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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 30, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> we have to get to the midnight hero soon because we are out of time, most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. i'm mike emanuel. >> good morning. great to be back, tuesday, july 30th, happening right now on the east coast, a fox news alert. insider attack two us service members gunned down in afghanistan. the time to pull our troops from the longest war in us history? live with a new plan just outlined by the trump administration. 100 million capital one customers targeted in a stunning data breach. how one single person managed to pull this off and what you need to know to protect yourself this morning. >> it is not hurting anybody.
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our country is in a world of hurt and we need to show some respect. >> now respect for this flight. the woman forced to cover up her curbside stars & stripes. "fox and friends first" starts right now. >> good morning to you. a little time in the sun, to the long weekend off but it's great to be back, live shot from new york city where it is hot hot hot. you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning, thank you for starting your day with us as always. let's get to that fox news alert
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straightaway, two us service members killed in action in afghanistan. the fall american heroes attacked by an afghan he soldier and what is being called an insider attack. aishah hasnie as more live on talkback and get our troops out of danger. >> the military releasing few details about exactly what happened but it was an apparent insider attack in the southern city of kandahar. the afghan soldier accused of killing the 2 americans wounded and taken into custody. the combat deaths bring the number of american soldiers killed in action in afghanistan to 12 so far this year. that number set to outpace the 13 servicemembers killed in action in all of last year. until the us is lost 2400 soldiers in the 18 year war. the trump administration working to bring home many of the 14,000 troops still serving their
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following eight rounds of us-led peace talks with the taliban but the group refusing to sit down or even recognize the afghan government. before the second from the killings monday secretary of state mike pompeo reiterating donald trump's order to pull troops from the country. >> director from the president, he has been unambiguous, end the endless wars, tens of billions of dollars in expenditures and enormous risk to your kids and grandkids. >> pompeo has said in the past that nato forces and us allies would also be reducing their footprint if peace talks are successful. he had previously given september 1st as a deadline for those talks. >> thank you, appreciate it. breaking overnight, 5 people injured in the gilroy garlic
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festival shooting are improving and we also now know the identities of the three people shot and killed, 6-year-old stephen romero, 13-year-old kayla salazar in a recent college graduate, trevor early. the gilroy community remembering those victims in a vigil well honoring the officers who helped save lives. >> important for you guys to know the amount of bravery, the amount of compassion and the professionalism involved. >> really heartbreaking, police searching a home as they tried to figure out a motive for all this, he did post on instagram right before the attack. in the meantime police unable to confirm sightings of teen murder suspect in canada, hiding and dangerous terrain after killing
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3 people including an american earlier this month, search crews battling filaments, even coming across the polar bear. >> a lot of bogs, bugs, swamps, big lakes, big animals. fatigue is going to sit in not only for people's -- >> american border patrol officials say they are ready to help at the northern border if needed. the suspects are considered armed and dangerous. donald trump meeting with faith leaders from inner cities amid the controversy surrounding his comments on baltimore. critics calling the president racist for slamming elijah cummings over the city's crime and poor economy. one of the pastors speaking in support of the president. >> after 2 hours of discussion we discussed issues facing the
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black community and he wanted to know what to do in america, what else can we do? this country needs healing, so much division along racial lines, worse than it was years ago. >> the president is showing no signs of backing down tweeting billions of dollars have been pumped in over the years but to no avail. the money was stolen or wasted. ask elijah cummings where it went. here's a good point. the regional administrator for the us to permit of housing and urban development says the president's so-called racist attack on baltimore is shining much-needed light on the conditions there. >> donald trump in the last 48 hours of got more people to pay attention to the inhumane conditions of west baltimore than any politician in the last 2 decades. absolutely it was his goal. we have come to a position in
