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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  August 18, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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♪ steve: that evening and welcome to the next revolution but i miss steve hilton and this is the home of public positive populism and most definitely we are pro- america. president trump with the economic case for his reelection in classic style the other night. president trump: you have no choice but to vote for me because your 401k's are down the tubes in every will be down the tubes. so, whether you love me or hate me you got to vote for me. steve: but according to the people who do hate the president it's all going down the tubes now. >> trump waking up to a training # he was likely desperate to change. # trump recession. it came alongside headlines 40
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the economy is in distress and maybe even headed for a nosedive. trump's own aids and it could spell political disaster for the president and could pose the greatest threat yet to his reelection process. >> i call this another trump a slump. >> giant dark cloud has taken its new place on the horizon as potential big trouble for the trump economy. >> the threat of recession is real. >> is a global economy including the united states is taking a step to the recession and what does that mean for the presidency. >> is political suicide. steve: it's pretty obvious that these establishment trump 18 hysterics already comfortable, coastal lives want a recession because they think that's the best way to get rid of trump. a least one of them is honest. >> i've been saying for about two years i hope we have a recession and people get mad at me. steve: yeah, i wonder why. bill, in recession real people
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working americans get hurt, not you and your rich friends in the establishment state media that would be reporting on recession not living it. we saw all this talk of recession last week not because of anything that happened in the real economy but because of the fake economy, the one conjured up by panicky idiots and algorithms on wall street. in case you never met any of these financial whiz kids let me tell you who we are dealing with here. these wall street types are not exactly the kind of people you want your children turning into. they are not very smart and not thoughtful or kind but often poorly educated and mostly ignorant and always self-interested and greedy. this week they got the whole world in a panic for no good reason thanks a lot, guys. and they are mostly guys. to hear a rumor, massively
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overact to a single piece of data, push buttons and follow each other like demented sheep. the worst thing is there panicky it is he can have real-world effects. in the end, the economy is not some abstract thing but a human thing, collective result of countless human decisions. should i buy that new piece of furniture? should i hire the extra worker? all of these human decisions boil down to confidence about their future. to have the wall street it is date could cause a recession just by going on about it. this was the smarter thing we heard last week on the whole topic is the ceo of bank of america someone who knows what he's talking about blamed international factors for the turmoil of the financial markets and point out basic facts of the real economy. quote, average worker is working, getting paid more and that will truly into good credit performance on the consumer side but the real risk for the u.s. economy is if the consumers slow down. listen to this, the most important point he made. >> we have nothing to fear about a recession except for the fear of recession.
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steve: that is exactly right. we must not let the panicky wall street royalty living in the trump hating establishment media talk us into a recession. keep the focus on the real economy, not the fake economy. consumer spending is two thirds of the real economy and in july it did not go down but it went up. as "the wall street journal" noted on friday there were about to report the strongest rating the smart is a positive signal of u.s. economy. in the real economy the biggest real taylor, walmart, made a sales were down but up. it revised its profit forecast, not down but up. testing for macroeconomic advisers revised its economic growth projections, no, not down but up. the atlanta fed revised its economic growth projections again, not down but up. in the real economy, trump administration, pro enterprise
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agenda is working for lower taxes and less regulation a businesses the confidence to invest and that means more innovation and higher worker productivity which means more jobs are created and workers have paid more because the producing more. the latest job support for 154,000 jobs back in july bringing the labor force to 163.4 million, record high. president trump we got lowest on a permit in 50 years the most on record for african-american and hispanic workers and just published the lowest summer use of employment for 53 years. the lowest since 1966. on worker's pay, new data showed earnings rose 4.5% in 2017 and 5% in 2018, even higher than previously reported in files ahead of inflation. while the trump haters pray for a recession and wall street plays around with the fake economy the real economy is booming. is everything fine and dandy with nothing to worry about? can president trump and his team right the wave to his election
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next year connect no, not at all. the rest of the world is doing poorly. china, germany, uk, economies are all heading in the wrong direction. what should president trump do to keep our economy moving ahead and it's no use yelling at the fed because they're in it for what they can do but there are two big things the president can do on his own initiative. first, something we told you about in june, positive and practical idea. steve: indexing capital gain for inflation. >> absolutely. the longer we pay taxes on inflation. get rid of the tax on inflation and you will see trillions of dollars redeployed to highest and best use and people have opportunities to do something with capital that's been liberated. steve: seconds big idea is on trade in china. i've been as tough as anyone on china and as you know, i
