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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  August 11, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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judge jeanine: welcome to a special edition of "justice" live from sydney, australia. i'm judge jeanine pirro. we have a big show on deck'. joining me in australia, nigel farage and matt schlapp. the fbi and the inspector general's office opening investigations into the stunning death of alleged sex trafficker saturday morning in a manhattan jail. new york city officials say it was an apparent suicide. but tonight new questions are
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being raised about how that could have happened. joining me by phone to get to the bottom of this. the man who once headed the nypd and the new york city bureau of corrections, bernie kerik. how could someone especially a high-profile federal prisoner like jeffrey epstein possibly kill himself or end up dead in a correctional facility? how does that happen? >> i don't know how it happened. but here is the question i would have. one, we know he attempted suicide over the last week, two weeks or so. two, he was put back into the institution. he should have been on a permanent suicide watch. there is a report that he was placed in solitary confinement.
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solitary confinement depresses you, it sends you into despair. the worst thing you can do to a suicidal inmate is put them in a solitairely confinement cell where they lose their mind where they finish out and accomplish the mission. so i would be asking, who gave him the classification to put him in that cell. why wasn't there a 24-hour watch? if it was a solitary confinement cell, it's a bed check every 15 minutes. after 8 minutes, your head is gone, you are done. and you are brain dead. judge jeanine: he tried allegedly to kill himself july 23.
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there is some talk about a cellmate who said he may have had marks on his neck. but let's assume it was attempted suicide july 23. they placed him on suicide watch for six days. at the end of those six days there had to be someone who signed him out of that suicide watch. you can't possibly commit suicide. who would have taken him out of that especially since he was proven he was a suicide risk? >> it will have to be a medical exert from the facility. this is one of the highest profile prisoners they have, between his charges, the profile, the prior attempted suicide, i would say the warden would have to sign off on it. but i will tell you this.
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housing designation in that institution quite often comes from headquarters or doj. if the federal bureau of prisons or the department of justice who oversees the federal bureau of prisons. the attorney general is correct when he says there is a problem. this should have never happened. judge jeanine: bernie, i want to read the attorney general's statement. quote, i was -- i was appalled to learn that jeffrey etch stein was dead an apparent suicide while? federal custody. his death raises serious questions that must be answered. i have consulted with the inspector general who is opening an investigation into the circumstances of mr. etch stein's death. bill barr, the attorney general furious. that's one of his own prisoners. he's a federal prisoner.
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>> judge, the inspector general is going to conduct an investigation within the agency. administrative thing. but if he's bringing in the fbi to conduct an investigation, that's more or less a criminal investigation to see what happened. so he has serious concerns and every one of those concerns from what i just mentioned. if i was him, those would be the things i would be looking at. judge jeanine: so it's not just the inspector general, it's the fbi looking into this. we know there are accusations jeffrey epstein had very shy profile people like bill clinton flying on his lolita express airplane to his private island pptd other peopling mentioned prince andrew, senator george mitchell and bill richardson. a lot of people mentioned.
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this was a guy who to a lot of people would have been bert off dead. >> i am speculating here. but i have to tell you, judge. the one thing that concerns me is who signed off into him going into the capacity he was in where he was not on a 24-hour watch. it's obvious he already attempted suicide. he's now dead from an alleged suicide. if that's the case, who put him in the capacity where he could do that? that's what i would be looking at. and why? judge jeanine: there was supposed to be a post-watch report. people raise questions that the individuals who conspired with him in the sex trafficking might get away with this. but i think the truth is they may still face criminal charges
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for those who helped to recruit and train and coerce these young women who have been waiting so long for justice. >> they are conspirators with him. if the reports are true, keep in find, these are co-conspirators of his, and they have come plainants. the -- complainants. they will focus on anybody else who was involved. i'm not saying they were. but if that's true, then the investigation just shifts over to them. and the one thing that's lacking for the bureau or the justice department, they no longer have a witness that they can force to cooperate. they will have to depend on the complainant.
