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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 5, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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those. >> bill: in ohio, it's a real riddle. there's very little information given estimate of. perhaps we learn more throughout the day today. when it happens we will pass it to you. grab each other a little tighter today. as a tough road. >> sandra: continuing coverage on fox news channel. "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, new reaction to president trump addressing the nation from the white house after the country is rocked by two deadly mass shootings in less than 24 hours. in el paso, texas, and dayton, ohio, as officials at the justice department are now considering bringing federal hate crimes in connection with the el paso massacre. we are awaiting a news conference from the hospital there. this is to is "outnumbered," i'm melissa francis. here today is the host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, kennedy. fox news headlines 20 for seven reporter, carley shimkus. fox news contributor, jessica tarlov. joining us today, steve hilton,
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host of "the next revolution." we're going to get right to it. the country still reeling from the one-two punch of mass shootings less than 24 hours apart this weekend. a gunman in el paso, texas, saturday killing at least 21 people and injuring dozens more in a crowded shopping center. just 13 hours later, a gunman in body armor opening fire on a crowded downtown street in dayton, ohio, killing at least nine people, including his own sister, in under a minute before police got there and shot him dead. police releasing surveillance video of people running, in which shots can be heard. dayton officials a short time ago updating the number of injured to 37 now, with 14 of them wounded by gunfire. they say they recovered at least 41 spent shell casings at the
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scene. last night, hundreds gathering in dayton for a vigil she remember the victims. president trump at the white house addressing the nation this morning. >> these barbaric slaughters are an assault upon our communities, an attack upon our nation, and a crime against all of humanity. we are outraged and sickened by this monstrous evil. the cruelty, the hatred, the malice, the bloodshed, and the terror. >> melissa: jeff paul is live in el paso with the latest. jeff? >> we have a sad update to report. there were 20 dead after the shooting, and now that death toll is going up to 21. you take a look at this, that we might have from the el paso police department. they announced that sad news, that the number of dead now rising to 21, as someone was in the hospital and was working to recovery passed away this
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morning. coming back out here lives, one of the things we want to focus on now moving forward with this investigation is the amount of support that the el paso community is lending out here. as i take a step out of here, you can see the people coming just to take a look at all the things being left. some candles out here, some handwritten signs, some balloons, some other things people are leaving behind show the strength of this community, and that this mass shooting and this attack does not define el paso. >> this is not going to define us. this is only going to make us stronger, make us more united, and that's what we are going to show the world. that el paso is a city of love. el paso is a safe city. el paso is a city that is strong and we are going to overcome this. together, as one. >> i believe el paso shows strength. even if there is hardship we can come together as a city and be supportive of one another.
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>> prosecutors are now moving forward with this capital murder case, treating it as domestic terrorism, saying they will pursue the death penalty in this case. there's also a manifesto of sorts that investigators are taking a dive into, as well, that was posted online before the shooting. they are trying to confirm if it was in fact written by the suspected shooter, a 21-year-old white male from allen texas. they say it's full of racist language and it has some anti-immigration rhetoric, as well, in there. investigators say after the suspected shooter killed now 21 people and injured more than two dozen others, he gave himself up to police. they took him into custody without firing a single shot. police say he is cooperating, and being very forthcoming with information, going beyond her saying "yes" and "no" when answering questions. we know he is from allen, texas, about a ten hour drive from el paso.
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his grandparents recently released a statement saying they are devastated by what has happened. police officers also telling us today that they have removed all the bodies of the victims who passed away here near the walmart, or inside the walmart, and that is what they said would be maybe the first step toward the long road to some sort of closure. back to you. >> melissa: jeff paul, thank you for that report. also, earlier today, president trump condemning the twisted ideas professed by at least one of a gunman this weekend. the justice department confirming that they are considering federal hate crime charges in the el paso shooting. here is the president. >> in one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry, and white supremacy. these sinister ideologies must be defeated. hate has no place in america. hatred warps the mind, ravages the heart, and devours the soul.
