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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  August 1, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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for key changes to trump the deal. >> you asked me whether trump's plan has faltered. that's what i was asked. >> as long as i got to make sure that this time they are written in stone. they are written in stone, they must be imposed. because last time, remember, there was this proposal that said you're going to have to -- this was 20 something years ago -- you're going to have to make sure you provide alternatives for people who may get caught in the cross fire. that did not happen. it's a different deal. reported not going back to last night , is there anything you would do differently about last night's debate? >> instead of saying "joe" i would have said "text." i was so focused on making the case for joe, i said joe and i give the number. it was text. i would have change that.
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but you guys printed it 15 times. [laughter] >> reporter: the last voter turnout is down in states like michigan. you invoke president obama a lot when you talk about -- how do you plan to get an obama-level turnout in 2020 as a white >> dana: hi, everyone. and dana perino. do you think there was the commander in chief on the debate politician? >> i ran a state that has the eighth largest black population stage to i will ask veterans who in the country. served in iraq and afghanistan, i've never gotten any fewer plus many obama supporters and staffers upset about all the attacks on the former president last night. votes, more than any person ever was that a good idea? are all star political panel will debate that at the top of the hour on "the daily briefing." see you there. >> julie: fox news alert, dramatic new video of a massive has in delaware, black or white. i come from the community. they know my heart, they know gas pipeline explosion in me, and i think that's why so central kentucky that killed one many are supporting me. i think the black community is person and injured five others. no different than any other community in the sense that they are being hurt badly. they are being hurt badly and the blast also forcing nearby they want to know someone, first residents out of their homes. of all, are they telling them matt finn's live in our chicago the truth? newsroom at the very latest. are they laying out straight exactly what they're going to hey, matt. >> julie, entire region of do? no double-talk. kentucky was able to see this what are you going to do?
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massive explosion. secondly, do i believe you the flames shot 300 feet up into the air. understand? do i believe you know my heart? people have a witnessed a major plane crash or some type of bomb i spent my whole career -- i'm that went off. not a black man, to state the obvious. but i got out of my way to the sheriff's office that defy the person who died as a 50-year-old female understand the best i possibly can with the concerns are. five others renters. they say the debris area is and they are legitimate. look, you have so many african-american businessmen and 3 acres wide and looks like women with great potential. mars. void of grass and vegetation. you have to have access to five homes were destroyed, asphalt, roads, and train tracks capital. i started off my political life are melted. trying to do with redlining the the explosion appears to have been caused by a rupture in a 3t banks. it's still not done. any banks that exists in the stretches from the mexican border to new york. black community should have to lend in the black community. period. we should be in a position where we fundamentally change the way in which the education system they say could have been much works. deadlier if it happened during the daytime and people and we didn't get a chance to talk children were outside. about it last night. an autopsy is scheduled for the i laid out a plan in great 58-year-old woman who perished. detail, and i'm glad we're the sheriff say they might've talking about it. now everybody agrees it's good. look at what's going on. made out of their house but was overtaken by the intense heat. if you don't have access to >> this could have been much, education, everything gets much worse it. backed up. all the dreams get backed up. that's why i propose increasing the female that died as a result
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of the incident that occurred from $15 billion to $45 billion today may have seen or heard the a year for at-risk schools. fire where the explosion title i schools. it has to be spent. occurred, left her residence, and we challenged children. and the heat may have overtaken black or white. her and led to her death. poor children and black children and hispanic children, they can do as well as anybody else, speak of the explosion happened given a chance. in 1 of 3 pipelines in the area. that's why i insist there be pressure has now been absolutely three, four, and dramatically decreased in the other two pipelines. 5-year-olds having preschool. it happened around 1:00 this not a choice. we know the numbers. morning. right now people are not being if you have great universities allowed back into their house here. find me a university in the and even first responders are state that doesn't say that the being kept out of the area because it's just too hot. education department has pointed julie? >> julie: matt finn, thank you out that they provide continuing very much. police in canada are saying they education? they don't increase their are scaling back the manhunt for the fugitive teenager suspected chances exponentially. of killing three people, including an american woman. what are we arguing about? but investigators do insist they and we can pay for all this. we don't have to go out and are in no way stopping the search. what's that all about? spend $30 trillion, all these jacqui heinrich following the story for us. billions and billions -- what we hi, jackie. can do this for, we can do it >> hey, julie. canadian police say they for another $35 billion year. justin education. launched thousands of man-hours from the fugitive. we have to make sure that every but it's clear that it's no
