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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 31, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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the lower polling candidates, the dnc uping the threshold for the next round of debates. a lot of folks, maybe their last chance to make a case. most grateful you spent the evening with us. >> ladies and gentlemen, democratic candidate for president of the united states. >> democrats win when we run on real solutions. and not fairytale economics. >> union members giveaway wages to get good healthcare that they are going to lose their healthcare because washington will tell them they have a better plan. >> medicare for all is comprehensive. i wrote the damn bill. >> i won't support any planet ripped away healthcare from individuals. this is an example of wishlist
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economics. >> we embrace a far left agenda they are going to say we are a bunch of crazy socialists. if we raise a conservative agenda they will say we are a bunch of crazy socialists. >> commonly prosecuting families and children for seeking asylum and refuge and for-profit detention in this country. >> as your president i will not fold. i will make sure we get universal background checks past, the assault weapon ban, do something about magazines. i took on wall street and ceos and lobbyists and lawyers. >> we need a political revolution that tells billionaires and corporate america that they are in our society but they have got to start paying their fair share of taxes. we've got to focus on where donald trump is failing.
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the word malpractice. >> dark psychic force that this president is bringing up in this country. >> do not play into donald trump's plans. >> you are playing into donald trump's hands. every credible poll i have seen -- >> hillary clinton was winning in the polls too. ♪ ♪ running down a dream ♪ deadline comes to me ♪ working on history ♪ where ever it can be ♪ running down a dream ♪ heather: you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday, july 31st.
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a live shot at detroit, very busy last night and busy again tonight. thank you for starting the day with us. happening at 4:00 am on the east coast democrat division flaring up in the second round of 2020 debates, the first start, progressives pushing open borders, medicare for all but moderates calling them fairytale promises. how do their ideas stack up? roaring trump economy. team coverage and analysis from a former bernie sanders campaign staffer, with expert insight. we start with griff jenkins live in detroit to break down night one of round 2. what did you think? >> reporter: never before have we really seen the division in the democrat party on full display. the lesser-known moderates like hickenloop or, steve bullock taking, progressives, the front runners, elizabeth warren and
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bernie sanders talking about everything from healthcare to immigration to the economy but front and center was the fight over medicare for all. this is a change that stood out. take a listen. >> we can go down the road to senator sanders and senator warren want to take us with bad policies with medicare for all, free everything and impossible promises. >> healthcare is a human right, not a privilege. i believe that and i will fight for that. >> reporter: the economy a big part of this. john delaney mixing it up. with elizabeth warren, watch this. >> i took on wall street and ceos and their lobbyists and lawyers and beat them.
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democrats win when we figure out what is right and we get out and fight for it. >> democrats win when we run on real solutions, not impossible promises. when we run on things that are workable. >> don't understand why anybody goes to the trouble of running for president of the united states just to talk about what we can't do and shouldn't fight for. >> reporter: there was expectation that you would have fireworks between sanders and warren. that did not happen leases moment that stood out, tim ryan lecturing sanders to stop yelling. there was a moment when mayor pete stood out saying having been a veteran in afghanistan he would -- we heard about immigration, we knew that would be a big part of it. listen to former montana governor steve bullock talking about playing into the president's hands on that issue. >> would you decriminalize
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illegal border crossings? >> the point is not about criminalization. that has given donald trump the tool to break families apart. >> you are playing into donald trump's hands, the challenge isn't that it is a little offense to cross the border. the challenge is that donald trump is president and using this to rip families apart. >> reporter: we can expect tonight for healthcare to be front and center again. medicare for all, kamala harris has put forth kamalacare, sanders in the lead up for tonight was attacking kamala harris's medicare for all. we will see what that brings and all eyes will be on the front runner still leading in the latest poll, joe biden at 33%. we will see what we get tonight. heather: along night, 3 hours of debate.
