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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 30, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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adventure, the same unrelenting courage, and the same total determination to prevail. above all, we must be proud of their heritage, united in our purpose, and filled with confidence in our shared great, great, great american destiny. [applause] four in america, no challenge is too great. no journey is too tough. no task is too large. no dream is beyond our reach. when we set our site on the summit, nothing can stand in our way. america always gets the job don done. america always wins. [applause]
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that is why, after 400 years of glorious american democracy, we have returned here to this place to declare to all the world that the united states of america and the great commonwealth of virginia are just getting started. [cheers and applause] our future is bigger, bolder, better, and brighter than ever before. [applause] it's been a great honor for me to be with you this morning. i would like to thank you. god bless you. god bless virginia, and god bless america. thank you very much, everybody. [cheers and applause] >> harris: the president of the united states there, making
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remarks of the 400th anniversary of the first representative legislative assembly in jamestown virginia. it all began historically with the home of the ruins of the first permanent settlement of their and what was the colony of virginia. and now the president's giving thanks for hundred years later for this heart and soul and beginning of our democracy. in a speech that was wide-ranging in terms of its historical points, all of them salient. from robert ely's lineage to the slavery and brutality of it all. the president talked about all of it in a salient and memorable ways. as he makes his way off that stage, this is actually the second time we've heard from them today. before he boarded the flight to go to where he is in jamestown, virginia he took a lot of questions from the media as he often does. we will get into some of what was said earlier, but we want to give you the very beautiful wrappings of this event in jamestown, virginia.
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we begin with this fox news alert. president trump says he has no regrets in taking on elijah cummings, seeking his saying he is drawing attention to the mismanaged district of baltimore. but the fierce backlash is raging on. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, kennedy herself. fox news contributor, lisa boothe. from ohio state center, capri cafaro. in the center seat, our friend from d.c. christopher bedford, editor in chief of "the daily caller." we are watching very closely. >> chris: that was a great speech to kick off. he had on the important things , like you mentioned. he didn't shy from some very difficult subjects, whether it's slavery or american lineage. it's important, and he brought this home. remember, virginia isn't just the home of a bunch of our founders. thomas jefferson's virginia bill
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on religious liberty is crucial to america's understanding of everything we are. to separate and allow us to function. throughout all of history, religions or kings had ruled. the bill of rights, all the founders and writers of the constitution came from here and while some of them had their flaws he really dwelled -- importantly so -- on how their genius out the vision for how this country could overcome those flaws faster than anywhere else in the world. because they did not inherit a perfect world. >> harris: there is no such thing, and i see capri cafaro nodding away. so we hit on a host of important things. let's move on. president trump saying today that baltimore supports him in the days-long controversy over his criticism of chairman cumming, which democrats have called racist. he says he's pointing out the christian baltimore and says the white house has received many phone calls from people in that city and other cities, particularly african-americans, he said, thinking him. watch
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>> billions and billions of dollars have been given to baltimore. it's been misspent, it's been missing, it's been stolen. a lot of corrupt government. as you know, cummings has been in charge. i will say this -- i think representative cummings should take his oversight committee and start doing oversight on baltimore. he would find out some real things. i am the least racist person there is anywhere in the world. >> harris: as democrats are going after the president, some republicans are trying to avoid offending cummings were criticizing the president. house freedom caucus chair mark meadows said this. "i am friends with both men, president trump and chairman cummings. i know both men well. neither man is a racist, period. both love america. i think if we put aside partisanship with investigations we can find bipartisan solutions that will benefit not only
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chairman cummings' district but the country as a whole." meanwhile, one democratic congressman says he thinks this is a strategy on the president's part. watch. >> the president knows what he's doing. he, i think, has made a calculation that the way he wins is to divide this country and try and whip up support around his base. to divide us on racial lines or other lines of demography. it's a very destructive thing. it's un-american. >> harris: chris, as we watch all of this unfold today, we've done some digging on the statistics in baltimore. i will share those in the moment. your early thoughts? >> chris: i love baltimore. i will be there next on friday, i go there every chance you get. but you can walk from part of congressman cummings' district, right on the waterfront. it's a nice place to take a family. and in 10 minutes you can be in a place that's completely forgotten by industry, by politicians, but corrupt police. it's unbelievable some of the suffering that's gone on baltimore and how much has been forgotten.
