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tv   Fox Nation Presents What Made America Great  FOX News  July 28, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> fox news alert. we're following breaking news, happening in california, shooting involving mu multiple victims at the garlic festival in gilroy, california. reports say that shooting happened at the food festival that started friday. reports of a shooting, involving multiple victims at gilroy garlic festival in california, outside of san jose. we don't have confirmation on the number of victims.
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we're learning, gathering information little by little, gilroy police did just tweet out hearts of gilroy pdand community go out to the victims of today's shooting at the garlic festival. the scene is still active, if you are looking for loved one o to reunification center at gavilan college. you can see people making a run for it. witness reports of gunshots fired. families took off, we know a atf is responding.
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i want pro bring in bernard vapor. thank you. we learned that the atfis responding, you worked for the atf, what does that mean in what is developing right now. >> there purpose to support state and local law enforcement. pressing issue right now for everyone that is responding to help gilroy police, is to make the scene secure and safe. until they have acknowledgment they have a shooter down or in custody, they can determine there are no others involved that is the priority until that is complete for everyone that
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shows up. they have a command system where all resources will go. >> is it surprising to you we have not heard anything about that, happening 5:30 local time, a new hours now. is that worrisome? active shooter are worrisome anywhere. you look at festival. let's say police were able to engage, they would not know if that is the only person involved. if they don't have a shooter down or in custody, they have a significant tactical problem. this festival is covered by woods, and parkland. there are many hiding places. person could have blended in and escaped.
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there are numerous things that have to be resolved. they will have resources from the surrounding community, law enforcement agents will participate. to get resolution first account for victims and for safety at the scene, investigation is after that. >> how do you secure a scene like this? this is an open field, you have woods, trees, people making a rn for it. how easy would it be to escape. i think back to parkland that is what happened there. to leave unnoticed. >> initial responding officers to go to the source of fire. that much more difficult in outdoor environment. because it is very difficult acoustically to determine where
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the shots are coming from. but responding officers that arrived first are going to stop the threat. they will go to where they believe the fire is at. the fire -- the fu gunfire. second to have to be this immediate i ingestion of information and wen witness accounts. you have a process building simultaneously of hunting for someone out there who shooting at people. >> right. and atf, they are there for support of local police, i imagine local police have several different departments in area also helping out. this is a national protocol.
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the response from law enforcement is unified in terms of resources. initial regardless of what agency or particular expertise. everyone is there to support gill -- gilroy pd and their investigative resourcing first. the expectation regardless of where it happened. >> bernard thank you so much stand by. close to your phone as we continue to month or the situation. -- i want to bring our viewer up to spied. we have active situation, scene still unfolding in gilroy, california. about 30 miles south of san jose. respects of multiple people shot
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at a garlic festival. a three day festival, today is the last day, there were hundreds of people there, this san open area. -- there is an open area, a big field, surrounded by woodlands. this happened 5:30 local time. police gilroy police on the ground telling fox news via twitter that the scene is still active asking people who looking for loved ones to go to reunification center at gavilan college, parking lot b, and getting confirmation, santa clara county medical center have received two victims and expecting three more. the first confirmation of injured victims so far, we have reports all over social media. we'll go with this for now from
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santa clara valley medical center, two victims in hospital, expecting three more. bring in city councilman dion bracko. who is a councilman in gilroy, i am so sorry for what is happening in your community this has to be shocking. you can update us on what you heard from police, what is the latest you know? >> thank you. what we do know right now, coming out to 12 people were down. we don't know if they were shot or just strampelled. -- trampled, and 3 fatalities. >> you can tell us about the three people? adults or children? >> we don't know yet. >> okay.
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i'm so sorry to hear that. >> thank you. >> do you know any more about -- i know you said 12 people down, any more confirmation on the injuries, people who were shot? >> some were shot, others injured, you know running from the scene. >> what have police told you so far as to what happened? one shooter? multiple shooters? what happened here? as far as you know? >> there is one shooter, been taken into custody. they don't know if there are any more, they have to treat it as if there are more. they are combing hillsides around the christmas hill park. >> what you can tell us about the shooter, what do you know? >> we don't -- i don't know anything about the shooter. >> okay. that shooter is in custody. do you happen to know if they are dul adult or younger.