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longer on course and it's time single solitary child is to scale back resources. police searched more than 4,000 qualified, and people coming back to school. because they lost their jobs. square miles of unforgiving terrain, clearing more than 500 everybody laughs about -- i homes and abandoned buildings, shouldn't say that, i'm not and coming through dense forests going to do that. but the point is, there is a and swamps by air and on foot. real concern on the part of they use the very best people who have jobs now. technology and even had help from the military, but they about this fourth industrial still could not corroborate any revolution. i've been speaking about it for new sightings despite receiving six years. more than 250 tips. people are deathly afraid. the last sign of the teens was you guys, all you press people, over a week ago in manitoba, you are in jeopardy. i'm not joking. about 2,000 miles from where you are great people, but look police found the slain bodies of that college professor, a what's happening to you. north carolina woman, and her you're in a situation with the digital world is changing. you have a totally different australian boyfriend. they found the burnout car that deal. if you're a print newspaper, they were driving. they expanded the search to a hang on, baby. hang on. it's changing. lake where the teens pass you understand -- i don't expect you to agree with me. through an alcohol checkpoint not known to be murder suspects at that time. days later somebody thought they >> reporter: given that trump won in michigan, what do you saw them looking for food in a think is your biggest challenge landfill in new york landing, in the state? the police found no trace of >> i can win michigan. them, either. last time the suspect made a they know me. i've worked my whole life, i risky move was in the come from the middle class. saskatchewan 11 days go. i understand it. they are captured here on i know what's going on. surveillance video in a store.
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if you notice, i promise you, if they know that scaling back the search will come as a i get the nomination, i will win disappointment to the families of those victims, for they have exhausted their efforts in that michigan. i promise you that. area and they are proud of the i will win pennsylvania. effort despite the results. i will win ohio. >> through difficult terrain, i will win these states that he got 72 extra thousand votes on voracious bugs, all night shifts, knowing you can be confronted by dangerous to give himself the election. look, folks, it's not this great migration to end. it didn't occur. suspected a time, you didn't waver in your duty and i'm proud we are talking about 72,500 of all of you. while the surge in northern manitoba is being scaled down, votes in three states that it's not over. not by any means. changed. >> police say they are still otherwise, hillary clinton would be president with a margin of over 3 million votes. considering the possibility of >> reporter: mr. -- the suspects had help fleeing the area and they want anyone with information to report it no apartment quickly, about matter how insignificant it health care. you think you drew a sharp might seem. julie? enough contrast with the more >> julie: jacqui heinrich, liberal elements of the thank you so much. democratic party? to log makers introducing a bill to crack down on people who which is their plan is more moderate? >> no, it's not more moderate. attack police officers with for my entire career in the water, after multiple incidents across new york city. but will it actually deter people? senate, never below one or 25 will talk to one of the men behind that bill, next. most liberal people in the ok everyone! united states -- i wish you guys would call me a moderate when i was running for reelection back
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in delaware. i would have won by 80%. here's the deal, there's nothing moderate about what barack did about obamacare. nothing. no president had come close, and they tried and they tried and they tried. seven presidents. this guy did it an incredible thing. in addition to that, he covered 100 million people who had pre-existing conditions. he allowed kids to stay on their our mission is to provide complete, parents policies until they are 26 years old. balanced nutrition for strength and energy! he covered 20 million more whoo-hoo! people. great-tasting ensure. we tried to get the medicare with nine grams of protein option added to it. and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. we couldn't get it done. i will get it done this time ensure, for strength and energy. because the people have realized what it's about. they figured it out. >> reporter: what about veterans? >> what about veterans? look, one of the things that my wife and michelle did, and one of the things we worked on, is veterans are being left behind in so many ways. we need, for example, another 75,000 psychiatric nurses. i carry a card with me and i i kept putting it off...t get what was i thinking? ago. have it with me every day.
