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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 30, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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my new podcast and new episode tomorrow, go to mike emanuel and the fox news at night team, take it from here. >> we begin with a fox news alert. donald trump tweets a new one about baltimore and elijah cummings sparking another firestorm, we will investigate what is really the case in cummings's district with bob early. another key player in donald trump's team on the way out, director of national intelligence dan coats and donald trump wants john ratcliff to replace him. why this is shaping up to be a brutal confirmation battle already. donald trump waves declaring the far left antifa group a terrorist organization, the announcement comes as an entity
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for member beat up a journalist in portland and tried to firebomb an ice detention facility into,. tom homan is here live to weigh in. welcome to fox news at night. i am mike emanuel. we begin with david fund and the latest in the white house on the new intelligence position open in the controversy about baltimore. good evening. >> donald trump just tweeted about elijah cummings and baltimore in the last 10 minutes or so after attacking congressman cummings the past few days the president picked a new person, our sharpton spent the day in baltimore. al is a con man and
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troublemaker, always looking for a story. >> if he thought i was a con man he would be nominating me to his cabinet. >> this is the original tweet from the president saturday about elijah cummings, cummings's district is a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess. if he spent more time in baltimore maybe he could clean up this dangerous and filthy place. >> the president of the united states to be the president of our entire country bringing us together. >> the editorial board of the baltimore sun newspaper title an op-ed, quote, better to have a few rats than to be one. in the eyes of washington have been on republican freedom caucus chairman mark meadows because he has a close relationship with the president and chairman cummings. in a statement of fox news meadows said i know both men well, neither man is a racist period. both love america. i think we put aside partisanship we could find bipartisan solutions that will benefit not only chairman cummings district but the country as a whole. meanwhile the director of national intelligence dan coats is on his way out, texas congressman john ratcliff faces a confirmation fight to replace him. dan coats was known to butt
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heads with his boss, publicly contradicting him multiple times, john ratcliff is a former us attorney with intelligence background during the george w. bush administration, got a lot of attention with his aggressive questioning of robert mueller on wednesday. >> can you give me an example other than donald trump or the justice department determined and investigated person was not exonerated, innocence was not conclusively determined. >> i cannot but this is unique. >> you can't find it because it doesn't exist. >> that was on last wednesday. ratcliff has to pass the senate vote to get the job. the moment he was announced democrats began pouncing on the
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idea -- chuck schumer said the senate would be making a grave mistake by advancing his nomination. certainly two big stories out of the white house to follow. >> big fight to watch on capitol hill. thanks so much. and unusually angry mitch mcconnell, the top republican in the senate taken to the floor on accusations he is moscow mitch allegedly looking the other way while russian interference in america's elections. garrett tenney has the story. >> i object, i object mister president, i object. >> this goes back to last week after robert mueller's testimony when gop leaders sparked a wave of criticism preventing democrats from passing a series of election security bills without any debate or what is known as unanimous consent. the headline of a washington post op-ed labeled mitch mcconnell russian assets, called trump unpatriotic and said he is arguably more than any other american doing vladimir putin's bidding. the hashtag moscow mitch was trending after joe scarborough pilon accusing him of aiding and abetting efforts to subvert our democracy. >> republicans are subverting american democracy and moscow mitch won't even let the senate
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take a vote on it. >> today mcconnell pushed back hard touting his 34 year record of urging tougher action against russia and calling the latest attacks against him modern-day mccarthyism. >> it is a routine occurrence in the senate. it doesn't make republicans traders or un-american, it makes us policymakers with a different opinion. this modern-day mccarthyism -- is toxic and damaging because of the way it warps our entire