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i want to ask how dare any politician say president trump is a racist for calling attention to this? some conclusions and some solutions would be really good, for how to get baltimore forward. but it's complete cowardice by politicians -- >> capri: you bring up a very good point here. this is where my mind goes with all of this. all the back and forth and the tweets and everybody calling everybody else he racist, to me, the big distraction -- there's a lot of "two wrongs don't make a right," as my grandmother says. we want to rise above and fix these problems, in baltimore in particular. i've extremes them come you've mentioned them. anyone who has gone there has probably experienced some of this. for me, if i am president trump or elijah cummings, i would say let's have a summit in baltimore. let's come together and address these issues and forget the bickering. >> harris: a lot of times people get stuck on the catalyst. let's get stuck on the facts.
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baltimore, maryland, 55.8 murder rate since 2017, that the latest numbers. gosh, only more in st. louis. thank you very much. another number is the poverty rate. just looking back on recent years, it popped a 25.6% in 2010. came down a little to 24.8%. the poverty rate in the city of baltimore, it is still hovering around 22%. those are stubborn facts, lisa. >> lisa: obviously. there is no doubt that parts of baltimore are facing major issues. the homicide rate last year alone. people are suffering in parts of illogic cummings' district. i think the president should pump the brakes. there's a point of exhaustion for swing voters. i also think if you step back, no one really has the moral high ground in today's politics. you've got the media, who has also fanned the flames of
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division. things like ferguson, peddling false narratives there intentionally, not critically looking at what actually went down. in ferguson you look at issues like immigration. only focusing on one side of the story. the new look at what democrats are doing and the fact that they are kissing the ring of someone like al sharpton, who was standing there during the race riots in crown heights saying, "no justice, no peace." who stood alongside people like louis farrakhan who has referred to jews as termites. or that they are boycotting president trump speaking at today's event. if you have a democratic governor who has admitted to wearing black face in his adult past. >> chris: there is 30,000 jewish people in that neighborhood, also sue. >> capri: and the italian community. that's where nancy pelosi is from. >> harris: think you for helping me out, candy. the number was out of 1,000. this is number another another number. lisa boothe said the president should pump the brakes. he's not doing this today.
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>> kennedy: he's not. everybody is up in arms because he's calling the president a racist. he shouldn't tell elijah cummings he racist. that's unnecessary and what is so exhausting about this president. he had a great week last week. he should be relishing the victory that he had, and the fact that we've kind of gotten past the squad conversation. it's more kindling on the bonfire by calling elijah cummings a racist. he doesn't have ownership of elijah cummings' experiences. he has very different experiences that inform his personal politics. we all have the right of that, and it doesn't necessarily make you a racist because of what you have seen or where you've been. he will experience things through vastly different lens. about baltimore, i just want to say this -- often times, and i hope at some point he takes aim at the mayor of san francisco, because we have to tackle the amount of government that is happening in the cities are
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pressing people, allowing homeless people to live on the streets, jacking up taxes so people who have choices move out of those places, and that's why in elijah cummings' district, part of it is doing well because they have less government and lower property taxes. and the people who can't leave jack of the taxes so businesses can't stay there. >> harris: no doubt, we will come back to you on this because they want to hear from the present. he's being asked whether the attacks on cummings are actually hurting the president politically. let's watch that. >> president trump: i think i'm helping myself, because i'm pointing out the tremendous corruption that is taking place in baltimore and other democratic-run cities. i'm helping myself. i'll tell you what -- the white house and myself have letters and emails and phone calls. we have received more phone calls than i think on any other subject of people from baltimore and other cities corruptly run by democrats, thanking me for
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getting involved. the african-american community is so thankful. they have called me and said, "finally, someone is telling the truth." >> harris: all right, so, living in this tanned skin for the last few weeks, i've had lots of conversations with people. families, so forth. when you are the catalyst to a hard conversation and that catalyst used some words that kennedy said can be incendiary and explosive, it gets complicated. but it does not change the facts. look at puerto rico right now. the president was jumped on when you want to quibble over how when people had died. i said, "that's not with the argument should be. it should be about the ones who are alive right now. we know a lot of people died after the hurricane maria. what can we do about those?" and he talked about corruption. he talked about those very lawmakers that are exiting in droves. whether it's because of protesters in the streets, where the new woman who doesn't want the new job.
