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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 31, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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"special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. it will have complete reaction, analysis after the debate on fox news channel at 10:00 hour and 11:00 with shannon bream. i will join shanna. "the story" guest hosted by my buddy bill bill hemmer starts t now. >> bill: great show tonight, good evening and thank you. good evening, everybody. i'm bill hammer in tonight for my friend martha maccallum and this is be 28. two and a half hours of sparring on stage in michigan, we did not hear a single specific policy or pitch to target the troubled city or the people living in detroit. democrats lost michigan and president trump 2016, a state that has been solid blue since the late '80s and their pitch to win it back since 2020 relies heavily on this. >> are running for president notches to succeed the most dangerous president in the history, the guy is a racist and a sexist and homophobic.
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>> they are supporting naked racism in the white house. >> we will call his racism out for what it is. >> environmental racism, economic racism, criminal justice racism, health care racism. >> bill: so racist continues to be a buzzword for 2020 democrats. we will see what happens tonight, especially in the wake of the president's feud with congressman elijah cummings and the president 'has claims that baltimore is "filthy and filled with corruption." today the trump administration dispatched the hud secretary ben carson to visit baltimore, where he said this today. >> we just have all this animosity all the time. for instance, you guys know, you were set up on this property were here. it's a church, they say get off of our property. a church when we are talking but helping people. this is the level to which we have sunk as a society. we have some threats, but it's not china. it's not russia. it's not north korea, it's us.
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>> bill: dr. ben carson with me now. mr. secretary, thank you for your time this evening. we watched you a bit earlier today. want to get to all these issues. if baltimore is very close to you, you spent three decades the working professionally but the view had there you in their cross hairs this week, watch this. >> when you're silent in the face of racism, you are complicit in in a racism and i strongly believe that i'm calling out ben carson, who spent the majority of his career in west baltimore. where is been? >> he's in charge of houston for the trump administration. >> bill: they were calling out this week and tonight, go ahead and reacts to that, sir. >> obviously i did have something to say about it. and we need to turn down the heat, turn down the volume here and start acting like adults. running around calling people names rather than discussing the real issues.
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this is not about donald trump and what he said. this is about the people of baltimore. this is about the children were going to failing schools who are exposed to lead, exposed to mold. this is about people living in inadequate houses. this is about trash piled up. this is about the people themselves and by evoking all of these names and acting like children, defocus the attention from where it should be. >> bill: i heard a number of the things you said earlier as we were watching on "america's newsroom" and one of the things you said is you wish the president would express himself, express his heart to people. what do you mean by that? >> well, i have a chance to talk to the president frequently. i just spoke to him less than an hour ago. and he is very concerned about what is happening in it -- particularly to poor people in our country, but he also knows
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if he goes out and says that it's going to be reinterpreted and somebody's going to say "see, he's insensitive, he's a racist." i encourage them to go on out there anyway and talk to the people because i think some of them will be receptive and they will begin to understand that this is not a bad man. bad people don't spearhead prison reform. you know, they don't work on programs like opportunity zones where you can bring cash into places that have been economically neglected for decades. they don't, you know, signed an executive order to remove barriers to affordable housing and a whole list of other things. these are not the acts of a racist, so we need to drop the hysteria, become adults and start talking about the real issues that face us right now. and is there a better time to do that then when the economy is
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buzzing? >> bill: that may be the case. when you think about how close you are with that community, think about your own values and what you would like for baltimore or west baltimore. do you think that lines up with elijah cummings? do you both want the same thing? >> well, we want the people to do well. there's no question about that. but we may come from different philosophical sense. as far as i'm concerned, real compassion is not so much patting people on the head and saying they're there, your poor little thing, i'm going to take care of you, give you free this, that, and the other. what real compassion is providing them the opportunity to climb that ladder to self-sufficiency. >> bill: you've talked about leadership and the president alluded to this also. the former governor was with me earlier and he characterized the efforts that he tried to lead when he was governor in the