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society where politics is gone so far left that you can't even criticize a nonwhite politician for failures in their community without being called racist. >> listen to these numbers was according to the latest numbers from the baltimore police department homicides of spiked 18% since last year. here we go. allies on detroit ahead of the second round of the democratic debate. tonight's group of 2020 hopefuls features two leading progressives versus a group of four moderate candidates. griff jenkins joins us with the latest on tonight's do or die debate and this is just round 2 of 2. >> that's right, ready to roll in motor city and the question of the night may be how far left will play go? bernie sanders and elizabeth for an will be joined by mayor pete,
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tim ryan, amy klobuchar, john delaney and steve bullock. likely a list chance for the lesser-known to the front runners downplay how brutal this battle is going to get. >> i'm not against anyone. bernie and i have been friends forever. what happens is we all have a chance to talk about our vision for america, our plans for america, to talk about building a future in this country and that is what i'm going to do. >> in the latest fox news polling joe biden at 32% followed by sanders at 15%, lauren 12, kamala harris at 10%. it was harris who stood out in the last debate it revealed her plan for medicare for a call kamalacare and although she isn't on stage until tomorrow night sanders is getting her. >> her plan is not medicare for all. what medicare for all understands his healthcare is a
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human right and the function of a sane healthcare system is not to make sure insurance companies and drug companies make tens of billions of dollars in profits. >> front and center tonight will be how to respond to donald trump in his feud with elijah cummings on accusations of racism. mayor pete buttigieg is ready. >> i'm not scared of this president. he's working on season 7 of celebrity apprentice when i was driving armored vehicles in afghanistan. i'm not afraid to take them on. >> the threshold to qualify for the third debate in september is much higher in terms of donors in the polling so tonight they'll have to put it all on the table. and i will be with you tomorrow from detroit to wrap it all. >> we are going to debate a little more about what to expect coming up.
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happening today, border officials will face the senate for hearing on migrant conditions as attorney general william barr reverses a ruling that allows migrants to apply for asylum due to fear of endangerment of persecution in their home countries. the movie is part of the trump administration's efforts to reduce the number of asylum cases which are back logging the courts. ted cruz bombarded by a group of immigration protesters, watch as the tense moments unfold at the la airport. >> we love children! we love children! we love children! >> ted cruz taking a picture with a supporter as demonstrators chant. group tweeting and part politicians like ted cruz that allow our people to be locked in cages don't get to be comfortable in public. being happy will soon be back based on -- david ortiz, some good news, breaking his silence
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after leaving the hospital, the red sox star thanking staff at massachusetts general where he recover from a near deadly shooting in the dominican republic. ortiz posting on social media as he celebrates with family thanking fans for their prayers. police believe ortiz was shot in a case of mistaken identity. looking forward to him being back. 11 minutes after the top of the hour. he is accused of plotting the september 11th terror attacks killing thousands of americans and now he wants to make a deal. his offer to the us government and what he wants in exchange, donald trump changed the political landscape with the 2015 victory in there is a big shift among voters in swing states. what do these trends mean for 2020? could a state like texas turn blue? our next guest is crunching the
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numbers, stay with us?
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>> welcome back, you are watching "fox and friends first," the alleged mastermind of the 9/11 attacks once said he would die a martyr but apparently he has changed his mind, he now wants to make a deal to save his own life. according to court papers he is willing to cooperate in a lawsuit accusing saudi government of aiding the attacks but only if the us does not seek the death penalty against him. the senior al qaeda lieutenant has been held ask wonton abe for nearly 13 years. what do you think about that? that news comes as the trump administration is given the green light to sell billions of dollars of weapons to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates, the senate not getting enough votes to override three vetoes issued by donald trump. the white house is stopping the
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sales would send the wrong message to us allies as threats from countries like iran are on the rise following withdrawal from the obama era nuclear deal. back to the elections, the 2020 elections fast approaching and some new numbers reveal some battleground states may be up in the air since the last election, swing states that were once solidly partisan turning purple thanks to recent voter registration trends. former trump data director matt brainard is here with numbers to break it down for us. thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. as we begin our discussion let's bring up this map of 6 different states. take us through the big swing states the you think could be impacted a little differently. let's start with florida. >> in all the states it's important to remember going back to 2016 how close the election was.
