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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 30, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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democrats are going to do some very dark days. >> laura: i thought it was "star wars." i heard the music playing. the dark force. that was fun. we are going to be back here tomorrow night do it all over again. don't forget, check out my new podcast and shannon bream, the "fox news @ night" team take it live from detroit with great analysis. shannon. >> shannon: laura, thank you so much. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream tonight detroit. we are live from the spin room with special coverage of the second 2020 democratic primary debate, and this is a fox news alert. two of the most left-leaning, moderators asking a question, two hours of progressive ideas. the rhetorical knives came out against senators warren and sanders, left-wing progressive ideas. warnings from the other candidates. major ideological divides on display, most notably on health care and immigration. click the dnc raising the threshold for the next debate,
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tonight's performances might be the last for some of the candidates. fox news coverage tonight. bret baier, peter doocy, howard kurtz, and we start with corresponding kristin fisher whose life just outside the fox theater with some of tonight's make break debate performances. good evening, kristen. >> heading into tonight, there was so much talk about the two most progressive candidates going head-to-head, senator elizabeth sanders -- elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. these turned out to be a fight between the more moderate candidates and those two progressives for the soul of the democrat party and no issue was more apparent than the issue of health care. here is senator bernie sanders responding to some of his opponents who called his plan for medicare for all political suicide. >> you're wrong. right now you have a
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dysfunctional health care system. >> we should deal with the tragedy of being uninsured and give everyone a health care is a right but why do we have to be a party from taking something away from people? >> we are the democrats. we're not about trying to take away health care from anyone. we should stop using republican talking points. >> i am normally way over there with bernie and elizabeth on this one. i hear the others. >> another issue that really highlighted the divide between the more moderate and progressive candidates on the stage was immigration. >> would you decriminalize illegal border crossings? >> do not play into donald trump's hands. >> what you are playing into donald trump's hands. >> the challenge isn't that it's a criminal offense across the border the challenge is that donald trump is president and using this to rip families
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apart. >> if you want to come into the country, you should at least ring the doorbell. even if you decriminalize which we should not do, you still have statutory authority. >> as for the site for the far left, not once did sanders or warren directly attack one another. the sharpest contrast came in response to a question when warren was asked why she called herself a capitalist. >> you make it a point to say that your s. is that your way of convincing voters they might be a safer choice than senator sanders? >> no, it's my way of talking about i know how to fight and the know-how to win. >> the issue of electability is one of the most important issues to democrats heading into 2020. which candidate can beat president trump. all the candidates gave their own answers tonight but mayor pete buddha judge gave an answer that stood out.
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listen. >> nominate me and you get to see the president of the united states stand next to an american war veteran and expand why he chose to pretend to be disabled when the hit was -- it was his chance to serve. >> one candidate who really needed a moment tonight was the former congressman beto o'rourke from texas. he needed it after somewhat poor performance during the first debate and that they again tonight. tomorrow night we are looking ahead, the issue of electability is going to be front and center. you have joe biden, kamala harris, cory booker all sharing center stage tomorrow night. shannon. >> shannon: we'll be back for that, kristin. thank you very much. let's bring in fox news chief political correspondent. we saw more of an ideological divide it seems like tonight.