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following way. >> we came in and we tried to reform through the worst performing public schools in that city. >> why could you not make a difference? >> they passed a bill in the legislature. they beat us, they were satisfied their dysfunctional public schools. they even had a press conference to brag about beating the republican governor. without a lack of political leadership. a lack of radical new ideas. try something new. >> this is the guy who ran the state and he was defending himself that way, mr. secretary. >> i feel for him because when he came into the governorship, the state was running huge deficits. he reversed that. he did a lot of good things and he got no credit for it because of his political affiliation. the school system was horrendous. if they had the no child left behind system. several of the schools were identified as failing and the
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students were supposed to be sent for schools that were performing adequately the politicians stood around those schools and said no, you cannot do that to our schools. forget about the fact that the children were failing. it has a tremendous impact on what happens to them in the rest of their lives. >> bill: mr. secretary, thank you. appreciate the time tonight. dr. ben carson there back in washington, d.c. thank you. a new piece of "the new york times" which tonight -- it reads the following. "the mathematical reality means it's standing strong against racism. the good electoral calculus for democrats." you're now david bossie, trump 2016 deputy campaign manager, president of citizens united, also a fox news contributor and geraldo rivera, fox news correspondent at large. thank you and good evening. david, what is the calculus of race in this election 2020? >> well, this is a sad period
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for us. after two years of russia collusion, russia, russia, russia, the president is a russian agent. it was outrageous, it was a lie. it was built on a lie. that has failed, it has flopped. the speech and hearing is over, the report is done and the democrats move on to race and that's where we are today. this president has done more for the african-american family than any president in history. you look at the record -- >> bill: dr. carson was making some of those points. geraldo, you said earlier today, you said what would democrats do with these urban disasters? you said how much aid to inner cities is being siphoned off by greedy politicians? >> it's all true, bill. i think the president of the united states as the hud secretary dr. carson just explained has done some magnificent things vis-a-vis the inner-city and racial minorities. the economic opportunity zones. his criminal justice reform, is
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move away from mass and preparation of black and brown men, but my goodness, why doesn't the president used the kind of sober and measured language of a statesman who wants to convince people on both sides of the aisle that baltimore -- >> bill: david bossie, go ahead and answer that. >> is a problem solver and geraldo, you know this. as a problem solver and he speaks truth to power and it may not sound the way you want it to sound, but this president says -- ten years ago, 11 years ago $1.8 billion was pumped into baltimore through that stimulus bill and where did that money go? those folks in baltimore, which is close to my home. i spend a lot of time in baltimore, they have not seen the $1.8 billion. if the corrupt politicians, it is outrageous that these folks don't have safe schools for their children's to go through and don't have drinking water and roofs over their heads. this is the conversation that the president has begun and i'm glad he started it.
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>> bill: so he's dragging us into this then, this whole national conversation and liste listen, it's midweek already. it's five days later. and in this news cycle we are still on it. go ahead. >> i have no argument with the substance of david bossie's statement just there. i believe that the president is well motivated and he understands what needs to be done to cure the inner-city -- all these inner cities run by the old-time democratic machines. but for god's sake, bill, it cannot use the incendiary language unless he really does want to pit one party -- the race. he's made a calculus that race -- incendiary language is helpful politically. i think if you taunt on the rhetoric and speaks more expensively as the healer in chief, i think we would all benefit. make a statement.
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>> bill: maybe there's a trip in baltimore sometime really soon. perhaps that's good advice. gentlemen, thank you. i'm out of time, but i appreciate you both, thank you david bossie and geraldo, see you real soon. when it comes to health care now we have seen this before. ten years ago a democratic president tried to sell the american people on government-run health care and here is how that played out. >> it reads like something that was thought up in the early 1930s in germany. >> bill: it now, a decade later, have the american people changed their minds? but they going to take this in stride? got a great panel on that coming up next. plus, an exclusive with the most talked about candidate from last night's debate. marian williams and it is your life. she says all we need is love and she will explain that coming up. >> so many americans realize there is an injustice that continues to form a texas city
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♪ >> the policies of this notion that you're going to take private insurance away from 180 million americans we are going to -- the green new deal makes sure that every american is guaranteed a government job if they want, that is a disaster at the ballot box. you might as well send the election to donald trump. i think we're going to force america to make these radical changes, they are not going to go along. throw your hands up. >> bill: that was a moment. john hickenlooper stressing the importance of realism, urging a departure from extremes as democrats in different wings of the party clash in the debate night number one.
