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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 30, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> he's fighting for his life, it's an innocent tuna. >> you can tell them for six -- >> social goals, those are expensive. set your dvr, never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next with bret. >> bret: thanks, jesse. president trump equates living in baltimore with living in hel hell. senator elizabeth warren bernie sanders life of the same aggressive brace is round two of the presidential debate -- if you'd apply for a capital one credit card in the last 14 years, a hacker may have stolen your personal information. we have an update tonight. this is "special report." ♪ >> bret: good evening, i'm bret baier coming to you tonight from los angeles. across the country, president trump said today living in baltimore is like living in hell and he says people who live there are glad he's saying that. if the latest broadside fire at
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the democratic chairman of the house oversight committee, elijah cummings, over his home city and the problem it faces. the dispute has evolved into new accusations of against the president. chief white house correspondent john roberts starts us off as he often does from the north lawn. good evening, john. >> good evening to you from los angeles as well. there are plenty of people who are highly critical of the president's language and attacking congressmen elijah cummings but the president insisted today that the white house is receiving accolades from people thankful that the president finally shined a spotlight on the problems in baltimore. >> african-americans have built, strengthened, inspired, protected, defended and sustained our nation from its very earliest days. >> president trump in historic jamestown virginia today praising the contribution of african-americans to american democracy. while at the same time continuing to hammer congressman elijah cummings. >> people living in baltimore
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are very happy that i'm bringing out the fact that it's like living in hell. >> the president again today ripping cummings for obsessing over investigations of the white house instead of focusing on problems in his home distric district. >> the corruption in baltimore is probably the greatest in our country or one of them. he's in charge of an oversight committee. all i'm saying is take your oversight committee and go to baltimore. you'll learn a lot. >> the attacks against cummings and the four women of the so-called "squad" have been denounced by many people as racist. the president's speech was interrupted by assemblyman ebert and samir who stood right in front of the president shouting and holding up three signs until he was escorted out. the virginia legislative black caucus boycott of event entirely, though some democrats did attend. >> i appreciate very much the
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democrats, great receptivity buried >> a new quinnipiac poll finds a slight majority of voters believe the president is racist. 51%. the 45% say he is not. the numbers split pretty evenly across party lines yes and no. i asked the president today if he was concerned that the strategy of attacking cummings was causing divisions in the nation. >> there's no strategy. i have no strategy. there is zero strategy. all it is is on pointing out facts. the most unsafe city in the country in our country is baltimore. >> baltimore is now at the center of the field, but it wasn't the cause. president trump has been irked cummings of austin is oversight committee continues to investigate the president and his family. cummings upgrading and acting ds secretary at the situation of the border was the last straw for president trump. >> elijah cummings, it was a horrible thing the way he spoke to the head of homeland security the other day. these people are working hard. if there getting no support from the democrats. if the democrats refused to fix
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the loopholes. they refuse to fix assignment. those two things would make it 95% easier. >> president trump fumed today about the quinnipiac poll finding about 80% of african-americans believe he is racist. the president called the paul "fakery" and insisted no president in recent decades has done more to improve the lives of african-americans than he has. bret. we won john roberts live on the north lawn, thank you. interview with republican senator tim scott in just a minute. president trump says the intelligence agencies in the u.s. are out of control and that his pick to be the next director of national intelligence will do a great job. texas congressman john ratcliffe was one of the breakout performance at last week's robert mueller hearings. now is coming under greater scrutiny tonight than at any time during his career. correspondent doug mckelway tells us more. >> i think that john ratcliffe is going to do an incredible job if he gets approved. the intelligence agencies have
