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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 29, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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today. grasshoppers? >> bill: how about that? is a wacky barrel today. hope you have a great weekend, everybody paid off we go to monday. >> sandra: it'll be a big week. thanks for joining us. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> kennedy: fox news alert, president trump doubling down his feud with democratic house oversight chairman elijah cummings, despite intense criticism over his choice of words about the problems affecting his home district of growth more. this is "outnumbered." i'm julie banderas come here today, house of kennedy on the fox business network, county herself. fox news headlines 20 for seven reporter carley shimkus, former ohio senate majority -- minority leader, democratic minority leader, capri cafaro. joining us on the couch, former california congressman, darrell issa. he is "outnumbered." are you ready for the scheme absolutely! >> julie: when was the last time we had a quiet weekend? you come in on monday, it's like -- >> kennedy: i think we'd go international shock.
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>> darrell: perhaps a power failure. >> julie: perhaps. we've had wondrously prayed president trump today renewing his criticism of carson cummings while also taking aim at civil rights activist al sharpton after the reference that he planned to travel to baltimore today to address what he calls "outrage" over the remarks. now the president tweeting, "baltimore under the leadership of elijah cummings has the worst crime statistics in the nation. 25 years of all talk, no action. so tired of listening to the same old bull. next, reverend al will show up to complain and processed. nothing will get done for the people in need. sad!" the white house defending his comments, which followed cummings criticizing border patrol. watch this. >> the president is attacking mr. cummings from saying things that are not true about the border. i think it's right for the president to raise the issue. i was in congress for six years. if i had property in my district like i had an, if i'd crime like
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in chicago, homelessness like in san francisco, and i spent all of my time in washington, d.c., chasing down this mueller investigation impeachment crusade, i would get fired. zero to do with race. >> julie: top democrats unleashing fury, saying the president has a pattern of attacking minority lawmakers, including the so-called "squad" of four liberal congresswomen. speak of the president, as he usually is or often is, disgusting and racist. he makes these charges with no base at all. >> he attacked congresswoman omar and aoc in any members of the squad to pass a resolution condemning the privilege of it again? >> i don't know. it would be a bad idea. >> julie: congressman will hurd says the remarks against cummings are different from his attacks on the squad. >> i think you are different from the ones from a two weeks ago. i forget how long it was. when he tell somebody to go back
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to africa or whatever country, that is in essence telling someone that because you don't look like them that you are not american. that you do not have self-worth. i wouldn't be tweeting this way but i think they are different. >> julie: meanwhile, after the president slammed cummings' district as "rad-infested," the baltimore sun fighting back with a blistering editorial. "better to have a few rats than to be one." where did we start? since we ended on the baltimore sun, let's start with that. they have written about the fact there was a huge rat infestation in the city of baltimore. >> kennedy: we have one here in new york. >> and in d.c. >> julie: we certainly do. his remarks are being taken as racist. are they, or is he simply referring to the rodents? the actual four-legged ones? >> kennedy: it almost doesn't matter what your intent is now. it can be received in a certain way, so you have given an entire group of people political ammunition. i think the most important thing to point out here as they are
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not mutually exclusive. he is made of himself the enemy. he allows people like elijah cummings and al sharpton to get -- a group of people very underserved and very upset, in a very tough situation, and they make the president of their enemy. they also live in a place where they need to figure out some solutions. i would be frustrated if the person who was representing me is talking about impeachment. it's a very fair point, but i also think it's very difficult to rationalize the president's comments away as though they are nothing. obviously if you have identity politics on both sides, working actively, most people are going to lose when you have everyone who is being forced into a pen based on race. >> julie: let me ask you -- >> darrell: i like that she said that baltimore is
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underserved. that's what the president said. for 25 years, it was underserved by somebody who exploited their property rather than really making efforts to change that. >> julie: baltimore in fact had wanted, in the past, for the city to be declared a disaster because they could get federal funds. sms pointed out, it was like third world country. there were many buildings uninhabitable. it's not about the fact that it's a rat-infested, it's that it's a poor neighborhood. it's a demographic made up mostly of african-americans and hispanic. any time the president goes after any demographic they are immediately going to accuse him of racism. >> darrell: whether you call haiti or afghanistan a failed state, they are both failed states. it doesn't really matter who's there if, in fact, you are accurate? baltimore benefited from the president's crime reforms. his criminal justice reforms. elijah cummings forgets that this is a president who said,