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80,000 voters in 3 states would have been all it would take to have elected hillary clinton president and in november 16th left-wing billionaires like tom styron george soros have been plowing hundreds of millions of dollars into left-wing voter registration operations and those are starting to yield fruit in state after state. almost every single swing state has substantial increases in democrat or left-wing leaning voters versus the right and if you look at florida we are just -- the right has not been able to keep up. shannon: in florida 1.4 million felons are eligible to vote in that state and ohio, they are dropped from the list of registered voters if they do not vote in 2 or more federal elections. all kinds of little different regulations that will impact the election. >> one of the primary principles
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left for targeting voter registration are former felons and the problem is they have invested heavily in this whereas the right hasn't. my favorite example is michigan. that was a state donald trump won by 10,000 votes. since november 2016 there have been 50,000 republicans registered but almost 400,000 democrats registered and that is result of the concentrated effort to register new voters and change the shape of the electorate in a way that is completely unmatched by the right. shannon: i want to move to texas. that seems to be the big one that could change over. >> you may remember california used to be a reliable republican state and that sure changed. in texas since november 2016 there have been about 600,000 right-leaning voters but 1.3 million new left-wing voters registered in the state. the left is very serious about taking texas into the blue
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column for democrats and once that happens it will be impossible for republican to ever win the white house again. >> that is amazing, that statement alone i highlighted what you had to say, if conservatives lose the state of texas they will never win the white house again. why is that? >> texas provides tremendous amount of electoral votes. lacking that it is hard to make it. anywhere else we might make it up like pennsylvania or states like pennsylvania or florida or georgia those dates follow the same trend of left-wing voter registration organizations ramping up the number of voters on their side and turning them out to vote. these are small margins for donald trump last time around. by multiples left is registered more than enough to overcome that and i run an organization on the right called america to register for a patriotic conservative voters and we struggled to get a small field program running were the left has hundreds of millions of
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dollars, state-level organizations coast-to-coast registering new voters and they will be aggressively turning them out in november. >> we will see if republicans are listening to you and if they hit the ground running before the elections to get new voters as well. >> numbers speak for themselves. >> thank you for joining us, great to have you with us. time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour the growing war of words between ilhan omar and rand paul, congresswoman just praised the attack by the senator's neighbor. carly shimkus here with the backlash building over that on social media. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
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top of the hour, ilhan omar firing back and condoning violence against rand paul after he slammed her anti-american comments. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with how this controversial congresswoman is sparking serious backlash. she is very good at sparking backlash, getting involved in things. >> he does know how to make news. it all started when senator rand paul talked about donald trump's controversial tweet where he told members of the squad go back to where they came from so he said this to breitbart news. representative omar said america is a terrible place, she came here and we veteran) she got welfare and lo and behold she has the honor of winning a seat in congress and she says we are a terrible country, i think that
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is as ungrateful as you can get. he went on to say that he is willing to contribute to buy a ticket for her to visit somalia so she can see how much better it is in the united states was congresswoman omar responded by retreating a tweet from comedian tom arnold saying imagine being rand paul's next door neighbor and having to deal with his complaints about long whippings, the water he ripped off his to pay. he was assaulted by his next-door neighbor when he was mowing his lawn, the guy was sentenced to 30 days in jail. this is sparking serious reaction on social media, charles says it is certainly endorsing violence, rand was hospitalized after being attacked by his crazy neighbor. obviously they are saying that was acceptable. this says maybe has something to do with his trashing her country of origin and suggesting she
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should visit when she had many times ari and kaylene on twitter calls her political violence should never be tolerated regardless of party. that is something we can all agree on, right? >> love the tweets on that and i'm sure there's lots more. this next one, bernie sanders teaming up with party be. listen to what he has to say. >> what are you working on with party be in their? >> working on a way to involve more young people in the political process. >> can you imagine that? there they are together, they shot a video that is going to be targeting younger voters. conservative commentator candace owens said this on twitter, please retweet, carty d is publicly advocating bernie sanders with claims the trump is bad. i would like to publicly offer $250,000 to a political campaign of her choosing she will publicly debate her stance with myself or any black conservative, she corrected herself and meant charity, not
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political campaign. will she take her up on that offer? barry on twitter says i find this amusing because she once went on a rant about how she has to pay these taxes, what do you think bernie sanders is going to do? another twitter user says i will donate, let's make it happen. >> picketing should be a good thing, controversial -- arizona police department started with positive ticketing campaign where they were -- handing out tickets to drivers following the law but the ticket would be coupons for a free drink somewhere. people thought the police would be pulling them over for doing something good and they complained. the police department had to issue a correction saying
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positive ticketing campaign is to positively engage with the public regarding laws pertaining to bicyclists, scooters, pedestrian safety and they are not going to be stopping any vehicles during this period of time. social media reaction, people complaining why we can't have nice things and another twitter user posted this of course. i don't believe you. >> won't interfere with people getting where they need to go but keep doing good things, no good deed goes unpunished. >> thank you so much, appreciate it, 28 after the top of the hour, major victory for 9/11 first responders donald trump signing a bill covering their health care for life. our next guest answers the call on 9/11 and they were at the white house ceremony, they are here live to share what they call an unforgettable moment.
