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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  August 22, 2019 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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melissa and for harris. take it away, melissa. >> melissa: fox news alert, the search is on after a sniper opens fire on a deputy. this is "outnumbered overtime." i'm melissa francis in today for harris faulkner. southern california is on edge as the gunman remains at large after wounding that deputy outside the l.a. county sheriff lancaster station. we are told the deputy's only alive because he wore his protective vest. despite being the target, he was able to call in the ambush. let's listen. >> melissa: william la jeunesse has more of angeles. william? >> melissa, this number has to be a little nervous right now. this mystery sniper is still out there. unlike last night, there is no longer a lock down, so residents can come and go. this happened around 3:00
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yesterday has 21-year-old angel reinosa was leaving work. he was in the parking lot about to get in his car and take off his vest when police believe the gunman fired from a rifle. one-shot striking reinosa the shoulder. >> think about what happened here today. a sniper took out one of our deputies. and the only reason that deputy is alive is because he had his vest on. >> deputies thought they had this area contain. as of a few minutes ago, no suspect, no motive. it comes from a government subsidized apartment building from the homeless and the mentally ill. >> it's a building filled the people being treated for mental illness. of course it's a concern. of course it's insanity. >> swot responded, deputies cleared the building. reinosa, who joined the department a year ago and was trained to become a patrol deputy, is recovering.
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>> the wound itself was minor. it's my understanding that no surgery was needed. whether he was by himself, we don't have any information like that. >> of those living nearby say police have to frequently stop fights in this building, and getting its residents they are under control. >> i used to live there. i thought it was a danger having somebody overlook a police station. i have children and i would rather have that person in custody than on the street. >> the investigation continues. homicide detectives are expected to provide an update sometime this morning, melissa. we don't have the exact time. clearly that vest saved his lif life. >> melissa: absolutely. william la jeunesse, thank you. fox news confirming dhs will not move forward with dna collection from offenders of the southern border. this, after a government watchdog notified the trip administration and congress and allege that customs and border protection failed to comply for nearly a decade with a law that
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put public safety front and center. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the new developments in this story. catherine? >> think you come melissa. good afternoon. in the letter to the president and congressional oversight committees, the government watchdogs of the border agency violated the law for nearly a decade and compromise public safety after feeling to implement this dna screening program for illegal migrants. the letter obtained by fox news reads in part, "the agency's noncompliance with the law has allowed subjects subsequently accused of violent crimes including homicide and sexual assault to elude detection even when detained multiple times by cbp, customs and border protection, or immigrations and custom enforcement. this is an unacceptable dereliction of the agency's law-enforcement mandate." fox news first profiled the whistle-blowers behind the complaint last month. under the law, cbp is required to collect dna from individuals in custody and compare it against dna in the fbi's file
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crimes database. the goal was to identify and then remove or prosecute illegal migrants whose dna match open cases. from sexual assault, to murder. the obama administration put this dna screening program on hold in 2010, citing resource issues. investigator sided with the whistle-blowers that the waiver was never meant to be public. the whistle-blowers also told fox news that past efforts to implement the program were set up to fail. >> of the in that conference call said we we will make it fl or find a woman to film them take her dna and garner public outrage. >> after the funding in the fox news investigation, we received the statement from a homeland security official.
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kevin mcaleenan has directed them to work with the dust department and finally move forward on the dna collection that was mandated under the law. >> melissa: catherine herridge, great reporting as always. thank you for bringing that to us. democratic front runner joe biden dismissing some veil -- or, actually not so veiled -- a tax on his campaign after soms recently urged voters to choose the candidate who can inspire the country and not just a "safe bet." here's how the former vice president responded. >> i don't think anybody in the safe bet. this is a marathon. it's a long, long way to go. i think they should pick somebody who they think can win. to change the nature of the direction of the country, and decide who is ready on day one to be president. >> melissa: other question is, could the attacks intensify in the lead up to next month's democratic debate? training you know is jon summers, former key medications directed a former
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democrat senate majority leader, harry reid. jon, i'm so happy to have them. you are so good on messaging. do you think the signal these other candidates are saying? to choose this over product of muslim pragmatism, is it safe? >> i don't think it's the most effective message. throughout is -- and he seems in poll after poll after poll, melissa -- if the majority of democratic primary voters want someone who can beat to donald trump. that's the most important quality you can have as a democratic presidential candidate. so everyone should be running on that same message. it's just that joe biden has been the one who's running on that message from the start. the reality is they should all be running on this message, "i am delectable, i can beat donald trump. i've got what it takes. i can turn this ship around and move us on a path forward where all americans can prosper."