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run amok. they've run amok. >> texas congressman john reichel, the president's pick to become director of national intelligence has been in congress only since 2015, his first confirmation obstacle may be name recognition. >> i'm going to give misdirect with a chance -- ratcliffe the courtesy of a meeting. >> is not this dumb adjust the ranking -- neither do many key republicans, including the intelligence committee chairman. >> i look forward to spending some time with him and getting him confirmed. >> and the senator who coauthored the post 9/11 bill creating the dni position. >> i want to make sure we have a person of independence, integrity and intelligence at that vital spot. >> prior to congress ratcliffe served as a small town mayor and u.s. attorney where according to his congressional website and resume the "put terrorists in
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prison. some reporters questioned that claim. >> i haven't met congressman ratcliffe and we are going to get together and discuss all of this. >> what ratcliffe does has is what is predecessor dan coats did not, the president's loyalt loyalty, especially after his grilling of robert mueller last wednesday. >> can you give me an example other than donald trump or the justice department determines that a investigated person was not exonerated? >> i cannot, but this is unique. >> the president claimed his interest in ratcliffe predates last week's hearing. >> months ago i spoke to him long before the mueller fiasco. >> records may be able to overcome g.o.p. reticence with meet and greets but democrat doubts run deeper. >> he is so partisan and he has believed so many conspiracy theories that he's exactly the wrong person to handle dni. you need someone to speak truth to power. >> as a former u.s. attorney and member of congress, ratcliffe is not required to undergo a background check, but he will if he faces a senate confirmation
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hearing. meanwhile, democrats have the entire august recess to look under every rock in the congressman's past. bret. >> bret: doug, thank you. let's talk about the ratcliffe nomination and the other hot topics of the day. tim scott is a republican senator from south carolina. he joins us live from capitol hill. thanks for being here. >> bret, good to be back with you. >> bret: i want to start by asking you about your impression of these tweets over the past few days, this back-and-forth between the president and elijah cummings and what he said about it since it started over weekend. >> i don't think the think the back-and-forth is very productive for the average person in our country. there's no doubt. but i don't find his tweets to have been racially motivated. i think we should take the high road and spend more time talking about how to deal with the failed policies of the left, frankly. major metropolitan areas throughout this country have one thing in common consistently, liberal leadership, poor outcomes, which means that the
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people who are mired in poverty aren't getting the help that they desperately need and it is -- the exact opposite is true right now where because of opportunity zones supported by the president we are bringing more than $30 billion of private sector dollars back to some of the poorest areas of the country. it's the fact that we've spent more time on criminal justice reform re-creating an opportunity to return to your communities and to have the necessary skills, the education, and job preparedness to be successful when you get out. we are also working on things like sickle cell anemia from the republican side. we have the first hbcu fly in, historically black colleges and universities blue and to the nation's capital for the first time they say in the history of our country to have a conversation with the president being president trump. you look at the economic realit
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reality. 4% -- almost a 4% increase in wages of the bottom 20%. outpacing the top 20%. we have proven, measurable results that the benefits go towards the bottom 20%. this is what we should be talking about. this is the legacy of the current administration and it's a chance for us to continue to have a real conversation with people from baltimore to chicago, from los angeles to charleston, who desperately need policies that work. >> bret: senator, you're saying that they are not racially motivated, these tweets. it is a series of tweets that we've seen and you've heard all of the reaction to it. opinion folks on other channels. paper colonists writing about it, here is somebody from cnn. >> the president is the race later in chief. blatantly using his attacks just to up his base and to distract you from what he doesn't want
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you to pay attention to. >> bret: so your reaction to that? you know it's the conversation, especially on the other side of the aisle. >> no doubt. here's what i would say. the tweets to distract from the primary issues, which are policies. i agree with him there however, if we spent more time and policies i think our voters and the voters on the left would say wait a second, president trump has provided the first major transformation in criminal justice in two or three decades. you're telling me that the bottom 20% of earners are seeing more light at the end of the tunnel and it's not a train, because the republican party -- wait a minute, you're telling me that this president, president trump, is focusing on opportunity zones that bring more resources in? and wish we would have more of that conversation. i will say, however, that the challenge that we see today is the media covers things about the president very differently than we saw covered in 2015 comments made by bernie sanders.