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>> melissa: those words coming after 2020 democrats unleashed on the president over the weekend, blooming has rhetoric for the el paso shooting >> the 20 people killed in a hateful, racist, murderous rage, in part inspired by this president. >> there's no question that white nationalism is condoned of the highest levels of our government. >> it's the tone. it's stopping the mean tweets and the hate tweets. i don't think this guy's going to stop doing that. i think the way you stop that is by winning in 2020. >> melissa: the white house responding to these allegations, saying democrats should instead focus on solutions. here is acting white house chief of staff, mick mulvaney. >> i don't think it's fair to try and leave us at the feet of the president. i don't think it settle sit there and say that he doesn't think white nationalism is better for the nation. these are sick people. you cannot be a white supremacist and be normal in the head. these are sick people. you know it, i know it, the
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president knows that. this type of thing has to stop, we have to figure out a way to fix a problem, not figure out a way to lay blame. >> melissa: a steve? >> steve: i would like to start by saying i felt the president really met the moment today in his remarks. i'm sure we will talk about some of it, but he captured something i think a lot of people are feeling. he talked about how this has been going on and on for decades, over and over again. i think that was the phrase he used. and people wanted to stop. i really felt there was sort of humanity to that that was important. his language was incredible strong. not just on the white supremacy, as we saw there, but he use the word "contagion" about how it's spreading online. that word, i think it is a very strong word. it feels like he's really serious about trying to do something for you there's a big crowd that went over the weekend. "do something." it feels like he wants to do something but he wants it to
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some impractical and effective. he stressed the need for something bipartisan. i don't know, it felt to me like this could be a bit of a turning point. just the way he was presenting his argument. it feels like he really means it and wants to get something done. >> melissa: kennedy, he made a point of saying in his speech -- that he senses condolences to the nation, and the people of mexico, for the loss of their citizens. in one voice, as you heard, "we must condemn racism, bigotry, and white super messy." think very clearly. "these sinister ideologies must be defeated. hate has no place in america. it warps the mind, ravages the heart, devours the soul." is that a string of statement in order for to be clear he's denouncing white supremacy? >> kennedy: i think he could come out more strongly against white supremacy. but -- >> melissa: more strongly than that? >> kennedy: in general we have to be very clear not to retreat
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to simplistic aspects of what might go into these types of mass shootings. >> melissa: for sure, but on that point, the allegations from the democrats were that white supremacy -- what was that? that the rbc -- >> kennedy: i understand that, and it's incredibly unfortunate that people want to capitalize for their own political gain on these tragedies. saying something as simple as, "this person was a white supremacist, therefore, went and coldly exterminated people they saw as the enemy." we have to take a look at here is how human beings have dehumanized and depersonalized each other to the point that they are completely disposable. and it's almost done out of some satisfaction and fun. that's what we have to look at. we have to stop saying "white's premises, rhetoric, guns." because there are so many elements that go into this.
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the problem is the apex of all of it is the dehumanization. it is this hate, and we don't address that. it's interesting, because i was watching the debate and i know people were laughing about it, but the reason people googled her is she touched on something that she really felt the politicians don't talk about. you can make fun of it and dismiss it as some dark psychic force, but she is absolutely right. we don't know how to target that as a culture and political solutions aren't necessarily going to eradicate that. but within families and communities, and communities of faith, we have to find out a way to address that and come up with actual solutions. >> melissa: jessica, one thing that strikes me -- when you look at all these crimes, whether it's the two shootings we saw this weekend that were very different, or even when you look at -- i mean, even people radicalized by isis. what's common in this is a deeply alienated young person, usually.
