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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 28, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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thanks to my panel. thanks to all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. we hope to see you all right here next ♪ ♪ eric: on this sub afternoon, director of national intelligence dan coats expected to step down in the coming days. multiple reports that president trump is likely to nominate john ratcliffe to replace coats. ratcliff last week asking tough questions of robert mueller during the hearing on his report. welcome to a brand new hour of america's news headquarters, i'm eric shawn. arthel: coats' expected resignation follows numerous reports of clashes with the white house over varying issues including the president's
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attacks on the intelligence community. david spunt has the developments. >> reporter: dan coats if president trump have often sparred over issues, don'ts has contradicted president trump -- coats has contradicted president trump several times that has made the president angry. john ratcliffe is a republican from texas. he's floated to replace coats. congressman ratcliffe is a staunch defender of president trump. he was tough in his questioning of robert mueller on wednesday. arthel, our chief white house correspondent, john roberts, is reporting that a senior administration official says ratcliffe would certainly be considered at the appropriate time, but that official would not expand on that, arthel? arthel: and that twitter fight, david, with congressman elijiah cummings, is the president continuing to dig in? >> reporter: he is. it started yesterday morning very early, around 7:15 in the morning, it continues late sunday afternoon. the president spent the morning golfing. as soon as he got into the
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presidential limo e this afternoon, he tweeted again alt elijiah cummings. he wrote: there is nothing racist in stating plainly what most people already know, that elijiah cummings has done a terrible job for the people of his district and of baltimore itself. dems always play the race card when they are unable to win the facts. shame. yesterday it began when the president called west baltimore worse than the border, he used the words disgusting and rodent-infested mess when talking about baltimore. acting chief of staff mick mulvaney was on fox news sunday this morning and defended his boss. >> mr. cummings saying children are sitting in their own feces, it's not accurate. mr. cummings has not been to border recently, and when the president hears lies like that, he is going to fight back, and that's what you saw in his tweets. reporter: complaining about the
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way that cummings framed the border crisis. also president trump tweeted: in 2015 we found this with baltimore related to freddie gray riot, he tweeted, president obama, you have a big job to do, go to baltimore and bring both sides together with proper leadership. it can be done, do it. many democrats, including house speaker nancy pelosi, even jenna bush hager -- the daughter of the former president of the united states -- telling president trump to stop the rhetoric. they say these tweets have gone over the line, but it appears, arthel, for now this battle is continue. the prime minister known to double down -- president known to double down, continues to tweet about elijiah cummings. arthel: yeah. and many democrats who disapprove, they're calling it an attack, not a twitter fight. this is an attack, they're saying on the part of the president. david spunt, thank you. eric: well, there was a successful test for the united states and israel, missile defense. officials say the two nations
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carried out a high-altitude end gagement with an anti-ballistic -- engagement with an anti-ballistic missile system. it's called the arrow 3 interceptor missile. officials say it did effectively intercept a missile target that was outside the atmosphere. israeli's prime minister says this gives his nation the ability to act against any potential ballistic missiles that are fired, of course ors by iran. of course, by iran. and u.s. officials tell fox news they successfully test fired that ballistic missile last week. let's go live to ellison barber who's in jerusalem with more. >> reporter: hi, eric. israeli officials say it took ten years to get to this moment, and it is significant because it is the first time the arrow e 3 system has successfully intercepted a missile that simulates a ballistic one. the system is a joint
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israeli-u.s. test that took place in alaska. disreel missile defense or organization conducted it and both say the interceptor missile successfully demonstrated high-altitude hit to kill interceptions of ballistic targets outside of the atmosphere. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the test succeeded beyond all expectations at heights and speeds not known until now. >> translator: today israel has the ability to act against ballistic missiles fired against us from iran and from any other location. this is a great achievement for israel's security. all of our enemies should know that we will overcome them both defensively and offensively. >> reporter: arrow 3 is the top tier of israel's multilayered shield which includes the iron dome. all of it meant to defend against rockets fired from lebanon and gaza. iran test fired a medium-range
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ballistic missile on wednesday. a u.s. official told fox news that one went 600 miles. eric? eric all right, ellison n. a few moments we'll be talking more about this with an ambassador, including parts of my interview with jason greenblatt who says iran is the major threat in that region. arthel? arthel: new reaction from lawmakers after the supreme court ruled the trump administration can divert $2.5 billion in pentagon funds for construction of the wall along the southern border. mark meredith is following this from washington. mark? >> reporter: the white house says it's thrilled with friday's ruling by the supreme court to allow the president to redirect military funds to build the border wall. the court says the money can be spent now even as a lawsuit challenging the president's order still works its way through the courts. the trump administration says the $2.5 billion will go a long way to insuring border security.