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what we see today is the dccc, the democrats, have just purged their entire leadership because they lack diversity, but rather than having that conversation, we are having a conversation about the president's tweets. what we are noticing, however, is whether you're on the right of the left, that's not the issue. the issue is that we're focusing all of our attention and energy on the president and actually not the people that we want to serve. we spent more time talking about the people that we serve, the president and his policies would be in a brighter light and frankly the focus on the failed policies of the left, it would be easier to have a discussion because frankly whether you're in baltimore, whether you're in detroit, or whether north charleston, where i grew up, you want to have a conversation about lifting people up in the policy positions i've just articulated are the policy positions of the right led by this president and we are making more progress than we've seen in three decades.
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>> bret: and they track with what others have said. bob johnson, the founder of bet gave the president an a+ on the economy, specifically lifting up minority communities just a couple of weeks ago. you have others speaking out about the state of the economy and your mentioning the opportunity zones. can you quantify for people what that has meant for specifically minority communities? >> sure. one of the reasons why we are having the lowest unemployment rate in history recorded for african-americans is because when the labor market gets tight, that means the pressure on wages that go up is what happens. you see the 6 million jobs that we've created since 2017, the passage of the tax reform, what you'll find is that 1 million of those jobs went to african-americans 2 million of those jobs went to hispanics. said differently from a 50% of the new jobs created have gone to african-americans and hispanics. why is that the case? because we cut taxes. we created the responsible
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regulatory environment and was of the door is not just open, we are walking out the doors, going to the communities and saying here opportunities, so if you live in the poorest parts of america, where i grew up, what you'll find to be true is that they say wages -- they being the committee of economic advisors at the white house -- said that wages can be measured and increased as much as 8% since we passed the opportunity zone rub filmic legislation. property values are up about 20%. that can be good or bad. the good news is that over half the people in the zones own the property, which means that their net worth is increasing as well. there is good news there. there's no doubt that i wish our president would not tweet as much but that i can't control. what we can control is a policy narrative that benefits the most fragile people in this country economically and that is something we can all celebrate. i would invite the president and
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mr. cummings to come together in baltimore and store some opportunity zone areas and talk about ways that we can help not bridge the gap, but actually tighten the threats that make us the most powerful amazing country on gods green earth. >> bret: his hud secretary ben carson said something similar, saying the president is willing to do that. two very quick questions, little lightning rod here. john ratcliffe, are you going to vote for him, is his nomination jeopardy? >> his nomination is not in jeopardy. john ratcliffe is an incredibly complicated situation, which means the democrats hate him just because he's a republican. the part that is simple and not complicated is the fact that he is a qualified, competent person who has spent his life in public surfaced from a u.s. attorney, congress member and somebody has worked on issues in the area of national intelligence for a number of years. his partner in law firm was john ashcroft. so my perspective on john is one
3:15 pm
that has been built over the last two and a half years having dinner with he, myself, and trey gowdy are probably once a week for several weeks -- for several months. >> bret: the last one, are you going to vote for the spending caps, debt ceiling legislation even though there are real concerns from people like you who expressed problems with the rising deficits and national debt? >> i think the president and the negotiators have put together the best package that they can imagine. the part that gives me pause is not only that $320 billion of increased, but the fact that we are busting the caps permanently. i have not come to a final decision. i'm probably leaning away from the deal, but i want to make sure that i do all my homework because we want to be as supportive as possible on spending issues, but we want to cap the likelihood of explosive growth in the future at the same time. >> bret: senator tim scott from south carolina. senator, thanks for being here. >> thank you, bret.