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"we have a problem of employability of these people in the urban areas." and he did something about it. something barack obama did do for years. >> capri: can i build upon that? one of the things here is the fact that we hear so much about the strong trump economy. where we see these pockets of crime and major urban areas, the city of cleveland is in the top ten, as well. >> darrell: just because you're from youngstown -- i'm from cleveland. watch out! [laughter] >> capri: you are my fellow ohioan! it's no secret there are areas that are crime-ridden, so to speak. but i believe that because we are seeing where there is crime there usually -- there's usually a lack of economic opportunity paid the president is the president of all americans and i think we need to remember that it maybe the prosperity isn't lifting all votes. i want to just close with this -- the word "infestation" can have racially-charged undertones, but in this case he
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did say "rat-infested." >> kennedy: so did the baltimore -- >> capri: this is about the president being immature, tit for tat, going after somebody because they criticize criticized. >> carley: the president has made it clear he will attack anybody who attacks him. he's an equal opportunity insulted. >> capri: that's my point. >> carley: and that's childish. it's not about being racist, it's being childish. there was a documentary about the rat infestation in baltimore. nobody said anything when anybody else pointed it out. when president trump says that, it's racist. so it's a little strange to see elijah cummings talk about the border and talk about the feelings of illegal immigrants when his constituents are hurting. >> kennedy: so we need someone running for president come up with a system in order to get rid of the rats. they are plaguing los angeles, we are seeing a resurgence of typhus here in new york city. they can't get a handle on it. if you want to do something, if you want to have an impact, stop talking about president pence
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and start talking about the rats. also, places like baltimore are magnets for corruption. mayor after mayor, administration after administration, comes in and gets people angry but don't do anything about it. the problem in a lot of places -- and you know this from southern california -- there's too much government. too much pension obligation. and then they have to start firing cops. >> darrell: money doesn't go as far in baltimore as it does in more honest governments. but the one thing i go back to is this president has tried to address the real problems of unemployment there. which, by the way, criminal justice reform did. elijah cummings' number one bill wants to see past his check the box. he wants to get rid of, if you will, the unemployability of black men with felony records. he is trying to create a situation in which many of those people who can't get a job because they are ineligible become eligible to get a job. second chance, and so on. i know elijah cummings, i served
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with him for a decade. the fact is, elijah cummings, what he wants, he would get by working with the president and with jared. he's not getting it because what he wants to do was talk about impeaching the president rather than his number one agenda being something that the president and the first family want to do. >> capri: he needs to stop treating and stop working. >> kennedy: pushing president trump and s is a big staffing change. dan coats will step down and texas republican congressman john ratcliffe will be the new dni. the president saying that he is highly respected and will lead and inspire greatness for the country he loves. ratcliffe, a member of the house intel committee, has been a staunch defender of the president and top democrats are calling his appointment political motivated. senate minority leader schumer saying, "it's clear the representative ratcliffe was elected because he exhibited blind loyalty to president trum
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president trump. as senate republicans elevate such a partisan player to a position that requires intelligence expertise and nonpartisanship, it would be a big mistake." coates departure comes after some public disagreements with the president, including on russian interference in the 2016 election. so, congressman issa, obviously this is a critical role. because you are making sure that there is open communication among various intelligence agencies, which that breakdown was how we got 9/11. this position extends outside of partisan politics. it should, but is also very critical because we've seen how the surveillance apparatus can be abused and used as a political weapon. why aren't democrats more concerned about that since they have two dozen people running for president? >> darrell: you know, what's amazing is, in fact, you defined the job perfectly. something that has not yet happened. every dni since the creation has tried to become the head of all