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judge jeanine: the com -- the complainants are many. justice has been delayed all too often for them. fcht the non-disclosure agreement by alex acosta. that was one of the worst moves i have seen in the prosecution of sex crimes. he gets away with a lot. now his death has proven to be another kind of injury to these young women who were hoping to have their day in court. >> i put my faith behind the bureau and the justice department. they have got the complaint, they have the complainant, they have a lot of evidence, some of which they unsealed yesterday. depending only how good it is, how true it is. i think they will november forward with their investigation. and keeped in mind.
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they found a ton of stuff in this guy's apartment. we don't know exactly what that is yet. i think they have plenty to go through and plenty to november forward with. judge jeanine: bernie kerik, thank you for your expertise tonight. also developing tonight. president trump says he believes that congress is ready to pass legislation for background checks on gun scales in the wake of last week's deadly shootings in texas and ohio. here to talk about that is florida congressman naugh congrt gaetz. >> my concern is that a background check wouldn't have stopped the shooter in el paso or dayton so i am wondering why that's the center of the discussion.
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judge jeanine: the president said we need intelligent background checks. i spoke to the president a few hours ago. and he said he's committed to going forward with some kind of background check. this is happening far too often. it may be one or two may have gotten access to a gun. but there are issues that need to be con front. i'm in australia, they don't have problems like this. this is starting to be a uniquely american situation. i am a gun owner and strong second amendment person. >> nobody would suggest in the united states we would want as you trail yeah's solution. they confiscated all the guns. you know who did what australia did? venezuela. we need more of what senator graham discussed, red flag laws and federal support for
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community who want to do that. in my state and community we passed a red flag law to give law enforcement the tool to the go after those who pose a threat to themselves or others and provides due process. judge jeanine: no one is suggesting people's guns be taken away from them. so the comparison -- >> that's what australia did. judge jeanine: what we are talking about right now is something uniquely american. you cannot deny that, congressman. >> i think the collapse of fatherhood. what we have done to fatherhood in america. judge jeanine: congressman, nobody is talking about take away people's guns. the heller opinion, the united states supreme court made it clear we have the right to have these guns for our own personal
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protection. no one is talking about taking our guns away. the concern is this. as a judge, i would 730 some one. if somebody says i am going to kill every woman i know, i'm going to cut her throat and rape her. i would want that person incarcerate. and if they are a danger we have to take their guns away. that's just smart law enforcement. do you agree or disagree. > >> i agree with the red flag laws. but there are none of the major mass shootings that we looked at that would seem to be impacted by background check laws. i think it's right for the president to start a national discussion about reducing violence. his remarks about the dark side of the interest tonight that
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harbor hate are a start. but i do not believe that wide-scale background checks at a national level are prove on make anyone safer. in many cases we are so eager to do something, we don't take the time to take a breath and do the right thing to make our community safer. there is nothing the american people have to fear from law abiding gun owners. >> usual, judge, you are talking about a background check for everybody. judge jeanine: i make a decision as to whether someone should have a handgun or be in possession of it, whether they vud have a partial carry, a full carry. this is something the supreme court agriesd consistent with the second amendment. >> it doesn't might's effective. whether there can be reasonable constraint on the second amendment is a second question.
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whether background checks would be proportionate response to mass shootings. judge jeanine: somebody has been in a mental institution, shouldn't i know about that as part of a back ground check as to whether i'm going to give this guy a weapon? >> of course. judge jeanine: okay. so what's the problem with that. >> that occurs necessity several states. but we don't need a national law on background checks to affect that outcome. >> i have no problem with that. my concern is with the bill the house of representatives passed that's awaiting action in the senate that would have national background check system that would make it difficult tore people who have enforced a domestic violence restraining order to have their own firearm to protect themselves from a potential abuser.