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>> shannon, you're exactly right. good evening. i think that's exactly exactly what the battle will be as we head into the caucuses and primary battles. this is the heart of the democratic party, the fight for where the party goes. you saw that right at the stage at the beginning once they got past the actual opening statements and the national anthem, you got to health care and that's where you saw bernie sanders and how much influence he's had on this party over the last ten years, the last cycle. >> two things, they will be better because medicare for all is comprehensive, covers all health care needs senior citizens. it will include dental care, hearing aids, eyeglasses. >> you don't know that. >> second of all. i do know and i wrote the damn bill. >> i wrote the damn bill. it wasn't long before the campaign had bumper stickers out
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for bernie sanders "i wrote the damn bill." they are trying to capitalize on that. the second one was the battle with the moderates. that is the foils here of john delaney and the newcomer to the debate stage, governor bullock from montana. they fought back on health care and on immigration. >> i've been going around rural america and i ask rural hospital and ministers one question. if all your bills were paid at the medicare rate last year, what would happen. they'll look at me and say we would close. the question is why do we have to be so extreme? why can't we give everyone health care is a right and allow them to have choices. i'm starting to think it's not about health care. it's an anti-private sector -- the same immigration system needs a sane leader and we can do that decriminalizing, providing health care for everyone. it's not me saying that. it is obama's homeland security
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secretary. >> governor bullock had a good run on the debate stage and introduced himself. john delaney, searched on google, he could make a jump up. he needs to if he's going to get the third debate in september. finally the point i looked at was elizabeth warren. she had the most talking time of any candidate on the stage, and then she had this slab back of delaney. take a listen. >> i think democrats win when we run on real solutions, not impossible promises. when we run on things that are workable, not fairy tale economics. >> i don't know why anybody goes to the trouble of running for president of the united states just to talk about about what we can't do and shouldn't fight fo for. i don't get it. >> got a lot of applause and laughs. the last thing is marianne williamson. in miami, she had very little time on the stage, talking time.
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yet we saw her numbers bump up in new hampshire in particular. tonight she had a lot more time, marianne williamson did, she's now the number one searched candidate from this debate on google. she is trending on twitter. i would not be surprised to see marianne williamson, the author, who talks about love and fighting the dark forces, get a bump tonight in the polls perhaps enough to get her to the third debate. >> shannon: yeah, i think you're right. it wouldn't be sprees either. she garnered it seemed some of the most reaction tonight. that came off and when she was calling anybody else out. she is one of the nonpoliticians, the only one in the whole thing right now. she has been calling them out for the money they've taken, the hypocrisy about these things. i have to tell you the audience here in detroit really seemed to love her tonight. >> they really did very last thing, shannon. i think these candidates all got
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the fact that democrats really care about most beating donald trump. everyone of the opening and closing statements had to do with beating donald trump. all of them said they could do it. >> shannon: we thank you for sticking around late for analysis for us tonight. thank you so much. >> you bet. >> shannon: 2020 democrats are hoping for a comeback after president trump won michigan in 2016. he was the first republican to carry this state since 1988. the head of the republican national committee pending an op-ed in "the detroit news" titled "socialist policies won't fly in michigan." journey me now, g.o.p. chairwoman ronna mcdaniel. thanks for being with us tonigh tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: i want to look at some statistics. top ten searches in google in the last seven days in michigan, issues people are worried about.
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atop the list is health care. we know this is something that our polling shows that a lot of voters think democrats are better equipped to handle that issue. they don't trust republicans who have talked about repealing it. haven't really made a good public case or articulation for what they would do about health care. it's got voters worried and yet here they say it's the number one issue. >> you have seen republicans take this on. he saw the gramm cassidy bill and he saw democrats refusing to come across the aisle that would block money to states. what you saw from the democrats tonight is the total socialist plan, takeover of all of our health care with this proposal from medicare for all. they didn't know how to pay for it. they were dishonest about the fact that it was would raise taxes on every single american. bernie sanders and elizabeth warren said flat out they would take away private health insurance plans and i
