any time during your investigation was it curtailed or stopped or hindered? >> no. jesse: congressman matt gaetz of florida and louie gohmert join me now. it's clear mueller had no control over the investigation. he was asleep at the wheel and it was run by clinton lawyers. donald trump was framed by team clinton on investigated by team clinton and donald trump won and came out on top which just go to show how crooked and ineffectual
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hillary clinton actually is, congressman gohmert. >> you put it so articulately. people should understand, he didn't have control. but he could have had control if he wanted it. he chose intentionally to let weissmann go wild. and all the other people, strong while he was there, he lit them go -- he let them go wild trying to frame the president for something that didn't happen. that's why it's so offensive after all these years he established clearly there was no conspiracy because collusion is not a legal crime. there is no conspiracy by the trump campaign or anybody in russia. that's why it was such a big deal to me.
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now you are turning around. he knew he was innocent. that's all he wanted. he wanted justice. because if justice occurred he would have been totally exonerated and acquitted and justice was not happening under mueller, weissmann and the whole cabal. jesse: the american people aren't going to go after impeaching the president for obstructing in a crime he didn't commit. and the special prosecutor said it was never obstructed. >> if mueller wrote the mueller report i wrote moby dick. the answers he gave were not my purview. i will see if that works for me this weekend when my girlfriend asks me to clean her cat's litter box. i will say it's not my purview.
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now can he write when he met with the russian operatives. the setup was driven by i believe elements of the obama government, people like brennan and clapper. that's why the work of the attorney general is so important because we are going to get to the bottom of this corrupt investigation. jesse: fusion gps president general simpson met twice with this russian lawyer lady before and after the trump tower meeting. >> when you talk about the firm that produced the steele reporting, the name of the firm that produced that was fusion, gps, is that correct? >> i'm not familiar with that. >> it's not a trick question. it was fusion gps.
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jesse: democrats collusion with russians, that's not within his purview either. >> the real collusion and conspiracy obviously, the crime was between the hillary clinton campaign, the dnc, fusion gps, christopher steelee and putin's underlings. the russians did affect the election, but it was not enough to create enough division to keep trump from winning. but the russians goal was to create divisiveness and feeding the hillary clinton campaign false information on donald trump. they did a great job in helping divide america. jesse: the democrats are still doing the russian dirty work because they continue to push this fake crime.
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congressman gates *. everything has failed when it comes to taking down the president he's involved in cheap shots. it's all to short-circuit the democracy. you are talking about impeachment, expose's, leaks, set-up jobs. this is dirty stuff. and the president has been able to maybe because he's used to fighting dirty in the streets all these years. he's been able to survive this. he's got to have the wind at his back. the democrats are divide internally. they have an incredibly weak presidential field. there is a hot economy and we are not at war. >> president trump is good at winning. but democrats don't know how to take the "l." it couldn't be because they have a terrible candidate in hillary clinton. it can't be because donald trump worked them silly on the
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campaign trail, going to the rust belt and a campaign schedule that was far more aggressive than hillary clinton. it had to be because the russians told them to vote for donald trump rather than hillary clinton. in 2018 when the republicans lost control of the house, we didn't try to make nancy pelosi an illegitimate speaker. the radical left can't argue are us with policies. so they try to delegitimize anyone who is beating them in the public square. and in 2020, that's why the president is going to win. he's focusing on things that matter with the american people. here with more, kellyanne conway. let's listen to the president react right after mueller testified.