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it's tough being the catalyst. can we talk about the facts on the ground in baltimore? could this be a way to change it? >> capri: i would hope so, but this is the thing i keep coming back to. yes, we need to have hard conversations about corruption, about waist, about high crime and murder rates. but it doesn't help when you are throwing around these incendiary terms. sit down, bring people to the table, talk to the u.s. conference of mayors. ring and actually be a catalyst for bringing people together. >> kennedy: eric garcetti is trying to do the same thing in los angeles with the homeless problem. it's an abdication. it's his responsibility. same with the mayor of baltimore. you guys were elected to fix these things. >> capri: agreed. >> kennedy: every mayor and a lot of the cops and two of the police chiefs have been on the take? at two of the police chiefs have been in federal prison? to the last mayors have had to resign in baltimore? so elijah cummings owes it to the people in his district to help groom and offer new
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candidates. the >> capri: amen. >> kennedy: and talk about how you get these people out of office. they are good at stirring up the anger. they are horrible at coming up with actual solutions. >> harris: i we look for the results. in puerto rico i've seen the eight amount coming. let's see the results now. they've got some people out of the way we hope the same thing will happen. you know l.a. better than anyone, because you lived there. i know. you'll jump. democrats not backing down despite robert mueller's testimony, being widely seen as uneventful. now to top disintegrates senate they call for proceedings to begin. will they forced speaker pelosi's hand? one member of the liberal house democrats "squad" as they're called taking a meta-key republican after he said she was ungrateful to the opportunities the united states has given her. how she's responding to that and what the rest of the squad is doing to reignite their battle with the president.
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>> she has the honor of winning a seat in congress, and she says we are a terrible country? i think that's about as ungrateful as you can get. ♪ wow!
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♪ >> kennedy: some members of the four liberal house democrats known as "the squad." >> harris: aoc plus three! >> kennedy: stepping up their war of words with the president as they rally to defend democratic colleague elijah cummings. congresswoman rashida tlaib writing in a "washington post" op-ed, "president trump a star new up targets for his hateful distraction to unhinged tweets and speeches almost every day. he discusses his office with rhetoric rooted in eight. he did it again this weekend when he trashed the city of baltimore while my colleagues and i work on ways to improve
9:20 am
the lives of our constituents. he is focused on a hate agenda for our country." i don't know why i said that twice. oh, she did. what a dumb dumb. meanwhile, congresswoman ilhan omar now seems to be in a growing feud with republican senator rand paul. omar's parking backlash after she retreated after tom arnold -- which is bad enough in the end of itself. but the tweet marking the brutal assault of senator paul, which left him with six broken ribs and a bruised lung. she's calling the senator whiny and saying it's no wonder the neighbor "ripped out has to pay." this comes after the senator last week said he would pay to have omar travel to the country of her birth, somalia. watch this. because i'm not saying we forcibly sent her anywhere. i'm willing to contribute to buy her a ticket to go visit somalia. i think she could look and maybe learn a little bit about the disaster that is somalia, and maybe after she has visited somalia for a while she might
9:21 am
come back and appreciate america more. b2 all right, very good. i know senator paul loves freedom. he loves the constitution and he loves his country. he also knows that the words he chooses in terms of somalia and congresswoman omar are going to be incendiary. was this a smart battle for them to insert himself into? >> chris: i think it's worth drawing attention to her story, which is not just the story of an immigrant but a story of a refugee who came to the united states. by the way, somalia being a country where a lot of americans gave their lives trying to get food and to free it from tribal control. gangs were running things. she comes here to the freest country in the world, runs for congress, and wins? becomes a celebrity? and her responses to protect our freedom. even attack the soldiers who died in somalia. that is the definition of ungrateful and he is correct to say, "i'm not trying to send her back, but we should educate yourself on what's going on in this world and the opportunities