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>> steve: young man. >> melissa: a young man. usually. i'm just saying, we are trying to see what is common in what we can do, it is someone who feels totally alienated from society. and then responds in a bunch of -- there are some of the things we could do about that, whether they have access to weapons that they shouldn't, or everyone has access to weapons they shouldn't. if you want to address it from that point of view. or, maybe their families weren't proactive or tried and couldn't get help. but there are so many things that have to be done to address what you're talking about. right? >> jessica: absolutely. i think access to guns is the crux of what we need to be talking about head on. there's a bill that passed in the democrat-controlled house. i hope mitch mcconnell will call the senate back and they will vote on and pass it. it's about stronger universal background checks paid the president this morning did lay out a few things. red flag laws are something we both agree on, but he needs to be talking about the boyfriend loophole. the charleston loophole. the going the show loophole.
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people say this wouldn't have stopped this guy from getting the gun, but that doesn't matter. they might stop the next guy. it's completely correct that it is young men. statistically speaking, his young white men during this period christopher wray and the dhs have been screaming this from the rooftops that we have a problem with white men is country who have access to these deadly weapons. there was no reason, in the dayton shooting, you should have access to a regular -- a double-m.o. drum. this is someone who had kill list and a rape list, and he still passed a background check. >> melissa: will talk about gun control later in the show but i also want to talk about, carley, this idea -- that is thd with so many people out there in america. they look at this and say, "the person who did this, there have been many signs along the way and it took a lot to go down this track where they feel so cut off from the human race." >> carley: right.
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the shooter in el paso, texas, hurt a 2-year-old, and 82-year-old, killed a mother who was trying to protect her 2-month-old baby. i was really surprised at how many democratic presidential candidates came out and called president trump, flat out, he white nationalist yesterday. i think that cheapens the phrase. you have to be really careful who you call racist and that term. at the same time, we have to talk about the feeling in this country right now, which is very divided. i want to read something president trump said during his inauguration speech. he said, "the bible tells us how good and pleasant it is when god and people live together in unity. we must be carmines openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but also pursue solidarity. when we are united, we are totally unstoppable." the president has not lived up to that. democrats have not lived up to that. kennedy, like he said, they're so much negative rhetoric and it's all to score political
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points. this is nobody's fault but the shooter. but we do need a bit of reckoning when people are coming together, and talking about solutions. maybe like what jessica is saying. maybe universal background check. because what we have right now is not working. >> jessica: can i just say quickly, there is a rhetoric issue here. you are right, the president has live up to this. i would take issue on the democratic front. i think what amy klobuchar was correct about the mean tweets and the rhetoric. the el paso killer, yes, he hated mexicans before president trump became president. in that manifesto he quotes the president. he quotes right-wing figures that use this, but it's an invasion. he drove ten hours to get closer to a bunch of mexicans. >> steve: i think this is very offensive -- >> jessica: it's not, it's the truth. >> steve: is the parallel beat rightly try to observe in relation to radical islamist terrorism. these are seat people driven by
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ideology, and we mustn't can conflate that with islam. it's mental illness. >> kennedy: when someone goes on a murderous rampage, i think you can conclusively say that his mental illness. that's actually pretty fair. >> jessica: i think if you are in -- i think i'm mintz browsing his name, the pipe bomber has been sentences he was indoctrinated by things he was seeing in the press prayed that he wanted to go out -- >> kennedy: does not indoctrinate station by the way. when you consume news, my dad, god rest his soul -- misuse -- he would walk's fox news three hours a day. he didn't go pick up a gun and he didn't kill anyone. i'm sure there are people that fox news talks about that he didn't admire, but consuming news doesn't turn you into a murderous sociopath. that is not what indoctrination is. let's stop right now --
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there's a problem with rhetoric on both sides. it's not just the president and it is not causation. we have to be very careful about the oversupply over simple vac. not separately >> melissa: meanwhile, not just a down day here. but also on wall street. the market following as china escalates the trade war with u.s. saying it won't hurt american consumers. we will bring it down. herbert turned to outrage after the mass shootings this weekend. lucy action on this very polarizing issue of gun control? that is ahead. >> what the hell are we doing in the united states of america? i'm telling you, people are fed up. we were here in dayton last night. there was tears and there was rage. ♪ if you have moderate to severe psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla.
