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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 31, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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and part of it can be good. a standout moment. all about the love. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. >> ladies and gentlemen, the democratic candidates for president of the united states. >> run on real solutions, not impossible promises. when we run on things that are workable, not fairytale economics. >> they gave away wages to get good health care that they are going to lose their healthcare because washington will tell them they have a better plan. medicare for all is comprehensive and covers all healthcare needs.
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>> any plan that rips way quality healthcare from individuals. there is an example of wishlist economics. >> we embrace a far left agenda they are going to say we are bunch of crazy socialist. if we embrace a conservative agenda you know what they are going to do? they are going to say we are a bunch of crazy socialist. >> families and children for seeking asylum and refuge and detention this country. >> i will make sure we get universal background checks past and do something about magazines. i took on giant banks. i took on wall street and ceos. >> we need a political revolution that tells billionaires and corporate america that they -- participate in our society but their fair share of taxes. >> where donald trump is
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failing, and -- >> the collective pace this president is bringing us. we do not play into donald trump's hand. >> you are playing into donald trump's hands. every poll has me beating donald from. >> clinton was in the polls too. ♪ living on a prayer ♪ >> the scene of it all last night. if you are watching this show you probably missed the debate last night. jillian: how could you miss it?
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>> thank you for starting the day with us, so much to get to. a clash of the 2020 titan. elizabeth warren and bernie sanders commanding the debate stage. they lay it on the line in detroit. rob: joe biden steps on stage for round 2 tonight. jillian: we are going through major moment with expert analysis from bernie sanders senior advisor and foreign policy expert jim carr fano. rob: we have the biggest surprises in round one. >> what americans saw last night was the ideological divide in the democrat party. what we have a clash of the lesser-known more centrist moderate candidates like governor steve bullock, john
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delaney and the progressives, frontrunners, senators warren and sanders. the line of the night came when they were talking about the economic vision that sanders has or warren has for america. listen to this exchange. >> i took on wall street and ceos and their lobbyists and lawyers and beat them. democrats win when we figure out what is right and get out and fight for it. >> democrats win when we run on real solutions, not impossible promises, when we run on things that are workable. >> i don't understand why anybody goes to the trouble of running for president of the united states to talk about what we can't do in shouldn't fight for. >> reporter: in contrast, and in medicare for all, the idea of government run system put forth by bernie sanders.
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>> we can go down the road, senator sanders and senator warren want to take us. and free everything and impossible promises. healthcare is a human right, not a privilege. >> these lesser-known came out on immigration. here is tim ryan, candidate said, and here's a breakout moment. >> everyone else in america is paying for their healthcare. it is not a stretch to ask and documented people to pay for healthcare. >> another moment governor bullock lecturing warren saying
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she is playing into donald trump's hand. one thing we didn't see was a fight between sanders and warren. they seem to get along last night the going into tonight with joe biden, kamala harris, cory booker, we may see more of that divide on where the party wants to take voters. jillian: a lot are against sanders and warren. >> bernie sanders's senior advisor, thanks for coming on with us today. give us your big winners and losers from last night. >> there was a lot of attention on bernie sanders. not only did he rise to them. we were talking about that. he was front and center. i'm a little biased, i work for bernie but i was in the room and that was the biggest line of the night.
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other folks had a good night as well. senator warren had a good night, they were a good tandem on stage. more moderate, more centrist people and i don't think mayor pete had a bad night. >> some people have the same mentality as you do will agree with you that bernie sanders and elizabeth foreign had a good night and i don't think anyone is arguing they didn't but some may argue you had all these other candidates basically going against them on a number of topics especially healthcare and for a lot of america, and they may not want to be that far left. >> this is an election, bringing up a great point but polls would indicate the vision bernie sanders layout people really do like at a small group of people in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and nevada will make
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that. those paying most attention drive the momentum as we drive through the process of the early primaries. rob: let's talk about the losers, we had 10 on stage, 3 losers. >> i start with delaney. i was in the room watching he was overaggressive and trying to have a senator harris moment like the previous debate. he was being snippy and jumping, and the kid in the back of the room. rob: he made a name for himself. >> exactly right. as a consultant i would be the first to tell him, he has been running for president longer than anyone. he spent a lot of his own money in iowa and less than 1% so he had a breakout moment but there were other people you didn't hear from. i expected stronger performances like beto o'rourke and others. >> you expected stronger from beto? i feel he has fallen off.