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don't think that something people in michigan would like. it's been polled in michigan. it's not popular. a lot of union workers would say you're going to take away my plan that i negotiated? you're going to take me off of my plan where i can choose my doctor and what's best for me and my family? i don't think that's going to fly. >> shannon: you mentioned senator elizabeth warren. she talked about this tonight, that some of those things that she has heard her fellow democrats saying, she said don't fall into the trap. here's what she said as a bit of a warning. >> we are the democrats. we are not about trying to take away health care from anyone. that's what the republicans are trying to do. we should stop using republican talking points in order to talk with each other about how to best provide that health care. >> shannon: standby if you can real quickly. we're going to bring you peter doocy and we will come
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back. he is with tim ryan. he was one of the guys warning us of the pack don't go so far left and you lose the potential to reach voters. peter doocy is talking with him now. >> shannon, we were talking with congressman ryan. you took aim at bernie sanders and he aimed right back at you. what did you take away from this interaction that was one of the big, buzzy moments questioning >> taking people's private health insurance ways a mistake. we have union members who negotiated contracts. they gave away wages to get a good health care deal and i see it all the time in youngstown. they don't get the wages but they got the health care. the world is falling apart around them but they have their health care. for democrats to say our nominee is going to be the person -- we know you've got really good health care but we're going to make it better. i tend to think that's a
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disaster. >> i know you are in demand, one more question. bernie sanders, you said he didn't know what he was talking about with the union contracts and he said yes i do, i wrote the damn bill. is it effective? >> he didn't right the union contracts. there is no way to tell with the union contract is. that was my point. you can say what's in your bill but you can't see what's in the union contract and whether or not it's good. it's up to the union and the workers to decide what's best for them. not necessarily him. it's one of those things. i think it's wrong. i think it's wrong for the unions. i don't want my union people back home hating the idea of losing their health care like this. i think it's wrong. >> congressman ryan, thank you. shannon, you heard it. so much talk over the last couple months about the big, progressive ideas. tim ryan is somebody who's
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obviously pitching some of the more moderate ideas and we were just talking to him a little bit. he challenged bernie sanders and forgive me for not looking right at the camera. i'm trying to look around to see if there's anybody else right here and i will ask jason if he sees anybody in the neighborhoo neighborhood. the spin room, we are about 100 feet away from you, shannon, but it's cozy over here. a lot of staff and reporters. we will to find some videos. we will find somebody else. >> shannon: will come back to you. just holler because i might hear you. peter, thank you very much. we want to bring ronna mcdaniel in. we played a sound bite from elizabeth warren which stands in such contrast to what we heard from the congressman speaking with peter. cautioning about going too far left and taking away health care, private insurance from millions of americans who may not be so sold on that idea. her response to some of the
8:15 pm
pushback was listen, we've got to stand and fight for things and we can't say there's no way to get it done. that's not why were running. there is a schism there. she also said tonight that if you say these things about losing private insurance and warning people, she's accusing her fellow democrats of using your g.o.p. talking points in this debate tonight. what do you think? >> she was dishonest tonight. she wouldn't admit that it would be a tax cut on the middle class which it absolutely would be. the estimates are $32 trillion to do medicare for all. that would skyrocket. taking away health care, private health care plans for 180 million americans. i do not want bernie sanders or elizabeth warren telling me what doctor i can go to, what medical procedures i get to have. i don't want washington making those decisions. i want to make that decision between me and my doctor. she's absolutely being dishonest when she saint democrats are not taking something away. they absolutely are proposing
8:16 pm
taking away your private health insurance plans. i do not think the majority of americans want that. >> shannon: a number of democrats believe that. that it could be detrimental to whomever becomes the nominee. i want to play something from south bend mayor pete buttigieg. he said no matter what the wind and women proposed the g.o.p. and president are going to come after them in the same way. >> if it's true that if we embrace a far left agenda they are going to say we are a bunch of crazy socialist. if we embrace a conservative agenda, they are going to say we are a bunch of crazy socialists... to stand up for the right policy and go there and defended. >> shannon: ten seconds from you, chairwoman. >> the winner tonight was donald trump because he gets to run on an economy that is booming, wages are up, jobs coming back. especially in michigan, manufacturing jobs are coming back. it was shameful that we didn't hear any mention of usmca.
8:17 pm
we are in michigan. we need many of manufacturing jobs coming back and not one person said that we need to revise nafta. it's critical to my home state of michigan. >> shannon: it is certainly very important. rnc chairwoman, thank you, ronna mcdaniel. good to see you. pardon the interruption. moderators and forcing a new set of rules. was it enough to prevent an all out food fight? we are live from detroit after the break. ♪ jardiance asks:
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>> stick to the rules. we'll get to you. if we can all stick to the rules. 15 seconds on the clarification. you are willing to raise taxes on middle-class americans? >> jake, your question is a republican talking point.