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you get coverage. the same way i did when the president agreed to, when we said that anyone who had -- so many people coming back with brain injuries. because of the congestion. more amputees and more brain injuries than any war then i'm aware of. here's the deal, guess what? all you have to do is you're in an area where there's concussion. i do have something wrong, brain injury, and you get coverage. we got to do a lot more. i've got to go. report and act democrats are saying -- >> there you go, joe by making stretch marks is less and started to bite her, shall make i'm julie bender's and for harris faulkner 3. a gaggle of supporters with a slew of question into trade and answer to why he came out swinging last night. not only did have to go to head-to-head with kamala harris, biden became basically the bull's-eye for all the candidates on the
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stage. biden saying -- and here is some expert experts from what he just said. "i hope you get a chance to talk about the future." he said he was surprised at how much former president obama got brought up at the debate. he's also saying that there's a lot of a lot of things everybody has in the past that don't have a context today, adding of the world has changed since then, and again pointing the finger instead at president trump, saying that he has turned the world upside down. as for being the moderate ♪ the pain and swelling.. the psoriasis. democrat, he's been repeatedly called, he said, "i think my cosentyx treats more than just the joint pain views over the vast majority of of active psoriatic arthritis. where democrats are at." it even helps stop further joint damage. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. charlie hurt is "the washington times" political before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. opinion editor and a fox news an increased risk of infections contributor. once again, he's defending himself. it seems when you're number one, and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, at the top, as far as the polls if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms are concerned, will be the ones develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. most likely on the fence. serious allergic reactions may occur. that is for sure what happened. >> sure. get real relief, with cosentyx. he is having to defend himself at every turn. what i thought was so remarkable how about that, about that interview, that little
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discussion with the report is right there, you really get a >> two new york state lawmakers proposing a bill that would make it a felony to attack police sense of how far the officers with water. this coming after multiple water democratic party or the democratic base that is most vocal right now is sort of dousing incidents on officers lurching off to the left. across new york city. those are the people that the latest happening in queens kamala harris and bernie sanders where a man sprayed water on traffic enforcement agents. in all these people are desperately trying to entertain right now. one of the sponsors of the bill is with me now. joe biden just isn't one of them. thank you for talking with us. it's a reminder that when there have been four separate incidents caught on camera of barack obama ran his campaign in this, which have resulted in 2008, it was the most positive multiple arrests. this is nothing short of democratic campaign that we've seen in a very long time. assault, quite frankly. >> no. and unfortunately it's the probably since bill clinton's result of the rhetoric they've been hearing over the years, a first election. and he wouldn't have touched any pattern of disrespect from, of these issues and that 2008 frankly, radical left wing campaign. politicians like mayor bill now you've got democrats talking about things like free deblasio who has been pushing health care for illegals? and perpetuating this type of they are going to decriminalize border crossing? rhetoric. >> julie: will the bill deter these are monumental things that people? deterrents are what they need. sort of race in america as a people protest and get arrested. that doesn't deter anybody. >> yes. now it's time where new york country. they are completely embracing state needs to send a message.
10:11 am
it. people from all over new york joe biden is the only guy, not state, long island, where i that he is the best politician represent, they want to see a change. when you dump buckets of water or the smartest politician out on police, you're disrespecting there, but he at least realizes this is insane. our communities. >> julie: that's like going up and he's trying to put the brakes on it. and hitting a police officer. how is this any different than he's getting killed for it. somebody going up and actually >> julie: it definitely highlighted how left the left striking a police officer? if you hit a police officer, you has gone. even just now, he said, "i wish are in big trouble. if you throw a bucket full of somebody would have called me a water at a police officer's moderate years ago." head, it should be no different. who thought he would be the >> absolutely. conservative among the group? but what you're seeing is people especially when it came to immigration last night. saying, hey, it's okay. he's basically saying, "no, we >> julie: how is this okay? don't want to open up our how is the mayor okay with this? borders." the mayor has, first of all, and kamala harris jumps on them for picking up her public and talking points with the idea is tied the police officers hands that there has to be penalty. behind their backs where they they argues whether it's can't just search somebody without warrant, okay, without criminal or its civil. actually going up to a drug clearly no one on the stage dealer because of racial profiling. it's become so politically wants to see family separated. there's no question there. incorrect. the mayor is making it almost but for whatever reason they wanted to make him look like the bad guy and the guy who was part impossible to protect our police officers. >> mayor bill deblasio would of, i guess, giving obama's have called for the heads of blessing to the port 3 million those two officers if they immigrants when obama was in reacted in any way when they office. as you remember, were just new rookies on the job mayor de blasio just grilled and they had to walk away