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roll it. president trump: the performance with us obviously not very good. he had a lot of problems. with you what he showed more than anything else is this whole thing has been three years of embarrassment and waste of time for our country. and you know what? the democrats thought they could win an elect like this. i think they hurt themselves very badly at 2020. jesse: the white house goes from defense to offense. he's in the strongest position he's been from what i can remember. he's at his highest approval level in the abc-"washington post" poll. he's ahead of obama at this stage in his presidency and the best economic approval in decade. what's the mood like right now at the white house? >> the mood is euphoric and triumphant. but it's regrettable that we had
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to go through this along with the american public having to go through it. how do we get the last three years back. the fact that this president has been able to preside or an historic economy, doing energy development, trying to make peace. people are getting back to work. the fact that he can do that with this weight of investigation and litigation all around him is truly remarkable. without this cloud, he's going [inaudible] i want to know back to march when the mueller report came out. what was the most of popular question people asked. when are you going to move on. people were worried that we would lord it over them that they had gotten it wrong. that dissipated when they real. >> id they could investigate hearings and the crowning
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moment, invite bob mueller to testify. now we are back to where they want to talk about election protection. this president is very concerned about foreign interference. and we don't want the maybe team media interfere in the elections like they tried to do last time. get your thumb off the electoral scale. let the president run on this booming economy and see what happens. the president has been modest in his victory lap because he's so bye doing great things for this country. when are people going to apologize. litigation, investigation, harassment, trying to embarrass them. now, jerry nadler in his press conference saying they are going to enforce the subpoenas. jesse: you will never hear an apology because that's ane
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admission they lied for two years. the president is the most of modest and modesty is his best quality. he's modest and patient. jesse: he put up with this for a very lock time. how dose capital eye on this? the media credibility is shot. democrat credibility is shot. they wasted over a hundred hearings on a hoax. they shut down the government and did nothing on infrastructure, drug price, trade, immigration, healthcare, and they are going to go back in august to their districts on vacation, and what are they going to tell their constituents? >> there is no public. tight for impeachment. and nancy pelosi the speaker knows that. we all know it because last week a resolution on impeachment failed 323-95. what there is public appetite
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for is action on immigration. action on healthcare, action on drug pricing. this president works on it every day here. this week he had significant meetings on all three of those issues. he'll work to get those bilateral trade deals completed with the usmca, and trade with china, and he's work on drug pricing. he has a great new healthcare plan coming out. he'll continue to do the people's business. i wonder if other networks have experts to talk about the humming economy. and the other legacy this president will work on is the judiciary. he has 150 federal judges on the bench that were nominated and approved under president trump and he'll just keep going with that. he's talking directly to the american people and the people keep talking to themselves about what may have been.
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news. jesse: time for real news you probably can't hear because of that mueller stuff. remember when they suggested the squad leave if you don't love america. or when the squad said trump supporters were being xenophobic because offing this chants. [send her back] jesse: we discovered multiple instances when squad members said conservative members should be deported.
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rashid tlaib tweeted will someone deport these isis armed bikers? in another tweet she targeted our future president writing, deport this a-hole. and omar tweeted we are citizens and can't be deported. why don't we deport you to wherever you came from. also coming to like, a very controversial answer omar gave in 2018 saying we should be more fearful of white men. >> among conservatives in particular say the rise in islamophobia is not of hate, but of genuine fear of jihadist terrorism. or the recent truck attack in new york. what do you say to that? >> i would say we should be more
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fearful much white men across our country because they are actually causing more deaths within this country. so if fear was the driving force of policies to keep america safe, americans safe inside of this country, we should be profiling, monitoring, and creating policies to fight the radicalization of white men. jesse: since 2000 there have been 25 deadly attacks owfnlt s. soil by jihadists which killed 3,100 people. since 2000 there have been 21 attacked by so-called right-wing extremists that killed 105 people.
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since this involves international networks, spectacular attacks involving bombs and airplanes, iconic target and the threat of nuclear materials falling into the hand of terrorists. and whites commit 44% of murder in america while african-americans commit 53%. the fbi is very alarmed by this dangerous trend. but we what to point out omar's comments and put them into perspective. omar also making headlines for her newly released arrest record. the minnesota congresswoman taken into custody twicing with most of recently during her congressional campaign in 2018 for driving without a license. but in 2013 the charges were more serious. she was arrested for trespassing
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and refusing a leave a hotel where the former somali president was staying. according to police she and 20 others who were not guests were asked to leave. others complied but omar refused. she was jailed and released because it was likely she would respond to a citation and she demonstrated she would continue her criminal behavior. nancy pelosi's past coming back to haunt her. the word, roll them? >> we made a commit to the secure the border. what are the options we have available to us. let's make sure they work. while we need to address the issue of immigration and the challenge we have of undocumented people in our country we don't want any more coming in.
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jesse: did you catch that? we certainly don't want any more coming in. nancy, you were so mean back then. now she is giving illegals tips on how to avoid arrests by i.c.e. officials. i wonder what changed. the "new york times" doing a 180. it called president trump a treasonous traitor for meeting with president putin in 208. but a new report segs he played ball with moscow. now saying china by far is much more of a risk. that means president trump is correct in trying to establish a relationship with russia and peel it away from china. berkeley, california, officially becoming gender neutral.
8:24 pm
the city council passed a resolution making gender figure language band. manhole will be maintenance hole. and sororities are going to be called collegiate greek residences. >> come on. enough is enough. >> they come up with these come maime things all the time. it's a typical berkeley kind of thing. jesse: as long as everybody feels included that's what i care about. a little fake news regarding sean spicer. he is on the board of an organization that provide chairs to veterans.