8:22 pm
at the end of the day -- and by the way, and by the way, by the way, the health care industry will be appetizing tonight on this program. >> shannon: debate moderators frequently become part of the highlight reel. let's break it down. fox news media analyst, hoechst of "media buzz," howard kurtz. >> that might have been the dramatic high point. it was a substantive, wonky debate. they didn't force time limits which kept the trains on track but may also have limited any unscripted or viral moments. don lemon, the liberal opinion host on the panel, asked questions blatantly from the left promoting gun control and referring to president trump as a racially divisive bigot. jake tapper and dana did an excellent job. let's take a look at tapper
8:23 pm
asking elizabeth warren about the cost of government run medicare for all. >> are you with bernie on medicare for all when it comes to raising taxes on middle-class americans? >> giant corporations and billionaires are going to pay more. >> a point of clarification, 15 extra seconds. would you raise taxes on the middle class to pay for medicare for all? >> costs will go up for billionaires and go up for corporations, for middle-class families costs will go down. >> she still didn't answer for that kind of persistence really pinned down several major candidates on two positions that are popular applause lines and democratic primary debates but could be a poison pill in the fall election, that is abolishing private health insurance in favor of medicare for all and do criminalizing border crossings, with the republicans will call open borders. >> i wanted to ask about one of
8:24 pm
the changes for tonight because in the last debate we saw some candidates weren't happy about being put in this position where they were asked about things like health care coverage for people in the country illegally, asking them to raise her hand. not going to get a chance to explain. they agreed not to do that tonight. what do you make of that change? >> it's a technique they can be overused but i don't think cnn should have just given it up sometimes it's a way of getting everybody on the record with all the fudging politicians and candidates like to do. look, very little food with rome tonight. we talked a lot about the more moderate candidates, particularly montana governor steve bullock, taking on progressive candidates. it wasn't personal, didn't have the kind of personal attacks that the media replay over and over and over again. one elizabeth warren was given a gold plated invitation to draw a contrast to bernie sanders, she was asked, you describe yourself
8:25 pm
as a capitalist. is it a way of presenting himself as a safer choice than bernie sanders. she wouldn't touch it. they seemed to have a mutual nonaggression pact. we heard a lot about their positions and we saw the contrast but many comets not wanting to engage in the pokinge i sort of thing that have been . >> shannon: we saw them on the stage, the two senators, sanders and warren come almost had a bit of a hug and she said earlier we go back years. i know him. it's going to be -- they had the most airtime or talking time tonight, as we would've expected. kind of set up as a matchup between the two. what about tomorrow night? looking to a rematch of former vice president biden and senator kamala harris. speak i think there's going to be more attention tomorrow night when biden and harris share the stage and this is what i hate about cnn and msnbc
8:26 pm
caving to the democratic national committee and having a dumb lottery to pick the candidates. they should have all been on the stage, if not tonight, then tomorrow night. bernie, lisbeth, biden harris. the people with the best shot at winning the nomination. but instead elizabeth warren does not get that to debate wie former vice president or campbell harris. i think tomorrow night's debate will get more attention and i will come back and talk about it. >> shannon: i would love that. thank you for your time. roaming the floor, talking to tonight's major players. we will go back to him. peter, what if you got? >> we have congressman john delaney who presented a real contrast between the really progressive candidate to cook candidates in the middle, and yourself, not as progressive. do you think you made an impact? >> everything i'm trying to
8:27 pm
achieve is progressive in terms of the goal but i have workable solutions as to how to get there. as i said when i talked about detroit, the best outcomes are when the private sector and the government work well together. that's a big theme of my campaign. a lot of those folks on stage don't want there to be a private economy. >> elizabeth warren was listening to you, she said why are you bothering running for president if you're going to say what we cannot do. can you tell us, you've had some time to think about it. >> it sounds like someone who doesn't want to defend her policies. imagine saying to john kennedy when he said we should go to the moon by the end of the decade. i think we should go to the moon next month so why are been calling for that. not aggressive enough. we need big ideas but they have to be workable. you have to be able to answer three questions. is it a workable idea, how do you pay for it and how are you going to get it done? i have big ideas for the important issues. infrastructure, public
8:28 pm
education, jobs, climate change, health care. my plans are workable. i tell people how i'm going to pay for them and i tell people how i'm going to get it done. >> one final very quick question, you were the first person in the race. do you think tonight was a breakout for you or you have something else to do before you can break through in the polls? stick with out it was a very good night because i made a clear contrast. i said in my opening we got a choice. you go down the road of senator ernst that sanders and warren, free everything. impossible promises. reelect donald trump. that's what happened with mcgovern and mondale and that's what happened with caucus. or you can nominate someone who is big ideas but have choice, rebuild infrastructure, create jobs, we win the white house and will start getting things done. >> congressman, thank you very much. shannon. you heard it right there.