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>> i see crime as a way of life. >> i don't even want to live in baltimore anymore and i'm afraid to raise a family here. >> reporter: the harsh reality directly from the people who live in baltimore. lawrence jones hit the streets of the crime-ridden city to share their story.
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shannon: welcome back was half past the top of the hour. fox news alert, two us service members shot dead in afghanistan. the fallen american heroes attacked by nafta any soldier in what is being called an insider attack. police unable to confirm reported sightings of two murder suspect in canada. the fugitives believed to be hiding and dangerous terrain after killing three people including an american. donald trump to jamestown, virginia to celebrate the 400th
1:33 am
anniversary of the first legislative session in america. virginia as black caucus refusing to attend the event calling the president an emblem of hate and does drain. the battle over baltimore is ramping up as donald trump ramps up his attacks on elijah cummings. what is the reality? lawrence jones went to find out. >> look, baltimore is in a crisis? >> yes. i would say yes. from the drugs, to the killings to the poverty, it is just crazy. >> what do you see when you see baltimore? poverty? crime? >> i see poverty, crime, crime as a way of life. i personally don't want to live in baltimore anymore and i'm afraid to raise a family here
1:34 am
and this is my home. >> as crazy as it is now, just the crime, but a crisis starts downtown with the government. >> tell me about your leaders? >> leaders? >> elected officials, what are they doing? >> i think they sold out. >> when you look at baltimore, describe what you see, building houses, drugs, tell me what you see. >> i see the city gone wrong. it was an honor and pleasure to live here and what i see, i'm almost in tears. >> i love baltimore but baltimore is like sewage right now. the president called out the city of manifesto, that is true. >> that tells you something right there. >> donald trump tweeting
1:35 am
overnight baltimore's numbers are the worst on crime and the economy. billions of dollars have been pumpkin over the years but to no avail. the money was stolen or wasted. ask elijah cummings where it went. he should investigate himself with his oversized committee. much more to come on that but in the meantime somali refugees who say they were thirsty for the blood of disbelievers are charged with trying to join isis. the fbi arresting two men at the tucson airport as they checked into a flight overseas. they were both in contact with an undercover agent posing as a terrorist which report documents show one of them told that agent, quote, the best wake-up call is islamic state, to get victory or another 9/11. 7 people granted pardons are sentenced commutations from donald trump.
1:36 am
oliver five pardon men were convicted 20 years ago for things like drug trafficking, weapons and illegal gambling. two people had their sentences commuted. one is a father of 5 convective charges related to synthetic marijuana. his wife has terminal cancer. heated congressional hearings and emotional testimony made way for donald trump to formally sign the 9/11 victims compensation for an extension into law. watch. >> today we come together as one nation to support our september 11th heroes, to care for their families and to renew our internal of our, never ever forget. for your entire lives you've gone beyond your duty to is in today we strive to fulfill our sacred duty to you. shannon: our next guest lived through that day, they just attended the white house ceremony. the copresidents of the uniform fire officers association join
1:37 am
us to discuss the true impact of the law, appreciate it. what was it like being there yesterday? long time coming? >> it was nice. i thought the president did a great job describing what this means to families and the future, folks are going to die as a result of their work in the pile. >> what does it mean? >> a great sense of relief that was finally passed and we can put this behind us. relief for the finest officers in the 9/11 community. we can rest easy knowing that our work down there, if any of us get sick, our government will take care of us and our families. >> and family members as well. and people impacted by 9/11 all over the country, first responders, correct?
