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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 30, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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we had some cheesecake with the help of our friends at junior restaurants. >> today, you can go there, and you can get a $5 slice of cheesecake. >> that is legal, right? see you tomorrow. >> bill: good morning, everybody. what is happening right now and all walmart in mississippi. a word of a shooting inside that store. this is south haven about 15 minutes south of memphis, tennessee. you are seeing the first image is live here, confirming the suspect has been shot. that person's condition is not known. police also confirming there are multiple injuries. it is not clear if there are fatalities, so we are watching this now. it is the latest that we have apparently occurring about 30 minutes ago. stay tuned on that. in the meantime, could be shifting to virginia today. president trump getting ready to leave for jamestown to attend an historic event there.
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some democrats say that they will boycott it, and that is where we begin today as we say good morning from new york city. i'm bill hemmer. good morning. >> sandra: looks good going. i'm sandra smith. any moment, the president will be departing to jamestown to mark the 400th anniversary of american democracy. the feud is going by the minute, the president doubling down on his attacks on the top democrat and his discharge, saying his administration has given baltimore $16 billion in aid in one year alone. >> bill: 's so well democrats continue to hammer the president on race, allies are coming to him. >> he is concerned about the whole nation. we have a president who is listening. >> this country needs healing. he is right sometimes. >> he has brought more attention to baltimore in the last 72
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hours, that elijah cummings has brought to baltimore in a very long time. if he calls out anybody other than a white male, he is immediately racist. he's immediately sexist. he's immediately using a phobic or homophobic what the democrats do, and people are tired of it. >> sandra: hey, mark, good morning. >> we expect he will be making his way there. we expect him to maybe make some comments, possibly weighing in on the back and forth between him and elijah cummings. he has repeatedly criticized elijah cummings and the baltimore district, district, accusing him of ignoring the needs of his constituents and in step focusing on the administration. president trump has called it a disgusting rat-infested mouse. he had to say "baltimore's numbers are the worst in the u.s. on crime in the economy. billions of dollars have been
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pumped and with no avail. the money was stolen or wasted. ask elijah cummings where it went. he should investigate himself with his oversight committee!" democrats have blasted his tweets as racist. they have also called the comments outrageous. al sharpton blasted the president over it. >> but he has a particular venom for blacks and people of color. he doesn't refer to any of his other opponents or critics as "infested." he does not attack their districts. >> the president later labeled sharpton as a con man. republicans up on capitol hill have been forced to weigh in on this controversy that has really been overtaking washington the last couple of days. >> i don't think that he is a racist. i think that they disagree, but you can disagree with someone's
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ideas but not disagree with their color. i don't blame president trump, being upset. >> the president's comments have outraged some state lawmakers in virginia. the state legislator black caucus as it is going to be boycotting the event that is happening in just a couple of hours from now and jamestown over what they say are repeated attacks on minority leaders. >> sandra: we await the president's departure any moment. thank you, mark. >> i was called unpatriotic, un-american, and essentially, treasonous. buy a couple of left-wing pundits. i was accused of aiding and abetting the very man i have singled out as an adversary. this is the state of left-wing politics in 2019. they have nothing left but the most unhinged smears. welcome to modern-day
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mccarthyism. mccarthy-like tactics out in the open. it for everyone to see. see one that went on for about 20 minutes, and that is about as livid as you will find the senate majority leader, railing against -- blocking two election security measures from passing in the house. fox news contributor. back with us today. great to see you, my friend. how are you doing. semi? welcome back. i missed you. go ahead and explain what mcconnell argued. >> i think you framed it exactly right. that is as angry as you are going to see mitch mcconnell. i think what he did was give a 20-25 minute sort of through dispassionate debunking of the claims that he is somehow a russian accent, doing the bidding of vladimir putin both by walking through his history on russia and the soviet union and also taking on the people
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who are making those kinds of attacks and calling into question the things that they've said previously about civility and about not making at home making ad hominem arguments. >> bill: it ran in the opinion page of "the washington post." he cited the colonist, he really does that, but he did yesterday. "the accusation was broadcast on msnbc. chuck schumer then went after mcconnell >> i still don't have a very clear idea as to why he is so adamant about not doing anything about election securit. maybe it is because president trump and his childlike ways represent resentt that people point out that russia interferes. he thinks it still legitimizes his presidential election, but that's not a good enough reason, if that's the case. >> bill: i will point out that they had one republican supporter in the house. that was the republican from michigan who is now leaving the party.
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>> yeah, look. this is outraged by the democrats. they try to make a big deal out of what was a rather routine proceeding in the u.s. senate, and they got called on it. mitch mcconnell called him out. i do think chuck schumer has a point. the president has send mixed messages. his performance with vladimir putin in helsinki where he seems to take the side of vladimir putin over the agency that he has repeatedly refused to embrace in the way that most elected officials have embraced the u.s. intelligence community. it is fair for him to make that point. it is something different to suggest that mitch mcconnell is a russian asset. it's just silly, and it's the kind of language that people are getting increasingly tired of. >> bill: i don't know what you observe from the party from about a year, a year and a half ago. at one trump its back, he heads back. you wonder if other politicians are learning the same technique now.
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>> i think that's right, and she was certain extent, this is something that republicans are long overdue in doing. there has been a long time in which republicans didn't hit back. i would say it is a way that he sometimes hits back in no way that is more effective to hit back. it is better to hit back with arguments, with facts, with data, then with ad hominem attacks and name-calling. but that is something -- i do think that having been away, watching what has been transpiring here in the u.s., that is something that is kind of striking. you see a lot of heat, you see a lot of accusations. you see a lot of back and forth. at least to my read, you don't see much progress on some of the ute problems we are facing. >> bill: it is primarily a state responsibility too. you are going to be hearing a lot about this over the next 15 minutes. welcome home, son. >> thanks, bill. >> bill: in washington, d.c., nice to see you.
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>> sandra: another big story that we are watching today. the second round of democratic debates kicks off just hours from now. the stage is set in detroit where senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are set to battle it out along with eight other rivals. the state of michigan, one of the hottest contest in 2020. the state, you will remember, president trump narrowly won in 2016. from detroit, the site of tonight's big debate. christian, good morning to you. >> good morning, sandra. tonight will be the first time that the two leading progressives in this race will be side-by-side on the same debate stage. right now, senator elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are really competing for that same far left lane and the democratic primary, but yesterday, senator warren insisted that tonight, things are not going to get ugly. >> what i want to do was talk about my vision. this isn't about democrats firing at other democrats.
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bernie and i have been friends forever. what i want to do is to talk about my vision. >> and the vision is similar to the one proposed by bernie sanders. free college, eliminating student debt, medicare for all. sender's campaign has been very critical of another 2020 contender, senator kamala harris, who announced that her plan would allow people to keep their private insurance, even though she raised her hand in support of getting rid of it during the last debate in miami. campaign manager said "call it anything you want, but you can't call this plan medicare for all." medicare is going to be a huge focus tonight, along with the dash for amy klobuchar, tonight she can contrast with those on the far left. beto wrote, he needs to have a really big night, or he risks losing even more momentum and money after that poor performance on the first debate. you may notice a new phase. montana governor steve bullock will be on the debate stage for
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the very first time the cycle. one other change to watch for. tonight, the moderators will not be asking the candidates any questions where they have to raise their hands. that is really going to deprive president trump of one of his favorite moments from the first debate because those moments really show and an instant just how far the field has moved it to the left on the critical issues like health care and immigration. >> sandra: really sets it up for us. kristin fisher in detroit where everything begins tonight. likely the economy is going to be big, and bernie sanders expected to attack, harasses a health plan. >> bill: we will see how the dust settles on thursday. fox news alert. the shooting inside of the walmart in mississippi. southaven, mississippi, south of memphis about 13 minutes. the suspect has been shot. that person's condition is not known. we are hearing about multiple injuries. not clear if there are fatalities. we are watching that.
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we will let you know when we hear more. in the meantime, 11 past the hour. we have some more breaking news. one of the largest data breaches in u.s. history targeting the personal information of more than 100 million americans. one hacker, one hacker managed to crack the system of the major banks. >> sandra: plus, two somali refugees have been arrested for trying to join isis. one of these suspects already had legal permanent resident status. we will have the details on that straight-ahead. >> bill: also possible sighting of the two teenagers accused of murdering three people still at large. where does the search go today? >> a lot of swamps, big lakes, big animals. they all talk about the same elements as well appeared fatigue is going to set in not only for the people that are being searched for about the searchers as well. my experience with usaa
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>> sandra: fox news alert. as we mentioned, the president departing the white house. he has now walked outside. he's talking to reporters, and he's leaving's for this historic event in jamestown virginia where they will be marking about 400th anniversary of american democracy. he stopped, we are going to play this back for you wn we get it. he is already commenting on the ongoing feud with elijah cummings and his district, which includes baltimore. at the ongoing feud there, the president has just made some comments on his departure. trying to get an update for you, but we are told he is talking baltimore. we are going to have a news for you any minute. we will play back the president comments when we get them. >> people will be paying in some cases more in taxes. copayments, they will be paying less for health care.
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>> people don't want government or anyone to take away their choices. my medicare for all plan will allow private insurance to be a part of our plan to play by the rules. >> bill: a big issue, kamala harris splitting, despite cosponsoring the plan along with several other democratic hopefuls. the administrator's team, welcome to our program, good morning to you. i know that you can comment a lot on the candidates. stay on the issue. medicare for all. is that a reality for america in 2020? >> well, i think the discussion is about the future of the american health care system, and who do we want making decisions about her health care? do we want washington making decisions about our health care, or do we want americans making decisions that are going to work best for them? >> bill: so here is sanders and kamala harris. just generically, okay. premiums, she is on 100 grand.
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she is at ten years according to her plan release yesterday. private insurance, medicare advantage, medicare certified sources. that is what you get there. can't comment on the candidates, but these two senators are going to get a lot of attention for the issue. you wonder if health care is the one issue that defines the primary season. >> well, i think what we are seeing is just versions of government run health care, whether it's public options or medicare for all. it's all about the government being in control and making decisions about our health care. washington making decisions. what the president is trying to focus on is a vision that puts americans in control, making choices about their health care. just yesterday, we released a proposal about price transparency. this is built off of the president's executive order that he did last month.