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completely support but the president has been doing. he's a first western leader in 50 years to stand up to china and it is working. more on that next week. but there's nothing wrong with that tactical pause to get the best possible economic climate in the reelection campaign. make a deal now and hit them hard after the election. here's the bottom line. trump economy is fundamentally strong and delivering good jobs and higher earnings for working americans who suffered in the years of stagnation. but the threat to the economy comes from the loony left economic policies which would scare off investment and bring back stagnation. the president and his team should take the initiative to take positive and practical steps to boost the economy now. index capital gains and attempt to deal for china. tell me what you think of that. let's meet our guests for the hour. fox news conservator lisa booth, founder of turning point usa and host of the charlie kirk show with apple podcast and senior
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advisor to the trump 2020 campaign, katrina pearson. will have such fun. i know it. always great to see you all. katrina, start with you. not just watching the clips there but all these people, trump hating people it's like they're salivating for this recession and actually all they want is to get rid of trump and they think this is the way to do it. >> of course they do. russia failed. racism failed select right recession. this is where we are. it's nothing new. they been predicting a recession since before president trump was even elected but remember the geniuses out there in the economic genius there's one in mit said trump wins election stock market will crash. that did not happen. again, were on to another beer tactic in a hope to press the port for president trump and it will not happen because the rumors of trump demise are always exaggerated. we know this because consumers
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bending is up, on implement is down, cheap gas and a growing economy with no inflation. those are the things that voters vote on, not this arbitrary yield curve theory. steve: >> i call them economic hypochondriacs. they want to be sick. the kid who does not want to go to school and the parent is like no, you're fine. i've never seen a group of people want a recession so badly as the establishment media. the bank of america ceo had the best point that you can convince yourself that there is a recession and that is possible that the economy is at a place where human behavior can change a couple variable points if you commit yourself things are bad when in reality, the underlining metrics of employment, consumer spending, small business startups are as strong as they've ever been in the history of the country but you have establishment media and elites
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and some in both parties that are so committed to defeating this president and i think he stands for they would rather have 18 months of recession and getting rid of him. steve: he's the only one honest enough to admit that but - of course it wouldn't. that's what's so sick about it. they are so detached from reality and live these comfortable lives in just as before the 2016 election, they don't care about the lies of the men and women, those benefiting most from what trump has done. >> bill gave the game away because he said what he wants is a recession. the easiest way to get president trump out of the white house but as has been said and it matters because it plays into the markets and plays into employers making decisions do i add or not in terms of bringing in more jobs so all that matters but i think what you pointed out earlier, that the story president trump need to tell. this election cycle will be different than it was in 2016. 2016 was a change election. i'm going to go and we will
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drain the swamp and change washington dc. now he has to run on his record. that's much more difficult to do the running for a changed election. he needs to tell that story and the good news is he's doing a great job on fundraising because they have to use a lot of paid advertising because look at the way the media covers things and it's been 90% negative so he will have to go out and tell his story in his own words with paid advertising. steve: other part of this is important. this is - it's true the economy has been growing for many years. everyone says the enemies of trump say but the crucial point is it's much harder keep it going at the end of an expansion than at the beginning but at the beginning your bouncing back and that's what you expect but after ten years it's harder. we've had this incredible performance of so late on an
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expansion is a tribute to the economic policies but you need to keep it going. you can't just the back and agree with you about messaging but keep the show on the road. >> policy is so good barack obama is trying to take credit for. the exponential growth and record highs happened as soon as donald trump won the election. we were going through mediocre metastasis under barack obama. managing a decline and then trump changed it. >> to your point, what is the president doing talking about federal reserve? that's important. if you look at the previous years why did the feds start raising interest rates when every other bank in this world are lowering them. it's a valid question. steve: keep doing that. hopefully it will respond but there's a limit to what they can do but it sounds technical but apparently they are discussing it. it would unleash more investment and that makes that positive cycle of jobs and income and
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growth that we seen in the last couple of years to keep it going. coming up, huge reaction last week to a discussion on mending our broken society. don't forget to check out deep dive on fox nation. here's a clip of last week show on the violence in hollywood. >> there's no win in this regard. especially, when we are looking at the condition of hollywood now. you've got horrible box office receipts and an industry that is aligned on international ticket sales at this point. there's a reason for that. no industry wants to lose their customers and yet it seems very often these days hollywood is, in fact, tried to do that. they are trying to go out of the way to alienate at least half the country. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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steve: welcome back, we continue our series mending our broken society. we received a huge reaction to last week's discussion on family breakdown. you often send in ideas here are a few. love your focus on family and the way to deal with one of those of program with foster grandparents to mentor distressed overwhelmed and especially single parents but this could help keep children safe and nurturing homes.