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there are a number of problems with that. judge jeanine: what we are both interested in is taking that gun away from the domestic abuyers, not the victim d domestic abuser, not the victim. we have got to get whatever waivers are necessary to find out who the whack jobs are, the crazy people are. i don't deny our saying, whether it's video games or lack of a father, whether guns are in our dna from the beginning of the country. what i do know is it's time to start talking by the. i have always been a fan of yours and i hope you come back to "justice." we'll talk more about this with the panel later in the show. but also tonight, president trump going after the democrat frontrunner again. the president tweeting earlier this evening, quote. joe biden just said we believe
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in facts, not truth. does anybody believe he's mentally fit to be president? we are playing in a very big and complicated world. joe doesn't have a clue. the president taking advantage of the string of recent gaffes by joe biden on the campaign trail. joining me to talk about it, former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski. all right. let's hit it, then. i have got to tell you, joe biden is providing me with a lot of laughs the last few weeks. i want you to listen to this sound of things joe biden has said. then tell me why this man should be president of the united states. >> poor kids are just as bright and tall interested as white kids. wealthy kids, black kids.
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asian kids. we think we are going to dump it down. they can do anything anybody else can do given a shot. we've rules truth over facts. if you agree with me, go to joe 303030 and help me in this fight. my mother and father believed if i wanted to be president of the united states, i could be vice president. his mom lived in long island for 10 years or so, god rest her soul. and although -- your move is still alive. it's your dad passed. god bless her soul. chuck gray the state senator is here. stand up, chuck. oh, god love you, what am i talking about. the manhole be the next president of the united states. barack america. judge jeanine: i love the one
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that says we choose truth over the facts. or facts over the truth. either way is crazy. >> joe biden is so out of his league running for president. he'll end up with the same 1% he did the first two times he ran. whether it's barack america or stand up, check. the guy is confined to a wheelchair. or god rest her soul when she is still alive. joe biden has lied and said things so often he just believes them to be true. the american people sight. they know he's a phoney. that's why he has no chance of becoming the democratic nominee in 2020. judge jeanine: there is a part of me that wants to see this keep on going. when he says the poor kid are just as smart as the white kids.
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oh, my goodness. that's frightening. >> can you imagine if donald trump said the poor kid are just as smart as the white kids? that would be the news every single day. he would be vilified for it. but they give uncle joe a pass. he looks terrible on the debate stages. he doesn't remember what he voted for and what he didn't vote for. he's past his prime. judge jeanine: it makes you look at this president and realize age is irrelevant in terms of his energy, interest atlantic and wit, and his ability to get things done. you stay joe is over the hill. but you look at donald trump and say age has nothing to do with it. this guy is like a pack on the
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main track. in the end fit is joe biden and the president, i think there will be no comparison. >> i would love to see the two of them on a debate stage. remember what donald trump did to hillary clinton. she said if you were the president -- he said, you would be in jail. it was a one-liner. donald trump is so fast, so cunning, so witty. the american people see that all the time and they don't realize how difficult it is. you put joe biden in a debate with a professional like donald trump, this race is over. judge jeanine: corey lewandowski, thank you. charlie kirk is on deck. but first they call him the british trump. so what do you not know about the new u.k. prime minister that you might like? nigel farage is here from
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people to be extradited to china. president trump: i think we can have some really meaningful background checks. we don't want people that are mentally ill. people that are sick. we don't want them having guns. judge jeanine: that's president trump talking about his goal to get something done on background checks. will it make a difference in this battle against mass shootings? my panel is fired up and there is a lot to talk about. all right, guys, the idea of background checks, i don't know if you heard me with congressman
12:35 am
matt gaetz earlier. but he and i had a bit of a disagreement. do you think background checks will help, lisa? i will start with you. >> not for the el paso and dayton shooter. that's the challenge with moving forward with universal background checks. often the mass killers don't have anything in their back ground that would have preclude them from purchasing a weapon. i think what has the best chance of passing is this federal grant program being put forward by senators graham and blumenthal. setting up a federal grant program allowing the states to set up their red flag laws. that has a better chance of succeeding in congress. judge jeanine: the states set up the red flag laws, in the end they identify the individuals they had believe should have