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>> i don't know that either. >> okay. why -- is the situation as far as you know. the public right now? we're seeing video on our tv from you know, witnesses, you know just look like chaos. people were running. you know. crowds of people with families and children. just making a run for it what is the situation now? in the festival ground. >> they are still clearing out some people out of the park. they are sending people to gavilan high school, and a center for anyone looking for a love one at the gavelin college. >> what do you tell your community watching this. this is a garlic festival, people are stunned. this is a fun, relaxed atmosphere.
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third and final day. gorgeous weather, this is the last thing they would have expected, what do you top tell the community, you have three fatalities. 12 people down. what do you say -- >> the garlic festival has been going on for a long time, over 35 years. and we have never had any kind of incident like this before. we have to just wait and see you know what the facts are. what happened out at the park, right now, no one really knows. we have police from 40 miles away here helping. we have ambulance from all over the county. it is chaos still right now. you know, police have set up a come macommand center in the pay are, going from there.
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>> yeah, police tweeted out, you know as you said, if you are looking for missing family members, are you hearing a lot of that? hearing a lot of people missing? >> no, i have not heard, not very much of that. but a lot of people you know, i have been getting texts and e-mails from everyone that knows me, see if i'm okay. people get worried, if you know your loved one is was there today. >> right. i imagine police are working now in the procession of informing families are deceased. 3 people dead. you confirmed now 12 people down. we don't know yet if that means they were shot or trampled because we're seeing the crowds just, you know, in a panic. running from the scene. were you there at festival in. >> no, i was not, but, at this time of day, it was attendance
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dropped, it ended at 6:00, a lot people had already left. it could have been a lot worse. >> how many people would you say might have been there today. >> probably 30 to 40,000. >> wow. >> and how do you -- i mean i know this is a last thing that crosses our mind, but i imagine there are sav plans in place foa festival that is out in the open? right anyone can walk in and out. you can talk about safety plans that you prepare for a festival this big? >> well, when the festival goers enter, they did through security. their bags are checked, they check them with a wand. there are police everywhere. out there. it will is always been really
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safe. but you can't stop everything. >> right. councilman is there anything you top say too your community and the country that is watching this? you know, just in horror. >> i would tell my community, wait until the facts come in. there is just so many wild stories out there right now. that are unbelievable. >> all right. thank you so much councilman dion brocko on the money with p, giving us update. latest, active scene still unfolding in gilroy, california, we have confirmed through the councilman, three people are dead, 12 people at least 12 are down, we don't know what that means just yet, it could mean
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they were shot, or trample or injured in panic in kay office this but we -- chaos of this we know that santa clara valley med vavalmedical city are treating o victims, and they are expecting three. let's go to special agent bobby chicchicon . we heard there was a shooter taken into custody, your initial thoughts. >> so, my thoughts are, couple things, they fall into a couple different categories there could have been an altercation, the other is there could be a
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directed type domesticin domestt where someone came to the festival to target someone, the third is one that we jump to think about a random planned act of violence against a mass gathering of people like in las vegas, they will determine like what category this falls into. they will try to hone in physically on where shooting started within the festival that takes a loo a lot of work and simultaneous interviews of witnesses, that requires tremendous aim of manpower, and someone outside those interviews, saying what do you have, and what do you have, and mapping the festival ground, and get the witness statements and place them. and the shooter, if they were working with someone, did you see a person with them in parking lot or a vehicle or
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conversing with other people. a shooter might be in custody, you have to start wondering were other people involved other than the single person they may have in custody, there are general categories they break down into. and as detectives hone in. they hopefullying develop a picture of what they have. >> right. we heard from a witness, talking to our affiliate on the ground there saying they had seen anyone wearing fatigues with a machine gun, how do you figure out if there are more than one shooter? do you rely on people on the ground? >> you -- number one thing, do we have video coverage of the park, this festival looked like it was set up in a park-like area, you look for you know --