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the money is expected to fund projects in california, arizona and new mexico. acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney told fox's chris wallace today the court made the right decision. >> we build about 100 miles of wall, 4 miles a week by the fall, probably higher than that next year. we are still on schedule to have 450 miles of wall built by tend of 2020. >> reporter: acting homeland security secretary kevin mcaleenan says the situation on the border is improving but remains a crisis. he says the court's decision will help. >> there was a big victory at the supreme court to allow the department of defense to move forward with that $2.5 billion to really accelerate the progress on the wall. >> reporter: nancy employees city called the court's decision deeply flawed. she put out a tweet shortly after news the decision came down calling it wasteful and ineffective and, quote: our founders fashioned a democracy governed by the people, not a monarchy. cory booker also weighed in on
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twitter as well writing, quote: diverting military funds for a vanity project is exactly who donald trump is. i will continue to fight back, enjoy we those -- and join with those challenging this decision. it's an issue that's likely to come up this week when the democrats will hold their second debate. arthel? arthel: mark maine divot reporting there -- meredith, reporting there. thanks, mark. >> we are the only major country to not or offer or health care for all. so we are going to substantially lower prescription drug costs, we're going to do away with the incredible complexity and bureaucracy and waste in the current system. eric:, that of course, is senator bernie sanders taking payment the pharmaceutical companies, continuing to try to lead the charge on medicare for all. well, now he's taking that campaign -- he took it to canada today where we he joined patients who are suffering from diabetes to buy cheaper insulin. he took the bus, and peter doocy
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was along on that ride, on the bus to windsor and reports now live on the trip and the effort. hi, peter. >> reporter: eric, so far: this election cycle there's been so much focus on the southern border and immigration policies, so bernie sanders is trying to redirect our attention to the northern border, right there, and prescription drug prices. and the way that he did that was by loading up a bus with americans who are diabetic and who are struggling to afford insulin, and he joined them on this bus ride to canada where, basically, the same exact medication is available for one-tenth or one-twelfth of the cost. >> we import products from all over the world, don't we? food you're eating, you're getting lettuce and tomatoes coming from mexico, the shoes you're wearing coming from china, poultry coming from all over the world. yet somehow or another we have not been able to re-import from canada into the united states
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the products being sold in this pharmacy with fda approval. >> reporter: and it is legal for americans to cross the border and get drugs they need for themselves. generally, up to 90 days worth as long as somebody can demonstrate that the drugs are for them and they aren't just going to come back and sell all those drugs without a license here in the u.s. there are now some canadians who say they are worried if these american trips north keep up, there aren't going to be enough drugs left for people in canada. the canadian news outlet cbc reported this week a group of 15 medical groups wrote a letter to canada's health minister meeting they cannot meet the demand of both canadian and american patients and if canada tries to meet the demand in both access and the quality of care drugs are going to go down. until there is an outright prohibition on americans do
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this, expect to see many more americans making the trip from the u.s. where insulin costs a lot over just a few minutes to canada where it's a lot less. eric? eric: yeah. just get on the ambassador bridge, drive over to windsor and buy that and come back. all right, peter, come back. arthel: there is a controversial new image out of an american teenager who was arrested in connection with the murder of an italian police officer. the picture shows the 18-year-old suspect blindfolded at a police station in rome. italian authorities are currently investigating this incident. he and another american teen are accused of fatally stabbing the officer who was reportedly looking into a drug deal gone bad. eric: a deadly shooting breaks out at a festival in new york city. details on the victims and the suspected shooter next. that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it.