12:36 am
guns taken away from them. how do you feel about that. >> i think that's a place to start. i was watching your interview with matt gaetz and i was agreeing with much of what he said. they won't stop every accident. but it's a place to start. if trump is there and the democrats are there, i agree let's start there and move forward from there. if we can start a commonality, that is a good place to start. i agree with a lot of what you were saying to matt gaetz. judge jeanine: i am a big second amendment gun supporter and nra, but it's happening too much here. my concern is the hippa laws. we know adam lanza and a bunch of these case, they had real issues. they could have been flagged in schools. a lot of kids are on medication
12:37 am
now. how do we identify or get information regarding individuals' mental health? can we ever access that information? >> that's a good question. i don't have the answer for you. but that's part of the challenge. on the universal background front, if they don't have anything in their back ground that will prevent them from purchasing a weapon, i don't know how a back ground check will make a difference. california has the strictist background checks and we still see mass shooting in the state of california. how do you stop those people at the point wf they want to go out and purchase a gun, before they want to go out and do harm. why do we seemingly have so many people being radicalized to some
12:38 am
degree, whatever that point of radicalization is. what is spearheading that? what is behind that? i don't know the answer to that. i think we have a breakdown in our society. >> the background checks aren't going stop everything. but there are a lot of things democrats want to do. an assault weapons ban like clinton had. that's not something trump is ready to do with but if we can start with the back ground checks and move from there. we know where a lot of the radicalization coming from. a lot of it is -- >> no, no, no. if you are going to do that. >> all i'm saying is that with this past shooter he cited the rhetoric of trump. a lot of the people who saw trump's response. many people were saying we are
12:39 am
glad you are here now. judge jeanine: jonathon, are you going to blame elizabeth warren for the dayton, ohio shooter? are you going to blame the democrats for the shooter that shot scalise? then stop this. until you show me a nexus. >> the distinction that was a fan of elizabeth warren didn't cite her word and rhetoric for the shooting. judge jeanine: he was a fan of her philosophy. >> there is no connection between the el paso short southern president trump. it's disgraceful that's the road the democrats want to go down. if you want to go down that road. why don't you go after maxine waters for her rhetoric about getting in people's faces. also on the federal background check. there is no evidence that it made any sort of material impact
12:40 am
on shooting deaths or shootings. so democrats keep wanting to go down these roads and there is no evidence to prevent these future mass shootings. >> the assault weapons ban lowered the incidents of these shootings by 50%. there is one shooter that -- >> there is no evidence of that. >> yes, there is factual evidence of that. judge jeanine: jonathon, i was a d.a. assault weapons ban had virtually no impact. >> there was an increase by 47% after the ban expired. judge jeanine: give me the name of the study, i wanted to look at it. >> i will do that. judge jeanine: the bottom line is we have an issue in this country and we have to look at it. my concern is a background check not turned into a national
12:41 am
registry. there is something wrong with being asked whether you have been in a mental health facilities and whether you are on psychotropic drugs. we need to know that. it won't shall the answer toaferg. but we have to start somewhere. even the guy who said even before president trump i didn't like these people coming in. >> he used the rhetoric. judge jeanine: we all use the same language, we speak english. >> i don't call illegal immigrants invaders. judge jeanine: a lot of people do. stop with this craziness. lisa boothe and jonathon harris, good-bye. cpac chairman matt schlapp is here in australia to talk about the ever expanding reach of the
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judge jeanine: there is an effort to silence conservative voices in america and around the world. some through hate groups like antifa. i believe in the freedom of speech and the vital importance that we continue to be heard. so does my next guest, cpac chairman matt schlapp with me here in sydney, australia. >> i served in the white house when we had the last assault weapons ban. if somebody wants to buy these firearms i'm comfortable with the idea that the government
12:46 am
should be able to look at all the relevant records. a lot of pro ---pro-gun people believe it should happen. >> everybody in chicago has an illegal gun. now, i have got to tell you, there was in the last month of july, 81 people that were killed in baltimore and chicago. not to take away from the horrible mass shootings in el paso and dayton, ohio. because there was a political, they are concerned by the. but 81 people dying in one month in two cities, that the way it goes. >> america can do better than this. people look at what's happening in america, america is better
