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tv   Fox Nation Presents What Made America Great  FOX News  July 28, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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conservative. that's it for today, have a great week and we will see you next fox news sunday. ♪ i am bryan, i am standing here at the kennedy space center in beautiful florida, normally, sunny, not windy, it is dark, it is windy. but i'm here for a great reason, all about what is over my left shoulder. that is the falcon 9 rocket. it is about to launch in their minutes -- in three minutes, this is the third try. what is onboard are 16 satellites. they weigh over 500 pounds, their goal is to get the planet high-speed internet. lofty ambitions, but it gets better from there take some of
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that revenue, and hope to get enough to get to the moon. and many to mars, amazing, wonderful goals. now it's time to look back at the space program, how we got to where we are toward. all part of what made america great. ♪ you are in for a special treat, about to see one of the least
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covered aspects of astronaut life, this beech house was -- beach house of bought in nasa in 1963, astronauts, before their big day come here with their families, usually just their spouse. now, it is nestled between two launchpads and the atlantic ocean for a reason, it is isolated, and only person people can get in, i don't have the key, but captain winston scott has does, he has spent over 28 days in space. he has had 3 separate spacewalks, i hope he has the key, captain scat. scott. >> good morning. how are you. >> you used to come here. >> i did. >> before your mission. >> two space shuttle missions, spent quite a bit of time out here several days before each
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mission. >> i could not get here without you, i am not an astronaut and i'm not about to go into space. >> we could arranger to get you inside, and behind the scenes. >> i hope so. ♪ >> captain scott, come out to the beach house, it has been in nasa family since 1963, with all miles and spacewalks you had, when you are at this beach house, when do you think? >> this is a very special place for me. i am sure as it is for every astronaut, this is where we spent last few days on earth. you understand the risk that are involved, you are mentally preparing yourself to go and saying good-bye to your loved ones. >> the they say it is chaotic be launchpad, yet just a few miles
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away it is different. >> are right, there is chaos at the launchpad, people are everywhere, have you nasa people preparing the rocket, and the press, they are buzzing with activity, that good. but we as astronauts don't need to be in the middle of that activity before you get ready to go into space. you need a quiet place to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally, this place gives that you seclusion. you can wrap your mind about what you are to do. >> rarely do people outside of nasa see this. >> this is rare, this is a hidden treasure, that most people in public don't see. you need something that is calming. to keep you a little bit grounded before you strap yourself to 7 1/2 million pounds of thrust. >> as we take after overhead
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shot, there is no one else around, no houses, no activity. that is by design. >> by design, actually. you don't want -- no offense, but you don't want press here, just before launch, you don't want autograph seekers or the public. you need a place ofy is collusin and quiet -- second ago yo secld quiet. >> they felt some horror, with the challenger and columbia, what yohowdoes that affect yourt here, this is all about preflight, mind set and family. >> i can remember my first flight, we were getting ready to launch at night, we did not realize until opters asked -- reporters asked us, the night of launch was predicted to be one of the coldest of the launches since we lost challenger. it became up front in our minds
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a risk. but you know when you come to this business, you come to where mind set, i'm not going to dwell on the risk, but i dwell on the potential reward, we do their ts because we love that challenge. we accept our risk, we don't focus on it, you focus on going forward. and accomplishing your mission. >> spaceflight and space travel, and space exploration is about everyone, not about one person, that is 50th anniversary of as , neil armstrong hit the nail on the head. that is what we do. >> you have conversations with apollo astronaut, you are in a unique fraternity. >> have you a don't deepening.
