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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  September 1, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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"justice" is next and remember i'm "watters world" and this is my
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have a good night. judge jeanine: welcome to us jis *, i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us on this holiday weekend. and thanks for making last weekend's "justice" number one all weekend long. i don't see anything stopping us this week. we'll talk about the comey report. in a moment i'll be talking with corey lewandowski, dan bongino. we'll have a lot of fun tonight and more. we'll discuss the national power grid vulnerability. but first my open. you know what? the president was right to fire
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you. everything you did while you were at the fbi was for your political and ee. thinking no one would prosecute you for removing information from the fbi and giving it to your pal to get it to the "new york times." by doing this, you, one person, james comey, you created havoc and chaos in this great country. but for your doing that, robert mueller would never have been appointed and america would never have had to endure the lies of russian collusion that you and your pals at the fbi created. your arrogance led you to believe that you were above the law. you took various documents that contain classified information
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and official use only and you removed them from the fbi. by doing so, you violated both the fbi's rules and policies as well as the terms of your fbi employment agreement. after being fired rightfully fired as director by president trump you took 7 memos you had no right to remove from the fbi, that you never told anyone about, and you placed them in your safe. this is contrary to the rules of the esteemed fbi, more esteemed since you left. when you left, you were required to surrender all materials in your potential that contained fbi information. you did not. you sent some to your pal richmond to get to the "new york times" without seeking the necessary fbi authorization under the claim that they were simply your personal memos. the inspector general report
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makes it very clear that merely labeling a document personal or private does not alter its official nature. you base some of those memos to your attorney. the report conclude you improperly disclosed that information and you were not authorized to do that. you simply decided to take matters into your own hands. your lack of candor and inability to be straightforward and return those records as well as your failure to reveal you took those records, especially when the fbi sent by andrew mccabe came to your home to inventory and remove all the fbi property you took. you did not say when you had the opportunity and obligation that you had fbi property in your safe. those memos that contain classified information had to be
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secured at a skiff and you not, a sensitive compartmental information facility. but your arrogance has no bound. after the report came out you were quick to attack those who talked about you going to jail for being a liar and a leaker. >> i didn't consider it part of an fbi file, all the things i talked about. >> you wrote it as an fbi director, it was a work product. >> no, it was not, it was my personal them our. judge jeanine: the i.g. says classified information is never personal property, it's the property of the united states government. you know, jim, in your tweets you complain about all those who spent years about your going to jail or about going being a liar and a leaker. but like all liars and leakers
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you have got yourself convinced you didn't lie. jim, read the reports. you violated the rules and cut hillary clinton loose on the same statutes you could have been charged with. you knew better than anyone what you were doing was wrong. if you want to read more about yourself after i wrote about you in liars, leakers and liberals. my new book gives you top billing again. don't you dare tell us that we are the liars and leakers. you arrogant condescending low life. you have been found to be a liar and a leaker. just because the department of justice is not prosecuting you on this, don't think for one second you are home fry, buddy. if nothing more your lying and leaking shows your intent to take down donald trump and your
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abuse of our courts to do just that. everything you have did here is just another reminder of you putting your personal ambitions and ego ahead of our country and papatriotism. and your hatred so intense that you caused this country to almost fracture over the appointment of a special prosecutor and the absurd idea of russia collusion. sure the department of justice may have declined prosecuting you on this. but make no mistakes on this. your attempts to prevail on american citizens to spy on a presidential campaign for your girlfriend hillary that you cut loose and used a dossier paid for with her money to destroy donald trump. it will lead to your ultimate deserved ruination.