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>> he needed to have that moment. i expected something spectacular, somewhere out there. jump in the fray on something but he just stood and never had his moment so i agree with what you are saying. rob: when we talk about the healthcare debate are you worried bernie sanders is going to scare off a lot of moderate democrats talking this way? as we talked about before he got 180 million people with private insurance in this country, do you think that many of them are willing to give that up just to make sure everybody is insured? >> i think everybody loves their doctors, they love their nurses, they love their healthcare making billions of money off of my premium. in head the head against donald trump, that many people didn't like it, that is why bernie sanders and donald trump, in double digits in every poll including the fox poll. jillian: someone like john delaney said we don't have to be the party of subtraction. we have a lot of moderate democrats out there and a lot of
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independents in their search to see which direction they want to go in 2020 and they may want to be in the moderate category. >> you bring up a great point. the last poll, bernie sanders, everybody wants to stay on the left, leading unless moderate and conservative in iowa and new hampshire. there are a lot of working-class people whether you are black, brown, latino working in america who want somebody standing against the corporations and they feel bernie sanders is the voice to stand up to the powerful. jillian: a lot of people don't want medicare. rob: let's move on to both sides. let's talk about tonight because tonight we have joe biden up there and there is the ten we are going to see for tonight's debate with the front runner up there. do you expect a lot of attacks? >> it is going to be crazy because everyone has seen what happens. senator harris went after him in
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the first debate. your own polls show this. she gained a lot of momentum. back to what me and jillian were saying about beto o'rourke, folks that have fallen off, everybody will be leaping for that moment and i feel sorry for joe because i bet he is coming after lots of folks from his left and right, everyone looking for that moment because no one has been able to raise enough money to make it all the way to the end. donald trump to his credit has raised a lot of money and you have to raise a lot of money in the primary and the general to get there but if you don't have a breakout moment your money will run out. jillian: is joe biden in trouble if the debate goes anything like it did last time? >> one debate won't kill joe biden but won't help his momentum. you have to build momentum and build infrastructure. there is only 4 or 5 candidates who have enough money to build the infrastructure so you need
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to have that money, that infrastructure. if he has a bad night, slowdown that process and you can't afford to be slowed down when you take on donald trump and the money he has raised. rob: it holds strong and says something about what democrats really want. we appreciate your time, getting up early. >> i am going to take a nap. rob: we asked what our viewers thought of the first round, your comments have been pouring it on social media. jillian: important issues, terrible format. rob: i watched for one hour of fox what a waste of my time, turn the channel and read the side. jillian: mike saying, quote, they keep saying they are going to fix the economy. that is an easy one, already fixed and they say they are going to cancel student debt. let me know how that goes. rob: 12 minutes after the are, 2020 contenders taking aim at the president on immigration and on foreign policy.
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>> criminalization, that has given donald trump the tool to break families apart. jillian: decriminalizing border crossings gives illegals incentives to come here and any candidate presidential enough to face down mobile issues? james carafanoh when we come back. isn't telling you is that snapshot rewards safe drivers with discounts on car insurance. -what? ♪ -or maybe he didn't know. ♪ [ chuckles ] i'm done with this class. -you're not even enrolled in this class. -i know. i'm supposed to be in ceramics. do you know -- -room 303. -oh. thank you. -yeah. -good luck, everybody.