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intelligence. the boss of all intelligence. i was on the committee when he created it. it was created to, if you will, stop the stove piping. encourage communication. create a situation -- it's a management situation of letting the cia and the nsa, all of them, do their job and making sure that there aren't gaps. so, who better for that than a former u.s. attorney and someone who served on the intel committee doesn't pretend that he is going to be the chief spy? but rather, just like a u.s. attorney, figure out how to do case management? is he the right choice? is a very good choice. should they look at that rather than go back to, "well, we've got to have somebody disagrees with the president." i want someone that disagrees with this kind of group thought where there is either no problem or they all agree on a problem. we had this leading up to the iraq war, where they all agreed
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that saddam had nuclear weapons. unfortunately, he didn't. so i want somebody who's got a u.s. attorney background who never takes anything at face value and forces people to prove what they -- >> kennedy: it is an organizational position, but capri, it wouldn't matter that the president nominated elijah cummings to be dni. democrats would claim some partisan hackery and that would be the resistance. instead of rationally looking at what the position entails and how it has to be curtailed in order to be -- >> capri: i think no matter what, sure. and i'm sure that the performance of this individual as a member of congress and being a forceful defender of the president probably played into his appointment, sure. but this is politics. also, elections have consequences. do i necessarily agree with this individual as someone who was ranked number one in the most conservative members of congress in texas, for example? maybe not. but you have to look at the fact, can he do the job? that's we have to look at when
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you are going through an approval process of an appointe appointee. it's not about how you feel about the individual politically, it's about how and if they can execute the job. >> kennedy: it seems like it's all about feelings, though. >> capri: it shouldn't be, though. again, elections have consequences. a republican won, he will have someone you probably want to agree with if you're a democrat. >> kennedy: the president lashing out at the squad. once more saying democrats defending those progressive congresswomen will face a very tough road in 2020. some dems say firing up his base will hurt the president in the general election. who's right here? we will debate that next. plus, in less than an hour we expect a police update on last night's deadly california garlic festival shooting and the search for a possible second suspect. a live report from the scene is next. stay with us. >> this is one of those press conferences you never want to give in your community. it's a nightmare we find ourselves in the circumstance where we have to live this
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>> started popping off like fireworks. it started like firecrackers. that's what i thought it was, i had no idea until he grabbed me and started pulling me and telling me its gunfire. "we need to get out of here, go." >> i saw my peers go down, and we all started running. >> i heard probably 50 shots. he did probably reload, but pandemonium. people running out screaming. >> julie: they have witnesses describing the horrific scenes of pure terror during last night's deadly shooting at the annual garlic festival in gilroy, california. we now await the latest update from investigators. that news conference set to get underway at 1:00 p.m. eastern
9:19 am
time. four people killed including the gunman. a man and now underway for a possible second suspect. jeff paul is following it for us to live in gilroy. hi, jeff. >> still have a law enforcement presence here in gilroy, and those officers working to find a second possible person who might have been involved in this mass shooting. we are on the outside entrance into this gilroy garlic festival, which is just behind me, close off right now. we know at least three innocent people were killed in this shooting. the youngest victim being just six years old. several others were injured and president trump commenting about what happen here in gilroy just a short time ago. >> we express our deepest sadness and sorrow for the families who lost a precious love one in the horrific shooting last night in gilroy, california. a wicked murderer opened fire and killed three innocent citizens, including a young child. we grieve for their families and
9:20 am
we ask that god will comfort them with his overflowing mercy and grace. we thank the brave members of law enforcement. they never let us down. >> authorities say the first shots were fired off right around 5:30 p.m. local time. folks attending the festival reportedly had to go through metal detector and have their bag searched. investigators believe the suspect somehow cut through a fence that surrounds the outside perimeter of the festival grounds. witnesses say the suspect started shooting at anyone who is moving, firing as many as 50 shots or more. this is a huge family-friendly festival with as many as 100,000 people attending, so those who were there described a very frantic scene with people screaming, hiding, doing anything they could to run to safety. >> very quiet. all i heard was one shot, we looked over, thinking, "what the attic?" and he was so close, he walked to the left of us.
