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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 29, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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the nasdaq and the s&p in the red this afternoon. neil cavuto will have the best in business and all the days headlines from coast-to-coast. i am shepard smith in new york, and this is the fox news channe fox news channel. >> neil: black-and-white and right now angry, very angry. the president stepping up its criticism of democratic congressman elijah cummings and for good measure, adding an al sharpton or over the battle over baltimore officially boils over. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto and mrs. "your world." the president said its elijah cummings and sharpton and democrats being racist after he dared to criticize conditions in baltimore. what does the former democratic presidential nominee joe lieberman think? first, john roberts the white house on how this is playing out. >> good afternoon, the president not happy with elijah cummings, chairman for congressional oversight committee committee in the house.
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cummings continues to dog the president, investigating his finances, recently asking for the personal emails of his daughter ivanka trump and his son-in-law jared kushner. what really got the president hopping over the weekend was when "fox & friends," a program on this network, played this video of cummings operating the acting dhs secretary kevin mcaleenan back on july 18 over conditions at the border. watch. >> you feel like you're doing a great job, right? that's what you're saying? >> are doing our level best. >> what does that mean. what does that mean when a child is sitting there own feces, can't take a shower. come on, man. what is that about. >> the president tweeting over the weekend, proven last week during a congressional tour that the border is clean, efficient, well-run, very crowded. cummings district is a disgusted
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rat and rodent infected mass. maybe he could help clean up his dangerous filthy place." the tweets were condemned as being racist by many people, including house speaker nancy pelosi. speaking to chris wallace yesterday, the acting white house chief of staff mikel mick mulvaney insisting the president's tweets had nothing to do about race. >> mr. cummings saying that children were sleeping or sitting in their own feces, it's not right, not accurate. mr. cummings has not been to the border in recent memory, not during this administration. when the president hears lies like that, he is going to fight back and that's what he saw. >> the president taking aim at nancy pelosi tweeting "speaking of failing badly, it has anyone seen what happened in nancy pelosi's district? it's not recognizable lately. something must be done before it's too late. the damage should stop wasting time on the witch hunt hopes and start focusing on our country. the president met a little while
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ago with a group of 20 inner-city pastors, including the reverend alveda king, the daughter of martin luther king jr. the number of others as well. one of whom was asked, do you believe the president is a racist and he responded no, i don't think so. the president will tomorrow preside over ceremonies marking the 400th anniversary of the first-term preventative assembly in the world in jamestown virginia. we have heard that virginia black lawmakers are going to be boycotting it because of what the president set over the weekend. john roberts at the white house. so far it's not a word to the president's supporters but it could be a worry to some of the financial backers. we have beverly hallberg here, democratic strategist antoine. beverly, the president's supporters holding together. i wonder if there are worries in the party it could fray with
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african-americans. >> i think when you look at the suburban women vote which did go towards the democrats in the midterm election, there's questions about his style over substance. are people going to disagree with style? i think when it comes to his strategy, people are asking is it a communication strategy. i don't think his staff would put their staff over -- -- of approval on it. i think there's a reason why he called out representative cummings. very critical about what's going on at the border but we cs trend and that somebody will say something negative about trump and his administration and then you will see that the president will counter punch and call them out for being un-american and then the president is called racist. we see the back-and-forth going on. i'm not sure if it hurts president trump himself. i think it's very hard for other members of the g.o.p. to have to respond to the tweets. >> neil: the fund-raiser, republicans, the president has a lot going for him when it comes
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to make a case for record law on employment. just a couple tweets and comments like these could implode all of that. are you worried? >> not at all. i think that president has been masterful. i think there's a strategy behind it. i don't think it's going to hurt the president in the slightest. i think the president has the guts to say what most americans are thinking about. >> neil: how is that masterful, to go back -- to say go back to your country? >> the reality is. the reality is that what's going on in the inner-city needs needs to have a light shone on it and that's exactly what the president is doing. >> neil: fair enough. antoine, what do you think? if all of a sudden you're going to hear criticism of his record in helping and serving and reaching out to minorities, you might as well hold their record to them as well.