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>> bret: the air force general nominated to be the next vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is facing renewed scrutiny over past allegations of sexual misconduc sexual misconduct. officially cleared, but today he faced a host of tough questions from senators who will determine his fate. lucas tomlinson reports tonight from the pentagon. >> nothing happened ever. >> the head of the u.s. military's nuclear arsenal of bombers, missiles and submarines denies he ever sexually assaulted his female subordinate. >> it has been a painful time for me and my family. but i want to stay to you and to the american people in the strongest possible terms that these allegations are false. >> his accuser army colonel sat in today's hearing and told fox news it was not easy. >> it was very hard to hear him denying what he did to me. it was painful to listen to several senators accuse me of being a liar. it was just sort of a hit job. >> former air force fighter
3:17 pm
pilot, mike and said she was raped by a superior officer back the general. >> sexual assault happens in the military. it just didn't happen in this case. >> another g.o.p. senator who also said she was sexually assaulted question the general's leadership after officials of the generals accuser bullet subordinates. >> this leaves me with concerns about your judgment and ability to lead and one of the highest positions in the u.s. military. >> i release report says she threatened to commit suicide after she was fired with the military called toxic leadership. according to the report she told the general he had 24 hours to rectify the situation or she was going to kill herself with a family firearm. both democrats and the committee running for president in 2020, elizabeth warren and kirsten gillibrand, skipped the hearing ahead of the debate. other democrats showed there reservations. >> what we have not been presented with any corroborating evidence, the lack of it does not necessarily mean that the accusations aren't true.
3:18 pm
>> the president says it's up to the senate to decide the general's fate. >> i am a fan of the general. we will have to see how it all turns out. >> the kernels of the police report is incomplete and the general condone her leadership style. bret. >> bret: at lucas tomlinson at the pentagon, thanks. a senior at administration official tells fox news the u.s. government is aware of reports of a north korean missile launch just hours ago. south korea's news agency says the north had fired multiple identified projectiles off its east coast. the launches come 60s after they fired two short range list of missiles into the easy. up next, democrats propose a constitutional amendment to overturn the law governing campaign funding. that and more after the break. ♪ most people think a button is just a button. ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker.
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>> bret: breaking tonight, a federal judge has dismissed the lawsuit by the democratic national committee against key members of the trump campaign and wikileaks over hacked committee emails. if democrats contend the trump campaign encourage wikileaks to hack the dnc and release internal documents. if the judge says the defendants did not do anything wrong in obtaining the materials and have no legal liability for spreading information. in america's election
3:23 pm
headquarters tonight, ten democratic presidential hopefuls are preparing for the first night of the second round of debates this evening in detroit. onstage tonight the two candidates pushing hard for the progressive base, senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. correspondent peter doocy has a preview from detroit tonight. >> tonight is finally elizabeth warren's chance to directly challenge bernie sanders for the mantle of strongest progressive presidential candidate. but she's not going to do it. >> this isn't about democrats firing other democrats. bernie and i have been friends forever. >> warren and sanders are both supporters of medicare for all. if the sanders team argues he's the better choice because he's been pushing medicare for all for a lot longer. >> this is a portion who has changed the debate on medicare for all. >> eight others onstage on for sanders or warren, including tim ryan. >> i don't think you can square taking private insurance away. that's a big problem. >> ryan has struggled to catch on as a moderate for democrat. tonight is a different story.