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i'm talking fixed video. then you ask witnesses, do i they have video were second level. then you witness statement. hone in on people who you may have seen the shooter. then you build back out. did you see that person earlier. you get a description to other witnesses. they may have seen them earlier doing something else. they don't know that is the person that did shooter later on. you have to get that information in then push it out again, for someone to say, oh, i know that guy, i saw him in parking lot earlier. you have to -- there is a lot of strings to be pulled on, you have to follow it as the
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information comes in, this is a tremendous amount of coordination and interviews, and processing that information. and developing a tactical response plan based on that information as you digest it. >> gilroy police, tweeting out the scene is till active, i imagine they are trying to secure the scene, how do -- >> hang on, we'll put you on hold. listen to this interview. >> and everyone was leaving. and. reporter: a lot of confusion, i would imagine. very chaotic scene, a number of children there? >> people looking for their kids, too. as soon as gunfire started. everyone scattered. people were yelling for their kids. and you heard --
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reporter: you heard the rapid fire. >> like a semi automatic close too. people screaming and hiding and ducking. reporter: and so, now, your vehicle, with a lot of vendors here you are in the same boat, everything is at the festival. >> we don't know what is going on. initially they got one shooter, then they were looking for two others, we got moved to the school, we're waiting to hear word of what we can get in. we can't get our stuff for 24 hours. do we go to hotel or move us? we can't leave without our stuff, i am from berkeley, i am not pro-- from here we're just waiting. reporter: thank you for sharing that first hand account with us, trying to sort out information as it pertained to shooter or
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shooters, but, we're here at gilroy high school, command post for emergency victims. there are a number of people from the festival waiting to see how they get home, how they get their belongings, we'll be out here, speaking with a number of them, and bringing you more information. as soon as we get it, back to you. >> we're getting information on ground from our reporters there at the scene. we want to update our viewers, we heard now from city councilman dion broc brocko, tos there were 3 fate tality, 12 people down, that could mean shot or injured from the chaos. we have not confirmed the numbers, via police mermedical personal, this is from a city council member. who told us there have been
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three fatalities, we're working to confirm that. we know this is still an could of a scene. this is still an active scene. and councilmember saying that one person was taken into custody. withi-- wents there still wondering if there are other shooters as well. bringing back retired special agent bobby chicon, the person that reporter was talking to they are standing outside of festival ground waiting to go back in to get their stuff, there are still concerns there might be other gunmen out there. talk about this. the chance that the gunman could
8:23 pm
have left. >> you have to set your perimeter as wide as you can. get everyone out, sometimes it is a natural perimeter, you work with geography that you have. you start with crime scene. you go as wide as you can .
8:24 pm
we had afternoo incident like tu have to practice. reunite family quickly, so you know if there are additional victims. that all happening right now. that is really hard task, very stressful, it takes' lot of cooperation among different levels of government. you have to come together as a community, you know, detectives looking at if there are three unfortunately three diseases people, look at those victims are they related. did someone have a reason to harm any of them. you try to rule out if it was a directed shooting. a lot of things happening at the same time, very little pictures
8:25 pm
have been developed yet, you have to really keep it wide as you can. as you develop your theory of what happened. >> we're looking at video from the scene. there are police officers, law en forenforceenforcement blockie area. bobby thank you. >> thank you. >> recapping. active situation in gilroy, california. garlic festival. 30,000 people to 40,000 people attend of day, shots rang out. and we have not confirmed with police, but councilmember there in gilroy tells us there have
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been three fatalities. we're still working to confirm that. we bring in john sheahan. you have experience with this, i can only imagine with s.w.a.t., what do police officers do now? we heard there is a shooter in custody. but we keep hearing from people and witnesses saying, they hear there are multiple gunmen. i imagine police are working to figure that out. >> well, you have to remember police operate, train and taught never assume there is just one. you can't assume because one person is taken in that is the only shooter, with that, have you ta shooter taken in. most active shooters, operate in a methodology where they move from point a to b to c, they want kee -- they will keep going until someone stops them.