9:21 am
if we would have said a word or got scared, he would have shot us. you know? no doubt. >> police say the suspect in this case was shot and killed. again, they are searching for a second possible person who might be involved. we are hoping to learn more about that and maybe any other details in a news conference that begins in less than an hour. the biggest unknown right now, julie, is why. >> julie: jeff paul, thank you so much. president trump's battle with the so-called "squad" showing no signs of going away. over the weekend, michigan congresswomen rashida tlaib criticized trump after his attacks on elijah cummings and his baltimore district. >> our president has a hate agenda. he doesn't have a policy agenda. that's what he falls down on. this hate agenda is now seeping into policymaking. he is making decisions based on profit, where his friends are, and what his trump organization, is for-profit industry, would
9:22 am
benefit from. versus what is best for the american people. >> julie: president trump heading back on twitter, tweeting, "if the democrats are going to defend the radical left squad and king elijah's baltimore fail, it'll be a long road to 2020." the good news for the dems as they have the fake news media in their pocket." former obama advisor david axelrod says trump's constant feuding with lawmakers could ultimately backfired. axelrod, after the initial attack on elijah cummings, tweeting the following. "if he loses the election 2020, this is why. every day he has a stream of ugly, divisive bombast. it's exhausting, unworthy of a potus, and it would only get worse. four more years? this?" 2020 democrat julian castro weighing in as well. saying that the benefit is basically stoking racial tensions. listen. >> this guy is the biggest
9:23 am
identity politician we have seen in the last 50 years. he engages in what's known as racial priming. basically, using this language and taking actions to try and get people to move into their camps by racial and ethnic identity. that's how he thinks he won in 2016, and that's how he thinks he's going to win in 2020. >> julie: meanwhile, the democrats appear to be putting up a more unified front amid the president's criticism. at least in photographs, anyway. here's how speaker nancy pelosi with new york congresswoman alexandra ocasio-cortez all smiles after their face-to-face meeting last friday. congressman, let me remind everybody that the same woman to the right of nancy pelosi actually called nancy pelosi a racist not so long ago. it seems it was years ago but that's how this new cycle goes. so now i guess the democrats are trying to use racism and hate as their platform. and now they're coming together, even though they're going to have a recess, as well? >> darrell: kennedy and i are both orthodox catholic so one
9:24 am
thing we know is that we are all sinners. but that doesn't mean people walk into church and go, "oh, my gosh, that one over there, that center!" [laughter] but we do talk about kennedy that way. [laughter] the reality is, once we call everybody a sinner, he moved on to talking about us all being equal. we have now called everyone, including sleepy joe, joe biden, a sinner in this case. we called him a racist. so the term means nothing. was interesting about michigan, each squad member, some of them from states that her swing and some are not. rashida is for michigan. this is a state that the president will win and he will enact because of exactly what she doesn't understand. that is that his efforts have helped michigan job opportunities. the auto companies are, in fact, in a position to begin really creating more jobs with more american content, and they are working on doing it. guess what? that's going to help michigan
9:25 am
blue-collar workers. the very people that the democrats didn't understand why they voted for donald trump. >> julie: that's really good point. capri, he -- >> darrell: and youngstown, for that matter. >> julie: the economies of easily driving a lot of voters. whether you like trump or not you look at the economy. it's hard to argue you are doing poorly. you are doing poorly. we're doing great. how does rashida tlaib fight against that? how do you compete with that kind of economy in michigan? >> capri: i think this argument people are saying, why do democrats continue to go back to this? this "everyone is a racist" narrative were talking point. because they are not countering with policy specifics. i think this is where democrats are getting it wrong. we have communities like the mountie valley in ohio that have lost jobs because the general motors plant has subsequently closed the economy has not touched every community in the same positive manner. that doesn't mean the economy is not good overall. but it does mean the democrats -- we can't be against
9:26 am
donald trump. that's not how you win. we have to stand for something, which is how we won in the midterm elections. focusing on those kitchen issues. the >> darrell: if you think about it, this president called out general motors for closing lordstown. >> capri: he did. they need his help still. >> darrell: he's continuing to say, "figure out how you bring jobs to that great plant with that great history." >> carley: thank you so much. capri, he talked about policy specifics. if you want to talk about those specifics and you think about rashida tlaib singh president trump has a hate agenda, he also signed the first step act which released 3,100 inmates from prison. the african-american unemployment rate is 7%. that's a record low. and the poverty rate among african-americans is 21.2%. at the same time -- >> kennedy: yay, capitalism! >> carley: his approval rating -- that messages and getting there. >> kennedy: can i add something very quickly?