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what cms proposed in reaction to his executive order, which was essentially a proposal that would require hospitals to post cost information so that patients on the front and can get information. they can understand what they are going to pay before they get hit with a bell on the back end. >> bill: so you would allow people to shop for health care to get a better deal. >> that's exactly it. you know, there is so much variation in hospital charges. i was just reading this morning that four of lower back mri, you can get that service in louisiana for $141, but in california, that same service cost $47,000. so there is so much variation. we want to put patients in charge, making decisions, giving them the information they need to figure out what is going to work best for them. they can shop around. >> bill: how does that help the consumer? how does that make their lives better? >> it lets them -- it gives them the ability to shop around for
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services and lets them shop around for the best deal. there is so much variation, and they don't have this information. think about it. and every other sector of the economy, you know prices before you were going to buy. carr, airline ticket, you have that information on the front end. what president trump is trying to do, to tackle some of america's most pressing health care challenges. price transparency has been out there for a long time. american patients have been in the dark, and we are trying to turn the page on that. make sure they have that information on the front end. >> bill: seema verma, thank you. it is just a proposal. we will see how far you get with it today. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> sandra: the president talking to reporters right now on his way to virginia, taking lots of questions, as you can imagine, especially on this battle for baltimore appeared on that specifically, the president has just said cummings has been there for a long time. it's corrupt. you just have to look at the
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facts. spending so much money. baltimore is an example of a corrupt government. i feel so sorry for the people of baltimore appeared millions have been given to baltimore, and so much has been stolen. the president pointing out all of this money going to baltimore. he wants to know how that is being spent. talking about an investigation into that. he is also taking on china and talking mitch mcconnell right now. so that is the latest on that. also talking the economy, the stock market at an all-time high. when we have the president's words in that video, we will play that back for you. we will be right back. write the future? can you feel calm in the eye of a storm? can you do more with less? can you raise the bar while reducing your footprint? for our 100 years we've been answering the questions
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much lives on our success in terms of equal pay. it's been great to ride this journey along with my teammates. peering into >> bill: that's alex morgan. there's been weeks of debate over how much the u.s. soccer federation pays the women. not making the case, paying female players more than the men's national team in recent years. he was the claim $34 million in bonuses over the last eight years. the men's team running about $26 million over that same period. they are -- this is a legal battle, by the way. we will see if you three really interesting to see where this goes. they have brought a lot of attention to themselves. meanwhile, one of the biggest data breaches and history. personal data was stolen from capital one customers. investigators say they have arrested one woman behind this massive attack. robert gray is 312 from our
6:26 am
west coast newsroom with what you need to know to protect your information. what you need to know. hey, good morning, robert. >> they claim that she stole the personal data of about 100 million americans and 6 million canadians from capital one. one of the biggest breaches of a bank in history. an fbi complaint says the hacker got information, including social security numbers and credit scores of about 140,000 of those people. 33-year-old paige thompson allegedly access to the bank's data through a faulty firewall. she was caught after leadin at g a digital trail, bragging about it online. erratic. she has been charged with computer fraud and abuse. the former amazon web services employee identifies herself online as a hiker. capital one ceo, richard fairbanks said in a statement "i'm grateful the perpetrator has been caught. i'm deeply sorry for what has
6:27 am
happened. i sincerely apologize for the understandable worried that this must be causing those affected, i am committed to making it right. most of the exposed data is information submitted by customers and small businesses that applied for capital and credit cards, going all the way back to 200 2005 into early this year. it addresses, dates of birth, and self-reported income. the nation's fifth-largest credit card issuer says it will contact people affected by the hike and offer them free credit monitoring and credit protection. other steps you can take, for statement and report for any suspicious activity to your bank or credit card issuer. you can put a hold on your credit card or even report. of course you have to change all of those passwords, and don't respond to emails that ask you to login. make sure that you initiate the contact for the website or phone number appeared and of course, sandra, as you may expect, that stock is going to be under pressure at the open.
6:28 am
>> sandra: it is important to point out it is just not account holders but also if you applied for a card. it just shows the vulnerability that is out there because we are giving our personal information so often. >> bill: it defies logic to think that one person can do this. that is the power of the computer right now. two teenage fugitives wanted for murder in british columbia, we have an update today on that hunt. plus, there is that. >> you want to see those 401(k)s, all of those things, you want to see deeply? put a good socialist in this position. >> sandra: well, that was president trump storming through battleground michigan back in march. prepping for their big debate in detroit. will their message resonates in the rust belt? we are going to ask our next guest, the chairman of the
6:29 am
g.o.p. in michigan. >> bill: shark week. we will talk to her deepwater daredevil who has come face-to-face with some of the largest creatures you will find anywhere. >> you definitely don't want to touch her under the nose. it seems to trigger full on open-mouth in your face.
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always discreet. dprevagen is the number onemild memopharmacist-recommendedng? memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> bill: so the question and answer wrapping up as soon as we get turned around, we will play it for you. the economy, mitch mcconnell, "washington post." china, all wrapped up there. or you will hear it in a moment here on "america's newsroom." so it is finished as i said, and once we get the tape in house, we will play it for you. 9:32 in new york. >> we've created, since my election, 5.5 million new jobs. nobody would have believed that was possible.
6:33 am
we passed massive tax cuts. the biggest in the history of our country. america is now the hottest economy anywhere on the planet earth. there's nobody close. [cheers and applause] >> sandra: president trump touting the economy as the second round of democratic debates kicks off tonight. bernie sanders and elizabeth warren expected to steal the spotlight, but can they recapture the industrial midwest? they are now feeling economic gains from his policies. laura cox, the michigan republican party chairwoman. she joins us now. thanks for your time this morning. we know that the president just got done talking to reporters. we will hear from him in a moment, but he is taking a lot of credit on the economy. can he win michigan again this time around? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. we believe that he has a track record that points to families
6:34 am
and their businesses and their neighbors. in michigan. we think that that's really important, so we're really happy about all the things that he's done fighting for the strong economy here in michigan. fighting for veterans. wanting to keep our country safe and our borders secure. all of those things mean something to people, and we believe that we will again reelect our president. >> sandra: has the economy in michigan rebounded as much as those -- and we know that there were a lot of them, that flipped for donald trump because of the promise of jobs in the state of michigan? as it rebounded enough for them? i want to redo this directly from politico. why a strong economy will actually help democrats in 2020. they say they have speculated that voters will abandon him if they feel that despite his self-congratulation on the neighbor's overall economy, he hasn't delivered. i want to throw up on the screen hear the michigan on employment rate. it is currently 4.2%. that is above the national
6:35 am
average of 3.7% nationwide. the state of michigan also currently has the 11th highest unemployment rate in the united states. it has come down, obviously, and you have to point that out from 4.924.2%, but it is still high above the national average. >> you know, the economy is going on the right direction in michigan. we had billions of dollars being reinvested here in michigan. we have a plan moving from mexico to michigan. we have a manufacturing plant. that hasn't happened in years or decades. unemployment is at record historic lows in michigan. the trend is going where it needs to be, and we believe that the president's policies directly have positively impacted the people of michigan, and we are really excited to talk about that. >> sandra: all right, i want to remind everybody is this debate kicks off tonight, michigan is going to be a hotly contested state in 2020. here's a look back at the
6:36 am
results in 2016 to remind everybody of the razor-thin margin that donald trump won five. 47.5% to hillary clinton. 47.27%. what is not going to be the biggest challenge for your party in securing his victory? >> the number one rule of politics is to keep what you want. the campaign is very invested in michigan. we are starting our ground game strong. we are starting eight months earlier than we have in history that i know of. any presidential election. i have been involved in politics for a very long time. we are really excited. we feel that we are going to talk about all the successes that the president has brought to the people of michigan. when we talk about that, and we put that against all the socialist policies that the democrats continue to talk about that keep going more left each and every debate, once we talk about that, we know that it will be an easy choice at the home a clear lesson 2020. >> sandra: michigan's political promise to land,
6:37 am
again, is going to be about the economy, laura. i know that that is what you see as well. you look at the poverty rate there. above the national average. but as you point out, coming down, michigan's poverty rate still stands at 14.2%. that too is higher than the national average at 12.3. so there is going to be a lot of discussion tonight on the economy, laura. the president was just asked, and we will ask this in just a second, who he believes his democratic opponent ultimately will be. he said "i'm watching. i think right now it will be sleepy joe. what i think doesn't mean anything, but he does think that joe biden's off of his game. who are you preparing for the president to ultimately run up against in the general election? >> we're just preparing to talk about the differences on the policies and what they talk about. right now, i don't have my eye on anybody. that is something that is a
6:38 am
little bit above my pay grade. we are focused on talking about all of the successes and how different they are from the policies that the democrats are putting forward. i think when that conversation gets very finite between whoever that candidate is that winds from the battle in the democratic side, i think then, we will be able to be laser focused. they all seemed to be very similar, talking about open borders, socialized medicine. it you know, people don't understand that they will lose their employer-provided health care. that is very important. >> sandra: breaking news from the president here just a moment. we want to let our viewers know that we reached out to the chairperson of the democratic party in the state of michigan as well. but thank you for coming on, laura. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> bill: fox news alert on this massive surge to find two teenagers wanted in three murders. canadian authority still believe that they are nearby, leading many to question how they are surviving. laura ingle here in new york.
6:39 am
>> it was one week ago today canadian rail mounted police made the announcement of their significant shift in the investigation to teenagers who were at first believed to be missing were actually the suspects in this case. since then, they have taken police and military on a massive search through rugged terrain to find 18-year-old bryer schmegelsky and 19-year-old kam mcleod. they were spotted on video surveillance nine days ago at a store where you can clearly see their faces as they exit. they announced that there has been possible sighting in york landing. the unforgiving terrain and remote location have made their search challenging, but they are using every resource they have. >> frontline members who are out there also. we are using our specialized -- what you guys would call swat. and we have called in the military as well.
6:40 am
we want to use every available resource that we have to try and catch the suspects before they do any harm to anybody else. >> sandra: they are wanted in the brutal highway murders of chynna deese, leonard dyck, lucas fowler. you are encouraged to call 911 if you have any information. >> bill: laura ingle on that story here in new york. we are watching the white house, and we are watching the president go to jamestown. >> sandra: the growing cummings-president trump feud. we know that as he was leaving, he spoke to reporters. he had a lot to say on that. here's the president. >> the economy is doing fantastically well. we have people over in china right now who are negotiating with china. we will see what happens. we are going to make a great
6:41 am
deal. or we are not going to make a deal at all. our country has gone way up in terms of its differential. we are the number one economy in the world. we have picked up tremendously in the last three years since i have been here. a lot of great things are happening. a lot of really great things are happening. the economy is through the roof. i guess we will hopefully get good decisions from certain branches of government. we will see what happens. but we have a lot of good things happening. we were just speaking with the department of commerce, and we have interest in our country like we have never had before. >> mr. president, do you -- >> baltimore has been very badly mishandled for many years. as you know, congressman cummings has been there for a long time. he has had an iron hand on it.