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arthel: a deadly shooting after a festival in a brooklyn park, new york city police say 12 people were shot in the brownsville neighborhood last night, leaving one person dead and 11 others wounded. one person is currently in critical condition. new york city mayor bill de blasio says this incident is an outlier. >> i want to make really clear, this tragedy does not define brownsville, the people of brownsville and does not define what's happening on the ground in a community that has worked so hard and come so far. arthel: authorities believe at least two people took part in the shooting. no arrests have been made. eric: well, the u.s. and israel have successfully test fired an anti-ballistic missile interceptor system. this happened in alaska, as you can see. it's seen as a notable defense against iran. that especially after u.s.
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officials say that tehran did test fire a medium-range missile last week, and it comes as president trump's point man in the middle east, jason greenblatt, tells me that the region is now the threat from iran. let's bring in jonathan back tell, spokesperson at the united nations for ambassador nikki nii haley. you know, jonathan, it's called the air 3 system. we're told it successfully blew a ballistic target out of the atmosphere, so why is this protection and new defense so significant? >> it's significant because iran has been increasing its missile arsenal and has been testing missiles that certainly have israel within range, all parts of israel can be hit actually from iran or, actuall from hezbollah, iran's proxy in lebanon and also hamas, the islamist group in the gaza.
1:17 pm
at israel from the southern portion of israel. so israel definitely needs some sort of viable way to be able to push back at this threat, and we have seen certainly with israel's other systems like iron dome and david sling which have been having -- have been very successful, the missile threat is a much more dangerous threat. as we know, ballistic missiles can be armed, actually, the nose of a missile can -- if you have the technology -- be armed with a nuclear weapon. so it's absolutely potential for israel to defend its citizens and people. and it's not just israel, you know? the other u.s. allies in the region who are worried about iran's military prowess also need the very same defensive capabilities. eric: yeah.
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and perhaps us on the west coast especially against potential north korean ballistic missiles. let's get back to iran. many reports in the past said they were trying to develop nuclear weapons and do just this. the united nations security council has asked them not to test ballistic missiles, but that's not part of the iranian nuclear deal at all. president trump, as you know, has been highly critical of of that when he pulled out of it. here's the president talking about iran. >> iran wants to make a deal, i can tell you that right now. but if i'm iran i'll probably say, man, if i can hold out, i'm going to wait for sleepy biden instead of trump, because we can make any deal we want with him. he doesn't know what's happening. eric isn't iran really feeling the pinch of the sanctions, and that's why many say they're lashing out in the gulf by attacking the tankers and taking the british tanker. >> yeah, iran is playing a really amusing -- not in the
1:19 pm
sense of a happy interpretation of that word, but an an amusing game here, a chess game with and certainly the united states in the seizure of british ships in the strait of hormuz, these latest ballistic missile tests, what actions they've been doing in syria and continue to do and the ongoing threat against our allies in the region. they're playing a game here, and they're testing the limits. and, you know, it's important given that the circumstance that we're facing with iran to insure that the united states and our allies are in a strong position to be able to deal with some sort of outbreak here. and, you know, one other thing, eric, we were talking about threats. of course, regional threats and you mentioned north korea, the fact is that iran actually has nuclear submarines, and they could deploy missiles to any place there's water, essentially, let's face it. and iran has tested and has an arsenal of cruise missiles that
1:20 pm
could be actually, you know, hypothetically could be used against the united states in targets. finish is so, you know, we talked about these middle-range and long-range missiles and the capabilities of iran which really have reached now well beyond the 600 and some, i think it's about 680 miles that the current missile test went by iran. their capable of a much -- they're capable of much greater distances certainly on a ballistic weight, but also these cruise missiles are a troubling threat. eric: and the arab allies are concerned by that. the prime minister's point man on the israeli/palestinian conflict going with the president's son-in-law, jared kushner, and other officials this week, and they're going to go to our arab allies. here's what he said about the threat of iran. >> iran is the core conflict of the region. i'm not sure the israeli-palestinian conflict ever was the core conflict of the region. it's certainly not now, and the president is working hard to