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i have conversation with the apollo guys occasionally. i converse with bud aldrin regularly, it is a wonderful thing getting together with them, talking space, talking philosophy, everyone that flies in space, i think shares a change in fill on th on philoso. ♪ >> you look at america in 60s, we had to get there first we did. we stopped after the shuttle program. how important is it to go back. and are you as excited about others about the era we're about to embark. >> it is very important to get back in the game, that is launching american astronaut from american soil, the program is solid, it is ongoing, the
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planning is being done, the funding is there it is important we do, that we strong as great as we are because of our scientific technology. we have strong estimate communications, with transportation. our military second to none, because of our technology. our technology comes from the space program, all of the greatest advances we have seen come from space, if we remain a world needer we have to regain that upper hand, that is by putting people who space from american soil. >> it is about a hundred degrees out here, can we go inside. >> absolutely. >> i hope you have the key. oh, it's open, good. >> after you. >> coming up, on what made america great. what came after apollo. >> space shuttle program. >> when is. >> right over here.
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so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. brian: back to space, outer space, the space program, where it started, where it is going. all right captain, for a few times this was temporarily your house, right. >> absolutely. and we don't actually live here
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when we're in quarantine, we stay in crew quarters. up on space center, they are confining. i describe it as a dormitory to get away to meet your spouse, spend quality i'm, we come here on the beach house/conference center, this room is a true conference room with a television and screen and so on. in my early days, this as i recall was a sitting room, of a real house, we could socialize and bring food and barbecue on the patio, walk along the beach. brian: i don't want to date you, but i assume the flat screen is new. >> relatively new. brian: higher level now, a great view of beach on deck, down stair is where you spend most of your time. >> absolutely. brian: so let's go. ♪ it looks like it was renovated. >> it has been a couple times
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over the years, it was 1 duringe during my active astronaut days, and against because of hurricane damage, we do live on the hurricane coast. the thing that is cool down here. the sitting area, this is where we have our memorabilia room. things that bring us back a lot of memories, is the bottles here each one has the crew -- on a mission and signed by individuals from that particular space crew. mercury was first, gemini, apollo, and sky lab. and then we got space shuttle, now. iss, international space station. station. this is space shuttle memorabilia here.
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brian: you had jack daniels? is that only one in the case. you always making history. >> absolutely. brian: you sign it? >> we should have. the signature should be there someplace, you don't see them on the front, you can see crew names. crew members on the side here. on the side of the bottle. brian: right. >> there are so many traditions that we do in the space program. this is one of them, we sign the crew bottle. this is another tradition. that we have we wake up the morning of launch, we eat breakfast, a weather briefing and a card game, we cut the cards we continue to play the card game until ever everyone bs
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the commander, then we're ready to go to launchpad. brian: that does not happen, that is why the missions get scrubbed, i always thought it was weather related. >> 50 years, you walk on moon, that also brings back memories. >> i was watching. also a little bit of disappointment. i didn't think it was available to me. it was not until years later that thought hit me, and i began too pursue becoming a astronaut, that moon walk. and other space mission must have planted a seed in the back of my mind. >> 50 years later, you are signing a bottle. >> how do you put on in walking
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in space, and part of the space shuttle program. >> i think the next year will be very exciting, what the apollo guys did for us. it was literally, guys i mean generically, they delay the pound doinfoundation for somethe spectacular. 2024 more people on the moon, i am sure not just one small step for man, but one small step for machine anmanand woman, walk ag, and different races snr. race. >> brian: i don't know maybe a 70s year-old guy. >> they need a senior citizen walking on the moon sign me up. brian: there has to be a discount. >> thank you.
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brian: congratulations on you're incredible career. >> thank you very much, brian. brian: i have to go now. >> they are kicking us both out. brian: insides one minute until falcon 9 rocket is supposed to launch. you are about to experience it with me, if all goes well, back with more right after this. don't you get the best price booking at
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>> another white house shake up in play word from washington that director of national intelligence dan coats will be stepping down in coming days. >> president trump has a nominee to replace him, texas congressman john ra -- rat clif. >> and mis missile it defense ol from u.s. with -- they codeveloped in alaska, officials say it intercepted a missile target outside of atmosphere, israeli prime minister netanyahu says that this give his country thea. bill tibility to act against bac
5:25 pm
missile file by iran. >> liftoff. brian: falcon 9 rocket is launched. in two and a half minutes it will be out of this world. i have never seen anything like this we're seeing it live. very close to where it launches, i am amazed now. we're getting it the sound.