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much more on this, former bernie sanders 2016 campaign staffer as we mentioned earlier. thank you for joining us. we were tweeting back and forth, a long night. let's start by you giving us who your top winners were. who did that last night? >> it was absolutely exciting, this is what i call christmas for commentators. i have been up all night taking in the great diverse city on stage, i wish we had this diversity in 2016. senator warren did a great job saying she is a capitalist although she has progressive values. people forget about the contrast between her and bernie sanders but also credit to bernie sanders who brought back a lot of energy, he was able to have a couple moments during the debate saying i wrote the damn bill, that went over pretty well. he was stronger, more aggressive than he was the first time in
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the third person was governor luck. it was important to have a moderator talking about policies implemented in his home state with governing. a lot of people can't speak to that life experience and he was tough. he swung all the way through, challenge sanders in a lot of ways and it is important to have a moderate beside joe biden in his campaign. heather: i don't know if people would go with. he didn't have a lot of name recognition. what about your losers? who did not do the best last night? >> tim ryan obviously did not do best when contributing to i wrote the damn bill line so that hurt him a little bit. i don't think this races for delaney, he helps senator warren say she doesn't know why you are in the race if you are not willing to take on big issues and beta. the reason i say beto is he's out of his league, he talked
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about how to win texas forgetting he lost texas. they did not do as well but honorable mention from maureen williamson. she challenges every single politician in a way they haven't been challenged. that helps the discussion. >> the crowd in the theater, huge round of applause when she went after the other candidates and was the most searched candidate during the debate and we have sound from her when talking reparations, huge applause. one of the reasons she was searched so much on google. listen. >> if you did the math of the 40 acres and a mule, 45 million slaves at the end of the civil war, today would be trillions of dollars and i leave anything less than $100 million is an insult.
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>> what did you think of that specifically? >> he gave a very specific answer. a lot of people dance around the issue, supporting hr 40 bill, the study of reparation. she was clear where she stands. whether people like that position agree with that she was clear about if you do the math you will figured out. she was the comeback kid. if we compare it to the first time when she was out there people, some loopy gypsy, she came back strong with data where she made a contrast with senator sanders who answered the question directly after her and boxed him in on the question do you support cash reparations? she did an effective job. heather: she had some interesting lines we will talk about throughout the day. what about debate night number 2? how did that go? democrats debating, joe biden and kamala harris, everybody watching for that pairing.
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what do you think? >> the showdown. certainly vice president joe biden will have to claim his stake and show us why he should be the front runner and senator harris will come prepared too. a lot of people -- forgetting she will be prepared but cory booker will come out swinging. he is the one that has nothing to lose at this point. he is going to pound joe biden, he is the only one -- a lot of people, former prosecutor, looking to see him show up as well. everyone else just showing up by the time this is over. heather: marion williamson surprised us last night. you mentioned the amount of time she spoke and it is interesting because it didn't seem like she spoke a lot during the debate but the time was only 8 minutes and 53 seconds. what she said was significant
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and memorable and elizabeth warren a little over 18 minutes. >> reporter: that is true and i'm glad you brought that up. with her only having less than nine minutes look how impactful it was. we don't know who may come out and be the dark horse but i think overall once you bring always candidates together and a lot of them get out of the race we will see the real contrast between the two especially with warren and sanders. the time is coming. heather: great to have you with us, always great, thank you so much. the democratic divide on full display as we were just disgusting at last night's debate. >> we can go down the road to senator sanders and senator warren want to take us with bad policies like medicare for all. >> what do you say to congressman delaney? >> you are wrong. >> the lack of unity a bad sign heading into 2020? our panel debates that next. >> radical changes, they are not
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she said, get the one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's gentle rounded brush head removes more plaque along the gum line. for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the ada for its effectiveness and safety. what an amazing clean! i'll only use an oral-b! oral-b. brush like a pro. heather: democratic infighting was on full display, progressives took on the moderates in fiery 2020 showdowns. >> we can go down the road senator sanders and senator warren want to take us with bad policies like medicare for all, free everything and impossible promises. >> what do you say to congressman delaney? >> force americans to make these
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radical changes they are not going to go along. throw your hands up. heather: does lack of a unified message for 2020, here to debate democratic strategists, founder and ceo of american majority, ned ryan. thank you for joining us. long night, long debate, three hours. i will start with you. you just heard the back and forth. the division within the democratic party going to spell trouble ahead? >> not at all. i thoroughly enjoyed the debate. doing touchdowns with bernie sanders, i thoroughly enjoyed mary williamson. it was like policy in another. coming together. heather: what do you think? what was your take from it?