4:17 pm
a concern that was echoed by former democratic senator claire mccaskill out of missouri, who lost her race just two years ago. >> what happens when you walk into those communities and say great news, your all going to get green jobs. we will need the keys to your f-150s because we are going electric? >> it would not be good. america is, generally, not as far along the left line as bernie and elizabeth. free stuff from the government does not play well in the midwest. >> bill: from missouri, she was among the many democratic lawmakers that faced a barrage of angry constituents at numerous health care townhomes across the country. ten years ago this week. >> ma'am, ma'am, ma'am, ma'am, you're not helping. okay? you're not helping. >> i called your office and i was told i could have the mic to
4:18 pm
speak and then i was lied to. >> it reads like something that was brought up in the early 1930s in germany. >> this was very poorly planned, very poorly planned. >> bill: 2009-2019, katie pavlich, fox news contributor. andy, former sea ke restaurant ceo. and on, former dnc chair and a fox news contributor. good evening to all three of you. >> good evening. >> bill: so katie, what you think about what you heard when it comes to free college, crossing the border for health care for illegals with the green new deal. wherever you want to throw a dart? >> are you going to give me the whole rest of the show? [laughter] look, i think i'm going to focus on health care because that the number one issue that voters say as of the top of their list in terms of priorities. last night we heard a lot of
4:19 pm
debate between delaney and elizabeth warren about medicare for all and stripping americans americans -- 100 million plus off their private insurance plans to get through their employer, but there is a myth that is being spread even by john delaney. the fact is that you cannot provide "medicare for all" while also giving -- while also allowing people to keep their private health insurance because the government market completely suffocates the private sector market and the private sector is the one paying for the public option and let's not forget, barack obama promised if you like your health insurance plan, you could keep it. that was under obamacare. that was a huge lie so when you hear anybody saying that on this debate stage whether it was last night or tonight, you should take it with a lot of grains of salt because it turned out to really be horrific for millions of americans who had their health insurance taken away from them and replaced with a plan that they can no longer actually use and they now have wait times and no care. >> bill: just watching this, donna, i will direct this to
4:20 pm
you, it was actually a good discussion on policy. if you want to pursue that policy. in the question is, inside the party right now, how far left is the left pushing it and can the moderates hold the center? that was on display and likely tonight. >> how far right does the republican party go -- i don't think it's about direction. i think it's about having his policy ideas. we know the health care industry is a $3 trillion industry. the 45% of the american people believe they are one accident or one illness away from going bankrupt. so we need to make sure that we have positive solutions that can get through congress to make our health care system even better. you're going to hear a different conversation tonight because joe biden is going to take on those who support medicare for all because he believes that we should strengthen the affordable care act. >> bill: auntie, what is your view about what the struggles seem to be within the party?
4:21 pm
>> i didn't see a moderate on the stage, i saw a bunch of far left progressives and socialists. and by the way, i think socialism, getting rid of private health insurance, open borders, that's exactly the platform for the democrats should run on and i hope they do. we can't afford medicare for all. it costs $3.3 trillion by one conservative estimate. the entire revenue for the whole federal government last year was $3.3 trillion. the money just isn't there to do it. if this isn't a realistic proposal. one thing and one thing only in the history of the world has increased quality and reduced price, and that's competition. when you put the government into health care just like you put it in any place else, two things happen, prices go up, quality goes down. if we need more competition in the system, we need a realistic proposal that we can afford and we need to do something to protect the american people, not make state promises. >> bill: i think about what mccaskill just sat there,
4:22 pm
katie and you wonder about ohio, missouri, wisconsin or michigan or pennsylvania. to those people go for this? >> no. i mean we've seen this before, right? when president obama to the massive trillion dollar stimulus plan the promise was not the mic lots of new green jobs for everybody. we saw a number of other great companies go bankrupt and one hillary clinton campaign in 2016 and fish is going to coal miners out of business, the green new deal in many aspects of it that the majority of the 2020 democratic candidates have signed on to does exactly that. and these of the voters that donald trump won from democrats that they have to get back in order to get back their blue wall. >> bill: donna, quick comment on that and what you expect to make? you say biden is going to be ready. we'll see. >> he will be ready. let me just say this, 2018, democrats want all health care. i think democrats will continue to win elections because they know if the american people want. we cannot continue to sustain a system is not providing the delivery that we need.