10:12 am
him over and over. "you're not answering the because god forbid they question. did you say yes?" retaliated and arrested them. biden had no control of what you would have had people like obama did back then. mayor bill deblasio, aoc, >> not only that, in a weird way calling for their firing. both of these debates so far have been sort of shadow attacks >> julie: anti-police rhetoric. that is to blame here. >> without a doubt. it's a pattern of disrespect on barack obama's legacy. year after year after year. and everything that he did. when you tie the hands of law like he wasn't crazy enough. enforcement rather than criminal, all you're doing is i love that point where he said making our communities less -- that you just mentioned, safe. >> julie: can this pass new york julie, where biden was saying, "i wish he called me a moderate back when i was running." legislature? >> if new york can stand for law he wasn't running away from the enforcement it will pass. label of conservative, he was running from the label of a lot of politicians like to moderates. which was kind of crazy when you stop and think about it. talk. now, now they get to see it put to the test. by the way, i think it's also >> julie: what do other city doss in response? important to remember that i this is something you are seeing don't believe the rank and file in new york city. but copy cat incidents are, democrat voters out there -- i unfortunately, an epidemic in think the kamala harriss and the this country. any incident that follows is elizabeth warrens, i think they are misreading their broader going to be copied, which now means other cities and districts are going to have to be base. they are kowtowing to the most protecting police officers from
10:13 am
shrill of their party right now. the same happening. >> new york state likes to push i think when it comes to -- down forward this anti-cop rhetoric the stretch, democrats are so and tells our law enforcement not to arrest them. animated by how much they don't our d.a.'s aren't prosecuting as like donald trump that they are they should. going to look for someone they have a to prosecute these electable. they are going to look at a criminals to the fullest extent. what happens is when you arrest bernie sanders or some of the stuff we are seeing on the stage and now you go to court and right now, they are going to you're let off, that's a problem in and of itself as well. say, "that's not electable." and they will go searching for that's the problem new york somebody like joe biden. state keeps perpetuating. the question is, can joe biden we have to stop that. survived this and still stick this piece of legislation that i have introduced, that was the around? purpose of it. >> julie: at times i felt like to put pressure on these he was in a timer. politicians to say, enough is is obama running, or are they enough. >> julie: what do you believe running against trump? would be proper punishment for the sacred obama? anyone who tries to pull this off? >> one to four years. i thought somebody spikes my send a message. drink last night while he was this is a deterrent. watching. >> that may happen, too, but do not do this. do not disrespect our police. all you're doing is hurting our that's okay. >> julie: that's possible. [laughter] we are getting new details on communities. >> julie: thank you. >> thank you so much. what is believed to be the >> julie: appreciate it. killing of one of the world's and thank you for watching most wanted terrorists. "outnumbered overtime." i'll be back tomorrow. we talk about what the death of can you join me? 1 p.m. eastern time. "the daily briefing" starts hamza bin laden could mean for right now. >> dana: fox news alert.
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joe biden moments ago defending al qaeda. ♪ his record and performance at last night's debate after he fended off attacks from all sides. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." it was a rematch for biden and senator kamala harris but the rest of the field also piled on the front runner. he fought to defend his time as senator to his time in the obama administration. dealing with psoriatic arthritis pain was so frustrating. >> mr. vice president, you want to be president of the united states. you need to be able to answer my skin... it was embarrassing. the tough questions. i guarantee you if you're my joints... they hurt. debating donald trump, he's not the pain and swelling. gonna let you off the hook. the tenderness. did you say those deportations the psoriasis. war good idea or did you go to i had to find something that worked on all of this. the president and say, this is a mistake. which one? i found cosentyx. >> i was vice president. i am not the now, watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are getting real relief with cosentyx. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. cosentyx treats more than just the joint pain of psoriatic arthritis.