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that's where every candidate ought to be. >> melissa: this raises such an interesting question. do you believe as a democrat with a lot of experience has seen these fields shake out before, do you believe joe biden really is the candidate with the best chance to beat the president? in this day and age, you have to inspire passion to get people to come out and vote. somebody who says he's middle-of-the-road and they don't love him, but he seems like he could win, does that make and the person most likely to be to trump? versus somebody like maybe elizabeth warren or bernie sanders who turns off a lot of people but also really fires up a lot of people? >> this is where momentum become so important in races like these. it really is a force. if you start with that early momentum, as joe biden has from the very beginning, and he's been able to hold onto it, that first debate notwithstanding. he's been able to hold onto that position. that helps keep momentum in his
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direction. momentum can be very difficult thing to fight. other candidates can. i think you are right -- i don't think the best messages to settle for him. the best message, "i can beat donald trump. i could do this. we need to turn this ship around. that's the most important thing we can do. but i also have a vision for moving this country forward." we've been hearing more from the other candidates about that latter part. democratic primary voters still need to be convinced that you've got the ability to be to trump. that, again, is the most important quality. we want doesn't really have momentum? that implies the rate of change. that it's speeding up. gaining momentum. actually, the other candidates are getting closer. his lead was bigger originally. he is still way out in front. but does he really have momentum, or other other candidates? elizabeth warren is the one who is surging. >> elizabeth warren is doing very well. one of the reason she is doing so well, and pete buttigieg is, as well -- every week there's a new policy they are coming out
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with. they are showing they've got the ability. that they've got a vision for the country moving forward. they are coming out every week with with their vision is so they are not just running campaigns that are against donald trump. i think that's very important. both of them need to get in that electability message. >> melissa: who do you think is the one with the easiest time beating the president if you had to pick one? >> [laughs] that's a tough one. strictly looking at the polls -- and i'm not someone who lives and die by those, i don't trust them. i think we've seen the results of wide. but if you look at the polls, it looks like it's joe biden. i think warren could do fairly well though i don't see her coming out as the nominee. as you know, i like pete buttigieg quite a bit. it'll be interesting to see if kamala harris is going to be able to make a comeback where she will continue to slide a little bit. >> melissa: jon summers, you are a good sport. usually people don't -- it's so
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early, you're a good sport to play along. >> thanks, melissa. >> melissa: an american baker accused of killing a hotel worker at a resort returns to the caribbean island where the accident took place. he says he acted in self-defense to protect his family. his lawyer claims information has been withheld. will he get a fair trial? we talked to the lawyer who represented the holy family following the natalie holloway tragedy in aruba. plus, president trump doubles down on his criticism of jewish democrats, despite fierce pushback. amid the controversy over some democrat squad members. we we will talk to a rabbi with strong feelings on the matter. that's next. we present limu emu & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ] it's an honor to tell you that
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>> melissa: legendary boston celtics point guard and member of the basketball hall of fame, bob cousy, will be honored at the white house today when president trump awards and our nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. teaching was a 15-time all-star and won six championships with boston. he spoke with fox nation about that legendary celtics run and how the fans still love him to this day. >> he went through the hole -- there was like 150. people wrote laying off the table. i teared up, actually. i don't know why. we are a bunch of old jocks. but that moment was meaningful to all of us, i think. >> melissa: a aww!