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it tackles tough grease on a variety of surfaces. try dawn ultra. dto experiencer gthrilling performance. now, at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 0.9% apr for 60 months on all 2019 models. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. >> criminalization has given donald trump the tool to break families apart. >> if a mother and child walk thousands of miles on a dangerous path, in my view they are not criminals. with we decriminalize we will have multiples of that. obama's homeland security secretary said that. >> white house hopefuls promising to decriminalize border crossings if elected but
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will incentives like that make the border crisis worse? rob: here to explain is vice president of foreign-policy james carafanoh, talking about degree lies in the border and free college and healthcare. with his exacerbate the problem we already have? >> we should unpack and say what does that mean? i do policy, not politics, i am not partisan. i can't rack and stack candidates but when someone says let's decriminalize what do you mean by that? are you still going to deport people? because if you are decolonizing doesn't make a difference. if you are not any essentially you are for open borders. here's what we know. as soon as you say any incentive like i will decolonize people don't know what that means just like when president obama gave the aca that is huge megan encouraging more people to come here illegally so -- jillian: a couple seconds go you heard bernie sanders say of a
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mother and child is to walk thousands of miles, i'm not going to say word for word but you heard that, you hurt a lot of that type of argument last night but what you are not hearing about is there are gained members, criminals, drugs, all the bad stuff coming across the border, some people have blinders on. >> this is where i express my anger. you saw the seesaw on the border so kids can play. if a parent is dragging a kid thousands of miles across the border they are doing child endangerment, children die, they are raped, murdered, taken hostage, suffered dehydration, get diseases. it is horrific any massive humanitarian crisis and encouraging people to do that with their children i think is horrible and i think this is creating the biggest humanitarian crisis imaginable. what do americans really want? there's a lot of data on this. they worry about public safety issues, they worry about the
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fairness issues, the humanitarian crisis, why do people get to jump the line, some obey the law and others don't him of the fiscal burden on taxpayers. none of what was discussed last night address any of the 3 concerns of the majority of americans and this is the top issue among voters. rob: let's move to a second topic, foreign-policy. talking about north koreans affect the president decided to meet with kim jong un, tim ryan had a problem with it. >> i will tell fdr and reagan next time they shouldn't talk to dictators. particularly in the world in which we live, not all these powers are great but we talk about china, north korea, iran, and russia. all of them are dictatorships. if you're saying i don't want to talk to any of those guys what are you going to do?
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fight warplanes with them? what donald trump brought to the tables i will tell people i will push back on one hand, they have to respect america's interests but if they do that we can find a way to get along. i don't know if there's another practical strategy in the world. lots of people will be talking to these countries because they have to and it is reasonable statesmanship. rob: thank you for joining us. 20 minutes after the hour. daycare disaster, a 2-year-old picked up for school and left on a hot van to die, the facility now shutdown and the grieving family demanding answers. jillian: new york city officers sprayed with water for a fifth time, the two lawmakers who want to make that a felony.
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lowering prescription drug prices. expanding criminal background checks on gun purchases. blocking secret corporate money from elections. and giving dreamers a path to citizenship. the new democratic majority in the house of representatives is proving they're up to the challenge. but, mitch mcconnell's blocked every one of these important bills from getting a vote in the senate. that won't stop house democrats. tell them: keep up the fight for what's right for america's families.
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>> some headlines, a mother of the child left to die in a hot vehicle demanding justice from a florida daycare center. >> what do you think? i want justice for my baby. jillian: they gathered for a vigil overnight, or 2-year-old son getting picked up by the daycare van and found that hours later in 90 ° weather. authorities shutting the facility down during the criminal investigation. at least 24 children died in hot cars nationwide this year.
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rob: cameron boyce's cause of death reveals, a sudden unexpected bout of epilepsy. he was diagnosed with epilepsy 3 years ago and suffered several major seizures over the years, played adam sandler's son on grown-ups 2 along with roles on various disney channel shows, was just 20 years old. jillian: jeffrey epstein is due back in court for the first time since getting hurt behind bars. the hearing is expected to set a timeline for his trial. the wealthy financier was found on the floor of his jail cell, he pled not guilty to sex trafficking charges that could carry 40 years in prison. rob: jussie smollett if attorneys try to block a special prosecutor from reviewing his case today. the actor's lawyer is pleading to continue representing him after a retired judge claimed
2:26 am
they are licensed to practice in illinois. the former actor was arrested on 16 felony counts for lying to police about alleged hate crime attack before all the charges were dropped. special prosecutor if new charges could be brought. >> 25 after the hour, the city of detroit a backdrop for last night's debate so in a city with the worst unemployment numbers democrats, progressive policies with the promise of jobs. >> the green new deal is a bold idea. we can create millions of good paying jobs, wind and solar jobs are the fastest-growing jobs in the country. rob: in a blue state trump somehow flips can the american worker walk away feeling confident about any of last night's policy ideas. are experts on deck to debate.