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check out a special encore performance of brett young's song, "catch." available only on xfinity. just say "brett young" into your x1 voice remote. >> julie: fox news alert, one of the most wanted terrorists in the world believed to be dead. a u.s. official confirming to fox news that usama bin laden son, hamza, is believed to have been killed. the u.s. played a big part in the operation. it is believed bin laden was grooming his son to one day take over al qaeda before he was killed by navy seals in 2011. for more i'm joined by robinson cox, terror and national security analyst for the heritage foundation's margaret thatcher center for freedom. tell us how significant this step is to the al qaeda network as a whole. >> thank you for having me. it's very significant that hamza bin laden has been killed. he was being groomed, for a
10:19 am
leadership role within al qaeda pay that's why the u.s. was interested in tracking him down in the first place. he didn't have a lot of combat experience, he wasn't within leadership al qaeda the moment, he did represent essentially the next generation for al qaeda. he was going to be some kind of recruitment draw. essentially based on the strength of his father's name. taking them off the battlefield is a blow to al qaeda and its a boost to u.s. security. >> julie: what does this say about the trump administration that we are dealing with terror? >> i think it's obviously the trump administration has made some progress, not just with al qaeda but with isis. they destroyed the caliphate in iraq and syria, a very significant moment. but the u.s. has been, for many years, fantastic at the stuff. the u.s. is fantastic at identifying terrorists, tracking them down, killing them with drone strikes. across the world. where we've had more difficulty
10:20 am
-- and i think this isn't just the trump administration to previous ones -- is figuring out how exactly to stop the ideology that leads to people like hamza bin laden being created in the first place. that's where there's probably a bit more work still to do. >> julie: what kind of work do you think needs to be done? >> the ideology of islamism that animates groups like al qaeda, isis, but also less violent organizations like the muslim brotherhood in egypt, it has an enduring strength. it's an ideology that has been growing for decades. islam has taken root not just in the middle east and africa but across the world. in the u.s., europe, and asia. so we need to figure out what it is that is the root of the ideology. what is it that gives it strength, and what can we do with our allies and partners to remove the kind of factors that lead to al qaeda and isis having the success in recruiting they've had over the previous few decades? >> julie: there have been
10:21 am
arguments since the last obama administration that there was a need to pull out troops out of afghanistan. the former president had vowed to do that. this president has handled a little different late. how important is u.s. troop presence in afghanistan, till this day, when we hear that al qaeda is still trying to grow strong? >> the u.s. troop presence in countries like afghanistan is maintaining security. the u.s. has to ensure that its counterterrorism objectives can be met. we have to remember, it's always tempting -- and i understand the temptation after 18 years or so of fighting -- to bring the troops home from afghanistan. but they serve in absolutely vital role in being able to dismantle and keep a track on and carry out operations against groups like al qaeda that are looking for an attack in the u.s. here at home. >> julie: robin simcox, think of her talking to us. we appreciate it. fox news confirming the justice department will not prosecute james comey for leaking classified information, even though the doj inspector general
10:22 am
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ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. >> julie: ace was conforming to fox news fox news the department of justice will not be prosecuting former fbi director james comey for leaking memos on his interactions with president trump. this, despite the doj inspector general referring calmly for possible prosecution paid meantime, we read the release of a final report from the doj chief watchdog on police conduct conduct in his final days as fbi director. doug mckelway is following the story life for us in washington with mark. hi it, doug. >> i met, julie. fox news has confirmed independently that the department of justice will not prosecute former fbi director james comey. that, after inspector general michael horowitz referred him for potential prosecution to justice department prosecutors for leaking classified information for this information has been provided to fox from a source familiar with the
10:27 am
deliberations. the source tells our justice department producer jake gibson, and a quote, "everyone the doj involved the decision said it wasn't a close call. they thought this could not be prosecuted. as has been widely reported, comey wrote memos to preserve his memory of his conversations with president trump and the days leading up to his firing. he then passed those numbers to a friend, daniel richman, who teaches law at columbia university. richman then leaked the memos per connie's request to "the new york times" " comey admitted to that arrangement during congressional testimony. this all comes as judicial watch obtained documents under a request that show a month after he was fired, fbi agents went to comey's house to interview him but also to retrieve evidence, including the very memos that have also been delivered to the columbia university professor for the purpose of leaking. here senator lindsey graham. >> if bill barr decided not to prosecute on disclosing the memos, i accept his judgment. i've known him for 20 years and
10:28 am
i have no desire for him to be like mueller. i wanted to do it i wanted to do what he fixes right, and just because some videos that mistreated its new reason to continue that practice. >> it remains to be seen whether comey may have distorted the fisa application that >> julie: thank you very much for 11 washington. new financial sanctions, this just days after iran announced it would restart activities at a nuclear reactor. here is john bolton explaining the move. >> he is the mouthpiece of the regime. he is really iran's equivalent of pt barnum. you know, there's a sucker born every minute matt he is found suckers in the united states and europe. he got them to agree to the 2015 nuclear deal.