9:18 pm
emma howard suggested - included neighbors into people who could help in getting to know your neighbors is a lost arthel these days. here is strong medicine from heretical physics. good ideas but if you want to help one at a 50% tax on baby makers industry that run similar with deadbeat dads. make divorce more tougher to get in four, and all government benefits for single parents who have another child. it's interesting this topic presented a strong reaction from people because it's not something we discuss. it can get personal and sensitive and no one has a perfect life so it feels like we can be lecturing other people but on the other hand, all the evidence points to the fact that family stability is so crucial to these issues whether violence, mental health, economic opportunities and those suggestions were practical. >> thought they were practical
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too. this conversation is important as we come up the hill up to mass shootings. there was this interesting op-ed in the la times and it talked about basically for big keys and signs a seat when they've gone back and looked at mass shooters throughout certain time periods and one key indicator is some sort of incident happening earlier on in their childhood. whether going up and home with domestic abuse or some type of traumatic incidents that took place but there's also a psychologist as well that said from the 25 at mass shooting found 75% of them come from a broken family to some degree. other criminal studies have found that not having a father is a big indicator to someone going on in committing crimes. these are things we need to look at it on a personal note, when you go through different challenges and i don't think i
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could've gone to the challenge whether losing a best friend or losing a job without that family structure in unit to back you up and help rebuild you. my heart breaks for people in the country that don't have that support system. steve: tammy bruce was on last week we talked about it. both of us came from a broken home and parents put up but we did okay but that should not stop you from trying to help create a culture and society and a set of policies that try to make sure most kids are raised in the right way. that idea about her appearance was a sort of wisdom. >> i know that all too well but my grandparents were my rock but i think when we look at the system altogether there is another perspective. in a lot of cases people that have intext families don't turn out that great all the time and we've seen that with serial killers in some cases. i don't think the focus should
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be solely on the family because also a lot of cases family can bring someone down but the problem is parenting. whether you have an intact family or what you call a broken home it's always parenting that is the issue. when you look at the programs like big brothers and big sisters there are five, six year waiting list at times. the problem isn't a family in and of itself but it's a parenting aspect. steve: it's the way the children are raised. that speaks to the point about the grandparents. it's often tough and not easy. i know as a parent it's stressful and tough and so getting that help can be make a big difference. >> the nuclear family has been targeted by the left for the last 50 years. the communities in the worst condition in america have the highest fatherlessness rates, black society in particular it before some 70% of black babies will grow up without knowing their father. 78%.
9:22 pm
by any definition that the human rights crisis but from a policy perspective why don't we allocate the $509 in plant parenthood to adopt it. pixar adoption laws, make it easier to adopt it quicker to adopt. there is huge waitlist for adoption with kids in foster homes and the foster system is totally, completely broken. finally, the left wants government to be your friend. they want government and one nation under government. they don't want the nuclear family where your cultural institutions that are the backbone that works but bureaucrat in dc with the most important thing is the life you can see that in the policy with elizabeth warren's plan. >> hillary clinton wrote a book about spirit remember when president obama pulled out the life of julia where government controlled you from cradle to grave and that's the vision of the democratic party. a lot happens in communities. when i was young we had father and daughter dances or - bring the community together and
9:23 pm
developing and encouraging those types of relationships. steve: we have to go but quickly >> in side of that abdication of parenting to schools and government. steve: it's about society and community and that's why the profamily, pro- community and pro- worker. we will keep talking about it. coming up, the continued conversation with a focus on schools and the role of the teacher unions. will be joined by a guest who is on a hugely supported supreme court case. own little world. especially these days. (dad) i think it's here. (mom vo) especially at this age. (big sister) where are we going? (mom vo) it's a big, beautiful world out there. (little sister) woah... (big sister) wow. see that? (mom vo) sometimes you just need a little help seeing it. (avo) the three-row subaru ascent. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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♪ steve: welcome back. a family and parenting as katrina pointed out is the first step in mending a broken society fixing our school system is the second. our next test has a new book out where she makes the arm and the only hope for american schools is putting the power of school choice back in the hands of parents and teachers, not state and national unions. former california public school teacher, rebecca joins us around the table. i should point out as i mentioned at the end of the previous segment your name is on that incredibly important supreme court case. you are friedrichs of the friedrichs case. >> that is me.