1:21 pm
figure out how to protect everybody from iran, our allies in the region. not just israel, saudi arabia, temperates. palestinians are just as under threat as everybody else. in fact, i would argue it's probably iran's worst nightmare for success on the israeli-palestinian conflict. eric: it's remark bl that arab sunni allies have joined to face the iran threat. >> yes. it's actually a very positive thing in terms of containing iran's military might and attempts of hegemony in the region where they are to have the israelis and arab neighbors talking and trying to figure out what to do to contain the threat. you know, jason greenblatt is absolutely right, iran -- the current government in there, the regime as we often refer to it, is in power in large part because they ran an islamic revolution a shiite revolution
1:22 pm
to try to spread shiite religious beliefs, hard-line religious beliefs around the region. israel's just one of the countries in that region that stands as a threat to that cause or that stands as an impediment to that cause. so, indeed, israel's just one of a variety of countries that tehran is not happy to have in the way of this islamic revolution. eric: and the core rival and some would say threat, iran. jonathan wachtel, always good to see you. thank you. >> pleasure, eric. arthel: police in canada conducting a massive sweep for two suspects in three murders there. why the whole country is on alert, that's up next. hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens.
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metamucil's gelling action also helps to lower cholesterol and slows sugar absorption to promote healthy blood sugar levels. so, start feeling lighter and more energetic by taking metamucil every day. ♪ muck. eric: just about the bottom of the hour, and our top story this afternoon, another high-level shake-up in washington apparently is imminent. there are multiple reports that director of national intelligence dan coats is expected to step down in the coming days. coats' resignation follows numerous reports of clashes with the white house over varying issues including the president's attacks on the intelligence community. one name floated around to replace mr. coats, congressman john ratcliffe, republican from texas. he's been a staunch defender of the president and was frit tough in his questioning -- pretty tough in his questioning of robert mueller during that hearing on wednesday. we're going to have a lot more on this potential shake-up and what it could mean for the trump
1:27 pm
administration. white house correspondent for reuters will join us in a few moments. >> i think everyone is shocked. no one would expect this kind of thing to happen around here. >> a lot of people are invested anytime, so it's kind of hart to let it go -- hard to let it go. i find myself checking the news every hour. arthel: people in manitoba, canada, are on edge as the hunt continues for two teenagers suspected of killing three people in british columbia earlier this month. police are urging the public to stay alert and report any suspicious activities to local law enforcement. jacqui heinrich is following the story from our new york city newsroom. >> reporter: well, arthel, police have combed gill am, man tone ya and so far, nothing. royal canadian air force is helping with the aerial search as police comb through miles of dense forest, swamps and rugged
1:28 pm
hills. the area is home to more wildlife than people with a population of just over 1,000 and countless wolves, bears and a lot of bugs. mounties came across this polar bear on their search there. the word in the last two days has been clearing massive abandoned buildings like this one, 600 rooms. they're also questioning people door to door. the suspects might have offered cash to someone for a ride out of town. they might have also changed their appearances. this is the last known video of the two seen july 21st in saskatchewan shopping. earlier no morning about 100 miles away a homeowner says they inadvertently helped the suspects continue on their journey when their car got stuck on a trail. it wasn't until later that night they'd assisted two men wanted for murder. the last time the fugitives were spotted was more than five days ago in gillam where people are sleeping with guns by their sides and closing their
1:29 pm
businesses earlier. >> this community's freaking out because we're not used to this. it's a very safe community where, you know, everybody's just -- nobody locks their door. and, you know, so everybody's worried. it's definitely an experience. >> reporter: what police don't have right now is a clear motive for the killings. they're facing murder charges in the death of a botany professor, leonard dick, also suspected in the murders of that couple from north carolina. police are hoping that they can get a handle on where these suspects are very soon here. arthel? arthel: thank you very much. for more on this, we're going to bring in ted williams, a former washington, d.c. homicide detective and a criminal defense attorney. he's also a fox news contributor. is so, ted, since police reportedly have an idea of where these two suspects might be now, would police create some sort of