9:22 am
she had here to reflect on it." >> kennedy: sometimes you need a little context. sometimes we have it so easy that we take it for granted that we live in a place where there is mobility. where someone who has active disdain for the united states can get elected to represent constituents in the house of representatives. that's pretty remarkable. >> capri: it is. america is unique and singular in its way that it enables individuals, if they are citizens, rightfully so, to be able to rise through the ranks and represent their communities. i have been critical of representative omar's remarks in regards to israel and jewish people and a whole host of other things. i'm not a huge fan of the squad. i think everybody involved in this conversation might as well go back to the playground, because they are all acting incredibly maturely i just want to pose it down like a rhetorical question. of course he will hit back, he's
9:23 am
a counter puncher. i obviously don't agree with her retreating the tom arnold said. rand paul took a shot, she took a shot back. she's allowed to defend yourself. so you too but he is saying get some context so you can appreciate freedom, coming from a place that is lawless and brutal and unimaginable. what she is celebrating is the fact that he was feloniously assaulted and almost gravely injured. you have to realize there's a difference here between words that might be offensive and violent actions. >> harris: a simple question, as we kind of trite -- >> lisa: there's rhetorical and then there's actual. >> kennedy: sometimes rhetorical questions that deserve answers. go ahead. >> harris: lawmakers trying to out-nasty one another. this he thinks she doesn't remember what it is like? because i guarantee she does. i don't know where we're going here.
9:24 am
lisa? >> lisa: two things i find interesting -- if you look at represented of omar and rashida tlaib, they have tweets thing to deport certain people. particularly tlaib talking about president trump. so i find it interesting i'm not a ton of coverage about those treats there, either. but if you look at someone like representative omar and what president trump is trying to do, to pay the democrat party as extreme and out of touch with america. he wants to take these women -- if you look at somebody like representative omar, she's essentially an american success story. coming here as a refugee, being educated, going on to become a member of congress, that is part of the american dream. i do think there's a sense of frustration, because you hear some of these comments that she has previously made. in a metallizing 9/11, which she absolutely did. saying it as "some people did something." making comments like that, what
9:25 am
nancy pelosi has said is bigoted and dangerous. what she has said. i don't think president trump is wrong to draw attendant to the substance of that. >> harris: you can't move the facts. again, i make the argument that he is the catalyst to get everybody to talk about the remarks she made. i know the director of the jay crc for the dakotas and minnesota. sat down for some time ago, it's been reported that he has had those conversations with her, too. representative omar, trying to bring it forward. we get back to the old "send her back to where she came from," when you say to go to somalia. i'm saying you that woman probably -- >> capri: how old was she? i'm sure she -- >> kennedy: i know how people will contrast. they will say and there are people who said president trump should go visit baltimore. he should talk to the citizens and he should -- >> harris: well, he seems to know more about it than some people do in this current
9:26 am
conversation. >> kennedy: but you are saying this difference between telling the president that if you're going to talk about something, seeks a what he talking about and experience it firsthand. >> harris: i haven't called on him to do that. >> capri: this is about acknowledging this woman probably has trauma from living in a war-torn place. >> kennedy: rashida tlaib is talking about -- >> capri: i'm not talking about her. >> harris: so offensive. >> kennedy: it's like being insulted that north korea has nuclear weapons. >> kennedy: and a shake-up of the house democratic campaign committee and made a dispute over diversity, now it's up to chairwoman cheri bustos to pick up the pieces. cut it advertise the majority in congress? and president trump says sleepy joe biden has lost his touch. will age be his achilles' heel?