1:38 am
>> every state is represented i've been told every district except i was told there was alaska but there was somebody everywhere involved in 9/11 and they are registered as participants of september 11th. >> when people think of it, people in the city of new york or the state of new york they are wrong. >> absolutely. on the days immediately following we had first response from all over the country to help us lift our needs. >> member that day well, you were down there as well, both of you. it impacted you personally. did you ever think you would be at this point? if it hadn't been for jon stewart? >> john was tremendous. he brought attention to it to this program and is comedy or his directness at an impact on a lot of people in the face of the
1:39 am
folks that were second have died gave it a human emotion. altogether it worked great. >> what do you think? did you ever think it would get to this point where it may not have been passing? >> it has been a long journey. it has been 18 years. so many people have worked on this and it has all come to fruition. the house, the senate, the president didn't forget. >> what about the president's role in this? >> he acted swiftly. this was planned for friday and it was only a couple days. we wanted it done and were happy to hear it. no lobbying, no asking, it was a done deal so we are very grateful that there was no delay, no more drama to the situation. great turnout by 9/11 responders. everybody had that sense of
1:40 am
relief. >> you were just there yesterday but have you heard any other response from people at home in new york city? >> i have been hearing from membership and just congratulating myself, the executive board and all the people that took part because it was a huge effort, so many groups involved. >> bottom line, what this means for 9/11 families. >> such a relief. anytime someone is terminally ill they are worried about their family. they don't regret, they are worried about their family, that is a sense of relief. heather: claims are paid through 2092 so that should take care of a lot. thank you for joining us, really appreciate it, thank you for
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your service as well. coming up, the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. 100 million capital one customers targeted in a stunning data breach, how one single person managed to pull this off. what you need to know to protect yourself ahead. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. a(p7 termites, we're on the move.24/7. roger.
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>> foxbusiness alert, urgent warning about one of the biggest data breaches in history, critical information stolen from 100 million capital one customers. foxbusiness, here with what we need to know. one person managed to pull this off. >> one woman from seattle. with 100 million consumer information stolen from capital one, illegally accessed there.
1:45 am
140,000 social security numbers compromised as well is 80,000 bank account numbers and credit card customers, capital one says the largest data given by consumers and small businesses when they applied for credit cards, 2005 through this year including personal information like names, addresses, phone of his, birthdates, self report income, credit scores, parts of the transaction history and that one person responsible, page thompson, a seattle woman arrested yesterday in federal court, prosecutors allege that thompson, former amazon employee got access to the bank data through a misconfigured firewall protecting one of its applications, data steps occur between march 12th, and july 17th of this year, capital one, they did tweet out a link with more information. they apologize for the cyber incident and said they will be contacting affected customers,
1:46 am
they did say they will give that information out later but in the meantime if you are a capital one customer and don't know if you're impacted it might be best to raise your security freeze, contact all the credit reporting agencies just to be safe. >> seems like they would be doing that right away to let people know. >> i know if i was possibly involved i would want to know immediately. thank you so much, great to have you with us. tonight bernie sanders and elizabeth warren may get tough, taking the debate stage, surrounded by candidates known to bash their progressive agenda. >> if we turn toward socialism we run the risk of helping to reelect the worst president in american history. >> we have to get back to the notion of not letting the extremes in each party hold us hostage. >> will the division be detrimental for any of the candidates. our political panel is on deck to debate next.