1:30 pm
perimeter if they could? >> well, if they can create a perimeter, arthel, quite natch will a-- naturally, they will. but it's sort of like a needle in a haystack there because this is a grossly populated area in which they are suspected in. the fact about it is they may very well not be in that area. at this stage they're using drones, they're using dogs, they're using helicopters, and they've been unsuccessful to date. arthel: i mean, how long can these two evade police? are they likely to make a mistake at some point? >> absolutely. i suspect that they will make a mistake, and i think what is going to be a factor in all of this will be the public. the public is engaged. their nerves are frayed there in that manitoba area, and if they're in that area, i suspect that sooner or later that someone from the public will help law enforcement to bring these people to justice. arthel: i want to play some
1:31 pm
sound from jeanette, the superintendent of royal canadian mounted police of british columbia. let's listen to what she has to say. >> we're asking for the public if you spot briar or cam, consider them dangerous. do not approach. take no action and call immediately 911. arthel: now, ted, surely they have altered their appearance, i mean, multiple times. so how can the public help police if these two have changed their look? >> well, if you see something, you say something, y'all. these two individuals are perhaps traveling together, perhaps have not split up, and if that is the case, if they see two young men that are look even out of the ordinary then the public certainly needs to be able to call in. the public has to be engaged in catching these two individuals. arthel: and how reliable are friends and family, you know? can they be counted on to notify police if they have mading
1:32 pm
contact with one of the suspects? >> well, it's always debatable because sometimes family members are very loyal perhaps to one or both of the suspects, and they may help them to actually get away. we've noticed that one of the suspects' parents has come out, the father, and said that they want to go out, that his son wants to go out in a blaze of glory, so he expects him to try to either go out by suicide by cop or even killing himself or someone else. arthel: what do police do with that sort of information in. >> well, that information in and of itself is not going to help them much. they have established a psychological profile, and so quite naturally, all they are doing right now is doing the canvassing and the searching, but in the other instance they'll wait for them to make some kind of mistake, and that mistake may very welcome in a phone call to some relative. arthel: well, here's the thing, they can't cross the border from canada into the u.s. >> well, they can't legally cross the border, but quite
1:33 pm
naturally i've seen this before there when i covered the can murrah prison break where they were hoping to get over the canadian break. in this instance quite naturally they would try to find some way, hopefully, to get into the united states if they can. arthel: that's what i would think, but i don't think that will be easy. >> no, it will be not be easy. any final thoughts? people there, of course, are on edge, naturally. you heard one of the residents in jacqui heinrich's report saying we don't even lock our doors. >> well, that's the key, but now you should lock your doors. and again, you need to help law enforcement there. if you see something that you believe that may very well be connected with these two men, report it to your local law enforcement right away, is my advice. arthel: all right. ted williams, thank you very much. i hope they find these guys soon. thank you, ted. >> my pleasure. eric: absolutely. well, in washington house democrats have been asked if
1:34 pm
they will try to get secret grand jury information from the mueller probe as part of their new impeachment investigation. just two days after mueller's marathon testimony on capitol hill. garrett tenney is following this story from washington. hi, garrett. >> reporter: well, eric, this divide among house democrats is really whether they should begin impeachment proceedings against the president. roughly a hundred house lawmakers now support impeachment, but at least a hundred more are needed to formally start that process. however, judiciary chairman nadler says, in effect, his committee has been conducting an impeachment investigation for months, and after robert mueller's testimony this week he said there is still more evidence they want to see. >> what mueller showed, possible violations that have been mounting, all the things that might cause us to recommend articles of impeachment. there are articles of impeachment that have been recommended to the committee,
1:35 pm