4:23 pm
>> bill: andy? >> like i said, those of the issues, i hope they run on. i think it will do great. should rama eliminate encarta health insurance, the green new deal and open borders. that's absolutely where they should go. >> bill: okay, thank you anna, thank you donna. katie, thank you. it didn't give it all segment. we gave you a little bit of. >> next time. >> bill: have a great evening, thanks. unconventional won in 2016, well it win at 2,020? the one and only marianne williamson talk to me exclusively when we come back. >> we're going to take them on. i don't think the democratic party should be surprised that so many americans believe yada yada yada. ♪ but he's not using it. and he has subscriptions to a music service he doesn't listen to and five streaming video services he doesn't watch. this is jerry learning that he's still paying for this stuff he's not using. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower
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>> if you think any of this walking this is going to deal with this dark psychic force of the collectivized hatred that this president is bringing up in this country, then i'm afraid that the democrats are going to see some very dark days. >> bill: that from last night, with me tonight exclusively from back in a truck, the most talked about candidate from knight number one, the author and activist marianne williamson. thank you for your time and good to have you on our program tonight, good evening. >> thank you. thank you so much for having me. >> bill: how do you think it went last night? >> what did you say? >> what did you -- how did it go for your? what did you think you might >> being on a debate stage is kind of grueling but i feel i got a chance to say a few things and i feel that i was hurt. >> bill: it seemed like the crowd really liked you but it doesn't seem like the analysts like you very much at all. i just want to show our audience on screen the number of mentions you got on cnn were 9 and on msnbc was 0. what you think about that? lack of recognition?
4:29 pm
>> you know what, i try not to think about it. if you allow it to be, a campaign is a total emotional roller coaster ride and you are really up when they like you, you're really down when they don't like you and you just can't live in that place. i know what i believe and what i'm trying to say and what i'm trying to understand and talk about with voters and learn about. that's why -- where i try to keep the focus of my attention and all the talk -- >> bill: dog and pony show, is that how you look at it? >> i'm sorry. it's hard for me to hear. >> bill: you call it a dog and pony show? is that what it is? >> well, what i'm saying is there are two separate political universes and one of the universe of the pundits and what they are saying in any particular hour and what's on social media and what the polls are and what the money is and then there's another political universe, and that's your conversation with voters in that conversation with voters, to me,
4:30 pm
that's democracy. that's the meaning of it all. >> bill: as i mentioned, i think the audience really gave you a warm reception last night. they like what they heard from you. on television it was a different story. plaintiff's right now. >> i know a lot of people like to marker but honestly i think she brought it for that. >> do you think she could be the nominee for the democrat? >> no. >> i just want to clear that up. >> bill: he's saying you cannot be the nominee of the democratic party. to that you say what? >> isolates donald trump is president, and that's exactly what they said about donald trump a few years -- a couple years ago. that's what i say. be when you said a dark force is at work. you mentioned flint, michigan, but you know flint, michigan, started in 2014. why make that reference and draw that in now? >> no, no, no, dark psychic forces have ngan. dark psychic forces are racism
4:31 pm
and bigotry and anti-semitism and homophobia. >> bill: it just wasn't clear on the years when the story broke under president obama in 2014. >> my conversation about flint, michigan, has absolutely nothing to do with the conversation about collectivized hatred and racism and all of that in the united states. those are two completely separate conversations. flint, michigan, is about water. >> bill: it's been tied to an inner-city african-american issue that a lot of politicians believe that other politicians have frankly ignored. but you were on that stage last night, they are to make a moment because the next big moment won't happen until september and in all likelihood you're going to have ten or fewer candidates on stage then. do you think last night was your last best shot, marianne? >> i certainly hope not. i need about 37,000 more unique voters in order to -- by
4:32 pm
august 28th to get onto the debate stage on september 20th. people can go to marianne and donate even a dollar helps me get on the debate stage and i need 2% in four major polls. so we will see, i think we will do it. i'm in it to win it. >> bill: you believe you can continue in the "dog and pony show"? you do have a fan of the president's son. pickle are not saying that the camp -- wait a minute, don't put words in my mouth. i didn't say a campaign itself is a dog and pony show. the campaign is a meaningful democratic experience. all i'm saying about the dog and pony show is what's happening on any given day with what the pundits say. >> bill: fair enough. i want to share this tweet with you. donald trump jr. rode this. "people are going to think i'm trolling but compared to what else is up on the stage i think marianne williamson is actually winning this thing. this is amazing. no question she seems to be drawing the biggest applause of the night. if you were asking for and love
4:33 pm
fest earlier, did you get it? did you get the love fest you were looking for? >> did i get the what that was looking for? >> bill: a love fest. >> did i have a lovefest? yet. some people have said some nice things but remember the way these things go, at the same time people are saying wonderful things, on the other end you could look at social media and say people aren't saying wonderful things. sure, some people really appreciated things i said and even donald trump jr. had some nice things to say. >> bill: thank you for your time, sorry you couldn't hear us so well in detroit. >> thank you. >> bill: marianne williamson. governor mike huckabee joked he would abandon his vote in favor of marianne williamson, does he still feel the same? the governor is with me now. fox news contributor, former governor of arkansas. good evening to you. what did you think? >> well, bill, i thought she was unique. it was different and the whole thing is a game show.