6:42 am
it is a corrupt city. there is no question about it. all you have to do is look at the facts. billions and billions of dollars to no avail. to absolutely no avail. baltimore is an example of what corrupt government leads to. billions of dollars have been given, and i feel so sorry for the people of baltimore, and if they ask me, we will get involved, but we are already involved from the standpoint that over many years, billions and billions of dollars have been given to baltimore. it has been missing. it's been stolen. a lot of corrupt government. as you know, cummings has been in charge. now i will say this. i think that representative cummings could take his oversight committee and start doing oversight on baltimore.
6:43 am
>> what should the rate cut be? >> the talks are moving very well with china. but china always makes a new deal at the end. we are taking in billions and billions of dollars from china in the form of tariffs. our people are not paying for it. the revalued their currency. they are pumping money into the system in order to pay for it. they had the worst year and 27 years. they have had a terrible year because of the tariffs. a lot of companies moving out of china. the united states is doing phenomenally well. we are taking in tens of billions of dollars from china. we are giving some money to our farmers who have been really targeted by china. they like me. the farmers like me. and i love the farmers. i will say about the farmers are
6:44 am
very grateful. the most that they have ever spent on agricultural products. so when they hold out, the money that china is paying us. i gave it to the farmers. they are very happy. >> the fed moved in my opinion far too early and far too severely. puts me in somewhat of a disadvantage. fortunately, i have made the economy so strong that nothing is going to stop us. but the fed could have made it a lot easier. i would like to see a large cut. i would like to see immediately for it to stop. quantitative -- also that simultaneously. i think it was a big mistake. i also think that as good as we have done, we have set a record,
6:45 am
as you will see you, for the stock market, the all-time high in the history of the stock market. 10,000 points higher, and we would have been into it for gdp. president obama had a zero interest rate. we had a normalized interest rate. anything happens. and yet we still blew his economy away. >> is not pertaining to janet yellen? >> i don't talk about that. i am very disappointed in that. i think they acted too quickly by far, and i think i have been proven right. that is often wrong. "the washington post" called mitch mcconnell what? >> a russian asset.
6:46 am
>> i think "the washington post" as a russian asset by comparison. mitch mcconnell loves our country. he's done a great job. we are trying to pass an infrastructure bill. it's being written up right now. for our highways, and our roadways. mitch mcconnell has got more judges than probably any -- in all fairness, with my help, but as a combination, we are going to be a very soon to 179 federal judges. nobody has ever seen anything like that. and other than george washington, we will end up having the highest percentage of judges put on the court, and it's going to be a legacy mitch mcconnell is a man that knows less about russia and russian influence and even donald trump, and i know nothing. so i think it's a horrible thing when a paper, which is really just a paper for the benefit of
6:47 am
amazon, "the washington post," fake news, just like "the new york times" is fake news. it is put there for the benefit -- "the washington post," of amazon. it is my opinion, and i think it's a disgrace, and if they actually said that, i didn't read that. if they actually sublet, that mitch mcconnell is an asset of russia, they have to be ashamed of themselves, and they ought to apologize. >> are you watching the democratic debates tonight? your opponent -- >> well, i think right now, i am watching. i think right now, it will be sleepy joe. i feel he will limp across the line. that doesn't mean anything, but i know the other people, i think he is off of his game by a lot, but i think personally, it is going to be sleepy joe.
6:48 am
>> millions of people -- >> no, i think i'm helping myself because i am pointing out the tremendous corruption that is taking place in baltimore an end other democratic run cities. all you have to do is look at the past mayors in baltimore. now, i think i am helping myself. i tell you what. the white house has sent letters, emails, phone calls. i received more phone calls i think that on any other subject of people from baltimore and other cities corruptly run by democrats thanking me for getting involved. those people are living in hell in baltimore. they are largely african-american. you have a large african-american population. they let me know that they really appreciated. by the way, the numbers just came out. unemployment for african-americans is the lowest it has been. the best numbers in the history
6:49 am
of our country. the lowest in the history of our country. people have called from baltimore, thanking me so much. there's all that money that has been spent. it has been stolen and wasted by people like elijah cummings. i have a great relationship with brazil. i have a fantastic relationship with your president. he's a great gentleman. he was here, as you know. they call him the trump of brazil. i like that. by the way, i think he's doing a great job. it's a tough job, but i think your president is doing a fantastic job. he's a wonderful man with a wonderful family. we are going to work on a free-trade agreement with brazil. brazil is a big trading partner. other than that, we love the relationship.
6:50 am
>> are you concerned about -- apparently might have been poison while in britain. have you heard about that? >> i've heard about that, i don't know about it. i heard about it last night. >> democrats and republicans -- >> well, john ratcliffe is a good man. he is a wonderful person. i spoke to him long before about this. long before, months ago. long before the mueller fiasco. i think probably nobody in the history of capitol hill has embarrassed themselves like mueller did to himself into the democrats. but john ratcliffe, i spoke to him about this for a long time. he's a very talented guy. strong man. it's what we need and that position.
6:51 am
i am the least racist person there is anywhere in the world. all of my business life. i had to deal with it unfortunately in new york. i got along with al sharpton. now, he's a racist. he's a racist. when people -- let me explain to you. what i've done for african-americans for two and a half years, no president has been able to do anything like it. unemployment at the lowest level in the history of our country for african-americans. nobody can beat that. you look at poverty levels. they are doing better than they ever have before. so many things. so many opportunities. criminal justice reform. president obama couldn't get it done. it was done really, the biggest beneficiary probably is african-americans. i got criminal justice reform is
6:52 am
on president obama. he couldn't get it done. no other president was able to get it done. what i have done for african-americans, no other president i would say has done. i will tell you this. they are so happy because i get the call, they are so happy because of what i have been able to do in baltimore and other democratic run corrupt cities. the money has been stolen. what they have done, it has been wasted, and it's been stolen. billions and billions of dollars, and the african-american community is so thankful. they have called me, and they've said finally, somebody is telling the truth. >> do you think that there will be a trade deal with china before november 2020? >> well, i think that the biggest problem is that china would love to wait. they hope it is not going to happen -- they would just love
6:53 am
if i got defeated so that they can deal with somebody like elizabeth warren order sleepy joe biden. or any of these people. because then they would be allowed unable to continue to rip off our country like they have been doing for the last 30 years. china has been taking out hundreds of billions of dollars a year with our country, and now what i've done is number one, they've added 27 years yesterday. "wall street journal." the worst year and 27 years. companies are leaving china by the thousands. to the prices are coming down, and i will tell you this. china is dying to make a deal with me, but whether or not i will do it -- it's up to me. it's not up to them. >> just this week, what do you think you can get china to give you? >> i think china is willing to give up a lot. i think of china has their wish, they wait until after the
6:54 am
election. they will pray that trump loses. then they will make a deal with somebody who doesn't know what they're doing, like obama and biden. like all of the presidents before. because what they've done, they picked our pockets as a nation. that's not happening with trump. >> lawmakers -- >> that's okay. well, i think if that's the case, i would be shocked. but if that's the case, we are fighting against our people because the african-american people have been calling the white house. they have never been so happy for what our president has done. not only the lowest unemployment in history. it not only opportunities -- the biggest beneficiary, the inner cities. not only criminal justice reform, but they're so happy that i pointed out the corrupt politics of baltimore, it's
6:55 am
filthy, dirty. it's so horrible. and they are happy as hell. you might have a couple of politicians walk out, but it's all a fix. the fact is african-american people love the job i'm doing. i'm not working for the politicians. i'm working for them. [indistinct] >> oh, absolutely, what he should doing is take his oversight commitment, bring them down to baltimore, and really study the billions and billions of dollars that have been stolen. it's been wasted. it's been stolen. they ought to take that beautiful waste of an oversight committee, go down to baltimore and other democratic run cities and take a look -- see if you can find the billions that has been stolen.
6:56 am
[indistinct question] >> my relationship with kim jong un is a very good one, as i'm sure you've seen. we will see what happens. i can't tell he was what's going to happen. i know that if my opponent was president, you would be in a major war right now with north korea. we are nowhere close. so i have a good relationship with him. i like him. he likes me. we will see what happens. [indistinct question] >> at the right time, i will visit, but the people of baltimore are very thankful. they have let us know by the thousands. because of the fact that somebody is pointing out how corrupt baltimore is, how billions and billions of dollars have been stolen. the ones that like it the best or african-american voters. those are the ones.
6:57 am
>> sandra: president trump on his way now to virginia for an historic event, answering questions from reporters, making a lot of news there, as the feud between elijah cummings and the president continues to grow by the minute. on baltimore, he says cummings has been there for a long time. that said he is corrupt. spending lots of money to no avail. very specifically, he was asked if he has any regrets when it comes to baltimore. he said no. do you think you are hurting yourself with the baltimore commons, he was asked? he said no, i'm helping myself because i'm pointing out corruption in baltimore. he took a victory lap on the economy, the number one in the world. in that of course talked about the fed interest rate cuts. >> bill: a few more things, he said that he has covered there with an iron hand. the district is really large. also was to baltimore. 22%. the crime rate there has been bad for some time.
6:58 am
with regard to the economy, how they will in all likelihood cut tomorrow, we will see how the markets wrecked on that. the chinese negotiations continue. this mitch mcconnell thing is gaining steam. he was asked about "the washington post" calling him a russian asset. the presidents of "the washington post" is a russian accent. >> sandra: the debate tonight, he was asked who do you think your democratic opponent will be? he said i'm watching. i do believe right now it will be sleepy joe. he does feel he will make it across the finish line, but he doesn't know for sure. >> bill: he said he's off his game. we will see how that goes. two more things. kevin corke down in virginia. john ratcliffe, taking some heat. the president said he is a brilliant man. he has done it for some time, not just with regards to about a week ago, but several months prior to that. in regards to al sharpton, he's a racist. that is what the president said a few moments ago.
6:59 am
he is not backing away from this fight, and certainly not apologizing for what happened over the weekend. >> sandra: he said i am the least racist person in the world. said the president a few moments ago, now we welcome you all to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: here we go. i'm bill hemmer. straight to kevin corke live in jamestown virginia where the president will arrive momentarily. hey, kevin, good morning. >> never a dull moment obviously. you guys have a great show already. virginia's black state lawmakers are actually boycotting today's commemoration. 400 years of representative democracy, they say because the president will be here. i want to share part of a statement. it is lengthy, but i just want to share this little snippet for the folks at home, bill. they say this, rather, as we celebrate the beginning of american democracy, we must recognize that it is the government by, of, and for the people, built on the idea of
7:00 am
personal liberty. his words demonstrate that he does not share or embody these new ideas. interestingly, both virginia governor and lieutenant governor, justin fairfax, will take part of the festivities today, although it is highly unlikely that they will be photographed anywhere near the president. you know how it goes in politics, so you have to expect some sort of acknowledgment, but we will see. white house officials tell me that for the president, this is a chance not to use just celebrate the incredible history, but also deeply personal reflection of the many great strides in our country has made and continues to make even as it continues frankly to become a more perfect union. we all know that. a union, i should add, increasingly politically pressured. take for example the back and forth between the president and elijah cummings, whose district, as you know, has drawn the president's attention as of
7:01 am
late. speak out i think i am helping myself because i am pointing out the tremendous corruption that is taking place in baltimore and other democratic run cities. all you have to do is look at the past mayors of baltimore. see what happens. i think i'm helping myself. i tell you what, the white house and myself have seen letters, emails, phone calls. i've received more phone calls then i think on any other subject of people from baltimore and other cities, corruptly run by democrats, thanking me for getting involved. those people are living in hell. >> the president talking about the conditions in baltimore, also mentioning quite pointedly the billions and billions of dollars that have been sent to congressman cummings district. he wants to know what happens to the money. it doesn't seem to be making a difference. we expect them to take a tour in the 11:00 hour. then he will be speaking here. for now, guys, back to you.