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>> melissa: we are awaiting a press conference right now coming out of del sol medical center. this is the hospital in el paso, texas, where originally 11 victims were transported. they now have eight victims there. five are in stable condition, three are still in critical condition. we'll get an update there on those patients. we will bring it to you just as soon as it happens. >> we will seek real bipartisan solutions. i am directing the department of justice to work in partnership with local, state, and federal agencies, as well as social media companies, to develop tools that can detect masters before they strike. we must stop the clarification of violence in our society. this includes the gruesome and grisly video games that are now commonplace. we must make sure that those judged to pose a grave risk to
9:22 am
public safety do not have access to firearms, and that if they do, those firearms can be taken through rapid due process. that is why i have called for a red laws. >> kennedy: the president urging mental health reform in response to the deadly shootings in el paso and dayton, pointing to so-called "red flag laws" that focus on blocking potentially dangerous people from getting firearms. this, as 2020 democrats are stepping up calls for gun control in the wake of these incidents. watch. >> mitch mcconnell lisa get off his [bleep] and do something. people are getting killed on the streets in america nobody's acting. nobody. >> we have a uniquely american problem, because of the uniquely american phenomenon that anyone who wants to kill somebody can easily use a loophole to go out and find a weapon. >> we should ban the assault weapons and we should ban the large magazines. we should have a federal antigun trafficking law, as well as universal background checks.
9:23 am
>> kennedy: meanwhile, the president and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell calling for expanded back on track street minority leader captain don not kevin mccarthy echoing the both. >> just in the last congress , we found there was a shooting in texas, an individual should not have been able to have that weapon because he was dishonorably discharged. we came together to make sure that it was our own military that was not putting that forward, giving the information at the time. it could have been stopped, that the weapon should not have been in that individual's hands. >> kennedy: the president today says calls for gun control ignore the underlying issue. watch. >> we must reform our mental health laws to better identify mentally disturbed individuals who may commit acts of violence. mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger, not the gun. >> kennedy: 2020 candidate senator amy klobuchar firing
9:24 am
back, tweeting, "mental illness and eight post trigger, not the gun, is the president's dodge to avoid truth. there is mental illness and hate throughout the world, but the u.s. stands alone with high rate of gun violence. when someone can kill nine people in a minute, that gun should never have been sold. action!" let's talk a little bit about these red flag laws. that is getting a little bit more bipartisan traction and it's looking at the problem in a different way. what do you think about that? family members, those closest to some of these people, who can assess their behavior and the downward spiral. what you think about that? >> steve: i was looking into this even before these terrible events this weekend. there are some interesting moves in that area. the governor of arizona, republican doug ducey, has been pushing a red flag more there. and making some progress. what's interesting about it is it was able to attract the support of the nra.
9:25 am
i was really interested in that, in the sense that here's a measure that really could get bipartisan support, the people could get behind. the red flag laws differ in different states. has version, i thought, was an interesting one. i focus on that last night, on my show. the white house, last year in march, put out a call for states to implement these in the wake of the parkland shooting. so it feels to me that it does address is something fundamental here. if you look at the overall picture of gun violence, debt dolomite gun deaths in this country, if you look at the data, the majority of suicides, the proportion of mass shootings is small. horrific as they maybe. those are connected. as you talk about earlier, there are some serious mental disturbances. and there are so many signs. in almost every single one of these cases, you got people saying, "i thought he was doing
9:26 am
something dodgy." and there is someone around them i can spot the signs. if you create a process whereby that can be brought to the attention of those who can help, where necessary, temporary as these red flag orders to take their weapons away while the case is being investigated, that is something practical. really, the whole country could get behind it. >> melissa: i don't know that it has to be something the whole country gets behind, because you seen communities respond with things that make sense for them. we talk about parkland in florida, they've gone ahead and done things to address their particular situation there. but when you see -- everybody immediately jumps to the name calling and the blaming, it becomes so much harder to then sit down and make some sort of compromise. because any solution -- right, carley? any solution is going to take compromise. >> carley: you are right. when people revert to talking points, they dig in and push back. and then were at an impasse.