4:34 pm
i think these debates are disgusting. most of the people are treated not like people running for president, but people on a game show trying to win a buick. so if you're going to look at it in that context as i do, then marianne williamson was the most entertaining and frankly she was the most authentic. she was not scripted, she was not somebody who was very predictable and what she said, but on the other hand, do i think that she's seriously will be elected president? no. i give her credit, she pointed out -- people didn't think donald trump would be, but she was entertaining and i enjoyed it and if you like she was one of the few people on that stage was really being herself. >> bill: kind of reminds me of you when you were winning the caucus in iowa many years ago. do you believe the democratic party has a nominee to go against president trump before the convention takes place more than a year from now in milwaukee, wisconsin, ?
4:35 pm
>> the only one that i can see that has the gravitas, the fearlessness, the charisma and the capacity is probably kamala harris. i just didn't see anyone last night that i thought could do it. elizabeth warren and bernie sanders so angry, i expected bernie sanders at any moment just to lean into the microphone and scream "get off my lawn" and elizabeth warren has zero sense of humor. these are not people that seem to be very happy life. and if you don't enjoy life and love life and love america and all the things about it and can bring some joy to the whole process, i don't think it's going to work. >> bill: or a sense of humor. you know though -- >> yet. >> bill: when you think about what bernie sanders did a few years ago you don't see him dropping out, do you? did you see elizabeth warren heading -- getting up the ship? >> that's why i lead you to milwaukee, wisconsin, next summer. and wonder whether or not they're going to have a
4:36 pm
convention that decides the nominee for the first time in a long time. >> well, that could happen. if it does, it's one more way in which donald trump will be reelected, which i believe he will, because what we've seen so far from the democrats is a platform and the personalities that would take this country so far left and frankly, bill, most people if they want to take a hawaiian vacation, they don't want to swim there, they just don't. the green new deal is a nonstarter. the idea of open borders, people don't buy that. and getting rid of her private health insurance because somebody's going to give you something from the government and give you a basket of free stuff, americans just aren't that stupid. >> bill: did you see earlier the quote from "the new york times" in the piece printed about the calculus to an electoral victory is through racism? you see that the path to victory in 2024 democrats? >> no, i don't. once again, bill, the american people are smarter. a lot of us who live through the
4:37 pm
'60s, we know what racism looks like and it doesn't look like this. bernie sanders by the standard of today is a racist because he said the same thing about baltimore donald trump did. the baltimore sun is a racist newspaper because they said it in the african-american mayor of baltimore is a racist because she talked about the rats. why doesn't somebody say that if you're trying to clean up a city and make it good for everybody regardless of their color, that isn't racism, that's americanism. that's something that we want in our leaders. fix problems. don't go around hiding behind labels like racism because you don't have any way to explain what a failure your policies have been, and that's why guys like elijah cummings and others in the democratic party, they don't want to talk about the real problems, because it points out their disastrous, ponderous failures. >> bill: governor, thank you for your time. mike huckabee sharing some ideas tonight. thank you sir. we will have another 2020
4:38 pm
exclusive tomorrow night here on "the story." john hickenlooper will be my guest. and up next in a moment yet another appalling video servicing showing new york city police officers assaulted with water in the city, only this time it looks like the people in charge might be ready to fight back. >> the culture of disrespect against our police have been fostered by radical left-wing politicians like mayor bill de blasio. ♪ his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm worried about moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer! antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance. summer's not the time for making bucket lists.