8:27 pm
did we stop them at point a or is this point b, we need to know how many true victim we have. >> when can you say, okay. this is a one shooter, without a shadow of a doubt, community is now secure. at what point can you know. gilroy police, and sheriff department can they make that decision? >> until you know, the person you have in custody, what they have to say, what you have as far as cell phone footage. video of this scene. the terrain is surroundedded by heavily wooded area. but then, on aerial map, a densely populated area. they could have moved on to another location to continue or in wooded area, they need too bring in, ca k-9 assets and air
8:28 pm
units and other expertise. it will come from a lot of solid police work, interviews. a review of as much video footage as they can get before they can ascertain this is the sold shooter, probably solid 8 to 12 hours. >> what do you do with those people, are they sent home or held until they can talk to everyone. >> ideally. a commander would try to cordon people off, and have investiga investigate, interview people, put them in subtext, people who done see anything and ran, people that saw the act as it occurred, people that saw something. you would like detailed statements from those who saw
8:29 pm
the act. >> how much harder does this get as now nightfalls? 8:30 now in gilroy, california. it is getting dark. >> a lot -- well, that is where technology comes in, do they have helicopters where flair forward looking infrared system that look in woods. you also going to get some local people, residents in area, possibly 911 calls coming in of suspecsuspicious individuals in neighborhood. that is going to happen regardless. you will get 911 calls. >> you have worked with
8:30 pm
s.w.a.t., how important is it to get atf in here. >> if you are able to take person in custody with weapon system. that is the big thing. probably would not have a lot of those assets, to have federal partner such as atfand fbi, supplying that. facial recognition technology. things of that nature, they will bring to the table to help assist. >> you know, it is festival season, we all go to festivals in the summer. this is what we do.
8:31 pm
the countinthe councilmember thd to said they have security they were checking bags, what more can communities do with the outdoor open festivals, where you know, there is a lot of people vulnerable? >> it is unfortunate to call cliche but almost is, see something, say something. people are going to do this. we have seen a significant rise in the ai amount of soft targett worldwide such as this festival just in last 10 years, this is just embedded in our culture now unfortunately, when we go to festivals like this, you bridge bring your family, but now we have to have a plan for how we'll evacuate should something bad like that happen, it prudent
8:32 pm
but sad and unfortunate. >> how could someone get a gun through if there is security? >> well, security is a panacea. look at size of this festival, and councilman stated that you have 40,000 people. look at terrain, and woods that surround it. you don't have a security guard for everyone square foot of the perimeter of the fencing, it would not take much for an assailant with a plan, and determination to make it in. no one would fund security for a festival such as this that everyone foot of that festival is covered and nobody could get in. especially talking about topography we're looking at. here. it would not be difficult for someone to get in. >> that is what we're seeing
8:33 pm
right now. images from gilroy, sheriff deputies, and different agents coragentcoordinating off the ar. with guns pointed, looking for something. they are still searching, what does that say to you with their guns pointed? >> well, couple things. we have not had a press conference either. -- john, hold that thought. wireless en -- listen in. >> anyway you could. it was chaos. >> it was hectic. when shots started going off, a grabbed her and ushered a couple
8:34 pm
people. my dad started his truck up, pulled around the corner, my mom ran into trailer with a group of people running from direction of gunshot, they said they had seen the guy. so it was just, hectic. trying to get my mom and dad everyone together. get in the truck and drive out. reporter: did you see anyone hurt or hear -- >> no, i didn't. >> we didn't, there were people who stopped here, met here. on the way out. that had taken an individual out on one of the carts that was shot in the back. she seemed to be okay. she was talking. they transported her to the hospital. we were not involved with anyone. reporter: how many shots. >> a lot, i don't know. >> 40. >> between 30 and 50, hard to count. but, there was a lot of gunfire. >> this was kind of like, started and then there was a bursts, then it stopped for 5 or
8:35 pm
10 seconds, almost like a reload, then it started again then just so many people running. >> did either of you see the shoot sner. >> no. -- shoot are in. >> no. >> no, where we were there were row of porta-potties and another row of tents, sounded like it came from behind that we just heard it, and seen the mass of rush of people come toward us. that is when we gathered everyone. to get out. >> now that you have been able to just gather your thoughts, how would you describe today? >> chaotic. yeah. >> eye-opening. just, still in shock. that that happened. it is real. shock. >> reporter: thank you, we're glad you are safe, a bunch of people