10:29 am
he's a shell, he's a grifter. this is the sort of step by the united states that shows he's illegitimate. >> julie: behnam ben taleblu joins us, he's a research fellow at the defense of democracy pete is also tested on capitol hill regarding iranian policy. thank you for talking to us. >> great to be with you, julie. >> julie: is this a good move by the trump administration, do you believe? >> i think it's a wise move and defenses were at the fiction, as bolton was just saying. but iran's former minister zarif is like any other. he doesn't have the portfolio powers like most foreign ministers do. high-level national security decision-making is made elsewhere in tehran, but never has one man with so little power been able to do so much. what he has done is present a change in style by iran, a change in substance. he has been able to lift sanction relief, and win friends and the west because a change in sale. >> julie: they said they would restart activities at every
10:30 am
nuclear water reactor. could this possibly put further pressure on iran to curb its behavior? >> i think the goal ultimately is to force tehran to come back to the negotiating table. as iran is beginning to incrementally escalate its program, as its incur mentally escalating american interest in the persian gulf and the rest of the region, it'll be up to decision makers to come back to that table. they need to feel the economic pain, the political pain, sometimes even the military pain prayed that there is no way out but through that max pressure, that it's genuine, and america wants a bigger, better, broader deal. >> julie: so we know we are feeling the economic pain. talk about the military pain you feel they should feel. we don't have european allies willing to go in there and finally clean up the mess that is the strait of hormuz. because they completely block ships passing through when they should be allowed to come according to maritime law. >> there's a couple friends that the iranians need to be pushed back on. i've long said that max pressure needs a regional component. the u.s. understands iran is --
10:31 am
there's very little other than american posture that is blocking iran. there is a base in southern syria that impedes the growing land bridge in the region. but it's been the israelis going back iranian networks and mission missile production centers. this operation, operation sentinel, wants to make sure there's freedom of passage and permanent dominic persian gulf, the, the strait of hormuz, and the gulf of oman. this mission is going to be crucial. >> julie: behnam ben taleblu, thank you for talking to us. have a great one. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> julie: use your life at the top of the orb. joe biden reacting for the first time since last night's fiery debates, attacks on president obama's record. now some democrats are warning 2020 candidates not to take shots at his legacy. and the internal sniping could benefit president trump. are they right? we debate. ♪ nsurfely. but allstate helps you. with drivewise.
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>> julie: authorities releasing dramatic video showing bystanders tackling a gun mentoring a hostage situation in arizona. wow. via video, it's surfacing one year after this incident took place at a convenience store in phoenix. the suspect entering the store, shooting a young father in the head, taking hostages, even forcing them to help barricade the door. the s.w.a.t. team eventually moved in and the suspect is awaiting trial on multiple charges including first-degree murder. president trump ordering the navy to resend awards given to prosecutors and the eddie gallagher murder case. the former navy seal was a was regionally acquitted of murdering a prisoner in iraq in 2017. christina coleman is live in our early newsroom of the very latest on the story. hey, christina. >> i met, julie. navy officials confirming this morning that the secretary is in the process of taking back those honors. the four prosecutors who argue the case eight days after
10:37 am
decorated navy seal edward gallagher was found guilty of only 1 of 7 charges. according to the military-focused publication, "task and purpose," which obtain copies of the words, they were given to the government attorneys and legal team for result in extra litigation. a sentiment the president obviously disagrees with. he tweeted last night, "the prosecutors who lost a case against edward gallagher, who i released from solitary confinement so he could fight his case properly, were ridiculously given a navy achievement medal. not only did they lose the case, they had difficulty with respect to information that may have been obtained from opposing gallagher's and were given immunity in a total incompetent fashion." this comes weeks after to be of five marines and two sealers don maxey was acquainted gallagher of murder, attempted murder, and other charges. he was accused of stabbing to death a 15-year-old isis fighter in 2017 and posing with the courts for photos he was only found guilty of
10:38 am
single human casualty. the nine month he's been in custody leading up to the child dominic trial covered a sentence i didn't do any additional time. critics of the president's order to rescind the metal says it represents a further polarization of the military. >> julie: thank you so much. >> our answers to fix the things trump has broken. not how barack obama made all these mistakes. he didn't. he didn't. i want to make clear that this is going back ten, 20, 30 years, it's a game that is a game to make sure we handle republicans in the election. >> julie: vice president joe biden speaking to reporters at detroit earlier this hour, ripping his democratic rival for their focus on former president obama in last nights debate. several candidates attacked his record on issues on immigration and obamacare. one political analyst even declaring obama one of the big