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that's so sweet! he is the fourth nba player to receive the honor. he is 91 years young. speak of the democrats have gone very far away from israel. they don't want to fund israel. they want to take away foreign aid to israel. you vote for a democrat, you are being very disloyal to jewish people and you're being very disloyal to israel. >> melissa: president trump defending his criticism of jewish democrats falling out with his feud. over their condemnation of israel. joining us now is rabbi abraham cooper. he is associate dean for the simon wiesenthal center. thank you for joining us. first of all, what do you think of the president's statement there? getting a lot of criticism, saying this thing we are hearing a lot. that it hearkens back to a trope from another time and reminds you of when someone said something else. that's been a lot of the
10:17 am
dialogue around the anti-semitism lately. do you think -- what do you think of his phrasing specifically? >> of the freezing is a problem. the american jewish community, the tradition is supporting bipartisanship. a strong 2-party approach. especially on jewish and human rights issues. and israel, looking at decades of bipartisanship. showing signs of fraying. we are also obviously sensitive to language preyed on the one hand, the president has a lot to bring to the american jewish folder. his amazing support for israel, bringing the embassy finally to jerusalem, the golan heights, taking on iran. and an area i'm involved with and gets almost no coverage, taking care of religious freedom worldwide. secretary pompeo has done amazing work in bringing 100 foreign ministers together. he has plenty to bring to the table. when you tie that up, what were
10:18 am
some can see that as a litmus test for your loyalty, it doesn't help. in a sense, it also deflects from the problem that many american jewish democrats have, which is a failure from the top of the party since omar and tlaib came on the scene. she just deal directly with their anti-semitism and to put two coke freshmen congresswomen in their place. the fact that has not happened has a lot of people very concerned. as mr. wiesenthal, we are named after the late great nazi hunter, a victim of the nazi player us. he said, "where democracy is strong, it's good for jews. where it is weak, it's bad for jews." you can say the same for all americans. we need to get back our sense of bipartisanship on core issues. you guys cover it day in and day out. right now, it seems to be sort
10:19 am
of a species that needs to be rediscovered. if we don't, i think we are all in a lot of trouble. >> melissa: you wrote an op-ed i read talking about ilhan omar and when she wasn't condemned by democrats. specifically for anti-semitism. how do you balance words and actions? because i hear you saying you don't like the freezing of the president, but you appreciate his actions. some of the actions on the left -- if these two members of congress support bds, in your mind, is that an action against israel? is that in a category that is more serious than the words that come out of your mouth? >> maybe they don't fully realize it, but they are now sitting in congress. they have the capability of bringing legislation, endorsing other moves. this is a piece of legislation out there based on a lie, that israel targets palestinian children.
10:20 am
that's in the house of representatives. they supported. unfortunately, in terms of these two congressmen, their anti-semites. they don't like the jewish state, they would like to see it disappear. the kinds of troops they use, freedom of speech is absolutely critical. but we all know that fox news covers it every day. words have consequence. i think we have seen that this is a segment of the democratic party that's out there. on the other hand, just a few days ago, the heads of the parties had a joint press conference in jerusalem. bipartisanship is what we are looking for. those two will never be part of. >> melissa: we have to run. i wish we had more time. that part protestant group that went over, that's what our nation should be about. rabbi cooper, thank you for your time today. >> a pleasure, melissa. >> melissa: president trump promised to drain the swamp. the plan is to move one theocracy headquarters out of the capital.
10:21 am
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enterprise makes it easy. our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy. >> melissa: president trump making good on a campaign promise to reform the federal bureaucracy and make it more responsive to the heartland. the administration is slated to relocate the bureau of land management from its d.c. headquarters to grand junction colorado. that's pretty cool. alicia acuna is live in denver with more details. when you think about it, it makes sense. >> that's what the trump administration is saying, melissa. this makes total sense. and they are also draining the swamp. opponents argued accusing the administration of conducting a brain drain out of the nation's capital.