8:36 pm
jumped on the back of the truck, they were taking people out. they heard between 40 to 50 shots, since we've arrived we've seen a lot of activity with police searching a creek wearing fulcac tal gear -- tactical gea, with k-9s and helicopters. it is unclear what they are looking for. >> all right, ktvu affiliate, wrapping things up with john sheahan. sergeant -- s.w.a.t. office, you said your community had a mass shooting. you know what happens in aftermath. you said there is no press conference yet. he update from police on the
8:37 pm
ground. is this over? >> no i don't believe it is. we're hours past this. and we have not had any step up to a podium and give us anything other than the councilman that you had on. we still have officers out with weapons pointed in different direction, still looking for suspect. i believe that we're still in the that first phase of this operation right now, maybe they are not sure they have the right 57 operson or a solo actor, we y have more than one shooter. in which case it could be a long protracted event this close -- goes through the evening, i don't see us moving into purely investigative stage until we get
8:38 pm
to a press conference, where we have someone heading that agency getting up and advising us of where we are right now. >> all right, thank you so much. we're appreciate your time. your expertise. i think you are right. just 11ing from gilroy police, that just released this, please do not come t to -- christmas hl park, the scene is still active. that is second time they say the scene is still active, you see officers with guns drawn. as they work the area surrounding the festival. on foot. you know in their vehicles. this does not look like this is over yet, we heard from a count member from the community, saying a shooter has been taken in that is what w he was told.
8:39 pm
we want to bring in now. someone else. steve rogers. former member of fbi join terrorism task force. you, watching with us. three fatalities, multiple down, injured, taken to the hospital. we're watching live at the sun sets in gilroy, california, 8: 40 just about. it getting dark. we have not had a press conference. we still don't have anyone tell us that everyone is wrapped up. is that worrying to you? >> well, i could tell you right new police are continuingly gathering intelligence and information as they move forward with that. as your reporter interviewed an
8:40 pm
individual say they saw a shooter in fatigue and machine gun that was a big break, it gave them some information to what they were looking for. number two, as -- there may be people with video footage, maybe people who saw, one, two, three shooters this important, something else, as news stories do out, there may be people who were not at seen who could have heard something last week or saw something last month or whatever, this is probably what police are also waiting for, anyone out there who saw something on a social media platform or in a chat room or heard a conversation, very important to gather this information. and if they do have someone in custody, we don't know yet, you said, no press conference or police. that information that will come
8:41 pm
from this individual, if they could get it out of that person, will be critic to this on going crime scene. >> gilroy police tweeting out again, do not come to christmas hill park. this is still an active crime scene. we'll share information with media soon, thank you for your patience. they call this an active crime scene, what is differen is -- d. >> at moment, active shooter scene, you will have an individual out there continuously firing shots. and police zeroing in. this is a crime scene, a big crime scene as a result of area that police are dealing with. at this point, they still don't know if they are dealing with one individual or is a shooter or two or three, they don't have
8:42 pm
any idea at-this-point. they will set up grids, is was said k-9 units are coming in police helicopters. but other element police now face is time, it is getting dark, making it that much more difficult to search the area. it will be an active scene until they are convinced, they meaning law enforcement. that will take quite a long time as i see it from this point. >> that is what we're watching, video you know live video from the scene. we could see they use drones. expand on resources they use now as nightfalls that gets so much more difficult in the dark. >> i'm convinced they will have infrared technology there. they will see through the
8:43 pm
darkness. they will look at -- use as much technology as they can. which by the way i'm sure they will get help from fbi, possibly join terrorism task force. they will have technology and equipment they need to complete a wide search of the area. in tonight and possibly tomorrow morning. >> clear to me. police on ground are not convinced this is over. and not convinced there is only one gunman. what would you say too people there now? people in the area in homes? >> couple things. very important they do stay away from the area. and wait for police to give a press conference for accurate information. i have been through these things over years, where there are so