9:28 pm
steve: as we talk about school choice the power of the teacher unions and the pta, parent-teacher associations and that in the process of blocking something that we all think could be so beneficial to the children and parents. >> only one reason america does not have school choice. teachers union. state and national teachers union but not locals or the nice teachers who care about kids but the state and national teachers union have no completely bullied the pta that in the 70s they believe the pta into a stance of neutrality so the pta is no longer permitted to take any stance in opposition to the teachers union. parents are out starting with parents teachers and that's why you see parents confused about school choice. steve: they can't actually get the changes they want because they feel like the teachers are
9:29 pm
going to be resisting them and they want to stay family with them. that's where it really it - >> is more subversive than ever estate national teachers union are so deceitful that they use these very clever messaging campaigns to convince parents that if you go for school choice that their community school will get dipped. it will lose money for their own kids. steve: when do you vote for the school board then who will want to have more charter schools in your area? >> or support charter schools or for example, we've had several times on her valid vouchers and so they will convince parents who would be better off with a voucher for an education savings account to vote against it because they're deceptive. steve: the pta you think of as this nice, gentle thing not like the teachers unions but have become just as much a part of the political problem. katrina, this works into
9:30 pm
politics because the unions fund the democrats. >> they do. maybe it's time we have a national discussion with a giant platform to talk about school choice because extremely important, particularly in minority communities. rebecca has been in the embodiment of how all politics, not only start local, but it takes one person to go out there and do the right thing. as you mentioned, she's on the supreme court case. we need more of that. more parents, more teachers doing these things so that people like us can talk about them and get the word out to the masses. these institutions fund the left. people are funding their own demise. they are funding the destruction of education and indoctrinating their children with their own money be one will get to that in the loony left later in the show but - charlie. >> thanks to president trump surprise victory your case inevitably got restructured as the janus decision is the most
9:31 pm
important when president trump does not get enough credit. you don't get enough credit for putting corsets on the court to replace philia because of hillary clinton had won that election that swing vote would went in the incorrect direction. the unconstitutional public funding of teacher unions would have continued and if president trump focus on five words, school choice for black kids it is an undeniable message because the democrats have kept these poor communities permanently f for. it's a cartel. it's no different than the worst mob family that used to grow up thinking existed in the inner cities. think godfather but worse. this is exactly what is going on in our education. steve: that played out with - >> nearly 20% of the black vote under this issue. >> if you want to look at the control teacher unions have get senator cory booker who used to be a huge advocate for school choice and served on the board
9:32 pm
of the alliance for school choice with betsy devos and served under the bus when she throughout the confirmation process and now is running for president and wants the money with teacher unions and is now trying to appeal to them but it someone who throughout his career has been an advocate for school choice even when he was mayor of new work pushing for it as well. it demonstrates the hypocrisy with him and that power he teacher unions have over particularly democratic candidates. steve: rebecca, in terms of looking ahead and moving forward what should be the priority? >> all of america needs to adopt every single teacher they know. according to national education association internal studies the majority of teachers remain conservative. you have all these teachers funding the demise of their own belief in the demise of their own political beliefs. the demise of their own classrooms. horrific discipline policies
9:33 pm
teachers are in crisis and can't teach anymore because the discipline is so out of control. they don't know their teacher union. it's the reason they are behind a bit behind it all. they are funding every divisive problem in this country and in our classroom. steve: just being specific with parents watching tonight what should they do? >> to adopt a teacher? steve: yes. >> i'm so glad you asked. i wrote the book and addressed in engaging stories, personal stories of teachers every lie teachers have been told. i show them how the unions have been controlling that through a culture of fear. using fear, intimidation and ignorance to control them. parents will put their arms around to teachers and hand them a copy of the book and walk them through it and stay with them. we even have it on our website. adopt a teacher fire. steve: that sounds great. four kids in country .org. sounds positive and practical. thank you so much. coming up, swap watch, if you
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♪ steve: as you know, in our swamp watch series b expose corruption and greed wherever we find it. tonight we have a particularly egregious example, a man who's been exploiting for his own personal enrichment one of the most deeply held beliefs of decent american patriots. the nra ceo is tonight swamp watch. ♪ steve: if you're in and are a member you pay $45 a year a good in good faith to protect the second amendment. in february 2018 while the nation's morning the shooting
9:39 pm