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>> when you the president of the united states, every community falls under your responsibility. there's not a certain constituency represent. we know the president says and tweets and does racist, right wing, red meat behavior to generate a certain response from certain segment of the population, primarily people who continue to support -- and it's a distraction for him to get away from talking about issues that matter and he continues to go after women and people of color, people he views will be -- >> neil: is it fair that you're going to criticize the president or call him you are elijah cummings, your district includes a lot of the stuff happening on your walk. and not limit him more than i am the president that your neck of the woods. >> name a district in this country, no matter where it is, one of the poorest districts in the countries in new york city represented by republicans. name a district that does not have pockets of poverty.
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the problem is elijah cummings the people in baltimore have open their arms and wanted to work with the president on issues. elijah cummings -- >> neil: it's a general issue. it's not republican or democrat. barack obama. we had senator standards bemoan it. >> i don't disagree but the problem is the wording. when you say go back to where you come from, the grandson of sharecroppers who grew up in south carolina, i've heard stories about what that language means. when you use the word rat infested, those words mean something and it needs something -- >> neil: do you think he was deliberately -- -- >> everything trump does is very calculated. everything he does is calculated and -- steel in beverly, let me ask you, whether you agree or disagree with the president's wording and tone, are you hearing from people that it's wiping out the progress he's made these communities that are now enjoying probably the best economic environment they've seen in decades.
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>> look at the unemployment rate of african-americans alone, except the longest -- lowest it's been in decades, some are saying ever before paid there's a lot he could tout. this changes the news cycle. it's at the top of your show and this is what we're talking about, another weekend tweets storm. i think it's completely valid to call out cities like san francisco and baltimore for the crime and poverty and for the politicians who run those cities who can't fix it. if the name calling. not helpful. >> neil, african-americans could not have a greater president that president donald j. trump. stigler you've got to be kidding me. you have to say this in a joking manner. >> the best thing that's happened to the african-american community in a long time. >> neil: progress on the job front, economics. >> it is political malpractice for you to say to me as an african-american that donald trump was the best thing to ever happen to me. it's a slap in my face first of
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all. >> not at all. >> neil: the politics and the heat, i grant you, over the top. is it in the front for african-americans who are now enjoying the lowest unemployment rates as a group ever. it is an insult to them? they go can i tell you a political reality, people who look like me, their people in our communities across the country, working poor white people who are trying to forget about trying to make ends meet. they are putting ends together hoping they need. the idea that everything is so peachy and creamy for everything, communities of color and all across the country. >> neil: final word. antoine, nick, beverly. thank you.
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there is this guy lieberman, joe lieberman, former senator, former vice presidential candidate joins me now. the heat goes back and forth, doesn't it? >> it does. i think to the detriment of our country. and to the detriment of the president he's got a pretty good record on the economy. as you were saying in the conversation you just had when it comes to minority groups, they are doing better than they did before. >> neil: and you can leave it at that. >> i think you should leave it at that. it is attacked, counterattack politics and it brings the country down. one of the reasons why the president is not doing better in the latest polls, including the fox poll that had joe biden beating him by ten points which made him upset, of course. it's not because of the specific record. that may be part of it for some people. it's because there's a feeling that the country is constantly at war.