7:02 am
>> bill: kevin corke, live and virginia. thank you, sir. >> sandra: charlie hurt, fox news contributor. a.b. stoddard, associate editor and columnist at real clear politics. juan williams, cohost of "the five." fox news analyst. good morning to all of you. eab, why don't you start us off with your response? >> i think he was prepared to double down, quadruple down about the corruption in urban democratically run cities, but at the same time, probably do a little bit of damage control. i think he has taken a few phone calls. maybe from an anguished congressman, mark meadows. we know reporting has shown that the staff is little concern. some of them about whether or not this was politically injurious to the president. so you saw him try to make the case that he has been the best president for african-americans. instead of doing things like
7:03 am
insinuating that congressman cummings has been stealing -- >> but as he just said again, let's deal with the facts. look at the situation in baltimore let's look at what's happening with the poverty rate there. 22.4% in 2017. juan, that is high. the national rate is just over 12%. it is double. you have the unemployment rate. you have it pouring in. $17 billion in 2010 alone, to which the president also just referred. that is a lot more than what was going into the city ten years ago, just over $7 billion. what's happening with that? >> there is no reason for anybody to allege that elijah cummings is a thief. that is just low. it shouldn't happen. it shouldn't come from anyone to a sitting member of congress unless you have some evidence. it certainly shouldn't come from the white house. >> bill: the larger example he is making is that this is an example of corrupt government. >> if that's the case, then say it.
7:04 am
>> bill: he did say he had >> i would say that the money goes to places like the harbor to see if we can get some more both in there, taking care of johns hopkins. 60% of the population of baltimore is black. 25-30% poverty rate among the blacks in this country. so what you have here is a situation where there is a need for change. i mean, i'm sitting here with you this morning. we can do a better job of educating those children to help them get out of poverty. we need to do a better job of job training and the like. that is what the government should be doing. the name calling come of the debasing of an entire group of people and a city, it is reprehensible. >> bill: he set african-americans have been the white house. juan williams is onlin on line . >> the reason that he went after him is because he has the
7:05 am
chairman of the house oversight committee, spending the last few years chasing something for which there is no evidence. this canard about russian collusion. that's why he went after elijah cummings. i don't think anybody disagrees that there is corruption in baltimore. donald trump is appointing a light on that. elijah cummings has been representing the district for 26 years. that is before "the wire" was on hbo. anybody who saw 5 minutes of "the wire," -- >> bill: speaking of wires, your microphone needs help. we are going to get it fixed. here is hannity from last night. the larger picture. here he is withdrawn. >> instead of focusing on the deteriorating living conditions, they say that they are just defending cummings with another round of identity politics. a fake moral outrage. and of course attacking the president, calling him a racist
7:06 am
as many times as they can every second of every hour of every day because the mueller thing fell apart for them. >> bill: we interrupted you. >> this is the important thing. only in washington would somebody see the president attacking elijah cummings and say this is all about race. it's not about race. it is about the russian collusion retail. he is talking about the fact that elijah cummings went after his homeland security director. desperately trying to fix the crisis of the border. donald trump is talking about issues. what you get in washington? oh, this is racist. it's not racist. he is being competitive, as he always is. he is an equal opportunity offender when it comes to being combative, but everything is about race, it is crazy. >> i don't think it's all about race, by the way. i think, charlie, what you have to understand is there is a pattern here. not to be mistaken for
7:07 am
isolation, this is a guy who went after john lewis, the congressman from georgia -- >> he went after jeb bush, joe biden. >> when he goes after people of color, he excites racial passions in this country. when he went after those four congresswomen who are -- >> bill: 's so, juan, how did you feel -- >> get them out of here. i think it hits people of color in specific. they are a vulnerable population. and you are absolutely going after them with a vengeance that suggests -- and again, you look at what is going on in the country, spike in terms of hate crimes. >> decriminalizing marijuana, how did you feel about all of that? >> i think i would congratulate him. by the way, you know, jared kushner, so many republicans on the hill had to get jeff sessions out of the way to try to get criminal justice reform. so i will congratulate them.
7:08 am
but his language. >> bill: allow me to process. when you take him and if his totality, don't you see a fairness? a president who is being equitable on the overall issues, who doesn't see color? he just sees what he believes is right and what is wrong. >> no, i think i see somebody who is acting -- >> bill: acting? >> acting. the president acts, speaks in terms of his policies and actions without any history of race in this country, and the necessity for us to act with some caution on such an explosive issue. >> bill: have in some of his policies helped african-americans? >> i think i would congratulate him and applaud him on that -- >> bill: the whole picture. >> the whole picture, i could start to go back about suing him
7:09 am
and his company about discriminating against black people. i could go back to -- >> sandra: lv to king has a much different take on "fox & friends" this morning on that. she had some very strong feelings on the matter. you were able to respond to them, but her point was let's ask the questions. why is $16 billion going into a city that is a lot of bruising? she is last night. >> president trump has given $16 billion in 2010 alone to elijah cummings district in federal grants. we have given more money and homeless funds to baltimore than the last administration. my question to you guys is this. what are you guys actually doing with money so that it goes to residence. >> sandra: more money than the obama administration. >> i think if president trump
7:10 am
really wanted to work with leaders on the ground to clean up chicago, baltimore, detroit, we would know that. he attacked elijah cummings, someone who has worked hard to earn the respect of his republican colleagues on capitol hill who is not rashida tlaib, ilhan omar, alexandria ocasio-cortez, he attacked him and his city, said humans wouldn't want to live there because of the mueller investigation. he has a burden not to use -- even if he is not a racist, racially divisive language, to divide this country. he has a burden, responsibility that he refuses to meet because he is campaigning, and that is what people saw this week. he insinuated he was a criminal, he was on the take in baltimore, and he accused two black men in less than 24 hours of crimes they didn't commit. that president obama should be investigated for a book deal. the president of the united states, less than 24 hours later, elijah cummings. i don't think this is about
7:11 am
baltimore. >> i think you're right about that. actually, what i said, he went after his homeland security director, who is trying to fix things out the border. as usual, donald trump's focus on actual issues, which is what got him elected in the first place and what will ultimately get him reelected. washington only focuses on the superficial things, like accusing him of being a racist because he went after a political enemy who savaged his homeland security director, just trying to solve the crisis of the border. donald trump just wants to fix these things, and the only thing you get out of washington as "you are a racist." >> well, he's a racist. >> sandra: after 22 years, he was released in january. he joined the president at the state of the union peered he gives the president a ton of credit, juan, for what he has done for the african-american community. >> he should be grateful if he was released after 22 years. i don't know the specific case,
7:12 am
sandra, south i think anybody in that position, kim kardashian who went in, got that release. there are people who can have some personal connections. they say thank you, mr. president, but when you look at the overall state of race in this country, you ask people i things getting better in terms of race relations, the ability to talk to each other, understand, everyone says republican and democrat, things are getting worse under this president. >> bill: we've got another hot one coming up for you. a.b., thank you. juan, standby. tough story here appeared to american soldiers killed. insider attack in afghanistan's province, this coming after mike pompeo vowed to reduce the number of troops in that country before the election in 2020. lucas tomlinson picks up the story. >> u.s. officials tell me and i've canceled or who is supposed to be an ally killed those two u.s. soldiers at base in southern afghanistan.
7:13 am
82nd airborne unannounced the death of the soldiers and a facebook post. "it is with a heavy heart that i inform you about the loss of two paratroopers. 12 american troops have now been killed in combat in afghanistan this year, compared to 30 last year. in 2010, 473 americans were killed in combat. at the height, when 100,000 americans were on the ground, compared to 14,000 today. mike pompeo says he has been pressured to cut the footprint even more ahead of the 2020 election. >> that is my directive from the president of the united states. he has been unambiguous. the identities of the two americans killed will be released after the next of kin notifications are completed. >> bill: this controversy surrounding him. what is up with this? >> that's right, bill, john hayden, currently the head of
7:14 am
u.s. nuclear forces. he has been nominated to be the joint chief of staff. former female army colonel under his command in omaha has accused him of sexual assault stemming from an alleged incident at the reagan library a few months before officials tell me she was fired for "toxic work environment and bullying subordinates." before making the accusations, the colonel was herself accused of misbehavior. i spoke to the alleged it up bullying. "i don't find her to be credible at all," he said. fox news has obtained a report from the omaha police department. "disturbance in the offense on february 26th 2018 after she was fired." they say he was told earlier in the day "he had 24 hours to rectify the situation or she was going to kill herself with a family firearm." we have reached out for a
7:15 am
comment. two democrats on the committee running for president. elizabeth warren and chris angela brand will not be attending the hearing today. >> bill: a lot to keep track of there. >> sandra: a brand-new study showing nearly half of all millennials in this nation are still taking a lot of money from their parents to help pay their bills. millennials are poised to be the largest living generation, so what does this mean for all of us? >> bill: also, wealthy parents to collect financial aid from their kids, how does that work? charles payne, the moneyman, will break it down for us. plus, there's this. >> sandra: possible sighting of the two teen fugitives that authorities say killed by a young couple on a road trip there. now issuing a warning to people in that area. >> the last scene of them
7:16 am
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don't have a card. even if you applied. capital one has responded to the data breach, saying this is the chairman and ceo. "i'm grateful that the person has been caught, deeply sorry for what has happened. i deeply apologize for what has
7:21 am
happened. i am committed to making it right." does the industry change, charles cooke's remix because they have to change. we have to know that our information is secure. now this brings into amazon, also these other major cloud players. what are they doing? everything will be in the cloud, the so-called cloud. we have got to know that it is secure, that one person working on the inside doesn't have the ability to do that. >> sandra: can we talk about the new study showing that 46% of them admitted that their parents are still helping them with the basic living expenses. cell phone bills, rent, what does this mean for the rest of us? >> it's a tough one. i am one of those that i help them. i think i have helped a little bit too much to be quite frank with you. it's a real difficult situation.