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>> of course they are tearing themselves apart, the democrats embraced socialism and the identity politics of the far left and fascinates me to watch tim ryan talking about the working class and how that should be the focus and he felt like a throwback to the democratic party from decades ago. then you had mayor pete essentially saying whatever republicans say about us, they are going to say we are socialists, we might as well embrace it, i am paraphrasing. fact of the matter is it doesn't matter what we say or think is republicans. what matters is what independents think of socialism and the recent poll by 40 points independents favor capitalism over socialism so the democratic party is tearing itself apart over socialism and taking itself and independents to boot. heather: it was definitely a parent who was not so far left on that stage last night,
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delaney talking about how you are going to pay for these things so what will be the response from the democratic party today? >> i don't think we are tearing each other apart, the dialogue and diversity is so good in the democratic party. when trump was running for president everyone on the right was tearing him apart. you had tea partiers, different factions within themselves. this is how america unfolds, diverse opinions now. i am excited about tonight. i only want to see the direction we are going to go now, joe biden -- he is beaten trump in every single state, he is -- before everyone gets too excited we know the independents love joe biden. they love several of the candidates. several of beating trump and all the major states. heather: tonight joe biden is
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expected to be the prime target. what can we expect? >> as he should be. the last debate he looked like a deer in headlights when senator harris back to dumbstruck over him. you will see more of the same because everybody is looking at what senator harris and the bump she got in the polls after doing that to biden a lot of people thinking if i go with biden and pound of flesh out of him maybe i will get a bump in the polls. i have to tell you i said this again and again joe biden is a weak and mediocre candidate. if more people get that pound of flesh out of him this are a is going to fade and the bottom starts to drop out on joe biden. he has to be very strong tonight and if he is not i think he is starting to see some question marks about who will be the nominee. heather: we will see what happens. you will both be watching, follow you on twitter. thank you for joining us and we will be right back. stay with us. high rate credit card debt
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heather: army specialist michael isaiah nancy's remains arriving at joint base andrews overnight. he was killed alongside fellow paratrooper private first class brandon fleischer in an insider attack in afghanistan. us officials say the afghan soldier would act them was shot
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in return fire but his condition is unknown. the brigade commander writing a statement, quote, these young men were true all-americans that embodied selfless service. the heroes from the 82nd airborne division had each been awarded the purple heart and bronze star. 20-year-old fleischer of ohio leaves behind a wife and son. 24-year-old was deployed two weeks ago, the family is honored to know he died doing what he loved serving and protecting the country. another fox news alert, the murdered or miss college student we told you about might have been pregnant with her suspected killer's child. brandon was upset about the baby and demanded she get an abortion. another student said -- an autopsy report has not been released.
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the pregnancy is not confirmed. he shootings -- arduous shooting and killing her. how about this, police searching for a suspect in a brand-new water attack on the nypd. a shocking video shows the man spraying a water bottle on traffic officers, he appears to record the crime with his other hand. several video service last week, people attacking cops with water. 3 people including a gang member were arrested. two state lawmakers were trying to make those attacks crimes. today jussie smollett's attorney will try to block a special prosecutor from reviewing his case. the actor's lawyers pleading to continue representing him after a retired judge claimed they aren't licensed to practice in illinois. the former empire actor was arrested in chicago on 16 felony counts for lying to police about an alleged hate crime attack
1:27 am
before all the charges were dropped. a special prosecutor could determine if new charges could be brought against jussie smollett. the time is, what time is it? 26 minutes after the top of the hour. medicare for all taking center stage at last night's debate. >> we have a dysfunctional healthcare system. >> don't think my colleagues understand the business. >> medicare for all is competent of, covers all healthcare needs. i wrote the damn bill. >> a line a lot of people are talking about, peter morici says any democrats plan will make you pay higher taxes and they don't want you to know the truth about single-payer healthcare. he joins us live next. ♪ here you go little guy.
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defeat the most dangerous president in history of this country, a racist and a sexist and a homophobe. i'm running to transform this country. >> medicare for all program forcing people off of private insurance, medicare for america. everyone who is uninsured is enrolled in medicare for all tomorrow. >> i experienced the healthcare business and i don't think my colleagues understand the business. >> we have had a government on the side of the rich and the powerful. it has been on the side of the wealthy and that means it is not been on the side of everyone else. >> i want it easier for kids to go to college and we can do it by focusing our resources on the people who need it most. >> we can have debt-free college by expanding pell grants and compelling students to pick up more of the burden. >> there is not going to be a savior, there is not going to be a superstar who will fix all of
1:32 am
this. it is going to be you and me. it is going to be us. that is how we fix this country. heather: democrats doing it out on stage for the chance to take on donald trump in 2020 and as expected, one of the hottest topics of the night healthcare, tensions boiling over over medicare for all between moderate and progressive democrats. does any candidate have a viable healthcare plan? gv, is for the use international trade commission peter morici. what did you think of what you heard in terms of healthcare? >> two buckets of people, sanders and warren who want to nationalize completely, complete obamacare and the rest of them who want to move in that direction gradually. all of them represent the following phenomena in. they will raise your taxes to take away your private insurance