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>> welcome back. bernie sanders and elizabeth warren will take center stage for tonight's db state in detroit surrounded by moderate candidates who have slammed their progressive agenda. >> if we turn toward socialism we run the risk of helping to reelect the worst president in american history. >> the country is either centerleft or center-right and we have to get back to this notion of not letting the extremes in each party hold us hostage. >> very dangerous place for us to being, to stand on stage and call out the entire democratic party but i think we are going down the wrong road. >> with interest dems warning about dragging the party too far left with the division proved at rental for any candidates? here to debate is for a campaign
1:51 am
advisor to say cruise jason johnson, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. what do you think? is this a battle within the democratic party? will we see it front and center between warren and bernie and the rest of the candidates? >> i think you will see a vigorous debate. the candidates are excited about the 2020 cycle and they have 20 candidates fine for the democrats nomination and there is a real fear of watching what happened on the republican side with the republicans in the last election cycle elected a very extreme president. we go back to the center of american politics and there's a ballot for that in the democratic primary. >> what do you think? will we see the division evident tonight? >> first of all i'm a bit
1:52 am
shocked to hear that there is a battle in the democratic party to go back to the center. i think i'll evidence would point that the battle is to to the democratic party as far left as possible, but no doubt in this debate you have to tears, you have sanders and warren and everyone else and it is accurate that there are a number of the, quote, were centrist candidates that will be on stage and they will make their arguments but they have a tough challenge. think about the audience that will be in attendance, the moderators always tell the audience don't react but they do. that audience will be disproportionately representatives of the far left of the democratic base and to the extent that these guys try to take down sanders and warren they risk getting bulls from the audience, influence the people watching at home and that will not be good for them. >> i want to look at policy agreement between warren and bernie. there is medicare for all, the green new deal, free college,
1:53 am
$15 minimum wage, universal childcare and wealth tax. taking a look at that among some other issues and policy initiatives, when you say the democratic party represents the center of american politics what policies are you talking about? >> what you are looking at is a party that is how do we cover most americans for health insurance? how do we build a better education system how do we look out for americans in the united states and that's what you see in the democratic party, who has the best ideas to do that. what you see on the republican party is chants that a rally, that's not moderate and that's not center of american politics. what you see donald trump lead is a radical movement in the united states taking us to an extreme, isolating us from the rest of the world, that's not
1:54 am
good for our economy, it is just a circling, firing squad when it comes to republican rallies. a democratic base is progressive and that is natural but after the primary you have a strong candidate that will take on donald trump and beat him in 2020. >> you mentioned the democratic party caring about american citizens. many people would argue they care more about illegal immigrants at the border in terms of the economy many would argue economic numbers right now are fantastic. jason, final word. >> radical is wanting to turn around this amazing economy when we have record low unemployment, record employment in the country. the democratic party has great talking point, they are lurching radically to the left and we are going to see that center stage tonight with bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. they represent the pulse of the democratic party.
1:55 am
>> we will all be tuning in. thank you for joining us. we will be right back. i would like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans, because i know there are so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan
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for just $25, you can help us rush an emergency survival package to a desperate holocaust survivor before it's too late. (somber music) >> military mother's patriotic spirit found offensive, arizona woman forced to remove an american flag alongside her address on her curb in arizona. >> it's not hurting anybody. i think it is very patriotic and
1:59 am
i think our countries in a world of hurt and we need to show some respect for the flag. >> what is the big deal for an american flag for pete's say? >> he says the flag is meant to honor her late husband who served in the navy and her sons who served in the marines was one of her boys painting over the flag this weekend to comply with association demands, they say the rules keep people safe. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. you may have a penny were thousand was an auction revealing the most valuable sents other including this coin with manufacturing error worth as much as $75,000 and his bronze penny from 1943 which sold for $204,000 in january. now the bad. a steakhouse apologizing for kicking out a police officer. witnesses say the manager at the
2:00 am
store in san antonio asked the officer to leave because of the comedy's no guns policy but under state law cops can carry their guns and restaurants. they call that a lapse of judgment. a wild bison launches a teen into the air at roosevelt national park in north dakota. this photo was taken moments before one of them charged at the boys but the boys will be okay. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thanks for joining us. "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. jillian: this is a fox news alert. two us soldiers killed by an afghan soldier who turned his gun and opened fire. >> a suspected insider attack as the us wants to strike a truce with the taliban. we are live with


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