7:22 am
i think one of the real major issues is that the cost of living for a lot of these millennials, not just going to school and college, those kinds of things, where they want to be, what they want to do, it costs a lot of money. that is not to say that this is a generation, not as financially burdened as we pretrade to be, but the things that they want to do and engage in cost is a lot more money than they are making. you can go to coachella with the kind of entry level position that you have. you can't live in new york city without a couple of roommates, without mom and dad. >> bill: it is probably hard for parents to say no to their kids. they are looking for some extra money. >> listen, my son is in college. he has an amazing apartment in notting hill, he goes to college in london, he is working the summer, learning the ropes and the venture capital business. >> >> bill: time for you to cut the cord. >> i can't wait for him to pay some of my bills. >> sandra: savings will be an
7:23 am
issue. a 13% admitted that they don't have any savings at all. 60% say that they have stashed away at less than $500. >> you only live once. yolo. fomo. there is a conversation about it. both parents and their kids. >> sandra: it's interesting to hear a little bit of sympathy from charles on that. >> bill: wealthy parents transferring a legal guardianship of their own kids to a friend or a relative in order to gain what? >> this has been happening in chicago. i don't know why. i don't want to -- >> sandra: oh, you be careful. >> essentially, they have discovered a big wide swath of these parents they give up their guardianship usually in 11th grade or 12th grade, and then the kid will declare financial independence. your gardens didn't have the income, you don't have the
7:24 am
income, you get a ride. a bunch of different scholarships that they wouldn't have been eligible for. >> sandra: an example would be want to go to northwestern university of chicago, loyola. you send your kid to go stay with aunt judy. >> giving up guardianship, though, goes even further than just living there appeared giving up guardianship of your child to someone -- >> bill: you are gaming the system. >> big time. one of america's number one pastimes. again, these are parents who probably could afford it but don't want to take on the financial burden and find a way to game the system. >> sandra: fascinating, charles. >> bill: do you have any good news? >> the economy is rocking. consumer confidence just came in about 5 minutes ago. through the roof. americans are doing so well. they really are. in general. but it's getting better for everyone. >> sandra: thanks, charles. we are learning now details about the killing of a police officer in italy. investigator saying that the
7:25 am
victim was stabbed repeatedly with a 7-inch knife. the two american teens accused in the crime going before a judge. the one the cops i was behind the stabbing say he acted in self-defense. what the judges firing back with. >> bill: moments ago, president trump, fiery comments. the senate majority leader unleashing on members of the media for what he calls "modern-day mccarthyism. our a-team is back for more on that. >> welcome to modern-day mccarthyism. mccarthy-like tactics out in the open for everyone to see.
7:26 am
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♪ sleep this amazing? that's a zzzquilpure zzzs sleep. our liquid has a unique botanical blend, while an optimal melatonin level means no next-day grogginess. zzzquil pure zzzs. naturally superior sleep. >> bill: 10:30 in new york. new developments as two teenage americans being held in italy accused of murdering a police officer. the teenager accused of stabbing both 35-year-old man is telling
7:30 am
a judge in rome that he was acting in self-defense. today, the judge said that he and his codefendant displayed an "total absence of self-control." watching this case very closely. amy. >> high matt, bill paid for the first time, we heard from officially the cubby area, other officials involved in this case. they said that both mario cerciello rega and his partner were thrown by the american team to the ground and of site, an altercation that got physical very, very quickly. now mario cerciello rega, who was killed, he was stabbed so fast, police say he would not have had time to react anyway. his partner was armed. the americans fled fast, shooting someone in flight is illegal here. the 7-inch knife that finnegan
7:31 am
lee elder allegedly used to kill mario cerciello rega was plunged all the way through his victim, straight to with handle. elder told police allegedly said he had brought it in checked luggage from the united states. the suspects had returned to their room after being sold fake drugs to change into different clothing and go confront the dealer. at that point, elder grout the knife. the two american teenagers from the san francisco area remained in custody. 19-year-old elder and 18-year-old gabriel christian natale hjorth are the two suspects. this picture of gabriel christian natale hjorth blindfolded ahead of official interrogation has led to concerns about how he has been treated. that was a very big stories i trust this morning by authorities who said that they have seen it, it is wrong. they are launching their own investigation into what happens with the handcuffs and the
7:32 am
blindfold, but they also say that this was before the interrogation, and during the interrogation, everything was done by the book. both suspects had lawyers present, and they had translators, but this is their version of events. it is important to point out on this matter, the leak damage, we have not heard from the suspects, layers, or their families, who have not been allowed to visit them so far. >> bill: amy kellogg. thank you. live in milan, italy. >> i think "the washington post" is a russian asset by comparis comparison. mitch mcconnell loves our country. mitch mcconnell is a man that knows less about russia and russian influence than even donald trump. and i know nothing. if they actually said that, that mitch mcconnell is an asset of russia, they ought to be ashamed of themselves, and they ought to apologize. >> sandra: president trump going after mitch mcconnell after he got slammed for
7:33 am
blocking election security bil bills. he was calling the attack "modern-day mccarthyism. at our a-team is back. charlie hurt, juan williams, and a.b. stoddard. why don't you take this one first? >> i mean, we are in cuckoo land here. we have been for like two and a half years. this whole thing has proven to be completely manufactured, completely made up. why not start throwing some bombs back? i have no problem with any of it. what is interesting is that this all started from this bipartisan legislation that mitch mcconnell was holding up on the floor supposedly or at least wants to put to an actual vote as opposed to doing it with consent. one of the pieces of this legislation would require anyone working for a campaign to alert any foreign national was helping that campaign. so my question is does that apply to all of the illegal
7:34 am
aliens that are helping? >> bill: fair point. it got one vote in the house. they said do you want to bring this up now? it was justin amash from the republican party who is leaving. >> what he wants to do is have people vote on that. as opposed to just putting it over. >> bill: maybe. >> i understand why mitch mcconnell was upset about it. he has not supported any election security legislation. the democrats will continue to make this an issue. >> bill: holland, $380 million. election security. mcconnell is making the case that ultimately it comes down to euros. >> okay. he is not going to lose his election to amy mcgrath, but he has a lot of seats that could be vulnerable. this is an issue because it is
7:35 am
not made up. it has nothing to do with collusion. it's election security that the democrats will continue to press, try to educate the public on peer to bipartisan report just came out of the intelligence community, and it bolsters the claim that we are not ready for the election next year, that we are not protected. we are willfully vulnerable, and this is what mueller said. this is what the fbi said. so it is a vulnerability not just for mitch mcconnell but for his entire -- >> what is vulnerable? >> bill: hang on, hang on. everyone, please. every report says no votes were changed. they may have given -- that is what they said. >> they have the ability potentially to attack the voting machines. we don't have the dash what about next year? they are perfecting their active measures. why is this not -- >> sandra: hold on. >> the only thing that anyone is upset about is that donald that
7:36 am
donald trump won in 2016. >> you know what? you will be upset if you end up learning about the chinese help kamala harris. he really will be upset. >> i think that we as americans have a reason to be upset. i don't think that there is any argument at this point -- president trump says oh, this is all fake. there is nothing fake about the intelligence agencies, mueller, and everybody else think that the russians interfered that helped donald trump and hurt hillary clinton. in addition, charlie, what we just recently learned is that they hacked all 50 states elections apparatus. they didn't act on it, but they succeeded in getting inside. >> sandra: hold on. i want to get this in here. respond to this. democrats in the media, his record on russia. they read "the truth is is that he has been far tougher on vladimir putin that anyone else was. the george w. bush and obama administrations. he push for tougher sanctions,
7:37 am
and he supported the magnitsky act, sanctioning mr. mr. putin. >> that was absolutely ready. he was on a russia hawk, before it was turned into an acquiescent party. mitch mcconnell is going to continue, like i said, to be blamed for saying it t to the obama industry i'm not going to sign onto a bipartisan warning about our intelligence community telling us we are under threat in this 2016 election, and what he has nonsense. he is not going to lose his race in kentucky, but this is going to remain an issue. >> bill: we have got issues, the democratic congressional -- >> sandra: the campaign arm of the democratic party. they apparently are having a bit of a staff shake up your charlie, i know you have seen this story. they call it "a sobering day." the number two person has resigned amid diversity concern.
7:38 am
cheri bustos, of course a rising star. a democrat coming from the state of illinois. she has issued an apology. we are told that she walked into a meeting, sort of this quiet apology. she promised to do better. is the democratic party facing struggles of their own? >> come it's a real struggle. we obviously don't know all of the details about what is really at play here. these things -- people have a hard time keeping these things under wraps, so i suspect it will all come on, but whatever's going on, is not good for democrats at this point. obviously, they are very energized around the country, but if you don't have those campaign arms working on -- >> bill: 30 minutes ago, we had this long discussion about racism in america. now we come upon this, and this is what she says. "it's been a sobering day filled with tough conversations i too often we avoid. i can say confidently that we
7:39 am
are taking the steps to put the dcc seats back on track, truly reflecting the diversity of our democratic caucus and our party." >> you have a situation here where cheri bustos, who statement you just read, bill, has a friend and colleague who helped her to win election in that job. she is the chairwoman of the d.c. cc. she has someone there who was someone that she felt she had some political debt to. that was allison jazz glow. the pressure that came -- >> bill: she has since been replaced. >> jaclyn newman. you have a white woman and a black woman with questions. i think it is more than a quarter of the entire democratic party now is african-american. and i think lots of people, not only african-americans, but latinos -- >> sandra: so the democratic party -- >> the leadership, you are
7:40 am
starting to hear that from the hispanic caucus, a lot of people saying hey, why is it that there is no -- nothing here? >> sandra: this is the higher-ups, where you just mention the congressional black caucus, hispanic caucus. they were very upset with cheri bustos. they did not see diversity represented in the campaign arm of the party. >> right, so the question is is this something that is debilitating? they said you've got to have this thing running in full gear, given that we are so close. >> bill: thank you. watching the debates, give me a name. >> kamala harris. >> biden or whoever is going to replace him as a sort of sensible moderate. >> sandra: thanks for being so sensible. >> bill: thank you, juan. the long history going up in flames. calling it "a total loss." how a fire reduced to 125 euros
7:41 am
charge to ashes. how did that fire started? >> sandra: plus, investigators and canada investigating a possible sighting of the two teens that they say that killed three people there. the hurdle that they are facing in the urgent warning that they are issuing to those who live in that remote areas of the searches them. we are going to talk to someone close to that investigation with an update next. thousands could save f over the life of the loan, starting right away. with the newday's va streamline refi there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no points. you could lower your payment before you write your next month's check. make the most of your va mortgage benefits. refinance to a lower rate now at newday usa. refi now at
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7:45 am
>> sandra: catholic church built in 1995 now a mere pile of ashes after fire breaks out in west texas. it is set to be the largest in the state. it was burned to the ground. no injuries have been reported. stained-glass windows shipped from germany have been destroy destroyed. a century old pipe organ also a casualty of that fire. the cause of the fire he had to
7:46 am
determined. >> bill: now to a fox nation special that gives you insights from rick leventhal on his time covering the u.s. military up close and personal. while the battle for baghdad was underway, the show was called "embedded in harm's way." he is here onset to talk about that here lots of reflection from you. >> not just from me, but also the cameraman that i was with with the marines for nine weeks. we just sat down and a friend of mine's bar a couple blocks from here, have some beers, talked about the experience. the two of us back and forth, there's a lot to talk about. you are there for nine weeks. it is just an intense, credible, challenging experience. it was great to be able to relive it with him. this series it -- well, this special is basically just about what that experience was like. >> bill: just a quick clip that you will see on this.