3:24 pm
>> there's going to be millions of americans watching who don't know me. >> same goes for the spiritualist marianne williamson, whose strategy is a secret. >> is the one issue that you hope you can bring to center stage tonight? >> not that i can put in a sound bite for you, and i would if i could. >> beto o'rourke is betting that nostalgia for national anthem mailers will help his case. his guests are three michigan high school athletes who knelt for the national anthem and solidarity with colin kaepernick, a former folktale my protest president trump has condemned for years. >> wouldn't you love is he one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say that son of a leap off the field right now. he's fired. >> with this year the president has seen enough and doesn't think any democrats can beat biden. >> i think right now it will be sleepy joe. i think. i feel he will limp across the line. >> and energetic
3:25 pm
elizabeth warren. will try to prove the president wrong. >> this is our chance to get organized, to build a grassroots movement, to persist and to build the america of our best values. >> over the next two nights, there are 13 democrats who desperately need to make a splash. if the 13 who haven't yet qualified for the fall batch of debates, and many of those 13 are moderates, which means buy f by the end of tomorrow night a new moderate proposal does not break through, the most primary choices will wind up being progressive. bret. >> bret: peter doocy in detroit. thank you. i will have coverage along with shannon bream xp 30 after the debate and obviously we will have laura ingraham as well at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. california's governor has signed a law requiring presidential candidates to release their tax returns before they can be
3:26 pm
listed on the state's primary ballot. the measure signed today by democrat gavin newsom is aimed at president trump, although he wasn't mentioned. trump obviously has refused so far to release his tax returns. the president's attorney says the state's attempt to circumvent the constitution will be answered in court. coming up, if you have a capital one credit card in your wallet, pay attention to our next story. first, beyond our borders tonight, dozens of inmates killed during a prison riot in northern brazil, went to a coroner's office today to identify the 57 victims buried him in authority say monday when two gangs staged a beautiful to brutal flight. at least 16 of those who died were decapitated crashed into homes before dawn today killing at least eight 18 people there. 13 civilians on the ground were killed. pakistan military says it has no information on what caused that crash. an italian police commander says
3:27 pm
a plainclothes officer fatally stabbed in a confrontation with two american teenagers had forgotten his gun that night. if the commander insists there would've been no time to draw a weapon anyway. the california teams are accused of killing that officer after a drug deal went bad. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ eir cage. content on their endless quest, to nowhere. but perhaps this year, a more exhilarating endeavor awaits. defy the laws of human nature,at the summer of audi sales event. get exceptional offers now. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast...
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>> bret: if you have a capital one credit card in your wallet or applied for one in the last 14 years, your personal information might just be in a hacker's computer tonight. data on about 106 million people, including social security numbers and bank account numbers, was stolen from capital one's files. correspondent robert gray tells us what that may mean for you. >> people trust these institutions as if they can't be hacked. >> capital one hit with a massive breach. the fifth-largest credit card issuers has a single hacker stole and exposed the personal information of more than 100 million people in the u.s. and canada who applied for capital one credit cards between 2005 and 2019. the social security and bank account numbers for some 200,000 people also compromised. authorities arrested a seattle software engineer. 33-year-old paige thompson, who uses the online handle "erratic" for stealing the data and charged her with one count of
3:32 pm
computer fraud and abuse. thompson allegedly accessed the information in march through the bank's faulty firewalls. she was caught after bragging online about the hack. thompson was a systems engineer for amazon web services between 2015 and 16. if capital one data is hosted by amazon's cloud service which said in a statement it was not compromised. >> very determined hackers are staying a step ahead in being able to access large databases of information. it sort of shattered the myth that the cloud is some sort of out there secure impenetrable fortress. >> capital one ceo richard fairbank said in a statement "i sincerely apologize for the understandable worried this incident must be causing those affected and i am committed to making it right." capital one says it will contact those affected offering them free credit monitoring and identity protection. the bank says the incident will cost as much as $150 million,
3:33 pm