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with one another, kind of civil, political work, very uncivil. >> neil: his responses i don't start these things. but i'm sure going to respond when someone calls me these things. >> yeah, but you know, he's the president what he says affects the tenor of politics and life in our country. i think he should take it up. >> neil: what do you think of his argument that it's a double standard. someone like michigan democrat rashida tlaib can come out and advocate a boy pot of israel. >> you have to take it on. i thought her rhetoric was over the top. >> neil: is it racist? >> i'm not sure if i would say it was racist. it was divisive. it was thoughtless, hurtful to people, just as some of the stuff the president has had has been hurtful lately. >> neil: knowing what she said said, the president said no one talks about it. do you think they should? the guy think a lot of people are talking about it and they
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should. people should respond to that kind of error, factually wrong, insulting comment by congresswoman tlaib directly and don't feel like you've got to attack her for something in her personal background. just say what she said was -- >> neil: what you said about israel, the boycott. you wouldn't make it personal. >> yeah. if i have a gripe with something that elijah cummings had, i would take on exactly what he said that i don't like. the other problem with this, i know elijah cummings from my years in the senate. i work with him. he's a menu can work with. i actually believe he is a person president trump could work with. i don't think any more. >> neil: we are past that. >> it's a problem. it's not all the president's. it's on both sides but when you attack somebody personally instead of just taking on their
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ideas, you're making that much harder -- >> neil: we yell and scream at each other a lot, don't we? >> you and i? stephen not you and i. but it's like professional wrestling. they get on a high horse. >> we have always had spirited politics, partisan politics but it's gone way over the edge and it's hurting our country. i think is one of the reasons why people still think the country is headed in the wrong direction, even though something as basic as the economy is doing as well as it's doing. >> neil: let's talk a little bit about that. when you were running for president, on the ticket with al gore, we had at the time a $5.8 trillion debt. we were going through a few years -- we had surpluses. 5.8 trillion compared to 22, 23 trillion now, and we are celebrating it to your debt ceiling agreement that kind of keeps everything going at a
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faster rate. what you think? >> i think it's terrible. like everybody says, our kids and grandkids are going to pay it in norma's amount of money for our irresponsibility. >> neil: and yet at the middle of this we are shouting at each other. >> yeah. >> neil: it doesn't solve any of those. >> sinking in the longer term because of the debt we're taking on. let me cite an example, the balanced budget act of 1997, basically the result of an extraordinary bipartisan compromise between president bill clinton and speaker of the house newt gingrich. it actually balance the budget. we had surpluses for a few year years. >> neil: we get past our differences. stick we've got bigger problems that will secure our future. the president is a capable man. he knows how to run businesses. he really ought to be running the u.s. focused on the problems
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>> neil: trade talks with china back on but that doesn't mean that a deal is back on track. it depends on how you want to look at it. blake at the white house. >> it's fair to say there's not a lot of high expectations heading into the meeting as the treasury secretary steve nugent, trade representative robert lighthizer set to meet with their chinese counterparts in shanghai tuesday and wednesday. the first face-to-face talks since those last talks broke off in early may. all you have to do is go back to what was said publicly last week to understand. the treasury secretary telling me he thinks they are a few meetings away to any sort of potential deal.
1:19 pm
on friday, larry kudlow, the top economic advisor, said he doesn't think the discussions will lead to any sort of grand deal. then there were in the comments from president trump himself. friday afternoon heading into the weekend in which he said at this point he thinks china might be playing the long game, as in china might be trying to wait out president trump on till november 2020. listen here. >> more meetings. i don't think personally china would sign a deal if i had a 2% chance of losing the election, i think china would probably say let's wait. let's wait. maybe trump will lose and we can deal with another dope or another stiff like the people that allowed these deals to happen, this horrible thing to happen to our country. >> the president this morning took to twitter to lump in his criticisms of the federal reserve with china saying: china in the e.u. are going to "pump money into their
1:20 pm
systems." the president also said in one tweet as it relates to the fed that one rate quote will be "not enough." >> neil: not a shocker. thank you. the prayer prevailing winds of the federal reserve is going to lower interest rates, let's get that read from the "washington examiner"'s editor in chief hugo gurdon. good to have you. it's seen as a win-win in some parts of washington that even if you don't get a deal, you get a cut in rates, the longer we go without a deal, the more likely to get additional cuts and rates. it does seem to be like a twisted logic. what do you think? >> i think it is twisted logic. the trade war is depressing the economy and the economy is the biggest most effective card president trump can play in his bid for reelection. it's the kind of thing that you notice when there's been arguments over the weekend about
1:21 pm
tweets and racism. something really solid about the economy of the united states. it's been on fire since he came into office with his deregulation. the terror of war is depressing it and quarterly growth -- if the trade war continues what trump is doing is damaging his own chances of reelection. the economy has built jobs. his low unemployment and minorities. there's also things to boast about. if he depresses the economy with the trade war, then obviously he is depressing the thing that can help them get reelected. >> neil: it hasn't happened yet, though, right? >> no, it's been strong. as you say, wednesday the fed is likely to lower rates but here's an interesting thing. it's expected that they will reduce rates by a quarter point. but it's possible, 25% chance that it's going to be 50%, and that's much higher than it was at the beginning of the year.