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>> i'm running for president not just to defeat the most dangerous president in the history of this country who is a racist and sexist and homophobic. i'm running to transform this country. a medicare for all program, people off of private insurance. medicare for america. everyone who is uninsured is enrolled in medicare tomorrow. >> i'm the only one with experience in healthcare business and i don't think my colleagues understand the business. >> for decades we've had a government that has been on the side of the rich and the powerful. it has been on the side of the wealthy -- >> i want to make it easier for kids to go to college and we do it by fixing our resources for people who need it most. >> college for low and middle-income students by expanding grant and compelling states to pick up more burden. >> there will not be a superstar
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who is going to fix all this. it is going to be you and me, it is going to be us, how we fix this country. jillian: the gloves are off in detroit, dog eat dog for the democrats with moderate pitted against the progressives. rob: round 2 packing more punches when the front runner in the rest hit the debate days later tonight. >> carly shimkus with major moments that has social media sounding off this morning. >> we start with jason nichols and republican strategist, thank you for coming in. the backdrop is the city with the highest unemployment rate in the nation ravaged by the collapse of the auto industry.
2:32 am
here's what candidates have to say about creating jobs. >> it is a bold idea, millions of good paying jobs, wind and solar jobs are the fastest-growing jobs in the country. >> don't tell me we cannot take on the fossil fuel industry and nothing happens unless we do that. >> you don't have to yell. make sure these new jobs pay what the old fossil fuel jobs -- rob: can the american worker feel confident about the ideas? we are going to start with you. what did you think of those big ideas? >> the american worker not resonating with them. attacked big banks time and again and revolutionizing detroit, jpmorgan made a $200
2:33 am
million investment in that city, democrats criticizing them. that's not the answer for job creation. the answer job creation, 500,000 jobs and manufacturing, 700,000 in construction and with usmc a another 200,000 jobs. rob: a lot of the democrat policies are really critical of anything that pollutes and i am wondering how that will play in a place like motor city, detroit and a lot of other places the democrats need to win to win in 2020? >> you look at flint, michigan, as one point, gm, employed by 80,000 people, now they employ 7000. people realize the jobs are not coming back and we need the creation of new industries to employ people. michigan has lost 400,000 jobs since 2000. the people of the rustbelt wants to go to work, they want jobs,
2:34 am
they want healthcare and all the security people were talking about last night and they were talking bold ideas that will get the american worker back where they need to be and get american families the kind of healthcare they need and they need bold action to do that. we can't go with the status quo. rob: those industrial jobs are not coming back to the country, the president strongly disagrees, he's a big fan of tearing up things like nafta and things like mexico where a lot of jobs disappeared and held desolate places like detroit. do you think the president has a better message for the rustbelt? >> absolutely, the numbers tell a different story. what the american worker doesn't like him of the american worker doesn't want to pay for someone else's free college. the american worker doesn't want open borders for a lower wage. they want to see that -- not looking for extremely liberal ideas. they are satisfied with the
2:35 am
present the president is producing, tax cuts, changing the relationship between canada and mexico. >> the president's handling of the economy shows numbers 52% approve of the way he is handling it, 41% disapprove and like anything you ask about the president you get a lot of people who hate him anyway. it is pretty strong, democrats, this is probably the toughest fight they have trying to convince voters in its current condition. >> it is true. the economy is strong by a lot of measures, not by all measures. homeownership among african-americans is at its lowest point since they have been measuring it in 1970 which shows wealth is at its lowest point for african-americans and there are many segments of the population that need changes and healthcare is the disaster the
2:36 am