some of which may be covered by an insurance policy. capital one already facing a class action lawsuit accusing the firm of serious security failures and negligence after multiple past security breaches. investors voting with their wallets today sending the stock down sharply some 6% on wall street. back to you. >> bret: robert, thank you. stocks were down today. the dow lost 23, the s&p 500 fell 8, the nasdaq dropped 20. a civil court judge has ruled robert caddell and three referees involved in the infamous no-call during last season's playoff game against the rams must come to new orleans in september to subo legal questioning. the group of saints season-ticket holders has filed a fraud case against the nfl. the leak says the suit is without merit. the trial is underway tonight for an american rapper accused of attacking a teenager in sweden. what makes the case so unusual is the effort put in by
3:34 pm
president trump to try to get this matter settled. correspondent benjamin hall shows us tonight from london. ♪ >> it's been almost a month now since rapper a$ap rocky has been held without bail in a swedish prison accused of assault. he faces a maximum of two years in jail. a$ap rocky, and two other men and his entourage are accused of assaulting 19-year-old afghan refugee in stockholm, apparently kicking him on the ground and hitting him with a bottle. in court today he asked the judge to award him $15,000 in damages. a$ap rocky meanwhile has released a video claiming to show that he followed him, refused to leave, harassed them, hit his bodyguard in the face and was drunk. >> we are not trying to go to jail. >> the case turned into a minor diplomatic incident one president trump got involved. >> i have been called by someone people asking me to help a$ap rocky. >> he called the prime minister
3:35 pm
of sweden to personally vouch for a$ap rocky's bail, but the prime minister replied that in sweden the judicial system was completely independent. there is no bail system and there's nothing he can do. president trump wasn't happy. give a$ap rocky his freedom. we do so much for sweden but it doesn't seem to work the other way around. sweden should focus on its real crime problem. #foriraqi . claimed president trump was misusing his power. >> you are saying this was on another piece on the rap sheet of donald trump? >> yes. >> okay. all right. say it loud. >> yes! >> it was kim kardashian and kanye west who lobbied president trump to help a$ap rocky. now more than 6,000 people have signed a petition to get him released. bret. >> bret: benjamin hall in london. benjamin, thank you. pentagon officials say two american service members have
3:36 pm
been killed by an afghan soldier. it happened monday in southern afghanistan. that makes 12 americans killed in afghanistan this year. that is nearly equal to the number of those who died in all of last year, 13. monday, secretary of state mike pompeo set president trump has ordered him to reduce the number of u.s. troops in afghanistan by next year's election. president trump says living in baltimore is like living in hell. congressman elijah cummings not amused. we will get reaction to all of this from the panel when we come back. ♪ ve seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a "three-ring fender bender." (clown 1) sorry about that... (clown 2) apologies. (clown 1) ...didn't mean it. (clown 3) whoops. (stilts) sorry! (clowns) we're sorry! (scary) hey, we're sorry! [man screams] [scary screams] (burke) quite the circus. but we covered it. at farmers, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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(v...especially when your easily distracted teenager has the car. the worst... at subaru, we're taking on distracted driving [ping] with sensors that alert you when your eyes are off the road. the all-new subaru forester. the safest forester ever. ♪ >> you feel like you're doing a great job, right? is that what you're saying? >> we are doing our level best. >> what does that mean? what does that mean when a child is sitting in their own feces, can't take a shower? come on, man! >> it was a horrible win, the way he spoke to the head of homeland security the other day. these people are working hard, they are getting no support from
3:41 pm
the democrats. the democrats refuse to fix the loophole. they refused to fix asylum. those two things would make it 95% easier. >> bret: president trump says that's what started this whole tweet best back and forth with elijah cummings and talk about baltimore. that exchange that cummings had with the acting head of homeland security about border security and border conditions. let's bring in our panel. guy benson, political editor at and the host of the guy benson show on fox news radio. susan, chief congressional correspondent for the "washington examiner," and josh crush our, politics editor for -- this is, again, as we've seen in multiple weekends, tweets over the weekend of kind of evolved into news stories that have lasted several days and now all sides piping up. >> and the president admitted today just straight up that he doesn't necessarily have a
3:42 pm
strategy here, but one of his superpowers, bret, is the ability to create an opposition that has these knee-jerk reactions reflexively to everything he does including a lot of overreach. so we are not just talking about certain tweets anymore. we have presidential candidates, the top tier on the democratic side going to bat for, praising, singing hallelujahs about al sharpton, for example, and talk about what a wonderful hero he is for race relations in this country, which is really just an extraordinary thing given his toxic conduct over the years. sharpton's, that is. it seems like one trump occasionally fires off a tweet or makes a statement that might seem ill-advised or unproductive to many people, and sometimes it is, but in many of those same cases, his opposition proves time and again to be one of his greatest assets. >> bret: susan, the president says is just speaking facts. he doesn't have strategy, as guy