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that's my open. let me know what you think on my facebook and twitter #judgejeanine. joining me, andy mccarthy. when i was a prosecutor and you were a prosecutor, you were in the building next door to me and worked with jim comey. i think it's relevant that you would be talking about this whole thing. it was a scathing ig report. it was scathing. big bar decides not to -- bill barr decides not to prosecution. but jim comb comey knows the rules more than anything else. can we agree he's a smart guy? >> a very smart guy. judge jeanine: he takes the memos that are for official use
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only. he puts them in his safe and gives some to his lawyers. when andrew mccabe send the fbi to pick up his fbi material, he doesn't give them what's in the safe. why not? >> obviously he should have given them whatever he had. i think he hadn't yet worked out -- in his mind from what i understand when this was revealed his position was they were not fbi records. the recollection recorded. and -- the thing that bo neared throughout this. i was a prosecutor for 8 years before i knew the fbi had a night job doing security. we did cops and robbers stuff. and the point of collecting information is interesting. everybody in law enforcement, fbi one of the s. attorney's
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office, the cops. you have to handle law enforcement sensitive information in an appropriate way. and people shouldn't get a look at what happened here and think that the fbi would think that's the fact he didn't get prosecuted forness handling classified information means that this is the way we handle things because it's not. judge jeanine: the point is when people get away with things the message is you can get away with it, too. jim comey can call it whatever he wants. he knows better than anyone, putting a personal memo to something and then give it, it's for official use only. he gave it to his lawyers. even they are not entitled to get it. >> the -- he's the fbi director, having meetings he's only allowed to have because it's a government official. then he makes memos on
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government equipment it's obviously government records. and they have to be handled consistent with what the rules are. >> i have a chapter in my new book, but what i do is talk about the fact that the rats are jumping ship and pointing at each other. comey is point at mccabe and mccabe is pointing sat comey saying the other gave them the authority to leak. it was andrew mccabe to sent people to comey's house to pick up all the fbi materials and documents. that had to be an interesting psychological thing going on between the two of them where mccabe is saying give me everything you have got, and comey being arrogant. >> i think at that 0 point mccabe is not only in charge of
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the investigation. other interesting thing that goes on is mueller gets appointed and there is a lot of down side to mueller being appointed. between the two of us we probably spent hours cataloging it. but the interesting thing about it is that wests control of the investigation away from mccabe and the fbi. mccabe is running the investigation and probably wants to make it clear he's capable and fully ready to run the investigation. the other thing that's interesting about this, a couple days before comey was fired he testified in congress that nobody hadder in put political pressure on him to take a law enforcement step at the fbi. two days after he was removed mccabe testified that their investigation is fine, no one
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has tried to obstruct him. 2000 and we have had two years of obstruction. collusion collusion collusion, obstruction, obstruction. when you have them sitting down under oath. they say no. jean require many frightening. judge jeanine: it's frightening. i would love to have you back. thanks so much. let's keep this conversation going. this is going to be good. former donald trump campaign manager corey lewandowski joins me. what do you think of this i.g.'s report? >> i think it's terrible. what we have seen is two different sets of rules. one for the beautiful people and those who support donald trump. this guy is a criminal. he should have been walked out of the fbi in handcuffs. we know he leaked classified
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information. whether it's the lowest classification or not it's still a crime. if anyone else did what he did, they would be facing prosecution. this is disappointing to me and a lot of people in america. judge jeanine: i want to put you at ease a little bit. we are talking about something that would have to go to trial in the district of columbia. you want to pick a jury in the district of columbia for you something like this? they are not only not middle, they are left. i took on cases i thought maybe i would lose where i could prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. but where i thought a jury wouldn't be underred tonight, then when you come in for the big crime, and for me the big crime is the crime on the fisa court. that's where they tried to bring the government down. they did what they do in third
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world countries. bill barr, he's focused i think on the serious stuff of the fisa court. do you think i'm wrong? >> i hope so. we have seen a criminal referral pendinpending with andy mccabe r over a year. i understand if you are a liberal, you want to have this case brought before the district of colombia because you have a favorable jury pool. but that doesn't mine you are not held accountable for the crime. many people who come up against andy mccabe and jim comey have paid the ultimate sacrifice. look at sheriff baca. how many people have andy mccabe and jim comey put behind bars when they could have done something differently.