president has no answers. there is a message for democrats. we need bold ideas and as i said before we need our build a wall moment. it sounds absurd when he says we are going to build a wall 100 feet high because 30 feet deep so you can't build tunnels under it. it was a bold idea. rob: tonight will likely be more interesting than last night because we will have joe biden, the front runner. >> so colorfully indicated sleepy joe will across the finish line to be the democrat nominee. what he needs to do is go after kamala harris. and what he should do is, the
2:37 am
senate primary debate in california. and in 1970, and a lot of material to attack. and someone wants to steal the crown from him. >> joe biden hasn't been doing a tremendously great job but his numbers have held steady. does that tell you anything about what democratic voters are looking for? >> there are lots of different ideas and there is the progressive wing moving past this moderate status quo way of thinking that joe biden represents and that -- i don't think it is the largest portion of the party but it is the loudest. i think joe biden has his work cut out for him. he could end up limping to the
2:38 am
finish line is the president noted. that is possible. we saw hillary clinton limped to the finish line as well. >> is the best one to face trump, the answer everyone is looking for. we appreciate your time, thank you so much. hour. a split in the democratic party on full display especially when it comes to healthcare. >> we are not about taking healthcare from anyone. >> healthcare is a human right, not a privilege. >> underfunding the industry. >> who made the best case? lee carter is here live. you don't want to miss it, good morning.
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jillian: democratic divide on full display of 10 presidential hopefuls make their pitch to voters in the second round, first night of the second round of primary debate. here is lee carter, good to see you as always. so many moments i wonder how we break it down into a few but we managed to do that. let's begin with healthcare and the division there. >> we are the democrats, we are not about trying to take away healthcare from anyone. that is what the republicans are trying to do. >> healthcare is a human right, not a privilege. i believe that and i will fight for that. >> it is bad policy to underfund the industry. >> what do you say to congressman delaney? >> you are wrong. i wrote the damn bill. >> quite a moment. democrats -- to see republicans -- i was surprised on healthcare democrats were not more excited. this to come to the midterms. elizabeth warren won the health
2:43 am
care debate by saying we are not going to take away your doctors or your health insurance. jillian: the other big topic was immigration. let's listen to that. >> the biggest problem we have with immigration is donald trump. >> what trump is doing through his racism and xena phobia is demonizing a group of people. >> senator santos proposals going to incentivize undocumented immigrants to come into this country illegally? >> yes. and right now if you want to come into the country you should at least ring the doorbell. >> no surprises on how people felt about that. >> democrats gave in an a-independents a c and republicans in after. what was interesting was how they responded to bernie, they turned off when he went into racism and xena phobia argument and democrats have to be careful about that. it will not win independents.
2:44 am
>> that is a clear indication independents are trying to figure out how they feel about it. >> we saw in 2016 independents started to go with donald trump, democrats need to pull independents. >> let's talk about climate change, we've heard about that a lot from some democrats, listen to what they had to say last night. >> it is the essential crisis for the whole world, every living thing on this planet is at risk. >> we don't have more than ten years to get this right. >> what do you do with an industry that knowingly put billions of dollars short-term profits into deploying this planet. i say that is criminal activity. >> i didn't say we couldn't get there until 2040. >> the democrats didn't rate it higher. i was surprised too. democrats gave it a b plus, republicans gave it an f.
2:45 am
bernie sanders movement when he framed this against greed and against corporate culture that rallies democrats but alienates independents and republicans so they have to be careful about that message. >> it rallied people online and google. marianne williamson, the 70 the last debate, she was most googled during the debate last night. listen to part of her closing statement. >> how we're going to fight donald trump, you can't fight, you can only override them and that is with new voices, voices of energy that only come from the fact that america has been willing to live up to our own mistakes, atone for our own mistakes, make amends for our mistakes, love each other, love our democracy, love future generations, something emotional, psychological that will not be emerging from anything on this stage.