10:26 am
the bureau of land management is not the only agency on the move. the u.s. department of agriculture is also relocating a significant number of staffers to the middle of the country. usda to missouri and kansas. blm, as dimension, to grand junction colorado and other western states. the trump administration says 90% of the land that the blm oversees is west of the mississippi river area so employees should be closer. house democrats have accused secretary of the interior david bernhardt of a lack of transparency in making the choice. >> i commend secretary bernhardt for making this decision. it wasn't easy. he's going to continue to receive criticism from people who just have decided that only washington knows best. i fundamentally disagree with that. in fact, if we could have more government closer to the people, we would have better decisions across the board. >> melissa: don't like >> opponents continue to raise concerns about cost, morale, transparent to commit decision-making, and influence from special interests. plus, suspicion that experts at
10:27 am
odds to the president are being forced to move or quit. >> you are talking about thousands of thousands of people that are unnecessarily in washington, d.c. we are just talking about a few hundred people whose jobs were in d.c. for very specific and good reasons. so it's getting rid of that expertise, getting rid of those people who have the knowledge of how to do their jobs, forcing them out. that's what the concern is here. >> melissa, we should point out that 97% of blm employees already work all over the country. a group of retired blm workers is asking the u.s. senate to investigate all this. melissa? >> melissa: fascinating. thank you. the disputed venezuelan president, nicolas maduro, confirming secret talks with the white house. so i guess they're not a secret anymore. on the leadership crisis in his country. this, as the u.s. navy continues its mission off the coast of columbia, including providing
10:28 am
life-changing surgeries for venezuelans who can't seek medical care in their country. ellison barber is live off the coast of santa marta columbia with more. ellison? >> hi, melissa. the u.s.n.s comfort is on month two of a 5-month mission. they say this mission is aimed at helping venezuelan migrants and relieving the pressure on national medical systems that have been overburdened as a result of so many people being forced to leave their country. in the last few years, for million venezuelans have fled their home country, heading to places like peru, chile, ecuador, and colombia. the u.s. and us comfort always stopped through other countries. they made it to venice wheel this week. they are performing surgeries on this ship every day. we walked out of one of them. right now they're treating venezuelan violence, old, young, men, women, children.
10:29 am
the crew is both military and civilians. other countries are chipping into hell. he saw cataract surgery yesterday were one of the doctors was a u.s. navy doctor. medical teams are also working on shore. we flew with some of the medical personnel heading to the lands to treat more patients earlier today. >> we are taking off on a helicopter mission right now. this is one of a few ways patients as well as crew members of the u.s.n.s comfort can get to and from shore. right now we are writing with a crew of mostly medical professionals who are helping to work on the land site to where they treat people on on a first-come first-served basis for minor ailments. they are often in optometry, getting new glasses. basic things like bread don't like blood pressure checks. as we passed through here, we are about half a nautical mile off the shore of colombia. there are two think you are
10:30 am
sites on shore. that's where hundreds of people are coming every day. winding up and waiting to get medical care from this crew stationed from the u.s.n.s comfort. >> all of this is happening, as you said, as the disputed president of venezuela, nicolas maduro, confirms talks have been happening. at high levels with numbers of the trump administration. president trump confirmed that, as well. in the last 24 hours, the opposition leader, juan guaido, and venezuela is raising some doubts as to whether nicolas maduro actually knew that members of his team were communicating with the united states. he says he's known they've been doing that, and it's been at his direction. melissa? >> melissa: interesting. ellison barber, thank you. he doesn't believe he will get a fair trial. the american charged with murder in paradise appears in court. a live report and reaction from the lawyer who represented
10:31 am
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>> melissa: fox news alert, a man charged with killing a hotel worker on his family vacation appearing in court in the caribbean today. you can see their new video. scott hapgood, who claims he killed the man in self-defense back in april while on vacation at a five-star hotel on the island of anguilla. he insists he would do it all over again to protect his family. david lee miller has more from fox news room. david lee? >> melissa, scott hapgood returned to angola for a brief hearing this morning and he is now speaking out. the bankers accused of manslaughter in connection with the death about a maintenance worker. kenny mitchell. he is free on $74,000 bail. as expected, the court adjourned the case to give the prosecution more time to prepare for trial. when the hearing was over, hapgood read a prepared statement to reporters. >> i'm grateful to the
10:36 am
opportunity to appear in court today. every court appearance means we are one step closer to putting this nightmare behind us. a nightmare for my family but also for the people of anguilla. we came to your beautiful island for a vacation, just like many thousands of others due each year. we came here because of how welcoming you all are. unfortunately, my family about where in the wrong place at the wrong time, and in an instant, a tragedy resulted that has changed our lives forever. >> hapgood says the hotel handyman showed up unexpectedly at his room, claiming to fix a sink. instead, he said mitchell, armed with a knife, tried to rob him. mitchell died from expectation and what force trauma to his head. they say authorities delayed release of a toxicology report showed a high level of alcohol, as well as cocaine and other drugs in mitchell's body. his family, who attended the hearing, said that hapgood's version of what happened is not true. following court, mitchell's brother said hapgood use an
10:37 am
excessive amount of force. >> used too much strength. he had enough strength to let go of my brother, he would be here today. >> authorities anguilla are not commenting on this case. hapgood says he is looking forward to prove his innocence and have the attorney general try the case. the next court date is scheduled for september 9th. >> melissa: for more i am drawn by john q kelly, who represented the teenager natalie holloway's family after the tragedy in aruba in 2005. he's also a former prosecutor. now a civil litigator. the first question so many of us have, did he have to return to the island? he made it back home and i was going there. >> the u.s. has an extradition treaty with great britain, and that the treaty of great britain that rules anguilla. extradition.