8:25 pm
last week a riledders receive hid chair and threw out the first pitch. he was joined by sean spicer who is also from rhode island. and it was pride night and everyone had a great time. but the next day the boston globe had this headline. sean spicer throws first pitch at the ride night and team faces backlash. there were two tweets about the people who complained about sean on pride night. spicer has delivered three $15,000 track chairs to new englanders this summer. men who almost died protecting our country. but the globe hasn't covered
8:26 pm
that at all. they cover two tweets i stead. how sick is that? this story perfectly encapsulate how dishonest and poisonous the fake news media has become in america. joining me, fox news contributor, katie pavlich. what strikes you after that monologue? >> i think we should start with the double standard on the tweets and deportation. this shows the news cycle moves so quickly and the outrage machine turned enormously. president trump tweeted about these congress women saying they could go back to their former countries, go back, then come back to the united states and offer something better because they keep complaining about how bad the conditions are in
8:27 pm
america. now we know omar and tlaib with tweeted worse about deporting people. not voluntary going back and fixing a problem then coming home. they are talking about a federally enforcement action of deportation. jesse: maybe the news cycle moves so fast, it speeds away from any democrat. >> this triggered a resolution on the house floor condemning donald trump. this forced her to come to their defense and she is trying to distance herself from their crazy marxist ideology. this was a big deal. but i can't seen the same kind of coverage for the congress women. jesse: can you imagine if a mugshot surfaced all of a sudden
8:28 pm
of someone who was resisting and being a total pain on the right? it would have been all over the evening news. but so march who is front and center. her mugshot surfaces. jesse: hopefully katie doesn't have any mug shots that will surface. jesse: cops assaulted. road rage. attacks on airplanes on government officials. rage on the rise in america. but why? get ready for shark week. had to fight one of these guys off if they swim too what's going on up here? can't see what it is yet. what is that? that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it.
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8:33 pm
hundreds of people were at the club. police have detained two nightclub toners and two workers. back at home, we are planning to honor the 9/11 first responders. congresswoman karen maloney wants to hold a ticker tape parade. the mayor's office is trying to decide whether that's the best way to honor them. the president will sign a bill that guarantees medical care to the first responders for decades. where the suspects were spotted. i'm aishah hasnie.
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>> thank you very much. you guys are crazy. jesse: that was congresswoman rashida tlaib getting tossed from a speech by candidate donald trump. that's just a small taste of the rage sweeping across the country. watch. [bleep] [bleep] here with her diagnosis, psychotherapist
8:35 pm
dr. jen nan. has rage in america existed for a long time and now that everyone has a camera in their phone we are seeing more of it or are americans being more angry in public. >> i think it's both. we rewarded for it now. you will be the headline of a reality show if you throw over a table. you will be on the front of the news if you are starting a fight on a plane like this. i think the attention seeking is giving a lot of reward for acting out the rage. jesse: whether it's a baseball diamond or supermarket or airplane. you think they will think in the back of their head, maybe this will make me go viral? >> i think there is a misperception that rage and anger and violence perception is somehow powerful.
8:36 pm
it's not power. it's more power to show restrainltd and disciplined about your emotions. a lot of time people in this society don't have that ability because we don't have the tools. a lot of people have been through trauma in their life time of and they don't know how to calm themselves or have the tools to be able to handle themselves better. jesse: you are seeing a lot of play be and the disrespect for authority figures. we have seen people in the street douse police officers with water. they are shoot water guns at them and dumping water over police officers' heads. this guy getting into a police officers' face on the subway. what do you think accounts for the disrespect to authority figures and men and women of authority? >> i think we have a lot of people who feel not seen, heard
8:37 pm
and understood in this country who are trying to express it. this is not a productive way to handle yourself or express yourself and affect change. what it does ultimately is make you look bad and it's self-destructive. jesse: i don't remember seeing a kid curse out his mom in public. we never heard of teachers being body slammed in the classroom or police having water thrown at them. i don't understand what's driving the. is it political or not? >> there is less of a hierarchy than used to be in society. we used to look up to people of authority. but now people are far for even. they tend to just say that person is equal to me and we don't have as much respect for authority in general. jesse: thank you, doctor, for
8:38 pm
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but you're not mad, because you have e*trade, who's tech makes life easier by automatically adding technical patterns on charts and helping you understand what they mean. don't get mad. get e*trade's simplified technical analysis. jesse: that can only mean one thing. "shark week" is back. >> we are told sharks can smell a drop of blood. if you have a small cut they will be attracted to you. but so much else about the sharks has been a preconceived notion that's untrue. maybe this is, too.