2:46 am
it will emerge from something i'm qualified to bring to you. jillian: don't know how people feel. >> independents -- everybody was trying to figure out what that was all about but a lot of love she had. she fascinates people. there is something, not that it is nonsense, just -- jillian: different. >> unique. see if it moves the needles at all after this. i don't think anything will change after last night. elizabeth warren is the big winner of everybody but we will not see a huge change in the polls. >> it has happened again. new york city police officers sprayed with water for a fifth time. two lawmakers want to make this a felony. and what people are saying about the star-spangled slip-up on the debate stage.
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how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. >> welcome back. a fox news alert. michael isaiah nan's's remains arrived in delaware overnight. he was killed alongside fellow paratrooper private first class brandon fleischer in an insider attack in afghanistan. us officials say the afghan soldier who attacked them was shot but his condition is unknown. the following service members writing a statement these young men were true all-americans and embody the qualities of selfless service and courage. the heroes of the 82nd airborne division at each been awarded a purple heart and bronze star. 20y fleischer of ohio leaves
2:51 am
behind a wife, son, 24-year-old nan's was deployed two weeks ago. his family said he died doing what he loved, serving and protecting his country. rob: murdered all miss college student may have been pregnant with her suspected killer's child, the daily mail says brandon was upset about the baby and demanded she get an abortion. another student says she was against getting an abortion. and autopsy report has not been released of the pregnancy has not been confirmed. he is charged with shooting and killing her, and is expected to plead not guilty. police searching for a man who dumps water in the nypd, a man sprang a lot of on traffic officers while recording the
2:52 am
crime with his other hand, several video surfaced, the people spraying cops with water in new york, three people including a gang member have been arrested in two state lawmakers are trying to make those attacks felony crimes. jillian: donald trump praising a federal judge for dismissing a hacking lawsuit, democrats suing the 2016 trump campaign, they worked with russia to steal committee materials. the judge found no wrongdoing, the president tweeting the case was entirely divorced from facts yet another total and complete vindication and exoneration the witchhunt ends. rob: 52 minutes after the are, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. >> these radical changes, they are not going to go along. i can do it.
2:53 am
rob: john hickenlooper on bernie sanders's on stage tactics. >> carly shimkus with the top trending debate moments. we are coming back on a thursday. ♪ i had to quit. for real this time. that's why i'm using nicorette. only nicorette gum has patented dual-coated technology for great taste. plus intense craving relief. every great why, needs a great how. dto experiencer gthe luxury you desire on a full line of utility vehicles. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2019 rx 350 for $389 a month, for 36 months, and we'll make your first month's payment. experience amazing.
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welcome back 2020 hopeful tim ryan goes viral for refusing to put his hand over the heart during the national anthem last night. zero say can you see by the dawn's early light.
2:57 am
see make you see that right now. here with the reaction. i must say to myself it's wednesday not thursday. >> we knew what you meant. kansas tackled the key issues last night. tim ryan became a topic of conversation for failing to put his hand over his heart. it became the first training trending moment of the evening. i'm waiting for him to take any next. then this twitter user says tim ryan at least didn't take any. put your hand over your heart.
2:58 am
>> bernie sanders as always. speaking of hand gestures one of the most animated moments of the night took place between your guy bernie sanders and john hick and luber. -- hick and luber. throw your hands up this of course an example of the clash between progressive and moderate candidates. bernie sanders was there and when he raises his arms. linda chiming in scene that's how bernie always is. he's compassionate about what he says. i dislike that curmudgeon. i get such a kick out of it.
2:59 am
before this started. we talked about how we didn't think john delaney had a terrible night. some of the far left democrats he did have a lot of time to talk but listen to this moment. this was all about elizabeth warren. when we run on things that are workable. i don't understand why they go to the trouble of running for president of the united states just to talk about what we really can't do. after that moment unfolded some deep changed his wikipedia page to say and he he died last night at the hands of elizabeth warren. it can you believe that. one twitter user posting at the same before and after getting destroyed by elizabeth
3:00 am
warren. i just managed to capture the exact moments when john delaney new. i still think he made a really good point. we are out of time. have a good day. >> if are going to force americans to make these radical changes every credible poll i have seen. has been beating donald trump. we are more worried about winning an argument that an election. if we embrace a conservative agenda they're gonna there they were to bs conservative


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