8:29 pm
you know what, we will have scott come over this way. this is how much extra there is to talk about with these candidates. they were all there for almost two and half hours, didn't get it all out so that's what we're doing, just trying to see what else might be left over and we will keep it coming. shannon. >> shannon: all right, sounds good. peter doocy on the spin room floor. thank you. renewed debate about the state of baltimore. north korea playing with fire. there's a lot of late-breaking news and we'll bring you that next. humira patients, you inspire us. the way you triumph over adversity. and live your lives. that's why we redesigned humira. we wanted to make the experience better for you. now there's less pain immediately following injection. we've reduced the size of the needle and removed the citrate buffers. and it has the same effectiveness you know and trust.
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8:34 pm
typically have to leave open the possibility of meeting with anyone at any place. >> shannon: congressional correspondent mike emanuel covering breaking news. good evening. >> u.s. officials telling fox news he looked similar to last week's test by the north koreans. the south korean military says north korea fired several on identified projectiles off its east coast. it was a similar scene six days ago when the regime fired off two short short range ballistic missiles. president trump spoke about north korea today. >> my relationship with kim jong un isn't very good one as i'm sure you've seen. we'll see what happens. i can't tell you what's going to happen. i know one thing. if my opponent for president, if she won, you would be in a major
8:35 pm
war right now with north korea and we are nowhere close. >> the timing of the launch is interesting. secretary of state mike pompeo has announced he's planning to travel to asia in the coming days. pompeo stopping in thailand, micronesia, australia. newly sworn in defense secretary at mark esper do to meet with pompeo in australia. experts suggest the lodges are aimed at trying to ramp up pressure on the united states to offer concessions. the u.s. and north korea are struggling to resume diplomatic talks. president trump sent kim photographs from the trump-kim meeting at the dmz in june. that was a third meeting between the president and kim since i first met in singapore a year ago. president trump downplayed last week's tests, emphasizing the were short range. all indications were the north koreans will continue lashing out until there's a dealer or the u.s. promises to ease sanctions. shannon. >> shannon: mike emanuel with the latest on the foreign policy front. thank you. back to 2020. president trump made his own production about who he thinks will win the democratic nomination next year. plus the president renewing his
8:36 pm
attacks on baltimore and that democratic congressman who are represented. correspondent david spunt has the latest. good evening. >> the president feeling confident tonight, tweeting just a few hours ago and celebrating a judge's decision to throw out a lawsuit filed by the democratic national committee. the suit alleged the trump campaign and russia were involved in hacking and other interference during the 26 team campaign. now it's 2020 that is on the president's radar. when it comes to 2020, it's clear who the president believes he will face on the debate stage. >> i am watching. i think right now it will be sleepy joe. >> until president trump stops on the stage in the fall of next year, he's focused on the day today and baltimore. >> people living in baltimore are very happy that i am bringing out the fact that it's like living in hell. >> the congressional district represented by house oversight chairman elijah cummings.