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public discourse. >> mcconnell has blocked efforts with a number of election security -- he and other republicans have long argued the federal government should largely stay out of telling the state how to run their own elections. and today he defended his opposition to democratic bills calling one so partisan that only received a single republican vote in the house. as soon as mcconnell was johnson a minority leader chuck schumer attempted to keep the pressure on. >> here's an easy way for me to mcconnell to silence critics who accused him of blocking election security. stop blocking it. >> robert mueller made it clear in his testimony that our country needs to do more to protect our elections and while the trump administration has taken some action to do that on its own it is very clear there is still a lot of frustration on both sides over what congress can and should do going forward. >> garrett tenney, thanks a lot. moscow mitch, coats out, recreating, the controversy over baltimore, a lot to discuss, john food, great to have you. mitch mcconnell taking heat on election security. i want to play what chuck schumer said and get your response. >> i still don't have a clear idea why leader mcconnell is evidently opposed to doing anything on election security. maybe it's because donald trump
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in his childlike way presents the fact that people point out the russia interferes, he thinks it delegitimize size his presidential election. but that's not a good enough reason if that is the case. >> there's been a lot that has been done on election security, congress has appropriated almost $400 million and if you saw in 2018, did you see a single-story in 2018 about russian meddling in our american election and the answer is no and the reason is there weren't any and because the election officials at the state level and federal level did a really good job. we have constant conversations with those who were responsible for protecting and making sure there were firewalls in place and they tell us what they need but we are on a good course, and we have to know that and have the right mechanisms to defend
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against it. we are doing that and democrats and what you saw with senator schumer and others essentially grandstanding. >> a big change at the top of our intelligence apparatus, former colleague senator dan coats is going to be leaving, john ratcliff coming in. some complaints he may be too partisan. mike pompeo believes in him. >> he is very smart, i'm confident he will do a good job. people said i would be too political to be the director too. i hope history will inform us all that that wasn't the case, i did my job, delivered on behalf of the american people in an appropriate way and didn't allow politics to interfere with delivering important timely
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fact-based intelligence to the president of the united states. >> you are the whip. will he have the votes to get through? >> he has just been nominated. he has the process to go through the confirmation hearing and he will get a lot of questions about hearing but i have every reason to believe he will do well and i suspect he will be the next person in that job. we will miss dan coats who is a colleague who did a great job delivering timely and as mike pompeo pointed out, fact-based intelligence to the president and the decision-makers there and i expect we will see the same out of congressman ratcliff. >> is troubling to you that chuck schumer has artie come out as now on ratcliff? >> it says this is the political environment we are in that the democrats you couldn't put up anybody that would satisfy them so that -- it is a knee-jerk reaction on the democrats part, purely partisan reaction i might add. he deserves a fair process, he will get asked hard questions but he deserves a fair vote in the united states senate. i would hope democrats wouldn't prevent that from happening by getting out there and making comments like that at this early stage. >> so much has been said about the back-and-forth between donald trump and elijah cummings.
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your colleagues in the house are having a republican retreat in baltimore in september. is that awkward and do you think the president will go? >> he attends most of those retreats, an opportunity for him to talk with the people on capitol hill who are responsible for helping deliver on his agenda but i don't think anybody -- second thoughts about going to baltimore, the back-and-forth he had with congressman cummings isn't that we've seen in the past couple days but i don't expect that will have any long-term consequence or impact on the house going there or having a very good retreat. >> some people are uncomfortable with the tactics, the tweeting and stuff like that but putting the spotlight on baltimore, might that help the city at some point? >> the president always in his tweets strikes at some court issues, some would rather he didn't do it the way he does. it is important to be respectful to people in the public debate,
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the discourse we have. obviously pointing out problems where policies have failed is something that is part of the public debate and i think if you look at areas of this country that haven't done well and the kind of leadership they have had over the years paints a clear contrast between the kind of leadership we want to see not only for cities or states that our country and is a clear stark contrast between that and what the democrats want to see, more socialistic policies which lead to the kinds of outcomes the president was talking about. >> thanks for your time. >> democrats opposing john ratcliff's nomination to be director of national intelligence arguing donald trump becomes solely based on loyalty in his line of questioning of robert mueller last week. let's bring in the shown and former deputy assistant attorney general john you, great to have you. former cia director john brennan is not impressed.