9:27 am
>> carley: president trump's kind of a centrist with gun control. he has called out the nra before. he's talked about reading the aged to a weapon to 21. as amy klobuchar pointed out, after -- unless she is lying, which i doubt she is -- after the parkland shooting she sat down with the president and he said nine times that he would be okay with universal background checks. he would really need some cold, hard facts that those things work. the problem is there has been studies on universal background checks before and it doesn't totally alleviate the problem. >> melissa: nothing is going to. the >> carley: exactly. it could be a good starting point. a lot of people are calling for an assault weapons ban. with have one for ten years, and that did not really lower the cases of gun deaths. >> jessica: there wasn't a serious downturn. >> carley: there was a down and take an deaths by assault weapons, but it wasn't by other guns. so we're sort of and then pass there. >> jessica: we need to do as
9:28 am
much as we can. it even if it's small steps can we get closer to the goal. "the new york post" is going for the sullivan's today, that's a conservative publication coming up for kirsten gillibrand something we agree on. this competition for video games is very dangerous. there are no studies supporting that video games lead to this kind of violence. >> kennedy: there was another study, long-term mental health study, that shows that kids -- >> carley: it shows the reverse. we are not a lonely country the world with the internet or with video games. but we are, as cory booker pointed out -- >> kennedy: and the only country in the world with homicide. >> jessica: but we are the only country the rule of mass shootings like this, we have young men having these access to weapons, shooting up schools, bars, wherever you are going to do it. and we cannot -- that talking point about video games allows people to say, "i'm really concerned about this," but then
9:29 am
if you go to ea sports lobbying then, it's on the follow video games. >> kennedy: our man on the couch today has some powerful words about the shootings on his show last night. "the next revolution." if you miss it, you can see right now on you should absolutely take a look. another g.o.p. congressman calling it quits. what that could mean for the party's hopes to retake the house, and by the top republican in that chamber says there is a path forward. ♪ there's a company that's talked to even more real people
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9:34 am
those prospects? >> no, i'm interested in helping other candidates like me. i think i want to see a republican party that has more folks that look and sound and operate like i do. i think it's an opportunity for me to help. >> melissa: and all, 11 house republicans have said they won't run in 2020. just three house democrats have announced a similar plan, but the top republican on the house, congressman kevin mccarthy, saying he still sees a path of the g.o.p. to retake the house majority. >> republicans only have to win 19 seats to take the majority. the democrats had to win 23. there is a very clear plan to win the majority and it has not changed based upon retirement. they will be others who retired. it will not change in that course, either. >> melissa: steve, you have a lot of experience trying to put together these groups and see all the parts moving around. would you make of all this? >> steve: in general, retirement is a great news.
9:35 am
we should have compulsory retirement. they get stuck in the swamp and it's a problem. i think it's good. i don't think they should just go there and stay forever. i think it's a really important point for the g.o.p. to think about recruiting a pipeline of candidates. that are going to be successful and represent the country. i think that's a real issue. it's not just in relation to race, but also with gender. it's an important thing, it's not just something you can dismiss and say it's political correct. i do think they need to work on getting a more diverse group of candidates. if they do that, as many parties around the world have shown, they will be more successful politically. i think it's in our own interest to make an effort in that direction. >> melissa: kennedy? >> kennedy: you're absolutely right. there are a lot of groups that focus on that, grassroots, at the local level. they do a good job of finding and grooming candidates and
9:36 am
really educating them about how to run for office. they have systems in place. and you have to apply that on a larger scale here. will hurd said he's waiting to find candidates like himself. it's a horrible job. [laughter] to be in congress. i understand people want to make a difference of the local level or even in state houses, but my goodness, going to washington -- what a slog. [laughter] >> melissa: that's what i was going to ask, would you make of these retirements, just go? >> jessica: a couple of them i think our age and trying to move on. but will hurd and the gentleman who announced last night, those are not swing districts. they were already top democrat pickups. will hurd is probably the only republican who could have won back the district has right now. so imagine that will be picked up. but you're completely correct, such as race, its gender. he saw two women retiring. the g.o.p. only had 13 momentous congressional representatives. now it's ten to 11. i think the recruitment becomes
9:37 am
harder and harder when you're constantly having conversations about the president saying "send them back." how we recruit young african-american people to want to come and serve in a party -- >> kennedy: you show them what happens of socialism and then you turned into a fight for freedom and individual rights. >> melissa: i think it's a terrible point. carly come you say to them, "don't you want to come in?" sorry? okay, this is a great conversation but we are going to go back to the hospital we were telling you about in el paso, texas. telling us about the victims there from the shooting and how they're interviewing. speak of the nature the patients we ended up seeing, and the way in which the person who did this was shooting indiscriminately, the challenges that our care team has had taken care of of a lot of these patients is beyond just treating the gunshot wounds. it's been treating other comorbidities and other issues that these patients have had.