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>> neil: police investigating whether a second person was involved in the should mick killed three and injured over a dozen at a food festival in northern california. former las vegas police lieutenant. when we get together on events like this, i am always asking experts how do you avoid getting caught up in something like that, in the middle of something? you or they are, you are trapped in a lot of cases. what do you do? >> you get the hell out. this is about survival.
1:26 pm
if you find yourself in a situation where there is an active shooter, it's about survival. it's about escape and finding cover, concealment. in the chaos that's taking place, you've got to try to find a way out. if the desperation takes place and you find yourself face to face with the shooter and it's life and death, then i believe in attack and i believe this is a tactic that's been used successfully. a number of occasions where the shooter was taken down by citizens. this is one of the things, you can't train for it. you can prepare mentally for it. it's about situational awarenes awareness. you know this is taking place. neil, i don't know if you're aware but this was only one of the mass shootings that took
1:27 pm
place this weekend. there was another one in philadelphia. one man shot, five injured. same thing in brooklyn. one day dead and 11 injured and that's not even counting the body count in chicago. we're not talking about an instance that isn't -- it's taking place with regularity now. you have to be aware of your surroundings, whether you're in a bar just enjoying a night out or if you're in a heavily congested area like this where it seems to draw out people who have this type of inclination. >> neil: in brooklyn, they are saying it was one of the guests, whether the shooter was focusing on one of the guests. in this case, it seemed really indiscriminate. talking about may be another gunman who might have shared the same sort of, this is a big
1:28 pm
social gathering. let's target this thing, for no reason -- other reason than that. it is still early. we don't know. but it's so random. >> i think at this point, the last i heard from the chief of police was that while they are still looking into the second shooter possibility, probably from the chaos that took place, this report came out very similar to what happened in las vegas. as you know in the october shooting, there's too many similarities in this particular case as far as i'm concerned. an individual who came out of nowhere, insignificant criminal history, purchased a gun legally, sculpted out. this was definitely a plan, put on tactical gear, armed himself with a weapon that could do a lot of damage and then for no apparent motive went on a killing spree. there's a lot of similarities
1:29 pm
here. i hope that there's a better outcome as far as determining a motive with this case than what happened with las vegas. >> neil: yeah, that was just -- back i went to his grave without our knowing exactly why he did what he did. randy sutton, thank you very, very much. in the meantime, 12020 democratic hopeful with a message for house speaker nancy pelosi on impeachment. don't worry about politics, worry more about not rising above politics. s all together s all together and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake. whoa! it's pure gold. we're gonna be rich... we're gonna be rich! it only gets better when you switch and save with geico.
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>> neil: beyond the missing earnings estimates. the revenue side. the stock might be down 10% after hours. keep in mind it's appreciated 800% since going public. did you know that feeling sluggish or weighed down could be signs that your digestive system isn't working at its best? taking metamucil every day can help. metamucil supports your daily digestive health using a special plant-based fiber called psyllium. psyllium works by forming a gel in your digestive system to trap and remove the waste that weighs you down.