9:27 am
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♪ >> i think right now it will be sleepy joe. i think. i feel he will fail to cross the line. that's what i think. what i think doesn't mean anything, but i know the other people, i know him. i think he's off his game by a lot. but i think -- personally, i think it will be sleepy joe. >> harris: he can work his visuals. he will limp across the line. president trump sounding off the head of the second round of presidential debates in detroit tonight. senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders will stand front and center's length by several moderate candidates, but the stakes could be even higher on night 21 front runner joe biden once again faces off against
9:32 am
senator kamala harris. i feel like i'm on the wwe! without the violence. "the new york times" spoke with nearly 50 democratic voters and party officials who expressed concerns about the former vice president, specifically his age. the article reads, "as age and allies watch biden's first beat performance last month, their initial optimism turned to alarm. it wasn't just his halting answers that worried some of them. they thought he was showing his age. that 76 he appears slow, off the mark." one survey suggesting age could be a determining factor. a pew poll shows voters think the message for presidential candidate is and has 70s. 47% said they would prefer a candidate in his or her 50s. >> chris: one as last time an older candidate really won the president for the democrats? this is a john f. kennedy model,
9:33 am
a bill clinton model, a barack obama model. that's typically what they like to go to. not someone who has quite as much baggage is joe biden. they just need to matter, as president trump has shown. it is dangerous here. we see this with other members of congress and the senate all the time. we sought unfortunate weep with robert mueller people start to slow down. once you get out of it, you may start to feel results of not being on that game and exercising your mind daily. democrats seem to be worried that's what they're seeing with old joe. if you want to think that's fair, capri, for joe biden? >> capri: i think it's fair to criticize his performance. as you said, i don't think it has as much to do with age as the ability to perform. he did not perform in the last debate. i think that has a lot of reason for concern amongst democrats, whether they -- >> harris: can i follow-up? what do you think joe biden
9:34 am
means when he says he will be less polite to kamala harris? >> capri: i think he will try to bring some "vim and vigor" of the debate stage. >> harris: to bring to life? >> capri: i think he runs the risk of over correcting. we've already seen him peter out in the last debate. nice going to try and overcompensate. >> kennedy: i'll tell you what he will do, he will take a very particular nuggets and failures from her track record and he's going to use them against her. >> harris: will that work? >> kennedy: the question is if he has the right timing, if he selects the right anecdotes, and if he's able to lend the punch. what he did last time was he let her go on and on without stopping her. that allowed for this perfect, beautiful sound bite. >> harris: several of them.
9:35 am
>> kennedy: that was when the blue ended. >> harris: i have a question about the lurch to the left and how that plays out with bernie and elizabeth warren and how that plays out amongst others on the stage the second night. >> lisa: i think for bernie sanders tonight -- because he's on with elizabeth warren -- you might see the two front runners take big hits. joe biden -- sorry, sanders, from being on stage with someone like elizabeth warren, who is younger and shares the same policies. so he's no longer unique to the party anymore. tomorrow with joe biden we know that cory booker is gunning for him. kamala harris is probably going to be gunning for him. i don't think age would ultimately be an issue if biden was a sharp candidate. but he's not. >> kennedy: you're right, bernie sanders is 17 years older than joe biden. that may not be true mathematically. [laughter] but he has so much more energy and wherewithal. i wish they were on the stage together so you could see a little bit more of a contrast.
9:36 am
bernie sanders will have to fend off an attack from war and, going for his supported. >> harris: i want to get chris back in here. >> chris: i think he was caught off guard last time. she started by not calling him a racist but then she said he was a racist, in some very vicious and personal terms over a policy of insane busing that is 50 years old. i think i did catch him off guard. >> lisa: it showed, chris. this information has been out in the public domain. >> harris: how is she any different on the issue? >> lisa: this speaks to his weakness as a candidate. these issues resurfaced in the public domain. there's been articles about this. he should have been prepared. >> capri: to do research on himself? >> lisa: he wasn't able to adjust and think on his feet. he was caught flat-footed. >> capri: 50 years of policies that he's got to remember? >> harris: what should he be ready for this week? >> capri: anything. [laughter] >> harris: oh, my goodness!