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>> i have no sense that trump is looking for somebody to speak truth to him about all these challenges around the globe that threaten our national security and mister ratcliff does not give me any confidence at all he is going to be able to direct the men and women of the intelligence community to do what they need to do it this troubling time. >> is that fair? >> first, i think mister ratcliff was a us attorney in the district of texas in the post-9/11 world where you have to understand the relationship between law enforcement and national security but the deeper issue is the job is not -- the head of the cia is responsible for collecting intelligence. we have a great national security adviser, john bolton. there has been a parade of dnis to have been not very memorable,
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largely ineffective so if the president wants to have someone close to him, the person we should care about is national security adviser, mister ratcliff is welcome to the job. i don't think it will make a big difference. >> one thing donald trump likes about him is his ability to handle himself on camera. watch this. >> they are moving on saying they want to pursue obstruction by the court system trying to get grand jury information. it is becoming a joke, people see that, starting to look like laurel and hardy, time to move on. >> your thoughts on this nomination? >> he is obviously an effective advocate of the president, great communicator, i give him that but the statute creating the director of national intelligence says you need to have substantial national security expertise and i think by most circumstances and most judgment he doesn't. he has been on the intelligence committee for a year, us
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attorney, he had cases on national security, cyber security but we can do better and have somebody more independent, greater expertise. he wouldn't be my first choice and give my threats he -- i disagree with john you. i want to coordinator of national intelligence who can bring together strands of intelligence and speak truth to power. i am skeptical. >> we will see how he does in the confirmation process. mitch mcconnell fighting back on what he calls the dangerous rise of modern-day mccarthyism. is mcconnell being treated unfairly? >> i think it is ridiculous the washington post is calling mitch mcconnell a russian asset because he stands in the way of legislation they think is tougher on russia. mitch mcconnell is a russian asset why isn't barack obama and joe biden russian asset in the hacking occurred in the election
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of 2016 during their administration. weiss and henry kissinger the greatest russian asset of all because he pursued detente? it is silly. the deeper messages people accusing mitch mcconnell of being a russian asset are the same people who think ratcliff is politicizing the dni office. a disturbing trend of mixed politics and intelligence and use these terms and irresponsible ways when we are having is a political fight over the best policy issue in the federal government, being in charge of election the policy. >> does involve attacks on maternal? >> i support enhanced election security. i agree with what senator schumer said at the clip that was played but i don't believe for a second that mitch mcconnell is a russian asset. i agree with john to the extent that i don't think we should so effectively weapon ice partisanship when we have policy
12:16 am
disagreements but i see the case of mitch mcconnell who i disagree with very different from mister ratcliff who i'm not sure is qualified it is you say we will find that out in the hearings but the washington post went too far and i was disturbed when i read it. >> many thanks. the executive director of the democratic congressional campaign committee handing her resignation tonight quitting the house democrats campaign arm over complaints about lack of diversity in its upper ranks, two hispanic lawmakers say d triple c is in complete chaos and we heard jacqueline newman will replace jeff low and serve as intern as interim executive director. the senate failing in a bid to override a series of vetoes
12:17 am
issued by donald trump allowing the administration to go forward with plans to sell billions of dollars in weapons to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates. the decision to sell the weapons in a way that would have bypassed congressional review infuriated lawmakers from both parties with a handful of republicans joined democrats in trying to override those vetoes. new emerging details about the garlic festival shooter, the disturbing development that place christians in the crosshairs. bob starnes and charlie kirk on deck to weigh in. s luxurious fuy nerves when i'm worried about moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer! antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance. ♪ how do you like it, ♪ how do you like it ♪ ♪ more, more, more
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12:22 am
>> reporter: the gunman is 19 years old, he was named by police as santino william ligon, he had just graduated isolated american of italian and iranian decent. the weapon used, ak-47 type rifle. in the words of the police chief, legally in nevada, on july 9th. as for motives investigators going through his social media profile and posts apparently made in the last few days. in one, he mentions a book that promotes white supremacy and he is critical of people of mixed race. he also rails in vulgar terms against white people from silicon valley. police are doing all they can to find out what drove him. >> motive is important. everybody wants to know why.
12:23 am
if there's any affiliation with other people and groups of people that could potentially hurt and threatening the future that plays into that. >> the shooter injured a dozen people and killed three including a 6-year-old boy, stephen romero and the 13-year-old girl, kayla salazar. governor gavin newsom speaking out after meeting with the victims and their families today. >> this is insane. only in america, here we go again. we are not giving up. we are better than this and the state will continue to lead. we will do more and do better and call out people unwilling to engage in the kind of conversation we need to have not only to change gun laws and change culture. >> police and the fbi searched a car belonging to him at the scene of the shooting at an
12:24 am
apartment in northern nevada where he is believed to have stayed for a time, no word at this stage whether they found anything that might give a definitive motive for the latest mass shooting that is left three more american families morning lost loved ones. >> thanks very much. we are learning more about the shooter who posted on social media about a late 1800s racist manifesto which vilifies christianity. was bring in todd starnes and the founder of turning point usa charlie kirk, great to have you. the suspect identified as a 19-year-old guy who cut his way through a fence and started shooting anyone in front of him. what do you make of it? >> a horrific tragedy and generally with these events i get upset with the media on either political side tries to over politicize these things.