10:38 am
they could have brought him back, and he's got a home, a wife, three kids back in connecticut. >> melissa: he be easy to find. is there anything about his story that doesn't make sense to you? 's dominic >> not the facts. you know them now. you can use reasonable force to protect your family from bodily harm. he indicated the gentleman showed up at the door. came in, wielded a knife, was frenzied and tried to rob him. his daughters also were fit in. he used force to restrain him. >> melissa: you are the complaint from his lawyer that his toxicology report was held for long time before they finally found out what was in the victim's bloodstream. it goes a long way, it would seem, to explaining how this happen. that was the question so many people had. it doesn't make sense this person would just show up at your door, barged in, and try and rob you. when there is five people inside. it isn't somebody who looks like he would be easy to overwhelm. in your mind, is it possible that the acquisition is there
10:39 am
holding the information and it tainted the jury pool? for a long time the jury had it set in their mind, mind, anybody who might be in the jury watching it locally, was just hearing this strange story of somebody showing up at the door and barging in and robbing whoever worked at the hotel. the thing that makes sense is the toxicology report. that seems like it was a big problem. >> is going to be a problem. there are three big issues. one is going to be the autopsy. how did mitchell actually die? the cause of death? the cocaine in the amphetamine effect could have been a contributor factor. secondly, the crime scene has been processed. clearly, the witness statements. with a videotape, written down properly? what happened? really don't know just basic facts. >> melissa: a lot of people worried about whether they could be a fair trial. on one hand the government is bouncing the fact that they rely on tourism. this will make people afraid to go there, thinking something like this could happen.
10:40 am
this is locals protecting their locals against foreigners that come in. do you think there's a fair trial here? >> you can't tell that of time. trial by the judgment's rulings, we don't like the way the jury deliveries, whether they present all the evidence. in the media itself. hardly portrayed? what side are they taking? is it biased? >> melissa: there's a lot of room for bias there. john q kelly, thank you. appreciate it. president trump's new defense secretary, mark esper, giving his first exclusive interview with fox news after one month on the job amid rising international threats and questions over election security. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with more. jennifer? >> melissa, in our exclusive interview, the defense secretary mark esper told me china poses the greatest long-term threat the united states. but here's what he said about
10:41 am
russia. >> in terms of the election, can you assure the american people that the next election will be secure from cyber interference or any sort of hacking from russia or others? >> we are busily working every single day as part of a whole government approach led by the department of homeland security to make sure that the case. that was the case in 2016 and we will continue to apply all of our capability sent authorities to make sure our elections are protected and that the integrity over democracy is unquestioned. >> what have you learned from russia's field test of the nuclear-powered cruise missile? there was a radiation release. do you know how much radiation was released? what is russia hiding? they took some of their stations off-line shortly afterward. >> i don't have details on the incident, at least that i can share. clearly they are trying to expand their strategic nuclear arsenal to do with the united states. as people talk about a new strategic arms reduction treaty, that's why we say if there's
10:42 am
going to be an extension, we need to make sure we include all these new weapons that russia is pursuing. >> to be neat modernize or get rid of them connect >> we need to modernize our stockpile. it's a key deterrent to nuclear war. i think a strong, reliable, capable, ready deterrent is what prevents nuclear war from happening in the first place. >> russia and china demanded u.n. security council meeting today after complaining about u.s. intermediate-range cruise missile test on sunday off the coast of california. the type of missile test that had been banned under the cold war inf treaty, the u.s. just pulled out of. mostly? >> melissa: jennifer griffin, thank you so much. san francisco city officials changing our law enforcement talks about criminals. replacing the term "convicted felon" with "justice-involved person." okay. is that political correctness run amok? plus, the president says he has
10:43 am
an appetite for back on tax on guns. will that result from actual legislation when congress returns from summer break? the power panel is next. ♪ you'll get tailored product solutions, expert tech advice and one-on-one partnership. call an advisor today at 877-buy-dell. ♪ experience our most advanced safety technologyto on our full line vehicles. now at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379 a month for 36 months and we'll make your first month payment. experience amazing.