9:37 am
>> kennedy: he should be ready for pointed attacks, in terms of the 1994 crime bill. which is what cory booker has gone after. he's also -- it's not just kamala harris, it's cory booker. >> harris: does anybody call out kamala harris on the truthfulness of bussing at all that? >> kennedy: it doesn't matter. she had a poll bump up but she fizzled out. joe biden has increased his lead. >> chris: member, at this point during 2011 , right after we saw perry rising, we saw herman cain rising. you end up running for election bruised and battered. even if biden wins he's going to have it. >> harris: i hope he's watching. he got a kick out of that, i'm sure. one democrat calling it the monday night massacre, the big shake-up at the fund-raising arm after party members attacked its lack of diversity. the reaction then what it means
9:38 am
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♪ >> lisa: one house democrat calling it a monday night massacre. last night saw a big staff exodus at the dccc, the campaign on for house democrats, after claims it was not diverse enough under the chairwoman's leadership. the first of the door, the committee executive director announcing her resignation. also heading for the exits, key staffers who played a big role in helping the dems retake the house. a frustrated lawmaker telling the hill, "the idea is all dccc staff sitting around for hours on friday and again today to talk about this internal -- enrages me. shut the dash up about your --" you can see why that's blank out. sing in part, "at times i have
9:43 am
fallen short in leading these talented individuals but i've never been as committed to protecting this injury. creating a workplace recall be proud of. i know we must do better and i will work tirelessly to ensure our staff is truly inclusive." what's this about today's democratic party? >> kennedy: that it's not just one party. there are clearly two parties that were key. there is a civil war. there is internal strife. they don't have a handle on it. they thought they did in 2016. it's clearly going to bleed over into the presidential election. whoever the nominee is, he means the other half is going to be left behind and they should do the smart thing and splinter of off. >> lisa: capri, part of the reason why cheri bustos, the chairwoman of the dccc, was selected -- she was in charge of heartland outreach and now she's the chairwoman. it was because of the desire to reach those midwestern voters and reclaim some of those seats. was it a mistake, having her be the head?
9:44 am
>> capri: i don't think so. we heard the executive director and some of these team members that ended up leaving the dccc, and they were part of the team that actually was able to bring back the majority in the midterm elections. democrats are able to achieve that because we were able to slip marginal and competitive tricks with more moderate candidates. we need to not be so fixated on the symbolism of diversity. obviously diversity and inclusiveness is important. i agree with whoever the anonymous democrat was was dropping whatever bombs he was dropping with his potty mouth. because we need to grow up and focus our eyes on the prize. he also said the nrcc, the republicans, they aren't sitting around having this argument. >> harris: they are raising exponentially more money than the democrats, which might be why they are. i thought the optimum color was green. so they ought to be fighting over doing that, than they can fix on diversity. fix that along the way. but the dccc is the money on.
9:45 am
>> capri: you can't win, you can't have a seat at the table. >> chris: trying to make your coalition more diverse, that's code word for "the white people of the dccc should go." that's not a good thing. democrats, at least in this section, we'll have to wonder -- when they look at the debate stage, it's all white men and women on that debate stage trying to represent the party fighting back in d.c. a >> capri: that's because all the people of color are on one night. >> kennedy: don't forget, alexandria ocasio-cortez has taken aim on this arm. she and her group, just democrats, have talked about primary and candidates who don't align with their progressive views. she is take a direct aim and cheri bustos has said, "why would you do that? why would you primary candidates already have seats?" speech releasing the congressional black caucus take him at the justice democrats as well, saying they are targeting people of kuwait. so i think there's a lot of finger-pointing in that arena.
9:46 am
how does it play out in 2020? >> chris: this is a coalition president barack obama with his charisma was able to put together and hold together. there's a lot of divergent views, even if he and with the illegal immigrants and black lives matter pulling at the seams of the democratic party. even he was in office. now that he's gone you got chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, joe biden, leading this? they can't. i think it's bill's electoral disaster if it doesn't change quickly. >> lisa: will have to leave it there. we have more for you. in the week of the mueller hearing, more and more democrats are coming out in support of impeachment. some lawmakers still worry that news could backfire for them in 2020. somewhere they go from here? stay with us. speak of the committees doing their investigations. we have chairman doing their job, and i think we have to be very, very careful. i don't want to see us get president trump reelected. ♪ [music playing] (vo) this is jerry.
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♪ >> did you actually totally exonerated president? >> no. >> don't the president's written answers show he was not generally being truthful? >> generally. >> you believe you could charge the president of the united states obstruction of justice after he left office?