12:25 am
what is being omitted from the coverage in the mainstream press is part of the sentiments we understood from the shooter, he held deeply anti-christian beliefs and for whatever reason that doesn't fit the narrative. it doesn't fit the narrative what they want or what it seems the picture they want to paint and i find it troubling to over politicize these horrible tragedies because these are isolated incidentss and it is a more general indictment of broken culture. instead of trying to cherry pick these incidents and make a bigger political point about gun control or anything else. >> anti-christian is not surprising when you see the evil carried out. >> really good point you bring up and charlie is on to something. this is about the breakdown of the culture. why has the culture broken down? the fact of the matter is we have a morality problem in america. what is happening to our country
12:26 am
cannot be resolved at the statehouse. it can only be resolved in the church house. this is something that is politically incorrect even to talk about among some conservatives but this is the reality of where we are. beyond that the other issue is language. words matter and the democrats for whatever reason wants to go out and try to portray every christian, every conservative, every republican as a white supremacist, as a racist. words matter and we've got to tone down the rhetoric and understand what is happening with the country. >> the suspect posted might is right, why over crowd towns and pay open space to make room for silicon valley white bleeps? that survival of the fittest type, in effect weakness should be hated. >> it is disgusting and there is
12:27 am
no defense of that whatsoever and a deeper reflection needs to understand why are young men gravitating towards this type of behavior and it seems this culture has young men feeling so isolated there gravitating towards violence in the trend for young men in particular is so disturbing whether it is homelessness, opioid use, depression, suicidal or violent extremism and this is something we have ignored for too long and to entertain a disgusting piece of literature like that and act upon it is something that should be repudiated and it is disgusting in the highest possible level. >> we have to leave it there, thanks so much. fox news alert, a manhunt still underway in canada, a small community in manitoba swarmed by authorities after possible sighting of 2 young men accused of killing three people
12:28 am
including an american woman and her australian boyfriend, dan springer has more on the search. >> this manhunt started a week ago and the trail has gone cold. the last confirmed sighting was in gillam, manitoba 7 days ago but yesterday two men matching the description of the suspects were seen rummaging through a dumpsite in york landing about 50 miles west of gillam where the suspects burn the car they had stolen. police and military are looking for 19-year-old cam macleod and 18-year-old michalski of vancouver island accused of murdering a botanist from the university of british columbia and a couple traveling across northern canada in two separate killings. 24-year-old china deeds and her australian boyfriends were last seen at a gas station in northern dc. the suspects were caught on camera in a store in the remote town of gillam 7 days ago. the royal canadian police and
12:29 am
the canadian military urged gillam, an all-out search with police going door-to-door canvassing hundreds of homes and scouring the area using military helicopters. they are searching in some of the most unforgiving terrain in canada. the thought was they were still around gillam because there had been no more vehicles reported stolen but then came the sighting sunday in york landing, residents all over manitoba on high alert while mostly staying safely indoors was the search has spanned 3000 miles. >> thanks very much. antifa attacked a journalist at an ice facility richly, we debate the measures donald trump is considering to put a little on the far left group next. man . man 1: ...caused liver damage. vo: epclusa treats all main types of chronic hep c. vo: whatever your type, ask your doctor if epclusa is your kind of cure. woman 2: i had the common type. man 2: mine was rare. vo: epclusa has a 98% overall cure rate.