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♪ >> bill: another water attack here in new york city. police officers caught on camera, the nypd releasing this video. it shows a suspect spraying water all over to officers in queens in broad daylight. it happened often here this summer. police are still searching for that man but they have made multiple arrests in similar incidents as outrage over the braised to assaults build. they want to make water attacks a felony here in the city.
4:43 pm
>> we are making it a felony if you minutes in new york city police officer, assault police officer with water, any type of liquid, because you never know what it is. it might be a water bucket today, it may be a cement bucket tomorrow. >> bill: also breaking tonight tonight -- jonathan hunt has the breaking story tonight from l.a. jonathan. >> good evening, it was only in february at the u.s. state department $.11 million bounty on the head of bin laden. but this reporting by "the new york times" and others is correct, the son of osama bin laden may already have been dead at that point with the times citing unnamed officials saying hamza bin laden was killed sometime in the past two years but it took time to
4:44 pm
confirm the death purity details surrounding the death, including annual the u.s. may have played remained unclear president trump would not be drawn on the question today. >> do have any intelligence that bin laden's son has been killed? >> i don't want to comment on that. i don't want to comment on that. thank you very much, everybody. >> since september 11th 2001, hamza bin laden have been reported at various times to be in iran syria, and most commonly afghanistan-pakistan border region. long known to have been a hideout for al qaeda members. after the death of his father in a 2011 u.s. rate in pakistan, hamza bin laden was being prepared for a top leadership role in al qaeda. no longer these reports are correct. >> bill: thank you. breaking news tonight from l.a., thank you, jonathan. in a moment here, welk joe biden ticket the gloves off in rounds to go? 's spokesperson simone sanders on the plan for tonight.
4:45 pm
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4:49 pm
joe biden, whether or not the former vp will take the gloves off tonight, fending off opponents seeking to take a bite out of his lead and that lead is substantial. you do see is live in detroit on what we can expect tonight. peter, good evening. >> good evening, bill. joe biden is somewhere backstage are getting ready to take incoming from two others on stage, cory booker and kamala harris, who caught him off guard last time and a little while ago this afternoon the biden campaign told us this about biden. i don't expect him to come out of the gate directly criticizing any personal way, senator harris, but he certainly going to drop a contrast about the plan that she is forward versus his. it does sound like a former vp, who is famous for being friendly, is preparing to get a little bit more personal with cory booker, flat-out blamed biden for the mass incarceration of minorities, which followed the 1994 crime bill that he supported. the biden team tells us what senator booker says was a mischaracterization not only of the vice president
4:50 pm
oppressiveness record, but went directly to his character. one thing that biden has not been doing for the last week is practicing lines for tonight out on the campaign trail. we say never anybody else in the top tier polishing off one lighters and events, but not biden, nothing in public since last thursday. "new york times" reports this week details whispers filled with democratic concerns me about his age, 76, but also steps states to take to stay sharp and nj. the format, the issue of how old is too old may come up. >> should boaters take into consideration age when choosing a presidential candidate? >> i don't care how old you are. i care about your vision. we can have great presidents at any age. >> it's a question of vision. that's what it is. whether you're young, whether old. >> by all accounts, biden has been preparing for this debate more thoroughly than the last
4:51 pm
one. time magazine even reports that he's been studying dossiers filled with facts about kamala harris' time in california as a prosecutor and as the attorney general which represents a real evolution for a candidate joe biden, who has been saying for a while now that he rather focus on the future than the past. bill. >> bill: thank you, peter, they do have you. with me now, simone sanders, senior advisor for the biden campaign in 2020. a good evening to you and thank you for your time for being here. >> good evening, bill. >> bill: you know what's on every buddy's mind. here's the headline from "the new york times." "why joe biden's age worries some democratic allies and voters" and the question to you is pretty obvious, some people think he's lost his fastball. what do you say to that? >> i say to those people, just watch vice president biden tonight. i had the opportunity to travel with him on multiple occasions across the country and i can tell you it's me just napping in the car, not him. but the american people, they have the right to ask questions
4:52 pm