12:47 am
than this. we need to be open to what keeps a criminal from getting a gun. judge jeanine: speak of conservatives, we are here in australia. there was an article in the newspaper that talked about you bringing conservatives and cpac to australia. it's the first time in the southern hemisphere. that there is actually a conservative group like this -- a conference. i was stunned. were you? >> i was stunned about a lot of things about this. we'll go to tokyo, it will be our third cpac. that was our first branching out. then the conservatives in australia called us. we have conservatives in ireland who called us. nigel, we want to do everything we can to make sure the folks in the u.k. get brexit done. then we'll be in brazil. we are all fighting the same
12:48 am
battlesth these countries. environmental extremism. climate alarmism. abortion through all 9 months that just happened in ireland. the corruption and cronyism in government. donald trump has a lot to do with this. we had this conversation in america about whether donald trump is a real conservative or isn't he. you know what people see around the globe in they see a leader and fighter. somebody who can stop this craziness. did you know antifa is in australia? this is something that's around the globe. judge jeanine: it's amazing the similarities. and i was talking to nigel about that as well. congratulations to what you are doing in bringing conservatism and like-minded people together around the world it's
12:49 am
incredible. >> it's a global movement and we are working together. thank you, matt schlapp. social media bias against conservatives is also on the rise and getting out of control. what can be done? charlie kirk on that next.
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[♪] judge jeanine: the gop this week went to war with twitter over mitch mcconnell's reelection campaign account being frozen. it's now been reactivated. but twitter froze the team mitch account after they posted videos of protesters just outside his home that included violent
12:53 am
threats against the senator. joining me, charlie kirk. let's talk about social media and what's going on specifically with mitch mcconnell's house. >> this is extraordinary. senator mitch mcconnell had a couple visitors that came to his private residence. they were potentially violent protesters wishing harm and some wishing death upon him. they were using very colorful language. senator mcconnell's team captured that on video and put that video on his personal twitter account. guess who got banned? senator mcconnell got band. he appealed the decision and twitter doubled down. after 20 hours of this, twitter backed down. this is another example of how these tech companies are using
12:54 am
their bias to ban conservative voices. 21 out of 22 voices banned from twitter last year were conservative. judge jeanine: you have the victim putting forward the evidence and the victim being punished. someone has protesters show up at his residence. he wants to expose the radicalism. hamas had a twitter account while mitch mcconnell did not have a twitter account. antifa had a twitter account while mitch mcconnell did not have a twitter account. hamas is a evil terror organization that uses children as human shields had a twitter account while mcconnell did not. this is a huge issue heading into 2020. the president deserves
12:55 am
tremendous credit for confronting this head-on with the tech companies. the way people of my generation from processing information, we go on social media, if they continue to act in this way they can blow reality to a younger audience. judge jeanine: i talk about this in my new book. i talk about the tech companies and how they are silencing conservative voices and how the game playing is going on. but the white house is clearly drafting an order, an executive order to tackle the sill quon valley's anti-conservative bias. what is it going to take for them? right now there is a war right now in terms of republicans and democrats. democrats obviously from antifa on down to the department of justice, the upper echelon, the
12:56 am
fbi. what they are looking to do is get donald trump out of office. the way they will do that is to use social media to shut down conservative voices for this upcoming 2020 presidential election. there is a lot at stake here. >> and they want revenge. i know you will talk about it in your upcoming book. they look at this al as all-out warfare and we have to treat it exactly the same. exactly the same. judge jeanine:... ♪
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judge jeanine: if you haven't ordered my new book yet, go do it right now. radicals, resistance and revenge, the left's plot to remake america. it's selling here in sydney. i love australia. i haven't seen a kangaroo yet.
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i'm jeanine pirro. greg gutfeld is next. i will see you next week in new york. [♪] greg: it's almost impossible to make a bad week worse. but load of people tried. first the media. after condemning heated rhetoric, what do they do? call everybody a nazi. when trump ordered the flags at half-staff msnbc had the real reason why. >> the president said that we'll fly our flags at half-mast until august 8. that's 8-8. i'm not going to imply he did this


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