3:43 pm
mentioned, democrats and republicans take different view. take a listen to dan kildee and tim scott. >> the president, i think is bringing race to this conversation in a really destructive way when what he ought to be thinking about is how he as president can deal with those constituencies of hi his. >> there's no doubt that i don't find his tweets to have been racially motivated. i think we should take the high road and spend more time talking about how to deal with the failed policies of the left. frankly, major metropolitan areas throughout the country. >> bret: what about that, susan? >> what tim scott was saying and the other part of his comments too in that great interview was that he talked about the president's accomplishments on behalf of people who have long been ignored. people at the lower end of earning incomes and minorities. he's talked about reforming the criminal justice system, helping the economy so that people are earning so little can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. just policies that are working for people with the democrats,
3:44 pm
frankly, were not able to help as effectively and trump's problem is when he gets in his twitter wars and his big fights with the democrats and in this instance he gives them this platform to accuse him of racis racism. he didn't bring a brace when he was having that exchange with cummings initially but people accuse him of racism in part because he gives them the plot from to do that. you can go back on the argument whether you think was racist or not. he steals away from his own compliments and changes the subject in a way that doesn't help them. >> bret: not only that, there was this giant speech today that he delivered in jamestown, the site of the first legislative assembly in virginia. and there he talked about african-americans, the success of african-americans in this country. he talks about american exceptionalism. take a brief listen. >> from the first legislative assembly down to today, america
3:45 pm
has been the story of citizens who take ownership of their future and their control of their destiny. that is what self-role is all about. everyday americans coming together to take action, to build, to create, to seize opportunities. to pursue the common good and to never stop striving for greatness. >> bret: we covered a little bit in the show earlier. if you read the speech it's a pretty great speech as far as speeches go for the president. but largely overshadowed by this back-and-forth about forth about baltimore. >> right, and also that it speech was interrupted by protester who happened to be a democratic member of the virginia house of delegates who just screamed and interrupted the speech and it reminded the trump always seems to bring out the worst in his opponents. one trump ways to his base, one trump tweets impulsively, you have democrats reacting in a very extreme manner as we saw in jamestown today. from a political point of view,
3:46 pm
i don't think there's any grand strategy behind what trump is doing. the one thing that unites republicans and democrats by and large is they would like to see if the president tweet a little bit less and focus a little more on policy, focus more on talk about the economy. so i do think there may be a little bit of a method about what trump is doing but he said today is not strategy, i just say with all my might and maybe that will help them politically but i don't think this is part of any grand white house technical game plan going on. >> bret: i mentioned it with senator scott earlier and that's bob johnson's comments about the economy, specifically about minority communities. i thought i would just play it since i referenced earlier. take a listen. >> i think the economy is doing absolutely great and it's particularly reaching into populations that heretofore have had very bad problems in terms of job employment that come with full employment.
3:47 pm
i give the president a lot of credit for moving the economy in a positive direction that's benefiting a large number of americans. we still have some issues to deal with with the china trade negotiation issue. but overall if you look at the u.s. economy, you've got to give the president and a for that. >> bret: an a+ from the founder of bet. next up the democratic presidential debate, what tonight may bring. ♪ i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪ now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-win.
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♪ >> we have been friends forever. as long before i ever got into politics and i think that the upcoming debate is a chance for everybody on that stage to talk about the vision for america. >> you can before bernie sanders on the merits, you don't have to be against elizabeth warren, against anybody else. you can before bernie sanders. >> bret: and they are hoping that you are for bernie sanders, because he works for bernie sanders. the debate tonight in detroit, the first of tonight's and the stage is packed. ten candidates on the stage, the big draws this time bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. back with the panel. to preview her tonight, josh?