8:43 pm
a shadow appears. jesse: joining me now "shark week" host and shark attack survivor. many years safe go when you were in the navy, you were attacked by a shark. how did you survive? >> i think many different facets came into play that day, whether it be the incredible fitness i had from being part of the navy clearance divers and my body being able to function on a lack of oxygen and i need to keep
8:44 pm
hide injured arm above my heart and not look at my legs because i would go into shark. and closing an artery with fingers. just breathing and talk. i was dying and i was tracking jokes. i think that penalty in the military came into play as well. jesse: you lost part of the leg and part of the arm. you said something not to do is to look down if you have a missing limb or thissing anything. do you have any advice for people if they do get attacked by sharks how to handle it? >> the best thing you can do is get out of the water as fast as possible. that will be the natural reaction for everyone. make sure you have a very good medical pack and tourniquets.
8:45 pm
make sure it many comprehensive and you will stand a far better chance of staying alive. jesse: there is no trick like poke it in its eye? >> all of that stuff. do anything. if you are in the midst of being attacked. go into panic mode and go for the eyes or the fins. but generally speaking sharks are shy and curious. watch need to do is not panic. keep your eyes on the shark. they don't want to fight. that's why their eyes roll back in their head, they are delicate and they don't want to get hurt getting a meal. remain calm, never take your eyes off it. if it does swim toward you, put your hand on top of its head and
8:46 pm
push it away force any. you don't want to it with address. it will do the same to you. jesse: that's good advice. i use that on democrats when i debate them on tv. there have only been 20 unprovoked shark attacks in the united states this year and one fatalities. so they are not as dangerous as everybody fears they are. we just have to be careful to stay away from them, but they are not just vicious predators looking for blood? they ared a wild animal and there is the potential for them to be dangerous. we need to transfer that fear into a healthy respect. they are vitally important to our oceans and the planet. we should respect that. we should give them their realm. they are one of the only
8:47 pm
predatory animals that will allow us to coexist in its environment. if you think about it. you can't go to africa and not expect to have your head ripped off. we can go into the ocean and go devising them. bull sharks, tiger sharks without a cage if we have that respect with them that will allow us to share their existence. that's the message i like to get across. jesse: thank you very much. you are a tougher man than i am. up next the deplorable criers are in the house. a very special performance on. "watters' world." and an announcement about my man on the street interview. don't go anywhere.
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[♪] jesse: three trump fans taking the internet by storm, inspired
8:52 pm
by country music and politics. they hope their pro trump song will help others not be ashamed of their political leanings. joining me, the deplorable choir. you took those words deplorable and made it a good thing. and you want other people to not be defensive or ashamed about being on the trump train? >> yeah. it's so much fun being on the trump train. we were so sad by the trickle down effect on our friend. the party with the most of fun wins. some people think we need to put our camera away, but we are having a ball. jesse: you are finding out in the country there are trump fans that love donald trump but are
8:53 pm
reticent about coming out and put the hat on and choo-choo object the train. for every hundred people that give us a high five there might be one rude people. even here in new york city. we walk around and people love it. jesse: you have been walking around manhattan with the maga hats on? >> we got the bird once. jesse: that was probably juan. let's go. here we go, ladies, the deplorable choir. >> we don't care if you are white. don't care if you are black. we don't care if you are gay. we are. we don't care if you are it. -- don't care if you are rich, don't care if you are poor. we all know what we are fighting
8:54 pm
for. sing it. real women vote for trump. we don't need no liberals. real women vote for trump. real women vote for trump, we don't need no liberal. real women vote for trump. jesse: all right! very good. real women vote for trump. i made a song shut up about politics. which song do you think is better? the audience is going to decide. ladies, thank you very much. maybe we'll see you at the inauguration singing. >> we want to be. you want to play into the commercial break? let it rock. >> we don't need no liberals. >> we don't need no liberals. real stop struggling to clean tough messes with sprays. try new clean freak!
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jesse: type for last call. a new batch of classic. "watters' world" under view are available on foxnation. season five is dropping and here is a sneak peek. first president of the united states. >> oh, god. >> george washington. >> george washington. jesse: when was he president? >> 1900? i don't know. >> way before i was born. jesse: who was president during world war ii. >> winston churchill? >> bush. >> lincoln. that was the civil war. jesse: sign up for foxnation today at you are not going to be sorry. that's all for us tonight. follow us on instagram, facebook
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and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight and a special thanks to all of you for keeping our streak going and making last week's "justice" number one all weekend long. can we do it again? we have rudy giuliani sitting next to me live to talk about my opening statement and more. also coming up, dan bongino and mike huckabee. and mark morgan and from the trump 2020


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