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm in for dana perino today. i'm julie banderas. we are keeping a close watch on california where police are on the hunt for a sniper.
10:47 am
for them they say shot at sheriff deputy. plus, former white house press secretary sean spicer responding to critics taking issue with his casting on "dancing with the stars." at an alarming report about doctors who decide on their own to step in for donors. now people are finding out who the real fathers are. that's coming up on "the daily briefing." see you soon. >> new claims of postal correctness run amok. advising law enforcement terms to sound less harsh as the city struggles with one of the highest crime rates in the country. chief correspondent jonathan hunt joins us with the story. jonathan? >> according to the symphysis go board of supervisors , just because someone has been convicted of a crime doesn't mean they should be defined by that. so the board wants to tone down the language we use to refer to people currently known as felons or convicts.
10:48 am
instead, how about "formerly incarcerated person?" or "returning resident?" how about changing "offender" to "justice-involved?" and a juvenile offender to a "young person impacted by the justice system?" supervisor matt haney likes the idea because "we don't want people to be forever labeled for the worst things that they have done," or is the resolution puts it, "dehumanizing language like person or, convict, inmate, or felon only serve to obstruct and separate people from society and make the institutionalization of racism and supremacy appear normal. the resolution is nonbinding and has not been signed off on by the mayor of san francisco, whose spokesman said she "doesn't implement policies based on nonbinding resolutions, but always happy to work with the board on issues around equity and a criminal justice reform." the resolution, by the way,
10:49 am
claims that one in five california residents has a criminal record. it is statistically likely that, as i stand here, at least two of the fnc staff within my line of sight would be under this language known as "justice-involved returning residents." i will get lanes and let you know. >> melissa: [laughs] or you, it could be you! >> or me! mind is all in britain, that's why i left. >> melissa: [laughs] jonathan hunt, you are the best. thank you. >> i have an appetite for background checks. we are going to be doing background checks. we are working with democrats, republicans. the one that was president trump yesterday expressing an interest in strengthening background chee federal level. but what can actually get done when congressional lawmakers return from their august recess? beverly halbrook is a fellow at the independent women's forum and antjuan seawright is a former senior advisor debt never
10:50 am
quits in south carolina. i will ask both of you this question. everybody always quotes the stats about how americans support overwhelmingly the background checks, getting rid of assault rifles, that sort of thing. if the support is so overwhelming, why aren't politicians more eager to get this done? >> i think there is one side of the aisle that does not want to get this done. >> melissa: but if it's overwhelmingly popular, they all want to get reelected. >> that's not true. >> melissa: they don't? speak of democrats control the house passed legislation. in a bipartisan way, , and mighi add. the 95% of the american people support. like most bills, it has died in the senate and not seen the light of day. the pressures on the senate. they don't have to reinvent the wheel in doing these background checks. this is a domestic security issue. it should not be a partisan issue, and it needs to be treated as such. >> melissa: beverly, if 90% of american people support this, republicans who are against it would be risking getting voted right out. so to me there is something
10:51 am
either in the mass, something going on. because that doesn't make sense. if it was that clear cut, they would do it for nothing else but to keep their job. speak of the reason is, when you get into the details of how background checks work in our country, they are very strong. we have a lot of information about taking place. kamala harris, cory booker. elizabeth warren has made misstatements about our background check process. many talk about loopholes, what you are really talking about is whether or not a private individual can give a gun to, let's say, a family member. if a dad wants to give a gun to have his daughter when she goes live on her own for the first time. should the federal government be involved in that? our process is fairly strong and that's why you don't get new movement. >> melissa: wouldn't she get it for himself? >> she could, but when i get it from your dad track should the government be in charge of that? that the debate to be had paid that's what is at stake. >> can i tell you a personal story? i lost a friend in south carolina where nine people were killed in a church. if we had close the loophole,