3:52 pm
>> i wouldn't expect a big shuttle between senator warren and senator sanders. one because senator warren does have a good relationship with sanders, but there's also a political strategy going on. it's always risky to attack someone who you're competing with closely and you could get hurt even if you take the other candidate down. and i think sanders and warren are more likely to team up against some of the more moderate candidates on stage. emma glover char, the governor of montana bullock. i think this is going to be moderate versus progressive type of debate. i don't know if warren is really ready or if she needs to take on sanders. he's arty losing ground in a lot of national and state polls. >> bret: susan. >> not yet. not yet. it's still early here. there's plenty of time to play nice. especially if you know your guaranteed entry into the next several debates. they are leading in the polls. where it's going to eventually get ugly is when the field narrows and then there's going to be a fight for the lead and
3:53 pm
watch when we get close to iowa and then you're going to see people not playing nice anymore. that's what typically goes with these primaries so i do expect tonight for there to be not too many punches thrown. especially because you had warren come out ahead of time and say i'm not going to do that. i'm going to play nice for now. this is going to be something that as time goes on you're going to see this detente for i think. >> bret: the president wanted to weigh in today on the south lawn. >> i think right now it will be sleepy joe. i think. i feel he will limp across the line. that's what i think. what i think doesn't mean anything, but i know the other people, i know him. i think he's off his game by a lot. >> bret: die? >> pundit in chief as well. that analysis isn't too bad i don't think. what's been interesting in the last week or two, it's very clear that bernie sanders is
3:54 pm
spoiling for a big fight with joe biden, coming after him hard. that's not going to happen this week because they're not on the same stage together. i really think that viewers and voters would be better served if they teared these two debates with people who are in the top tier, who have earned that in terms of polling and others who aren't there yet because i think we would like to see the top vote getters at least in terms of the polls go head-to-head as opposed to this randomizing that they've done. but we'll get there eventually. >> bret: josh, really quickly, one of the developments -- some of the candidates still need to get onto the stage in september and that's what they're fighting for. >> yet, they need to raise money and they need to get at least 100% in the polls. if you're not 1%, if you're not at 2% is a real question about your viability for the long ter long term. only about six months away from the iowa caucuses. the democratic party, it's not in their interest to have candidates that have no chance of winning the nomination be on stage with the elizabeth warrens and joe bidens of the contest.
3:55 pm
so there's an interest in the democratic party to make sure we have future debates of the top contenders competing. >> bret: is it really six months? wow. a long time to go. thanks. when we come back, our favorite. another surprise homecoming. ♪ about 50% of people with severe asthma have too many cells called eosinophils in their lungs. eosinophils are a key cause of severe asthma. fasenra is designed to target and remove these cells. fasenra is an add-on injection for people 12 and up with asthma driven by eosinophils. fasenra is not a rescue medicine or for other eosinophilic conditions. fasenra is proven to help prevent severe asthma attacks, improve breathing, and can lower oral steroid use. fasenra may cause allergic reactions. get help right away if you have swelling of your face, mouth, and tongue, or trouble breathing. don't stop your asthma treatments
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>> bret: finally tonight, an emotional roller coaster. >> welcome home to a family. cunningham. [cheers and applause] >> bret: u.s. navy cp chief cunningham returned home from his final deployment to the middle east sunday. running some children thought they were taking part in a preplanned film shoot at busch gardens in virginia. they were unaware their father would be joining them there. after reuniting the family took a roller coaster ride, enjoyed the rest of the day at the park with dad. pretty cool. thanks for inviting us into your
4:00 pm
home tonight, that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. i will be with shannon bream tonight, "fox news @ night," postdebate coverage, 11:00 p.m. eastern time. "the story" guest hosted by sandra smith starts right now. >> sandra: we will be watching you and shanna later tonight. thank you, bret. good evening, everybody. i'm sandra smith in for martha maccallum and this is "the story." as the president continues to hammer congressman elijah cummings over the "hell" and corruption he says are plaguing baltimore the city's mayor says the president should do this. >> my message to the president is stop tweeting and send help and federal resources to the city of baltimore. >> sandra: but tonight, that is exactly what the trump administration says it has already done. and the president wants to know where those billions of dollars have gone. >> whatli


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