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these people don't get the right to get off. judge jeanine: i agree with you. you are preaching to the choir. i am just trying to give people hope there was a reason for this. this is small, and think can't say it's a politically motivated prosecution. the big today hundreda is coming. >> i hope so. judge jeanine: if it ain't coming, i will be the first one to march down the street with you if it ain't coming. >> if this isn't ultimately brought to trial or brought to the justice for the james he committed as fbi director and against the american people, the lies that he told. just the perjury in front of congress there are crimes he could be charged with. if these little ones get pushed out of the wayside. judge, i love you. but this doesn't happen, i'm
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taking and pitchfork to the justice department. judge jeanine: i am not taking a pitchfork but i will be right behind you. i have more object this ahead. next the left looks to reshape america. but what is hanging in the balance in the crucial upcoming election year. host of the dan bongino podcast. my buddy dan bongino is here.
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bongino podcast. we all knew they weren't going to prosecute him for that stuff. but when the i.g. report came out and said you shouldn't have done this, you violated that, you are basically a liar and a leaker, then he says he once an apology. what do you think of that? >> you are my friend and if i thought you were wrong, i would say so. your analysis is 100% correct. the only thing more damaging about not charging comey is charging comey and losing in a humiliating fashion in the d.c. courts. comey is a snake. he snaked his way around the room. the record does not say he didn't leak confidential information. it says he leaked to it his lawyer who had a special employment status with the fbi. it happened because comey is a
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snake and he knew his way to sliver around the rules. comey would have won this case hands down. this was a smart decision. the big fish is the fisa stuff and mccabe stuff. i think your analysis is correct. >> when corey lewandowski was talking about mccabe and mccarthy, the truth is mccabe has a role to play with this thing. i think they are trying to figure out -- is mccabe someone we can use in this case? i understand how it's taking a while. this bill barr, there isn't anything that's going to get him off track. he's got his eye on the prize. he's laser focused. and you know what's sad. this guy comey, he's like a pathological liar. this guy things --
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>> the i.g. just said it wants. it's an official document or classified. you can call it a game, it doesn't matter. i have never seen such a case of hubris like this in my life. he's on twitter celebrating a report that destroys and december mates his credibility -- decimates his credibility. he was supposed to disclose the leaking of the men 0 he's to his lawyer and he didn't. this guy has got a real issue. judge jeanine: one of the things i think is so amazing with him is when he leaked it to rich mornd, the non-government employee, nge, that he didn't
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tell anybody about. richmond leaked it to the "new york times." richmond ought to be in trouble, too. and he wasn't supposed to give that stuff to his lawyers. this guy is always trying to manipulate everything to work for him. >> in a snake move, what does he does? he says richmond is his personal attorney to climb a personal . judge jeanine: marianne williamson is not going to be in the debates. this is popcorn worthy. what say you? >> love will save the day. i'm disappointed, too. they are in a lot of trouble.
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there are three ways to the nomination. the establishment, radical outside ed pick. and the moderate pick. biden biden is not the safe pick. you have the ideological pick bernie sanders who is a millionaire who rails against millionaires. then you have the outsider lane populated by two failed insiders buttigieg and beto. they have -- here is the thing, donald trump won because he had an outsider lane and he ran with it. they are in a lot of trouble. judge jeanine: as i say in my book, it's the democrat clown car. dan bongino, thanks so much for being with us. more on the 2022 as it narrows
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ahead of the race. who has the best chances against president trump and his economic message. the panel is next. in news, foxs
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channel. judge jeanine: another one bites the dust in the battle to beat trump in 2020. this time kirsten gillibrand. joining me, stephanie hamill and chris hahn. so kirsten gillibrand is out. good or bad, stephanie? >> i don't know why she was hanging on for this long. we'll see democrats dropping like throughs as the debate is just around the corner.