5:26 pm
right now they say it will leave our vision in about a minute from now. >> you know about the history of american space travel. perhaps on the cusp of a new era. to do that, you have to put together a spacecraft, behind me is that place, could have assembly building, it is -- enormous it is fantastic, over my right shoulder. where walter cronkite used to
5:27 pm
broadcast the launches. >> he had to do preform anchoring through it all. brian: over my left shoulder, countdown clock. here to make sense of it is darrel, you promised the key to that building. >> amazing inside. this is one of the largest buildings in the world by volume. >> do have you the key. >> a big door, i have the key. >> i hope so. brian: where do you have us now. >> this is the low bay. you look at this doorway, how huge it is. on high day its so big it takes 45 minutes to open this. brian: what do they do here. >> put together rockets, and
5:28 pm
they put them out to launchpad. brian: that has always been the place. >> for apollo, and shuttle they would bridg bridge -- bring thes together and roll them out to the launchpad. brian: is there something to see in there. >> a lot to see. >> let's go. >> all right. brian: i think you brought me to the skyscraper that has bp been gutted. >> it feels like it, you could fit 3 empire state buildings in here, this is that big. look at that platform, it painted orange, that is a throw back from apollo. it was stacked up, on top of a
5:29 pm
rocket, put together with the capsule before launch. incredible piece of history here. brian: saturn's mission? >> to get to us the moon, put a man on the moon before the end was the decade what john f. kennedy gave the charge, the president at the time, that was the mission to get to the moon before the soviet union at the time could do it. >> kennedy preached the gospel of space, he became a space person, he got committed to it said we'll put a man on the moon by end of the decade, and bring him back alive. >> we choose to go to the moon. we choose to go to the moon. >> what came after apology. apo? >> the space shuttle program. brian: which is? >> right over here.
5:30 pm
the shuttle program there was a down period, where we stopped going to the moon. brian: the work started right away. >> it took time, space shuttle was under development for a while it took years to get it built, tested and ready, there was a lull about 10 years. then right here, this is the location where the space shuttle was stacked and integrated. really neat to look here this is the mobile launch platform, for thforthe space shuttle. you see those holes here they are flame holes, that is where the main engines would fire state down 1 million pounds of thrust through the center of that hole, off to the side, the boosters, that is why they shot their thrust, that is 5 million
5:31 pm
pounds of thrust. brian: through those two holes. >> amazing, this would take the pace shuttle to pad. brian: out to pad, it would be tested? >> check touted mak check out. make sure all components that come from the country different places, they come to the building they circumstance assey were supposed to before they made it on the pad. brian: amazing. next generation. >> that is the mockup of the the next generation spacecraft, orion. to the moon and mars this will be stage for now. >> got it, this is not wasted, to keep using this. >> right. >> right, over and over and over again. retrieving capsule, making sure we have viability to get back it space. brian: next generation, with you
5:32 pm
research, development and construction. >> there has been a lot of that. >> these are all bays, you have seen the shuttle bay, and one for the apollo. they are redoing and renovating this one here, this is a beast, the rocket is still being built, but they have to make sure hey have a place to put the rocket, they are working on it right now, renovating the fla platforr the. >> i ginormous rocket.