9:51 am
>> yes. >> kennedy: you got a taste of the brand-new impeachment adds to air air tonight. it's funded by democratic presidential candidate tom steyer and he needs this comes us to talk democratic senators patty murray and debbie stabenow come out and support of an impeachment inquiry, offering a boost to pro-impeachment lawmakers in the house. currently 110 house members publicly support impeachment. the majority in the democratic caucus. this morning president trump snuck in a jab at the former special counsel before heading to lovely virginia. >> nobody in the history of capitol hill has embarrassed themselves like what mueller did to himself and to the democrats. >> kennedy: great, so when is president pence's inauguration?
9:52 am
[laughter] >> chris: i was watching, that whole testimony i was thinking, "how is anyone going to make an ad out of this?" that's hollywood magic. [laughter] running on impeachment after all this country spent, nothing has moved the pendulum. after all these facts come out that don't support all the crimes that are insinuated, that would be the equivalent of the tea party or republicans running on benghazi only. just that. not having any kind of idea over what they stand for. democrats should try to -- maybe they will tonight and tomorrow -- get off their footing of just defending aoc plus three and talking about impeachment, and instead talk about what they are trying to accomplish if they defeat trump. >> kennedy: what gets critical mass in the senate? that's what you need in order to remove the president from office. >> lisa: they are not going to hit those numbers. in the house they are inching closer but ultimately that would be a mistake politically. if you try to say that
9:53 am
president trump is divisive and you're pushing for impeachment, only because you don't like the president, that's not a good look. you lose the argument with that. i will see for the democrats, you will probably hear them push for impeachment. a place at the base and it's all that the democratic contenders care about right now because the got to win the primary to get to the general election. >> harris: capri, can ask a question? event a lawmaker so many years. how does orc behind the scenes? are democrats thing and they're going, "this group of people can say yes but it will never pass." nancy pelosi has made it pretty clear that she was looking for concrete strong argument, evidentiary base. >> capri: it depends on the context, but yes. when you are looking at a controversial issue or something we need a certain number of votes, you definitely are having those conversations. "we are going to release you, you come and you, but use these procedural maneuvers to make sure we don't actually ever get it to a vote." we have to remember, you said the magic word earlier, kennedy.
9:54 am
people are supporting an impeachment inquiry. i asked this yesterday the former congressman darrell issa. what does that actually mean? and it means basically these democrats want to have their cake and eat it, too. they want to stir the pot, which is when an impeachment inquiry is, but not go so far -- >> kennedy: they think the voters are so dumb that they will -- people who are loading up phone lines. >> harris: open up the lines of investigation per the problem with the voters is that many of them already in polling have shown they want fewer investigations. >> that's right, people are fatigued. yes, congress has a constitutional duty, but people want to move on. they want to actually see congress do their job, which they have not been doing for months. years. >> harris: who on that stage tonight or tomorrow night in the debates can take on this president, and at the same time make a cause for themselves? if the word is "impeachment," going out
9:55 am
in? >> pete buttigieg. >> capri: i am tim ryan until the ship sinks. >> kennedy: he can't even qualify for a used car lone, let alone a debate >> harris: do you have any thoughts on that? >> lisa: telling the democratic voters what they want to hear. it's painful how much they lose this president. we will see if the contenders continue to go down that line because it's what they want to hear. >> kennedy: no pride in being a libertarian. mort don't asksa 25. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost.
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10:00 am
the analysis. >> kennedy: then he watched the fox business network at 9:00 p.m., 6:00 in the west. we are back on the couch tomorrow at noon eastern. lucky you! here's harris faulkner back in action. >> harris: no one introduces me like kennedy. fox news alert, president trump ramping up as a tax on elijah cummings and baltimore as he says people in that city are thanking him. "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. earlier at the white house the president denied that he is hurting himself publicly by going after congressman's be told and instead he claims the people they have called to thank him for doing what he's doing. chief white house correspondent john roberts has more from the north lawn. >> the president should be back in the warehouse within the hour, harris. in jamestown, it was unclear whether it was tied to his spat with elijah cummings or the feud he recently had with the four congresswomen known as the squad. his immigration policies, or all of it wrapped up together.


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