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only 10 democrats will be on the stage. this is the first time noto senator elizabeth warren and former vp biden will be on the stage. they are wondering if biden can handle the heat. our be is quite the fraud candidate herself. judge jeanine: how do you think it will go between bind and elizabeth warren? do you think she'll take out her bow and arrow. she is pretty quick. she is a smart lady. >> i think she is very smart. and i expect to see a smart exchange of ideas. i don't their there is that much difference between the 10 candidates left on major policies. i think their appeals are different. i would rather there be only five or six people on the stage so we can hear what the people think and what they are doing
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for this country. so five months away. we don't know who is going to be the candidate. judge jeanine: who would you like to see? >> i don't have a favorite right now. i want to see somebody who can show they can appeal to a broad section of americans, not just the base of the party, but appeal beyond that and reach out to everyone in this country. judge jeanine: who might that be, someone from the democrats who might be able to appeal to a broad stream. >> obviously when it comes to the democrats people are more honest when people are asking questions who they will support. people shy away and don't want to answer because they get scared. obviously biden is leading in
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all the national polls. if you look at the polling from iowa and new hampshire. warren and bernie sanders are not far behind from joe biden. we'll start to see some of the bernie sanders supporters shift over to warren because she is more of an interesting candidate. i don't know if you saw the recent video of bernie sanders trying to be cool, hitting a bunching bag and the bunching bag hits him in the face. but i will warn people i don't think people are going to forgive her for pretending she had native american heritage. >> i think that overblown. >>it is embarrassing and shows how dishonest she is. judge jeanine: chris, it's not about her saying they are native american. but she used that to get an advantage over other people. and you have got to agree that's dishonest. >> i think she explained it and
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apologized. i think she can move on. if she becomes the nominee of the democratic party and that's the republican attack on her she'll be the next president of the united states. republicans think they can demonize whoever the democrat is and that will be it. the american people want calm. they want to move in from this area we are in. >> who started with the parade on the date inauguration with a million women. writes antifa. they want calm? they ought to go with the republicans. >> they want to go one day without thinking about what the president is tweeting. they want to go a couple weeks without thinking about government. judge jeanine: jim comey and his
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pal set up a fake investigation with a special prosecutionor. >> by the president's own standard it was total exoneration in the i.g. memo. total exoneration by the president. judge jeanine: stephanie, last word. >> we were talking about comey. they didn't call him crooked comey for no reason. comey had the audacity because he violated the rules. he's not completely out because we have to get to the bottom of him signing off on the guys a warrant. thanks to the phoney steele dossier. judge jeanine: you and i know
12:38 am
spying on. >> campaign if it's based on a fraudulent document, it's illegal. thanks so much for being with us tonight. why are conservatives being censored across social media. host of the dennis bringing aer, host of the dennis bringing aer, prager u is here
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duh ♪i was born to be somebody judge jeanine: we have been talking about how the radical liberal left continue to push
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their agenda to remake mayor called their socialist ideals. there is another critical concern and there it's the censorship of conservative voices especially on social media platforms. what impact could this have on the race in 2020. joining me, dennis bringing aer joins me with more. good to have you here on this holiday weekend. you have been make something press lately. and apparently google has restricted five minutes of an animated video produced by prager u. why don't you lay out what happened. >> we produce a video he week at prager u. we have a billion views a year. it's the largest conservative video site in the world. 60% of our viewers are under 35
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years of age. google decided they would put a fair number of our videos on their restricted list. if you have a filter against pornography, or violence or obscenity you won't be able to see that video and it's not available in schools or libraries. every one of our videos can be seen by a young person. we think young people when we pro diets. they are as innocent as you can get. alan dershowitz doing a five-minute video on the founding of israel is on the restricted list. i have five videos on the ten commandments. one of the commandment is "thou shall not murder" is on the restricted list.
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ted cruz asked the google representative, why did you put mr. prager's video on the restricted list. with a straight face the man from google said because it mentions murder. judge jeanine: has he mentioned tell special lately? the ten commandments are mature content? >> i said to senator cruz. we'll make it google preparedly 9 commandments. judge jeanine: youtube is a private company and operates on private property. so what can you do about this? >> this is -- i am a big believer my entire life, i have always said clarity before agreement.