9:27 am
>> julie: tell our producers that! 's speech you i know we are going to talk about the debate, but julian castro should really oppose our criticism of identit. they share the debate sage, kamala harris, and she has embraced identity politics but she said we need it. so i would like to see those to reconcile that on the debate sage. >> julie: i think they will. the white house taking aim at jerry nadler, accusing the top democrat of playing politics with impeachment. where this fight goes from here, as more democrats sign on supporting it. plus, the next two nights likely the last time some 2020 dems will be on the debate sage. how those at risk can make a splash and what joe biden needs to do better this time around. >> he has to show that he's the one that can be on stage when donald trump starts hurling all the insults at him, and he can punch them back twice as hard. ♪ let's see, aleve is proven better on pain
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>> carley: do-or-die time for the 2020 democrats on the eve of the second round of debates, many realizing they may not make the third round of debates in september under the dnc stringent qualifying rule. as of today, some big names such as kirsten gillibrand and amy klobuchar would not make the cut. as the candidates strategize, the knives are out for front runner joe biden. bernie sanders slamming the former vice president for his take on the senator's medicare for all plan. watch. >> you see, that's disingenuous on the part of joe. it's going to mean higher taxes, but if i raise your taxes, hypothetically, by $8,000, and i lower the health care costs that you are now paying with premiums and deductibles which are now $12,000, you are $4,000 to the good. we are the only major country on earth that does not guarantee health care for all, or in one
9:33 am
form of a national health care program. >> carley: new york city mayor bill de blasio taking shots at biden's record on working for the common man. >> joe biden needs to back up that warm, folksy rhetoric with action, with a vision that will actually help working people. what i fear about joe biden, here's a guy who voted for nafta. here's a guy who told wealthy donors that much is going to change for them when he becomes president. he's got too much of a track record of being part of the status quo that americans don't want anymore. they want to break out of that status quo. >> carley: but fox news poll link shows biden maintaining a commanding lead despite his widely-panned first debate performance. he's followed by sanders, elizabeth warren, and then kamala harris. capri, how critical is it for joe biden to nail this next debate? the folksy rhetoric might not be there because he said he's not going to be as polite this time
9:34 am
around. >> capri: you know what? bill de blasio needs to worry less about joe biden's rhetoric and worry a little more about the city of new york, but that's a whole other story for a whole other story for all other day! [laughs] whole other story for a whole other day. joe biden distilled the front runner. because he had a weak performance the first time around, everybody is gunning for him. if they can take them, there's more juice to go around for the rest. many of whom might not be able to qualify for the september debates. i don't think we will see a rematch in the same way between kamala harris and joe biden even though they will be on the same stage, but i do think that all guns are going to be pointed at joe biden and that his biggest risk is looking too scripted. over correcting. that's not going to help him, either. he has to go back to actually being who he was. the joe biden people actually were attracted to. >> carley: i don't know, that's a little scary! >> kennedy: rather than the joe biden trying to pander to
9:35 am
fit a mold. >> carley: the debate lined up is interesting. you have elizabeth warren and bernie sanders on the first night versus a group of four moderate democrats, and the second night is going to be potentially more racially charged with joe biden sandwich between kamala harris and cory booker. so what do you think about the debate lineup? what sort of nuggets of joy cannot create? >> darrell: the one thing you are seeing is that nobody is really going to care what the elizabeth warren debate really looks like. it'll be under-attended because everyone is going to look at joe biden. joe biden has survived this first round. he survived being called essentially a racist. will the next one trying to define him as a sexist, or not a common man? we will see. there really is one to beat right now and they are trying to figure that out. one of the challenges is cory booker, you haven't mentioned him. here is a guy who wants to run as a successful mayor. in fact, i think joe biden has
9:36 am
what he can push back on. >> kennedy: and he has been. >> darrell: that's got to be part of -- joe biden has to be joe. joe biden, and i'm not going to vote for them, but i've got to tell you at the end of the day at least he says that we all have to work to give it. nobody else on the stage and the first tier has really proven a willingness to ever do that. >> carley: kennedy, do you think he still has it in him? >> kennedy: i think he's a weak frontrunner. to your point, that's what cory booker has been during the last week and a half. he's been making very pointed attacks at joe biden. he did at the naacp, he's picking his record apart. particularly the 1994 crime bil bill. if he thinks kamala harris was a challenge in the first debate, he sandwich between kamala harris and cory booker. if they were smart they would have a pact to not go after each other but really take out that front runner. because then it opens it up for the pella town, about candidates, and the rest of them can get out of the
9:37 am
race. >> carley: the amount of grandstanding is going to be something see for sure. house judiciary chairman jerry nadler says his committee is choosing whether to move on impeachment. the white house chief of staff mick mulvaney says that's just a ploy for nadler to win reelection. are all democrats at risk of using their job if they don't forcefully take on president trump? we will debate that next. ♪ with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today. and we're usaa members for life. i had a few good tricks to help hide my bladder leak pad. like the old "tunic tug". but always discreet is less bulky. and it really protects. 'cause it turns liquid to gel. so i have nothing to hide. always discreet.