10:39 am
losers of the night. let's bring in the power panel. antjuan seawright, former senior advisor to hillary clinton in south carolina. lauren claffey is a republican committee occasions consultant for members of congress. i don't know how this turned into obama last night, but certainly joe biden came out swinging. i do think he did? he was up against a tough crowd. >> yes, he was up against a tough crowd. he's widely being set as the winner, he was still a little slow on the uptick. he he had trouble defending him he looked a little surprised people were attacking him but it was a good night fran, i think. >> when you're the front runner you don't have to have this magnificent night to be declared the winner. the fact of the matter is, if nothing changed under a worst-case scenario, he is still the front runner paid the one thing that's been clear about this primary is every time the media and everyone counts joe biden out, polls teach them they don't know how to count be very consistent after this debate. >> julie: it'll be
10:40 am
interesting. you mention counting, they talked about that last night. there's a lot of math there. i didn't have my cat litter but when it came to health care that was a huge debate. health care will cost $200. kamala harris went after biden say he would take ten years. he said mine would take two. what is the math on health care? can you explain it to us? >> this is the problem, i can't explain it and i live in this world. what are voters at home doing when they listen to this debate? the policy debate and defending the finer points of their white paper are at the communications field in my opinion. if the voters at home don't understand what you're talking about, there is no way they will get behind you and believing a policy. >> two things about health care, one, it'll be an issue that only defines his party but i think will define the direction of the election. we know that republicans have failed the american people in health care and that's why we won back in the majority. the third thing we know is that 70% of the american people want
10:41 am
to fix the aca and strengthen it. i think joe biden was right. the problem in the discussion last night, the former president, i think it's malpractice. i spoke with four candidates today and told them i think it's political malpractice for them to criticize the legacy of barack obama considering his popularity, considering we know who our next nominee will be. i think it's just malpractice on their part and a failure. >> julie: i think it was interesting that when you think about obama, a lot of democrats don't think about people being deported. as a democrat, you don't think think -- >> they were not in the bubble. >> julie: there were 3 million deportations that was something they went after. he wanted now come the record, did he support the decision to deport? how is that different from what trump is doing? to think that message was received? >> i think it was. they were out there saying 3 million deportations, very aggressively bring this point. immigration activists have said repeatedly they do not support
10:42 am
his position on immigration because of what happened during his administration. it's a real problem. if this is the new democratic party where we are talking about open borders and free health care for illegal immigrants and everything else, you have president obama agreeing to a bipartisan immigration deal when he was the president that had a pathway to citizenship and $46 billion in border security. that was considered a compromise bill. how are we going to get anywhere near that again? >> you won't get any disagreement for me that we have to do something about in addition pray they didn't get all the way right, the obama in administration. but i think this primary should not be defined on one aspect of his legacy per the fact of the matter is, the more the candidates attacked the obama legacy, the more african-american voters are going to wrap their arms around joe biden and he will end up being the winner. >> julie: lauren and antjuan, we appreciate you both coming on. fox news alert, on this showdown between the u.s. and china, a new reaction coming from the
10:43 am
president just moments ago seems to be putting the brakes on the market rally today. president trump just tweeting in part, "the u.s. will start on september 1st, putting a small additional tariff of 10% on the remaining $300 billion of goods and products coming from china into our country." while that appears to be putting the markets in reverse, this talk between washington and beijing after they just wrapped up with an agreement to talk more in september, the dow right now down about 80 points. september 1st right around the corner, we shall see how those tariffs will affect our wall street and main street. moving on, also dramatic new video of a massive gas explosion in kentucky that killed one person and injured several others. we will have a live report coming up. with us.. ♪ newday usa can help. by re-financing up to 100 percent of your home's value you could take out 50,000 dollars or more. you could use that money to pay credit card debt and other expenses, plan for retirement,
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