victims wayne was house shopping and reportedly told those around him that in the wake of the massacre he worried for safety and needed a more secure home. he apparently meant bigger but he and his wife sat settled on a four-bedroom, 10000 square foot estate in westlake, texas selling for over $5 million. what is wrong with that? everyone's entitled to buy the house they want. wayne is a big, important job. if you want to buy a big house, good luck to him. except it was not him by the house. it was you. instead of buying the place directly with money from his own bank account. the ettore's former longtime ad agency concocted a third-party corporate entity to buy the mansion for wayne. the top nra executive signed a document promising the nra would contribute $6.5 million to the company for 99% ownership. according to a copy of the document reviewed by "the wall street journal". the plans eventually fell apart
9:40 pm
when the relationship soured. but that's not the only dodgy property deal. documents show he asked the nra to pay about $13800 to rent an apartment for a summer intern part of a 15 year history. ripped off nra members for the benefit of himself and those to him. according to internal document wayne spent over $270,000 of your money on clothing between 2004-2017. in two instances he spent almost $40000 in just one day. at this beverly hills branch of a luxury boutique and a new report revealed that tens of thousands of dollars of nra donor funds were used on flights and luxury hotel stays for hair and makeup artists for wayne's
9:41 pm
wife and they traveled with her for events because apparently those are the only two stylists in the whole country capable of doing the job. why shouldn't your nra dues paid for his wife's beauty entourage? what's that? because she's worth it. he also wrecked of charges of more than 250,000 in luxury travel and rent costs with nearly $70000 of that on a trip to the bahamas soon after the city hook shooting. he made nra members pay for trips to italy and budapest in 2014, including $6500 at the four seasons hotel. i've been to that hotel. it's lovely but there are other countries and other hotels you can stay at if you want to protect the second amendment. try the hyatt in washington dc. it's a short walk to places like the united states congress and supreme court were american gun rights are actually decided not budapest or even lake, where you build nra members $200,400 for staying at this luxury retreat.
9:42 pm
not to mention, $70550 or an air charter known as a private jet to get you from one to the other. and $18300 for car and driver each ends. now, we reach out to the nra for comments last week and it said we got a letter from their lawyers. they provided us with a statement from the nra about his lavished clothing expenses same quote, wayne had been advised by the ettore that external advertising professional to invest in his professional wardrobe due to his numerous public and media appearances. quarter of a million dollars that some investment. all that extravagant travel - they said it's quote, involved donor outreach fundraising and stakeholder engagement because there sure are a lot of nra donors and decoders in budapest. that five plus million dollar
9:43 pm
house they were adamant no nra money was ultimately spent but that's because the deal fell through like we said. for years wayne has taken nra members money to live the life of a king but not a king. he's the head of a nonprofit trusted by millions to use its funds to secure constitutional rights. wayne is an odious little grifter and it's time for him to go. lisa, this is not about second amendment but about the trust that people can have with their hard earned money that they put behind a cause the deeply, deeply care about is well spent. >> the challenge for the nra right now on that front is we are in the midst of conversations over gun rights. congress potentially taking action on certain things. nra needs to be the point of strength. this weakens their position and i read an interesting article where legal counsel for gun owners of america was saying
9:44 pm
there really doesn't seem to be this coordinated plan from the nra and how to deal with this response. through these actions and is dominating the headlines it weakens the nra's position and lost oliver north as well as one of their top lobbyist, and the firm they been using for quite some time. now due to these actions they've put the nra in a precarious position. steve: what do you think should happen? should he go now or can he weather the storm? >> i think there needs to be an internal audit of these actions and once you come to that conclusion there needs to be a decision. if he in fact misused these funds he's got to go. this is a distraction at a point where the second amendment supporters need to be strong because conversations on capital right now about getting rid of certain weapons, increased background checks et cetera and the emirate needs to be in a
9:45 pm
position of strength and they are not right now. if you're a member i assume there's got to be frustration here. steve: all right. there we go. lisa, thank you. coming up, the left is that it again. california department of education wants to teach our children that capitalism is a form of power and oppression. at visionworks, we guarantee you'll see great and look great. "guarantee". we uh... we say that too. you gotta use "these" because we don't mean it. buy any pair at regular price, get one free. really. visionworks. see the difference. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ steve: we have not had a loony left for a couple weeks and i missed it. we have an extra insane one from california. ♪ steve: recently, california's education department issued ethnic studies model curriculum which is described as, here you go, interdisciplinary study of race, ethnicity and gender [inaudible] it's a study of intersexual and ancestral roots, clone reality, dignified world where many world fit. if the x disciplinary loving and critical practice of holistic humanity. that's not all that capitalism is described as quote, form of power and oppression right there with racism and white supremacy.