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9:42 am
impeachment. nadler faces a primary challenge from young progressive candidates who are looking to do with him what alexandria ocasio-cortez did to congressman joe carly last year. he says it's not about politics, it's about holding the president accountable. >> considering those resolution resolutions, we make a determination after we get more evidence as to the president's crimes that we have from the mueller report. but also as to other things. as to his violation of the emily months because, failure to defend the constitution against continuing russian attacks. >> julie: meantime, terry mcauliffe says democrats need to focus more on mainstream issues instead of pursuing something that might not actually happen. >> an issue for democrats, are we going to spend all of our time talking about impeachment? which we know they can't get him in the senate. he could rob a bank in the senate would not convict him.
9:43 am
it doesn't matter. we went back and we talk about health care, infrastructure, good quality jobs. those are the core democratic values. >> julie: so there's a new abc poll that shows after special counsel robert mueller's testimony only 27% of people said they were more likely to back impeachment. 26% said they are less likely to do so. 47% said it made no difference. and the numbers of house dems now supporting impeachment has been sort of all over the place today. now 108 house dems support impeachment. as an increase of 14 since the mueller hearing. ten short of a majority of the house democratic caucus. it really is the road to nowhere. whether they decide to go ahead and present the articles of impeachment, which nancy pelosi has been reluctant to do, it's not going anywhere. so it's purely politics because they are trying to drive home the message that they want to see this president out. forget agenda. forget about getting anything done. >> darrell: you just heard jerry nadler say something -- "when we get more evidence." >> julie: what are they
9:44 am
waiting for? >> darrell: any evidence. right now they don't have evidence of a crime. to be honest, impeachment is a political event, not a legal event. so you don't actually need evidence. the fact is, even jerry nadler is saying, "when we get more evidence." if you had evidence, great. but saying, "if we get more evidence," that's different than "when we get more evidence." he said something very salient. there are more and more people signing on. yes, we are getting closer and closer to the democratic primary in which people like jerry nadler are making a decision to look tough on the left to get through their primary. afterwards, suddenly they are going to realize that there is nothing for their party in impeachment. that, in fact, they have to have a record of accomplishment in the general and right now they don't have it. >> julie: they don't have it but it's the data i guess it's something to talk about while they are off on recess for six weeks. >> kennedy: they are busy
9:45 am
campaigning for president pens, which is very exciting pair left iraq i don't understand the shortsightedness. if you wound the president, just in the last few years we have seen it only makes them stronger. from that point of view, that's what nancy pelosi is looking at. you can't look at the house and wonder where the of critical mass within the caucus. you also have to look at what happens in the senate. and you do need to have something much bigger in order for majority of senators to remove the president from office. that's not going to happen. it's an exercise in futility. it allows them this giant distraction which feels good but it doesn't do anything for the voters. however, i would welcome a hoosier president. i think that would be so much fun. >> capri: i don't think it's good politically for the democrats. we just saw those polls. something i try to clarify with the congressman before the show started was that we have this 108 group of democrats saying they want impeachment. but many of them said they want
9:46 am
an impeachment inquiry, which apparently is like impeachment liked. they want to talk about it and stir the pot but they don't actually want to take the risk. >> darrell: they want a hearing, not a vote. >> capri: guess what? we have 18 months to be the president because this is a democracy. you don't like the guy? beat him at the polls. >> carley: the reason there hasn't been as big a public push for impeachment is you have to consider with the most damning thing the mueller report found. which is that he lashed out and acted poorly in private. he was also lashing out and acting poorly in public. so there was no real big smoking gun there. they have democrats who are wasting so much time. they held mock hearings before the mueller testimony last week. they created this entire social media campaign that they never even really end up using, and now president trump could turn around and say, "i'm fine for the american people and everyone else is fighting me." >> julie: the main narrative we need to remember here, mueller was asked, did the president to pay the investigation? the answer was no. that was the whole idea kind of
9:47 am
circum- justice. to the president in fact try to interfere with the investigatiok to his own people? of course he will do do the bed the scenes. >> darrell: in a matter of seconds he could've fired mueller. what we are moving on to as a referendum that we haven't had in decades, which is a referendum on, "if you don't like the tenor of washington, you have two choices -- you can get rid of the man who has given us this great economy and an effort of real or form, and that will take care of it, or you can get rid of 17 democrats and the republicans take over the house again and you in fact have a group that will work for the president." so i'm predicting a republican majority next year. >> julie: i'm trying to keep the producers on track timing wise. we have to move on pay [laughter] otherwise they will hurt us. the top senate democrat on intelligence slamming majority leader mitch mcconnell for burying election security measures. why the white house says this is