and we are investigating and determining whether we should report those articles to the house. that's exactly what we're doing. >> reporter: the next step in their investigation, democrats are now trying to get their hands on the grand jury information in the mueller report telling a federal judge on friday the evidence is essential for them to fully investigate the president and his administration. most republican lawmakers disagree, including congressman john ratcliffe who argues this is just the latest act of desperation from democrats trying to keep their impeachment dream alive. >> now they're moving on saying they want to pursue obstruction by the court system and trying to get grand jury information. look, it's becoming a joke. i think people see that as nadler and schiff are starting to look more like laurel and hardy. it's time to move on. >> reporter: this next week the judiciary committee plans to enforce subpoenas for former white house counsel don mcgahn to testify by also filing a lawsuit challenging the administration's claim that former white house employees had
1:36 pm
absolute immunity from testifying before congress. finish eric? eric all right, garrett. leapt me point out that congressman ratcliffe who we just saw is reportedly the potential successor to dni chief dan coats who reports say may be stepping down in the next few days. thank you. arthel? arthel: tropical storm eric is barreling along the pacific about 1700 miles east/southeast of hilo, hawaii. the storm expected to strengthen into a hurricane by tomorrow. meteorologist adam klotz is tracking the system from the fox weather center. what can you tell us? >> reporter: the pacific is a big ocean, so we're still not sure this is going to hit hawaii and, actually, in all likelihood it does not. but there's a lot of activity really firing up off the western coast of central america, running off the west coast of the united states. every one of these could become a storm. that is now tropical storm eric. there's your circulation, it's way out there for now, and we've
1:37 pm
still got another five days until potentially this gets close enough to make land. likely, it will turn into a hurricane probably sometime tomorrow or probably running into the next day or so. if i can put it into motion for you, we are going to be talking about perhaps friday is when this would be getting closer and closer to landfall. of it's still so far out there though there's a little bit of wiggle room with this particular system. what's happening back in the united states is we do have a system we're paying attention. to mostly dry across the entire country, but there has been a line of storms across the upper plains, everything there in portions of minnesota, wisconsin, that is a tornado -- i have hurricanes on the brain -- tornado watch box which means that the conditions are there that we could see big weather running through now into later this afternoon. all of this being fueled by, once again, extreme heat that's piling up in the middle of the country. you start to see numbers running up into the lower 90, that is enough heat to fuel these storms, and that's pretty much
1:38 pm
the way farther off towards the east. there's your cold front, you can see it along the boundary. with all this it feels like a lot warmer. your heat index large area here, middle 90s getting up close to triple digits. up the east coast,9 3, 94 today. even hotter tomorrow as we're running up the feels-like temperature in d.c. to 97 degrees. big storms do cool it off back in the center of the country, but still a lot of extreme heat across the south and southeast. i think heat is going to be one of the big stories and, of course, we're still several days away from tropical storm eric, but that's something we're paying attention to next weekend. arthel: yeah. i think i just saw your maps, dallas is 100, houston, 101? wow. >> reporter: yeah, that's the feels-like, and it just sits on you. eric: does he have to be called eric? you know? [laughter] well, we'll have more on the major shake-up in washington. we've been reporting that dan
1:39 pm
don'ts is out as director of national -- dan don'ts is occupant as director of national intelligence. what the change means, jeff mason on that next. ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ is it to carry cargo...he or to carry on a legacy?? its show of strength... or its sign of intelligence? in crossing harsh terrain... or breaking new ground? this is the time to get an exceptional offer on the mercedes of your midsummer dreams
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♪ ♪
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♪ arthel: a second day of violent protests erupts in hong kong. [background sounds] arthel: police firing tear gas at demonstrators trying to reach chinese government offices. this is the eighth consecutive weekend of mass protests. the demonstrations were originally motivated by a bill that would have allowed the extradition of suspected criminals from hong kong to mainland china for trial, but now it has developed into a series of causes including calls for a greater democracy and the resignation of hong kong's top official. eric: well, now back to one of our top stories on this sunday, dan coats expected to step down as director of national intelligence. that in the coming days.