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metamucil's gelling action also helps to lower cholesterol and slows sugar absorption to promote healthy blood sugar levels. so, start feeling lighter and more energetic by taking metamucil every day. >> neil: this delicate dance nancy pelosi leading, go ahead, pursue, look into things but careful, careful, careful. she all but told jerry nadler of the house judiciary committee don't get ahead of your skis. what do you think? think of this is a woman who is politically brilliant and she's made the argument for long time that the politics of impeachment are tough. you watch fox news and you talk about the poles against impeachment and i get that but my view is how about doing the right thing by the constitution? >> neil: 2020 democratic
1:34 pm
presidential hopeful saying that the right thing to do would be to continue with impeachment proceedings no matter how politically problematic it might be. marsha blackburn, senator, good to have you. he is saying that the right thing to do is pursue impeachment. what do you think? >> i think it's the wrong thing to do but if the democrats want to keep doing that and guarantee the republicans take back the house, that we keep that senate and donald trump wins reelection, you know, they are going to go ahead and do that. people want to hear -- when i was in east tennessee, people were talking about how good the economy is, they like the jobs growth. they want to make certain that we find out how in the world a dossier was used for a fisa warrant. somebody was spied on, an american citizen. they want that he answered. they are saying look, the mueller report is over with. the impeachment talk is something that's going to divert
1:35 pm
attention from securing the southern border, making the tax cuts permanent, getting more federal judges on the bench, and making certain that we address online privacy. those of the things they want to see done. >> neil: nowhere in that list, senator , the efforts to make sure russia doesn't repeat what he did in 2016 in 2020. why is that? >> people know that their local election commissions is who is in charge of administering the election. they know those men and women that sit on those commissions. they know that the federal government is not in charge of elections. actually they are a little bit amused that the mainstream media just does not seem to understand that. >> neil: a local commission really can't solve russian operatives from -- >> no, they can't but they can protect -- that's right. that is washington's job entity that is something we are working
1:36 pm
on. i am chairing the technology task force and we are looking at these issues. censorship and prioritization. privacy and data security. we are working to hold big tech accountable for this. my goodness. if you've got facebook or big tech companies and they are paid in rubles, rubles? for political ads. honest-to-goodness. they should know, neil, but that's not a valid political ad. >> neil: do you worry, senator, i know you don't like federal interference in these kind of matters but obviously that doesn't stop the russians from acting on a countrywide federal basis on their own part. should we fight back? >> of course, yes. >> neil: american senators, republicans for whatever reason or maybe just anger over democrats trying to say the donald trump is a legitimate
1:37 pm
president and most americans would argue he won fair and square. the story, that's why there's trepidation to pursue this. >> not at all. the russians, they are bad actors and they been trying to interfere in u.s. policy for decades. this is nothing new. they are using the virtual space now. we should be resolute in our opposition to them having any access. >> neil: don't you have to do more? >> absolutely, and that is why -- >> neil: i don't see any legislature that would slap it down on them. >> privacy, data security, focusing on those issues, delivering something, that so you work on this and holding big tech accountable which is something we are doing through the technology task force. >> neil: do you think it's enough?
1:38 pm
deciding what google or facebook is doing, will that be enough to prevent the russians from repeating what they did? >> we've got to stay one step ahead of them. >> neil: they seem to be one step ahead of us, right? >> well, it looks as though in 2016 they kept dancing around the edges and making certain that big tech is going to block them when they set up these websites, when the established -- >> neil: do you think bob mueller was right when he said they're going to do it again. they're already working to do it again. do you think that is alarming? >> i call the new axis of evil russia, china, iran, north kore north korea. there is no end to their efforts to try to undermine us. >> neil: senator, you have the power to stop them. you have the power to lead the effort. >> i am. i am chairman of the technology task force and we are working on it every day. >> neil: mitch mcconnell has bypassed a lot of the stuff he could be doing to do just that. >> i think what he's doing is
1:39 pm
making certain that we don't have these pieces of legislation that the democrats have brought forward that are not well thought out. that would end up doing more harm than good. addressing privacy, making certain that we get something on the books for federal privacy standards, that's a good place to start. building out the framework. >> neil: will watch. senator, all right, i'm going to get a couple of your colleagues on, including rick scott. thank you. we'll have more. >> thank you. drive safely.. . with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth...