9:38 am
my sincere compliments to the entire team, for the work they have done in what has been a nearly impossible situation. i'm going to ask dr. flaherty to come in and share more. dr. flaherty? >> over the course of the past 48 hours, my partners, jodi smith, and their adopted partner from william beaumont army medical center, have been providing surgical support and intervention to patients involved in the shootings. we have been providing continuous care in the intensive care unit to these most critically injured patients. at times there been more than one of us present in the icu. unfortunately, these wounds have been devastating and major, and
9:39 am
we are deeply saddened to be here today, to have to tell you that two patients have passed. in addition to the care that we have been organizing and leading, there has been an incredibly robust support staff by our side. the nursing staff has been incredible. the dell soul icu nurses have been amazing. at most times, there been two or three nurses at the bedside of each one of these patients. that, of course, is in addition to our respiratory therapists, the other support staff, and the unending support from the leadership of this hospital led by david. we are truly heartbroken to have to be here to report this. the wounds of the patients have received have been devastating,
9:40 am
consistent with what has been reported as a high velocity gunshot wound. our patient who died had major -- i can tell you about one of the patients who died. the patient had major intra-abdominal injuries affecting the liver, the kidney, and the intestines. she received massive blood transfusions utilizing all types of blood products. the red cells, in addition to products that help coagulation, platelets, and precipitate. i don't think i can add anything more at this point except to echo our deep sorrow on behalf of myself and my team. >> we were just visiting with
9:41 am
the family. as i mugging the son of the guy who just lost his mom, he is talking about the nurses and the doctors and complementing them to me. that's what he was thinking about at this point, and being able to convey what a phenomenal job all of the doctors, all of the team here at del sol, all of the del sol team has done and taking care of his mom and ultimately all the 11 victims we've received. happy to open it up to any questions. >> reporter: to the ages of the two patients have anything to do --dash did that have anything to do with the challenges? >> out of respect for families, we cannot -- the nature of the injuries to the patients, ages 35 to 82, again, there were
9:42 am
significant amounts of comorbidities these patients have had. >> was that a challenge and treatment? >> absolutely. >> reporter: [indistinct question] if you could talk about the other patient who is in critical condition come out of that treatment was. >> there's nothing we can share right now about the other patients. >> reporter: i just want to clarify, we learned a time ago that an elderly woman passed away. now there is one more in addition to that. >> correct. >> reporter: we have 22 right now? >> reporter: how long ago was that most recent? >> within the past hour. thank you all very much. >> melissa: that was the ceo
9:43 am
of the del sol medical center, david shimp, letting us know another patient within the past hour, another victim of that shooting in el paso, has passed away. taking the number 222. we heard from dr. steven flaherty, as well, talking about the families and the trauma there. at one point, breaking down in tears himself and talking about all that trauma center has done to try and help those victims. again, the death toll now rising by one, 222. we'll be right back. ers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today.