1:43 pm
you know, reports have long said that at times he has been at odds with president trump over issues such as russia and the president's attacks on the intelligence community of our country. mr. coats expected to be replaced by texas republican congressman john ratcliffe who is a staunch supporter of the president. jeff mason is here, white house reporter for reuters. jeff, what do you think this development means? >> reporter: well, it means a few different things, eric. i mean, number one, it's the latest in the close cabinet officials who have left president trump's administration. i think it's kind of interesting that dan coats has lasted as long as he has. there has certainly been tensions between him and the president for some time, dating back at least as far as a year ago when the two men were giving sort of different views about the threat of russia and russia's involvement in the 2016 election -- eric: was it seen that the president was downplaying that and coats, you know, staunchly pushed back -- >> yeah.
1:44 pm
eric: in terms of action on the intelligence community? >> that's spot on, yes. dan coats was defending the intelligence community and also making very clear that the intelligence community's intel on the fact that russia had, in fact, intervened in the 2016 election was accurate. and the president, of course, cast doubt on that for some time, and that's something that this cabinet official stood up against. i also remember there being a particularly remarkable moment where dan coats was asked, i believe by andrea mitchell of nbc, about the president's remark at the time that he might invite president putin to come visit the white house, and dan coats was not aware of that and said something along the lines of, well, that would be special. that was an unguarded moment, dan coats has since kept a lower profile, but that didn't go over well in the white house. eric: yeah. i remember that, he was caught off guard on that. coats had been a respected senator from indiana, ambassador to germany.
1:45 pm
critics are going to say this is the president trying to mold intelligence, maybe going softer on russia, wells encouraging attacks -- as well as encouraging attacks on the intelligence community and having ratcliffe maybe doing his bidding over at defense. what do you do you think about ? >> well, ratcliffa has certainly shown he will stand up for trump's world view. it's also sort of remarkable or interesting, worth noting in any case that with coats' expected departure, most of the sort of republican establishment members of trump's cabinet are now gone; jim mattis, of course, former secretary of defense, left, nikki haley, the former utah ambassador to united nations is -- u.s. ambassador to united nations is gone with don'ts apparently on -- with coats on his way out, and we're reporting that as well, that's one less link to more traditional
1:46 pm
republican world view, and more people around the president who are basically aligned with president trump. eric: yeah. ironically, mr. ratcliffe was on "sunday morning futures" this morning with maria bartiromo, and i want to say in his defense that he does have national security experience. he was the chief of anti-terrorism at the eastern district of texas, and he was the acting u.s. attorney there in the doj. and he had, he was pretty tough on robert mueller during the questioning, supporting president trump. >> he was. eric: let's play a little bit of the sound bite from this morning's interview with maria in which he did not give any indication that he may have a job in the offing, but this is what he said. >> what i do know as a former federal prosecutor is it does appear there were crimes committed during the obama administration. you talked the earlier about michael flynn. his phone call with the russian ambassador was a highly classified nsa intercept. someone in the obama administration leaked that call
1:47 pm
to to the washington post. that's a felony. glenn simpson, from fusion gps, in talking about the steeles dossier said he and bruce other did not meet until after the election. bruce other said under oath they met three months before the election. one of them is not telling the truth. eric: now breaking news, we have it from the president himself in his twitter, let me read it, quote: i am pleased to announce that highly respected congressman john ratcliffe will be nominated by me to be the director of national intelligence, a former u.s. attorney john will lead and inspire greatness for the country he loves. dan coats, the current director, will -- then we have to get to next tweet -- >> we to we have to wait -- [laughter] so your thoughts. >> well, so that confirms, obviously, what many of us have been reporting about this move. it also, i have to chuckle, i
1:48 pm