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not getting in today. not on my watch. pests never stop trying to get in. we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. >> mike: journalist recently sent to the >> andy now was sent to the hospital after being violently beaten up by antifa on the streets of portland, and an ice facility was attacked by antifa
12:34 am
supporter and donald trump is weighing whether or not to declare the far left movement a terror organization. joining me now former bernie sanders national staffer figaro and tom homan, great to have both of you. donald trump is taking a net antifa. check this clip out. >> hitting people over the head with sticks and i mean that even. they are whacking people with bats. they always show up with a mask and they are covered, because then they go home to mom and dad, they don't want mom and dad to know where they were. >> is that fair? >> if we are going to take aim at folks we should do it across the board. it is not right that people are bashing peoples head and with bats just like it wasn't folks were getting run over in charlottesville, it is getting
12:35 am
really tiring to see who can be the most violence, the right, left, who can be more racist, the right, left, if we are going to hold folks accountable and told everyone accountable equally across the board. the newsweek article said 73% of deaths were caused by right-wing groups, 3% from left-wing but i believe in the right to protest and don't think it is for to categorize an entire group right or left wing by the actions of just a few members but i think we are getting into a dangerous place when you start categorizing an entire group or entire movement on the actions of a few. >> what are your thoughts about aggressively going after antifa? >> exactly what we need to new, the president is right, got a bunch of cowards, that's why they were masks. i have no problem, i agree with the other guest, no problems protesting but once you become violent assault somebody and destroy property, that is where you draw the line and our elected politicians are constantly attacked and vilified, this administration law enforcement across the board, this is what you get,
12:36 am
people -- elected politicians doing every day. >> you have folks acting real brave because they are wearing masks and disguises. >> again people acting real brave in charlottesville. where is the accountability for that. if we are going to pick one group why not make it across the board? i don't support as a veteran anyone beating someone up for their right to protest but again i would ask where was the line drawn in charlottesville and the other 73% of cases where right-wing groups have murdered folks? i don't want to decide who is the worst, right or left, we have enough of that daily but it is important that none of us are hypocrites, whether from the left like herself or from the right and be really clear that let's be accountable across the board. that is important. >> this is close to home. >> the differences the people in charlottesville were held accountable and are sitting in a jail cell but people in antifa
12:37 am
like that, the police department stood down because the mayor who is a wimp and hates this president and hates law enforcement told them to stand down. the difference is antifa is doing a lot of things like attacking this journalist and law enforcement has been standing down in these liberal cities because mayors of told them to stand down. that's what we need to change. a liberal city or conservative city. >> and they should arrest that person and send them to jail. i am speaking to categorizing an entire group as a drastic terrorist group. we can't just say everybody part of a certain group are these types of individuals. the people accountable should be sitting in a jail cell but should we make everyone who is part of the scuba domestic terrorist and infringe on the rights of those were peacefully protesting? that is the difference. >> your reaction and this must
12:38 am
hit close to home to you after they attacked an ice facility. >> they are uneducated because if -- they don't like what ice does, protest on capitol hill to change the law. ice doesn't make this a. they enforce the laws enacted by congress and trying to burn down an ice facility, 1200 detainees from central america and all over the world, that is who is hurt. they make uneducated decisions. it is about violence and just ridiculous so i agree with donald trump 100%, enough is enough, this isn't the america i grew up in where people feel free to attack journalists like that and not be arrested. >> we have to leave it there. thanks so much.
12:39 am
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>> if >> if you want to know what it looks like this is it, this entire block is made of dilapidated abandoned houses. some people are living in between this. >> you can smell the dead animals. >> a lot of this is privately owned. we need people to condemn this property. >> you heard from katherine. the british broadcasting committee weighing in on the city of the past couple years. the president aiming his baltimore criticism at maryland democrat congresswoman elijah cummings saying it is not just about baltimore buildings but includes the system's inner harbor, johns hopkins university
12:44 am
and home to, quote, above average college education rate and home prices and a mix of urban and suburban areas. let's bring in republican bob early. great to have you. >> good to see. >> reporter: the current republican governors not amused by this. take a listen and i ask you to weigh in. >> once all this tweeting stops and all the name calling calms down maybe we can get congressman cummings and his colleagues and the president and his team at the white house to focus on what can the federal government do to help us stop these issues in baltimore city and chicago and los angeles and other cities around the country because we are not the only ones. >> the governor's point is well taken but if it takes tweets to get people to focus on the dire
12:45 am
problems we have for many years, multigenerational failure in our schools and the plight of small businesses and small gangs, if it takes him tweets to get people to focus on that, there will be a positive byproduct. i understand where the governor is coming from and i would have made a similar statement. this is politics but as you report every night when the president gets it he hits back, to care what, you are or what your station in life is or what you do for a living, he will hit back and that is what he has done here. everybody needs to step back, take a deep breath, comment, fight, it gets ratings and it is election season but the fact is some of us have been working on these issues for many years, not just congressman cummings district but a lot of urban areas. to a very real extent we've lost
12:46 am
a lot of our kids and deprived them of constitutional rights with regard to failing public education. the fight i had is governor, we lost that fight and a lot of kids were stuck in failing public schools so i get where the president is going. he has a story to tell with regard to his record, what his administration has done not just with black america but urban america generally and i would like to see him gauge on that. i would like to see him show up, the governor's point is well taken, hopefully they can talk about something, not just whistling by the graveyard. we've done that for generations and nothing ever changes. people never get the money and the kids get lost in the process. >> i don't recall the outrage when bernie sanders hammered baltimore in 2015.