9:50 pm
>> first, give a shout out to bill evers who wrote the speech in "the wall street journal". i was there when he was researching all this and doug all this up because no one was looking in the california education standards and first publicizes in "the wall street journal". california is almost like trying to reshape america to their own defiance of basic cultural norms and you saw this in the courts and now through to find the trumpet epa. i read this article in bloomberg where it will kill thousands of jobs of farmers here in california where the basic labeling issue which will totally decimate an industry and it's another example of how the radical left is trying to infiltrate our school system but we fight this every day at turning point usa. the doctorate nation is starting younger and younger. steve: and this culture - the language they use is just - >> but is designed to indoctrinate. that's the purpose here.
9:51 pm
how did humanity ever evolve with this steam engine in tvs and computers prior to multiculturalism? all these things were compassed even before the establishment of the department of education. can't we get back to reading, writing and arithmetic? instead their teaching on things like i can't even say some of the things. >> i'm surprised you made it through that. >> insane. steve: by the way, to our earlier policy discussion that's why they don't want school of choice because parents don't want this crap. >> this is why you want school choice. this is exactly why craziness like this and jewish groups that oppress concern that this promotes and pushes a boycott divestment and sanctions movement and the curriculum encourages and promotes people like a cop killer so they're highlighting bad people throughout society and if you want to look at oppression go talk to venezuela who will tell you about oppression. look at the fact that maduro
9:52 pm
uses data run food programs to control individuals as people are starving and dying in the country. that's oppression and called socialism. it's not capitalism. steve: i'm sorry were out of time but so bad. we will continue to highlight it that's what the loony left is for the coming up, another week and another punch of joe biden mistakes. but are they worse than gas? we report, you decide.
9:53 pm
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you don't really talk about your insurance unless you're complaining about it. you go on about how...'s so confusing it hurts my brain. ya i hear ya... or say you can't believe... much of a hassle it is! and tell anyone who'll listen... (garbled)'s so expensive! she said it's so expensive. tell me about it. yes.. well i'm telling the people at home. that's why esurance is making the whole experience surprisingly painless. so, you never have to talk about it, unless you're their spokesperson. esurance. it's surprisingly painless. steve: sleepy joe biden, a bit of a gaffe machine. but is it really gaffes. i want to play three of them for you. three from the debate and one from last week in iowa. we'll discuss it. take a look. >> my plan makes a limit of copays to be 1,000 dollars because we further support the
9:57 pm
ability to buy in to the obamacare plan. this is now where things are going to go. it's no longer chemicals. it's about ul of the breaks with the immune system. you have people like margaret -- excuse me, people like the former chairman and leader of the party in germany, angela merkel stamedding up saying how terrible it is. steve: this makes democrats question the former vp. this is from matt, a guest on the show tweeting, the democratic primary boils down to the question will the democratic votervoters eventually notice tt joe biden is senile. i didn't say it. i think the polite term is cognitive impairment. >> he's going to be 77 in
9:58 pm
november. and another area that this hurts on the certain gaffes. steve: they're not a sort of slip up. >> democrats perceive him as being the most electable candidate. but i will just say, if there were a comment, poor kids can be just as bright as white kids that would be treated as a racist. he grabbed a student eats arm in iowa, barely made any headlines open that would have been a huge headline if it were president trump. >> he said, don't mess with me kid. can you imagine if donald trump would have grabbed a young college gucial's arm saying don't me mess with me kid. steve: but again, they're
9:59 pm
constantly, the trump hating going on about the president's mental state. and you now, there are legitimate grounds looking at this question. he's not playing with a full deck. >> that's what most people agree. they're not your typical gaffes. they took him off of the campaign trail and made it known that they want to keep him off as much as boss. steve: that's great for a presidential people. >> if you can't be out there talking to the people because of gaffes. >> as the field narrows, he's more exposed on the debate stage where he has more to talk. john kerry was in fourth until he won iowa and ended up being the canned ai can date at candi.
10:00 pm
mark: hello, i am mark levin, this is life liberty and levin, we have a great guest dr. charles kesler. >> good to see you. mark: it has been 30 years. >> i have been following you. mark: thank you, and i you. editor of claremont books. considered the greatest publication on book reviews. i read it, i love it. also you are a professor o


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