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>> i am in the vicinity of an internationally recognized -- [indistinct] >> british warship.
1:43 pm
>> neil: this is new audio coming in of the seizure of the british pinker about ten days ago. obviously you could say despite the warnings and stern rebuke from the british warship nearby, they did it anyway. still held that ship and the men on that ship. retired colonel david hunt. what do you think? >> i'm very impressed with the stern warning from a british warship. this is piracy, plain and simpl simple. the helicopter landed those commandos and probably the worst execution of ever seen, should've been blown out of the sky. england is a great country. they have a small but great military. they have special operating forces, like a delta force and seals. there is no reason that boat should still be there except for politics. it's embarrassing, and we need
1:44 pm
to step up security in that whole area. so this kind of thing can be prevented if we are willing politically to do what has to be done which in this case is below helicopter out and shoot a couple of these grave outs. iran cannot be allowed to interview her in the strait of hormuz. >> neil: telling the tanker, but the british warship, it was too far away's vision have a chance to respond. >> the issue is that large insurance companies, the ship captain's union, the people that own the tankers are prohibiting, they do not want security on the boats. they don't mind being escorted but they -- if you have four or five guys on that tanker, that helicopter never gets near. or a gray boat, he never comes out. this has been 30 years now, this
1:45 pm
argument about people with weapons on these boats to help prevent -- to stop piracy. it's not that difficult to do. it could be privatized. you can have this kind of incident. england is looking impotent on this. it's embarrassing. it's a great country. >> neil: the iranians are going to do this again, i suspect, right? >> they took a british ship of war 12 years ago, remember? they took a british ship of war for four or five days. it cannot be allowed. it is. we are asking for them to do it again. iran wants attention. they can have it. these kind of ships in the strait of hormuz. iran, with economic pressure, we can really bring it even further. england can't have this boat sitting there for ten days. >> neil: colonel hunt,
1:46 pm
thank you very, very much. the president tweeting a few moments ago. "the iranians never won a war but never lost a negotiation." stay with us. what's going on? it's the 3pm slump. should have had a p3. oh yeah. should have had a p3. need energy? get p3. with a mix of meat, cheese and nuts.
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>> neil: when even republicans say enough is enough when it comes to the debt ceiling agreement that postpones any problems for another couple years, florida senator rick scott saying no, this has got to stop. he's against it. he joins us. thank you for taking the time. >> thank you, neil. i'm not going to vote for. i understand president trump, steve mnuchin, mitch mcconnell, richard shelby worked hard on it and i appreciate the fact that they are funding the department of defense but we need to do it we didn't florida. pay down the debt. paid off a third of the state debt. reduce taxes. they said when i got elected in 2010 you couldn't do these
1:50 pm
things. we've got to do this. you think about your kids and grandkids and what we are going to leave for them, no one is saying i'm okay with spending money now and leave the debt on my kids and grandkids but that's exactly what we are doing. >> neil: i admire the position you're taking. i don't know whether it's got you in trouble with the president or other powers. what's been the reaction? >> look, i'm sure everyone who wants me to vote for it is disappointing i'm not going to vote for but i ran a campaign and i'm doing what i didn't florida. the only way out of the mess we're in is we've got to spend more time growing this economy faster than what were growing and watch how we spend the money. there's so much waste here, like i found in florida. i went line by line through the budget and i found waste and eliminated it and i'm going to try to do the same thing here. >> neil: have you heard from the president on this? >> no. i have not heard from the president. i talked to the majority leader and let him know my position and why i'm doing it.