8:44 pm
many rumors and so much misinformation. the person that we need to hear from is commander on the ground, who knows what is going opeople neat t-- need to stay calm, bray to god that everyone remain safe, and police are able to do their job in a manner in which they will make an apprehension if there are more people out theric pe der desh -- expeditio. >> give you update on what is developing in gilroy, california. a mass shooting at a garlic festival, just 30 miles south of san jose. reports and now confirmed from city councilman on ground there have been three fatalities. and multiple people down, perhaps 12 people down. we don't know if they were shot
8:45 pm
or trampled in the kea chaos. but we know right now, it is a active crime scene. gilroy police, asking police in the area not to come anywhere close to christmas hill park. they call this an active crime scene. you can see, there are police everywhere. on the ground. they have drones and a chopper in the the air. it looks like they are searching for something. more right after this. ♪
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8:50 pm
it is a food festival, that started friday. lasted through the weekend, today was the last day. about 30 to 40,000 people attend every day. reports of a shooting involving multiple victims, at least three the3 fatalities, several people have been admitted to the hospital. we're told by a city once you councilmember that one person was taken into custody but we have not been able to confirm that with police. on the phone with us steve rogers. you know we were talking about just the intensity right now of this search. it looks like a search that is on going. you know unite is falling now, it is dark. it is about 9:00. how difficult does that make it
8:51 pm
for police who are not satisfied that we have one person in custody, there could be more? >> well, certainly, very difficult, and very dangerous for police, they have to be very careful on the ground as they search the areas, but as i said, you will have drones and helicopters, with night vision equipment, police on ground will have night vision goggles, they will do everything they could, they probably at-this-point established a perimeter and probably working in toward the center of gravity as we call it, that is where the original shots were fired from. it will be a long search, intelligence information ca is o critical. i am sure they are getting more information from the individual they got in custody. >> how do you get to a points,
8:52 pm
you know, as a police department, to a point where you are sa satisfied that you have secured the area. and there is no more risk. how do you get that that point? >> well, i have to tell you, we have such good training in this country with police departments no matter what size. that they will be establishing, a perimeter, setting up grids, every inch of land in that area will be searched over and over, until that happens, it may take 12 or 24 hours. until such time they won't be satisfied -- >> steve, stand by, we'll dip in to local affiliate on the ground. >> what sound like fire
8:53 pm
crackers. i thought that is what it was. he grabbed me, and said no, someone is shooting get down, get out, go, run. go. we were trying to gather everyone in the group, there were about 7 of us in the group. we were trying to get everyone and just get out. >> everyone ran in separate direction, we are trying to get everyone out. >> out and together. reporter: how are you filing now. >> shock. it surreal to you know witness that. does not seem real. >> you said, you spoke with someone who saw someone who was shot. >> yes, one of people that met us here, after, we evacuated. she was another one of the vendors, they se escorted a womn out show was shot in the back, she seemed to be okay.
8:54 pm
they transported her to the hospital. reporter: thank you. are you leaving now. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> listening to witnesses on ground, describe seeing a woman shot in the back, we hearing over and over from several witnesses, another person on ground, said that he saw someone in fatigues with a machine gun. shooting at everyone, another man said he heard a gunshot and at one point, put strangers in the bed of his truck to get them out of there. this is a large area. we're talking about, aerial pictures of the area. steve rogers former member of fbi joint terrorism task force on the phone with us, how difficult is it for police, talking about an open area, you have at least 30 to 40,000 people that attend. they say they have security. they have been checking bags
8:55 pm
before they let people in, you talk about open field? surrounded by woods?
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aishah: this is a fox news alert. i'm aishah hasnie in new york. reports of a shooting involving multiple victims in california. we are hearing reports from one to three possible fatalities of councilmen on the ground telling us there were three fatalities. we have not yet confirmed that. this is all happening in gilroy, california. we have confirmation from different hospitals of multiple injuries. several people injured. the medical center said they received two victims and we are expecting three more a half-hour


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