8:37 pm
>> baltimore has been very badly mishandled for many years. >> in 2014 the department of housing and urban development ordered the city to retain nearly $4 million in grants and auditors have routinely criticized baltimore for failing to account for its spreading of federal dollars. warning those grants could eventually be taken away. right now, those grants still exist. meanwhile, texas congressman john radcliffe is the president's choice to replace outgoing director of national intelligence dan coats. dan coats announced sunday he was resigning on august 15. during his tenure, coates publicly contradicted the president on multiple occasions. >> i like dan. he's a friend of mine. there really wasn't conflict. it was confusion more than conflict. we need somebody strong they can rein it in because as i think you've all learned, the intelligence agencies have run amok. cigarette cliff will face a senate confirmation hearing.
8:38 pm
majority leader says he hasn't met with him. chuck schumer calling it a grave mistake. >> shannon: david spunt in washington. thank you very much. democrats internal split on full display, the so-called moderates versus the far left progressive. our power panel ready to weigh in. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
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8:43 pm
members they're going to lose their health care. >> shannon: welcome back to tonight's special coverage of the second democratic debate. ten democratic candidates facing out, two of the most left-wing progressives and some major ideological divides on display. time for tonight's power manual. jessica tarlov, jason chaffetz, katie pavlich. thank you for being with us. katie, i'll start with you. we were the clear split and warnings going back and forth. focus on one side including congressman tim ryan talking about the fact that we've talked about all kinds of things that are not going to work for average americans. the illini telling them that it's fairy tale. we don't know how we can pay for it. then you have folks like senator elizabeth warren singh what's the point of running if were not going to talk about radical structural changes. >> the divide in the democratic party and the fight for the soul of the party
8:44 pm
certainly was on full display with the dispute of what positions could get them elected, what policy positions are good for the country. democrats tonight were arguing to take away private health insurance from union workers in michigan. as a colleague of mine pointed out, they also advocated to get rid of fossil fuel cars in detroit. if that's what they're going to run on, there's no way they're going to get back michigan or wisconsin or pennsylvania from donald trump who broke down the blue wall in 2016 against hillary clinton. they've got to come up with better ideas than taking away things people actually like, not just in the states that used to be blue but also around the country. majority people do not support taking away private insurance and the myth that you can implement some kind of medicare for all plan while also keeping the private insurance market, it's a myth. we saw that with obamacare. the private insurance market was destroyed as a result of a government takeover on that
8:45 pm
level. imagine what it would look like at the level some of michael's with warren or sanders is advocating for. >> shannon: that family feud continuing. we have other numbers. fox news poll on how the president is handling the economy. he believes it will motivate his base. when you look at the numbers, those who approve or disapprove, he has plus 11 points on it. 52% approve of how he's doing on the economy. 41% disapprove. jessica, how do democrats run against it? >> by talking about how the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. the structural inequality in the country, basically what elizabeth warren was talking about and bernie sanders as well but i thought elizabeth warranted a better job of doing that. i saw her as the clear winner for this evening. there was a pact it seems between bernie and elizabeth warren where they
8:46 pm
weren't going to go after each other but rather complement each other and i thought she had some great moments like slamming down john delaney. on twitter, a lot of "is john delaney dead?" that was one of her finest moments. i was happy to see steve bullock on the stage. i thought he was the best performing centrist. i think bringing his stories and having won in a trump 25 plus state, what he's been able to do their terms of expansion of medicaid, working with republicans, it's incredibly important story for us to be telling. at the end of the day, the format just doesn't work. we really need to see bernie and warren with joe biden and kamala harris and the people that frankly democrats are going to be choosing.