7:47 am
here is leventhal and christian. watch. >> i thought this is the military, they are going to tell us what to do everything. we are taking a break, go get something to eat. we are down for the next six hours. get some sleep. i don't remember any point in eight weeks, anybody telling me want to become a went to sleep. it was just like sometimes he would be like oh, my god, we would stop, 20 minutes later, they would be like wake up, we are leaving. then it would be like i'm not going to sleep, it's so hard, then we would be there for eight hours. there was no routine. >> sandra: god bless our military. >> bill: how did your view of the military change because of that experience? >> i walked in with a lot of respect for the military and for our marines in particular. i spent time with them in afghanistan, but being with them on the front lines for all of that time and sleeping in the same place, eating the same food, watching them work, was
7:48 am
just an incredible experience. these guys are the best of the best. you know, dedicated, just hardworking. never complain. of course christian and i were complaining the whole time about how dirty and tired we were. we would fall asleep standing up sometimes. it was just being there on the front lines with those guys in that gritty, dirty challenging environment was eye-opening, to say the least. it's a great opportunity for people if they want to try a fox nation, check out what this was like for all of us. you can just go to, download a free trial on fox nation. much respect. the 23rd marines who we were with, those guys are the best. they kept us safe. we got a front row seat for a pretty hellacious experience. >> sandra: good stuff. >> it was amazing.
7:49 am
>> bill: thank you. >> sandra: fox news alert, president trump will be speaking at the commemoration of the beginning of american democracy. i will be happening in virginia. moments from now, we will bring you their live when the president begin speaking. . . but now that i book at, and i get all these great perks. i got to select my room from the floor plan... very nice... i know, i'm good at picking stuff. free wi-fi... laptop by the pool is a bold choice... and the price match guarantee. how do you know all of this? are you like some magical hilton fairy? it's just here on the hilton app. just available to the public, so... book at and get the hilton price match guarantee. if you find a lower rate, we match it and give you 25% off that stay. (drum roll) and the record for longest-lasting aa battery goes to... (cymbal crash) energizer ultimate lithium. guinness world records title holder for longest-lasting aa battery.
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>> bill: the warning from police to stay inside and lock the doors. that was a warning canadian police gave as they search for two teenage murder suspects. this is way up in manitoba. with the canadian royal mounted police. he joins us now. you were looking and remote area that has since been ended. what's your best clue now, sir? where do you go? >> we have to go where the evidence points. we have to go on our health last known to have speared the last couple of days. we haven't been able to substantiate that. we are still working her there. the last confirmed sighting that we knew. so we are back up in that area. we never wanted to put of all of our eggs into one basket. we never went to the second town in north york there. we have to go with where the evidence leads us.
7:54 am
we are just going to keep working hard. >> sandra: these two suspects, teenagers, suspected of killing three people, corporal. what is your warning to residents of this rural area that is now the target of your search? what should they do? >> we are asking people to take precautions. stay inside, call the police if you see or hear anything. if there is anything that just doesn't feel right, give the police a call. we are telling people to share information with the police. don't share on social media. that can lead to dangerous situations, or it can lead to other areas. >> bill: there are three people who have been murdered. 300 miles apart. burned-out camper that was found with a decomposed body. why do you believe that is connected to the other couple?
7:55 am
>> northern british columbia, two people go missing, then to have a homicide 300 miles away, although those are two parallel investigations, those investigators spoke with each other, and the details that they haven't released yet on what led them to know that these two are connected, we know that the suspects are the people that we want. >> sandra: corporal, final thoughts, what are the biggest challenges you face in this type of investigation and this type of search? >> this type of investigation, it's going to be time and distance. we are about 2500 miles from our crime scene. and we are looking at just over a week since the confirmed sighting. we are reaching out to the public. if you have any tips, please give us a call. if you see anything, please give us a call. >> bill: are you getting enough tips, or are you getting too many in a case like this? >> i think in a case like this,
7:56 am
you can't get too many. obviously, we are going to act on them. we have gotten 200 tips from the small gillam town. quite a few from a small town. >> bill: thank you, corporal, for your time. best of luck to you, okay? >> okay, take care. >> bill: moments away now from seeing the president. he is in virginia, marking the 400th anniversary of american democracy, going back to 1619. democrats tend stomach intent to boycott his remarks. we will have that for you when we continue. top of the hour coming up. >> tech: at safelite autoglass,
7:57 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert. we are awaiting the president's remarks in jamestown virginia as his feud with elijah cummings heats up with charges of racism coming from both sides this morning. welcome back to "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: you're still here. i'm bill hemmer if you're nice to see you again. the president will speak at that event, marking the 400th anniversary of american democracy, but some virginia democrats will boycott the speech. the president addressed that issue. >> you may have a couple of politicians boycott, but it's all a fix. the fact is african-american
8:01 am
people love the job i'm doing because i'm working for them. i'm not working for the politicians. >> bill: john roberts from the nor the white house lawn. good morning to you. >> bill, good morning to you. not backing down one bit in his feud with elijah cummings. lehman cummings at least in large part for what he says is the decline of baltimore, saying that the city has been beset by corruption. here's what the president said. >> he has had a very iron hand on her. it is a corrupt city. no question about it. all you have to do is look at the facts. billions and billions of dollars to no avail. to absolutely no avail. baltimore is an example of what corrupt government leads to. >> continued charges of racism regarding the tweets about the
8:02 am
president set over the weekend about elijah cummings. mark meadows, the chairman of the conservative freedom caucus, a very good friend of both president trump and elijah cummings. he said this in a statement yesterday. "i am friends with both men, president trump and chairman cummings. i know both well. neither man is a racist, period. both men love america. we can find bipartisan solutions that will benefit not only chairman cummings district but the country as a whole." the president claimed today that he has been contacted by many african-americans here at the white house, thanking him for finally shining a spotlight on baltimore. the president tweeting "baltimore's numbers are the worst in the united states on crime and the economy. billions of dollars have been pumped in. the money was stolen or wasted. ask elijah cummings where it went. he should investigate himself with his oversight committee!" there is no evidence that any money was stolen, suggested by the president, but also saying
8:03 am
maybe the federal government will investigate. listen here. >> those people are living in hell in baltimore. they are largely african-american. you have a large african-american population, and they really appreciate what i'm doing. they let me know it. they really appreciated. >> he will be speaking in just a short time at that ceremony in jamestown. he may or may not mention it. you mentioned about some black virginia lawmakers say that they will boycott today's event because of what the president set over the weekend and what he continues to say. he seems unfazed by it, treating a short time ago "heading to jamestown virginia. where does the democrats will make it as uncomfortable as possible, but that's okay because today is not about them. those quote keep in mind, bill, it has become a little bit about baltimore, but it's not about baltimore. >> bill: thank you. john roberts from the north lawn.
8:04 am
>> sandra: let's bring in deroy murdock, fox news contributor, contribute an editor -- as we await the president, first, your thoughts as this feud continues to grow. >> it is supposed to be day number four. what is interesting is one donald trump says something negative about baltimore, it's racist, but there have been so many other people who have criticized that city, run by democrats for decades. they have life spans shorter than people living under dictatorships. that was bernie sanders. is he a racist? "i have watched little girls go from babies, selling their bodies." that was elijah cummings. is that a racist comment? >> sandra: you mentioned is the mayor of baltimore, caught on camera and microphone touring the city, she has some things to say. this is mixed in with obama and bernie sanders saying things about the city back one.
8:05 am
>> anybody who took the walk that we took around this neighborhood would not think that you are in a wealthy nation. you would think that you are in a third world country. >> some of the same organizers now, going back to try to clean up the aftermath of a handful of the protests, criminals and thugs who tore up the place. >> what the hell, we can take all this down. you can smell the rats. >> sandra: back in 2015, talking about thugs. bernie sanders -- >> absolutely right. they said you can smell the rats. she said oh, my god, you can smell the dead animals. many people on the left who have criticize conditions in baltimore, they are not accused of racism. it is all part of the democrats offered to help paint him as a racist. >> sandra: what is this feud about? >> this is the democrats trying
8:06 am
to demonize trump. the worst thing you can be seen as is a racist. somehow, you have to turn it into a racist attack, which is what they have done with everything. >> sandra: we've been talking about the poverty rates in the city of baltimore, higher than the national average. here are the murder rates. the top five murder rates in the united states. baltimore tops the list. 55.8. detroit, 39.8. this is per 100,000. that tops the list. we know how bad it is in some areas of detroit. memphis, chicago, philadelphia. baltimore is worse. >> it looks like it's about 20 times worse. worst on the homicide rate in new york city. >> sandra: why is no one talking about solutions? >> we should talk about solutions. i'm sure there is a charter school that is better than the public schools. this is what is going right. >> sandra: to be fair, he
8:07 am
addressed to president obama back in 2015. hey, this city is a mess. send me end, i will fix it. so why not the president? why shouldn't he take leadership on this? >> he does a great job and talking about his opportunities program. i imagine that there are. this is essentially a program that he regulates and provides funding and resources to build up low income neighborhoods. there are opportunities, they should go there and talk about what they're doing. talk to the parents. i think they could put a positive spin on this. >> sandra: i asked that in the context of the debate. local leadership that should tackle this program had on, or the national level, which donna brazile was on this program and said that the president should take more ownership of the problems in the city appear deroy murdock, always great to talk to you. >> bill: seven pastor now. mississippi, the top of the air appeared shooting at a walmart south of memphis, tennessee.