1:33 am
for the privilege of getting your healthcare a government agency likely va or the post office. i don't know if that is a good bargain to pay more again to get less and there was a lot of deception. >> a lot of not answering how you are going to pay for this. you just mentioned this graphic as you continue. more democrats do prefer building on the existing aca rather than implement a medicare for all to expand health care coverage but yet it seems that is what they are concentrating on. >> the problem is there are talking about spending more money. they are not talking about saving money. what separates the american system from others is our prices are way higher than everyone else's because people by healthcare when they are sick, when they need pills. lots of monopoly pricing, not
1:34 am
just drugs and the europeans and the japanese regulate pricing just like a public utility. they don't want to admit that is where they have to go to win. even bernie sanders's medicare for all plan would require people to do co-pays for pharmaceuticals. that is window to jump through where we will pay even more. when you have a system where the government pays and you pay people raise their prices. i am on medicare. i'm 70 years old. it doesn't cover everything, not merely anything. i have to buy a rap policy and all arrested that will happen. it will be a bigger expense for everyone. heather: 16 out of 20 candidates back some form of medicare for all but then you have candidates like john delaney who says the parties becoming the party of taking away things and then you had tim ryan calling the plan
1:35 am
bad policy and bad politics. there was some pushing back. >> that is true but they want to expand obamacare extend medicare. for example with medicare one candidate said let's let people enroll on their own if they choose to. you know what will happen? employers will push you into it at 50. you won't have a choice. no one is talking about tackling the hard issues. there is a fair amount of monopolization in the hospital market, the health insurance market thanks to obamacare because it encourages concentration. nobody really -- elizabeth warren, everything she said vilifying big corporations and saying i've got a plan but her plan always comes down to taxing the wealthy to spend more money on what is already a broken system. almost like she's mechanical.
1:36 am
heather: 90% of americans had healthcare coverage in 2018. >> the fact is people have health care coverage. they are presenting this as a healthcare coverage issue when that is not the problem. in britain not everybody has coverage, not everybody chooses to be inside the system. they pay for it privately. the real problem here is cost and a lot of empty barrels making too much noise last night, not enough substance about cost and access when you have insurance. a lot of people with insurance have trouble getting appointments with doctors in a timely fashion. heather: it needs to be fixed. we will hear what the candidates have to say tonight. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. have a great day, 20 minutes until the top of the hour and
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>> criminalization, given donald trump the tool to break families apart. >> if a mother and child walked thousands of miles on a dangerous path, in my view they are not criminals. >> if you decriminalize we will have multiple of that. obama's homeland security secretary said that. heather: we will show that to you in a second. hopefuls promising to decriminalize border crossings if elected but would adding incentives for illegals into the
1:41 am
country make the problem worse. you to explain why is george rodriguez. thank you for joining us this morning, we appreciate it. what about that? in terms of immigration and these candidates and their plans, what did you think last night? >> they talk about how the immigration system is broken. what we haven't done is haven't enforced it. we have benefits given away, we have open border which is practically what we have got, we have this situation going on. people are going to be coming in bringing their children, that is the other thing, they talked about family separation but there's an incentive to bring kids whether it is their own kids or other people's kids. we have a situation where we've got to start enforcing the law, stop punishing people for coming into the country legally. heather: that the opposite of what we hear from bernie sanders and elizabeth want to talk about decriminalizing it all together.
1:42 am
>> exactly right. i found it interesting that you've got eight white folks trying to talk about illegal immigration and most of them, i think all of them except for beto who didn't say anything about it have ever lived near the border. the problem we got is the situation is out-of-control. we need to control immigration, we don't need more amnesties, more forgiveness of the situation. bernie sanders's comments about somebody walking thousands of miles, that should allow it to come into the country. that is outrageous, absolutely outrageous and it shows his senility or dumbness. heather: him ryan said something along the lines of should they make it to the border they should get to ring the doorbell. >> i can accept that to a
1:43 am
certain extent. summary gets to the border they should be able to knock but we the united states should have the right to say who comes in and who doesn't. when they come to the door we've got to understand who is coming in, why they are coming in and what benefit will be for the country, we can't just open the door for anybody and everybody. heather: this was mentioned at the beginning of the segment, former dhs secretary jay johnson was against open borders, still is, says this, that is tantamount to declaring publicly that we have open borders. that does not have a support of the majority of the american people and if we had such a policy instead of 100,000 apprehensions a month, there will be multiples of that. do you agree? >> i agree completely. polls i have seen say people are
1:44 am
getting tired of illegal immigration and this is something that democrats keep pandering to the left. they keep talking, the two most prominent, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders were pandering big time last night. as long as they do that they will lose texas and a lot more states. heather: they are acting like this is a new state. elizabeth warren in whatever comments did call a crisis so she is at least admitting it is a crisis now but during president obama she was known as the deep order in chief, 3 million deported illegal immigrants during his time in office. >> in my opinion he did not deport enough people. the second thing is the media didn't talk about it.