10:52 am
dylann roof would have never had a gun. we have to do something so another parent does not have to bury a child, or a child doesn't have to very apparent. this is not a partisan issue. again, this is a domestic security issue. >> melissa: the problem is that -- >> the fact is, you should never have had a gun. >> melissa: the problem is there's always a case where whatever we are doing wouldn't help. and there's always a case where you state would have helped in this case, and someone says it wouldn't. how do you get past that conversation connect >> i understand why we have this conversation. for situations like you went through with your friend on your friend's family. we want to solve this. we look at it and say, how do we stop these tragedies from happening? the reality is that we are on the right path when we think about the fact that there is mental health issues. >> see, that -- speak of the parkland shooter alone , police went to his house 39 times in the seven years that he was even part of this --
10:53 am
>> melissa: we can onto the spirit someone in my family died as a result of gun violence and mental illness paid so we can all do that. >> let me tell you. everything else their pelicans want to paint, they still have access to the gun. if you have background checks, i cannot show up to a gun show and purchase a gun if we had universal background checks. >> melissa: unfortunately we didn't solve it. just like congress. area 51 frenzy. a tiny desert community. local officials trying to prepare for a possible flood of ufo buffs. a county commissioner drives us next. ♪ at couldthousands tens of over the life of the loan, starting right away. with the newday's va streamline refi there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no points. you could lower your payment before you write your next month's check. make the most of your va mortgage benefits. refinance to a lower rate now at newday usa. refi now at
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they give us excellent customer otservice, every time.e. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today. >> commissioner and the modest role lincoln county issuing an emergency declaration ahead of the so-called storm area 51 a fund that so far has drawn more than 2 million rsvps on facebook. the county home to the self-proclaimed u.s. conspiracy capital of the world.
10:58 am
believed the u.s. government to store the remainder crashed alien spacecraft there. joining me from las vegas is the chairman of the lincoln county commission. thank you so much for joining us, you are in a pickle here because you have people on one side who want all of these folks to come, there is a music festival that is being put on, there is people with shops that want to sell things. on the other hand, how many people can this area really support without there being a big disaster? i heard some say the cell phone infrastructure can't handle it. how many people are going to comment what you think is going to happen? >> well you have asked several questions and i will do my best to answer them. we are preparing to get out of this. the events you just talked about or an afterthought to kind of control, in hopes to control the influx of people. the declaration that we just
10:59 am
passed last commission meeting is a preemptive to the state government, or state agencies, to help us with our infrastructure and our logistics and trying to get ahead of us. our little county only has 5,000 people and our resources will be spent pretty fast. yes, this can be a cell phone communications are probably not going to handle all of the traffic if 20,000 people show up. to speak we don't have a lot of time left. is anybody helping you? is the state or federal government helping you and you think there's going to try and really get into area 51? >> i hope they are not dumb enough to get into area 51. it is a military base and they will protect it. state and federal agencies both are helping, their law enforcement and also their emergency management have pitched in. yesterday i was in the meeting with about 150 people trying to
11:00 am
get the logistics down for all these different agencies to communicate with each other. >> i'm so sorry we have to go. thank you so much, good luck to you my son wants to go i'm going to stop him though. "the daily briefing" start right now. >> dana: would begin with the fox news alert. southern california is on edge after a sniper open fire outside of a sheriff's office. now the man hunt is on to track the shooter down. hello everyone i'm julie been there in for dana perino today in this is the daily briefing. so the gunman remains at large after wounding a deputy in the shoulder we've got hey william. >> >> hey, julie, this happen rt across the street from the sheriff station. deputy said into the apartment building many times and basically they said to break up


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