8:08 am
several people were injured, including the suspect. we have the latest. live in atlanta on this. >> hi, bill. waiting for more information. in the meantime, please have yet to confirm reports that two people have died. those reports coming from local media. in addition, reporting that at least two people were injured, including a police officer and the suspected shooter. memphis tv station w are e.g. reports the suspect is a walmart employee who was suspended yesterday after allegedly pulling a knife on a customer. he returned to the 24-hour walmart store this morning. witnesses say gunfire erupted just after 6:30 this morning, and it started in the parking lot before moving into the store. >> we got about halfway to the truck. my wife said is that a gunshot? we looked back, saw the sky running into the store, and i'm
8:09 am
thinking why is he running into the store? you know. just about 30 seconds later, we see two people run out of the store, then just a flood of people leaving. >> his condition is unknown, however memphis reports the injured officer was wearing a protective vest, which apparently stops a bullet. again, bill, in about an hour, police will be holding a news conference to update the public on the violence that unfolded this morning. back to you. >> bill: jonathan on that story in atlanta. thank you. >> sandra: will come at any moment now, president trump is set to speak at an event in jamestown virginia. you are looking live at 400 years of american democracy. this war of words continues with congressman elijah cummings. we will bring you the president's remarks live. >> bill: michael goodwin ways and on that. his new bed, explaining why he
8:10 am
argues impeaching will not help democrats defeat president trump in 2020. >> sandra: plus the democratic debates kicking up tonight with heavy hitters like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. so who else could stand out? forward to great coach for several republican candidates including george w. bush will be joining us next with his take. >> this is our moment in american history. let's win. from the new ultimate crabfest trio with three kinds of wild-caught crab to the return of crab lover's dream! grab your crab crew, hurry in or order it to go!
8:11 am
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8:14 am
>> sandra: it is do you or die for some 2020 candidates. ten candidates taking the stage including bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. tomorrow night, it will be former vp joe biden. as well as eight others, including the highly anticipated rematch. great to have you on "america's newsroom" this morning. welcome. >> great to be with you, sandra. what would you tell those candidates taking the stage done in? >> if they're in the lower tier, they've got to have a breakout moment.
8:15 am
they've got to change the narrative. if you are pulling at two or 3%. 1%. you have to have a moment that dominates. otherwise, you are not going to be in the next set of debates. for them, it is all about tonight. for the candidates in the top tier, those would be tonight just bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, those candidates have to figure out a way and have a narrative going past the next set of debates tomorrow night. so the challenge for tonight, for everyone participating. you can't win and election in one debate, but you can certainly lose it. you have to be careful not to swing for the fences. you've got to have message, and you've got to have moment so that you can dominate the othe
8:16 am
others. >> sandra: fair to say kamala harris has a breakout moment of the last debate. her moment wiped away what happened in the previous night, dominated -- that is what caused her poll numbers to go up. because her donor numbers to go out. so she definitely had the big moment, but i think joe biden will be ready for that. so i think the question for her is can she go past the front line. shane, can she go past the line that she practiced, actually execute the argument. >> sandra: when it comes to joe biden, there were some who thought that he was ill-prepared. how does he prepare for this big night? >> he's got to be an effective counter punch her. he's got to know that he's going to be the punching bag for everyone across the debates. he's the king of the hill, and people are looking for their champion. they have to knock him off if they're going to fulfill that
8:17 am
role. he has to figure out how to effectively counter punch so that he can turn what people are trying to do to have a moment at his expense into something that is positive for him. >> sandra: joe biden said he is not going to be as polite this time round. something that stuck out to me here in your preparation for this, you said that you can win the election and one debate, but you could lose it. so who has the most to lose in the next couple of nights? >> i mean, obviously joe biden does. the front runners going to be the target, so he's got the most to lose. he could lose his front runner status they're having a big mistake in the debate, and you know, he's been prone to those in prior debates. you take a look at his performances when he ran for president the prior two times. he was not overwhelmingly fantastic. so i think he's got the most to lose. then the others who are in the lower tier, and they have the ultimate most to lose because they could be out of the race
8:18 am
after these debates if they don't do something to change their momentum and meet the requirements for the next set of debates. >> sandra: finally i want to ask about pete buttigieg, asking for a second chance. hunkering down with his policy aids. he has been leading up to debate night. what can he do to make his move? >> well, he's got to show a message. he's got to show a warrant for his candidacy. he's a great fund-raiser, exciting. he's a young man, but he hasn't demonstrated that he's got a real discernible message, and he hasn't kind of carved out his needs done market in the debate. capped off by admitting fault for his job in -- as mayor. so if he can't turn that around, turn it into some discernible message and have a moment that captures the imagination of the
8:19 am
press, i think is donor dollars will start to dry up. >> sandra: final thing, i know how important it is to listen in on that stage because you are always preparing for your next response or a line of attack, but you have to be able to seize on a moment when it presents itself on that stage. we will be watching. fred griffith, great to have you on. >> bill: 19 past. capital one, one of the largest data breaches and history. how a single hacker gained access to the insider information of millions of americans. should u.s. military action be on the table? we will tell you how americans feel about that, coming out. >> they say about sanctions alone won't work. so, it worked. we have done our best to deny resources to the islamic republic.
8:20 am
8:21 am
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8:22 am
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8:24 am
nomination. >> bill: do you agree? >> sandra: it was similar, there's no doubt. i can't make that call. what you think? >> bill: the jury decides. guilty. we will see how much money they get. it could be a dollar, it could be lots. capital one urging the warning about a data breach affecting more than 100 million americans. in some cases, social security and banking account numbers were stolen. robert gray has more from l.a. robert, what's up? >> hey, bill, if you're one of the folks affected by the hat, capital one since they will contact you and offer you free credit monitoring and identity production stomach protection. report any suspicious activity to your bank or carter's work. you can put a hold, and you may have to change all of your passwords again.
8:25 am
don't give your information out over the phone or respond to emails asking you to log in. make you initiate the contact to the official website. most of the exposed data contains information submitted by customers and small businesses that applied for capital one credit cards all the way back to 2005 through early this year. addresses, dates of birth, self reported income. capital one cer richard fairbank said in the statement "while i am grateful the perpetrator has been caught, i am deeply sorry for what has happened. i sincerely apologize for the understandable worry about this issue must be causing those affected, and i'm committed to making it right. authorities have arrested a seattle software engineer for stealing the data and caused them i charged her with one count of computer fraud and abuse. 33-year-old tage thompson access to the database through faulty
8:26 am
firewall. she was caught after bragging online about the hack. an fbi complaint says that the hacker got information, including social security numbers, credit scores of about 140,000 people. capital one data is hosted by amazon's cloud service which said in a statement it was not compromised. new york's attorney general says her office is investigating the breach. obviously a story we will continue to follow for you. >> bill: and amazing stories, robert. thank you, robert in los angeles. >> sandra: the city of gilroy, california, rallying to gather after the shooting. now, police tried to put together what set off the gunman. >> bill: how far will that get them in the rates were 2020? new york post columnist michael goodwin says it is losing on the issue. you will join us on not coming
8:27 am
up next. >> they think they're going to admit, so they are doing everything they can with the impeachment nonsense. these people are clowns. the democrats are clowns. they are being left out all over the world. 's tough to quit smoking cold turkey. so chantix can help you quit slow turkey. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting. chantix reduces the urge so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, or life-threatening allergic and skin reactions. decrease alcohol use. use caution driving or operating machinery.
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will it help me keep up with him? yup. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. and now, save up to $600 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. plus no interest until january 2022 on all smart beds. only for a limited time. >> sandra: fox news alert now after a man shot and killed three people at a california food festival. authorities are still looking for answers. trying to determine what motivated a 19-year-old suspect, who was killed ultimately by police. and whether he had any help. as we learn more about the victims in the community coming together. claudia cowan is live and gilroy, california, with more. claudia. >> sandra, what we are learning about the victims is that they were all young. two were children. 6-year-old stephen romero and 13-year-old
8:31 am
he took that promise.
8:32 am
>> investigators say it is too early to know if he specifically targeted anyone appeared agents with the fbi have collected evidence from the suspect's car as well as from several homes associated with the gunmen. they are also looking into his ideological leanings and trying to determine if he was affiliated with anyone or any group in a now deleted instagram account, he referenced anti-semitic rating popular among neo-nazis on extremist sites. bullies are also asking for the public's help to share videos and photos of the suspect as they zero in zero in automotive. sandra. >> claudia cowan, thank you. >> bill: fox news alert now appeared more democrat supporting an impeachment effort. this time from the senate. the fourth ranking democrat now backing the inquiry in the house. michael goodwin says that's a mistake. in "the new york post," goodwin writes "dems are obsessed with
8:33 am
two things. impeachment and race. it won't help them win." michael goodwin is with us now. explain yourself. >> i think both of these things, impeachment and race, great talking points. they energize parts of the democratic party's base, and many of the senior such as elijah cummings, adam schiff, they are safe in this race, they have saved districts, but i think for the swing districts and form the house as a whole, that is when nancy pelosi is worried about. that's why she has been very cautious on this issue of impeachment. and i also believe that these two things are just words. they are emotional trigger wor words. what about the historically low unemployment rate among african-americans and latinos? what about the issues with iran in north korea? these words don't address anything that really gets to the heart of prosperity, which is the part of the president, angry
8:34 am
words. >> bill: do you think that dominance debates -- do you think that they would much rather talk about health care? >> i think that because of the baltimore situation, the president and elijah cummings, i think race will be topic number one. i think what we are going to see as the democrats segue from a russia, russia, russia, too racist, racist, racist. i think that some candidates will say let's talk about the things that affect people in their daily lives, whether it is health care, the economy, whether it is education, whether it is national security, but so far, i see that it is all about donald trump. it is all about hating donald trump. it is not about fixing anything out. >> bill: patty murray is number three.
8:35 am
she supports exactly what they said. they both came out over the weekend. the mueller report is extremely serious. it is worthy of an inquiry. nobody is above the law. the president is not above the law." >> welcome of the mother report was the inquiry. that was the whole point for two years. he was going to have the keys to the kingdom. not only was there report good for the president, but the hearing was a train wreck for the democrats. the way mueller could not articulate, would not articulate, so you have democrat stuck with a report that does not bring or suggest any criminal charges. it's hard for me to say how this isn't just a politically motivated opportunity to try to keep investigating, to find something that mueller it didn't, couldn't or wouldn't, that doesn't make any sense. he was the guy. >> bill: russia, russia,
8:36 am
russia, racist, racist, racist. as the president trying them into this conversation? >> it's very good suggestion, i think. one of his skills, maybe his best skill is making his opponents are crazy about this they do really stupid things. and i think bringing bob mueller to testify was a stupid thing. it backfired. if you go down this road of racist, racist, racist, most people in the country are going to say but what about those unemployment rates? what about the opportunities being created for generations of african-americans who have not prospered? and by the way, what is elijah cummings doing in baltimore? what have the mayors done in chicago about the murder rate there? the murder rates in many of these cities. i think the president has not -- he has made a good argument. i don't think he's followed there, but that is also true because the democrats will not work with him. >> bill: last point on this.