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let's be clear. the most of powerful by far, almost a monopoly on information is google/youtube. they are left wing organizations that want to crush us. they admit it. we have the video of their saying after the 2016 election, an internal video somebody took, we cannot let this happen again. this is a disaster for america. we have an internal picture of an email calling' ben shapiro and bringing aer u nazis. project veritas has brought forth to whistle blow top the doctor can't cure you if we don't acknowledge there is an illness.
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judge jeanine: you laid it out. what happens now? freedom of expression? it doesn't apply to them. it only applies to the government. if that is the case -- so first of all they want to run their place as if it is a public lusher meaning i can decide what to publish. but a puck lusher is liable to lawsuits against against slander. but they claim they are a public forum. i hate to say this. i don't want government intervention. judge jeanine: you have to get a copy of my book. you are -- all right, dennis prager, thanks so much.
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america's power grid is vulnerable to attack. we'll talk about it next.
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judge jeanine: here on "justice" we have long covered the critical problem with america's power grid and what we can do to protect it. the vice president for special projects at the center for security policy who manages the secure the grid coalition. but he's also a u.s. marine
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combat veteran. tommy, thank you for being here. thank you for your service. this issue of a grid has long been one that bothered me. but the president trump has recently i believe in the past 6 months issues an executive order about the grid. can you tell us what that is? >> absolutely. i want your viewers to understand that nothing i ever did in uniform will pale in comparison to the service of those who keep the lights on in our country. in two years president trump accomplished more than any other president has in two decades at emt has been declassified. i am talk about electromagnetic pulse. it can be catastrophic on our
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infrastructures. the president issued an executive order too take the grid seriously but it's only as good as the execution of that order. judge jeanine: we have a result cannized grid in this -- we have a vulcanized grid. >> the military is just as dependent on the civilian grid as the civilians. the president's executive order inspired people, including people in the military to take this and run with it. there is an electromagnetic task force established by a three-star general that looked at this threat and brought in military experts, government experts and civilian experts to
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actualize the things in the executive order. you chronicled in your book and i appreciate you giving me a copy a couple days ago. we could add an epilogue to this book on the swamp that is out there right now trying to derail the president's intent. let me read from a legal document from one of the electric utility lobby organizations. energy and security staff at the energy department routinely downplay or dismiss emt concerns in private. but the public call to address the issue remains. anyone who can study the threat understands how important it is. judge jeanine: what can my viewers do, tommy? >> the this thing is to get smart about it and support anyone taking it seriously.
12:54 am
my website secure the right now they have to realize there is a swamp when it comes to this. this three-star general he's being forced to retire. sunday he will be out of uniform. that sends an incredible message to those in government who are trying to take action on the things the president things thinks are important. i would ask your viewers to pray for those in the government doing what they can to protect our nation against a very, very serious threat. judge jeanine: you have got that serious threat, then you have it on the personal level as well. we are dealing with players like north korea, china, russia. you have got an electromagnetic pulse. as i recall from a few years ago
12:55 am
they had the ability to take down with a nuclear projectile the electromagnetic pulse. and nothing has been done. has it? >> very little until president trump has come along. there are utilities in this country taking it seriously and they are working hard. but the industry hasn't taken it asker. >> justly as they should. when anyone studies this topic it engendered fear. our found terse had and i infinite frontier to run to and they didn't. they turned and fought tyranny. this is something we need to do as a nation. we need to fight the tyranny of inaction and secure this grid and we need to applaud the president for taking the first steps to do it with the executive order. judge jeanine: we'll be right
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jean report bikes out. just go get at the store. you won't be able to put it down. i had a book party this week and all kinds of people came. we had a lot of people you will recognize. i want to thank you for joining us. when jim comey said he wants the people who called him a leak and liar to apologize. i'm not apologizing. i'm jeanine pirro advocating for truth, justice and the american way. "greg gutfeld" is coming up
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next. i will see you next saturday


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