1:45 am
if people aren't talking about punishing illegal immigration, people continue to come. people think there's an opportunity to get in and stay. we are not punishing enough folks for entering illegally. heather: we appreciate having you with us, thanks. it is 15 minutes until the top of the hour and defiance on full display, what north korea just did, they did it overnight to test the patience of the military and the star-spangled slip up on the debate stage. social media sounding off. ♪ moving is hard.
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heather: a disturbing discovery in the home of the garlic festival gunman. extremist material suggesting plans of a massive attacking thing in the boxes of ammunition along with radical islam and white supremacy reading materials according to the san francisco chronicle. investigators now believe the gunman acted alone. his motive remains in fear -- unclear. a 10-year-old hero is credited with saving a little boy's life, hiding under a table when both of his parents got shot. his dad is in critical condition and his mom is stable. the pentagon weighing its responses north korea fires new ballistic missiles, the rogue regime's the contest in a week. north korea called the first round of lunches a solemn
1:50 am
warning about south korean and us military drones. this comes one month since donald trump and kim jong un met. the acting customs and border protection chief say lambs democrats for false attacks on agents. >> the men and women of cvp are not running concentration camps, making those in custody drink from toilet or denying access to toothbrushes. that is simply not true. demonizing law enforcement professionals must stop. >> the testimony referring to the controversial comments on detention centers made by alexandria ocasio cortez. new numbers show less people could be headed to those shoulders. mexico foreign relations secretary claims the flow of central american migrants is down 39% since may. donald trump is shrugging off
1:51 am
attacks from elijah cummings amid the baltimore controversy. >> everyone is called a racist now, the word is so overused it is such a disgrace. and he is a racist? in some cases it is true, people that are racists are bad people. they have a hard time getting away with it. >> donald trump denies allegations pointing to record low unemployment numbers. that is an extensive interview. and to force donald trump to hand over his tax returns, democrat gavin newsom signing a new lower requiring president of candidates to submit 5 years of tax returns to get on the 2020 ballot.
1:52 am
donald trump's attorney says the attempt to circumvent the cup constitution will be answered in court. more to come on that. time is 10 minutes until the top of the hour and they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. >> radical changes, they -- throw your hands up. i can do it. >> a funny moment. john hickenlooper up in arms, the on stage tactics and social media, carly shimkus with the top trending debate moment. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
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heather: tim ryan going viral refusing to place his hand over his heart during the national anthem during last night's debate. ♪ oh say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what heather: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with online reaction, a lot of it. >> they tackle key issues but it would not be a debate of social media didn't focus on smaller moments which is why tim ryan
1:57 am
became a topic of conversation for failing to put his hand over his heart. it became the first trending moment of last night's debate. heather says i'm waiting for him to take a knee. jim says i always thought hand over the heart was for the pledge of allegiance, not the and tremendous user says tim ryan pulling a cabinet. at least beto did not take a knee. they are tweeting about this, put your hand over your heart. heather: married williamson did not have her hand over her heart but she did. everybody else is doing one thing and you are the only one not that will look strange. >> former governor john hickenlooper mocked bernie sanders hands up during the heated debate. >> if we force americans to make these radical changes, throw your hands up.
1:58 am
>> a prime example of a clash between moderate ideas and progressive ideas. melissa says bernie sanders is more palatable when he raises his arms, this is definitely the most meaningful moment. bob says bernie's animation won't get a many more votes but that is how bernie always is, compassionate about what he says. this is after john hickenlooper% medicare for all and the green new deal if you implement those ideas you will fedex the election to donald trump. heather: what did we do before twitter? that mean was up immediately. let's talk about john delaney. speaking of online, his wikipedia page was updated.
1:59 am
elizabeth warren ripped into him, don't understand why anybody would run for president if you are going to just say what you can't do. huge applause line, and he died at the hands of elizabeth warren during last night's debate. look at that. karina on twitter says before and after getting destroyed by elizabeth warren and look at this. i just managed to capture the exact moment of the debate when john delaney and elizabeth foreign snatched it. >> lots of moments. a big comeback as well. >> he received the loudest applause of the night. and one of the phrases she used to attack donald trump started as well.
2:00 am
and part of it can be good. a standout moment. all about the love. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. >> ladies and gentlemen, the democratic candidates for president of the united states. >> run on real solutions, not impossible promises. when we run on things that are workable, not fairytale economics. >> they gave away wages to get good health care that they are going to lose their healthcare because washington will tell them they have a better plan. medicare for all is comprehensive and covers all healthcare needs.


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