8:47 pm
>> shannon: tomorrow night obviously we have another batch of candidates which include those you mention, former vice president biden and also senator harris. the field is going to narrow and there may be more head-to-head matchups. in the meantime, i want to look at another number, fox news poll, which party would do a better job on health care? there was an enormous amount of time spent talking about it. democrats get 50%. republicans, 36%. equal, 4%. not sure, 10%. tough number for republicans. you were there when republicans really were in charge. they didn't get anything done with health care. there was talk of what they could do to the aca, what they can do to roll it back. now with these court cases pending, people saying what is the g.o.p. have plans? >> i think the g.o.p. does need to get united and they have to be on the same page about what
8:48 pm
are the three to five things are going to do to fix health care? i found it fascinating that the democrats were all complaining about the affordable care act and remember, it was the democrats had passed the affordable care act without any support from any republicans. it was done with barack obama, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer. they were the ones that push this thing through. they are the ones who did it and now all they're doing is complaining about it. the democrats want to dismantle everything and take away some of the good parts that are working. they can't even run the veterans administration. you want to have government run -- there is no way america believes that the government can do it better. they can't run amtrak. they can't run the va. now they want to take over the entire health care industry? you've got to be kidding. >> not all of them do. that is where the line in the sand is. >> shannon: we've got to leave it there. jessica, jason, katie, thank you very much for weighing in on the
8:49 pm
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♪ >> shannon: welcome back to "fox news @ night" special coverage of the second democratic presidential debate. tonight a clear divide.
8:53 pm
moderates versus progressive purity where live in detroit. peter doocy is spending the night catching up with the candidates. he's working the spin move and how they are spending their performances. peter, who have you got now? >> shanna, we found one of the moderate democratic candidates i'm a former governor of colorado john hickenlooper. in a surprise tonight? what stood out? >> i think we got into some of these issues pretty deeply. there are some issues i wish we had spent more time on, you know, economic equalities so that we don't continue concentrating wealth, how do we make sure the middle class starts growing again. i also want to -- i have bias, i admit that, but it would've preferred -- i thought the moderators didn't get as much airtime as the more idealistic progressives. >> one of the moment that has been clipped more than anything so far since it happened was you and bernie sanders almost simultaneously throwing your hands up in the air. what was going on -- what was going through your mind when you
8:54 pm
said that and then when he did it? >> you know -- i love -- i think senator sanders -- he created a lot of the clarity around these issues. he made them front and center. we disagree, right? so when he throws his hands up and it's this dramatic moment, it's hard not to jump in or even try to anticipate it. >> after all of that and because you said that you don't think so far moderates have been getting up airtime, do think there was something that you set or one of the other moderates that said they could steer the conversation that way and maybe away from green new deal, medicare for all us primaries and caucuses get closer? >> we'll see. i think is a lot of opportunity for that on the road and you go back and look at all the primaries over the last 50, 60 years, whoever's winning in june and july, they almost never win back caucus, right? and ever win i will, they don't win new hampshire. so i think there's a lot of ground to be covered. >> governor, thank you very much on a big night. much appreciated, your time.
8:55 pm
in shanna, you can see, things are kind of starting to clear out here. where you go next? where you go now? >> i might go to sleep eventually. >> okay. >> i'm going back to iowa. >> back to iowa, we might see you there. thanks. shannon, back over to you. >> shannon: peter doocy, sleeping in iowa. two things all these candidates have on their minds. thank you very much. what to expect on night number two. what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ if you have moderate little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression.
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>> shannon: be sure to tune in the same time tomorrow, 11:00 p.m. eastern for more special coverage. at the second round of democratic debates. we will be her again in detroit whether you watch or not. we will, and we will break it off your tomorrow night. the highly anticipated rematch between california senator kamala harris and former vice president joe biden. now the former vice president has promised he will be "less polite" tomorrow night when our own peter doocy ask him what he meant, he said that max had just stick around, you'll have to see. could be the last debate performance for some of the
9:00 pm
lower polling candidates. they dnc really upping the threshold for the next round of debates. for a lot of these folks this may be their last chance to make a case. in the meantime, most watched, most trusted, most briefly spent the evening with us. good night from detroit, i'm shannon bream. >> hannity, i'm great. just got finished watching you on one screen and trying to watch this debate on the other. >> i wouldn't have wasted my time. >> i have to say, hannity, this was interesting. it was actually quite substantive when the democrats are struggling to answer trump on trade. that's really good for america. i'm happy if they're going to be fighting over blue-collar workers. that's what the election should be about, the forgotten man and woman. if that's where the debate m is, that's an excellent place for this country too be. >> how about they start in l.a. and san francisco and detroit where they are, baltimore. why d't-


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