9:48 am
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9:52 am
bearing a pair of election security bills despite robert mueller last week saying the russians are still trying to disrupt america's electoral process. watch. >> i think there are some common sense things that would get 75 votes if they could get to the floor of the senate. candidly, this administration has stopped every election security legislation from coming to the floor and they've been supportive in that effort by the republican leader mitch mcconnell. >> kennedy: so why does mitch mcconnell hate the election security? the white house pushing back, calling this ballot box measures political opportunism timed with newest testimony. he was acting chief of staff mick mulvaney. speak of this has worked with every single state we have worked with every campaign to go over how to prepare against and prevent foreign intervention is the 2020 elections. we are doing everything necessary to do this. the bills from the speaker simply showmanship and that's why they failed. >> kennedy: bills, bills, bills. a new poll shows the majority of
9:53 am
americans are not confident the u.s. is prepared to keep foreign countries from meddling again. it's interesting, because we still focus on russia so much, but the real threat is china. >> darrell: absolutely. what's interesting about what senator mark warner said was that he said 75 would vote for this. there is one thing i know about the senate -- for that matter, the house. if you've got a bipartisan bill, you have the beginning of something that we can do. he would have said bipartisan if he had had it. what he had was a partisan showmanship bill, and mark is better than that. most of the legislation -- >> kennedy: what about it was showmanship? what is in there that wasn't true to the aim of protecting the electoral process? >> first of all, what he was doing was throwing the repeats of things that were already being done. which is often done in these bills. the second thing, you are showing the "need and money" added. reality, as mick mulvaney said, they have talked to all 50 states.
9:54 am
they have asked with the needs are. have offered and given them cyber help. i've got to tell you, i'm from california. cleveland before that. but if you are from california, the first thing you know is that we have ballot harvesting by people who don't need licenses. we don't check for i.d., and you can register to vote with nothing but mailing from some address. if you want to look at a fraud, there's a lot of things you can do that have nothing to do with the russians. but having said that, your point is extremely good. cyber security and going online and mailing in ballots and fake news all are bigger than russia. everyone who wants to meddle with our elections. >> capri: this would be really good issue, i think, for the democrats. if they were to reach across the aisle as you said and say, "look, all this hullabaloo about russia, let's hook some issues here. we care about election security. let's come together because we are all on the ballot in the american people deserve better than this." i think that's where our priorities should live.
9:55 am
at least one of them. >> carley: i think the most interesting thing is that mueller, when asked what the most important thing was out of his report, he said the fact that russians are still trying to meddle in our election to the state. a lot of this happened on social media. it comes on social media, facebook, and try to pray that the responsibility of social media companies to monitor that a little better in 2020. >> julie: that's what they should take away from the mueller hearing. enough of the investigation by the president and his obstruction of justice they could improve. but the fact the russians did in fact infiltrate our election system is something democrats should be worried about. that should be their agenda. >> kennedy: and china! more "outnumbered" in just a moment as we await an update from the police on the deadly shooting in northern california. at the top of the hour. stay with us. but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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10:00 am
control of the house, it's a good day. particularly because it's true. >> kennedy: you heard it here! we are back on the couch at noon eastern tomorrow. right now, here's julie banderas and for harris. that rhymed. >> julie: fox news alert, police in california can be seen carrying duffel bags exiting the home of the suspected gunman of the popular food festival as we are now awaiting new details coming out of this horrific mass shooting which happened last night. it left at least three people dead and several hurts. let's go "outnumbered overtime" now. i'm julie banderas and for harris faulkner today. we expect air from law enforcement in gilroy, california, any moment, and of course when that happens we will bring it to life. also, as we get a glint of police exiting the suspected shooter's house. this after the killer opened fire at the end of the garlic fest with hundreds of families. in fact, there were a hundred thousand people attending this over the beacon. policing the gunmen shot dead by poli d


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