and vice president biden is ready to get some answers. you can expect him tonight on the debate stage to draw a real stark contrast. and also, he might take some jabs from some of the other folks, but he is ready defend his record. >> bill: listen to peter's reporting there. has he specifically prepped for kamala harris to go after him tonight? >> bill, what i can say is he's prepped for anyone to go after him. look, i think we've seen telegraphed in the media over the last couple of weeks that some of the candidates are going to try to weaponize vice president biden's record and he's proud of his record, but if we want to talk about records, bill, and if folks want to talk about the past, it senator booker for instance wants to talk about the crime bill criminal justice reform, we are happy to note that while senator booker was mayor of newark when he first took office and is talking about being tough on crime, but it was vice president biden that was in the united states senate at the time introducing a bill to end the crack cocaine powder disparity. we would like to talk about the future. >> bill: we mentioned
4:53 pm
"the new york times" piece. here's an analyst on cnn, forme. he is a democratic politician. he wasn't questioning age, he was questioning stamina, just watch this year. >> can he sustain that level of energy that bernie sanders did last night for two and a half hours? that is a question. if he does it, he knocks it out the bar, but if at any time he looks fatigued, at any time he looks tired and people will ask those questions. >> bill: you've thought about that, what do you think? >> i think vice president biden is up for the challenge. i think if anyone has a question about if he's up for this, he wouldn't have gotten into the race if he wasn't and he often repeats this out on the campaign trail. so i think people should look for watch to performance tonight his plan is to speak directly to the american people, bill. i know we're going to get into a conversation about health care, probably going to talk about criminal justice reform. hopefully we talk about michigan and the autoworkers and what's happening right here in detroit. >> bill: it wasn't so much of that last night. what has he been doing for the past we? >> i know.
4:54 pm
if we are hoping to get it tonight. vice president biden has been preparing for the debate. he has been going over his notes. he's ready, bill, he's ready. we were out there very vigorously on the campaign trail all month. this was our month of substance, if you will. released a lot of policy proposals. vice president biden will be back out on the trail right after the debate in the upcoming weekend, so we are ready. if anyone is on wondering if we are often challenged, just watch by spreading a biden. we are out there with the rest of them. >> bill: you when i first met in des moines, iowa, about three and a half years ago, you were working for bernie sanders then and now is joe biden. if you think bernie sanders is the same candidate now that he was three years ago? >> i think that's for the voters to decide and make a distinction on. i think senator sanders made his case on the debate stage last night and folks will have to, you know, assesses performance. we talked a lot about health care last night on the debate stage, the democrats did, and what you saw were very stark contrast between some of the folks on stage that want to
4:55 pm
start over from the affordable care act and do away with that and start over with medicare for all and you saw some folks that are talking about building on the affordable care act so tonight i think we are going to have the same conversation probably. be when they were really pulling that conversation to the left and some of the moderates pulled it back. will biden do that in a word if it's going that way, yes or no? >> well, look, his plan is a plan that hits health care plan is where most of the american people are. they want to build on health care that they already have. folks do not want to start over. vice president biden will proactively articulate his plan but he's going to defend the affordable care act. >> bill: you've got to get inside, thank you, come on back. live in detroit, we will see what goes down the motor city we will have more of "the story" up next. ♪ insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection.
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so i have nothing to hide. always discreet. >> that is the story. tomorrow is the first day
5:00 pm
of august. his first television interview since baltimore. we will see you then. until then, have a great evening. tucker is up next. use of musical musical physical >> tucker: good evening and welcome to a special democratic debate addition of tucker carlson tonight. we told you in the past that democratic primary voters don't seem to have much of a choice this year. there are an awful lot of candidates in the race, but all of them seem to have identical far left positions on the issues that matter. you name it. until yesterday, that was our view, and then we watched last night's democratic debate. we will have to revise that assessment. it turns out that not everyone in the field is a lunatic. we stand corrected on that. in fact, there are


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