5:33 pm
>> companies that had a part in going to the moon, armstrong said most under sung heroes for the engineers. it is about the engineers this devised a way for us to do space exploration. >> engineer planned this out, now the workers are adapting this bay for the space launch system to make sure that everyone fits. >> this is it. >> the space launch system. >> the rock fret top to bottom, 380 feet, this thing will put out 9 million pounds of thrust. if you saw a rocket launch other night, this is a bea beat beastd became to put 22 elephants in space. brian: still to come, on "what made america great." >> we're dollar 34 levels up, ts
5:34 pm
where we stack the next generation rocket. brian: what a view, amazing. >> this month fox nation is celebrating america with exclusive shows and content dedicated to our country. do it right now, all month. we take you across country with exclusive series, specials and documentaries that show off america the beautiful, including my show, "what made america great." there is a secret area behind thomas jefferson's head on mount rusrush more? >> go to fox, and binge first two seasons, there will be a new episode from season 3, dropping every day next week, check it out.
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♪ brian: this is american spirit. ♪ >> you can drive a bus down one of the stripes it is so enormo enormous. the excitement for what people do, everyone here has a sense, that this needs to be not only something that we do for our country, but also share with partners from other countries. it is such an incredible undertaking to get to mars, it
5:40 pm
is expensive. >> you know you heard this before, we have so many problem on this planet, why do we check out other planets? what do you say to that? >> you have to explore. we as a human species have a burning, yearning desire to find out what is going on, it is importance, i think, this is my opinion. i think a lot share, a desire to find out what is out there, ha is on mars, what is it made of, what happened billions of years ago, only way we can do that is go there research and find out the story. brian: i know they talk about trying to get water out of the moon, there are certain things to benefit, and an important element is amount of risk, you don't have to convince someone there are risks. when something like that happens, and knowing that those ships were made here, what was it like.
5:41 pm
what is it like? >> it is incredible, it is a tough time, whenever you lose a spacecraft, it is hard on everyone. but space is hard. the business of getting into space and flying someone and supporting life in space, that is incredible risky, but what we do here, we try buy down that risk, check it out as are thoroughly as we can, test it as much as we can before we send any off th astronaut above. brian: you mentioned after the challenger, people to hear ronald reagan say? >> he said, we're going to continue, we're going to continue to explore the heavens, because this is what we need to do. >> we will continue our quest in space. it there will be more shuttle flights and more shuttle crews, and more volunteers and more civilians, more teachers in space. nothing ends here. brian: a new places you can -- few places that you can build a rocket, if i have spacex or
5:42 pm
someone involved can they come here. >> they can, we have agreements with them right now they help us could they are helping bring the cost of space flight down. making it more affordable, and more access to space, means more educational institutions can get up and study. space tou tourists. >> companies like blue origin, and spacex that are competing to get actual everyone day americans -- every day americans, if have you millioning of dollars on become a space tou tourist. brian: they handle a different mission. >> the mission to international space station, year-earth orbit. we want our commercial partners to help take care of that while we focus on the moon and beyond, we need deep space exploration and tools to help get us there. brian: a lot of history in this
5:43 pm
building. >> huge, a huge building you can see. >> right. brian: this is huge. >> ginormous. 98,000 tons of steel, they drove about pylons down into the ground, talk about the size of rockets we deal with, it has to be able to support. brian: i did notice up front, there are two long rectangles. >> that is where our next generation rocket will come in, first stage of the space launch system. they will wheel that in here, then with the cranes above, they will hoist it above. and stack it for lauren. brianlaunch.brian: we don't likg on any country, let alone the russians to get us into space
5:44 pm
every time one of our men or women goes to space 75 million dollars it has to end. >> we'll end it, we'll do it from here. brian: when? >> not for that out, these companies are testing their space craft right now and perfecting what they are doing, when they are ready, they will let us know. brian: you have your own wall of fame here for the shuttle program. >> these people works on the shut wilshuttle program. it came to a lose in 2011, they signed that wall, a lot of people feel strongly about that program, 135 leurn launches in 30-years is a long time. >> this july folk nation celebrates america with month of exclusive sho shows and contend,
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brian: we're here at the kennedy space station in beautiful florida to look back at the space program, a reason for pride for america, and the best is yet to come. we got the ground floor view, where now? >> 34 floors up in a high-speed elevator. brian: not taking the stairs.