8:37 am
108 democrats support impeachment. up to 12 democrats. >> looks. the numbers nationally for the democrats are good on impeachment. roughly 2 out of 3 democrats nationally support impeachment. as voters. within the party, i think you are still around 40-45% in the house. not even majority of democrats in the house. so i think that is going to be telling. as the needle going to significantly move? it really hasn't moved. it is inching up here to is still a far cry. it is not going to get through the center. it is impossible at this point, with 53 republican senators. you need 67 votes. the math doesn't come close. again, nancy pelosi knows that he had >> bill: good to see you. michael goodwin. "the new york post." >> sandra: senate democrats will see and propose a constitutional amendment to overturn the citizens united decision by the supreme court.
8:38 am
the 2010 ruling loosening regulations on campaign funding. we are live out the supreme court with that. >> good morning to you, sandra. a handful of semidemocrats will be here within the next 45 minutes or so. they will be here to unveil what they are talking about a constitutional amendment, democracy for all, turning over part of the citizens united ca case. senate minority leader chuck schumer is expected to be among those today. backers of the amendment say they are trying to get big money out of politics. if passed, it would become the 20th amendment to the constitution. the supreme court in 2010 as you mentioned ruled in the case, laws that limit corporations from using their cash for political ads. violated the first amendment. democrats argue it is harming democracy. >> we have too much of a problem
8:39 am
with corporate policy -- it is about time that we have a president that fights for the people in this country. >> we also heard back from citizens united. we will hear that part of the story later on today, but we are expecting this democrats at the supreme court within a moment or so. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: still a couple miles south, jamestown virginia, the historic town. hello. there we are. there is the president right now coming to the podium. today marks the 400th anniversary of the first representative legislative assembly in jamestown. that was 1619, which really represents the first legislator. at modern democratic era, peri period. >> president trump: it's a true privilege to be back in the great commonwealth of virginia. [cheers and applause] and it's a tremendous honor to
8:40 am
stand on these historic grounds as the first president to address a joint session of the oldest lawmaking body and all of the western hemisphere. the virginia general assembly. congratulations. on this day, 400 years ago, here on the shores of the james river, the first representative legislative assembly in the new world convened. by the devotion of generations of patriots, it has flourished throughout the ages. now, that proud tradition continues with all of you. to every virginian and every legislator with us today, congratulations on four incredible centuries of history, heritage, and commitment to the riches because of american
8:41 am
self-government. this is truly a momentous occasion. i want to thank the governor of virginia for inviting me to speak at this very important event. and with us this morning, are many distinguished guests and officials from across the commonwealth, including lieutenant governor justin fairfax. speaker, kirk. thank you. thank you. [applause] senate majority leader, tommy. thank you. tommy. okay. and members of the post and other federal, state, local
8:42 am
tribal leaders all with us today. thank you very much. we are also very thankful as well to have with us secretary ben carson. thank you very much, wherever you may be. [applause] thank you. acting director, person that you know very well, acting director, ken. spent a lot of time with you folks. a lot of respect for you. and of the terrific people at the department of the interior. and the national park service, i want to thank you all for being here with us. it's a great honor. i also want to recognize everyone at american evolution and the jamestown settlement. the jamestown yorktown foundation.
8:43 am
the jamestown rediscovery project. and preservation of virginia, thank you very much. what a great job you do. in queue. the fact is that each of you have helped protect and preserve our national treasury here jamestown. it's a great debt. we owe you a great, great debt. on this day in 1619, just a mile south of where we are gathered now, 22 newly elected members assembled in a small wooden church. explorers, farmers, planters. soldiers, scholars, clergymen. all have struggled. all have suffered, all sacrificed in pursuit of one wild and very improbable dream. they called it that dream
8:44 am
virginia. it had been only 13 years since three small shapes the godspeed, and the discovery, set sail across the vast ocean. they carried 104 settlers to carve out a home on the edge of this uncharted continent. they came from god and country. they came in search of opportunity and fortune. and they journeyed into the unknown with only meager supplies, and the power of their christian faith. upon reaching cape henry at the mouth of the chesapeake bay, in the 16 oh seven, a long time a
8:45 am
ago, the first man of the virginia company erected across upon the shore. as they gave to god, and asked his blessing for their great undertaking. in the months and years ahead, they were dearly needed. the dangers were unparalleled. the jamestown settlers arrived i made one of the worst droughts and over seven centuries. of 104 original colonists, many died. the winter, known as the starting time, a population of up to 500 settlers was reduced to 60. by spring, those who remained were in search of whatever they could get to survive. and they were in dire trouble.
8:46 am
they left jamestown deserted. they just sailed away. never to come back. but they had not gone far down the james river when they encountered the answer to their prayers. ships bearing a year's worth worth of supplies. more than 300 new settlers. as we can see today on this great anniversary, it would not be the last time that god looked out for virginia. together, the settlers foraged what would become the timeless truths of the american charact character. they worked hard, have courage and abundance, and wealth of self-reliance. they strive mightily to experiment with producing silk. corn, tobacco, and the very first virginia wines.
8:47 am
at prior settlement, at roanoke, there had been that no survivors not at all. but it's where others had typically perish, the virginians were determined to succeed. they endured by the sweat of their labor, the aid of the indians, and the leadership of captain john smith. years passed, ships bearing supplies and settlers from england also brought a culture and a way of life that would define the new world. it all began here. in time, dozens of brave, strong women made the journey and joined the colony, and in 1618, other reforms established a system based on english common law. for the first time, virginia allowed private land ownership. it created a basic judicial
8:48 am
system. finally, it gave the colonists a say in their own future, the right to elect representatives by popular vote. with us today, in tribute to that english -- the former clerk of the british house of commer commerce. sir david. thank you, david. sir david, we are thrilled to have you with us. thank you very much for being here. thank you very much. at that first american assembly in 1619, the weather was so hot that one legislator actually died. mercifully, the session was cut very short. but before adjourning, the assembly passed laws on
8:49 am
taxation, agriculture, and trade for the indians. with true american optimism, they even adopted a plan for a world-class university and the rugged wilderness. it would one day be fulfilled just hours from here and one of america's earliest educational institutions. the esteemed college of and mary. great place. great place. as we mark the first representative legislature, jamestown, our nation also reflects upon an anniversary from that same summer for centuries ago. 1619, the first enslaved africans in the english colonies arrived in virginia. it was the beginning of barbaric
8:50 am
trade in human lives. today, in honor, we remember every sacred soul who suffered the horrors of slavery and the anguish of bondage. more than 150 years later, at america's founding, our declaration of independence recognized the immortal truth that all men are created equal. [applause] yet it would ultimately take a civil war, 85 years after that document was signed, to abolish the evil of slavery. it would take more than another century for our nation and the words of reverend martin luther king jr., to live out the true meaning of its
8:51 am
creed and extend the blessings of freedom to all americans. in the face of grave oppression and grave injustice, african-americans have built strength, uplifted, protected, defended our nation from its very earliest day. last year, i was privileged to commemorate the arrival of the first africans to the english colonies and the 400 years of african-american history that have followed. that was an incredible day fear that was an incredible event. today, we are grateful to be joined by the commission's chairman, dr. joseph green. thank you, dr. green.
8:52 am
[applause] thank you. thank you very much, dr. green. in the decades that followed, thus first legislative assembly, the democratic tradition established here, laying deep roots all across virginia. it spread up and down the atlantic coast. one fact was quickly established for all time. in america, we are not ruled from afar. americans govern ourselves, and so help us, we always will. [applause] right here in virginia, your predecessors -- >> virginia is our home. [boos]
8:53 am
[applause] [chanting] [crowd chanting: trump] >> president trump: thank you very much. thank you. right here in virginia, your predecessors came to williamsburg from places you will know very well. they were names such as george washington from fairfax. thomas jefferson, from -- james madison from orange coun orange county. james monroe. patrick henry. george mason from fairfax coun
8:54 am
fairfax county. george with -- w-i-t-h. great name. from williamsburg. richard henry lee from west county. incredible names. incredible names. [applause] self-government in virginia did not just give us a state we love. and very true sense, it gave us the country we love. the united states of america. thank you very much. [applause] one madison drafted the first amendment to our constitution, he drew inspiration from virginia statute for religious freedom. as john adams wrote in philadelphia just before the adoption of the declaration of independence, we all look up
8:55 am
virginia for examples. right. it's great. [applause] and when patrick henry rose to speak his famous words at st. john's church in richmond, "give me liberty or give me death," he spoke in defense of a tradition that began more than 150 years before at jamestown. right here. it was a heritage those patriots would fight along war of independence to defend. and it is a heritage that countless americans have fought and died for to secure and all of the centuries since. and our time, we must vigorously defend those cherished democratic traditions that have
8:56 am
made our beloved republic the envy of the entire world. and it still is as much as ever before and maybe more. our heart, one culture, of self-government must meet nourished, protected, and constantly preserved. that is why we must speak out strongly against anyone who would take power away from citizens, individuals, and state governments such as yours. [applause] in america, the people will forever rule. it so people will forever reign, and the people will forever be a sovereign. of [applause] from the first legislative
8:57 am
assembly down to today, america has been the story of citizens who take ownership of their future and control of their destiny. at that is what self-rule is all about. everyday, americans coming together to take action, to build, create, seize opportunities. to pursue the common good and to never stop striving for greatness. [applause] for centuries ago, one early voyageur to jamestown captured the spirit of confidence and daring that has always powered our great experiment in self-government. he wrote "we hope to plant a nation where none before have stood." that was something. in that hole, the men and women of jamestown have seen success beyond anything they could possibly have imagined.
8:58 am
they started a nation that settled the wilderness, won our independence, came to the wild west, ended slavery, secured civil rights, invented the airplane, vanquished the, brought communism to its knees, and placed our great american flag on the face of the man. [applause] and in a program that has just started, someday very soon, american astronauts will plant our beautiful stars and stripes on the surface of mars. [applause] but among all of america's towering achievements, none exceeds the trial that we are here to celebrate today. our nation's priceless culture of freedom.
8:59 am
independence, equality, justice, and self-determination under g god. that culture is the source of who we are. it is our prize inheritance. it is our proudest legacy. it is among the greatest human accomplishments in the history of the world. what you have done is the greatest accomplishments in the history of the world, and i congratulate you. it started right here. [applause] >> now we must go briefly into the future, just as those bold explorers first ventured into this majestic land. we must call upon the same scale of imagination, the same thirst for knowledge, the same love of
9:00 am
adventure, the same unrelenting courage, and the same total determination to prevail. above all, we must be proud of their heritage, united in our purpose, and filled with confidence in our shared great, great, great american destiny. [applause] four in america, no challenge is too great. no journey is too tough. no task is too large. no dream is beyond our reach. when we set our site on the summit, nothing can stand in our way. america always gets the job don done. america always wins. [applause]


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