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9:48 am
[laughter] >> kennedy: "you guys, stop!" there's touchy and then there's touchy. in the area of political content donna curtis. national convention of the democratic socialists coming to a screeching halt when gendered pronouns were used. one delegate complaining of sensory overload. from guys whispering in the roo room. >> melissa: when i get all my children are all very loud. i'm in the living room going to scream, "i'm very prone to sensory overload, stop it!" >> steve: i just want to say, steve steve hilton, he/him. it's so crazy, the whole thing. that's what was striking about it. this pronoun thing. though he said it, like its covertly normal to introduce yourself that way. >> kennedy: you can't get any business done. >> steve: she's a presidential
9:49 am
candidate and that's in her pronouns. it's gone insane. i highly recommend it: by peggy noonan in "the wall street journal" couple weeks ago on this exact topic. i think the headline was this revolutionary insanity gripping the left. >> kennedy: there is a cannibalization, they have to focus. they spent so much time trying to be safe from micro-aggressions and -- when do they actually get work done? >> jessica: another democratic socialists so i don't know. >> steve: are you "she," jessica? >> jessica: i am. i think it's important to acknowledge the significance of people getting called by the pronouns with which they identify. that is incredibly important. i don't want to be seen as someone mocking that. your identity is so important to you are. >> kennedy: that wasn't the aspect -- >> jessica: i just want to put that out there. it's foundational he where this comes from, the people identified -- >> melissa: i couldn't
9:50 am
understand the conversation prayed they were so many words and there. >> carley: i know we've got to rap, but i was really surprised of how many people were in that room, in that thrilling example of how many young people are turning socialists. >> kennedy: the roles have expanded. like your tummy after thanksgiving prayed [laughter] stock market plunge in today. the trade war between the u.s. and china, stay with us. ♪ with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands? who used expedia to book the vacation rental which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go. (past them because she didn't sknow they were talking to her.g and she would just walk right (deborah) i just could not hear.
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>> jessica: monitoring the markets today, the dow taking a big hit, down 700 points as china response president trump's threats to place new tariffs on chinese goods. beijing leading its currency sink to the weakest level in a decade. they also reportedly are ordering state owned companies are faulting their purchases of u.s. agriculture products. got a lot of action on the couch today. melissa, i will go to first. we'll get a deal out of this before the election or worse is going to keep going on? >> kennedy: i have my own radical theory. the >> jessica: bring it. >> melissa: not a lot of people scrub to it yet but i think they will get there. which is i don't think there'll be a deal. i don't think the present want the deal. i think there is a long run philosophy here that china has all of the rogue intimate control. whether it's their infrastructure all around the
9:55 am
world. whether it's leverage they had over economies by virtue of -- even when we talk about our pharmaceutical drugs, that the president's idea is to decouple us from this economy and change where business is, where they have their factories, and divorced us from china. i don't think he's going make a deal. i think is trying to get everyone used to the idea that they have to do something else. >> jessica: steve, you are nodding a lot. >> steve: i couldn't agree more and i couldn't agree more with the president in that intention. he's the first leader of any country in the west stand up for 50 years. and he is challenging their goal, to topple the u.s. as an economic superpower. he's quite right to do this. i think it's the right move for him and will long run. >> kennedy: but bit coin and gd doing well. >> jessica: we have to go. more "outnumbered" in a moment. ok everyone!
9:56 am
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10:00 am
>> kennedy: thanks so much of the kindest and rational steve built into a pretty good to see. in new york city not los angeles come where you do your show! we are back noon eastern tomorrow. on the couch, and here's melissa in for harris. >> melissa: fox news alert, president trump felling action as he tries to heal a nation rocked by back-to-back mass shootings this weekend as the death toll in el paso continues to rise. let's go "outnumbered overtime." i'm melissa francis in for harris faulkner. president trump saying hate has no place in america after mass shootings left 31 innocent people died in el paso, texas, and dayton, ohio. the president saying firearms must be kept out of the hands of the wrong people, and he called for the death penalty for hate crimes and mass murder. watch. >> we must make sure those judged to pose a grave risk to public safety do not have access


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