12:47 am
>> you one who walked the walk we took around his neighborhood you would think you were in a third world country. >> was sanders wrong? >> are you saying there is a double standard? are you serious? of course there is a double standard. we appreciate it, believe me but there is a double standard, everything the president does is going to be demonized, going to lend itself to a lot of analysis but what the governor said today as well, to the extent anything can get us focused on getting these kids, we've lost lots of generations of young people, if we can have a discussion, not just a discussion, enough discussions, focus on something new, something different, what we've tried for many decades in places like baltimore hasn't worked in a very tangible way. >> former governor bob ehrlich, thanks for your time.
12:48 am
the gloves are coming off in detroit as democrats prepare for contentious around 2 on the debate stage, peter doocy is there and katie perry under fire for alleged copyright infringement, stay tuned.
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♪ >> mike: democ >> presidential content is getting around for a second round of debates but they are getting a look at kamala harris's plan for universal healthcare coverage without a big middle-class tax hike. how it is a vision not everyone can see clearly. >> to try to stop her from stealing the show at the second debate like she did in the first rival campaigns are coming for kamala. >> it will work out. >> today the california democrat is being called out for distancing herself from this. >> who here would abolish private health insurance in favor of the government run plan? >> even though she raised her hand to get rid of private insurance her new healthcare plan lets people keep private
12:53 am
insurance or to buy into medicare. >> people don't want government or anyone to take away their choices. >> joe biden's deputy campaign manager responded with a blistering statement, quote, kamala harris just released a healthcare plan that both backtracks on her promise for supporting sanders medicare for all legislation and committing to unraveling the a formal care act the trump administration is trying to undo right now. the bernie sanders campaign manager piled on, quote, call it anything you want but you can't call this plan medicare for all. sanders wants medicare for all in the us and drugs price like in canada which he visited with a bus full of american diabetics this weekend. >> a few minutes from the american border, paying 1/12 of the price you pay in the united states. >> former obama chief of staff from emmanuel was warning
12:54 am
democratic contenders don't risk your chances in the general by being too progressive in the primary. he writes, quote, before our party promises healthcare coverage to undocumented immigrants, a position not even ted kennedy took let's help the more than 30 million americans who are single illness away from financial ruin. will senator harris he'd raleigh manual's warning? >> what is your mission in this debate? >> sorry. >> harris is far from the front runner but attacks from democrats better known than she is and polling better than she is something they would not be doing if they did not consider a legitimate threat to capture the nomination. >> fox news at night will be live in the spin room after the second round of democratic debates, tune into special coverage tomorrow and wednesday at 11:00 eastern.
12:55 am
sinker katie perry under fire for copyright infringement in the western roundup. the los angeles jury ruling her 2013 hit dark horse copied at 2009 song from christian rapper flame. perry and legal teams of the song has similar styles in the ruling hurts all songwriters. a jury will decide how much perry will over the violation. in seattle page thompson who goes by the online handle erratic charged with a single count of computer fraud and abuse. capital one says the alleged attacker gained access to personal information about 106 million credit card applicants in north america. similar story in los angeles. 2500 lapd officers, 17,000 applicants learning today that their personal information may be at risk following a data breach of the city's computer systems. the incredible moment and
12:56 am
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>> we have to get to the midnight hero soon because we are out of time, most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. i'm mike emanuel. >> good morning. great to be back, tuesday, july 30th, happening right now on the east coast, a fox news alert. insider attack two us service members gunned down in afghanistan. the time to pull our troops from the longest war in us history? live with a new plan just outlined by the trump administration. 100 million capital one customers targeted in a stunning data breach. how one single person managed to pull this off and what you need to know to protect yourself this morning. >>


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