1:51 pm
and i know the next, whatever days is going to take freight to pass, i'm sure i'm going to get a lot of phone calls. i'm worried about your kids and eventually your grandkids. we cannot be passing this debt onto them. that's my concern. >> neil: what you have at least the assurance of knowing this is going to overwhelmingly pass regardless, right? >> i haven't done vote counts. i know how i believe. i believe we ought to be doing what we didn't florida. figure out how to spend our money better, get rid of the waste, pay down the debt. $22 trillion of debt is enough. >> neil: while i have you, senator, we've heard about the racial stuff going back and forth between the white house and elijah cummings and al sharpton. what do you think of it all? a lot of the president's critics are saying no, he's a racist. do you think donald trump is a racist? >> no, donald trump is not a racist. breaking news: you attack the president, he's probably going to take you back and you
1:52 pm
probably shouldn't be attacking law enforcement and border security in the meantime because he is going to attack you over that needs on the right set of that issue. representative coming shouldn't have been attacking border patrol. they are doing their job. this is exactly with the democrats did back in that '60s when they started attacking veterans that were coming back from vietnam in the early '70s. they were doing their job. whether it was a popular war or not. we have to secure the border. border patrol was hired to secure the border. let them do their jobs. democrats all paid up on the border or secure the border, they won't fix the asylum laws but they want to go attack border patrol doing their job. that's wrong. >> neil: saying what you said and the president using some terms that may be you feel might of been overdone by going back to your country, the kinds of things that remind people of racial comments. do you think they were a mistake? >> bernie sanders have the same thing. it's not racist to
1:53 pm
bernie sanders, democrat, says that? but if donald trump says it, it's racist? that's not right. the president is not a racist. >> neil: when you say bernie sanders have the same thing, you're talking about saying what he said about baltimore? >> yeah. i mean, even the local paper in baltimore has talked about the problems they have. why is it they say that president is racist when he is saying the exact same thing bernie sanders this saying he needs doing the right thing. he's defending the border patrol agents that are everyday tribes do their job. i've been to the border. i've talked to them. they are sitting there saying give us the resources to allow us to secure the border, change the asylum laws so we actually can control the border and then give us the money when we have people and we need to take care of them so we can do it properly. the democrats don't want to do this. they just hate trump and they are just doing this to show their hatred for trump, is all i can tell. >> neil: all right, senator rick scott, thank you
1:54 pm
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fico oh, i bet you didn't. a new report. be careful, america. she's out to to destroy you. i slightly overstated, for dramatic effect. >> she is, and it's not just apple. it's amazon's alexa. it's okay google. they are all constantly listening, and this technology has been around for what, 4-5 years now? they are getting better. apple has said privacy is a human right. unfortunately, it seems like
1:58 pm
they've gone back on that a little bit. to actually review, listen to, and audit these conversations that are happening, these chats that you have with siri, whether it's on your phone, your apple watch. >> if it doesn't go away. >> the chats actually get recorded. they get sent to these different contractors. we don't know exactly where they are located around the world. >> do you know where this is located around the world? >> it's not that you're necessarily saying, hey siri, what's going on with this? but, if they miss you. they are constantly recording, so if it's an actual question about the weather. >> i'm not saying that it's malicious software. i'm not saying apples out to get us.
1:59 pm
[laughs] >> you are too young to remember that, but i'm telling you. >> i'll take your word for it. but i think part of the problem is, consumers are not aware of what's happening. the fact that it's deceptive, because even if it's an inadvertent recording, it's impossible to stay away from it, even if you disconnect siri from your phone, it's constantly on your watch. the difference is, google is telling consumers. >> it's convenient. >> exactly. it's a necessary evil. >> it's your generation's fault. you know i'm right. >> we are buying into it. it makes life easier, but at the same time, we're giving up privacy. >> that's a little scary.
2:00 pm
>> i'm listening. i'm always listening. >> it's time to go. everyone's listening in. don't even get me started. ♪ >> high i'm greg, just the waters. and she peered dana is on at five. once again, the media calls president trump a racist, this time for exposing the obvious. after decades of doing what big city doesn't sell well, running their cities into the ground. baltimore is crime-ridden, drug ridden. but now, the media really cares about baltimore. why? because trump tweeted. meanwhile, what else is our racist president up


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