mean, it's -- i think the president doesn't like to be scooped necessarily on his own personnel moves. and so the fact that these reports were coming out, clearly, he wants to be sure to be the one to confirm that. so it's confirmed. it does sort of put to rest a long question mark over dan coats' tenure. as we were saying earlier, he has not always been somebody who the president has been especially fond of in terms of how the two of them differ with regard to issues we were talking about earlier, especially on russia, but also other areas of intelligence including iran and north korea. so the president now bringing in much more of a loyalist. we'll see if maybe that follow-up tweet the makes clear when exactly the -- eric: yeah, we have it right here now. he says mr. coats will be leaving on august 15th. so he still has some time. he said i would like to thank dan for his great service to our country. the acting director will be named shortly, so they'll have an acting director before
1:49 pm
ratcliffe moves over. he's also one of the most conservative members of congress, especially from texas. so do you think even despite some maybe differences in policy that he potentially could have with coats, there won't be that much of a difference, that he will be tough on the threats that this country face and our adversaries in this -- do you have confidence and do you think washington will have confidence in ratcliffe as the new director of the dni? >> well, i mean, i can't say whether i have confidence, eric, but i think that whether washington has confidence will be the subject of the hearings that come up for when he goes before congress for confirmation, and that that's the reason, no doubt, the president will have an acting dni in in the meantime. because he may face some tough questioning, and he may have a tough the time getting confirmed if there are, you know, if some people in the senate are not convinced that he would be strong enough in this area. that said, it's the president's prerogative to choose the people that he want advising him.
1:50 pm
and for the most part, i think we've seen certainly over the last few years that republicans in most cases on the hill are happy to support their president on things like this. eric: jeff mason, always insightful. thank you for joining us this afternoon on the news that chief d the ni -- dni dan coats will be replaced by congressman john ratcliffe on august 15th. we'll have a lot more when we come back. stay with us. oblem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin... i want that too. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin. plus has significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis is fda-approved and has both. what's next? reeling in a nice one. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding.
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tribute to a family member of our own fox news family. we heard that arthel locked her father this past week. he was the senior member of the
1:54 pm
neville brothers. in new orleans and in the setting70s and 80s. louisiana governor said in a statement that he along with his brothers quote - took the unique sound of new orleans and played it for the world to enjoy. the neville brothers are best known album is a 1989 yellow moon that sold more than half a million copies and peaked at number 66 on the billboard charts but they were known for their live shows. they performed over the years and for years closed the famed new orleans jazz fest. before banding together with his brothers art neville was making his mark on the scene back in 1954. he recorded a song called mardi gras mambo with a group. this song remains to this day the standard during the cities annual mardi gras celebrations. and later with the group, he
1:55 pm
toured opening for the rolling stones his five decade career earning him three grammy awards including the organizations lifetime achievement award in 2018. he also received the naacp image award in 2006. of course, just mr. neville is not only great legendary musician and american but fisa father. she thanks everyone for prayers and well wishes # art neville # papa funk. mr. neville struggled with his health over the last two decades. including complications from routine back surgery in 2001 and at least suffered one stroke. he announced his retirement from performing in december. while in addition to arthel,
1:56 pm
his wife lorraine and two brothers, mr. neville has survived also by two more children. ian and amelia. memorial services will be held in new orleans on tuesday. a four hour blowout true new orleans style starting at noon local time. it will be something. and you know all about prayers and love goes out to arthel and their family as they remember their beloved patriarch. he was 81 years old. we have love for you and your family and the people of new orleans. >> thank you. i cannot thank you enough. thank you. >> thank you. thank you for being with us. i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer!
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