5:50 pm
>> no. >> after that rocket ship of a elevator ride, where do have you us? >> 34 levels up, in bay 3, this is where we stack the next generation rocket. what a view. brian: it is is amazing. >> this is where paths of mobile launch platform and crawl ergo. spacex has that pad, ours is just around the corner, 39 b, look at this work done, these platforms, we decided this time to do something different. instead of may be platforms for just one rocket, we made platforms that can configure to a number of rockets, maybe they change in size, width or height ilg. they have move up and down, and move in and out. if there are changes in the rockets they can make the platforms move.
5:51 pm
brian: amazing. darrel thank you for being the mvp for my tour. >> you got it. brian: we are wrapping up here, i am moving fo to swamp works. >> a neat place they work on next generation technology to use resources of moon so our astronauts can live and work there. brian: our theory is we went take everything they need, so they will make what they have work for them. >> right. brian: this is a huge door, is there anyway i can close it on the way out. their is a button. >> don't do, that we'll take care of that. you could get in trouble. >> right. >> then you would get in trouble. >> i would. brian: we would all be in trouble. >> yep. >> what magic are you working here. >> we're did.
5:52 pm
developing damage we need for space travel, literally living off of the land, using the resources in space to make sure we request sure -- make sure we can survive in space. >> and not something of fiction, i see history on the walls, history of success. >> this building is a special place. brian: why. >> this is why the original astronaut trains to go to the moon, the lunar module they trained on, in this building, where you are standing is where all of the greats stood, they trained to go to the moon. brian: they came back with rocks, now you can replicate it, there you have to assume or project what you would find on the moon, right. >> everything we know today is because of apollo, we have
5:53 pm
samples we're still opening today,y this year they have samples they have never sampled before, and analyzing with new instruments because we're so much better now than we were in the 19600s. brian: i see the center where i imagine a lot of inv innovation takes please. >> this set up to react quickly, you come in say we need to do this on the moon, we get you working. you go to fail a little bit on the way. there is an answer. it requires imagination, but you have to take the necessary steps to get there. brian: to recreate the environment, see if it works here to see if it works on the moon, that craft in particular i find fascinating. what is that for? >> this is a lunar mining robot, it mines the moon, 42% is
5:54 pm
oxygen. if you were stuck on the moon, you could not being, you would start breathing. brian: incredible. >> that is why we built these robots. brian: your relationship with private sector. >> we appreciate what the private companies are doing, doing incredible new things, they are moving very quickly, we're partnered with them, that is part was secret sauce, the public-private partnership, we do it together, we can do it faster, not just in swamp work. all these banners here represent private companies that we have partnered with. brian: you are more than happy to admit that? >> absolutely, we need everyone, everyone needs to be involved,
5:55 pm
we are looking for help, the small nimble companies are very good, they are creative. brian: to see more inside swamp works head to knoc foxnation.cor the extended version of this episode. it's time for some straight talk. school's starting... i'm going to drop some phone knowledge on ya: you're paying way too much for wireless! switch to... ...straight talk... ...and get the same 4g lte networks the big guys offer... ...for up to half the cost. plus 200 dollars off...
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♪ ♪ >> [inaudible] >> everything making it happen. >> get a sense this is just the beginning of the new frontier.
6:00 pm
brian kilmeade, thanks for watching. ♪ ♪ steve: breaking tonight, a big shake-up in president trump's national security team as texas congressman john ratcliffe will replace dan coats as director of national intelligence. we'll get to that later in tonight's show. evening, everybody, and welcome to "the next revolution," i'm steve hilton, and this is the home of extremely e pro-america. so i just want to tell you what i got up to last week. i was away from it all, i was literally in the wildernessing with a capital w away from phones, computers and technology, and that meant away from mueller and all the excitement about the mueller testimony, all the b


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